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Motorola Introduces New Bluetooth Products Providing Its First Phone Application of the Technology
Posted: 26-Sep-2000 [Source: Motorola Press Release]

[Motorola expands its Bluetooth portfolio with two new products making this technology available to wireless phone consumers.]

New Motorola Timeport(r) 270 Phone and Bluetooth(r) Clip-On Accessory Combined With Recently Announced PC-Enabler Card Helps Bring Promise of Bluetooth Technology to Reality

Reinforcing its leadership position in bringing Bluetooth wireless technology to consumers, Motorola (NYSE:MOT) today announced the addition of two Bluetooth products to its growing portfolio, offering consumers one of their first opportunities to experience this new technology with a wireless phone.

Bluetooth wireless technology is expected to revolutionize the personal connectivity market by providing links between mobile computers, mobile phones, other portable handheld devices and connectivity to the Internet without wired connections.

This announcement comes less than one week after Motorola received the industry's first Bluetooth certification on consumer-targeted products for its PC-enabler card (PCMCIA) and USB accessory. These recent developments signify Motorola's ongoing commitment to bring the limitless potential of Bluetooth wireless technology to fruition.

The Motorola Timeport 270 is Motorola's first Bluetooth-capable phone which, when combined with the new Bluetooth Smart Module accessory and Bluetooth PC card, completes the premier package of initial Bluetooth technology solutions.

The PC card, announced in June by Motorola, was the company's first step in delivering this revolutionary technology, helping bring Bluetooth connectivity to almost any personal computer.

Motorola's three-fold Bluetooth offering provides consumers capability for wireless dial-up networking, automatic synchronization, and ad hoc networking, bringing users their first real-world Bluetooth encounter. These new products showcase Motorola's ability to provide Bluetooth solutions from "Silicon to Systems," and everything in between.

"The combination of the Motorola Timeport 270, Bluetooth Smart Module and PC card allows consumers to finally experience the promise of Bluetooth technology," said Ron Garriques, corporate vice president and general manager within Motorola's Personal Communications Sector. "Whether using the phone as a portable modem, fax-enabling device or for personal area networking, consumers can expect to see the wires that bind them today literally become extinct."

Bluetooth wireless technology uses short-range radio signals to connect a wide range of devices, eliminating the need for wires or cable attachments. Bluetooth connections are virtually instantaneous and do not require device to be within line of sight.

Key Phone Features

In addition to its Bluetooth capabilities, the Timeport 270 tri-mode Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) phone also provides consumers with the following specially designed features, tailored to the needs of the business user -- all in one communications tool.

These features are enhanced by Motorola's completely redesigned user interface (UI), developed specifically to maximize the advantages of both the new and standard offerings. The new UI is a result of extensive consumer testing and will help provide easy navigation of the phone through enhanced visual clues and list-based menus.

Integrated Hands-Free Speakerphone

With an integrated hands-free speakerphone, consumers can hold conference calls from a variety of locations. With new patented technology, Motorola has increased the audio output of the Timeport 270 to provide the speakerphone with a rich, full, robust sound. This feature takes mobile conference calling to a new level, allowing for virtually crystal clear communication, comparable with a landline speakerphone.

4-Way Navigation "Joy Stick"

The Timeport 270's unique 4-Way Navigation Key with "joy stick" functionality is Motorola's first of its kind on a wireless phone. This feature offers greater ease in scrolling through menus and accessing information from the Internet. By requiring far fewer keystrokes than traditional arrow keys, the Timeport 270 has an enhanced way to navigate through menu options.

Large Graphical Display

The large display allows users to easily view up to six lines of text (96 characters), plus a row of status icons and a row of soft key icons. This display enhances presentation of Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Internet content and Short Message Service (SMS) content. In addition to size, the display also offers excellent resolution and backlighting.

Integrated Personal Information Management (PIM) Functionality

This feature allows users to recall up to 1000 numbers from the phone book and access the multi-view calendar for schedule updates. Alarm alerts also remind users of upcoming engagements.

These new and improved features are combined with existing Motorola favorites -- VoiceNote(r) voice recorder, iTAP(r) predictive text entry, Starfish TrueSync(r) software, 32 alert tones and voice activation.

Bluetooth: Today and Tomorrow

Motorola's Bluetooth product roadmap is extensive. Development is underway on chipset solutions, wireless accessories and Bluetooth solutions for the home and automobile. This past June, Motorola was the first to unveil a Bluetooth automobile application with its hands-free car kit.

Users can anticipate assembly-line integration of Bluetooth wireless technology in several 2002 model cars. Wireless headsets are expected to be among Motorola's offerings next year, allowing consumers to finally cut the cord from handset to ear.

As Bluetooth wireless technology is applied to other devices, applications will grow. Upon entering an airport for example, a user's Bluetooth-enabled device can communicate with other Bluetooth-enabled devices in the area, providing valuable information and communications.

Passengers can check in to flights, update gate and departure time information and even learn that books by their favorite author are on sale at the airport bookstore -- wirelessly using their Bluetooth-enabled device.

Bluetooth solutions will eventually extend into the home, enabling refrigerators, washers and dryers, and VCRs to join the conversation of wireless devices that "speak" to one another.


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