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AnyDevice and Hiddenmind merge
Posted: 25-Jun-2001 [Source: Hiddenmind press release]

[Integrated wireless platform providers announce merger today.]

Cary, NC -- HiddenMind(r) Technology Inc., a provider of wireless software for mobile business, and AnyDevice(tm), Inc., a mobile and telecom software infrastructure company, today announced that the companies will merge and continue to do business under the HiddenMind name. The combined company offers an integrated mobile and voice software platform for delivering "always available" mobile services.

The company's integrated platform delivers "always available" mobile services to wireless devices that are either connected or disconnected from the wireless network. The solution supports browser-based devices and a native client that runs on the device itself.

Each company brings complementary elements to the merger that result in a comprehensive business and technology entity. The executive team and board of directors for HiddenMind will consist of experienced technology, sales and business executives from each company. Since June 2000, the two companies have raised a total of $41 million in equity investments provided in early stage financing transactions by Warburg, Pincus & Co, a New York-based private equity placement firm, BEA Systems, Inc., (Nasdaq: BEAS), and GreenSpring Ventures, an Atlanta-based venture capital firm.

The combined company offering provides an integrated mobile services platform:

HiddenMind brings mobile services technology optimized for a disconnected and distributed computing environment.

AnyDevice supplies a mobile and voice platform that delivers "write once and publish on many devices" architecture for devices in a connected mode.

"A distributed solutions architecture supporting occasionally connected devices is becoming an e-Business success requirement," said Chris Thomas, Intel's Chief e-Strategist. "The enabling technologies that extend solutions to disconnected services and mobile devices establish a powerful usage model with implications extending well beyond wireless to mainstream e-Business solutions."

HiddenMind now provides a comprehensive solution for wireless, voice and wired services in an integrated platform optimized for use on current and future mobile devices. The company's software generates mobile applications that function whether connected or disconnected from the wireless network, thereby allowing for continuous interaction by the user. The solution supports browser-based devices in a connected mode via application code running on the server. In addition, the application code can run on a native client on the device, thus allowing the user to continue to access and update information when disconnected from the network. Once reconnected, information will be wirelessly refreshed and updates made automatically or initiated by the user.

"HiddenMind's comprehensive solution meets current and future business requirements and protects enterprises from exposure to the proliferation of new device types," said HiddenMind Chairman and CEO, Ken Tyra. "The broad market is searching for the next-generation 'always available' mobile and voice services architecture and the combination of HiddenMind and AnyDevice delivers this now. This is a distinct advantage in the market and it provides a stable foundation for a successful business."

The HiddenMind Platform(tm) supports the introduction of future devices while capitalizing on current mobile device functionality through its distributed, "one-to-many" architecture. HiddenMind's "one-to-many"" architecture enables an organization to preserve existing investments in mobile devices while also introducing new devices into its mobile strategy. The company's platform also provides a clear migration path to future technologies including Web services and the proliferation of smart device types. HiddenMind offers customers a single point of integration that decreases costs and increases employee productivity while also leveraging distributed computing standards.

Mobile services that operate even when the wireless network is not available are finding traction in the market place based upon the circumstances of the user and environment. For example, mobile sales professionals often find their mobile device is disconnected because of poor coverage or imposed restrictions, such as in hospitals or airplanes. Using a mobile application that provides continuous access and updates to local data while the mobile device is disconnected from the server, and automatically updates the server when reconnected, is of great value. The HiddenMind Wireless Desktop(tm), a client for PDAs and programmable devices, allows customers to dynamically provision "always available" applications over the wireless network. The developer can use the same programming language and tools to create an application that runs as a connected application for mobile browsers and as a disconnected "always available" application on the Wireless Desktop. "The vendor consolidation phase of the mobile market has begun," says Jack Gold, Vice President, META Group. "Long term survivors will be required to offer compelling applications integration and client technology to meet the varying business and technology needs of enterprises; to enable many users, on many different devices, over many different connections. Those vendors not offering a complete platform solution will be relegated to niche supplier status."


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