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NTT DoCoMo to Launch World's First 3G Service "FOMA" on Fully Commercialized Basis
Posted: 04-Sep-2001 [Source: NTT DoCoMo press release]

[FOMA to be launched next month but M-stage visual video and M-stage music not to be available until the Spring of 2002.]

Tokyo -- NTT DoCoMo, Inc. announced today that it has sought permission from the government to launch its 3G wireless communications service "FOMA" on a fully commercialized basis from October 1, 2001. "FOMA" is the name used in Japan for NTT DoCoMo's 3G service. NTT DoCoMo has been offering introductory phase of FOMA service since May 30, 2001. During that time the company has been assessing system performance and obtaining customer feedback regarding overall its service.

A cross-section of consumers has been using FOMA handsets under real-world conditions. NTT DoCoMo has used their input to make necessary adjustments and improve system stability. Such issues have been successfully resolved and NTT DoCoMo is now ready to launch FOMA on a fully commercialized basis. Accordingly, the company will terminate introductory service on September 30, 2001.

DoCoMo applied to the Minister of Public Management, Home Affairs, and Posts and Telecommunications for permission to launch fully commercialized FOMA. At the same time, the company also notified the minister's office of its billing plan for the new service.

(Please see attachment for terms and conditions of the fully commercialized FOMA service.)

Services Features Voice communications landline-equivalent sound quality

Videophone 64Kbps digital communications for real-time video

Data communications Packet communications maximum 384Kbps downlink, maximum 64Kbps unlink, high-speed connections

64Kbps data communications Circuit switched connections for high-speed communications with 64Kbps-uplink and downlink speed.

Short messaging Sending/receiving short text messages between FOMA handsets.

Multiaccess Simultaneous voice and packet communications

Additional services Features

i-mode High-speed packet communications with maximum 384Kbps downlink connection Sending/receiving up to 10,000 letters (5,000 full-space Japanese characters) i-mode mail with attached still pictures (GIF, JPEG), music (MIDI), etc. Select e-mails(text, attached file) to receive by checking its title

mopera Connect to the Internet (64Kbps data communications/packet communications) by connecting a PC to a FOMA handset Mail service

Voicemail Same as current PDC cellular phone service

Call-forwarding Call-waiting Leased-line service (special application required) Features Class 1 leased-line service Direct link between corporate LAN and FOMA network using a dedicated line for high-security networking. Class 2 leased-line service (XWave) Direct link between corporate LAN and FOMA network using an existing connection (ISDN or frame relay) for high-security networking.

5. Tariff Structure (1) Basic principles for subscription/tariff

1) Subscription/tariff structure suitable for the age of mobile multimedia - A comprehensive subscription package allowing the use of all communication modes - Cheaper packet communication charges suitable for high-speed and large volume transmission.

2) Facilitate a smooth migration from existing phones - Charges for voice communications will be similar to those for current cellular phone service. - Provide incentive when migrating from current phones.

3) Communications charges are set to better align with the charges adopted in Europe/US - Changed billing unit; (currently) in 10 units to (FOMA) billed every 30 sec. - Simplified time zone; (currently) 4 time zones to 2 time zones

(2) FOMA Tariff Structure

*64K digital communications charge applies to Videophone mode

(3) For detailed communications charges please refer to the attachments.

(4) Special limited-time introductory charges 1) Period: From October 1, 2001 to end of March 2002. 2) Conditions: i) No contract handling charge: To promote new FOMA subscriptions and get more people to try the service, contract-handling charges are waived. (including customers who upgrade from PDC to FOMA)

ii) Extra bundled free call: To encourage people to use FOMA's special features, such as data communications, videophone, multiaccess, customers will receive an extra 1,000 worth of bundled free call with both the comprehensive plan and the data-only plan.

6. Handsets (See page 14 for pictures of FOMA compatible handsets)

1) Three handsets will be available with the rollout of the service: Standard-Type (FOMA N2001) Visual-Type (FOMA P2101V) Data-Card-Type (FOMA P2401)

2) Price Open price

7. FOMA Deployment Plan

1) Area Service to begin in December 2001: - DoCoMo Kansai, DoCoMo Tokai regions, covering major markets of Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe and Nagoya city. - South Kanto major markets (DoCoMo)

Service to begin in Spring 2002: - DoCoMo Hokkaido, DoCoMo Tohoku, DoCoMo Hokuriku, DoCoMo Chugoku, DoCoMo Shikoku, DoCoMo Kyushu, covering major cities nationwide.

- North Kanto (major markets) and Koshinetsu region (partial) (DoCoMo)

2) Services 1. i-motion: video-clip service over i-mode: (Planned starting date: within 2001) 2. M-stage visual: video distribution service (Planned starting date: Spring 2002) 3. M-stage music: music distribution service (Planned starting date: Spring 2002) 4. Dual-network services with current PDC handsets (Use same number for FOMA and conventional PDC handsets) (Planned starting date: Summer 2002)

5. International roaming service (Depends on the timing of W-CDMA based service launch of roaming partners)


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