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J-Phone Unveils Two New "Sha-mail" Handsets:
Posted: 30-Oct-2002 [Source: J-Phone press release]

[J-Phone announces two new picture messaging handsets to be available in late November, the J-T08 by Toshiba and the J-SA05 by Sanyo. Both will be equipped with "wan-giri."]

Tokyo -- J-PHONE Co., Ltd. announced today it will offer two new Sha-mail (picture messaging) handsets in late November 2002, the J-T08 by Toshiba and the J-SA05 by Sanyo. These handsets come with functions to prevent "wan-giri" (one-ring) nuisance calls, a current social problem in Japan. The J-T08 features the world's first, at time of writing, handset capable of displaying in QVGA (Quarter Video Graphics Array: 240 x 320 pixels) with its "Super Fine Poly-silicon TFT LCDTM". The handset can take excellent pictures with its 310,000 pixel CCD built-in mobile camera and embedded mobile flash. The J-T08 also features a "Handy Video" function that can record over 3 minutes of video. To make Japanese text input more efficient, the J-T08 comes with "Mobile Rupo" AI-based kanji conversion engine. In addition, the handset also comes with functions to prevent one-ring nuisance calls. With one press of a button, the J-SA05's standby display can instantly turn into a mirror with its "Mirror Display" function, a first for mobile phones. The handset also features "Twin TFT LCDs", TFT displays for both the main display and the sub-display. In addition, the J-SA05 comes with the "Mobile Wnn V2" Japanese text input system, which allows for predictive and intelligent text input. When some light is needed in a dark environment, the J-SA05's LED can act as a "Key Light". A function to prevent one-ring nuisance calls is also included. With the addition of the J-T08 and the J-SA05 to the lineup, J-PHONE has released a total of 22 "Sha-mail" handsets (including 6 video messaging "Movie Sha-mail" handsets), thereby bringing the pleasures of "Sha-mail World" to an even greater number of individuals.

Main Features of the J-T08 (Manufactured by Toshiba)

(1) World's first QVGA color display "Super-fine Polysilicon TFT LCDTM" integrated into a mobile phone The J-T08's large, approximately 2.2 inch display can show vivid displays of up to a maximum of 260,000 colors and is the world's first handset capable of QVGA color displays. The J-T08's "Super Fine Polysilicon TFT LCD" also allows for unprecedented clarity on par with print photos. The handset can also display fonts in high-resolution without jaggedness and can display characters in extremely small sizes, making for enhanced readability.

(2) High-resolution 310,000 pixel CCD built-in mobile camera and integrated automatic mobile flash The J-T08's high-resolution 310,000 pixel CCD mobile camera is perfect for taking snaps of people, distance shots, close-ups of text and illustrations and pictures of objects. In dark situations, an integrated mobile flash automatically switches on. The J-T08's QVGA LCD is optimal for those who wish to enjoy and express themselves to the fullest in pictures.

(3) "Handy Video" function comes with editing functions

With its "Handy Video" function, the J-T08 allows users to record and playback video up to 3 minutes long and comes with editing options such as title frames, cutting and segmentation. Using the still picture catcher function, users can select the best shot from a video and send it as a "Sha-mail". In addition, with the "My Video Call" function, users can register their videos according to numbers registered in their address directory for video playback on the sub-display (approximately 1 inch, 65,536 colors) when they receive a call from a certain user. When using the full 8MB in the data folder, approximately 3 minutes of video can be recorded.

(4) "Mobile Rupo" kana-kanji conversion engine evolves with continued usage

Building on predictive text functions that remember previously inputted characters, the J-T08's new "AI Conversion Function" can make conversions based on relations of words that come before and after. Another new function, the "Personal Dictionary", does intelligent kanji conversions differently based on past correspondence with e-mail recipients. Often used words come up higher on the conversion priority list depending on the correspondent for a maximum of 5 dictionaries, thereby making kanji conversions for e-mails even more efficient.

(5) Function to prevent "one-ring" nuisance calls

A "one-ring" nuisance call prevention function for calls not registered in a user's directory and ring for less than approximately 3 seconds can be enabled, allowing users to view relevant icons concerning how long the caller rang.

J-T08 Specifications

-Width x Height x Thickness Approx. 48 x 95 x 25mm (when folded)

-Weight Approx. 112g

-Continuous talk time/Continuous standby time Approx. 115 min./300 hrs.

-Maximum no. of displayable characters (full size) 306 characters (18 characters by 17 lines) -Mail storage capacity Approx. 2000KB (Maximum of 2000 Sky Mails)

-Number of chords 40

-JavaTM application storage capacity Approx. 600KB (shared)/20 applications -Bilingual Yes

-Handset colors Moon silver, pearl pink, frosty red

Manufacturer's suggested retail price (standard set) 47,000 yen. The standard set consists of the mobile handset, a battery pack, rapid charger and desktop cradle.

Main Features of the J-SA05 (Manufactured by Sanyo)

(1) The industry's first mirror display

With one press of a button, the J-SA05's approximately 1.8 inch 65,5536 TFT main color display can turn into a mirror. After checking one's appearance in the mirror, a user can use the handset's 100,000 effective pixel CMOS mobile camera to take one's picture to make "Sha-mail" more fun than ever before.

(2) Twin TFT displays

In addition to the main display, the J-SA05 also comes with a 1 inch 65,536 TFT LCD color "Notification Display" integrated into the back of the folding handset. When closed, the "Notification Display" can display pictures of registered callers. Furthermore, the sub-display can be used as a convenient viewfinder for taking pictures of oneself.

(3) "Mobile Wnn V2" support functions for e-mail composition

More efficient text input and kanji conversion is made possible by easy switching between predictive text conversion and normal text conversion modes. Other convenient functions include an "Intelligent Predictive Text Function" that becomes smarter the more one uses it, a "Kana-English-Numbers Conversion" function that allows one to switch input modes while entering characters, a clear button that allows one to go back the previous text even if characters have been erased and an "Undo Function" which allows the reversion of a fixed conversion an unfixed state. These features enable users to enter text with the fewest number of steps.

(4) Compact design fits in the palm of one's hand, loaded with convenient features Compared with the previous model (the J-SA04), the handset length is 10mm shorter when folded and its compact size fits nicely in the palm of one's hand. When a little light needs to be shed on the subject, the J-SA05's convenient "Key Light" can be helpful in dark situations, such as when looking for a keyhole or when searching for something at one's feet. In addition, the "Personal Folder" function can separately file away all sent and received e-mails of family members or friends that a user wishes to register (up to 4).

(5) Function to prevent "one-ring" nuisance calls

Users of the J-SA05 can enable a function that allows users to easily judge whether they have received "one-ring" nuisance calls or not from looking at icons in their call history (ring times can be set from 1 to 9 seconds). Calls judged to be "one-ring" scams can be blocked subsequently.

J-SA05 Specifications

-Width x Height x Thickness Approx. 47 x 85 x 25mm (when folded)

-Weight Approx. 97g

-Continuous talk time/Continuous standby time 130 min./360 hours

-Maximum no. of displayable characters (full size) 80 characters (10 characters by 8 lines)

-Mail storage capacity 500KB (Up to a maximum 2000 Sky Mails)

-Number of chords 16

-Bilingual Yes

-Handset colors Bright silver, powder white, deep navy

Manufacturer's suggested retail price (standard set) 35,500 yen. The standard set consists of the mobile handset, a battery pack, rapid charger and a desktop cradle.


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