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MobileTechNews archive for the year 2003:

31-Dec-2003: Hitachi Adds movian by Certicom to Its G1000 Pocket PC.
31-Dec-2003: Extended Specifications of 1xEV-DO to be Decided.
30-Dec-2003: SKT and KTF Launch W-CDMA in S Korea.
30-Dec-2003: 2003 CDMA Americas Congress Held in Miami.
29-Dec-2003: Vodafone live! selects Mobile Search Platform.
28-Dec-2003: MTC-Vodafone Bahrain Launches First 3G Mobile Services.
28-Dec-2003: China Netcom Offers Interprovincial Little Smart SMS Service.
27-Dec-2003: S Korean Mobile carriers rush to offer discounts.
26-Dec-2003: Panasonic to Launch IP Mobile Phone.
26-Dec-2003: The gadgets of the year - 2004.
25-Dec-2003: Mobiles 'narrow information gap'.
25-Dec-2003: TeliaSonera, Orange in talks on Swedish 3G license.
24-Dec-2003: RIM Signs Licensing Agreement with Sony Ericsson.
24-Dec-2003: AT&T Wireless and Cingular Merger Percolating Again.
23-Dec-2003: SanDisk Flash Development Tookit for Symbian OS Available to Mobile Phone Manufacturers.
23-Dec-2003: Hutchison 3G HK to Start 3G Mobile Phone Service in Hong Kong from January.
23-Dec-2003: Joint Venture Company in China to Design and Development 3G Handsets.
23-Dec-2003: T-Mobile first provider in Germany to offer live TV on mobile phones.
23-Dec-2003: Sendo S330 - A New Colour Consumer Phone.
22-Dec-2003: LG 4010 first LG phone in Canada to operate on GSM/GPRS network.
22-Dec-2003: Verizon and Vodafone co-operate on transatlantic text messaging service.
22-Dec-2003: Sony Ericsson announces mobile online multiplayer games trial.
21-Dec-2003: KDDI EZ Announces New Two-Dimensional Code Reader Application.
20-Dec-2003: Korea Plans to Auction 4G Mobile Licenses in 2004.
19-Dec-2003: PalmSource and RIM to Jointly Develop BlackBerry Connectivity Support for Palm OS.
19-Dec-2003: D-Link Introduces i2eye Wireless Version Broadband Videophone.
19-Dec-2003: McDonald's Reconsidering Wi-Fi Rollout.
19-Dec-2003: DoCoMo invests in FOMA Handset R&D.
19-Dec-2003: Apple Expands 3GPP Support with QuickTime 6.5.
18-Dec-2003: Ericsson licenses RealNetworks Technology.
18-Dec-2003: NTT DoCoMo Unveils Ultimate 3G i-mode Phones: FOMA 900i Series.
18-Dec-2003: Verizon Wireless Deploys Rich Instant Messaging for Wireless.
18-Dec-2003: SingTel launches Singapore's first prepaid mobile service for tourists.
18-Dec-2003: Nextel launches SUV of mobile phones, the Motorola i530.
18-Dec-2003: Metrowerks Offers Comprehensive Suite of Software Analysis Tools for Symbian OS Developers.
17-Dec-2003: AT&T Wireless Offers "Free" Ticket to its EDGE Network.
17-Dec-2003: T-mobile and iPass Agreement Transforms Wi-Fi Industry.
17-Dec-2003: Siemens jumps on e-ticketing bandwagon.
17-Dec-2003: Cellular PC Card Market Positioned for Robust Growth.
16-Dec-2003: S Korean Ministry to Allow Handset Subsidies Beginning with Launch of 3G.
16-Dec-2003: Siemens Entire Product Portfolio to be PoC Ready mid-2004.
16-Dec-2003: Toshiba creates world's smallest hard-disk drive.
15-Dec-2003: Motorola Expands Canopy(tm) Wireless Broadband Portfolio.
15-Dec-2003: palmOne Extends Java Support to Treo 600 Smartphone.
15-Dec-2003: Voice Signal's VAP Ships on Samsung SCH-i519.
15-Dec-2003: O2 Ireland switches on 3G network.
15-Dec-2003: i-mode trials FeliCa preview service.
15-Dec-2003: NEC to deliver 2.5 mln 3G phones to Hutchison.
14-Dec-2003: LG takes top Global CDMA Handset Spot.
14-Dec-2003: The Zukero Z3 streams audio via Bluetooth to home audio system.
13-Dec-2003: KDDI to Use SonyFeliCa Smart Card Technology.
13-Dec-2003: Mobile Handset Market Could Reach Half a Billion Units in 2003.
12-Dec-2003: Push-to-Talk Solution from fg microtec.
12-Dec-2003: Centrino 802.11g module entering volume production.
12-Dec-2003: Sprint and Samsung Introduce VI660 Wireless Phone.
12-Dec-2003: T-Mobile Germany Launches "What's Hot?" MMS Service.
12-Dec-2003: TI Announces Newest OMAP Processor.
12-Dec-2003: Rogers AT&T Wireless Offers the Colorful BlackBerry 7280.
12-Dec-2003: New iTAP Version 6.0 Text Input Solution for Mobile Handsets.
12-Dec-2003: Verizon and Audiovox Announce the CDM-8900 Camera Phone.
11-Dec-2003: New Bluetooth Keyboard Software Standard.
11-Dec-2003: UMTS Forum and 3G Americas Deliver Global Picture of GSM Evolution to 3G.
11-Dec-2003: First Nationwide Broadband Wireless Service in Africa.
10-Dec-2003: BlackBerry tunes into Wi-Fi.
10-Dec-2003: DoCoMo Launches the S0505iS, the N505iS, and the SH505iS camera phones.
10-Dec-2003: Vodafone KK Introduces Billing Service for Open Content V-applies.
10-Dec-2003: AT&T Wireless has Highest Number of WLNP Complaints.
10-Dec-2003: TI Delivers next-generation Bluetooth Solution.
10-Dec-2003: Companies Announce Plans to Jointly Develop BREWChat -Enabled Handsets.
09-Dec-2003: BDicty now Available on Windows Mobile Platforms.
09-Dec-2003: Sharp Says Display Allows Mobile Documents Access.
09-Dec-2003: Vodafone Starts Test 3G Service In Germany For Companies.
09-Dec-2003: New Bluetooth 1.2 Compliant Products From NSM Optimized for Mobile Handset Applications.
09-Dec-2003: LG May Adopt Symbian for Smart Phones.
09-Dec-2003: "Downstream" will exceed "upstream" traffic levels on 3G networks.
09-Dec-2003: Lucent Technologies to participate in field testing of 3G mobile technologies in China.
08-Dec-2003: TI to offer Royalty-free Licenses for 480 Mbps Ultra-Wideband.
08-Dec-2003: Singapore's M1 awards Nokia deal for WCDMA and GSM/GPRS.
08-Dec-2003: Motorola's i.MXL Processor Selected for Palm OS(R) 5 Simplified Chinese Edition Handhelds.
08-Dec-2003: AT&T Wireless and Microsoft Launch Windows Mobile Start Service for Motorola MPx200 Phones.
08-Dec-2003: 3G HS810 Bluetooth Headset.
07-Dec-2003: The Year of Wi-Fi.
06-Dec-2003: Metalink Developing Chipset for 150Mbps Wireless LANs.
06-Dec-2003: CVS pharmacy to offer mobile camera phone imaging service.
05-Dec-2003: CDMA 2000 1x Solution Available from TI and ST.
05-Dec-2003: Microsoft Wins Asian Allies for Smartphones Push.
05-Dec-2003: BSquare Power Handheld Now Available Through Vodafone U.K..
05-Dec-2003: New Toshiba VM4050 Video Handset Launches in US.
05-Dec-2003: Sprint introduces Sanyo's VM4500 video phone with PTT.
04-Dec-2003: Motorola i305 Offered by Nextel.
04-Dec-2003: Intel wants partners for new Wi-Fi part.
04-Dec-2003: Camera Phone Components in Short Supply.
04-Dec-2003: Legend Soleil E600 integrates Computing and Communication.
03-Dec-2003: Sprint to unveil video service.
03-Dec-2003: Communist China at forefront of mobile revolution.
03-Dec-2003: Motorola Showcases SBG900 Wireless Gateway.
02-Dec-2003: Survey shows European women very receptive to UMTS.
02-Dec-2003: DoCoMo to offer Linux-based 3G phones.
02-Dec-2003: KDDI's New EV-DO Service Hit by Handset Glitches.
02-Dec-2003: Yahoo, Sprint team up for mobile photo service.
02-Dec-2003: SplashData's SplashPhoto 4.0 Now Available.
01-Dec-2003: Vodafone KK of Japan Striving to Recover from Setback.
01-Dec-2003: Rusia's VimpelCom Chooses Nokia's Edge Solution.
01-Dec-2003: Siemens Launches Three Handsets in India.
01-Dec-2003: New N-Gage Titles.
30-Nov-2003: Ericsson's Best Mobile Application Award 2003.
29-Nov-2003: Preview: Sendo X.
29-Nov-2003: Sendo X and The Stability of MIDP 2.0.
28-Nov-2003: Ericsson further aligns its 3G portfolio for WCDMA and CDMA2000.
28-Nov-2003: Mobile tones ring in the changes.
28-Nov-2003: Mitac launches GPS Pocket PC Mio 168.
27-Nov-2003: First public WCDMA 3G call in Latvia.
27-Nov-2003: Motorola Kills Launch of New Camera Phone in China.
27-Nov-2003: Advanced Mobile Phone Camera Chipset.
26-Nov-2003: RIM introduces BlackBerry 7730.
26-Nov-2003: Hitachi Develops Wi-Fi Positioning System.
25-Nov-2003: NTT DoCoMo P2402 Compact Flash Modem.
24-Nov-2003: Sharp Zaurus SL-6000.
24-Nov-2003: Treo 600 GSM/GPRS Now Available through AT&T.
24-Nov-2003: Siemens announces the DRM Music Player.
23-Nov-2003: Korea to launch W-CDMA 3G service in Dec..
23-Nov-2003: Japan, China To Jointly Test 4G Mobile Phone.
23-Nov-2003: "Guardian Angel" service from Alcatel Announced.
22-Nov-2003: Intel raises the stakes on Wi-Fi chips.
21-Nov-2003: Motorola introduces Mobile Phone Tools 2.0.
21-Nov-2003: Cable&Wireless showcases Danger's Hiphop in Carribean.
21-Nov-2003: Australia's Vodafone To Unveil 3G Details Early Next Week.
21-Nov-2003: T-Mobile US set to offer the Motorola V300 camera phone.
21-Nov-2003: MSN and AT&T Wireless to Deliver Mobile Services to Customers.
21-Nov-2003: EDGE Goes Global with Launches Worldwide.
21-Nov-2003: Alcatel and Philips announce industry's fastest and most successful EDGE end-to-end interoperability tests.
20-Nov-2003: NEC's 525 Camera Phone Available via AT&T in US.
20-Nov-2003: i-mode launches in Italy.
20-Nov-2003: World's First EDGE PC Card.
20-Nov-2003: A 'brain charger': The ultimate PDA accessory?.
19-Nov-2003: Europe's first over the air' music download service launched.
19-Nov-2003: AT&T Wireless Takes its Customers to the EDGE.
19-Nov-2003: Six New Handsets from Motorola.
18-Nov-2003: Korea set to dominate U.S. CDMA market.
18-Nov-2003: Chinese-developed 3G mobile phone expected to be put into commercial use.
17-Nov-2003: Sprint Launches Nationwide Two-Way Walkie-Talkie Style Service.
16-Nov-2003: Korea, China to cooperate on 4G technology.
16-Nov-2003: New Handset and New Service for Vodafone KK.
15-Nov-2003: The Churn Wars Begin as WLNP Approaches.
15-Nov-2003: Cisco Delivers Leading IEEE 802.11g Aironet Access Points.
15-Nov-2003: FCC Makes Additional Spectrum Available in the 5GHz band.
14-Nov-2003: DoCoMo, Intel to Co-Develop Chips for 3G Handsets.
14-Nov-2003: Watch Live TV Content On Your Mobile Phone.
13-Nov-2003: Treo 600 GSM/GPRS Now Available through Cingular.
13-Nov-2003: New U.S. Mobile Imaging Services.
12-Nov-2003: Nokia 5140 GSM/EDGE Push-to-Talk Introduced.
12-Nov-2003: N-Gage Copy Protection Hacked.
12-Nov-2003: Pen-Based Nokia 3108.
11-Nov-2003: SingTel offers GSM roaming between Asia and North America.
11-Nov-2003: Qualcomm Announces First radioOne RF CMOS Low-Cost CDMA System Solution.
11-Nov-2003: Philips introduces industry's first Bluetooth System-in-a-Package solution.
11-Nov-2003: NTT DoCoMo to Introduce P505iS: World's First Auto-Focus Camera Phone.
11-Nov-2003: Verizon Launches Samsung SCH-i600.
10-Nov-2003: FCC oks Wired to Wireless Number Portability.
09-Nov-2003: Cingular Launches LG's New GSM Handsets, the G4050 and G4010.
09-Nov-2003: Nokia looking to make a move on Psion.
09-Nov-2003: GSM Tops Americas Growth Charts in 2003.
08-Nov-2003: Korean Telecom industry slims down, cuts jobs.
08-Nov-2003: Intel Acquires Oregonian startup Mobilian.
07-Nov-2003: Nextel Launches Its Smallest, Walkie-talkie Phone, the Motorola i730.
07-Nov-2003: Siemens offers new CL55 clamshell mobile handset.
07-Nov-2003: First Live EDGE International Roaming Call.
07-Nov-2003: i-mode coming to Greece.
07-Nov-2003: Sprint Brings Wi-Fi to 3000 Truckstops.
07-Nov-2003: Fujitsu shows prototype SVGA PDA.
06-Nov-2003: Mobile Phone Shipments Up 21.2% in Third Quarter.
06-Nov-2003: Philips introduces world's thinnest, most complete solution for clamshell-style camera phones.
05-Nov-2003: Sony Details PSP Gaming Device.
05-Nov-2003: Ericsson Tests Commercial CDMA2000 1xEV-DV Equipment.
05-Nov-2003: NEC to Release 10mm-thick N900 Mobile Handset.
05-Nov-2003: NTT DoCoMo Announces Latest Anti-Spam Measure.
04-Nov-2003: Virgin Mobile Launches Kyocera Slider V5 MTV Edition.
03-Nov-2003: Treo 600 Product Review.
03-Nov-2003: Microsoft offers Voice-Controlled Software for Mobile Devices.
03-Nov-2003: Vodafone launches tri-band BlackBerry 7230.
03-Nov-2003: Motorola launches A760 Linux-Phone in PRC.
02-Nov-2003: Samsung to host mobile Olympics service.
01-Nov-2003: Lucent deploys CDMA2000 1X network for Moscow.
31-Oct-2003: NTT DoCoMo Develops P2402 Compact Flash Video Phone.
31-Oct-2003: Sun and TI collaborate on Mobile Java.
30-Oct-2003: Motorola V525 World Phone released through Vodafone.
30-Oct-2003: IBM Expands Wireless Chip Foundry.
29-Oct-2003: Nortel Networks to Trial new Wireless LAN Architecture.
29-Oct-2003: Excellence in the Series 60 Platform Community.
29-Oct-2003: PalmSource Spins Out From Palm, Inc..
28-Oct-2003: Nokia Announces the 6810 and 6820 Advanced Messaging Handsets.
28-Oct-2003: NEC's N252i Camera Handset Supports Real-time Email Chats.
28-Oct-2003: Multiple media goes mobile with the Nokia 7700.
28-Oct-2003: KDDI to Launch CDMA 1X WIN, High-speed 3G Service with Fixed Packet Rates.
28-Oct-2003: Nokia announces the 6230.
28-Oct-2003: Survey shows regional differences regarding courteous cell phone use by Americans.
27-Oct-2003: IP Datacast technology brings TV to the mobile phone.
27-Oct-2003: Opera for 6600 now for all Nokia Series 60 smartphones.
27-Oct-2003: Sony and NTT DoCoMo Form FeliCa Joint Venture.
27-Oct-2003: O2 Offers O2 X1.
27-Oct-2003: Nokia Begins Shipping 6600 Introducing Try&Buy Concept.
26-Oct-2003: 724 Solutions Delivers on Linux.
26-Oct-2003: T-Mobile Announces Major Pact in Preparation for WLNP.
26-Oct-2003: U.S. retailers cut Nokia game phone price.
25-Oct-2003: Audiovox Launches CDM-9900 Handsets with Video Capabilities.
25-Oct-2003: NTT DoCoMo and Fujitsu to Showcase 3G FOMA Services in Europe.
24-Oct-2003: Commercial EDGE services Launched in Latin America.
24-Oct-2003: Mobile Phone for 1xEV-DO and W-CDMA Showcased.
24-Oct-2003: Cingular and RIM Demonstrate Color BlackBerry 7280.
24-Oct-2003: Motorola to supply GSM turnkey network in Iraq.
23-Oct-2003: Wireless Number Portability to Trigger 60 Million Transactions.
23-Oct-2003: Japan's KDDI to charge flat-rate for 3G data.
22-Oct-2003: The Sendo X Smartphone.
22-Oct-2003: 3 Sweden extends coverage of 3G services.
22-Oct-2003: The XDA II from O2.
22-Oct-2003: Motorola MPX200 Now Available in US.
22-Oct-2003: DoCoMo Introduces 505iS Series with Mega-pixel Cameras.
22-Oct-2003: AT&T Wireless Offers N-Gage Game Deck.
22-Oct-2003: fastmobile Adds The N-Gage To Its Mobile Phone Line Up.
22-Oct-2003: Vodafone and Verizon to collaborate on content.
21-Oct-2003: Sony Ericsson unveils the P900 Smartphone.
21-Oct-2003: More Than 50 Million BREW-Based Applications Downloaded.
21-Oct-2003: Nextel and Motorola announce i205 GPS Phone.
21-Oct-2003: The T630 camera phone from Sony Ericsson.
20-Oct-2003: iAnywhere And Intel Fuel Mobilized Application Development.
20-Oct-2003: Global Hotspots to Exceed 45,000 by Year End.
20-Oct-2003: Joint Development of Compact Anti-virus Engine for Mobile Handsets.
19-Oct-2003: Finnish Parents to Track Kids via Cellphones.
17-Oct-2003: Cingular goes MMS.
17-Oct-2003: Intel And Sony To Bring Music And Entertainment To Cell Phones.
17-Oct-2003: Commentary: Getting connected with Wi-Fi.
17-Oct-2003: Fate of WiMAX in Carriers' Hands.
16-Oct-2003: Asia Pacific Telecoms Outperform US, Europeans-Survey.
16-Oct-2003: Growth Continues to Be Hallmark of Wireless Industry.
15-Oct-2003: Dell Announces the Axim X3i and the Axim X3 Handhelds.
15-Oct-2003: Sony Ericsson reports profit.
15-Oct-2003: Wireless Regulations Cost Customers $2.62 a Month .
15-Oct-2003: Telecom Industry on Verge of New Era of Enriched Communications.
14-Oct-2003: Siemens presents the MC55 and MC56 tri-band GSM/GPRS modules.
14-Oct-2003: Intel StrataFlash Chip Boosts Handset Memory.
14-Oct-2003: Vodafone and Microsoft announce Web services initiative.
14-Oct-2003: 3G W-CDMA network trial in Miami.
13-Oct-2003: Siemens Xelibri Collection Presents Four New Models.
13-Oct-2003: HP Looks to Drive Next Wave of Mobility Mainstream.
13-Oct-2003: Qualcomm Exhibits Advanced 3G UMTS (WCDMA) Solutions.
13-Oct-2003: Intel Charts Progress Toward Ubiquitous Wireless Connectivity.
13-Oct-2003: T-Mobile Deploys 802.1x Security Standard for Wi-Fi.
12-Oct-2003: E2800 Linux Smartphone.
10-Oct-2003: Opera Introduces Browser Platform.
10-Oct-2003: Motorola A835 - Launches On 3's Network.
09-Oct-2003: Nokia introduces the 3660 and Nokia 3620 camera phones.
09-Oct-2003: Sierra Wireless Announces Voq Smartphones.
09-Oct-2003: Handspring Treo 600 is Shipping.
09-Oct-2003: Siemens debuts the U15, its second 3G mobile phone.
09-Oct-2003: First public WCDMA 3G Operator call in Hungary.
09-Oct-2003: GSM Tops Americas Growth Charts in 2003.
09-Oct-2003: Casio shows off A5403CA 2-megapixel camera phone.
08-Oct-2003: NEC Displays New GPRS Handsets at Telecom World 2003.
08-Oct-2003: Adobe Releases Photoshop Album 2.0.
07-Oct-2003: Vodafone K.K. Launches High Definition V301D and V401SH with Megapixel Camera.
07-Oct-2003: O2 launches mobile video service.
06-Oct-2003: N-Gage Champion of Europe Crowned.
05-Oct-2003: Samsung's Linux Connection.
04-Oct-2003: 3G: Building the World's Biggest Machine.
03-Oct-2003: Toshiba demonstrates Methanol Fuel Cell for Handsets.
03-Oct-2003: Sharp develops Ultra Wide-Angle Mobile Display.
03-Oct-2003: Kyocera enters Push-To-Talk market.
02-Oct-2003: 3G Phone Sector Plays Down Dutch Health Study.
02-Oct-2003: Siemens win market share in the Americas.
02-Oct-2003: Nine European Carriers form Mobile Alliance.
01-Oct-2003: Palm launches Tungsten T3 and Tungsten E.
01-Oct-2003: J-Phone becomes Vodafone K.K..
30-Sep-2003: IBM Announces new Technology for Wireless Devices.
30-Sep-2003: Nokia 3588i released through Sprint.
29-Sep-2003: Verizon launches 1xEVDO.
28-Sep-2003: Handspring Treo 600 to be available October in Europe.
28-Sep-2003: Motorola Camera Phones to Miss Holiday Season.
28-Sep-2003: Picture phones outsell cameras.
28-Sep-2003: Siemens new A60 tri-band entry-level handset.
27-Sep-2003: Symbian Signs Agreement with NTT DoCoMo.
26-Sep-2003: Siemens C62 Launched.
26-Sep-2003: Motorola and Nintendo Cooperate with Wireless Gaming.
25-Sep-2003: Nokia 7600 WCDMA handset launched.
24-Sep-2003: T-Mobile US to launch Nokia N-Gage Game Deck.
24-Sep-2003: Sony to Sell Tiny Digital Tuner Chip for Mobiles.
24-Sep-2003: Nividia Introduces GoForce 2150.
23-Sep-2003: France Converts Railway System to GSM-R.
23-Sep-2003: DoCoMo Develops Significantly Smaller FOMA Base Stations.
22-Sep-2003: Samsung introduces five handsets including the SGH-P705 with an NTSCF Television.
22-Sep-2003: Nokia completes acquisition of assets of Inc..
22-Sep-2003: Borland adds Palm SDK to C++BuilderX.
21-Sep-2003: J-Phone to Launch TV-equipped Handsets.
20-Sep-2003: French Firm Gets Picture Phones In Writing.
20-Sep-2003: Zagat Guide Lists Top Wireless Internet Hotspots.
20-Sep-2003: Motorola CEO Chris Galvin Steps Down.
19-Sep-2003: Brit Paratroopers take photos on phones as they raped teen.
19-Sep-2003: Qualcomm and China Unicom Successfully Complete First Phase of GSM1x Technology Trial.
19-Sep-2003: Openwave Announces Phone Suite Version 7 for Linux-based Phones.
19-Sep-2003: Motorola Introduces the New V60t Color Handset.
19-Sep-2003: IBM and RIM Extend Enterprise Reach of BlackBerry.
19-Sep-2003: SingTel casts Wi-Fi net to wider pool of customers.
18-Sep-2003: DoCoMo FOMA Phones to Offer International Videophone/64 Kbps Data.
18-Sep-2003: Sprint Launches New Public Wi-Fi Service.
17-Sep-2003: TI 's New 802.11a/b/g TNETW1230 Solution Announced.
17-Sep-2003: Palm Launches Wireless Keyboard.
17-Sep-2003: AT&T Wireless Takes Text Messaging Global.
16-Sep-2003: Primus enters Mobile Handset market with the PTL650.
16-Sep-2003: Lucent successfully completes interoperability testing of 3G W-CDMA systems with vendors in China.
16-Sep-2003: Cingular offers AOL Instant Messaging.
15-Sep-2003: Motorola and AT&T announce the MPx200 Handset.
13-Sep-2003: Intel's "One Unwired Day" Announced.
13-Sep-2003: World's Smallest TDMA Handset, the Nokia 6560 Launched.
13-Sep-2003: Nokia 6225 CDMA Camera Phone Announced.
12-Sep-2003: NTT DoCoMo Markets New Data-Card FOMA F2402 Terminal.
12-Sep-2003: Intel Introduces EDGE chip.
12-Sep-2003: Nokia focuses on Latin America and introduces three new handsets.
12-Sep-2003: 3Fri - the new pricing options.
12-Sep-2003: Video Top Reason Wireless Subscribers Will Upgrade to 3G.
11-Sep-2003: Motorola To Extend China Unicom's LBS Network.
11-Sep-2003: Joint 3GPP IMS Push-To-Talk Spec Completed.
10-Sep-2003: OBSAI Delivers First Open Specifications for Base Station Architecture.
10-Sep-2003: LGE Selects Qualcomm's MSM6250 Chipset for the WCDMA Market.
10-Sep-2003: Symbian Supports A920 Developer Competition.
10-Sep-2003: Road Warriors Worldwide Say Wireless Computing Technology Is Becoming Crucial To Business.
10-Sep-2003: West Point Goes Wireless with Dell D800 Notebooks.
10-Sep-2003: T-Mobile presents automotive and telematics services at the IAA in Frankfurt.
10-Sep-2003: Cometa Helps Expand Sprint's Wi-Fi Network.
10-Sep-2003: Device For Routing Incoming Wireless Calls To Wireline Numbers Announced.
10-Sep-2003: Palm Introduces Software Update for Tungsten W Handheld.
10-Sep-2003: RIM Adds Support for S/MIME Email Security Standard.
09-Sep-2003: The One Touch 735.
09-Sep-2003: Vodafone looking to Asia for 3G Handsets.
08-Sep-2003: Bluetooth SIM Access Profile Eases In-car Mobile Connectivity.
08-Sep-2003: Hitachi Develops Wireless LAN-Based Positioning System.
08-Sep-2003: Sanyo plans Europe handset sales as early as '04.
07-Sep-2003: Paper Publishes News Photo Sent from Camera Phone.
06-Sep-2003: Taito, Nokia to Join Hands on Cell Phone Karaoke.
05-Sep-2003: Sony Ericsson to launch the Z1010 3G handset early 2004.
05-Sep-2003: Microsoft, Motorola Working on Cell Phone Software.
05-Sep-2003: LGE enters British mobile phone market.
05-Sep-2003: Linksys Wireless-B Internet Video Camera Sends Live Video Over the Web.
04-Sep-2003: SingTel mobile customers invited to trial 3G for free.
03-Sep-2003: Israeli Scientists Expose GSM Mobile Call Security Concerns.
03-Sep-2003: Verizon Plans US $1Billion CDMA2000 1X Expansion.
03-Sep-2003: Sony Ericsson announces the T230, Z200 and Z600 GPRS Handsets.
03-Sep-2003: 3G Americas' White Paper Details Single Antenna Interference Cancellation.
03-Sep-2003: "3" Locks Down Symbian Smart Phone.
03-Sep-2003: Hynix to develop new mobile memory chips.
03-Sep-2003: Chinese government grants $72.5M for TD-SCDMA technology.
03-Sep-2003: Openwave Ships Mobile Messaging Client in Two LGE Handsets.
03-Sep-2003: Online on the Move in Germany.
03-Sep-2003: Ericsson awarded GSM expansion Agreement in China.
03-Sep-2003: DoCoMo to Market New Easy-To-Use mova F672i.
03-Sep-2003: Hi3G awarded 3G licence in Norway.
02-Sep-2003: Samsung Shows the SGH-E700 at IFA.
01-Sep-2003: T-Mobile Deutschland expands multimedia phone portfolio.
01-Sep-2003: Siemens IP Multimedia Subsystem used for a pilot in Finland.
30-Aug-2003: Siemens and Huawei to form a joint venture for TD-SCDMA.
30-Aug-2003: Nokia Launches the Nokia 2280.
29-Aug-2003: Mobile gaming 'set to explode'.
28-Aug-2003: Sharp Introduces tiny Megapixel Camera Module - LZ0P3721.
28-Aug-2003: Motorola A920 3G Handset.
28-Aug-2003: Samsung Develops Smallest Module for Mobile Phones.
27-Aug-2003: Nokia claims world's first 1xEV-DV high speed data call.
27-Aug-2003: Sprint Launches Integrated Calling Bundles.
27-Aug-2003: Nokia 1100 for new growth markets.
27-Aug-2003: Nokia 2300 adds fun and style.
26-Aug-2003: Nortel Networks, Datang Mobile Establish TD-SCDMA Laboratory.
26-Aug-2003: NTT DoCoMo to Establish Communications Research Center in Beijing.
26-Aug-2003: Hong Kong CSL awards Nokia EDGE network deal to enhance mobile data.
25-Aug-2003: DoCoMo Increases 3G Cell Phone Speed by More than 30 Times.
24-Aug-2003: Wi-Fi-ing with the Vaio PCG-TR1A.
24-Aug-2003: CellVic challenges Samsung in smart-phone market.
23-Aug-2003: KDDI Upgrades to Openwave V6.2 Browser for EZweb Megapixel Handsets.
23-Aug-2003: Motorola unveils Linux A760 Smartphone.
22-Aug-2003: DoCoMo to Inaugurate "Melody Call" Service in Japan.
22-Aug-2003: Sprint and Sony bring new twist to Ringtones.
21-Aug-2003: Nokia 3100 Introduced.
21-Aug-2003: N-Gage Arena service announced.
21-Aug-2003: Airgo's new ASGN100 Wi-FI Chipset travels at 108 Mbps.
20-Aug-2003: Philips introduces next-generation LTPS Mobile Display.
20-Aug-2003: KTF building CDMA2000 1xEV-DO infrastructure.
20-Aug-2003: Sprint Messenger Service Introduced.
20-Aug-2003: Nokia and SEGA reach agreement.
20-Aug-2003: New President for CTIA.
19-Aug-2003: Panasonic CF-M34 and CF-28 Toughbook series laptops are 3G certified.
19-Aug-2003: Nextel integrates Wi-Fi.
18-Aug-2003: Merlin U530 UMTS Wireless Modem.
18-Aug-2003: Palm adopts "palmOne" name for mobile computing business.
18-Aug-2003: Dominican Republic modernizes CDMA 1X infrastructure.
17-Aug-2003: Mobile handset exports bounce back in July.
16-Aug-2003: Motorola Delivers V60p First In CDMA Push-To-Talk Handset.
16-Aug-2003: Danger and Fido Launch Popular hiptop Wireless Communicator.
16-Aug-2003: Legend rolls out dual-CPU G900 handset.
15-Aug-2003: Verizon Wireless Launches National Push to Talk Service.
14-Aug-2003: Sprint and RealNetworks Bring Mobile Streaming Multimedia Service to PCS Vision Customers.
14-Aug-2003: AT&T Wireless Offers New Color-Screen BlackBerry 7210.
14-Aug-2003: Motorola Announces the Bobby Jones Trophy Edition i99cl Mobile Phone.
13-Aug-2003: QUALCOMM's GSM1x Technology Powers Kyocera's KZ850 Handset.
12-Aug-2003: Sharp announces high-brightness 3.5 inch Mobile Display.
12-Aug-2003: Sanyo working on Digital TV Phone.
12-Aug-2003: Samsung VGA1000 Camera Phone.
11-Aug-2003: RIM, T-Mobile to Launch Blackberry 7230 in U.S..
10-Aug-2003: New 802.15.3 IEEE Standard Provides High-Rate WPANs.
09-Aug-2003: Mobile Phone gives away Yemeni beggar.
08-Aug-2003: Palm Moves One Step Closer to Closing Handspring Acquisition.
07-Aug-2003: Shanghai to be the second production location worldwide for Siemens W-CDMA technology.
06-Aug-2003: DoCoMo to Introduce Slimmest Handset , the P505i.
06-Aug-2003: D-Link and TI Launch 802.11g Line.
06-Aug-2003: SBC Communications to deploy Wi-Fi hot spots.
06-Aug-2003: QUALCOMM Announces Sampling of the MSM6250 Solution for WCDMA (UMTS).
06-Aug-2003: Cingular and NextWave Agree to Terms for Spectrum Licenses.
05-Aug-2003: Siemens Mobile Presents the ST55 Camera Phone With 4x Zoom.
05-Aug-2003: Verizon Extends Internet Access with Wi-Fi Hot Spots.
05-Aug-2003: Samsung's SPH-i500 now available via Sprint.
05-Aug-2003: AT&T Wireless & Nokia Announce Immediate Availability of the Nokia 6800 Messaging Phone.
05-Aug-2003: Moscow Mobile Operators See Bumper Growth.
04-Aug-2003: Handset Demand Takes off Worldwide Q2.
04-Aug-2003: The No1 Wireless Phone In China.
04-Aug-2003: Intel Delivers Optimization Kits For Mobile Phones And PDAs.
03-Aug-2003: Sony PlayStation Portable - More Details.
02-Aug-2003: Cingular Introduces Next-Generation Ringtones.
01-Aug-2003: Verizon and Vodafone to Unify Europe/US Mobile Data Access.
01-Aug-2003: Motorola wins US$4.26B in Telsim/Uzan Fraud Case.
31-Jul-2003: Samsung SPH-A600 Picture Phone Available via Sprint.
31-Jul-2003: Rolling Stones marry hi-fi and Wi-Fi for concert shows.
31-Jul-2003: Wearaphone.
31-Jul-2003: SAMSUNG's NAND Flash Memory Supports New HP iPAQ Pocket PC Models.
31-Jul-2003: BT Offers Mobile Home Plan.
30-Jul-2003: Sprint puts AOL on PCS Vision Phones.
30-Jul-2003: Plantronics Launches Next-Generation Bluetooth Headset.
30-Jul-2003: Sony NFC-Compliant Wireless Chip Could Debut Before Year End.
30-Jul-2003: AT&T Launches Free Wi-Fi Service Throughout August In Select McDonald's Outlets.
30-Jul-2003: Sony Hand-Held PlayStation Offers Wireless Network.
29-Jul-2003: MIPI Founded to Define Open Standards.
29-Jul-2003: Electrolux Developing MMS-enabled Refrigerator.
29-Jul-2003: Atheros Surpasses 1 Million in Monthly Shipments of 802.11b/g and 802.11a/b/g Wireless LAN Chipsets.
29-Jul-2003: TI Responds to Qualcomm Suit.
28-Jul-2003: Qualcomm Files Suit Against TI.
28-Jul-2003: Motorola High-Level TETRA Encryption.
27-Jul-2003: Maxon Telecom Wins Order to Supply Camera Phones to Russian Company.
25-Jul-2003: Taiwan gets CDMA 1xEV-DO Infrastructure.
24-Jul-2003: Hitachi SH-G1000 launched through Sprint.
24-Jul-2003: Motorola Launches GPRS Push-To-Talk Trial in Jordan.
23-Jul-2003: Nokia 810 Car Phone.
23-Jul-2003: Palm Tungsten T2 Bluetooth Handheld.
23-Jul-2003: Electric Pocket Designs MMS Architecture for Handspring Treo 600.
23-Jul-2003: AT&T Wireless is building W-CDMA Network.
23-Jul-2003: NEC 515 High Definition Mobile Handset.
23-Jul-2003: The Advent of Moblogging.
22-Jul-2003: Nextel Introduces iR1200 Ruggedized Wireless Modem.
22-Jul-2003: Kyocera 200 M2M Data Module.
21-Jul-2003: Sprint to offer Wi-Fi Hotspots.
21-Jul-2003: Nokia N-Gage goes on Tour.
21-Jul-2003: Acclaim and Vodafone sign exclusive mobile games deal.
19-Jul-2003: West Point goes wireless.
18-Jul-2003: Bandai Unveils Portable Printer with Infrared Port for Cell Phones.
18-Jul-2003: Arima to ship T105, Z200 handsets to Sony Ericsson.
18-Jul-2003: T-Mobile USA Gets Edge.
17-Jul-2003: Sony PEG-UX50 Color CLIE Handheld.
17-Jul-2003: Intelligent Grouping and Resources Sharing Standardization Working Group is formed.
17-Jul-2003: Cingular Introduces the Nokia 3300 Music Phone.
17-Jul-2003: Ultra Wide Band Systems prepare for Takeoff.
16-Jul-2003: NEC to Supply Internet-Ready Cell Phones to AT&T Wireless.
16-Jul-2003: Ericsson awarded USD 500 million contract to expand T-Mobile USA's wireless network.
16-Jul-2003: Lucent Technologies completes expansion of CDMA2000 1X network.
16-Jul-2003: Linksys Extends Wireless Functionality to the Television and Stereo.
16-Jul-2003: New CDMA Camera Phone to Debut in Korea.
15-Jul-2003: NEC e808Y video mobile now available from selected 3 dealers.
15-Jul-2003: China Unicom Selects Motorola's Mobile Content Download Platform.
15-Jul-2003: Sony Ericsson reports strong increase in sales and shipments.
14-Jul-2003: Hutchison 3G HK to Launch "3" in Hong Kong.
13-Jul-2003: 3G Motorola phones to hit Middle East.
12-Jul-2003: Motorola Says 'Three Horrific Years' Are Over.
12-Jul-2003: Fujitsu uses Symbian OS for its F2102V videophone.
11-Jul-2003: KDDI Adds the A1304T and A1491K Models Supporting MovieMail to au 3G Lineup.
11-Jul-2003: NEC Developing Mobile Phone with Digital TV.
10-Jul-2003: IPMobile Trials 3.0 Mbps Mobile Data Service.
09-Jul-2003: Verizon Offers the LG VX6000 Camera Phone.
09-Jul-2003: Korea's IT firms rushing to Vietnam.
09-Jul-2003: McDonald's serves up wireless Web access.
09-Jul-2003: Wi-Fi Alliance Announces First Wi-Fi Certified IEEE 802.11g Products.
08-Jul-2003: J-PHONE Unveils the J-SA06 Sha-mail Handset.
08-Jul-2003: T-Mobile Navigation System.
08-Jul-2003: Cellular Phone LCDs to Gain High Resolution QVGA Image Quality.
07-Jul-2003: Camera Phone Reference Design Announced.
07-Jul-2003: Get ready for High Resolution Mobile Displays.
07-Jul-2003: Mobile Horse Race Betting via UMTS Announced.
06-Jul-2003: Ericsson Chairman says Mobile Network Market Still Weak.
04-Jul-2003: CE Linux Forum Established.
03-Jul-2003: Siemens MC60 Party Phone.
03-Jul-2003: Siemens C60.
03-Jul-2003: Siemens A52.
02-Jul-2003: MiTAC Mio 339 and Mio 558 Announced.
02-Jul-2003: Motorola and TAG Move Toward Wireless Connected Home.
01-Jul-2003: Sprint launches the PCS Vision Music Channel.
30-Jun-2003: Cingular launches EDGE.
30-Jun-2003: Palm Zire 71 Goes to School.
30-Jun-2003: NTT DoCoMo to Launch FOMA F2102V Videophone.
30-Jun-2003: Metroworks Offers Development Platform for Linux OS-Based Mobile Devices.
28-Jun-2003: NTT DoCoMo to Sell Dual-Mode Card for PHS/Wi-Fi.
27-Jun-2003: Caribbean users get GPRS upgrade.
27-Jun-2003: DoCoMo, NEC and others to make Wi-Fi User-Friendly.
27-Jun-2003: Nokia 2280 cdma 1x phone ships to India.
26-Jun-2003: ARM-Optimized Dictionary Reader for Palm OS 5.x PDAs.
26-Jun-2003: Sharp Improves 3D Display for Megapixel Phone.
25-Jun-2003: Sony Ericsson Withdraws from the U.S. CDMA market.
25-Jun-2003: Hutchison Whampoa and NTT DoCoMo announce closer collaboration.
25-Jun-2003: PalmSource Sets Date for European Developer Conference.
25-Jun-2003: Digital Home Working Group is formed.
25-Jun-2003: Opera for Nokia 7650 and 3650 Released.
24-Jun-2003: Verizon CEO Supports Number Portability.
24-Jun-2003: UK bans drivers from using mobiles.
24-Jun-2003: Guys talk more on Wireless according to Cingular.
24-Jun-2003: Legend Launches Lenovo XP230.
23-Jun-2003: Windows Mobile 2003 Software.
23-Jun-2003: HP Introduces iPAQ h2210, h1940, h5150 and h5550 Pocket PCs.
22-Jun-2003: German tech show comes to the U.S..
21-Jun-2003: Chameleon - new mobile game phone concept.
20-Jun-2003: Handspring Treo 600 named 'Best of Show' at CeBit America.
20-Jun-2003: T-Mobile USA Launches New BlackBerry 6210.
19-Jun-2003: IBM Brings Wi Fi to More Than 600 Boys & Girls Clubs.
19-Jun-2003: 3Com Introduces 802.11G Products.
18-Jun-2003: Group formed to create 'Common Public Radio Interface'.
18-Jun-2003: Handspring Treo 600 Smartphone.
17-Jun-2003: Japan and Korea Share Mobile Satellite.
16-Jun-2003: Samsung SGH-s307.
16-Jun-2003: Nokia 6600 Tri-Band Camera Phone.
15-Jun-2003: Korea takes a stand against Spam.
13-Jun-2003: Nokia ships 6650 UMTS phone.
12-Jun-2003: Mitac Mio 8380 Smartphone.
11-Jun-2003: Sony Ericsson integrates SDK with JBuilder 9 Mobile Edition.
11-Jun-2003: Mobile Picture Messaging Community.
10-Jun-2003: Can Wi-Fi and 3G Coexist?.
10-Jun-2003: Openwave integrates SDK with Borland JBuilder.
10-Jun-2003: Nokia releases Developer Suite for J2ME 2.0.
10-Jun-2003: RIM Color BlackBerry 7230 and 6230.
10-Jun-2003: Microsoft working with Radio Tag Technology.
09-Jun-2003: Intel and Sun in Mobile Java collaboration.
09-Jun-2003: Samsung unveils SCH-X820 'TV Phone'.
08-Jun-2003: Cisco contracting Ambit for Wi-Fi IP phones.
08-Jun-2003: Qualcomm closing Wireless Knowledge.
08-Jun-2003: NTT DoCoMo to Implement Video Phone Function in All FOMA Models After Fall.
07-Jun-2003: Court Lets Mobile Phone Numbers Follow Customers.
07-Jun-2003: Verizon Responds to Appeals Court Ruling.
07-Jun-2003: Sony Ericsson's SO505i 1.3 Megapixel Camera Phone.
06-Jun-2003: 3 UK and Nokia expand 3G coverage to northern UK.
06-Jun-2003: Verizon Announces the Samsung SCH-a530.
05-Jun-2003: J-Phone Introduces the J-DO8 and J-T010.
05-Jun-2003: Cingular Offers Siemens S56 Handset.
05-Jun-2003: Sony Ericsson unveils the T226.
05-Jun-2003: Sprint and inCode Address Indoor Wireless Coverage.
05-Jun-2003: 3 UK announces two highly competitive pricing options.
04-Jun-2003: Palm Announces Acquisition of Handspring.
04-Jun-2003: to Launch World's First Real-Money, Real-Time, Full-Function, Wireless Casino.
04-Jun-2003: Mobile handset subsidy not in the cards.
04-Jun-2003: Atheros 3G W-LAN Technology Boosts Performance.
04-Jun-2003: Nokia's MMS solution enables TeliaSonera's pan-Nordic MMS launch.
04-Jun-2003: O2 awards Lucent 3G contract worth $45 million.
04-Jun-2003: NTT DoCoMo to Start Trial of Online Payments Service.
03-Jun-2003: Nokia obtains CDMA manufacturing licence for China.
03-Jun-2003: Fujitsu to Double Output of Cell Phone Camera Sensor Modules.
03-Jun-2003: Mobile Phone Sales on the Rise.
03-Jun-2003: Nextel Makes History with Nationwide Direct Connect.
03-Jun-2003: Intel Delivers Performance And Security Enhancements For Intel Centrino Mobile Technology.
02-Jun-2003: Midwest Wireless Launches CDMA 1X.
02-Jun-2003: Nokia and Warner Music take music mobile for the Nokia 3300.
02-Jun-2003: NTT DoCoMo's 1.3 megapixel S0505i Available June 4.
30-May-2003: Nokia 5100 Product Review.
30-May-2003: Sanyo to Supply Cell Phones to Haier.
30-May-2003: JAL Group and NTT DoCoMo Test W-LAN.
29-May-2003: 3G Americas's White Paper Shows Preeminence of GSM in Latin America and the Caribbean.
29-May-2003: Which Wireless Companies Have Most Problems?.
29-May-2003: T-Mobile Deutschland and Starbucks join forces to extend W-LAN coverage.
28-May-2003: Cingular, NextWave Talk Airwaves Deal-Sources.
28-May-2003: Siemens to supply EDGE network technology to Telenor's DiGi.
28-May-2003: 4G Field Trial Announced.
28-May-2003: Casio A5401CA Megapixel Camera.
28-May-2003: Megapixel Camera Cell Phones to Make Market Debuts in Rapid Succession.
28-May-2003: FOMA N2701 2G /3G Handset Launched.
28-May-2003: "i-mode My Box" Provides Link to Customized Sites via i-mode Portal.
28-May-2003: Lufthansa Signs Agreement for Broadband Connectivity.
28-May-2003: Linksys Adds New Wireless-G Ethernet Bridge.
28-May-2003: Motorola First to Demonstrate ZigBee 2.4 GHz Wireless Networking Technology.
28-May-2003: AT&T to Introduce a Calling Plan That Combines Wired and Wireless.
28-May-2003: Sonera launches positioning services.
27-May-2003: Wi-Fi Hotspot Land Grab In Full Swing.
27-May-2003: J-Phone Becomes Vodafone.
27-May-2003: Microsoft, TeliaSonera Launch Smartphone in Sweden.
26-May-2003: Nokia Announces Developer Toolkit 4.0.
26-May-2003: Samsung, LG to supply 3G equipment to SK Telecom.
25-May-2003: Picture Phone Fun with the Sanyo 8100.
23-May-2003: Sharp Introduces New Smartphone Displays.
22-May-2003: New CDMA 1X Chipset from Qualcomm.
21-May-2003: Sharp SH-53 Megapixel Camera Phone.
21-May-2003: Networking rail freight transport wirelessly.
20-May-2003: The next big thing after WiFi - 802.16a/WiMAX.
20-May-2003: NTT DoCoMo to Market sigmarion III Handheld PC.
20-May-2003: NEC Announces Use of Linux as Mobile Phone Operating System.
19-May-2003: Openwave upgrades Mobile Messaging Client.
19-May-2003: Samsung to supply SGH-i700 to Verizon.
19-May-2003: Sharp introduces Zaurus SL-C760 and SL-C750 Networked Linux PDAs.
19-May-2003: NTT DoCoMo to Launch International Roaming Service for 3G FOMA Users.
18-May-2003: Nokia's New SU-1B Digital Pen.
18-May-2003: VimpelCom and Alcatel demonstrate MMS over 3G/UMTS in Russia.
18-May-2003: WiFi Business Model Proves Elusive.
18-May-2003: Wanadoo launches WiFi.
18-May-2003: Mobilie Greetings go Wireless.
16-May-2003: HP Rolls Out Wireless LAN Wares.
16-May-2003: BOOST Mobile Showcases Java Games at E3 2003 Convention.
16-May-2003: T-Mobile Says Shelves Microsoft Smart Phone Launch.
15-May-2003: Companies to Jointly Offer ICs for CDMA2000 1x and 1xEV-DO Chipsets.
15-May-2003: Gaming Review Available via Sprint PCS.
15-May-2003: "Infotainment" Reason to Upgrade - Report.
14-May-2003: Europe's First EDGE Call Announced.
14-May-2003: Siemens to Provide GSM-R Network in Belgium.
14-May-2003: Nokia Announces New Titles for its N-Gage Game Deck.
14-May-2003: Verizon Launches Free Wi-Fi Access in NYC.
14-May-2003: Nokia turns phones into credit cards.
14-May-2003: NEC to Launch Mobile Pro 900.
13-May-2003: PDA makers turning out new models.
13-May-2003: Opera scores Kyocera deal.
13-May-2003: fastmobile Launches fastchat Push-to-Talk Service.
13-May-2003: T-Mobile USA awards Nortel Networks network upgrade..
12-May-2003: Siemens sets up the largest W-LAN in France.
12-May-2003: Nokia brings MMS to Russia with MTS.
11-May-2003: Verizon to Offer Wireless Web Link Via Pay Phones.
11-May-2003: The Latest Stink from Microsoft.
10-May-2003: NEC to release mega-handheld.
09-May-2003: Siemens teams up with Universal Studios Networks Germany.
09-May-2003: Tira Wireless to Supply Telefonica Moviles with Mobile Games.
09-May-2003: Samsung Enters Flash Memory Market in US.
09-May-2003: T-Mobile Bundles Wireless Voice And Data With 'Wi-Fi' HotSpotSM Service.
08-May-2003: Sprint showcases 120 game titles at E3.
08-May-2003: Sony Ericsson launches new HBH-35 Bluetooth handsfree.
08-May-2003: CodeWarrior Development Studio for Palm OS, Version 9.2 Announced.
08-May-2003: Nokia launches research on MMS usage.
08-May-2003: New Motorola IMfree.
07-May-2003: Vodafone Launches the Sharp GX10i in Vodafone live!.
07-May-2003: Texas Instruments to Expand Wireless with CDMA.
07-May-2003: LocatioNet Releases MyMap.
07-May-2003: Japan gets to work on 4G comms.
07-May-2003: SKT slashes W-CDMA spending.
07-May-2003: Movie Reviews via Sprint PCS.
06-May-2003: 'Seamless' multimedia messaging service debuts.
06-May-2003: SavaJe Licenses ARM Swerve i3D Client.
06-May-2003: Hutchison 3G launches 3 mobile video telephony in Austria.
06-May-2003: Cingular Offers Nokia 3650 TDMA Handset.
06-May-2003: Nokia's Observation Camera Available.
06-May-2003: Highlights from the BREW Developers Conference.
05-May-2003: RealNetworks launches Streaming Mobile Content.
04-May-2003: SpectraLink Unveils NetLink e340 and i640 Wireless Phones.
02-May-2003: Linksys Announces Support for Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA).
02-May-2003: BT Advances GPRS Streaming Video.
01-May-2003: SK Telecom clear to merge with W-CDMA unit.
01-May-2003: Germany: T-Mobile extends range of products.
01-May-2003: Orange and Disney Sign European Content Distrubtion Agreement.
01-May-2003: Six new Lenovo mobile handsets make debut.
01-May-2003: Verizon Debuts the Blackberry 6750.
30-Apr-2003: Dell and Good Technology form Wireless Alliance.
30-Apr-2003: Symbian launches Symbian OS v7.0s at Exposium03.
30-Apr-2003: Samsung Number Two in World Cell Phone Sales.
30-Apr-2003: US Cellular to Launch Brew.
30-Apr-2003: Sprint to Offer SonyEricsson's T608 CDMA Handset.
30-Apr-2003: DoCoMo Sells More than 10 Million Camera Phones in 11 Months.
30-Apr-2003: Sony Ericsson to develop GSM/TDMA/AMPS communications module.
30-Apr-2003: TTP and Microsoft Collaborate on Pre-integrated Smartphone Solution.
29-Apr-2003: Borland C++ Mobile Edition available for Nokia Series 60.
29-Apr-2003: Kyocera combines BREW and Brilliant Color on Entry-level CDMA Handsets.
28-Apr-2003: Lite-On Technology to make Xelibri phones for Siemens.
28-Apr-2003: KPN rejects 3G UK loan request.
26-Apr-2003: DeLorme Unveils New Earthmate USB GPS Receiver.
25-Apr-2003: J-Phone Launches the J-SH53 Video Phone.
25-Apr-2003: KDDI Introduces 3G Movie Mail-compatible A5305K.
25-Apr-2003: Palm Unveils Plan to Capture China's Handheld Market.
25-Apr-2003: Motorola Slashes Smartphone Development.
24-Apr-2003: Sprint prices the Sanyo 8100 Built-in Camera Phone under $100.
24-Apr-2003: T-Mobile USA and AT&T Wireless Sign GSM Roaming Agreement.
24-Apr-2003: Video Streaming Comes to FOMA Handsets.
24-Apr-2003: Nokia wideband speech coding proposal selected as CDMA2000 standard.
23-Apr-2003: palmOne Introduces The Zire 71 and the New Tungsten C.
23-Apr-2003: Sharp to Develop FOMA Handsets.
22-Apr-2003: NTT DoCoMo to Collaborate with SingTel Mobile for W-CDMA 3G Mobile Multimedia Services.
22-Apr-2003: Qualcomm Hosts Third Annual BREW Developers Conference.
22-Apr-2003: Mobile Streams launches Voice Ringtones.
22-Apr-2003: 3G service rates irk subscribers.
22-Apr-2003: 802.11g Speeds Ahead of IT Needs.
22-Apr-2003: Instant Messaging, Text Messaging at 30,000 Feet.
21-Apr-2003: Nokia rumored to place ODM orders to Taiwan.
21-Apr-2003: Revised handset subsidy rules to be applied to carriers.
21-Apr-2003: WiFi Setup Can Be Tricky.
21-Apr-2003: A New Wave of Wireless.
19-Apr-2003: Sierra Wireless and IBM Announce Wireless Bundle in China.
18-Apr-2003: Alcatel Wins Contract for GSM/GPRS Shanghai Mobile Expansion.
18-Apr-2003: Cell phone firm offers SARS alerts.
18-Apr-2003: Samsung Introduces New Line of Multimedia Cards.
18-Apr-2003: Motorola Wins Expansion Contract for Largest GSM Network in Pakistan.
18-Apr-2003: Classic SEGA Comes to Palm.
18-Apr-2003: Nokia to deliver WCDMA 3G network to Telestet in Greece.
18-Apr-2003: Virgin Mobile USA's New Vox 8500 Handset.
17-Apr-2003: O2 Announces UK Mobile Video Trial.
17-Apr-2003: Cisco to ship Wi-Fi mobile phone in June.
17-Apr-2003: Mobile handset market in severe slump.
17-Apr-2003: 3D Gaming Hits Europe.
17-Apr-2003: Intel Announces New Processors For Mobile PCs.
16-Apr-2003: Ericsson deploys CDMA2000 multi-access solution for China Unicom.
16-Apr-2003: NTT DoCoMo to Launch F661i GPS Handset.
16-Apr-2003: Linksys Wireless A+G Router Access Point Available.
15-Apr-2003: HWL launches 3 in Australia.
15-Apr-2003: NEC e606 3G Mobile Handset Launched in Australia.
15-Apr-2003: Sprint PCS Offers More Minutes in More Places.
14-Apr-2003: Kinko's and T-Mobile to Offer Wireless Broadband Wi-Fi.
14-Apr-2003: SMART and Nokia make first EDGE test call in the Philippines.
14-Apr-2003: Hutchison 3G Austria launches MMS.
13-Apr-2003: KDDI Movie Mail Mobile Users tops One Million.
13-Apr-2003: Wireless Gaming Predicted to Generate $7 Billion by 2008.
13-Apr-2003: Intel demonstrates 'third-generation Bluetooth'.
13-Apr-2003: Dacom to launch new wireless Internet service.
13-Apr-2003: Intersil Unveils New ISL3893 WiSOC Wireless System-on-a-Chip.
12-Apr-2003: fastchat(tm) European Availability Announced.
12-Apr-2003: Bouyges Telecom recalls early adopter i-mode handsets.
12-Apr-2003: Ericsson selected by 3 as supplier of a WCDMA network in Denmark.
11-Apr-2003: Microsoft sues Lucent over audio/video technology.
11-Apr-2003: Suppliers halt handset shipments to SKT.
11-Apr-2003: Samsung to launch CDMA2000 1x 3G chips in mid-month.
10-Apr-2003: Russia Ratifies Bluetooth.
10-Apr-2003: Intel Unveils Ultra-Thin Stacked Flash Memory Technology for Cell Phones.
10-Apr-2003: T-Mobile Hotspots Available at Borders Bookstores.
10-Apr-2003: WLAN Industry to Generate $1.67 Billion in 2003.
10-Apr-2003: Verizon Announces Wireless Data Package.
09-Apr-2003: WiMAX Group promotes 802.16 wireless technology.
09-Apr-2003: Nokia 3650 camera phone reaches AT&T customers.
08-Apr-2003: Next-Generation Ultra-High-Speed Wireless Systems.
08-Apr-2003: Spanish Language Voice Ringers reach Sprint customers.
08-Apr-2003: NTT DoCoMo Unveils 505i Series.
08-Apr-2003: Telefonica Moviles, T-Mobile and TIM join forces to create an alliance..
08-Apr-2003: Sonera Launches New Services for MMS Handsets.
07-Apr-2003: Nokia and Lexus integrate wireless connectivity.
07-Apr-2003: Virtual mobile telephone system from Siemens.
07-Apr-2003: GSM Continues Rapid Upward Growth in the Americas.
07-Apr-2003: Ericsson chosen as supplier for GSM and EDGE to America Movil.
07-Apr-2003: Korean W-CDMA players discuss joint network buildout.
06-Apr-2003: Hewlett-Packard planning new iPaq handheld.
05-Apr-2003: Cell Phone Inventor Still Dreaming 30 Years Later.
05-Apr-2003: Thuraya says satellite phone system secure.
04-Apr-2003: Nokia delivers total GPRS solution to AIS.
04-Apr-2003: LGE's camera phones make inroads into Italy.
04-Apr-2003: China faces oversupply of CDMA handsets.
04-Apr-2003: Gemplus and Transat Working on Smart-Card WLAN Security.
03-Apr-2003: Alcatel and tele.ring sign UMTS Contract.
03-Apr-2003: LGT urges MIC to ease handset subsidy ban.
03-Apr-2003: Ericsson and Nigeria's RelTel Sign CDMA2000 1X.
03-Apr-2003: Is Africa ready for 3G?.
03-Apr-2003: J-Phone and DoCoMo to launch megapixel camera phones.
03-Apr-2003: Orange Group Developer Site Launched.
03-Apr-2003: T-Mobile Hosts First Wireless Photo Contest.
03-Apr-2003: AIS Chooses Siemens for GPRS Network.
03-Apr-2003: Thailand's First EDGE Trial.
03-Apr-2003: JAMDAT Mobile Expands European Business.
02-Apr-2003: 2dayuk news and pictures now available on 3UK.
02-Apr-2003: Microsoft Releases New Standards-Based Wireless Solution To Enhance Security for Windows XP Customers.
02-Apr-2003: QUALCOMM Congratulates China Unicom on Nationwide Launch of CDMA2000 1X.
02-Apr-2003: Aironet Wi-Fi Networks Bridging Technology Divide in Europe.
02-Apr-2003: Sprint, HP and Novatel Create Wi-Fi Offer.
01-Apr-2003: Nortel Networks Launches WLAN Portfolio.
01-Apr-2003: HP Introduces Notebook with 802.11g W-LAN Technology.
31-Mar-2003: Nokia Begins Production of CDMA Handsets in China.
31-Mar-2003: Motorola to delay V290 launch.
31-Mar-2003: TeliaSonera, Tele2 Ask for More Time to Build Network.
31-Mar-2003: Personal Tracking Application Announced by Siemens.
30-Mar-2003: Media use of Thuraya phones restricted in Iraq.
30-Mar-2003: CDMA users number 147 million worldwide.
29-Mar-2003: Plugged In: Phone Numbers Are Soon to Go Mobile Too.
28-Mar-2003: Telstra Australia Launches 3G Consumer Services.
28-Mar-2003: T-Mobile to Introduce Video Messaging.
28-Mar-2003: Plug-and-Print Wi-Fi Solution from IBM.
28-Mar-2003: Vodafone wavers on 3G.
28-Mar-2003: NTT DoCoMo to Introduce First GPS Handset , the F611i.
27-Mar-2003: Vodafone Turns to Prepaid Services to Attract Users in Japan.
27-Mar-2003: Smartphones to Dominate Wireless Handset Market by 2008.
27-Mar-2003: Sonera Offers New Video Content.
26-Mar-2003: Nokia to Introduce 12 Devices at Telexpo 2003.
26-Mar-2003: DoCoMo's "Wristomo" Wristwatch PHS Mobile Phone.
26-Mar-2003: Africa's First CDMA2000 1X Wireless Network Launched.
26-Mar-2003: Vodafone Live! reaches one million customers.
26-Mar-2003: J-Phone Sha-mail Handsets Top 9 Million.
26-Mar-2003: Motorola Provides Consumers With New Mobile Music Experiences.
25-Mar-2003: NHL Comes to Wireless Handsets.
25-Mar-2003: Bouygues Telecom Selects Nortel Networks GPRS Access Technology.
25-Mar-2003: Agilent Introduces Miniature Camera Modules.
25-Mar-2003: O2 Germany Selects Redknee's WLAN Payment System.
25-Mar-2003: Nokia to Make Qualcomm Standard Cell Phones in China.
25-Mar-2003: Oracle, DoCoMo Develop PDA System for Sales Communications.
24-Mar-2003: KPN Mobile to deliver LogicaCMG Multimedia Messaging Services.
23-Mar-2003: Samsung SGH-i700.
21-Mar-2003: Atelab Announces EDit Handset Concept.
21-Mar-2003: Five Asian telcos form Wi-Fi roaming alliance.
21-Mar-2003: SKT seals mobile Internet deal with China Unicom.
21-Mar-2003: War updates delivered to Chinese cell phones.
21-Mar-2003: HTC to supply smartphone for AT&T.
21-Mar-2003: China's Cell Phone Users to Top 258 Mln.
20-Mar-2003: Cisco Acquires Linksys.
19-Mar-2003: Sendo brings the S251 Handset to the Americas.
19-Mar-2003: esmertec Demonstrates Enhanced PDA User Experience.
19-Mar-2003: Malignant text ambushes Europe cell phones.
19-Mar-2003: MontaVista Linux to Power Motorola A760.
19-Mar-2003: T-Mobile and Boingo to Deliver T-Mobile Hotspots.
19-Mar-2003: First High Gain, Embedded Antenna for WLAN Applications.
19-Mar-2003: Truckstops Gain Wi-Fi Access.
19-Mar-2003: World's Smallest Film Festival debuts at CTIA.
19-Mar-2003: Corporate Wireless E-Mail Demand Robust.
18-Mar-2003: Audiovox Offers new CDMA Handsets.
18-Mar-2003: Kyocera Announces 2003 CDMA Product Line.
18-Mar-2003: RIM Introduces BlackBerry 6210.
18-Mar-2003: US Carriers Expand GSM/GPRS Nationwide Coverage.
18-Mar-2003: Sprint PCS Unveils Sanyo 8100.
18-Mar-2003: Mitsubishi licenses Symbian OS.
18-Mar-2003: Siemens Introduces the SL56, M56 and SX1 Handsets.
17-Mar-2003: Nokia Debuts New CDMA2001x Handsets at CTIA 2003.
17-Mar-2003: Motorola Launches E310 and V810 at CTIA.
17-Mar-2003: National Semiconductor Launches Lighting Solutions for Handhelds.
17-Mar-2003: Ericsson Demonstrates Push-To-Talk Solution for CDMA2000 and GSM/GPRS.
17-Mar-2003: Openwave Introduces Voice MMS.
17-Mar-2003: Italians pick up first 3G mobile phones.
17-Mar-2003: TI Introduces First Tri-Wireless PDA Concept Design.
17-Mar-2003: Samsung n270 to appear in Matrix.
17-Mar-2003: Motorola Unveils E390 and C230 at CeBIT.
15-Mar-2003: Qualcomm to Support Sun's J2ME Technology.
14-Mar-2003: Complete Chipset Design for EDGE Handsets Unveiled.
14-Mar-2003: Sagem myX-6 Camera Phone.
14-Mar-2003: O2 Germany launches intelligent, color mobile portal.
13-Mar-2003: LG to debut new handsets at CTIA.
13-Mar-2003: Mobile TV Demonstrated at CeBIT.
13-Mar-2003: Samsung Introduces the SGH-i500 Smartphone.
13-Mar-2003: MTV and Motorola Announce Allliance.
13-Mar-2003: AMD Unveils 12 New Mobile Processors.
12-Mar-2003: OpenGL ES gains momentum with Ericsson membership.
12-Mar-2003: Maxon MX-C12 and MX-A30 Java/GPRS handsets.
12-Mar-2003: RIM Introduces BlackBerry 6210 and 6220 Wireless Handhelds.
12-Mar-2003: Intel Launches the Centrino(tm) Wi-Fi CPU.
12-Mar-2003: Panasonic G50 "Super Mini" Tri-band Handset.
12-Mar-2003: SanDisk Introduces miniSD Card.
12-Mar-2003: Siemens Integrates i-mode Compatible Browser into S55 Handset.
11-Mar-2003: Nokia 6220 Tri-Band Edge Camera Phone.
11-Mar-2003: NEC announces the n31i i-mode Handset.
11-Mar-2003: Siemens SL55 Slider Phone.
11-Mar-2003: Wi-Fi expands to 400 Borders Book Stores.
11-Mar-2003: Panasonic X70 Video Phone is unveiled at CeBit.
11-Mar-2003: Panasonic Ultra Compact GD55.
11-Mar-2003: KPN Announces new i-mode Handsets.
10-Mar-2003: Next Generation Wearable Wireless Solutions.
10-Mar-2003: VGA Camera Module from Motorola Announced.
10-Mar-2003: NTT DoCoMo and Samsung to Jointly Develop Handsets.
10-Mar-2003: CeBIT Parades New Gadgets to Combat Hi-Tech Gloom.
09-Mar-2003: Global Cell-Phone Sales Rose 14% in Q4, Gartner Says.
08-Mar-2003: Vodafone eyes autumn launch for European 3G.
07-Mar-2003: MiTAC introduces the Mio 8380 with MIDP 2.0.
07-Mar-2003: Japan's Megapixel Phones Eye Digital Cameras' Turf.
06-Mar-2003: Motorola Celebrates 20th Anniversary of Mobile Phone.
06-Mar-2003: New KTF to Launch Commercial Service of 3G Phones in June.
06-Mar-2003: Foxconn to set up handset assembly plant in Budapest.
06-Mar-2003: Oracle and Sprint Accelerate Java Development.
05-Mar-2003: Nokia and Metrowerks offer Series 60 Developer Platform.
05-Mar-2003: RIM and T-Mobile announce BlackBerry for the European "Prosumer".
05-Mar-2003: T-Mobile to Cut Data Prices as Much as 70%.
05-Mar-2003: Toshiba Launches Hotspot Solution.
05-Mar-2003: China Mobile, Railcom Test TD-SCDMA Technology.
04-Mar-2003: Sony Ericsson Unleashes New Handsets.
03-Mar-2003: Sony Ericsson T610, T616 and T618 Camera Phones.
03-Mar-2003: Nextel Announces Wireless Contest Winners.
03-Mar-2003: UMTS to Mobilize the Data World.
02-Mar-2003: TTPCom Demonstrates B'ngo.
02-Mar-2003: AlphaCell Launches M5 and M6 Handsets.
02-Mar-2003: 3 UK signs agreement with MyMovies.
02-Mar-2003: J-Phone Launches "Loco Guide".
01-Mar-2003: Blog Publishers Stealing Web Limelight.
01-Mar-2003: Mobile madness makes UK WAP happy.
01-Mar-2003: Price cut for Starbucks Wi-Fi.
28-Feb-2003: Load Testing suite added to Mobile Master.
27-Feb-2003: QUALCOMM Offers Free Access to Encryption Software.
27-Feb-2003: Siemens Invests in U.S. Wireless Startups.
27-Feb-2003: Mobile Payment Services Association formed.
27-Feb-2003: Motorola and Avis Launch "Avis Assist" Navigation Service.
27-Feb-2003: Nokia 3650 color Imaging Phone is now shipping globally.
27-Feb-2003: Telcel Enhances its Infrastructure.
27-Feb-2003: A Look at Samsung's Matrix Handset.
26-Feb-2003: Toshiba T618X Motion Picture E-mail Handset.
26-Feb-2003: Sprint reduces price of Vision-enabled handsets.
25-Feb-2003: GPRS Video services available in Hungary.
25-Feb-2003: The Battle Over Mobile Platform Software.
24-Feb-2003: NTT DoCoMo to offer Macromedia Flash Technology.
23-Feb-2003: Personal Website Publishing for a Billion Mobile Phones.
23-Feb-2003: Blogging goes mobile.
22-Feb-2003: Siemens mobile introduces i-mode phone soon.
22-Feb-2003: Embedded Linux Consortium unveils landmark standard.
22-Feb-2003: Sanyo announces 640x480 image sensor for cell phones.
21-Feb-2003: T-Mobile USA awarded Wireless Priority Service Contract.
20-Feb-2003: Sendo offers Smartphone SDK to Developers.
19-Feb-2003: Siemens Launches SX1 Color Smartphone.
18-Feb-2003: Merlin U530 UMTS PC Card Modem.
18-Feb-2003: Siemens develops the world's first Java-enabled radio module.
18-Feb-2003: Siemens Radio Technology Installed at Health Care and Social Institutions.
18-Feb-2003: NEC shows n22i, e606, and e808 handsets.
18-Feb-2003: Sendo introduces the M550 GPRS Handset.
17-Feb-2003: Sony Ericsson unveils the Z1010 3G video phone.
17-Feb-2003: Samsung is working with Infineon on Symbian based Smartphone Platform.
17-Feb-2003: T-Mobile to launch Windows powered Smartphone this year.
17-Feb-2003: Motorola Accelerates 3G Handset Development with i.300 Platform.
17-Feb-2003: Nokia and Sony Ericsson to align developer tools for Symbian OS.
17-Feb-2003: Manufacturers Promote unified solution for push to talk over GPRS/ EDGE.
16-Feb-2003: GPRS to star at 3GSM Congress.
15-Feb-2003: Sprint PCS Offers Wireless Multimedia.
14-Feb-2003: AT&T Wireless Launches MMS.
13-Feb-2003: IBM prepares for mobile Linux Devices.
13-Feb-2003: Intel Announces 'Wireless-Internet-On-A-Chip'.
13-Feb-2003: Motorola A760 Java-Linux Handset.
12-Feb-2003: NEC e525 Camera Phone.
12-Feb-2003: Handspring launches new Developer Program.
12-Feb-2003: Verizon brings out the VX2000.
12-Feb-2003: Nortel Networks reaches 20Mbps with enhanced UMTS.
12-Feb-2003: LGE Announces World's First DBDM Phone for both CDMA and WCDMA.
11-Feb-2003: TDD Technology Watch.
11-Feb-2003: Cingular Expands Corporate E-Mail Offerings with G100 Handheld.
11-Feb-2003: Nokia 3595 Color MMS Handset for the Americas.
10-Feb-2003: Sony FSV-PGX1 Portable Linux File Server.
10-Feb-2003: Sagem integrates magic4 next generation MMS client.
10-Feb-2003: Sony to Make 1M Pixel CCDs for Cell Phones.
09-Feb-2003: AT&T Wireless Sets New Plans.
08-Feb-2003: French Police Seize Mobile Phone Guns.
07-Feb-2003: Network Associates Announces Initiative to Provide Secure Solutions for Wireless Technologies.
07-Feb-2003: 3 UK reveals highly competitive pricing options.
07-Feb-2003: KDDI to Release A5304T Brew Handset.
07-Feb-2003: N-Gage Gaming Break Out.
06-Feb-2003: France Telecom announces WiFi initiatives.
05-Feb-2003: Nokia announces N-Gage.
05-Feb-2003: Germany achieves MMS Interoperability.
04-Feb-2003: U.S. Spectrum allocation for 5GHz Wireless Devices.
03-Feb-2003: TI Introduces UMTS Chipset and Reference Design.
03-Feb-2003: Snow News via MMS.
03-Feb-2003: Toshiba announces advanced Si-Ge Transistor for GPS-featured Mobile Phones.
03-Feb-2003: Nokia endorses OMAPI interface standard.
02-Feb-2003: NTT Group to Run Trial Videophone Service Linking PCs with FOMA Mobile Phones.
01-Feb-2003: Ericsson conducts the world's first IPv6 over 3G UMTS/WCDMA network demonstration.
31-Jan-2003: J-Phone Announces NEC J-N51, Toshiba J-T09 and Sharp J-SH010 Handsets.
30-Jan-2003: generationPIX Brings Logitech Mobile Video To Verizon Customers.
30-Jan-2003: KDDI Launches Brew Download Service.
30-Jan-2003: Taiwan handset makers post increased January shipments.
30-Jan-2003: Ericsson to power Vodafone live! in Egypt.
30-Jan-2003: Joint Venture Deploying CDMA 1XRTT Network in Brazil.
29-Jan-2003: T-Mobile demonstrates a handover between UMTS cells.
29-Jan-2003: AT&T Wireless to Offer Wi-Fi Service at Airports and Hotels Throughout US.
29-Jan-2003: Ericsson selected as sole WCDMA supplier by Tele2/Tango for 3G networks in two countries.
29-Jan-2003: Nokia confirms readiness for CDMA2000 1xEV-DV operator trials in 2003.
28-Jan-2003: Sony's newest CLIE to support Peer-to-Peer USB.
28-Jan-2003: LGE K8100 Handset Announced.
27-Jan-2003: NextWave wins license fight in Supreme Court.
27-Jan-2003: Nokia gets ready for CDMA2000 1xEV-DV Infrastructures.
27-Jan-2003: MMO2 In Messaging Deal With Orange, T-Mobile.
27-Jan-2003: Siemens creates Fashion Phone Category.
27-Jan-2003: Sanyo Unveils Mobile Phone with Organic EL Panel.
26-Jan-2003: Super Bowl goes Wireless with Sprint.
26-Jan-2003: Super Bowl goes Wireless with Verizon.
24-Jan-2003: Fujitsu to offer Linux Servers for Mission-Critical Wireless.
24-Jan-2003: U.S. and Canadian Wireless Service Providers Unify North American Text Message Markets.
24-Jan-2003: Mexico's Iusacell Launches 3G CDMA2000 1X Network.
23-Jan-2003: Motorola Unveils Location-Based Services Software.
23-Jan-2003: Siemens UMTS mobile phone rings for the first time at P&TLuxembourg.
23-Jan-2003: Fully Loaded LG VX4400 Handset launches through Verizon Wireless.
22-Jan-2003: Germany Could Be Forced To Offer EUR8 Bln 3G Refund.
22-Jan-2003: BT Customers set to enjoy cheaper calls to Mobiles.
21-Jan-2003: Vodafone acquires SBC's stake in Cegetel.
21-Jan-2003: Lucent and T-Mobile launch UMTS pilot in Nuernberg Germany.
20-Jan-2003: T3G Joint Venture to produce next generation wireless chipsets.
20-Jan-2003: Kyocera 7135 Smartphone Makes U.S. Retail Debut with ALLTEL.
20-Jan-2003: TELUS Mobility to offer BlackBerry's 1X platform.
19-Jan-2003: Samsung Pressure Gives Motorola Insomnia.
18-Jan-2003: Wi-Fi Alliance Certifies 5GHz IEEE 802.11a and Dual Band Products.
17-Jan-2003: BenQ to launch Symbian-powered smartphone.
17-Jan-2003: Microsoft Handset Problems Have Users Seeing...Orange.
17-Jan-2003: Wi-Fi Hot Spots light up the Sundance Film Festival.
16-Jan-2003: UnitedLinux to Deliver Platform for Telecommunications Carriers.
16-Jan-2003: LGE HX2 Streaming Video Handset announced.
16-Jan-2003: Handy Games now in Austria.
16-Jan-2003: Siemens invests in Chinese start-up.
16-Jan-2003: Atsana launches 1.3 Megapixel Video Camera Accessory Module Reference Design for Mobile Phones.
15-Jan-2003: DoCoMo's FOMA F2051 Handset.
15-Jan-2003: First 3G-UMTS Car Premiers in Asia.
15-Jan-2003: Dual Band WCDMA Scanning Receiver for the U.S. Market.
15-Jan-2003: Wi-Fi IC Shipments Set To Top Expectations, According To ABI Study.
15-Jan-2003: BlackBerry goes to Spain.
14-Jan-2003: Motorola, Avaya, and Proxim to Collaborate on Converged Wireless Communications Solutions.
14-Jan-2003: Handspring Treo receives accolades.
14-Jan-2003: Debut of Wireless Color Screens Ushered in Wireless as a Mass-Market Media and Entertainment Channel.
14-Jan-2003: Avantgo Seeks Mobile Technology Patents.
14-Jan-2003: BT Deploys Secure VPNs.
14-Jan-2003: Nokia Brings Mobile Java Toolkit to Linux Developer Community.
14-Jan-2003: DoCoMo Seeks Combination With European Mobile-Phone Company.
14-Jan-2003: GSM the Fastest Growing Wireless Technology in the Americas.
14-Jan-2003: Nokia to Withdraw Korean R&D Center.
14-Jan-2003: Nextel Begins Rollout of Nationwide Direct Connect.
14-Jan-2003: First UMTS order for Siemens in Asia.
13-Jan-2003: Nokia helps Orange bring multimedia messaging to Romania.
12-Jan-2003: AirPrime Inc. and KTF Deliver World's First CDMA2000 1xEV-DO PC5230 Wireless PC Card.
11-Jan-2003: Linux coming to cell phones.
11-Jan-2003: Handspring Wants to Work with RIM.
10-Jan-2003: Samsung SPH-i500 is shown at CES2003.
10-Jan-2003: Televigation Launches North America's First GPS Navigation Service for Wireless Phones.
10-Jan-2003: Audiovox Introduces the CDM-9600 Wireless Handset with Built-in Digital Camera.
10-Jan-2003: Smartphones Will Dominate Wireless Handset Market By 2008.
10-Jan-2003: Audiovox Introduces the CDM-8600.
10-Jan-2003: Intel Announces Centrino(tm) Mobile Technology Brand Name.
10-Jan-2003: Nokia unveils new Nokia 3560 and 3520 TDMA handsets.
10-Jan-2003: Ericsson and Hutchison 3G sign global agreement for new Video Gateway System.
10-Jan-2003: Microsoft Presents SPOT-Based Wristwatches at CES.
10-Jan-2003: A help line for European telcos.
09-Jan-2003: Motorola Unveils First Wave of Mobile Handsets, Applications, and Experiences for 2003.
09-Jan-2003: Apple Delivers AirPort Extreme 802.11G Wireless Networking.
09-Jan-2003: New Sony Clie Peg-NZ90 Handheld Announced.
09-Jan-2003: Sprint and Warner offer America's first Wireless Streaming Music Clip Subscription Service.
08-Jan-2003: BenQ and Compal get new handset orders from Motorola.
08-Jan-2003: Motorola Launches MotoCoder Developer Program.
08-Jan-2003: DoCoMo to Cap Spending.
08-Jan-2003: Sony Pictures Digital and Sprint Introduce Full-Color Wireless Entertainment.
07-Jan-2003: Ericsson delivers seamless 2G/3G WCDMA network to Far EasTone and Yuan-Ze in Taiwan.
07-Jan-2003: Siemens Mobile Acceleration expands in Greater China.
07-Jan-2003: Motorola and FID Collaborate to Bring Exciting Multimedia Features to New Cell Phones.
07-Jan-2003: Hitachi Unveils the Multimedia Communicator Pocket PC.
06-Jan-2003: Microsoft Unveils Windows Powered Smartphone And Pocket PC Software for CDMA Networks.
06-Jan-2003: Quanta to supply mobile phones for Sony Ericsson.
06-Jan-2003: Vodafone Mulls Selling Half of Its Verizon Stake, FT Reports.
05-Jan-2003: Smartphones Come of Age.
02-Jan-2003: Sprint Launches the Samsung SPH-i330 PDA Phone.
02-Jan-2003: Vodafone Netherlands offers BlackBerry.
02-Jan-2003: HTC to launch smartphone for T-Mobile in 1Q.
01-Jan-2003: Korea's telecom operators, handset makers try to balance views on CDMA and GSM.
01-Jan-2003: Samsung Launches Mobile Phones with Vibrant 65,000 Color Screens.
01-Jan-2003: Samsung breathing down Nokia's neck in Malaysia.
01-Jan-2003: J-Phone, NTT DoCoMo 3G Users Have Video Phone Compatibility.
01-Jan-2003: Telia Mobile Finland picks Nokia to provide its multimedia messaging.

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