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National Semiconductor Launches Lighting Solutions for Handhelds
Posted: 17-Mar-2003 [Source: National Semiconductor]

[National Semiconductor unveils chip for mobile handsets offering "disco lighting" which enables blinking lights when the phone rings and a flash function for camera phones.]

New Orleans, CTIA -- Enabling next-generation portable wireless devices, National Semiconductor Corporation today introduced seven mixed-signal power and lighting management application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) for the handheld market. Produced in small, thin, thermally efficient packages, these products integrate all the building blocks, including power and charger for voice- and multimedia-centric mobile phones and other portable devices such as personal digital assistants (PDAs).

"Working hand in hand with the leaders of the mobile phone market, National Semiconductor developed these single-chip, system-level solutions to provide complete lighting and analog power management for mobile phones," said John Guyatt, senior marketing manager for the Portable Power Systems Group, National Semiconductor. "We have leveraged National's system expertise in wireless and power management to make integrated products that allow original end-equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to easily add extra features, simplify product design, reduce cycle times and get products to market faster than ever before."

National's new ASICs also provide a full spectrum of add-on display and lighting solutions for color displays and handsets, enabling OEMs to differentiate or upgrade their products faster and cost-effectively. The lighting management systems (the LP3933 and LP3936) offer programmability and flexibility with features such as 'fun lighting' and camera 'flash' support with unmatched levels of integration and efficiency. The programmable analog power management systems (the LP3935, LP3938, LP3941, LP3945 and LP3946) include fully independent and programmable Li-Ion and NiMH battery charging functions, high efficiency linear regulators, system startup and control along with serial interfaces and display LED drivers all in compact thermally efficient leadless leadframe (LLP) packages.

Smallest Footprint Rules the Wireless World National's mixed-signal ASIC devices will first be offered in small LLP and laminate chip-scale packages (CSP). They will then move to Microfil(r) packaging, a revolutionary packaging technology that will allow customers to benefit from amazing size reductions ranging from 4 to 7 times smaller than conventional packaging. To be made available during the summer of 2003, the Microfil package will be the world's most advanced packaging technology for higher pin count devices. The packages of 64 pins and below will become available during the third quarter of 2003. Higher pin counts will be made available in the fourth quarter.

"National Semiconductor's new mixed signal ASIC devices were developed in close collaboration with mobile phone market leaders to meet a demanding range of requirements," said Nikhil Kelkar, engineering manager for National's package technology group. "This collaboration enables customers to quickly launch products with desirable features and compelling functionality in the world's smallest packages."

One-Stop Portable Power Shop The seven, new mixed-signal ASICs National Semiconductor introduces today are the LP3933, LP3935, LP3936, LP3938, LP3941, LP3945 and LP3946.

The LP3933 is a lighting management system, designed to provide high efficiency, fully featured display lighting control and drive for "clam-shell" or flip-phone mobile phones that typically have a camera, one or two Red, Green and Blue (RGB) indicator LEDs, a main display and a sub/CallerID display. The small, programmable LP3933 can instantly provide all the display and fun lighting needed for a modern flip-phone and also improve its overall attractiveness. Integrating a boost regulator and pulse-width modulation (PWM) lighting control functions, the LP3933 is able to drive up to six white LEDs and two sets of RGB LEDs. It is controlled over an SPI serial interface and is housed in a 32-pin Laminate CSP plastic package. The LP3933 is priced at $1.30 each in 500K quantities.

The LP3936 has all the functions of the LP3933 with only one RGB indicator LED driver function. Housed in a tiny CSP 32-pin package, the LP3936 is priced at $1.20 each in 500K quantities.

An analog power management unit, the LP3935 includes seven programmable, low drop-out linear regulators, providing low noise, on/off control, low current consumption and excellent power supply rejection to ensure minimal interference between each supply. The device also includes a Li-Ion/NiMH battery charger, USB transceiver, I2C serial interface and two LED drivers. Housed in a thin 48-pin LLP package, it offers outstanding thermal performance needed for the effective removal of heat from the device. The LP3935 is priced at $1.75 each in 500K quantities.

Available in a 48-lead LLP package, the LP3938 is an upgraded version of the LP3935 with an improved charger, one extra linear regulator and a Tcxo buffer. Two of the seven regulators have an idle mode. The LP3938 is priced at $1.90 each in 500K quantities.

The LP3941 represents the highest level of integration among the new products and combines 11 of the world's most popular low drop-out regulators along with an RGB LED driver, Li-Ion/NiMH battery charger, back-up battery charger, RTC-LDO and two comparators with extensive system monitoring and control features. The LP3941 is priced at $2.25 each in 500K quantities.

The LP3945 and LP3946 are Li-Ion/NiMH battery charging systems ideal for a range of portable battery-operated equipment. The LP3945 is programmable through an I2C interface, whereas the LP3946 is pre-programmed at the factory. The LP3945 and LP3946 are offered in a 14-pin LLP and are priced at $0.98 each and $0.90 each respectively in 500K quantities.

Availability The LP3935, LP3936, LP3938, LP3941 and LP3945 are available for sampling now. The LP3933 and LP3946 will be sampling during the second quarter of 2003.

The LP3935 and LP3945 will release to production during the second quarter of 2003.

The LP3933, LP3936, LP3938, LP3941 and LP3946 will release to production during the third quarter of 2003.

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