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KDDI Introduces 3G Movie Mail-compatible A5305K
Posted: 25-Apr-2003 [Source: KDDI]

[New A5035K offers new swivel design allowing the main display to rotate 180 degrees.]

The A5305K swivel design renews the value of "mobile" and allows the main display side to rotate 180 degrees to become an open style phone. The swivel design has eliminated the design restrictions of clamshell-type phones caused by the hinge for stylish, elegant design and color patterns. Design also includes an accent point to emphasize swivel feature.

Side lever operation allows calling, email, web browsing and camera use when the handset is closed.

- Shortcut feature linked with swivel action: Includes shortcut feature linked with the swiveling action from open to closed, allowing the user to jump instantly to screens for calls made/received, the address book, email inbox, email received and replied to. The swivel-type's new operation method eliminates burdensome processes.

- Multiple menu screens: There are six patterns of menu screens linked to whether the handset is open or closed. The screens switch between a list mode when the unit is closed, which is easy to operate with the side lever, and a launcher icon mode when the unit is open. Menu screens are displayed giving priority to usability whether the unit is open or closed.

- Shoot movies in the style of a digital camera: The rear camera and swivel features enable still and video clips to be shot like a digital camera with minimal shaking. Perfect for shooting photos in PC mode.

- Multimedia player: The multimedia player feature allows Chaku-Uta and other data to be played (song select, random mode, etc.), so users can enjoy using the phone as a music player.

A standard recharger unit, in which information can be checked on a large display even during recharging, in conjunction with the multimedia player feature allows the handset to be used as a compact music player, playing Chaku-Uta and movie data.


1) Equipped with a multimedia-dedicated SH Mobile CPU capable of high speed processing

High speed execution achieved for recording and playing video clips, launching ez-plus, displaying the browser and other features. Real time encoding enables video clips to be shot then immediately played.

Equipped with turbo mode, which has three speed settings for ez-plus processing, regular, high, and max, an execution environment can be selected that best matches the application.

2) Equipped with a VGA-compatible highly sensitive camera capable for shooting pictures and movies in PC mode

Supersensitive 330,000 effective pixel camera with five step digital 4x zoom.

Camera can be activated by simply opening the lens cover. Giving full consideration to good etiquette, the lens cover also prevents people nearby from feeling uncomfortable.

3) Large 260,000 color Crystal Fine LCD

Equipped with a 260,000 color, semi-transparent Crystal Fine LCD display. 2.1 inch, 132x176 bit, large LCD display and swivel design allows calls received and email inbox to be viewed on a large screen even when the unit is closed.

4) Compatible with Movie Mail

96x80 bit filming possible. Maximum of 15 seconds of filming (set at 5, 10, or 15 seconds), with subtitle and dubbing functions. Also includes five step 4x digital zoom.

Email can be viewed or played back at a conventional movie size of 96x80 bits or on a large 128x96 bit screen.

5) Movie data can be used as it is as the tone and screen used when receiving calls

Movies taken by the user and ez-movies can be used as the tone and screen for receiving calls. The user can have fun creating original screens displayed when receiving calls by setting the ring signal, e/c mail inbox, alarm and other features.

6) Compatible with Chaku-Uta

About 30 seconds of a song's chorus with the artist's vocals (something not found in conventional ringer melodies) can be downloaded from EZweb-compatible websites and used as the ring signal tone or played back for the user's enjoyment.

Product Name: A5305K

Manufacturer: Kyocera Corporation

Size: Approx. 50 (w) x 100 (h) x 22 (d) mm

Weight (with battery): Approx. 108 g

Continuous talking time: Approx. 160 minutes

Battery life: Approx. 190 hours

Recharging time: Approx. 120 minutes

Colors: Formula Red, Titanium Gold, Super White

Display pixels: 132 (horizontal) x 176 (vertical)

Data folder capacity: Approx. 5 MB (or 460 items)

Email outbox capacity: Approx. 100 KB (or 200 items)

Email inbox capacity: Approx. 256 KB (or 500 items)

Max no. of characters that can be sent by email: 5000 full characters

Max. no. of characters that can be received as email: 5000 full characters

Email attachment capacity: Send - 100 KB total (max 5 items); Receive - Max 100 KB per item (max 5 items)

Text art: 497 characters (new text art compatible)

Input function: ATOK for au [1]

Sound source: Max. 40 chords (32 for FM sound source, 8 for PCM)

Sales period: From mid-May 2003 (scheduled)

Suggested retail price: Open pricing


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