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Wayport extends Wi-Fi availability
Posted: 25-May-2004 [Source: Wayport]

[Wayport announces Wi-Fi World(tm) providing mobile broadband to McDonald's paying a per month/store fee and includes opportunity for broadband providers to have in-store branding and become strategic roaming partners paying a fixed per month fee per Wi-Fi World(tm) site.]

Austin, TX -- Wayport today announced Wi-Fi World(TM), a strategy and business model designed to drive the maximum number of mobile broadband customers to Wayport Wi-Fi enabled McDonald's restaurants and other strategic venues in the United States.

Wayport's Wi-Fi World(TM) strategy is designed to serve the needs of mobile broadband customers through offering Wayport's high-speed Internet service at McDonald's, one of the world's top brands whose restaurants offer ubiquity, accessibility, quality, uniformity, value and simplicity. By combining all of these elements together, it delivers on what the broadband customer has been waiting for in mobile high-speed Internet access. To best meet these needs, Wayport has taken a teaming approach with McDonald's, broadband network service providers and strategic roaming partners by providing compelling economics for all to leverage their large customer base and marketing powers.

The strategy provides compelling economics to best serve the needs of mobile broadband customers looking for an easily recognizable and ubiquitous Wi-Fi hotspot. Wi-Fi World(TM) helps McDonald's differentiate from other quick service restaurants and attract and serve a wider customer base through Wayport's comprehensive solution that includes support for Wi-Fi, cashless, content, e-training for employees and additional applications. The strategy offers network broadband providers an additional type of venue for providing DSL access along with in-store branding opportunities. For those broadband providers that want to offer their customers a Wi-Fi service when mobile, they have an opportunity to become one of Wayport's strategic roaming partners.

Strategic roaming partners can offer their customers unlimited access to the Wi-Fi World(TM) network and set service bundling options all at a fraction of the cost if they were to deploy a similar Wi-Fi network on their own. For Wayport, Wi-Fi World(TM) offers the potential for Wayport to deploy the largest number of hot spots in the world in a single brand and receive an up front and fixed monthly fee per store from McDonald's for the comprehensive services provided as well as a fixed monthly fee per store from strategic roaming partners to gain unlimited access to Wayport's Wi-Fi World network(TM).

Wayport will extend roaming access to strategic partners including wireline and wireless carriers, ISPs, cable, enterprise connectivity providers, satellite, mobile product manufacturers, and many others who provide service to a large number of customers. Partnerships will be announced in the coming months, and Wayport plans to apply its Wi-Fi World(TM) strategy to additional venues in the future.

Wayport's Wi-Fi World(TM) Compelling economics and differentiators:

For McDonald's:

-- Supports McDonald's efforts to be even more relevant and convenient to their customers

-- Leverages marketing powers of strong Wi-Fi and strategic partners

-- Shares walk-up access fees between McDonald's franchisee and Wayport

-- Shares in revenue from Wayport, once strategic roaming partner fees reach a clip level on a per store/month basis

-- Provides a compelling offer for franchisees

-- Services supports Wi-Fi, cashless payment, e-learning, content and other critical applications

-- Provides Wi-Fi use for employees and franchisees

-- Potentially drives millions of Wayport partner customers to McDonald's restaurants

-- McDonald's franchisee and company owned stores pay Wayport a negotiated up-front and a per month/store fee for these benefits

For broadband network service providers:

-- Wayport manages broadband connectivity to the stores for McDonald's and pays the broadband network service providers for high-speed Business DSL at McDonald's stores

-- Broadband network providers have the opportunity to participate in in-store branding ($/store/year)

-- Broadband network providers have the opportunity to become a Wayport strategic roaming partner by paying Wayport a fixed $32/month per Wi-Fi World(TM) site

For Wayport's strategic roaming partners:

-- Offer world's largest Wi-Fi network in the world's top ubiquitous brand to their customers at a fraction of the cost if they were to deploy the service on their own

-- Can provide unlimited use to customers and employees

-- Sets subscriber fee (bundled, monthly, usage-based)

-- Do not pay a revenue share to McDonald's/Wayport

-- Do not have to pay a wholesale per connect fee

-- Only pays Wayport $32/month per Wi-Fi World(TM) site for these benefits

For Wayport:

-- World's largest Wi-Fi hot spot deployment in the world's top ubiquitous brand

-- Shares walk-up fees with McDonald's franchisee

-- Receives up-front and monthly fee/store from McDonald's franchisee and company owned restaurants

-- Receives $32/month per Wi-Fi World(TM) site from strategic roaming partners

-- Pays Capex, installation, support, manages services, and connectivity up to $/store per month


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