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Seamless Mobility from Motorola's CN620
Posted: 28-Jul-2004 [Source: Motorola]

[Motorola, along with Avaya and Proxim, converge Wi-Fi and celluar networking via the newly announced Enterprise Seamless Mobility(tm) solution and the new CN620 handset.]

Rosemont, IL -- Motorola debuted three new products for the company's Enterprise Seamless Mobility(tm) solution, which delivers enhanced business communications, cost-savings opportunities and productivity improvement to a commercial enterprise and greater mobility and accessibility for enterprise employees.

The Enterprise Seamless Mobility solution will provide contiguous, wireless communications across both enterprise and cellular networks to deliver enhanced capabilities and significant cost savings opportunities. For enterprise employees, Motorola's solution delivers boundary-less communications, where capabilities and features normally available only inside the office (enterprise telephony, e-mail, intranet and Internet, calendars, and corporate directories) are now available for the user on the go.

"Our growing portfolio of products, seamlessly connected, will bring voice and data-rich services to people where they are: at home, in the auto, in the world, or at work. This is one of our solutions for the space we call 'work,'" said Ed Zander, chairman and CEO. "We believe this technology will change the notion of work. Work will no longer be defined as where you are, but as what you do and how you do it. One device, one phone number, one voice mail -- and the key functionality of your office desktop -- on a single mobile device."

Motorola's Enterprise Seamless Mobility products are part of an overall solution architecture created in collaboration with Avaya and Proxim. Motorola products include the CN620, a new dual-network Mobile Office Device (MOD), the Wireless Services Manager and the Network Services Manager. These components work with IP telephony software from Avaya and wireless local area network (WLAN) infrastructure from Avaya and Proxim.

How Enterprise Seamless Mobility Works:

The standards-based solution supports contiguous communication services to users across enterprise wireless networks and public cellular networks. Inside the enterprise, the Motorola CN620 uses the 802.11 standard to connect to the enterprise IP Telephony system through a secure, voice-enabled wireless local area network. The Wireless Services Manager allows communication to seamlessly continue outside the enterprise into the wide-area cellular network. The user can actually walk out the door of the enterprise, mid-call, and seamlessly flow from the company's wireless network onto the cellular network without interruption. The convergence of these technologies provides businesses with cost savings opportunities, new user efficiencies, and enhanced communication capabilities.

Cost-savings can be achieved through intelligent call routing -- the solution routes calls to the preferred available network. Device consolidation is another area of cost-saving opportunity as the office desk phone, mobile phone and other devices can be replaced by the one Dual-Network Mobile Office Device. Productivity is enhanced as users can be reached inside or out of the enterprise on a single phone number, with one device, and only one voice mailbox to check. New capabilities are provided through wireless access to corporate applications including e-mail, data and directories inside or outside the enterprise campus.

The solution also incorporates advanced and innovative power saving techniques, Quality of Service (QoS) standards, and industry standard security mechanisms.

CN620 Dual-Network Mobile Office Device (MOD):

Motorola's CN620 Mobile Office Device (MOD) ties together WLAN and cellular technologies in a single device for easier, more efficient, access to voice and data networks both inside and outside the office. Users can be reached inside or outside the enterprise at a single phone number, and retrieve messages from a single voice mailbox. Inside the enterprise, the solution will support secure "always on" mobile access to valuable IP telephony features and capabilities. The solution provides the same access to many of these key features to mobile workers outside the enterprise while on the cellular network, including call hold, conference calling, multiple simultaneous active calls, and access to corporate email, data, applications and directories.

The CN620 makes its mark with integrated dual network (802.11 and cellular) capabilities for both voice and data communications. Uniquely designed for enterprise use, the CN620 provides flexibility and interoperability with enterprise back office and desktop applications. The CN620 allows users to surf both the corporate intranet and the internet, providing access to vital corporate information and applications using the enterprise high-speed network inside the WLAN. The CN620 also features an innovative one point navigation dial, with easy access to key communications tools and push-to-talk voice messaging inside the enterprise, further enhancing its usability.

Wireless Services Manager:

Motorola's Wireless Services Manager (WSM) facilitates the seamless hand-off between WLAN and cellular networks, providing contiguous communication even as enterprise users move from one network to another. The WSM also enables the extension of enterprise telephony functions into the cellular network, delivering enhanced and transparent functionality to users. Push-to-talk voice messaging within the enterprise is also facilitated by the WSM. The Wireless Services Manager provides solution security with mechanisms that validate network elements, devices and users.

Network Services Manager:

Motorola's Network Services Manager provides system administration tools to securely configure and manage the Enterprise Seamless Mobility solution. It is designed to provide simple integration into existing network management systems.

Each of these products is part of a complete solution architecture. IP telephony components include Avaya's suite of IP-enabled MultiVantage(tm) Communications Applications, which includes the company's flagship IP telephony software, Communication Manager. This software helps enterprises evolve to secure and reliable converged communications, and supports seamless hand-offs between WLAN and public cellular networks. The voice-enabled WLAN infrastructure from Avaya and Proxim facilitates mobility within the WLAN and implements Quality of Service (QoS) standards to ensure voice quality.

Availability The Enterprise Seamless Mobility solution is entering its final commercialization stages, with trial customer deployments currently underway at three major enterprise locations as well as Motorola, Avaya and Proxim corporate offices. Commercial availability is expected later this year.


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