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DropZone showcases its solar-powered IntelliEdge platform
Posted: 12-Sep-2004 [Source: DropZone Networks]

[The IntelliEdge platform is a combined wireless multi-protocol access point and application server running on solar power and can be dropped anywhere, with applications and services being deployed closer to users.]

La Jolla, CA -- DropZone Networks Inc. unveiled its IntelliEdge platform at the annual DEMOmobile Conference held last week in La Jolla, CA. The IntelliEdge platform offers the industry's first combined wireless multi-protocol access point and robust application server in one solar-powered elegantly-architected and packaged device.

The new technology changes the strategic landscape for service providers, municipalities, public safety organizations and enterprises according to David Waxman, DropZone's Chairman.

Speaking from the dais of DEMO Mobile 2004 Conference, Waxman said, "With IntelliEdge, our customers can run previously un-deployable higher revenue-producing and productivity-enhancing applications and services at the edge of wireless networks, where the users are. This contrasts with the current architecture of wireless broadband technologies which all require applications and services to be run on a central server, which in a wireless environment, slows down applications significantly and makes high-revenue producing application and services as well as content and database-driven applications and services very difficult if not impossible to deploy."

Chris Shipley, the executive producer of DEMO Mobile, in introducing DropZone to the audience said, "At DEMOMobile, we only invite companies to present with products that create a new category as a result of their innovation. That is precisely the reason we invited DropZone to DEMO Mobile 2004 -- we have not seen any other Company or technology that has succeeded in cracking this problem -- how to deploy applications and services on the edge of the network as opposed to being limited to running at central location, that because they are situated on the edge of the network can enable outdoor wireless networks to become highly profitable, more productive and generate a faster ROI for the network operator."

Waxman continued, "Further, DropZone has solved another fundamental problem by combining in IntelliEdge, a multi-protocol wireless access point with a robust application and content server in a very difficult to architect low-power-consuming device. Developing extremely efficient power-management capabilities and lowering the power consumption footprint of the device was a key technical breakthrough for DropZone and enables our customers to deploy IntelliEdge in a much wider variety of environments than any other wireless access point, because we are not tethered to power lines. This enables us to not only operate in urban environments but enable applications and services such as Wireless Voice over IP in rural areas and the developing world where there is little power and currently no phone or data services. Additionally, IntelliEdge can serve as an emergency management application and communication platform because it can operate during disasters where power and phone service is down."

At DEMO Mobile 2004, David Spector, DropZone's founder and CTO demonstrated how the IntelliEdge platform simultaneously ran a mobile MP3 downloading application and a PSTN-free VoIP conversation via a Net2Phone SIP handset and a VoIP enabled-Compaq IPAQ personal digital assistant. The IntelliEdge pod was unplugged from any power source and could very well have been located outdoors anywhere from rural New Hampshire to New York City to rural India. The audience was struck by the speed of the wireless download and clarity of the conversation with no delays.

After the demonstration, Mark Goros a General Partner at Equip Ventures, an investor in DropZone, said, "With current architectures downloading MP3's wirelessly in outdoor environments in a painfully slow experience, if possible at all, due to latency and multi-hop signal deterioration between access points. By being able to deploy both VoIP and MP3 downloading on the edge of the network, in effect on the access points themselves, IntelliEdge does not have the major problem of latency and multi-hop signal deterioration that has prevented broader Outdoor IP network deployment. By enabling a much more satisfying experience for the user, DropZone enables service providers to deploy and charge for applications and service they otherwise would have not been able to. Enterprises and Municipalities can also deploy productivity enhancing, security and public safety applications they would not have been able to deploy efficiently previously as well. DropZone has cracked a very difficult problem and is poised change the landscape in the outdoor wireless broadband space -- that is why we invested."

IntelliEdge is currently in beta testing and will be marketed as a set of customer-segment specific solutions both on a direct basis and through integrator and service provider partners. IntelliEdge Solutions and partners will be announced in the near future.


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