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MobileTechNews archive for the year 2005:

31-Dec-2005: WiQuest Announces Industry's First Gbps UWB Chipset;.
30-Dec-2005: GlobeTel Wireless to Install WiMax Network in 30 Russian Cities.
30-Dec-2005: The Hop-on Model 1887 to Launch at CES 2006.
30-Dec-2005: Option Unveils HSDPA Embedded Wireless Module.
29-Dec-2005: Telefonica Moviles to deploy worlds' largest WiFi network.
29-Dec-2005: Camera Phone Shipments to Surge.
28-Dec-2005: Samsung to market new phones with Vodafone, Qualcomm.
28-Dec-2005: It's official: China plans to issue 3G licenses.
28-Dec-2005: TiVo wiresless G USB network adapter.
28-Dec-2005: Post Santa reminder: recycle those old wireless devices.
28-Dec-2005: "Visual Radio" to launch in Turkey.
27-Dec-2005: Wireless companies keen on teens.
27-Dec-2005: M:Metrics Finds The Right Device Can Drive Mobile Content Usage.
27-Dec-2005: Acer to launch Windows Mobile PDA.
26-Dec-2005: Cricket to arrive in Texas.
26-Dec-2005: Alcatel to ready WiMax beta by `06.
26-Dec-2005: Hop-on to Launch New Slider Phone for CES 2006.
26-Dec-2005: Wireless Extenders offers signal booster at 800MHz.
25-Dec-2005: ABI looks at TI's purchase of Zigbee leader Chipcon.
25-Dec-2005: Wireless World: Premature predictions?.
25-Dec-2005: San Francisco requests proposal for citywide WiFi network.
25-Dec-2005: 2006 promises hi-speed wireless boom.
24-Dec-2005: Does mobile Linux really have legs?.
23-Dec-2005: Samsung Introduces Original Short Films for Mobile Users.
23-Dec-2005: Alltel to Offer Slender Nokia 6235i.
23-Dec-2005: Option, Nortel First to Achieve 3.6 Megabits per Second Call With HSDPA Datacard.
23-Dec-2005: Judge lets Feds track cell phones.
22-Dec-2005: 'Triple Play' Demonstration.
22-Dec-2005: NTT DoCoMo to Acquire Stake in Fuji Television.
22-Dec-2005: Airnet Deploys WIMAX Networks.
22-Dec-2005: Four New Palm Smartphones in 2006.
22-Dec-2005: KDDI and Qualcomm announce mobile TV venture.
22-Dec-2005: Ruckus Wireless to Demo Digital TV, IPTV and HDTV Over Standard Wi-Fi at CES.
22-Dec-2005: "12 Days of Chrismahanukwanzakah".
22-Dec-2005: Sprint users cast 1.9 m Pro Bowl votes via SMS.
22-Dec-2005: ROK gets UK patent for mobile memory card technology.
21-Dec-2005: Canada requires WNP by March 14, 2007.
21-Dec-2005: Navizon's GPS peer-to-peer network.
21-Dec-2005: Cingular intros new international calling packages.
21-Dec-2005: T-Mobile Plans for Growth, 3G in 2006.
20-Dec-2005: DB launches WLAN on trains and stations.
20-Dec-2005: Sierra Wireless MC5720 PCI Express Mini Card Certified on Sprint EV-DO Network.
20-Dec-2005: Motorola says 2006 won't be breakthrough year for 3G.
20-Dec-2005: "Remo" Makes Your Mobile Phone into a PDA.
19-Dec-2005: Release 2.5 of Savaje OS shipping.
19-Dec-2005: Taipei to become world's largest Wi-Fi zone.
19-Dec-2005: Samsung to supply handsets to Vodafone K.K..
17-Dec-2005: Vodafone's New Growth Map.
16-Dec-2005: Nokia 6680 smartphone now starts shipping to Vodafone K.K. in Japan.
16-Dec-2005: Sprint Nextel acquires Velocita Wireless.
16-Dec-2005: Worldwide Telecom Industry Growth Expected in 2006.
16-Dec-2005: Google offers mobile phone version of Gmail e-mail.
15-Dec-2005: Cingular Video launches.
15-Dec-2005: First PC-to-Mobile MMS Service Launched.
15-Dec-2005: GTC Wireless begins full-scale launch of nationwide network.
15-Dec-2005: FEC's W-Client Instant WLAN connection through USB interface.
15-Dec-2005: Siemens exec says U.S. mobile could shift to GSM.
15-Dec-2005: Polyfuel advances portable fuel cell technology.
15-Dec-2005: First Large-Scale NFC Trial in North America.
14-Dec-2005: Rogers Wireless and Sony Ericsson Offer the Sony Ericsson W600i Walkman Phone.
14-Dec-2005: MTV and Amp'd Mobile announce 3G content alliance.
13-Dec-2005: Nascent WiMAX Chipset Market Faces Much Uncertainty.
13-Dec-2005: Verizon Airfone Makes Progress Toward Inflight Wireless Broadband.
13-Dec-2005: 802.16e gets official nod from IEE.
12-Dec-2005: UK 3G users increase spending.
12-Dec-2005: NTT DoCoMo invests in Chinese mobile payment business.
11-Dec-2005: Samsung t809 debuts with T-Mobile USA.
11-Dec-2005: Sprint premiers full-length movie downloads.
10-Dec-2005: Alltel goes totally wireless.
10-Dec-2005: Microsoft seeks partners to produce sub-US$300 PDA phones.
10-Dec-2005: Matsushita discontinues overseas GPRS handset operations.
10-Dec-2005: Verizon Wireless wins injunctions against telemarketers.
09-Dec-2005: Siemens joins OSDL.
08-Dec-2005: Nokia unveils first Flagship Store.
08-Dec-2005: WiMAX on its way to rural Canada.
07-Dec-2005: PC Cards for Cingular's UMTS/HSDPA network.
07-Dec-2005: Accolades from 3G Americas on Cingular's 3G launch.
06-Dec-2005: Cingular launches UMTS/HSDPA.
06-Dec-2005: Vodafone launches global Mobile TV.
06-Dec-2005: WiBro to get a workout at Turin Olympics.
06-Dec-2005: 3 and Ericsson sign major managed services agreement.
06-Dec-2005: New LG F7200 PTT Handset from Cingular.
06-Dec-2005: The V CAST-Enabled Motorola RAZR V3c.
04-Dec-2005: Cingular launches Push-To-Talk.
03-Dec-2005: People on the move allowed to view programs.
02-Dec-2005: Watch the Winter Olympics on your mobile.
02-Dec-2005: Nokia 6282 UMTS handset for the Americas.
02-Dec-2005: New Nokia 6234 3G handset exclusively for Vodafone.
02-Dec-2005: Nokia 6233 3G Handset announced.
01-Dec-2005: Verizon Wireless to launch MediaFLO's Mobile Real-time TV Services.
01-Dec-2005: SH-Mobile solution extended to Linux.
01-Dec-2005: Wireless Providers Making Modest Progress in Improving Customer Service.
30-Nov-2005: Opera browser chosen for new Sharp W-ZERO3.
30-Nov-2005: New Orleans to offer free Wi-Fi.
30-Nov-2005: Nokia completes high speed HSDPA call.
30-Nov-2005: SunCom chooses Ericsson for network expansion.
30-Nov-2005: Companies to demo integrated Linux OS mobile phone solution.
30-Nov-2005: Full Length Movies on Mobile Phones.
30-Nov-2005: 3.6 Mbps HSDPA data call achieved.
29-Nov-2005: Sprint launches the Samsung MM-A920 and MM-A900 EV-DO Handsets.
29-Nov-2005: New Nokia 9300i.
29-Nov-2005: TI's new OMAP 2 processor boosts 3G video performance.
29-Nov-2005: Bluetooth Shipments Double in Four Months.
29-Nov-2005: First EDGE-enabled BlackBerry Handheld in Europe.
28-Nov-2005: Nokia and 3 Scandinavia work together on 3G push to talk.
27-Nov-2005: ESPN sports-branded cell phone launches.
25-Nov-2005: 3GPP UMA Solution Project Moves into Phase Two.
25-Nov-2005: NTTDoCoMo delivers child-friendly service and handset.
24-Nov-2005: Motorola and T-Mobile Introduce the MOTORAZR Magenta.
23-Nov-2005: Global mobile phone sales up 22 percent in Q305.
23-Nov-2005: Qualcomm and Samsung announce new supply partnership.
22-Nov-2005: TI 's GPS5300 NaviLink 4.0 sampling.
22-Nov-2005: AT&T Wireless is coming back.
21-Nov-2005: New BlackBerry 7130e With Tethered Modem Capabilities.
20-Nov-2005: Skype to make U.S. retail debut.
19-Nov-2005: i-mode launches in Singapore.
17-Nov-2005: Motorola V557 available from Cingular.
17-Nov-2005: Cingular offers the Firefly.
17-Nov-2005: New Rokrs in 2006.
17-Nov-2005: Sony launches free IVE video plus VoIP service.
17-Nov-2005: Qualcomm announces DMMX and HMMX platforms.
16-Nov-2005: Motorola India Announces Trio of Firsts.
16-Nov-2005: CDMA2000 EV-DO Revision B Standard to be Published Q106.
16-Nov-2005: Symbian OS Shipments Rise 131% to 8.54m in Q3 2005.
16-Nov-2005: 8 out of 10 Cell Phone Customers Choose GSM.
16-Nov-2005: Cisco Launches City-Wide Outdoor Wireless 'Mesh' Solution.
15-Nov-2005: First WiBro handsets unveiled.
15-Nov-2005: Nokia and T-Mobile successfully test HSDPA.
15-Nov-2005: Vodafone and America Movil sign roaming agreement.
15-Nov-2005: Samsung and LG Secure Top 3 North America Handset Market Share Positions.
15-Nov-2005: Bell Canada Launches Mobile Streaming Video Clip Service.
15-Nov-2005: LiPS Forum Launched.
14-Nov-2005: LG AX4270 Handset From LG Electronics and Alltel.
14-Nov-2005: Cingular launches MobiRadio Service.
14-Nov-2005: Three new handsets from Sony Ericsson.
14-Nov-2005: Opera 8.5 for S60 released.
14-Nov-2005: Vodafone and UMG sign partnership.
11-Nov-2005: Casio in mobile talks.
11-Nov-2005: New Emmy for the very small screen.
11-Nov-2005: Nortel Selected to Provide Wireless Network for Channel Tunnel Rail Link.
11-Nov-2005: Global WiMAX Leaders in Beijing Demo First Interoperable WiMAX Products.
11-Nov-2005: Irish Broadband deploys WiMAX across Ireland.
10-Nov-2005: Intel provides global WiMAX update.
10-Nov-2005: Vodafone K.K. releases 703SHf Mobile Wallet 3G Handset.
10-Nov-2005: Five new phones from Samsung.
09-Nov-2005: Linux Answers Phone Makers' Call.
09-Nov-2005: Converged networking gets a trial run.
08-Nov-2005: LG demos first Java-based open OS smartphone.
08-Nov-2005: Motorola announces four new RAZR handsets.
08-Nov-2005: Sidekick II gets a quiet upgrade.
07-Nov-2005: Picture sharing comes to PTT.
07-Nov-2005: Qualcomm Files GSM Patent Infringement Suit Against Nokia.
07-Nov-2005: Motorola Releases Three Findings from Outdoor HSDPA Trials.
07-Nov-2005: Google, Yahoo dial into cell business.
07-Nov-2005: DoCoMo to control Tower Records Japan.
06-Nov-2005: Nokia 770 now shipping in Europe.
04-Nov-2005: Ericsson to test HSDPA with Vodafone K.K.'s network in Tokyo.
03-Nov-2005: Wireless connectivity gaining ground in home networking.
03-Nov-2005: Samsung unveils the SPH-V8200 8-megapixel camera phone.
02-Nov-2005: Sprint-cable joint venture announced.
02-Nov-2005: Nokia unveils the N92, N71 and N80.
02-Nov-2005: Industry's First Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Stereo.
02-Nov-2005: BlackBerry 8700c supporting EDGE launched in U.S..
02-Nov-2005: Nokia completes UMA voice and data calls.
01-Nov-2005: Worldwide PDA Shipments Increased 21 Percent Q305.
01-Nov-2005: First 3G single core modem for mobiles.
01-Nov-2005: FCC approves SBC/AT&T and Verizon/MCA mergers.
31-Oct-2005: Vodafone Sweden sold to Telenor.
31-Oct-2005: Sprint and Samsung launch the MM-A940.
31-Oct-2005: Sprint MM-9000 by Sanyo.
31-Oct-2005: Motorola launches the i870 multimedia phone.
31-Oct-2005: World's first commercial solution for managing DVB-H broadcasts.
31-Oct-2005: Sprint launches first instant over-the-air music download service in U.S..
31-Oct-2005: Nokia announces CoolZone Bluetooth solution.
30-Oct-2005: DoD looks to acquire Sprint's iDEN PTT network.
29-Oct-2005: Palm Opens European Smartphone R&D Centre.
28-Oct-2005: Qualcomm's 3G licensing practices challenged.
28-Oct-2005: Two Major Telecom Mergers Face Final Hurdle.
28-Oct-2005: Samsung's SGH-d07 EDGE handset arrives at Cingular.
28-Oct-2005: Qualcomm Achieves Major CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Revision A Technology Milestone.
27-Oct-2005: MIT's CSAIL and Nokia establish new research facility.
27-Oct-2005: Motorola and Intel Team to Promote Adoption of Mobile WiMAX Technology.
27-Oct-2005: Court Denies RIM a Break on Sales Ban.
27-Oct-2005: T-Mobile upgrades to 3G in Slovakia.
26-Oct-2005: New Nokia 2855 and 6165 phones.
26-Oct-2005: SK-EarthLink becomes Helio.
26-Oct-2005: Sharp has new 3.5 inch advanced-TFT mobile display.
25-Oct-2005: 800 Million Mobile Phones to be Shipped Worldwide in 2005.
25-Oct-2005: Aruba Introduces Portable Wi-Fi Access Points.
25-Oct-2005: Cingular brings Mobile Email and Mobile IM services to the masses.
24-Oct-2005: Cisco IP Interoperability -- Emerging Technology.
24-Oct-2005: LG Introduces the World's Slimmest 3G Music Phone.
23-Oct-2005: Japan's Willcom unveils smart phone.
21-Oct-2005: Mobile Phone Market Breaks 200 Million Unit Mark.
21-Oct-2005: McDonald's serves up mobile coupons.
21-Oct-2005: Cellnet Launches Wi-Fi Initiative for City of Madison Wisconsin.
21-Oct-2005: New Singapore rules to prevent misuse of mobiles.
20-Oct-2005: Vodafone K.K. releases the 3G 803T music phone.
20-Oct-2005: New 3G FOMA 902i Series with PTT from NTTDoCoMo.
20-Oct-2005: New My Opera Community.
20-Oct-2005: HP and Cingular Announce Complete Wireless Solution on HP iPAQ Mobile Messenger.
19-Oct-2005: Verizon offers Samsung SCH-a970.
19-Oct-2005: Nokia introduces Fashion Collection.
19-Oct-2005: Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connection supersizes at McDonalds's.
18-Oct-2005: Motorola announces new 3G handsets.
18-Oct-2005: Macromedia Flash Lite extended to BREW.
18-Oct-2005: Nokia WiMAX plans move forward with successful data call.
18-Oct-2005: European mobile consumers use music phones more than American counterparts.
18-Oct-2005: 3 adds four new video mobiles to handset range.
18-Oct-2005: Cingular selects Lucent's IMS-based solution.
18-Oct-2005: Samsung intros the SPH-V7900 with a 3GB HDD.
17-Oct-2005: Mobile Linux Initiative is launched.
17-Oct-2005: Palm and RIM bring BlackBerry Connect to the Treo 650.
17-Oct-2005: Sony Ericsson's UMTS Walkman phone - the W900.
17-Oct-2005: Play music files from handsets on any radio receiver.
17-Oct-2005: T-Mobile Delivers World's First Nationwide Commercial Rollout of FLASH-OFDM in Slovakia.
17-Oct-2005: Connexion by Boeing and UTStarcom Make In-Flight Mobile Phone Calls a Reality.
17-Oct-2005: Calypso acquires Sleipner.
15-Oct-2005: OSDL to announce initiative promoting mobile Linux.
15-Oct-2005: Cingular expanding UMTS coverage.
14-Oct-2005: BlackBerry 7100i launched by Nextel featuring GPS navigation and PTT.
14-Oct-2005: T-Mobile USA and RIM Launch The New BlackBerry 7105t.
14-Oct-2005: Ericsson and Rogers to trial 3G/HSDPA and IMS platform in Canada.
14-Oct-2005: Is WiBRO really mobile WiMAX in disguise?.
14-Oct-2005: Alltel launches the Samsung SCH-n330.
13-Oct-2005: Nokia and China Putian to set up 3G joint venture.
13-Oct-2005: picoChip launches family of WiMAX reference designs.
12-Oct-2005: Nokia E60, Nokia E61 and Nokia E70 3G and WLAN phones.
12-Oct-2005: Verizon Wireless launches the Samsung a950.
12-Oct-2005: Palm TX - Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 320x480.
12-Oct-2005: Leap and ANB to expand 3G coverage.
12-Oct-2005: Intel ranks the top US "Most Unwired" campuses.
12-Oct-2005: NTTDoCoMo to offer Internet auction service on mobiles.
12-Oct-2005: Verilink takes the NetPath 2000 on the road.
11-Oct-2005: Sprint launches NFL Mobile.
11-Oct-2005: Invex3G network monitoring system chosen by Cingular.
11-Oct-2005: Palm and Hutch Deliver Treo 650 to India.
11-Oct-2005: Nokia Introduces Carbide.c++, New Family of Development Tools for Symbian OS.
11-Oct-2005: Vodafone K.K. launches 'Love Flat-rate'.
11-Oct-2005: New Look begins Hypertag marketing campaign.
11-Oct-2005: Group to collaborate on 802.11n standard.
10-Oct-2005: Sony Ericsson unveils UMTS P990 smartphone.
10-Oct-2005: TI stakes its Claim on Pico Base Station Market.
10-Oct-2005: New Samsung GSM Handsets offer MP3 Wireless Streaming.
09-Oct-2005: Phillipine cities hopping on the Wi-Fi bandwagon.
07-Oct-2005: Starbucks Wi-Fi arrives in Canada.
06-Oct-2005: Samsung chooses TI technology for Symbian OS Series 60 smartphones.
06-Oct-2005: Nintendo DS goes Wi-Fi.
06-Oct-2005: EA and Vodafone in mobile gaming partnership.
06-Oct-2005: Freescale demos combined Bluetooth and UWB functionality.
05-Oct-2005: Motorola signs UMG for iRadio service.
05-Oct-2005: EU tells mobile phone firms to cut roaming fees.
05-Oct-2005: ARM intros Cortex-A8 processor.
05-Oct-2005: Earthlink to build Philadelphia WiFi network.
04-Oct-2005: Nokia announces mobile photography competition.
04-Oct-2005: Ericsson takes 3G to Vodafone Fiji.
04-Oct-2005: Korea's SK Telecom to launch HSDPA.
04-Oct-2005: Highlights from CTIA last week in San Francisco.
03-Oct-2005: Qualcomm announces high-end GPS features on gpsOne chipsets.
03-Oct-2005: T-Mobile Hungary launches PTT.
03-Oct-2005: Survey shows 55 and up group embracing VoIP.
01-Oct-2005: Google Bids to Help San Francisco Go Wireless.
01-Oct-2005: Samsung, Bang & Olufsen to unveil new phone in UK.
30-Sep-2005: Memory Stick Micro (M2) format.
30-Sep-2005: Motorola CEO: Apple 'to build a smartphone'.
29-Sep-2005: Novatel Delivers HSDPA-Enabled PC Data Card.
29-Sep-2005: Ericsson and SeaMobile bring wireless communication services to the seas.
29-Sep-2005: launches in Europe.
29-Sep-2005: Cingular offers the Nokia 9300.
29-Sep-2005: FOMA P901iTV Handset announced.
28-Sep-2005: Sony Ericsson intros Bluetooth Auto pairing.
28-Sep-2005: Toshiba offers new 3G handset.
28-Sep-2005: Cingular to use RealNetworks Helix OnlineTV for 3G video service.
28-Sep-2005: Sprint and Motorola unveil new IDEN i930.
27-Sep-2005: RIM to use Intel technology in future EDGE Blackberry devices.
27-Sep-2005: WMG and MTV to make music together.
27-Sep-2005: Mobile monitoring on 3G cell phones.
27-Sep-2005: Kyocera intros new handset lineup at CTIA.
27-Sep-2005: Pantech Launches Biometric Cell Phone.
27-Sep-2005: GSMA selects Motorola to supply second-phase of low-end handset supply.
27-Sep-2005: Nokia launches SNAP Mobile casual games.
26-Sep-2005: Picture Transfer Protocol, PTP, now an ISO Standard.
26-Sep-2005: Sprint TV Live launches.
26-Sep-2005: Bluetooth Product Shipments More Than Double Again.
26-Sep-2005: Fandango goes mobile.
26-Sep-2005: A Third of Mobile Game Downloads Are Free,.
26-Sep-2005: Trio announces Treo.
26-Sep-2005: Cingular launches Billboard Mobile.
26-Sep-2005: InfoSpace jumps start local mobile search.
26-Sep-2005: Nokia 3250 music phone with a twist.
26-Sep-2005: Ericsson offers PIM 'push' access.
26-Sep-2005: First Fully Integrated 3G EVDO Wireless Router.
25-Sep-2005: Windows Treo to be announced Monday.
24-Sep-2005: Qualcomm and Philips form WLAN alliance.
23-Sep-2005: Mobile TV trial goes live in UK.
23-Sep-2005: Sprint announces the Samsung VI-A802.
23-Sep-2005: BlackBerry connects in South Africa.
22-Sep-2005: Panasonic Toughbooks offer embedded EV-DO.
22-Sep-2005: T-Mobile launches the Nokia 6101.
22-Sep-2005: Intel Spurs WiMAX Deployments in Southeast Asia.
21-Sep-2005: World's thinnest camera-equipped fold-type mobile launches.
21-Sep-2005: Metro PCS offers Samsung n330.
21-Sep-2005: T-Mobile to invest in 3G in US, plans start in '07.
21-Sep-2005: New Nokia 2652.
21-Sep-2005: 3G Growth Accelerating in Europe.
21-Sep-2005: Vodafone K.K. to launch new 3G handsets and Vodafone live! FeliCa service.
21-Sep-2005: Pay-as-you-go GPS solution.
21-Sep-2005: Lenova signs on to offer EV-DO.
20-Sep-2005: Google goes Wi-Fi.
20-Sep-2005: AOL to Begin New VoIP Service Roll-Out on October 4.
20-Sep-2005: Pre-Register for the New LG VX9800.
20-Sep-2005: Wireless Data Hotspot Services to Reach $3.46 Billion in 2009.
20-Sep-2005: Virgin Mobile USA Offers Mobile Web Browsing Without Boundaries.
20-Sep-2005: Nortel Announces 'Connecting Communities' Initiative.
20-Sep-2005: Hop-On exhibits $39 Wi-Fi handset.
20-Sep-2005: NEC supplies i-mode platform to O2.
20-Sep-2005: Mobile Music: Who's Listening?.
19-Sep-2005: HP and Verizon Wireless integrate EV-DO offerings.
19-Sep-2005: A safer cell antenna.
19-Sep-2005: Rhapsody Radio launches on Sprint mobiles.
19-Sep-2005: The feather-weight Sony VAIO TX announced.
19-Sep-2005: Verizon Wireless and Dell connect.
19-Sep-2005: Nokia 6630 Music Edition.
19-Sep-2005: Vodafone's 3G offerings gaining momentum.
19-Sep-2005: Jabra C220s Headset for Motorola ROKR.
18-Sep-2005: Global subscriber connections reach 2 billion this week-end.
18-Sep-2005: Can the Q Be the Razr of PDAs?.
17-Sep-2005: Tokyo Game Show 2005: Massive 3G Mobile Display.
17-Sep-2005: Sprint and Samsung to explore WiMAX.
16-Sep-2005: Sprint Launches PPC-6700 featuring Windows Mobile 5.0 Platform.
16-Sep-2005: Vodafone set to launch 15 new 3G handsets.
16-Sep-2005: DT denies rumors it will sell T-Mobile USA.
15-Sep-2005: Samsung to supply Wibro Equipment to Sprint Nextel.
15-Sep-2005: Companies intro GlobalAccess wireless broadband service.
15-Sep-2005: Nortel's ongoing WiMAX Strategy.
15-Sep-2005: Hilton hacker sentenced.
15-Sep-2005: Mobile Fuel Cell Market set to take off next year.
15-Sep-2005: i-mode launches in Russia.
15-Sep-2005: World's Smallest GPS Receiver.
15-Sep-2005: "ToruCa" function on mobiles.
15-Sep-2005: Siemens and Novatel set up HSDPA partnership.
15-Sep-2005: New phone from Virgina Mobile USA, 'The Snapper'.
15-Sep-2005: Wireless Phone Advertising Has Promise.
15-Sep-2005: First Wireless Chip to Outstrip Wired Speeds.
15-Sep-2005: The marriage of cable and Wi-Fi.
14-Sep-2005: Verizon SuperPages On the Go goes SMS.
13-Sep-2005: Kyocera debuts the Clik KX20 cameraphone.
13-Sep-2005: Many Forget other WiMAX Opportunities.
13-Sep-2005: New Mobile Content offerings.
13-Sep-2005: Italy home of widest WiMAX public trial to date.
13-Sep-2005: Garmin intros the 'nuvi'.
13-Sep-2005: TuYo Mobile, prepaid wireless service launches in US.
13-Sep-2005: Nokia Business Center software announced.
13-Sep-2005: Wireless Calling Surpasses Wireline Calling.
13-Sep-2005: Nortel to demo 'triple play.
13-Sep-2005: Optus Launches Sony Ericsson P910i with BlackBerry Connect.
12-Sep-2005: Group WLAN Connectivity from Vodafone.
12-Sep-2005: Alltel Offers New LG AX5000 Camera Phone.
12-Sep-2005: eBay bids $2.6 billion for Skype.
12-Sep-2005: Samsung announces three new technologies.
10-Sep-2005: Motorola purchases i-mode design team and facility.
10-Sep-2005: Will You Be Able to Make a Call in the Next National Emergency?.
09-Sep-2005: Access to buy PalmSource.
09-Sep-2005: i-mate announces the JASJAR.
09-Sep-2005: Macromedia Flashcast technology part of i-channel.
09-Sep-2005: Single mobile TV standards platform announced.
09-Sep-2005: Americas' CDMA Subscribers Reached 150 Million in Q2 2005.
09-Sep-2005: Real-time multiplayer game launches on V CAST.
08-Sep-2005: Logitech intros Wireless Surround Sound.
08-Sep-2005: Garmin Mobile to Turn Handsets into Full-Featured GPS Navigators.
07-Sep-2005: Motorola and Apple Launch ROKR iTunes Phone.
07-Sep-2005: Vodafone K.K. to offer Vodafone live! NAVI.
07-Sep-2005: Nortel LGE joint venture score Korean win.
07-Sep-2005: Vodafone launches solar charger for mobile phones.
07-Sep-2005: Verizon Wireless promos music phones.
07-Sep-2005: Ericsson outlines vision for 3G evolution.
07-Sep-2005: MontaVista Linux Professional Edition 4.0 announced.
06-Sep-2005: Google Talk on Your Mobile Phone.
06-Sep-2005: Linux-Based IP Videophones.
06-Sep-2005: Boost Mobile intros the Motorola i415 and i450 handsets.
06-Sep-2005: Global Mobile TV Subscriptions to Reach 65 Million by 2010.
06-Sep-2005: Ericsson's active device management.
06-Sep-2005: Vodafone K.K. intros web-use restriction function.
06-Sep-2005: SMS Revenues set to hit $50bn by 2010.
05-Sep-2005: China set to merge TD-SCDMA telecoms.
05-Sep-2005: Partnership set to deliver push e-mail to China's mobile users.
04-Sep-2005: Wireless carriers continue restoring service in Gulf Coast region.
03-Sep-2005: New Nikon Coolpix P1 and P2 featuring Wi-Fi.
03-Sep-2005: Sprint announces new Samsung handsets.
03-Sep-2005: E-Plus partners with Skype.
02-Sep-2005: HSDPA to arrive in Europe by March.
02-Sep-2005: T-Mobile teams with Opera on SDA II Smartphone.
02-Sep-2005: IFA trade fair opens with new handsets on display.
02-Sep-2005: Alcatel deploys WiMAX network in Austria.
02-Sep-2005: New Sprint opens for business.
02-Sep-2005: QUALCOMM Announces Enhanced Call Quality for 3G Chipsets.
02-Sep-2005: Two New Handsets From LGE and Cingular.
01-Sep-2005: MDA Pro launches.
01-Sep-2005: Vodafone K.K. launches Music Service.
01-Sep-2005: Western Europe to continue growth in mobile entertainment services.
01-Sep-2005: VoIP company Teleo acquired by Microsoft.
31-Aug-2005: Nortel to supply 3G network to Coral Wireless.
31-Aug-2005: Jamdat Sports NFL 2006 game for mobiles launches.
31-Aug-2005: No brain cancer link to mobile phones, study says.
31-Aug-2005: Toshiba announces 'Pay-for-Use' Internet access.
31-Aug-2005: Cingular expected to launch iTunes handset.
31-Aug-2005: Napster To Go Now Available on additional handsets.
31-Aug-2005: Motorola promotes mobile video at TIFF.
30-Aug-2005: Survey finds Consumers Want to Watch TV on Their Mobile.
30-Aug-2005: WiBro set to debut.
30-Aug-2005: Amethon the winner.
30-Aug-2005: T-Mobile hotspot Wi-Fi connectivity free in hurricane states.
30-Aug-2005: D-Link's new 3G router.
30-Aug-2005: LG VX5200 added to Verizon Wireless lineup.
29-Aug-2005: EV-DO arrives in greater Denver area.
29-Aug-2005: Motorola adds to VIAMOTO nav solution.
29-Aug-2005: Verizon cuts price of high-speed data.
29-Aug-2005: Ericsson launches stand-alone MX-ONE IP communications platform.
29-Aug-2005: HP's Snapfish Intros 1-hour Photo Pick-up at Walgreens.
28-Aug-2005: IrSimple IrDA protocol adopted as industry standard.
27-Aug-2005: Verizon Wireless expected to cut price of EV-DO.
26-Aug-2005: WiFi continues gaining ground.
26-Aug-2005: TELUS releases the Motorola i860.
26-Aug-2005: Samsung Unveils Fourth Satellite DMB Phone.
26-Aug-2005: Companies collaboarate on UMA technology.
26-Aug-2005: Intel invests in Unwired Australia.
25-Aug-2005: First U.S. Launch of the Slider Remix(TM) KX5 Music Phone.
25-Aug-2005: Developer's kit available in preparation for W-USB.
25-Aug-2005: Adobe to acquire Macromedia.
24-Aug-2005: dotPhoto - free online camera phone picture sharing site.
24-Aug-2005: Microtunes' Mobile TV tuner demos at IDF.
24-Aug-2005: Intel promotes mobiity ubiquity at IDF.
24-Aug-2005: First Live WiMAX-based Connection in Canada.
24-Aug-2005: Data set to drive European mobile market.
24-Aug-2005: Motorola to Make Phones to Monitor Kids.
24-Aug-2005: Renesas single-chip LSI samples start shipping.
23-Aug-2005: Cingular delivers GoodLink.
23-Aug-2005: NTT DoCoMo's Raku-Raku Phone II based on Symbian.
23-Aug-2005: UltraCell's new Reformed Methanol Fuel Cell.
23-Aug-2005: Kodiak licensing agreement with Sony Ericsson.
23-Aug-2005: Motorola gets FCC approval for iTunes phone.
23-Aug-2005: Nokia Seizes Number One Position in Global 3G Phone Market.
23-Aug-2005: iPod Wireless Music System from Logitech.
22-Aug-2005: Samsung unveils Symbian-based Smartphones in Europe.
22-Aug-2005: Why Qualcomm Has Its Wallet Out.
22-Aug-2005: MoveU music phone announced.
22-Aug-2005: Samsung Develops new combined DVB-H Chipset.
20-Aug-2005: Tokyo Steps Closer to WiMax.
19-Aug-2005: Philly Wi-Fi finalists down to HP and Earthlink.
19-Aug-2005: General Dynamics to Develop Mobile Secure PDA Phone.
19-Aug-2005: Alltel Offers Picture, Video Sharing with Verizon Wireless and Cingular Wireless.
19-Aug-2005: Intel to Help Communities Worldwide Maximize Their Wireless Capabilities.
18-Aug-2005: Industry's First CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Revision A Calls.
18-Aug-2005: First Massive Multi-player 3G game from Artificial Life.
18-Aug-2005: TechConnect - anywhere anytime connectivity in San Francisco.
18-Aug-2005: Symbian OS phone shipments triple.
18-Aug-2005: LG-Nortel Joint Venture.
17-Aug-2005: Five Mln Bluetooth Units Shipped Per Week Globally.
17-Aug-2005: Movida chooses Kyocera SoHo.
17-Aug-2005: Nokia to deliver HSDPA to T-Mobile.
17-Aug-2005: Sprint Nextel to rejig rate plans, sell music.
17-Aug-2005: Heidelberg goes Wimax.
16-Aug-2005: TI's BlueLink 5.0 Single-chip Solution Now Sampling.
16-Aug-2005: Cell Phone Web Sites First Stop for New Wireless Customers.
16-Aug-2005: Purchase a ticket, activate a plan, get a free BlackBerry.
16-Aug-2005: Star Trek themed mobile communicator device.
16-Aug-2005: Cisco Launches Online Wireless Explorer Game.
16-Aug-2005: Wireless IP phones key for VoIP Markets.
16-Aug-2005: Nokia N90 voted European Media Phone of the Year.
16-Aug-2005: New Logitech Desktop MX5000 Laser featuring Bluetooth.
16-Aug-2005: A Day in the Life of the Connected Mobile Worker.
15-Aug-2005: Sprint Nextel to deliver NFL content.
15-Aug-2005: Boost Mobile Intros First Location-based GPS Games in U.S..
15-Aug-2005: Boingo debuts in Czech Republic.
15-Aug-2005: Survey shows demand for mobile email in US.
15-Aug-2005: Football kicks off on 3.
13-Aug-2005: iPaq leak tips Hewlett-Packard's hand.
12-Aug-2005: SE W800i Walkman hits shelves in Europe.
12-Aug-2005: Siemens - CF110.
12-Aug-2005: Siemens - CC75.
11-Aug-2005: Qualcomm to acquire Flarion.
11-Aug-2005: 3G Subscribers to Exceed 300 Million by 2010.
11-Aug-2005: EV-DO Network set for Angola.
10-Aug-2005: Camera Phones Set to overtake Low-End Digital Cameras.
10-Aug-2005: Introducing Opera Mini for mobile phones.
10-Aug-2005: Duo to promote Linux-based mobiles.
09-Aug-2005: Sprint, Nextel Acquisition to Close Friday.
09-Aug-2005: ABC Soaps content goes mobile.
09-Aug-2005: MSpot launches interactive music radio.
09-Aug-2005: Nokia and Vodafone Italy carry out HSDPA call.
09-Aug-2005: WiMAX to launch in Lima.
08-Aug-2005: Sony Ericsson offers its latest Walkman phone - the W550.
08-Aug-2005: Nokia introduces mobile search to its smartphones.
08-Aug-2005: Cingular launches PGA TOUR Portal.
08-Aug-2005: Companies testing In-Flight wireless connectivity.
07-Aug-2005: When Pigs Wi-Fi.
06-Aug-2005: IBM announces fourth-generation of SiGe.
05-Aug-2005: Servinova begins seamless Wi-Fi-GSM/GPRS VoIP network testing.
05-Aug-2005: Mobile TV's first live broadcast of an international sporting event.
03-Aug-2005: Sprint and Nextel Receive FCC Merger Nod.
03-Aug-2005: Samsung p207 available through Rogers Wireless.
03-Aug-2005: ABI says we need a better digital photo album.
03-Aug-2005: MobiTV and SES Deliver Mobile Television to International Markets.
03-Aug-2005: Nokia Theatre Times Square debuts in September.
03-Aug-2005: Horse racing streamed live to mobiles.
03-Aug-2005: Nokia Releases N-Gage QD Silver Edition.
03-Aug-2005: Snap ... send ... sell ... Citizen mobile reporting.
03-Aug-2005: MontaVista breaks Linux barriers for mobile.
03-Aug-2005: NTT DoCoMo to Launch i-channel and New FOMA Handsets.
02-Aug-2005: Duo to offer VOIP over fixed wireless broadband.
02-Aug-2005: Bluetooth helps the dating world.
02-Aug-2005: Leap Wireless offers Dorado KX13 and Milan KX9B from Kyocera.
02-Aug-2005: T-Mobile USA launches the SGH-x495 from Samsung.
02-Aug-2005: Symbian handsets increase by two in Japan.
01-Aug-2005: Nextel launches the Motorola i760.
01-Aug-2005: Nokia announces new CEO.
01-Aug-2005: Cingular Signs Long-Term Distribution Agreement with RadioShack.
31-Jul-2005: Portland looking to fund citywide Wi-Fi.
31-Jul-2005: Linux-based Scalix Wireless Solution.
30-Jul-2005: Axcera Demonstrates DVB-H Mobile Video At WCA 2005.
29-Jul-2005: Baltics' first WCDMA 3G service.
28-Jul-2005: Vodafone K.K. to offer first 3.2 megapixel camera phone.
28-Jul-2005: Entry-level phones push recovery.
28-Jul-2005: Yahoo scores exclusive with Boeing.
28-Jul-2005: Siemens sees handset exit costs at 300 mln euros.
28-Jul-2005: Symbian continues its lead.
28-Jul-2005: New Verizon Wireless PC 5740 Card.
27-Jul-2005: AOL Mobile Search Services debuts.
27-Jul-2005: Samsung launches latest DMB phone.
27-Jul-2005: New Motorola A910 with WiFi, A728, and A732.
27-Jul-2005: Cingular to offer open mobile content.
27-Jul-2005: Qualcomm and Access Bring i-mode to MSM Chipsets.
26-Jul-2005: New Q from Motorola.
26-Jul-2005: Vodafone K.K. anounces international WCDMA roaming.
26-Jul-2005: First seamless handover between IMS and WLAN demos.
26-Jul-2005: Taiwan's Chunghwa launches 3G.
26-Jul-2005: World Cup Could Generate Extra $8.47 billion for Mobile Phone Industry.
25-Jul-2005: Kyocera Jet EV-DO handset for Amp'd announced.
25-Jul-2005: Netgear intros 'touchless' Wi-Fi security.
25-Jul-2005: Linksys debuts new wireless offerings.
25-Jul-2005: Sprint and Verizon announce intercarrier MMS.
25-Jul-2005: Alltel offers Fujifilm Mobile Postcard Service.
25-Jul-2005: Vodafone reaches 165 million proportionate customers.
25-Jul-2005: HTC selects AnswerFast Plus.
24-Jul-2005: Free Dupont Wireless.
24-Jul-2005: Vonage IP-8100-2 VoIP handset now available.
23-Jul-2005: Wireless network hijacker found guilty.
23-Jul-2005: Blockbuster movie content available in theaters via Bluetooth.
22-Jul-2005: T-Mobile set to launch HSDPA at CeBIT 2006.
21-Jul-2005: Sharp intros the LRS1887 combo memory for 3G phones.
21-Jul-2005: Mobile Phone Sales Will Exceed One Billion in 2009.
21-Jul-2005: UTStarcom supplies 250,000 handsets to China Unicom.
21-Jul-2005: DVD's for mobile phones.
20-Jul-2005: BenQ rolls out island's first locally made 3G handset.
20-Jul-2005: Plantronics unveils the Pulsar 590 Bluetooth headset.
20-Jul-2005: U.S. Wireless Music Market To Surge By 2009.
19-Jul-2005: Qualcomm gpsOne Enhanced Navigation Software.
19-Jul-2005: Vodafone K.K. to offer international video calls.
18-Jul-2005: Belkin Wireless G Travel Router.
18-Jul-2005: Chinese-language version of Treo 650 available.
18-Jul-2005: Mobile Video is a Tough Sell.
18-Jul-2005: RFID chip prevents infant abduction.
18-Jul-2005: Sprint announces wireless WAN Data Link service.
17-Jul-2005: LBS taking off in Europe.
16-Jul-2005: Nortel to build CDMA2000 1X network in Vietnam.
15-Jul-2005: Garmin intros the iQue M3.
15-Jul-2005: RAZR debuts at T-Mobile USA.
15-Jul-2005: Verizon launches LG VX8100.
15-Jul-2005: US FAA sees hurdles to in-flight mobile phone use.
14-Jul-2005: Cell phone growth slowing.
14-Jul-2005: Infineon Introduces Chip Platform for Sub-$20 Mobile Handsets.
14-Jul-2005: Vodafone Germany provides 3G update.
14-Jul-2005: Sync your non-Microsoft handheld wirelessly with Exchange Server 2003.
14-Jul-2005: Opera 8 mobile Web browser released for Symbian S60.
13-Jul-2005: Intel experiments with Wi-Fi as GPS substitute.
13-Jul-2005: Galaxy 11 Feeds Live Video to Handheld Devices at WiMAX Forum.
13-Jul-2005: Freescale to develop 3G devices for Motorola.
13-Jul-2005: Fantastic Four Hits the Small Screen.
13-Jul-2005: OmniVision Launches Improved 1.3 Megapixel CameraChip.
13-Jul-2005: PCTEL and Kyocera to co-develop IMS software for 3G handsets.
12-Jul-2005: Nextel launches the Motorola i850.
12-Jul-2005: Skype News.
12-Jul-2005: Vodafone to launch PTT in Sweden.
12-Jul-2005: Firefly's Moible Phone for Kids now available.
12-Jul-2005: Research shows hazards of driving while using cell phone.
12-Jul-2005: FCC approves Alltel merger with Western Wireless.
12-Jul-2005: Samsung exports WCDMA system hardware.
12-Jul-2005: HP's Snapfish to host Walgreen's photo website.
11-Jul-2005: Sprint to package GoodLink business services.
11-Jul-2005: Siemens, Airbus to develop inflight mobile connectivity.
11-Jul-2005: Medis and UK operator to intro fuel cell power packs.
11-Jul-2005: Consumers want unrestricted music phones-Virgin.
10-Jul-2005: T-Mobile offers live Tour de France reports on cell phones..
09-Jul-2005: Orange Nokia Series 60 Challenge winners announced.
08-Jul-2005: Mobile networks bear blast strain.
07-Jul-2005: Sprint Begins EV-DO Launch.
07-Jul-2005: Inter-carrier MMS agreements announced.
07-Jul-2005: Yahoo! Launches SMS Search.
07-Jul-2005: The SK65 Burlwood.
07-Jul-2005: Ericsson and Sharp extend cooperation.
07-Jul-2005: Sprint PCS announces the LG PM-225.
07-Jul-2005: LGE licenses Palm OS.
07-Jul-2005: ESPN and MobiTV(R) Bring Made-For-Mobile Video Content to Sports Fans.
07-Jul-2005: CDG and TD-SCDMA Forum cooperate to bridge 3G technologies.
07-Jul-2005: Verizon Fios TV to offer TBS programming.
07-Jul-2005: Symbian opens Indian development subsidiary.
06-Jul-2005: NTT DoCoMo and Fujitsu develop new prototype methanol fuel cell.
06-Jul-2005: Disney goes MVNO.
06-Jul-2005: Verizon Wireless and Motorola Launch the E815.
06-Jul-2005: Robert Clark to judge Cingular photo contest.
06-Jul-2005: South Africa's MTN launches Video Mail.
05-Jul-2005: Motorola announces PoC for Symbian.
04-Jul-2005: GSMA extends initiative for lower-priced handsets.
04-Jul-2005: DT mulls sale of T-Mobile USA.
04-Jul-2005: NTT DoCoMo expands FOMA.
04-Jul-2005: Vodafone K.K. acquires preliminary 1.7GHz W-CDMA license.
03-Jul-2005: Threat From Mobile Device Viruses a Sleeping Giant.
02-Jul-2005: 'War of the Worlds' goes mobile.
02-Jul-2005: Chinese mobile phone exports take a dip.
02-Jul-2005: begins operations.
01-Jul-2005: GoTV To Broadcast Live 8 Coverage on Mobile Phones.
01-Jul-2005: Samsung and Motorola to share technology.
01-Jul-2005: Cingular launches RAZR Black.
01-Jul-2005: Sprint and Motorola to jointly test WiMAX.
01-Jul-2005: Opera's Web Browser Available for Windows Mobile 2003 Smartphone.
30-Jun-2005: Philips looks to drive handset costs below $20.
30-Jun-2005: PC-to-mobile instant messaging.
30-Jun-2005: Maxis set for 3G launch.
29-Jun-2005: Motorola to buy key Sendo assets.
29-Jun-2005: UMTS TD-CDMA trial set for DC area.
29-Jun-2005: New Sprint PCS Vision Multimedia Phone MM-8300 by SANYO.
29-Jun-2005: TECORE Launches FlightCore.
29-Jun-2005: New web'n'walk Internet service for mobiles.
29-Jun-2005: Original two-minute tv programming free on smartphones.
29-Jun-2005: Opera and T-Mobile introduce full Web browsing.
28-Jun-2005: Family Plans Drive Wireless Teen Penetration.
28-Jun-2005: Fujifilm Announces Nextel PhotoShare.
28-Jun-2005: Nokia to Delay Top-End N90 Camera Phone.
28-Jun-2005: Verizon Wireless continues expansion of EV-DO.
27-Jun-2005: Nokia Announces Next Generation Java Platform for Series 60.
27-Jun-2005: Multi-Tasking Java Virtual Machine demos at JavaOne.
27-Jun-2005: New Motorola E895 Linux Phone.
27-Jun-2005: palmOne announces GPS navigation solutions.
27-Jun-2005: DaTang Mobile Licenses Dilithium's AnswerFast Plus Technology.
27-Jun-2005: Samsung's 5-megapixel CMOS image sensor.
26-Jun-2005: Sendo in takeover talks.
25-Jun-2005: IPdrum Mobile complements Skype.
24-Jun-2005: Ogo is a no-go.
24-Jun-2005: Future palmOne devices to include 6GB hard disk.
24-Jun-2005: HP adds GPS to Blackberry killer.
24-Jun-2005: Sprint and Nextel announce new branding and logo.
24-Jun-2005: Samsung SCH-i730 Windows Mobile-Based Device.
23-Jun-2005: 4G achieves 1Gbps.
23-Jun-2005: Orlando yanks plug on free Wi-Fi.
23-Jun-2005: China's first HSDPA field trial.
22-Jun-2005: Sprint PCS Smart Device - BlackBerry 7250.
22-Jun-2005: T-Mobile USA announces the SGH-e335.
22-Jun-2005: Microsoft's Peabody Smart Phone Nears Completion.
22-Jun-2005: Logitech intros Bluetooth iPod headphones.
21-Jun-2005: New WPN802 RangeMax Wireless Access Point.
21-Jun-2005: NFL in talks about deal for video on mobile phones.
21-Jun-2005: NTT DoCoMo set to launch the M1000.
20-Jun-2005: KDDI's mobile music download service exceeds 10,000,000 songs sold.
20-Jun-2005: Market for Cell Phone Use on Airplanes is Data not Voice.
20-Jun-2005: Vodafone brings 3G to Stockholm's underground.
20-Jun-2005: T-Mobile to launch Czech Republic's first UMTS service.
20-Jun-2005: The Nokia 6630 Navigation Pack.
20-Jun-2005: ROK releases sports DVD on memory cards for smartphones.
20-Jun-2005: New handsets from LGE.
18-Jun-2005: BlackBerry Network Down for Hours.
17-Jun-2005: Intel Researchers Develop CMOS Radio Supporting All Flavors of the 802.11 Wi-Fi Standard.
17-Jun-2005: First Windows Mobile 5.0 Based 3G Device.
17-Jun-2005: Verizon Seen Gaining Cell Market Share.
17-Jun-2005: Sprint offers Novatel EV-DO card.
16-Jun-2005: RAZR coming to BT Fusion.
16-Jun-2005: Samsung's Bluetooth Voice Recognition Phone.
15-Jun-2005: BT Fusion launches.
15-Jun-2005: Ericsson and Napster enter global partnership.
15-Jun-2005: Wi-Bro and WiMax interoperability.
15-Jun-2005: CDMA Industry Defines Next-Generation CDMA2000 Technologies.
15-Jun-2005: Freescale Gives 3G Phones Extreme Cellular Makeover.
15-Jun-2005: SIRIUS Satellite Radio Signs Agreement With Sprint.
14-Jun-2005: Ericsson and Bharti expand GSM/GPRS into rural India.
14-Jun-2005: Mobile search engine for off-portal content.
13-Jun-2005: Kyocera KX1 Flip Phone debuts with Verizon Wireless.
13-Jun-2005: SE releases second walkman phone, the W600.
13-Jun-2005: Consolidation Alters Competitive Landscape of U.S. Wireless Market.
13-Jun-2005: Ericsson introduces GSM on Aircraft.
13-Jun-2005: New K608 3G UMTS phone from Sony Ericsson.
13-Jun-2005: Sony Ericsson S600 super play phone.
13-Jun-2005: Nokia's new browser is open source based.
13-Jun-2005: Nokia introduces seven new mobile phones.
13-Jun-2005: Sony Ericsson Z520.
13-Jun-2005: NTT DoCoMo and LG to develop dual-mode FOMA handset.
11-Jun-2005: Operators will vie for the best MVNO partners.
11-Jun-2005: The Web is in the AIr.
10-Jun-2005: Vodafone KK launches V501T and V501SH.
10-Jun-2005: Nokia adds WiMAX solution and teams with Intel to speed deployment.
09-Jun-2005: Real-time mobile multiplayer games arrive on 3G.
09-Jun-2005: One out of four 3G phones in Europe is LG-made.
09-Jun-2005: Samsung announces 128-polyphony handset.
08-Jun-2005: TiVoToGo now on Microsoft devices.
08-Jun-2005: North America Handset Growth Slows.
08-Jun-2005: Sierra Wireless abandons Voq initiative.
07-Jun-2005: Vodafone intros Sony Ericsson V600i.
07-Jun-2005: Telenor to Launch Child Pornography Filter for Mobile Phones.
07-Jun-2005: Microsoft announces push email capability.
07-Jun-2005: United Airlines cleared for Wi-Fi.
06-Jun-2005: UTStarcom unveils its first 3G handset, the GW200.
06-Jun-2005: Cingular launches HP iPAQ Pocket PC.
06-Jun-2005: Siemens and BenQ forge partnership.
06-Jun-2005: Strong Growth in Wireless Subscriber Base Resumes.
06-Jun-2005: Novatel Wireless Combines 3G and Wi-Fi.
06-Jun-2005: Japan's first HSDPA transmission conducted.
05-Jun-2005: Bill introduced prohibiting municipal Wi-Fi.
05-Jun-2005: AudioEngine multimedia phone platform launched.
04-Jun-2005: Push Email for Treo 650 from Consilient.
03-Jun-2005: Virgin Mobile and BT Livetime team up to pilot live digital mobile TV.
02-Jun-2005: Instant Video Everywhere - IVE.
02-Jun-2005: Intel's cellphone chip finds a customer.
02-Jun-2005: New Nokia 1110 and 1600 handsets.
02-Jun-2005: Nextel launches the Motorola i836.
02-Jun-2005: Kyocera Wireless Announces the Dorado KX13.
02-Jun-2005: HP iPAQ Pocket PCs arrive at Rogers Wireless.
02-Jun-2005: TELUS Mobility introduces the LG 125.
02-Jun-2005: Nokia Releases Prepaid Tracker.
02-Jun-2005: NTT DoCoMo to Set up Service Counter in Hawaii for Roaming Services.
02-Jun-2005: What Does Your Ringtone Say About You?.
02-Jun-2005: Fathammer makes moves into BREW 3D gaming.
01-Jun-2005: Artificial Life Launches
01-Jun-2005: Sprint opens doors for realtors.
01-Jun-2005: Agilent Intros Tricolor LEDs for mobile phones and PDAs.
01-Jun-2005: BT to launch Canada's first EV-DO network.
01-Jun-2005: T-Mobile USA to rollout 3G next year.
31-May-2005: Men continue to out pace women in cell phone usage.
31-May-2005: Maxis Subscribers get 'Always On' Connectivity.
31-May-2005: Siemens C75.
31-May-2005: Cingular delivers GoodLink wireless email and PIM.
31-May-2005: Samsung Delivers Mobile Digital TV to Korea Using TI Technology.
30-May-2005: Way 'Beyond 3G'.
28-May-2005: The Indy 500 Goes Wireless.
27-May-2005: GSM customer bases doubles in Western Hemisphere.
27-May-2005: Orange UK first to launch MobiTV in Europe.
27-May-2005: SmartVideo Launches New Mobile Games for Smartphones.
26-May-2005: NTT DoCoMo continues to extend international roaming.
26-May-2005: Survey looks at demand for multimedia services by youth demographic.
26-May-2005: North America's broadest Wi-Fi network launches.
26-May-2005: Norway's Telenor reduces domestic mobile rates.
25-May-2005: Nokia launches Linux based Internet Tablet product category.
25-May-2005: Mobile Phone Sales Rose 17 Percent Q1 2005.
25-May-2005: 10 Cents-A-Minute In-Flight Calls.
25-May-2005: Cingular Wireless Re-introduces and Enhances GoPhone Prepaid Services.
25-May-2005: WiMAX Drives the Last Mile.
25-May-2005: Wireless USB Specification Now Available.
25-May-2005: MyCaller Ringback Tone Solution Approved for Interoperability with Nortel CDMA Wireless Infrastructure.
24-May-2005: Pantech unveils 30 new models.
24-May-2005: palmOne Acquires Rights to Palm Brand.
23-May-2005: First HSDPA Wireless Broadband Trial in Israel.
23-May-2005: NBA and Nokia Expand Partnership into China.
23-May-2005: Nextel Launches Push Email for Java-Based Phones.
23-May-2005: Hop-on Unveils Its $39 Carrier Grade Wi-Fi Phone.
23-May-2005: Worldwide WLAN Chip Sales to Surge.
23-May-2005: Napster Ringtone Service Makes Strong Debut.
23-May-2005: 3 launches UK's first mobile blogging service.
21-May-2005: Fun Little Movies plays on SmartVideo's mobile lineup.
20-May-2005: Orange TV arrives on UK mobiles.
20-May-2005: Vodafone Sweden launches Vodafone Simply.
19-May-2005: Ericsson expands Chinese TD-SCDMA interests.
19-May-2005: First 3G advert runs on 3 UK.
18-May-2005: Nortel's MeshPlanner.
18-May-2005: LifeDrive arrives.
18-May-2005: Philips intros Nemesis.
18-May-2005: Nokia expands mobile gaming.
17-May-2005: TETRIS Reaches Double Platinum.
17-May-2005: Virgin Mobile USA debuts new calling plan.
17-May-2005: Free Digital Music Videos on Cell Phones.
17-May-2005: Connexion goes one better.
17-May-2005: Vodafone Travel Promise roaming plan launches.
16-May-2005: LG intros six new handsets.
16-May-2005: Qualcomm and NEC Complete Successful A-GPS Interoperability Testing.
16-May-2005: Yahoo! and Sprint Team to Offer Multiplayer PC-to-Mobile Games.
16-May-2005: Verizon Wireless makes palmOne's Treo 650 Smartphone available.
16-May-2005: MontaVista Announces Carrier Grade Edition 4.0.
16-May-2005: Mobile Gaming Gender Gap.
16-May-2005: Calypso Wireless' Dual Wi-Fi/GSM-GPRS Phone Prototypes Available Now.
16-May-2005: Nextel launches the Motorola i275 Camera Phone.
15-May-2005: Samsung Beatbox Phone.
14-May-2005: 'Cell Phone Samaritans' to run with the torch.
13-May-2005: Siemens to bring standardized A-GPS solution to market.
13-May-2005: Nextel Launches WiFi HotSpot service.
13-May-2005: NTT DoCoMo offers 2D bar code produce shopping application.
13-May-2005: World's First 3G user-enabled Video Conference Service.
12-May-2005: Dell to push PC Web links via phone networks.
12-May-2005: First two-megapixel camera phone in US announced.
12-May-2005: Nokia solution connects mobiles to enterprise systems.
12-May-2005: W3C Launches "Mobile Web Initiative".
11-May-2005: VizTones Visual Ringer Technology.
11-May-2005: Wrestling arrives on cell phones worldwide.
11-May-2005: Nextel Launches the Motorola i355.
11-May-2005: In-Stat Survey Finds Early Adopters Not Enthused About Multimedia Handsets.
11-May-2005: Sprint leads in number of CDMA roaming partners.
11-May-2005: Openwave MDM enhances usability of Windows Mobile 5.0.
11-May-2005: Samsung's SGH-i300 to run new Windows Mobile 5.0.
11-May-2005: Sony's new Vaio T350 EDGE- equipped notebook.
10-May-2005: HTC Announces first Windows Mobile 5.0 device.
10-May-2005: Microsoft Releases Windows Mobile 5.0.
10-May-2005: Sagem chooses Ericsson platform for 3G/UMTS handsets.
10-May-2005: F-Secure checks out Bluetooth "Cabir-in-Cars".
10-May-2005: Nokia makes mobile TV specs available.
10-May-2005: Awaiting Magneto.
09-May-2005: Telstra launches the Treo 650 in Australia.
09-May-2005: Nextel offers GPS navigation on BlackBerry platform.
09-May-2005: Gameloft Announces E3 Line-up.
09-May-2005: Demand growing for integrated telecom services.
09-May-2005: BlackBerry Subscribers Surge to Over Three Million.
09-May-2005: IDC says mobile phone growth to slow down.
09-May-2005: Napstertones for Mobile Phones.
09-May-2005: MVNO Market to Reach $10.7 Billion by 2010.
09-May-2005: NetHawk releases a tool for advanced HSDPA testing.
09-May-2005: FlashPoint Share Drive.
09-May-2005: NTT DoCoMo to Establish Investment Subsidiary in California.
09-May-2005: palmOne confirms Mobile Manager.
08-May-2005: RIM overtakes palmOne.
07-May-2005: UWB transmission of high-definition through walls.
07-May-2005: Hop-on Launches MVNO.
06-May-2005: PalmOne to launch LifeDrive Mobile Manager.
06-May-2005: 3 to launch the Nordics' first video mail service.
06-May-2005: Dishnet aims at pan-India Wi-Fi network.
06-May-2005: Anticopying fight mars mobile music.
05-May-2005: Qualcomm to support Linux.
05-May-2005: Sprint and Intel to Explore WiMAX Broadband Technologies.
05-May-2005: Survey Results Reveal Women Are Early Adopters.
05-May-2005: Nikelodeon available on V CAST.
05-May-2005: Fido launches Nokia 6670 smartphone.
05-May-2005: Kyocera moves handset manufacturing.
05-May-2005: First CDMA2000 Single-Chip Receive Diversity Device.
05-May-2005: Space needle broadcasting WiMAX-class broadband.
04-May-2005: Cingular launches Audiovox SMT 5600.
04-May-2005: High-end models drive PDA shipments.
04-May-2005: JiWire launches Wi-Fi security service.
04-May-2005: Asian Youth Driving Region's Mobile Data Market.
04-May-2005: Ericsson streamlines U.S. CDMA business.
04-May-2005: NFC and enhanced WLAN could oust Bluetooth and UWB from mobile handsets.
04-May-2005: Russia's MTS offers BlackBerry.
04-May-2005: Bluetooth SIG and UWM to work together.
04-May-2005: Advertisers take a bite out of Bluetooth.
03-May-2005: New family of WiFi telephones from Siemens.
03-May-2005: Interest Soaring in VoWLAN/Cellular Combo Phones.
03-May-2005: Siemens Launches HiPath Wireless LAN Solution.
03-May-2005: D-Link showcasing SecuriCam at Interop 2005.
03-May-2005: TELUS Mobility Launches the Audiovox 6600 Pocket PC.
03-May-2005: Fujitsu enters reseller agreement for Airspan's WiMAX products.
03-May-2005: palmOne's Treo 650 Smartphone Now Available in Venezuela.
03-May-2005: Novatel and Dilithium sign agreement.
03-May-2005: TeliaSonera tests mobile and IP telephony solution.
03-May-2005: Motorola Trials Its UMA Solution.
02-May-2005: Nextel launches the Motorola i605.
02-May-2005: Cisco announces new wireless-enabled integrated services router.
02-May-2005: First full-length movie on mobile phone memory card launches.
02-May-2005: New Group Connect Service from Nextel.
01-May-2005: Taking Video Games To The Next Level.
01-May-2005: Vodaonfe UK offers new rates.
30-Apr-2005: Kangaroo sells devices to Mextel.
29-Apr-2005: Motorola to intro low-end handsets in China.
29-Apr-2005: Alltel users TXT2WIN new home.
29-Apr-2005: Verizon Pulling Plug on Free Wi-Fi.
29-Apr-2005: Novatel Develops HSDPA PCI Express Mini Card Modems.
29-Apr-2005: TV for mobile phones set to reach masses - survey.
28-Apr-2005: Companies form alliance to launch e-wallet service.
28-Apr-2005: Tempe 1st major U.S. city going fully wireless.
28-Apr-2005: PCTEL to bring Roaming Client to NTT DoCoMo's FOMA handsets.
28-Apr-2005: Kodial Networks and Samsung partner to market PTT mobile phones.
28-Apr-2005: Rogers Wireless and Visto launch MyMail push email solution.
27-Apr-2005: Mobile Phone Shipments Up 9.2% from One Year Ago.
27-Apr-2005: Sprint launches LBS duo.
27-Apr-2005: New Nokia N91 optimized for mobile music.
27-Apr-2005: Ultra-small Series 60 Nokia N70 debuts.
27-Apr-2005: Nokia intros the N90.
27-Apr-2005: MontaVista Delivers Mobilinux.
27-Apr-2005: Cingular announces new flagship business offers.
27-Apr-2005: EarthLink Wireless to offer Treo 650.
27-Apr-2005: Thales Mobile TV systems supports Qualcomm's FLO technology.
27-Apr-2005: Turnkey 3G Handset Reference Design for TD-SCDMA Standard.
27-Apr-2005: Verizon Wireless' new 3D gaming lineup.
26-Apr-2005: Sporty Nokia 5140i.
25-Apr-2005: Verizon Wireless offers the Samsung SCH-n330.
25-Apr-2005: Sprint and Dooney & Bourke Team Up on Designer Handset Cases.
25-Apr-2005: U.K.'s Largest Outdoor Wireless Broadband City.
25-Apr-2005: Motorola, Siemens reportedly in talks.
25-Apr-2005: WiMAX-ready BreezeMAX arrives in Central Africa.
25-Apr-2005: Acapela Telecom 5.2 Speech Engine.
24-Apr-2005: Samsung to launch 5-Megapixel Phone in China.
23-Apr-2005: MobuzzTV for 3G mobile phones.
23-Apr-2005: World's First Dual Slot EV-DO and UMTS Gateway.
22-Apr-2005: Fujitsu announces WiMAX SoC.
22-Apr-2005: Cellular One launches the Nokia 6255i.
22-Apr-2005: Nokia to bundle data connectivity with CDMA handsets.
21-Apr-2005: Sprint Extends Wi-Fi Footprint Globally.
21-Apr-2005: NTT DoCoMo Comments on Information Leak.
21-Apr-2005: Push email from Vodafone.
21-Apr-2005: Samsung Develops 4Gb OneNAND Flash for Multimedia Phones.
21-Apr-2005: Telenor Selected as Premier Provider for New Global Satellite Service.
21-Apr-2005: ZTE Introduces 3G To Vietnam.
20-Apr-2005: Gartner Outlines Key Trends for Mobile Technology and Subscriber Evolution.
20-Apr-2005: Sprint TV Adds Live Television From FOX.
20-Apr-2005: Microsoft and RIM Bring Enterprise IM to BlackBerry.
19-Apr-2005: Telabria merges Wi-Fi with 3G.
19-Apr-2005: Mexico's Iusacell to deploy EV-DO.
19-Apr-2005: Samsung unveils the P207.
19-Apr-2005: 3G World Congress and Exhibition 2005.
19-Apr-2005: Wireless community shows support for DVB-H open standard.
18-Apr-2005: Verizon launches Kyocera KPC650 3G PC Card.
18-Apr-2005: Intel Introduces New WiMAX Silicon Solution.
18-Apr-2005: Orange France Expands EDGE Services with Nortel.
18-Apr-2005: Crown Castle Mobile Media selects Windows Media for its DVB-H service.
17-Apr-2005: GSM tops in Latin America and Caribbean.
16-Apr-2005: Intel to announce new development in WiMAX technology.
16-Apr-2005: iRadio for cell phones.
15-Apr-2005: SkypeIn and Skype Voicemail Beta.
15-Apr-2005: New advanced M1000 FOMA handset for business use.
15-Apr-2005: Siemens and Canon form partnership.
14-Apr-2005: Rogers first in Canada with live television on your wireless phone.
14-Apr-2005: Handango's Mobile Download Stats and Best Sellers for March.
14-Apr-2005: Cingular Signs 50 Millionth Customer.
14-Apr-2005: Qualcomm sampling MSM6225 Chipset for Entry-Level WCDMA Handsets.
14-Apr-2005: Studies look at U.S. business and consumer wireless forecasts.
14-Apr-2005: Verizon Wireless offers additional international calling plan.
14-Apr-2005: Alltel Launches BlackBerry For Mobile Professionals.
14-Apr-2005: Tele2 Signs an MVNO Agreement With Orange in France.
14-Apr-2005: Motorola and WorldGate Complete First Videophone Call over Satellite.
14-Apr-2005: US Mobile Phone Adoption Continues To Climb.
14-Apr-2005: Groove Mobile intros "Discover HITS".
14-Apr-2005: Consumers' Willingness to Pay for Music Downloads Grows.
14-Apr-2005: Faster Handoff Between Wi-Fi Networks Promises Near-Seamless 802.11 Roaming.
14-Apr-2005: Qualcomm samples first CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Revision A Chipset.
13-Apr-2005: palmOne intros Tungsten E2 handheld.
13-Apr-2005: Cingular Debuts New Singles on Wireless Phones First.
13-Apr-2005: Gartner Says Wireless E-Mail Will Be a Built-In Application on All Smartphones by the End of 2008.
13-Apr-2005: Google Adds New Local Services to Its Suite of Mobile Products.
13-Apr-2005: Vindigo Enters Mobile Games Arena with Award-Winning Fantasy Graphic Adventure.
12-Apr-2005: Merlin arrives in Spain via Vodafone.
12-Apr-2005: Cell Phone Users Have Mixed Feelings on Future Features.
12-Apr-2005: QUALCOMM Announces Successful Completion of Interoperability Testing on NTT DoCoMo's FOMA Network.
12-Apr-2005: World's First Satellite That Can Communicate With a Cell Phone.
12-Apr-2005: Ericsson Launches Interactive Mobile TV.
11-Apr-2005: Samsung unveils new satellite DMB phone.
11-Apr-2005: TComm launches TELLYfone service in UK.
11-Apr-2005: Orange launches BlackBerry 7290 in Switzerland.
11-Apr-2005: Study forecasts good year for 3G phone shipments.
10-Apr-2005: 3D game phones with vibration.
09-Apr-2005: LG410 series mobile phones debut.
08-Apr-2005: Sony aims to beam sights, sounds into brain.
08-Apr-2005: Nokia announces the high fashion 8800/8801 handset.
08-Apr-2005: New Magellan Explorist 500 Handheld GPS Receiver.
08-Apr-2005: World's First Palm-Sized Internet Security Appliance.
08-Apr-2005: Hop-on to intro 3 New CDMA Phone Models.
08-Apr-2005: Nokia CEO rejects criticism on phone design at AGM.
07-Apr-2005: NBA and China Mobile partner to deliver wireless content.
07-Apr-2005: Ericsson and NTT DoCoMo successfully complete WCDMA Interoperability Testing.
07-Apr-2005: F Secure id's Symbian Series 60 trojan.
07-Apr-2005: Samsung Electronics' Software Will Power OneNAND on All Major Mobile Platforms.
07-Apr-2005: FCC Clears Way for SKYLink.
07-Apr-2005: Intelligent Antennas Ready for Record Wireless Use.
07-Apr-2005: KDDI's EZ "Chaku-Uta Full" reaches 5,000,000 song downloads.
06-Apr-2005: Nokia selects Chennai for manufacturing mobile devices in India.
06-Apr-2005: mobilkom austria Demos 'Supercharged' Wireless Experience.
06-Apr-2005: Virgin Mobile USA and Kyocera Wireless Debut the K10 Royale.
06-Apr-2005: Industry's First Wireless USB-Enabled DSC Development Platform.
06-Apr-2005: City set to go wireless by 2006 for $10M tag.
05-Apr-2005: Nextel Launches the Motorola i265.
05-Apr-2005: RIM to Preview Next Generation BlackBerry Mobile Data System.
05-Apr-2005: CDMA2000 Continues to Dominate the 3G Market in Latin America and The Caribbean.
05-Apr-2005: Nation's First Inter-Campus Network To Link Schools and Universities.
05-Apr-2005: Cingular offers audio broadcasts of MLB games.
05-Apr-2005: QUALCOMM Selects Inetcam's Mobile Solution for CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Trial in South Africa.
05-Apr-2005: First moble phone interactrive, multi-player gaming system for poker.
05-Apr-2005: Push-To-Talk/PoC Market Headed for Slow, Steady Growth.
04-Apr-2005: NEC announces wireless 60-GHz-band HDTV transceiver.
04-Apr-2005: Sprint offers the Sanyo SCP-200.
03-Apr-2005: The Image America Tour.
02-Apr-2005: GSA Confirms 100 GSM/EDGE Devices Launched.
02-Apr-2005: Time Warner Cable begins cell phone trials.
01-Apr-2005: TELUS Mobility Launches Newest BlackBerry Device For Mike Clients.
31-Mar-2005: Another Study Finds No Cell Phone-Brain Cancer Link.
31-Mar-2005: Electronic Identification in Mobile Phones Soon a Reality.
31-Mar-2005: JAMDAT to publish simulation baseball games for wireless.
31-Mar-2005: TeliaSonera launches medical monitoring by mobile network.
30-Mar-2005: Nokia expands mobile phone production in Mexico.
30-Mar-2005: AirCell to demo in-flight wireless broadband.
30-Mar-2005: SK Teletech to sell EV-DO handsets to Nokia.
30-Mar-2005: Microsoft Launches Online Video Service.
30-Mar-2005: KPN and RIM intro BlackBerry Internet Service in Belgium and The Netherlands.
29-Mar-2005: Samsung intros "file viewer" phone.
29-Mar-2005: Cingular drops the green flag launching web site for No. 31 Jeff Burton.
29-Mar-2005: Agilent announces new CoolPAM.
29-Mar-2005: Alltel begins offering EV-DO.
28-Mar-2005: Smallest, fastest, lowest-power USB 2.0 solution to mobile phones.
28-Mar-2005: Cell Phones Songs Prompt Control Questions.
28-Mar-2005: Family plan take-up reflects slowing mobile growth.
25-Mar-2005: Free Headset Distribution Program.
24-Mar-2005: palmOne to Open European Engineering Centre.
24-Mar-2005: Samsung Unveils an Upgraded SCH-V600 Horizontal LCD Phone.
24-Mar-2005: Motorola Turns Up the Volume in the Mobile Music Space.
24-Mar-2005: Audiovox SMT 5600 arrives at Rogers Wireless.
24-Mar-2005: MMCmicro card begins mass production.
24-Mar-2005: First TV series for mobile phones debuts in China.
24-Mar-2005: Samsung SPH-M4300 WLAN Music Phone.
24-Mar-2005: Nortel WLAN 2300 Series.
23-Mar-2005: CellularOne launches the CDM-8930.
23-Mar-2005: Sweden's TeliaSonera reduces mobile rates.
23-Mar-2005: Wireless and Memory Chip Suppliers Shine in 2004.
23-Mar-2005: Ericsson sues Sendo.
23-Mar-2005: Symbian licenses Microsoft Exchange Server.
22-Mar-2005: Turkcell launches EDGE.
22-Mar-2005: Iridium Announces Plans for Group Call Push-To-Talk Communications Service.
22-Mar-2005: Next-Generation Trends and Technologies announced at Samsung Mobile Solution Forum 2005.
22-Mar-2005: Atheros Introduces First Single-Chip Cellular Solution.
21-Mar-2005: Companies collaborate on 3G terminal interoperability testing.
21-Mar-2005: Motorola brings iDEN to Saudi Arabia.
21-Mar-2005: Nokia 6680 3G imaging smartphone starts shipping.
20-Mar-2005: Siemens, Huawei open TD-SCDMA venture.
20-Mar-2005: Samsung's CDMA DVB-H Handset.
19-Mar-2005: Skype Hype.
19-Mar-2005: 5th Annual Mobile Focus Awards winners from CTIA.
18-Mar-2005: First Worldwide Free TV for 3G Phones.
18-Mar-2005: Programmer alleges Linux misuse.
17-Mar-2005: Virgin Mobile Announces Its First Official Thumb Wrestling Championship.
17-Mar-2005: Kevin J. Martin new FCC Chairman.
16-Mar-2005: Nortel to Provide GSM-R Network for Qinghai-Tibet Railway.
15-Mar-2005: New Samsung p777 Slides Into Cingular Stores.
15-Mar-2005: Vodafone acquires MobiFon and Oskar.
15-Mar-2005: KDDI orders CDMA 1X Motorola system expansion.
15-Mar-2005: Mobile Ticketing to Drive m-commerce Market.
15-Mar-2005: Telstra launches CDMA version of BlackBerry.
15-Mar-2005: Palm goes NAND.
15-Mar-2005: Motorola's Canopy WiMAX platform.
15-Mar-2005: Nokia and Virgin Mobile USA Unveil New Handset.
14-Mar-2005: New Sony Ericsson S710 Camera/Video Phone Exclusively From Cingular.
14-Mar-2005: Featured LG handsets at CTIA.
14-Mar-2005: Unlimited EDGE/WiFi data plan from Cingular.
14-Mar-2005: PacketVideo Debuts First-Ever Microsoft Windows Media on Nokia Phones.
14-Mar-2005: 4INFO Launches Mobile Search Service.
14-Mar-2005: Kyocera unleashes new handsets and products at CTIA.
14-Mar-2005: Sprint announces the MM-535 by LG.
14-Mar-2005: EDGE Continues to Spread Throughout the Americas.
14-Mar-2005: Treo 650 Smartphone on Canada's Rogers Wireless.
13-Mar-2005: Free coffee, beignets and WiFi at Jackson Square during CTIA.
13-Mar-2005: Pantech to set up German branch.
13-Mar-2005: T-Mobile USA intros the BlackBerry 7290.
12-Mar-2005: Ericsson to share vision of mobile triple play at CTIA.
12-Mar-2005: Motorola to demo EV-DO solution coupled with IMS at CTIA.
12-Mar-2005: Drag and Drop publisher for mobiles.
12-Mar-2005: Webcasting on the AXIA A108 PDA Phone.
12-Mar-2005: SmartVideo to showcase mobile video at CTIA.
12-Mar-2005: Companies to showcase delivery of live TV to mobile at CTIA.
12-Mar-2005: Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Symbian OS.
12-Mar-2005: Samsung V770, World's First 7 Megapixel Camera Phone.
11-Mar-2005: Two Motorola signature clams, the V1050 and V1150.
11-Mar-2005: Motorola and 3 Announce Latest 3G Clamshell.
11-Mar-2005: Vodafone and Toshiba Announce Strategic 3G Handset Partnership.
11-Mar-2005: Samsung's SGH-i300.
10-Mar-2005: Bluetooth controlled camera on wheels.
10-Mar-2005: NTT DoCoMo Adopts Adobe Reader LE for 3G.
09-Mar-2005: Siemens intros the UMTS SXG75.
09-Mar-2005: Nortel Demonstrates OFDM, MIMO at Super High Speeds.
09-Mar-2005: Firefly Phone: the Mobile Phone for Mobile Kids.
09-Mar-2005: Lucent chosen to build 3G network in The Cayman Islands.
08-Mar-2005: Mobile Phone Vendors Should Start to Focus on Profits.
08-Mar-2005: Fido launches the hiptop2.
08-Mar-2005: One button Wi-F phone installation.
08-Mar-2005: Mobile TV pilot begins in Finland.
08-Mar-2005: TI's 65-nm process means longer battery life for mobiles.
07-Mar-2005: Bluetooth Awareness Nearly Doubled Among Consumers.
07-Mar-2005: Hop-on to launch GSM Model 1893.
07-Mar-2005: Duo brings added tv programming to smartphones.
07-Mar-2005: SunCom offers NEC a232 Mid-Tier Mobile EDGE Phone.
07-Mar-2005: Realeyes3D handwritten messaging premiers on Samsung's SCH-S260.
07-Mar-2005: World's Sleekest 3D-Gaming Phone Powered by ATI.
07-Mar-2005: Nokia to supply turnkey EDGE expansion and 3G core for Pannon GSM Hungary.
07-Mar-2005: Samsung, LG make '3.5-generation' phones.
05-Mar-2005: Broadreach Networks and Skype Deliver Voice over Wi-Fi.
05-Mar-2005: Simple Mobile Security.
04-Mar-2005: Kiss FM begins Visual Radio broadcasts.
04-Mar-2005: LG and Nortel demo HSDPA handset.
04-Mar-2005: T-Mobile Germany demos HSDPA.
04-Mar-2005: Cingular launches LG F9100 handset.
04-Mar-2005: Sydus and Virgin Radio launch the world's first 3G radio player.
03-Mar-2005: Intel Discloses New NOR Flash Memory Technologies.
02-Mar-2005: Alltel offers industry-first flat rate plans for wireless messaging.
02-Mar-2005: Strong Q4 Sales Led Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales to 30 Percent Growth in 2004.
02-Mar-2005: New on-the-go concept mobile PC from Intel.
02-Mar-2005: Telus Mobility launches Blackberry 7250 and 7510.
02-Mar-2005: Cellbris launches UniSwitch.
02-Mar-2005: Mobile music popularity on the rise.
02-Mar-2005: Sony Ericsson W800 Walkman phone.
02-Mar-2005: Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Media Center MMV-200.
02-Mar-2005: Sony Ericsson launches new handsets.
01-Mar-2005: New phones from Nokia.
01-Mar-2005: Face Recognition on Mobiles.
01-Mar-2005: Research report shows faulty cell phone security.
01-Mar-2005: palmOne announces unlocked GSM Treo 650.
01-Mar-2005: Dartmouth offers campus wide Wi-Fi and then some.
01-Mar-2005: GSM Doubles Customers in the Western Hemisphere.
01-Mar-2005: CDMA Captures 25% Market Share in India.
28-Feb-2005: Vodafone extends mobile music catalogue.
28-Feb-2005: NetCom launches 3G in Norway.
28-Feb-2005: Mobile phone connectivity becomes seaworthy.
28-Feb-2005: NEC to Launch New Mobile Phones in Russia.
28-Feb-2005: Siemens presents the A-Series.
28-Feb-2005: Toshiba's methanol fuel cell certified by Guinness World Records.
27-Feb-2005: WiMax may pose fresh challenge to broadband.
26-Feb-2005: palmOne's Treo 650 Smartphone Launches in Europe.
26-Feb-2005: Motorola's Symbian Plans.
25-Feb-2005: Sprint launches International IP-A790 by Samsung.
25-Feb-2005: Mobile TV -- Hype Not Justified by Risk.
24-Feb-2005: Samsung Demonstrates Push-To-All Technology.
24-Feb-2005: Ericsson and India's Shyam Telecom sign CDMA2000 1X contract.
24-Feb-2005: Vodafone first to introduce state-of-the-art VoiceMail.
24-Feb-2005: LG set to supply the LG-F9100 to Cingular.
23-Feb-2005: NTT DoCoMo and Japan Railway and Sony to launch "Mobile Suica".
23-Feb-2005: Mobile voice over Wi-Fi at 130km/h.
22-Feb-2005: Samsung delivers 320Mbyte main memory chipset for mobiles.
22-Feb-2005: Motorola Razr V3 makes its Canadian entrance.
22-Feb-2005: Paris Hiltons' Sidekick hacked?.
22-Feb-2005: Nextel offers the Motorola i325 ruggedized handset.
22-Feb-2005: Anna Sui designer handset announced.
21-Feb-2005: China Telecom USA Expands Service Into Canada.
21-Feb-2005: 3G to launch Q2 in Vietnam.
20-Feb-2005: Sprint intros Sanyo MM-5600.
20-Feb-2005: Porn on cell phones.
19-Feb-2005: 3GSM: Quotes of the week.
18-Feb-2005: GSM Association award winners for 2005.
18-Feb-2005: UWB cell phone demos at 3GSM.
18-Feb-2005: Cricket to Offer UTStarcom CDM-8910.
18-Feb-2005: Fashion TV to Launch Mobile Network with SmartVideo.
18-Feb-2005: T-Mobile Intros New BlackBerry Devices in UK.
17-Feb-2005: Boingo takes to the skies with Connexion.
16-Feb-2005: New Symbian OS phones at 3GSM.
16-Feb-2005: Sendo adds music mobile to its play list - Sendo X2.
16-Feb-2005: Panasonic exhibits new handset line-up at 3GSM.
16-Feb-2005: Openwave meets BREW.
16-Feb-2005: Flarion set to launch in Europe.
15-Feb-2005: Motorola's new E1060 and E1120 3G handsets.
15-Feb-2005: Motorola focuses on design in the new PEBL, SLVR, and RAZR.
15-Feb-2005: Motorola Drives Next Generation Services with Push-to-View.
15-Feb-2005: Motorola's new A1010 Smartphone and D1100 HSDPA PC card.
15-Feb-2005: Motorola unveils first i-mode handset for Europe.
15-Feb-2005: Siemens showcases UMTS turbo live data card.
15-Feb-2005: Sony Ericsson's new K600.
15-Feb-2005: Sony Ericsson unveils Z800.
15-Feb-2005: Flextronics and Microsoft Announce Windows Mobile-Based ODM Phone Platform.
15-Feb-2005: Nokia and Loudeye announce mobile music solution.
15-Feb-2005: Nokia 6101 folding camera phone.
15-Feb-2005: Nokia's 6680 3G imaging smartphone.
15-Feb-2005: Motorola and Skype to co-market products and services.
15-Feb-2005: SanDisk Announces 1-Gigabyte miniSD Card.
15-Feb-2005: Kineto Wireless and Philips join forces to bring UMA to mobile phones.
14-Feb-2005: Philips Launches Solution for TV on Mobile.
14-Feb-2005: Linux Mobile Handsets are coming from over 20 Manufacturers.
14-Feb-2005: TI unveils new wireless platform design.
14-Feb-2005: Nokia Series 60 3rd Edition is announced.
14-Feb-2005: Verizon acquires MCI.
14-Feb-2005: Qualcomm takes multi-mode multi-band to the next level.
14-Feb-2005: Freescale HSDPA-ready 3G platform appears at Cannes.
13-Feb-2005: CDMA2000 Adds Over 62 Million Users in 2004.
13-Feb-2005: Series 60 Challenge 2005 winners announced.
13-Feb-2005: 3G Mobile Bridge.
12-Feb-2005: Nvidia GoForce WMP redefines 3D mobile gaming experience.
12-Feb-2005: Hands off our Wi-Fi network!.
11-Feb-2005: World's First Linux UMTS/EDGE Dual-Mode Smartphone Reference Design.
11-Feb-2005: What to look for at 3GSM next week.
11-Feb-2005: U.S.. Wireless Market to Reach $212.5 Billion by 2008 says TIA study.
11-Feb-2005: TI's new 1 GHz DSP chip supports multiple 3G standards.
10-Feb-2005: Lucent and aAccess trial HSDPA.
10-Feb-2005: Cingular intros BlackBerry 7100g.
10-Feb-2005: Nokia's local marketing solution.
10-Feb-2005: TI takes OMAP 2 to 3GSM.
09-Feb-2005: World's first NFC enabled mobile product.
09-Feb-2005: Nokia and RealNetworks expand agreement.
08-Feb-2005: "Cell" Processor Promises 4GHz in Linux-based Devices.
08-Feb-2005: Nokia 7710 now shipping.
08-Feb-2005: Virgin Mobile USA attracts 3 milliion customers.
08-Feb-2005: 2-Bit-per-Cell 256-Mbit NOR Flash Memory for 3G phones.
08-Feb-2005: World's First DVB-H Chip for Mobile TV Reception.
08-Feb-2005: Study Finds 3G Will Fuel Future Mobile Growth.
08-Feb-2005: Motorola to Host 'HSDPA Operator Clinic' at 3GSM.
08-Feb-2005: GoRemote gains access to mile-high Wi-Fi.
08-Feb-2005: UMA-Enabled Cellular-WiFi Handsets.
08-Feb-2005: Hotels and Resorts Offer More WiFi Access Than Any Other Location.
08-Feb-2005: New music service for Palm OS devices.
08-Feb-2005: Verizon Wireless launches new Blackberry 7250.
08-Feb-2005: Comsys to launch UEware Solution at 3GSM.
07-Feb-2005: Philips announces new high-end Nexperia processor.
07-Feb-2005: Vodafone KK gets new president.
05-Feb-2005: Nextel to shut down FLASH-ODM trial.
04-Feb-2005: Palm OS has a Linux future.
04-Feb-2005: T-Mobile announces the MDA IV mini-PC.
04-Feb-2005: New FOMA 700i series.
03-Feb-2005: Panera Bread extends free Wi-Fi contract.
03-Feb-2005: HP unveils new notebooks and new iPAQ.
03-Feb-2005: First HSDPA Drive Calls Using Commercial Data Cards.
03-Feb-2005: WiMAX premiers at Sundance.
03-Feb-2005: Siemens releases CeBIT teaser.
02-Feb-2005: Cingular launches the Treo 650.
02-Feb-2005: Symbian announces OS v9.
02-Feb-2005: RF CMOS Processing Technology arrives in handsets.
02-Feb-2005: Siemens won't sell handset business.
02-Feb-2005: Flarion announces FLASH-OFDM Flexband.
02-Feb-2005: Sky-Map support for MontaVista Linux announced.
01-Feb-2005: Novatel announces EV-DO PCI Express Mini-Card.
01-Feb-2005: Rogers Wireless Intros Sony Ericsson Z500a.
01-Feb-2005: Samsung to use Nexperia EDGE solution in new handsets.
01-Feb-2005: V CAST launches today.
01-Feb-2005: Mobile device shipments hit new peak.
31-Jan-2005: Sierra Wireless announces HSDPA wireless data solutions.
31-Jan-2005: Boost Mobile PTT service extended to Canada and South America.
31-Jan-2005: Standards-based WiMAX to take Wireless to New Heights.
31-Jan-2005: MobiTV Launches on Midwest Wireless Network.
31-Jan-2005: LAOS goes 3G with ZTE.
31-Jan-2005: Vodafone KK unveils the V603SH and V603T handsets.
31-Jan-2005: Bird Puts Finger on Mobile Security Concern.
29-Jan-2005: StarCore to release voice Codecs at 3GSM.
29-Jan-2005: Celcom set to launch 3G.
28-Jan-2005: JAMDAT distributes wireless content at RadioShack.
28-Jan-2005: Mobile Gaming Forecast from IDC.
28-Jan-2005: Alliance to provide Java-Linux mobile platform.
28-Jan-2005: World mobile phone shipments up 29.3% for the year.
28-Jan-2005: Superscape's 3D Mobile Games Showcased at 3GSM Cannes.
27-Jan-2005: palmOne Launches Free Online Basic Training.
27-Jan-2005: O2 to intro 3G service and new handsets.
27-Jan-2005: Sprint offers Tiger Woods mobile content.
27-Jan-2005: Windows Media chosen to power VCAST.
27-Jan-2005: Wireless Auction Brings $974 Mln in Bids.
27-Jan-2005: Sixty-four WCDMA commercial networks now in service.
27-Jan-2005: BlackBerry arrives in Turkey.
26-Jan-2005: Pakistan: Birth Of A Telecom Revolution.
26-Jan-2005: Verizon Wireless Launches UTStarcom CDM8940 3G EV-DO Handset.
26-Jan-2005: First Handset-Based HSDPA 'Drive' Calls.
26-Jan-2005: CEO says Siemens has developed road map to get mobile unit out of the red.
26-Jan-2005: Nortel announces WLAN cable access point.
26-Jan-2005: EarthLink and SK Telecom partner to form MVNO in US.
26-Jan-2005: NTT DoCoMo set to market the N901iC 3G FOMA handset.
26-Jan-2005: Vodafone live! has strongest quarter ever.
26-Jan-2005: New push email solution for Nokia 9500 and 9300 handsets.
25-Jan-2005: Cingular Goes Live With MobiTV.
25-Jan-2005: Mobile Phones at Risk, but MS Not the Target.
25-Jan-2005: SmartVideo to create "DIC Kid's Network" animation channel for cell phones.
25-Jan-2005: Agere announces dual-mode UMTS/EDGE chipset.
24-Jan-2005: Vonage launches service in UK.
24-Jan-2005: Twentieth Century Fox signs on Sorrent as mobile gaming publisher.
24-Jan-2005: Limited Edition Motorola i860 Phone from Boost.
24-Jan-2005: Ford replaces 8,000 employees office phones with PTT handsets.
24-Jan-2005: Nokia to develop mobile phones based on TI's new single-chip solution.
24-Jan-2005: Anten, NEC Develop WLAN, 3G Service-Compliant UWB Antenna.
24-Jan-2005: Oki Electric begins ZigBee experiment.
24-Jan-2005: LG Electronics, Nortel to Establish Joint Venture.
21-Jan-2005: Statement of FCC Chairman Powell on leaving the Commission.
21-Jan-2005: FCC chairman stepping down.
21-Jan-2005: Korea licenses WiBro.
21-Jan-2005: Motorola expected to announce additional Linux handsets.
21-Jan-2005: Nation's Largest Metro Wi-Fi Network Goes Live.
21-Jan-2005: Verizon Wireless to launch Samsung SCH-a890 EV-DO handset.
20-Jan-2005: D.Telekom's T-Mobile cuts handset range and costs.
20-Jan-2005: Swedes frustrated by lack of wireless reachability.
20-Jan-2005: Mobile trio pushes further into youth market.
20-Jan-2005: Intel Centrino platform for 2005 unveiled.
20-Jan-2005: China's ZTE to debut 3G handsets at 3GSM.
19-Jan-2005: TIM Introduces BlackBerry in Brazil.
19-Jan-2005: Motorola intros the C698p and C381p PTT handsets.
19-Jan-2005: Samsung using TI's Imaging Processor in new camera phones.
19-Jan-2005: Ubiquitous Viewer software brings PC access to a mobile phone.
18-Jan-2005: 7-Eleven adds Nokia 1100 to prepaid lineup.
18-Jan-2005: MTC-Vodafone (Bahrain) Launches Commercial 3G WCDMA Network.
18-Jan-2005: Wi-Fi and cellular convergence set to hit mainstream.
18-Jan-2005: Pantech launches the PH-S6500.
18-Jan-2005: Sony Ericcson sustains growth.
18-Jan-2005: Ericsson supplier for T-Mobile's new GSM network in Germany.
18-Jan-2005: LGE Chooses Partner for FOTA.
17-Jan-2005: Treo 650 soon to debut on Cingular's GPRS network.
16-Jan-2005: Face the Music, Wireless Carriers.
15-Jan-2005: Hutchison's H3G Italia plans to outsource UMTS network.
14-Jan-2005: Motorola and Oakley to intro Bluetooth wearable wireless devices.
14-Jan-2005: Ofcom details UK spectrum opportunities.
14-Jan-2005: Sierra Wireless announces the EM5625 embedded CDMA 1xEV-DO module.
14-Jan-2005: Subscribers Sue Verizon Over Disabled Phone Feature.
13-Jan-2005: Intel and ZTE Collaborate to deliver WiMAX.
13-Jan-2005: European Telecom market to be hit hardest by SKYPE.
13-Jan-2005: Novatel's V620 PC card available on Verizon Wireless' EV-DO network.
13-Jan-2005: Samsung develops SCH-S310 motion-recognition phone.
12-Jan-2005: O2 and RIM introduce the BlackBerry 7100x.
12-Jan-2005: Superscape delivers 3D mobile gaming to Hong Kong's SmarTone.
12-Jan-2005: 3G Americas gets new Chairperson.
12-Jan-2005: Sprint builds cell tower veiled as a pine tree.
11-Jan-2005: Children to take care with mobile phones.
11-Jan-2005: Rumors have Bird Co. eyeing Siemens handset division.
11-Jan-2005: Comcast to Offer Web-Based Phone Service.
11-Jan-2005: MIPC publishes guidelines for consumer printing of camera phone pics.
11-Jan-2005: Alltel to purchase Western Wireless.
10-Jan-2005: Enfora announces new Wi-Fi Sled for palmOne's Treo.
09-Jan-2005: One chip to rule the radio waves.
08-Jan-2005: Motorola introduces Bluetooth trio.
07-Jan-2005: Verizon launches LG VX8000 EV-DO handset.
07-Jan-2005: Verizon launches 'VCAST'.
07-Jan-2005: NTT DoCoMo releases flat-panel speaker N506iS.
07-Jan-2005: One Voice's Media Center Communicator demos at CES.
07-Jan-2005: Motorola Ojo PVP1000 personal videophone debuts at CES.
07-Jan-2005: Sprint delivers phone software upgrades over its wireless network.
07-Jan-2005: Jabra BT800 advanced Bluetooth headset released.
07-Jan-2005: Animated Shorts and Mobile Movies Now Available from Sprint.
07-Jan-2005: Wireless home tv is on the way.
07-Jan-2005: Gates Touts 'Digital Lifestyle' in Vegas.
07-Jan-2005: Hop-on Launches The Blade.
07-Jan-2005: SanDisk's TransFlash makes major appearance in Asian mobile phones.
06-Jan-2005: Kodak intros Wi-Fi Digital Photography System.
06-Jan-2005: TI and AT&T team up to deliver VoIP.
06-Jan-2005: Mapquest announces 'Send to Phone' service.
05-Jan-2005: Cingular launches the Siemens SC56 Pocket PC.
05-Jan-2005: Motorola trials HSDPA with major European operators.
05-Jan-2005: New Nokia 6822 phone.
05-Jan-2005: CDM-180 Handset From UTStarcom debuts at CES.
04-Jan-2005: Samsung unveils SCH-a890 supporting 1X-EVDO.
04-Jan-2005: Vonage and UTStarcom intro portable F1000 Wi-Fi handset.
04-Jan-2005: HSDPA calls on 3G trial network a success.
04-Jan-2005: Hop-on exhibits RF wireless headset at CES.
04-Jan-2005: Alereon intros 480 Mbps ultrawideband evaluation kit.
04-Jan-2005: Samsung in $800-mn 3G deal with KDDI.
04-Jan-2005: Mobile firms sign 'Super 3G' deal.
03-Jan-2005: Charter to launch Wireless Internet.
03-Jan-2005: Cingular Wi-Fi Goes Live at RDU.
03-Jan-2005: Turkcell launches PoC in Turkey.
03-Jan-2005: U.S. Wireless To See Subscriber, Revenue Growth.
03-Jan-2005: DT talks to easyJet.
02-Jan-2005: UK marks 20 years of mobile phone use.
01-Jan-2005: Fastap-Enabled Mobile Phone debuts.
01-Jan-2005: FCC to auction licenses for 3G spectrum.

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