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Hiwire to test 700MHZ spectrum mobile DVB-H TV in Las Vegas
Posted: 24-Apr-2006 [Source: Aloha Partners]

[Aloha Partners announces Hiwire to deliver a test digital broadcast network in Las Vegas using 12 MHz of its 700 MHZ spectrum to deliver high-res live mobile tv using the DVB-H platform.]

Providence, RI -- Aloha Partners LP, the largest owner of 700 MHz spectrum in the United States, today announced the formation of its subsidiary, Hiwire(TM), to test a digital broadcast network in Las Vegas. Hiwire(TM) will deploy a high-resolution broadcast network and deliver 12 MHz of television, music, datacasting and interactive entertainment services for wireless carriers and consumer electronic device makers. The Hiwire(TM) network will use its 12 MHz of capacity to offer twice as many channels as current mobile broadcast TV competitors. This advantage also allows Hiwire(TM) to exclusively carry many channels live to consumers which other mobile broadcast networks are unable to deliver because they can't match our spectrum capacity. Hiwire(TM) will sell its services to wireless carriers and consumer electronic device makers, offering the most cost effective way for them to deliver high-definition mobile entertainment content to their subscribers.

"Consumer research shows that the typical viewer watches about 15 live TV channels. The trouble is that not everyone watches the same 15 channels," said Charlie Townsend, President of Aloha Partners. "In order to address all the consumer needs, you need to offer many more high-resolution live channels. With 12 MHz of capacity, Hiwire(TM) can give everybody what they want." Townsend added, "Hiwire(TM) will use its 12 MHz of 700 MHz spectrum to deliver twice as many channels of live, hi-resolution mobile TV. This gives Hiwire(TM) the ability to deliver many more live TV networks which other competing mobile broadcast networks can't, which will make Hiwire(TM) the exclusive home of several live TV networks and music channels." Townsend also indicated that by using 700 MHz to deliver those channel choices to consumers, it will require one tenth the number of cell sites as higher frequencies such as 1600 MHz frequencies. "The use of 700 MHz will result in significant savings and capital expenditures which will ultimately result in lower prices to the consumer and a faster time to market", Townsend added.

Hiwire(TM) will be testing its mobile TV offering in Las Vegas using UHF channels 54 and 59. Hiwire(TM) plans to use the Digital Video Broadcasting - Handheld (DVB-H) platform, which has been rigorously tested in Europe and will be deployed throughout the world. Following successful completion of the pilot program and continued interest from wireless carriers, the service will be expanded to additional markets.

700 MHz spectrum is widely recognized as a superior frequency for delivering television signals to media-enabled wireless devices because of its excellent propagation characteristics. 700 MHz can reach deep inside buildings and travel 2-3 times further than other higher frequencies such as 1600 MHz or 1700 MHz. "We feel that to deliver consumers the mobile TV experience that they want will require 'two-wall' in-building penetration", Townsend said. "That means that not only does your TV signal have to penetrate exterior walls, but interior walls as well. Unfortunately, it will be cost prohibitive to provide that quality of service using higher frequencies such as 1600 MHz or 1700 MHz".

Hiwire(TM) will feature high-resolution, live broadcast quality programming, delivered via a high-speed network designed to take advantage of today's new generation of H.264/MPEG-4 enabled wireless devices. The Hiwire(TM) content will be broadcast at rapid frame rates, providing a quality viewing experience that dramatically surpasses current mobile television offerings by delivering video at up to 30 frames per second and high-quality stereo audio.

Hiwire(TM) will incorporate open standards technology choices, including DVB-H technology, which is quickly becoming a global standard for mobile television. DVB-H is supported by the Mobile DTV Alliance and has been informally adopted by both the DVB-H Organization and the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). This type of technology choice ensures that Hiwire(TM) customers will not be encumbered with closed, proprietary technologies and platforms. They can rely on Hiwire(TM) to provide them with the flexibility and cost-effective technology solutions that they need as they integrate Hiwire(TM) technologies along with their existing infrastructure.


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