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M:Metrics: Captured by Cameraphones
Posted: 07-Aug-2006 [Source: M:Metrics]

[M:Metrics finds cameraphone photo messaging increasing in the U.S. and Europe.]

Seattle, WA -- Cameraphone ownership and usage is climbing across the U.S. and Europe, reports M:Metrics, the mobile market authority. With summer vacations in full swing in America, photo messaging has increased 32 percent since February, while in Europe, it has increased 20 percent in France and 16 percent in the United Kingdom, while remaining steady in Germany, where 19 percent of mobile phone subscribers used photo messaging in June.

"At 50.7 percent, the number of mobile subscribers in France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States owning cameraphones has grown 22 percent since February of this year," said Mark Donovan, vice president and senior analyst, M:Metrics. "We also see a direct correlation between camera resolution and propensity to use photo messaging, as 44.3 percent of subscribers who own phones with cameras with resolutions exceeding one megapixel sent a photo over the network, versus a global average of 30.5 percent."

Photo Messaging Conversion Rate for Camera Phone Owners Quarter Ended June 2006 Resolution Average US UK Germany France

1 + Megapixel 41.5% 51.8% 38.1% 44.0%

VGA (640x480) 30.1% 28.0% 18.7% 22.8%

Less than VGA 23.9% 22.3% 18.0% 21.4%

Grand Total 31.8% 36.5% 24.2% 27.3%

The RAZR is the popular cameraphone in the United Kingdom and the United States, while the Nokia 6230 tops the German market and the Sagem my X-5 is the cameraphone of choice among the French. However, in terms of conversion rate, meaning those who use their cameraphones to generate revenue for their operator by sending a photo on the network, the top devices are the Nokia 6630 in France, the Nokia 6280 in Germany, the Nokia 6111 in the United Kingdom and the Danger Sidekick II in the United States.

U.S. Mobile Subscriber Monthly Consumption of Content and Applications M:Metrics Benchmark Survey: June 2006 Subscribers

Subscribers Activity (1000s) Percent % Change

Sent Text Message 70,186 36.9% 1.6%

Used Photo Messaging 24,312 12.8% 7.4%

Browsed News & Infor 19,514 10.3% 2.5%

Purchased Ringtone 19,084 10.0% 1.3%

Used Personal E-Mail 14,518 7.6% 5.0%

Used Mobile IM 12,692 6.7% 3.9%

Used Work E-Mail 8,497 4.5% 6.4%

Purchased Wallpaper or Screensaver 6,492 3.4% -1.8%

Downloaded Mobile Game 4,995 2.6% 3.2%

Source: M:Metrics, Inc., Copyright 2006. Survey of U.S. mobile subscribers. Data based on three-month moving average for period ending 30 June, 2006, n= 33,287


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