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MobileTechNews archive for the year 2007:

31-Dec-2007: The top 10 wireless trends for 2008.
27-Dec-2007: Ericsson technology enables new safety device launched by NTT DoCoMo.
26-Dec-2007: Verizon WIreless encourages recycling of old phones.
24-Dec-2007: NTT DoCoMo considers tie-up with Google.
21-Dec-2007: Air France begins offering in-flight mobile phone service.
21-Dec-2007: Recycled Handset Shipments to Exceed 100 Million Units in 2012.
21-Dec-2007: KDDI and Willcom win new Japanese WiMAX licenses.
20-Dec-2007: TeleFlip offers free email-to-cell phone text messaging service.
20-Dec-2007: Can You Hear Me Now -- Indoors?.
19-Dec-2007: Samsung SPH-M4650 PDA with new Marvell PXA 300 processor announced.
19-Dec-2007: Hop-on releases PDA 2001 model with gaming capabiilities.
19-Dec-2007: FCC: 266 Bidders In 700 MHz Spectrum Auction.
19-Dec-2007: Mobile technology becomes powerful tool to get out the vote in 2008.
19-Dec-2007: Paul Allen applies to bid in U.S. wireless auction.
19-Dec-2007: Zipit Wireless Messenger 2 announced.
19-Dec-2007: iMode meets iPhone.
18-Dec-2007: Sprint Nextel Names Wireless Veteran Dan Hesse as President and CEO.
17-Dec-2007: Verizon Wireless and Palm Announce the Arrival of the Treo 755p Smartphone.
17-Dec-2007: AT&T offers new apps for customers with disabilities.
17-Dec-2007: Alltel Wireless Launches Voice2TXT.
16-Dec-2007: Torvalds predicts more Linux smartphones in 2008.
14-Dec-2007: 3G Americas sees growing interst in AWS frequency band.
14-Dec-2007: SOYO to Debut the Honeywell Airlite 700 Bluetooth Headsets at CES.
13-Dec-2007: Vodafone Germany using Ericsson's new power-saving base station feature.
13-Dec-2007: Sprint and MySpace Announce Mobile Web Partnership.
12-Dec-2007: Sprint Holds 7th Annual Developer Conference.
12-Dec-2007: Verizon Wireless offers pink version of LG Venus.
12-Dec-2007: NTT DoCoMo launches F801i child-friendly handset.
11-Dec-2007: Virgin Mobile USA deploys self-service phone activation.
11-Dec-2007: Alvarion Chosen by Altitude for WiMAX Deployment.
11-Dec-2007: ACCESS Linux Platform advances in Japan.
10-Dec-2007: Linux Phone Standards Forum Completes Release of 1.0 Specifications.
10-Dec-2007: New Samsung Katalyst supports T-Mobile HotSpot @Home service.
10-Dec-2007: Microsoft begins offering U.S. ads on MSN Mobile.
10-Dec-2007: Nokia signs deal with The Cloud.
10-Dec-2007: MetroPCS to upgrade to 3G in seven U.S. markets.
10-Dec-2007: Qwest offers new free mobile E-mail service.
07-Dec-2007: First Unlocked Treo 750 Smartphone Shipping.
06-Dec-2007: Opera Mini Web browser now available on Qualcomm's BREW platform.
05-Dec-2007: The Red LG VX8350 arrives at Verizon Wireless.
05-Dec-2007: Verizon Wireless introduces the MOTOZ5c Slider.
05-Dec-2007: CradlePoint announces its Personal WiFi Hotspot device.
05-Dec-2007: T-Mobile Germany stops selling unlocked iPhones.
04-Dec-2007: Nokia World 2007 Conference.
04-Dec-2007: Young mobile phone users continue to disconnect from home landline phones.
04-Dec-2007: Verizon Wireless to embrace Google's Android initiative.
04-Dec-2007: AT&T and Verizon Agree to Wireless Asset Swap.
04-Dec-2007: 35% of U.S. Tweens Own a Mobile Phone.
04-Dec-2007: Hop-on Brings Back Disposable Cell Phone.
03-Dec-2007: Nortel and Qualcomm test enhanced dual-mode solution.
03-Dec-2007: Nokia Predicts 25% of Entertainment by 2012 Will be Created and Consumed Within Peer Communities.
02-Dec-2007: Unused Phones going to Cell Phones for Soldiers.
01-Dec-2007: Google to participate in the FCC 700 MGz spectrum auction.
01-Dec-2007: Verizon Wireless Introduces Chocolate by LG in Blue Ice.
01-Dec-2007: Qualcomm Announces Support for Wireless Services in 700 MHz.
30-Nov-2007: Motorola changes CEO's.
30-Nov-2007: 3G Americas Embraces Global Coordination of Spectrum Planning at WRC '07.
29-Nov-2007: Verizon Selects LTE as 4G Wireless Broadband Direction.
29-Nov-2007: 3G Apple iPhone Coming Next Year - report.
29-Nov-2007: Orange unveils iPhone in France.
28-Nov-2007: The XV6800 now availalbe through Verizon Wireless.
28-Nov-2007: 3G Handsets Will Dominate Mobile Phone Market in Next Five Years.
28-Nov-2007: Verizon switch is a win for Google.
28-Nov-2007: Verizon Wireless opens network, in win for Google.
28-Nov-2007: Verizon's Opening Move and You.
28-Nov-2007: Verison Wireless announces 'Any Apps, Any Device' option.
27-Nov-2007: Samsung Develops Single-Chip RFID Reader for Mobile Devices.
27-Nov-2007: Siemens Introduces its Family of 802.16e Portfolio at WiMAX 2007.
27-Nov-2007: 3G helps fuel demand for adult content.
26-Nov-2007: CDMA Reaches More Than 420 Million Subscribers Worldwide in Q3 2007.
26-Nov-2007: AT&T launches the Shine by LG.
22-Nov-2007: Mobile Operators Must Develop a Robust Business Case for Femtocells.
21-Nov-2007: Verizon Wireless launches the Samsung FlipShot.
21-Nov-2007: Alltell adding the BlackBerry Pearl 8130 to its lineup.
21-Nov-2007: German operator T-Mobile to sell iPhone without contract.
21-Nov-2007: 3G Handsets Surpass Half of US Device Sales in Q3 2007.
21-Nov-2007: Market Share for GSM Wireless Technology Grows to 62% in Western Hemisphere.
21-Nov-2007: Verizon Wireless offers Kyocera KPC680 ExpressCard.
20-Nov-2007: T-Mobile USA offers free flight promotion.
20-Nov-2007: Vodafone file injunction against T-Mobile over iPhone sales terms.
19-Nov-2007: Verizon Wireless Introduces The Voyager And Venus By LG.
19-Nov-2007: AT&T Announces the SLM by Samsung.
19-Nov-2007: picoChip Delivers Industry's First Single-Chip WiMAX Wave 2 and IO-MIMO Femtocell Reference Design.
16-Nov-2007: Google Has Even Bigger Plans for Mobile Phones.
16-Nov-2007: Sony Ericsson Ranked Highest in Wireless Handset Customer Satisfaction Study.
15-Nov-2007: Alcatel-Lucent and LGE Perform Successful LTE Calls.
15-Nov-2007: MontaVista Linux Carrier Grade Edition 5.0 released.
15-Nov-2007: Alltel Wireless Introduces Axcess Family Finder.
14-Nov-2007: The new Nokia N82.
14-Nov-2007: iPhones Have Higher Text Entry Error Rate Compared to Hard-Key QWERTY Phones.
14-Nov-2007: Qualcomm intros three new single-chip solutions for smartphones.
13-Nov-2007: AT&T Begins Mobile Banking Nationwide.
13-Nov-2007: New 3G Nokia 8800 Arte and Nokia 8800 Sapphire Arte announced.
13-Nov-2007: Qualcomm Drives Migration to 3G.
13-Nov-2007: Google announces the Android developer challenge.
13-Nov-2007: EU plans shake-up of telecom rules.
13-Nov-2007: Alltel Wireless to Launch "`Parental Controls" Application.
12-Nov-2007: Microsoft unveils three new Zune players.
12-Nov-2007: Costo Stores begin selling AT&T Wireless services.
12-Nov-2007: More Than 4,000 Products Wi-Fi Certified.
11-Nov-2007: Disney to launch Japanese mobile service.
09-Nov-2007: Samsung, NXP and T3G Showcase World's First TD-SCDMA HSDPA/GSM Multi-Mode Mobile Phone.
09-Nov-2007: Sprint Nextel and Clearwire Terminate WiMAX Letter of Intent.
09-Nov-2007: SK Telecom takes control of Helio.
08-Nov-2007: LG launches HSDPA LG-KS20 handset.
08-Nov-2007: Sprint allows customers to change rate plans without renewing conract.
08-Nov-2007: T-Mobile to Introduce More-Flexible Contract Terms.
08-Nov-2007: Siemens in talks to sell corporate telecoms unit.
08-Nov-2007: ABI Research ponders Motorola's recent investment in UIQ.
07-Nov-2007: Vodafone and Nokia agree to launch integrated Vodafone services on Nokia handsets.
07-Nov-2007: Touch screen W960 Walkman phone available.
07-Nov-2007: Newest Danger device now available from T-Mobile USA.
07-Nov-2007: Will Google fracture or unify mobile Linux?.
07-Nov-2007: The new Sony Ericsson K660.
07-Nov-2007: Sony Ericsson MD300 - the first USB Mobile Broadband Modem..
07-Nov-2007: GPS Chip Market Driven by Integration into Mobile Devices.
07-Nov-2007: Opera Mini 4 hits the streets.
05-Nov-2007: Google Blog asks "Where's my Gphone"?.
05-Nov-2007: Google announces the Android open platform for mobile devices.
05-Nov-2007: Rivals respond to Google's mobile device platform announcement.
04-Nov-2007: New international iPhone plan from AT&T.
02-Nov-2007: Verizon Wireless Launches CDMA-Enabled Blackberry Pearl.
02-Nov-2007: Smartphone growth driven by new features.
01-Nov-2007: MOTO Q Goes Global with AT&T.
01-Nov-2007: MontaVista acquires Korean company to expand embedded Linux in Korea.
01-Nov-2007: Boingo Wireless Acquires Sprint's Wi-Fi Network Operations at Seven U.S. Airports.
01-Nov-2007: NTT DoCoMo Unveils 23 Handsets in New 905i and 705i Series.
31-Oct-2007: NBA Games on V Cast.
31-Oct-2007: AT&T Announces Wholesale VoIP Service Expansion.
31-Oct-2007: unleases local search apps.
31-Oct-2007: NEC Successfully Develops Wideband Wearable Antenna Prototype.
30-Oct-2007: Samsung and AT&T announce the SGH-a737.
30-Oct-2007: Atheros announces new low-power Wi-Fi solution.
30-Oct-2007: Google plan sees phones by mid-2008.
30-Oct-2007: AT&T begins offering the Pantech duo.
30-Oct-2007: 3 Skypephone launches.
30-Oct-2007: Samsung intros new lineup.
29-Oct-2007: T-Mobile Shadow Launches.
29-Oct-2007: Ericsson signs new hosting agreement with AT&T for GoPhone pre-paid services.
26-Oct-2007: AT&T's MedioFlor TV service launch delayed.
26-Oct-2007: Need a cell phone? Check the vending machine.
26-Oct-2007: Hop-on introduces the 1912 and 1913 CDMA phones.
25-Oct-2007: Samsung and Nokia Star Performers Q3 2007.
25-Oct-2007: Opera Link connects mobile and desktop worlds.
25-Oct-2007: RIM launches Facebook for BlackBerry Smartphones.
25-Oct-2007: The iPhone Development Roundup.
25-Oct-2007: Qualcomm intros Gobi dual-mode chipset.
24-Oct-2007: AT&T announces Samsung BlackJack II Smartphone.
24-Oct-2007: Palm GPS Navigatore features Garmin Mobile XT software.
24-Oct-2007: i-mate Launches in the Americas.
24-Oct-2007: Nokia MOSH announces SEEK.
23-Oct-2007: First device with Qualcomm's MEMS direct view display on the way.
23-Oct-2007: Nokia offers vision of the mobile future.
23-Oct-2007: Sharp Develops Industry's Thinnest LCD.
22-Oct-2007: Sprint Expands ''Unlimited by Boost".
22-Oct-2007: Kentucky deploys muni-wireless and fixed WiMAX solutions.
22-Oct-2007: Trolltech Sells Out of Qtopia Greenphones.
22-Oct-2007: AT&T to offer Napster Mobile service.
22-Oct-2007: Taiwan to spend US$664 mln on WiMax development.
22-Oct-2007: IBM and MediaTek bring wireless high-def to consumers.
22-Oct-2007: Spreadtrum Announces TD-SCDMA/HSDPA Data Card Chip.
20-Oct-2007: Verizon Wireless announces UM150 USB Modem.
20-Oct-2007: KDDI Announces Eight New au Handset Models.
19-Oct-2007: ITU includes WiMAX in IMT-2000 standards framework.
19-Oct-2007: Alltel and Motorola Debut the MOTOROKR Z6m.
19-Oct-2007: AT&T Delivers 3G Speed Boost with Sierra Wirless AirCard 881.
19-Oct-2007: Western Union and GSMA to Create New Global Mobile Money Transfer Service.
19-Oct-2007: iPhone is AT&T Top Seller.
18-Oct-2007: Verizon Wireless offers new Smartphone and PDA Options.
18-Oct-2007: Verizon Wireless announces over-the-air firmware updates.
18-Oct-2007: Sprint to offer new Qchat phones in 2008.
18-Oct-2007: EQO Brings Mobile Internet Phone Application to Symbian Smartphones.
18-Oct-2007: Treo - Take One!.
18-Oct-2007: Apple to open the iPhone.
18-Oct-2007: Sprint to launch HTC Touch.
17-Oct-2007: AT&T reduces penalties on customers changing or exiting calling plans.
17-Oct-2007: Verizon Wireless begins offering The Juke by Samsung.
17-Oct-2007: It's official - Apple goes Orange.
17-Oct-2007: AT&T now offering the BlackBerry Curve 8130 featuring GPS.
17-Oct-2007: Google offers free Symbian C++ version of Google Maps.
17-Oct-2007: Samsung Announces GPS Navigator Smartphone Based on Symbian OS.
16-Oct-2007: AT&T offers My Media Net service.
16-Oct-2007: S60 smartphone software evolves to enrich the user experience.
16-Oct-2007: Verizon Wireless Selects Firethorn As Strategic Partner For Mobile Banking Services.
15-Oct-2007: LGC Wireless Announces In-Building Mobile WiMAX System.
15-Oct-2007: Motorola purchases half of Sony Ericsson UIQ.
15-Oct-2007: AT&T Offers Discounted Wireless Calling to Mexico.
15-Oct-2007: Motorola debuts Special Edition of the new RAZR2.
15-Oct-2007: Motorola announces seven new W Series handsets.
15-Oct-2007: Stylish New MOTO U9 Announced.
15-Oct-2007: New Nokia 21325 CDMA phone introduced.
15-Oct-2007: GPS Mobile Phones: the Next Gold Mine?.
15-Oct-2007: "Ship Me!" Says the Nokia N95 8GB.
14-Oct-2007: Red Five Labs to launch public beta program for Net60.
14-Oct-2007: Bluetooth-enabled Equipment Shipments to Hit 800 million this Year.
12-Oct-2007: LG Rumor available exclusively from Sprint.
12-Oct-2007: Mobile WiMAX market up 130%.
12-Oct-2007: Samsung Reports Handset Sales Booming.
12-Oct-2007: Sanyo moves closer to transfer of its mobile phone unit to Kyocera.
11-Oct-2007: Sony Ericsson introduces the K630.
11-Oct-2007: Sony Ericsson Walkman W910 and Cyber-shot K850 announced.
11-Oct-2007: Sprint Introduces the BlackBerry Pearl 8130.
11-Oct-2007: Japan mobile carriers apply for WiMAX licences.
11-Oct-2007: Verizon Wireless offers new Mobile Web 2.0 MCARDS! app.
10-Oct-2007: MontaVista announces TestDrive.
10-Oct-2007: Project-a-Phone Launches ICD-1300 Image Capture and Display System for Handhelds.
10-Oct-2007: Samsung SDI to Develop the Industry's First wVGA OLED Panel.
10-Oct-2007: Technology no longer the issue for mobile TV.
09-Oct-2007: Sprint Nextel searching for new CEO.
09-Oct-2007: Alcatel-Lucent and Sagem jointly develop Femto Cell Base Stations supporting in-building 3G services.
09-Oct-2007: HughesNet arrives at WalMart stores.
09-Oct-2007: Demand for Mobile TV Will Outpace Wireless Infrastructure Bandwidth.
09-Oct-2007: AT&T acquires Aloha Partners spectrum.
08-Oct-2007: Motorola awarded FET WiMAX contracts.
08-Oct-2007: WAV Distribution providing Spotwave Wireless in-building coverage solutions.
08-Oct-2007: Broadcom chipsets powering new Samsung 3G handsets.
08-Oct-2007: Ericsson launches HSPA in the 2.6GHz frequency band.
06-Oct-2007: McDonald's offers free Wi-Fi in UK.
05-Oct-2007: Verizon Wireless announces the Gleam by Samsung.
05-Oct-2007: Palm Linux Smartphone Delayed Once Again.
05-Oct-2007: Nokia Siemens may be heading towards separation.
04-Oct-2007: BT and FON launch the world's largest Wi-Fi community.
04-Oct-2007: Samsung and Bang & Olufsen announce the Serenata music-centric phone.
04-Oct-2007: AT&T Tilt feature-packed 3G smart device announced.
03-Oct-2007: Verizon Launches Four New Handsets.
03-Oct-2007: Plug 'N Play Maps for Your Phone from Garmin.
03-Oct-2007: 3G FOMA subscribers exceed 40 million.
02-Oct-2007: Nokia Video Center expands with new members.
02-Oct-2007: Telenor launches WiMAX.
01-Oct-2007: ADC Introduces FlexWave URH.
01-Oct-2007: Samsung unveils new music-centric phone - The Beat.
01-Oct-2007: Kyocera Lingo available for first time in U.S..
01-Oct-2007: Verizon offers new bundled calling plans.
01-Oct-2007: Nokia set to expand its GPS phone lineup.
01-Oct-2007: RIM Introduces First CDMA-enabled BlackBerry Pearl.
01-Oct-2007: Nearly 45% of U.S. Mobile Users Looking for Better Internet Access in Next Mobile Phone Purchase.
01-Oct-2007: Adobe Launches Flash Lite 3.
01-Oct-2007: Opera delivers new version of Opera Mobile 8.6 for Windows Mobile.
28-Sep-2007: Verizon Wireless introduces the MOTORIZR Z6tv.
28-Sep-2007: Palm introduces the Centro - its smallest smartphone.
28-Sep-2007: Disney Mobile to end operations.
28-Sep-2007: Sprint offers Novatel Ovation U727 Rev. A USB Modem.
28-Sep-2007: Domino's Pizza First in Industry to Offer Mobile Ordering.
27-Sep-2007: New High-Speed Nokia N95 Now Shipping Nationwide.
27-Sep-2007: T-Mobile USA Announces New Sidekick LX and Sidekick Slide.
27-Sep-2007: Intel, Nokia and Nokia Siemens Networks announce Global WiMAX interoperability testing.
26-Sep-2007: New MontaVista Mobilinux 5.0 released.
26-Sep-2007: New revolutionary WiMAX chipset for handheld devices unveiled by Motorola.
26-Sep-2007: Motorola Demonstrates World's First WiMAX 802.16e Mobile Handoffs in Downtown Chicago.
26-Sep-2007: T-Mobile USA and RIM Introduce BlackBerry Curve 8320 with Wi-Fi Calling Feature.
26-Sep-2007: Virgin Mobile USA plans IPO.
26-Sep-2007: Broadcom intros advanced single-chip GPS solution for mobile apps.
26-Sep-2007: More Than 100 Million Handsets with Touch Screens to Ship in 2008.
26-Sep-2007: MobiTV shows off three screen media over WiMAX.
25-Sep-2007: Apple says unlocking iPhone can cause irreparable damage.
24-Sep-2007: Boost Mobile releases the Motorola W385.
24-Sep-2007: DoubleClick announces the launch of DoubleClick Mobile.
24-Sep-2007: iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store "Now Playing" at Starbucks.
24-Sep-2007: MySpace launches free mobile web service.
24-Sep-2007: Sequans and PMC-Sierra Deliver Complete Mobile WiMAX Femtocell.
24-Sep-2007: Kapsch CarrierCom, Nortel Win New Czech Railways GSM-R Contract.
21-Sep-2007: 15 things Apple should fix in iPhone 2.0.
21-Sep-2007: Door opens for Google to move into UK mobile arena.
20-Sep-2007: Nokia 6301 UMA phone launches.
20-Sep-2007: T-Mobile USA and Danger Introduce MySpace Mobile for T-Mobile Sidekick.
20-Sep-2007: Intel to Combine WiMAX and Variety of Mobile Devices to Shape Future Wireless Broadband Internet World.
20-Sep-2007: Linux provider MontaVista joins LiMo Foundation.
20-Sep-2007: Sprint eyes expansion of unlimited call plan trial.
19-Sep-2007: New BlackBerry 8820 From AT&T.
19-Sep-2007: Airspan Introduces MiMAX( Mobile WiMAX MIMO Device Family.
19-Sep-2007: T-Mobile Germany gets the iPhone.
19-Sep-2007: Consumer spending on mobile broadcast TV services expected to exceed $6.6bn by 2012.
19-Sep-2007: Verizon, Vodafone work toward common platform.
18-Sep-2007: O2 gets iPhone in UK.
18-Sep-2007: Nokia delivers the new Nokia E51.
18-Sep-2007: Google AdSense for Mobile announced.
18-Sep-2007: Sprint begins offering Samsung's AIRAVE femtocell base station.
18-Sep-2007: Joint Venture Formed for Wireless Broadband Business Based on Mobile Wimax Technology.
18-Sep-2007: Broadcom Joins the LiMo Foundation.
18-Sep-2007: Linux-based Qtopia platform ported to the Neo1973 phone.
17-Sep-2007: Nokia Siemens and Airvana cooperate on 3G Femto Home Access.
17-Sep-2007: Mobile dating revenues to reach $1bn by 2012.
17-Sep-2007: Nokia to acquire Enpocket to create a gobal mobile advertising leader.
17-Sep-2007: T-Mobile Agrees to Acquire SunCom Wireless.
17-Sep-2007: Municipal Wi-Fi, Once The Rage, Now Often The Scourge.
15-Sep-2007: Sanyo and Kyocera may be close to deal.
14-Sep-2007: Verizon Wireless files suit over FCC auction rules.
14-Sep-2007: Virgin America and AirCell to Take Broadband Internet to the Skies.
14-Sep-2007: Moto Razr2, Q9m Fail to Excite.
13-Sep-2007: Industry heavyweights rally support for UFS spec.
13-Sep-2007: Alltel Wireless Debuts the MOTORAZR2 V9m.
13-Sep-2007: Nearly 95 Million "Ultra-Mobile Devices" to Ship by 2012.
13-Sep-2007: NTT DoCoMo passes another milestone on road to Super 3G System.
13-Sep-2007: Online shopping arrives on Sprint handsets.
13-Sep-2007: Ericsson announces the first HSPA platform to enable true mass-market multimedia devices.
13-Sep-2007: Boston's Museum of Fine Arts offers first of its kind wireless download service.
13-Sep-2007: South Korea maintains position as a leader in advanced wireless services.
12-Sep-2007: RIM Unveils New BlackBerry Pearl Colors.
12-Sep-2007: AT&T delivers the Nokia 6555.
12-Sep-2007: Palm Launches Treo 500v on Windows Mobile 6 for Vodafone Customers.
12-Sep-2007: Why Apple Won't Become A Phone Company.
11-Sep-2007: AT&T seeking "mobility-centric" identity.
11-Sep-2007: Nokia Revamps its Location-Based Experiences.
11-Sep-2007: Apple Eyes the Wireless Auction.
11-Sep-2007: Ericsson CEO says Mobile broadband becoming a mass market.
11-Sep-2007: EDGE, HSPA and LTE Provide Mobile Broadband Advantage.
10-Sep-2007: Vodafone Group Unveils its Handset Range for Christmas 2007.
10-Sep-2007: Motorola pledges to break out of slump.
09-Sep-2007: Microsoft, Siemens to develop in-car infotainment.
07-Sep-2007: GSM turns 20.
07-Sep-2007: Virgin Mobile introduces the Super Slice handset.
07-Sep-2007: Qualcomm and conVISUAL unveil live, interactive mobile broadcast demo at IBC 2007.
07-Sep-2007: Pace Unveils WiMAX Solution for Delivery of Content to and around the Home.
07-Sep-2007: Berg Insight says handset navigation users will reach 43 million in 2012.
06-Sep-2007: iPhone early adopters receive $100 credit.
06-Sep-2007: Thalys to provide wireless broadband on train routes crossing European borders.
05-Sep-2007: iPhone price drops.
05-Sep-2007: Apple Unveils Wi-Fi enabled iPod 'touch'.
05-Sep-2007: Palm cancels Linux-based Foleo.
05-Sep-2007: Mobile Video Competition possible threat to operators.
05-Sep-2007: Chinese airline opts for in-flight mobile service.
05-Sep-2007: Ericsson unveils 'green' base station site concept.
04-Sep-2007: Verizon Wireless launches the Coupe.
04-Sep-2007: Verizon Wireless Introduces America's Choice 65 Plus Calling Plans.
04-Sep-2007: 3 Scandinavia launches 3G Push-to-Talk.
04-Sep-2007: AT&T Smart Limits offers wireless parental control features.
04-Sep-2007: Alvarion to supply WiMAX equipment to Russia's CenterTelecom.
04-Sep-2007: Sequans Leads in Mobile WiMAX Chip Performance.
03-Sep-2007: Apple's new iPod video to have Wi-Fi.
31-Aug-2007: SanDisk first to offer 8 GB M2 cards for mobile phones.
31-Aug-2007: ACCA Networks and NTT DoCoMo partner to provide WiMAX.
30-Aug-2007: NTT DoCoMo to Unveil Windows Mobile 6.0 Smartphones.
30-Aug-2007: New Opera Mini look.
30-Aug-2007: Sony unveils first U.S. Walkman video players.
30-Aug-2007: LG Adds Luster to IFA 2007 with Latest Handsets.
30-Aug-2007: Rural Communities to get 3G HSDPA.
30-Aug-2007: Nokia unveils four entertainment and music devices.
30-Aug-2007: Ovi Internet services brand name announced by Nokia.
28-Aug-2007: Sprint Awards Samsung New York WiMax.
28-Aug-2007: Symbian opens new R&D Center in China.
24-Aug-2007: Another Brit arrested for using unsecured Wi-Fi connection.
24-Aug-2007: Mobile Linux gaining support.
24-Aug-2007: Nokia and Matsushita Battery agree on costs related to BL-5C batteries.
24-Aug-2007: Virgin Mobile USA continues to lead in customer satisfaction.
24-Aug-2007: AT&T drops huge iPhone bills.
24-Aug-2007: Working Assets offers solar powered charger.
23-Aug-2007: Nokia and Microsoft to deliver Windows Live services to millions of mobile customers.
23-Aug-2007: Google says mobile usage surged over the summer.
23-Aug-2007: Apple iPhone European deals reported.
22-Aug-2007: New Motorola Q Music 9m offered exclusively by Verizon Wireless.
22-Aug-2007: India's CMA2000 Subscribers base passes 50 million users.
22-Aug-2007: Virgin Mobile USA offers diverse selection of mobile social networking options.
21-Aug-2007: 4G Network WiBro Smart Phone ships in Korea.
21-Aug-2007: Alltel to Launch WHERE LBS Application.
21-Aug-2007: Study Reveals How Advertising and Voice Improve Mobile Search Experience.
21-Aug-2007: New Nokia 6555.
20-Aug-2007: Wireless 4G Technology Beginning To Shape Up.
20-Aug-2007: Windows update patches trigger Skype outage.
20-Aug-2007: NXP launches world's first USB-driven digital headset solution for mobile phones.
18-Aug-2007: Skype is back.
17-Aug-2007: Nokia Requests ITC Investigation Into Qualcomm Unfair Trade Practices and Patent Infringement.
17-Aug-2007: Skype users still hampered by connection difficulties.
17-Aug-2007: Exclusive: One RAZR2, Four Ways to Cut It.
16-Aug-2007: Sprint's WiMAX service to be marketed under the XOHM brand.
16-Aug-2007: Sprint and Google to Collaborate on WiMAX Mobile Internet Services.
16-Aug-2007: Verizon Wireless Introduces The AirCard 595U USB Modem From Sierra Wireless.
16-Aug-2007: More Than a Dozen Vendors Will Be Shipping Sub-$50 Handsets by 2008.
16-Aug-2007: Helio announces the Fin by Samsung.
16-Aug-2007: China's telecom sector poised for shake-up.
15-Aug-2007: Nortel Teams With Leading Universities to Drive 4G Mobile Broadband.
15-Aug-2007: GSM/UMTS services gain half a billion new customers in past year.
15-Aug-2007: Why Wi-Fi Networks Are Floundering.
15-Aug-2007: Alvarion's BreezeACCESS VL receives FCC certification for 5.4 and 5.3 GHz bands.
15-Aug-2007: They've Just Got to Get a Message to You.
15-Aug-2007: New Sony Ericsson K770 Cyber-shot phone.
15-Aug-2007: British rail passengers to get free Wi-Fi ride.
14-Aug-2007: Nokia announces product advisory for BL-5C battery.
14-Aug-2007: Mobile Web 2.0 From Verizon Wireless.
14-Aug-2007: MySpace Launches First Mobile Initiative in Canada.
14-Aug-2007: Femtocells Will Boost Mobile Triple-Play Services.
13-Aug-2007: AT&T announces availability of LG's 'trax' mobile phone.
13-Aug-2007: Social networking set to explode in the mobile space - report.
11-Aug-2007: MOTORAZR2 Debuts With U.S. Wireless Carriers.
10-Aug-2007: AT&T calls cencorship of Pearl Jam lyrics an error.
10-Aug-2007: EA and PopCap Introduce All-New Version of Bejeweled for Mobile Phones.
10-Aug-2007: Sprint Offers FamilyWatchdog.
09-Aug-2007: Alltel Wireless First North American Carrier to Offer Huawei Data Card.
09-Aug-2007: Vodafone Joins WiMAX Forum.
08-Aug-2007: Samsung Blast available exclusively through T-Mobile USA.
08-Aug-2007: Nokia and STMicroelectronics plan deeper ties in 3G technology development.
07-Aug-2007: Nokia unveils the Prism collection.
07-Aug-2007: Qualcomm to appeal ITC Ban on Imports of Future 3G Handset Models.
07-Aug-2007: Bush Administration Upholds Qualcomm Ban.
07-Aug-2007: Vodafone seen keeping Verizon Wireless stake.
07-Aug-2007: PeerMe Launches One-Click Photo Upload.
07-Aug-2007: Hitachi and Alvarion to cooperate in developing Mobile WiMAX System.
07-Aug-2007: Mobile Broadband users to pass 1bn by 2012 with HSPA accounting for over 70%.
06-Aug-2007: Microsoft PlayReady technology now supported by Nokia S60 and S40 device platforms.
06-Aug-2007: Nokia Siemens Networks joins the Linux Foundation.
06-Aug-2007: AT&T Expands Wi-Fi Access in Europe.
06-Aug-2007: Samsung Announces Availability of DM-S105, DM-S110 in the Disney Mobile(SM) Lineup.
06-Aug-2007: 'Long Way Down' tour reaches Cape Town.
03-Aug-2007: Alltel Wireless Introduces The Wave by LG.
02-Aug-2007: Google talking to cellphone operators, makers-WSJ.
02-Aug-2007: Samsung tops Motorola Q2 '07.
02-Aug-2007: CDG reports CDMA continues to dominate North American 3G market.
02-Aug-2007: Apple Releases Security Patch for IPhone.
01-Aug-2007: FCC Hands Google A Partial Victory In Wireless Auction.
01-Aug-2007: Nine NBC Universal Channels Coming To Verizon Wireless V CAST Phones.
31-Jul-2007: AT&T Mobile Music Hits the Airwaves With eMusic Mobile.
31-Jul-2007: SymbMB 2.00 allows wireless multimedia sharing with any advanced mobile handset or PC.
31-Jul-2007: Solo Direct brings WiMAX to Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois.
31-Jul-2007: Over 50% of Handset Accessories Market Revenues to Come from Products Supporting Multimedia Features.
30-Jul-2007: Samsung 's first GSM 5megapixel camera phone for the European market.
30-Jul-2007: Verizon Wireless to acquire Rural Cellular Corporation.
30-Jul-2007: Next generation mobile technologies set to boost growth in Europe.
29-Jul-2007: iPhone Battery Lawsuit: What Did Steve Jobs Say, and When Did He Say It?.
28-Jul-2007: Market-Ready Mobile WiMAX To Deliver UK Wireless Broadband.
27-Jul-2007: All Change for the WiMAX Supplier Industry?.
27-Jul-2007: Sprint and Google to collaborate on WiMAX.
26-Jul-2007: EXPN launches on VZW's V Cast Mobile TV.
26-Jul-2007: Korea's SK Telecom may be looking to invest in Sprint Nextel.
26-Jul-2007: QUALCOMM Announces New UMB Base Station Reference Design.
26-Jul-2007: GSA studies confirm almost three quarters of 3G/WCDMA Operators have launched HSPA.
25-Jul-2007: Alltel Wireless Launches 'mywaves' Mobile Video Service.
25-Jul-2007: Pantech C150 launches.
25-Jul-2007: AT&T'S Got Your Back With Mobile Backup.
24-Jul-2007: AT&T iPhone sales disappointing.
24-Jul-2007: Nokia acquires Twango.
24-Jul-2007: Verizon Wireless exceeds 10 Billion Text Messages in June.
24-Jul-2007: AT&T Video Share goes Nationwide.
24-Jul-2007: Ericsson and TI to co-develop solutions for Open OS 3G handsets.
24-Jul-2007: Smartphone adoption on the increase in China.
23-Jul-2007: Alvarion's WiMAX solutions used by KDDI to bridge digital divide in pan-Asia.
20-Jul-2007: Google looking to bid big in 700 MHz spectrum auction.
19-Jul-2007: Sprint and Clearwire announce plans to build nationwide WiMAX network.
19-Jul-2007: Nokia announces new A-GPS service.
19-Jul-2007: Vodafone holding out for 3G iPhone.
19-Jul-2007: China continues to advance mobile broadband in preparation for 2008 Olympic games.
18-Jul-2007: New BlackBerry 8820 Smartphone.
17-Jul-2007: Sprint expands Mobile Social Networking and Social Mapping services.
17-Jul-2007: NTT DoCoMo to Start Marketing Japanese Support for BlackBerry.
17-Jul-2007: Cricket launches the Nokia 6275i.
17-Jul-2007: London gets free Wi-Fi.
17-Jul-2007: Alltel Hue by Samsung launches.
17-Jul-2007: Motorola launches Motorola Road Trips.
17-Jul-2007: Defining 4G.
16-Jul-2007: Sprint to Give Away $1 Million to Lucky Race Fan.
14-Jul-2007: NTT DoCoMo Begins Super 3G Experiment.
13-Jul-2007: LG and Samsung Phones Lead in Advanced Mobile Entertainment Features.
13-Jul-2007: German iPhone gets 1,000 inquiries daily.
13-Jul-2007: T-Mobile USA extends Nortel's GSM network equipment supply contract by $150 million.
12-Jul-2007: NTT DoCoMo to support AT&T's 3G network deploymnet in Hawaii.
12-Jul-2007: Indianapolis' Fountain Square District becomes Largest Free Wi-Fi Zone in Indiana.
12-Jul-2007: US Wireless Networks to Become the Next Dumb Pipes.
12-Jul-2007: Wireless-phone industry tactics criticized.
11-Jul-2007: Bytemobile Launches First Mobile Network IP Service to Deliver PC-Quality Internet Video on Mass-Market Handsets.
11-Jul-2007: Samsung to Release New Blogging Phone.
11-Jul-2007: iPhone will be 3G-enabled when it launches in Europe.
11-Jul-2007: New rules could rock wireless world.
10-Jul-2007: Neo1973 open Linux phone on sale.
10-Jul-2007: AT&T Rolls Out First Metro Wi-Fi Service.
10-Jul-2007: mPayments to be adopted by 204m mobile users by 2011.
10-Jul-2007: JP Morgan analyst says Apple planning cheaper iPhone.
09-Jul-2007: TI working with ZTE and Datang lead in deployment of TD-SCDMA in China.
09-Jul-2007: Option's HSUPA Data Card Powers Commercial Launch of HSUPA in Germany.
06-Jul-2007: 3G femto home access solution being developed.
06-Jul-2007: Helio Expands Mobile YouTube.
05-Jul-2007: Verizon Wireless to offer latest version of LG Chocolate handset.
05-Jul-2007: Accessorize in style with new Dooney & Bourke Wristlet Case.
05-Jul-2007: Bell Canada introduces All Access Music services.
05-Jul-2007: Deutsche Messe AG announces details for CeBIT 2008.
05-Jul-2007: RIM gets OK to sell its BlackBerry in China.
04-Jul-2007: NTT DoCoMo unveils compact 3G FOMA 704i Series.
04-Jul-2007: Samsung Chip and Display Components Support "Greener" Devices.
04-Jul-2007: Casio and DoCoMo JV to Provide Digital Payment Systems and CRM Services.
04-Jul-2007: Nokia Speakerphone HF-300.
03-Jul-2007: 3G Femto Home Access solution introduced by Nokia Siemens Networks.
03-Jul-2007: First Business WiMAX Network deployed in Australia.
02-Jul-2007: Nokia Licenses Immersion's VibeTonz(R) Tactile Feedback for Mobile Devices.
02-Jul-2007: Verizon Wireless launches Mobile E-Mail on Get It Now.
02-Jul-2007: AT&T Works to Fix iPhone Activation Woes.
29-Jun-2007: Sprint set to offer the BlackBerry 8830 World Edition smartphone.
29-Jun-2007: More than 5 million PCs connected to Turbo 3G networks in Europe this year.
29-Jun-2007: 'Vodafone Connect Abroad' launches.
28-Jun-2007: An iPod Has Global Value. Ask the (Many) Countries That Make It..
28-Jun-2007: Vodafone may launch iPhone in Europe.
28-Jun-2007: $1.4 Billion iPhone Windfall New Service Revenues predicted for AT&T.
28-Jun-2007: Wells Fargo, Visa Launch Mobile Payment Pilot.
27-Jun-2007: T-Mobile HotSpot @Home service launches nationwide.
27-Jun-2007: Three iPhone service plans announced.
26-Jun-2007: NTTDoCoMo offering big discounts.
26-Jun-2007: Toshiba offers Skype on new notebooks.
26-Jun-2007: Nortel Unveils Advanced SIP Applications for Businesses and Consumers.
26-Jun-2007: Thirty Million to Have Music Phones By End of Year.
26-Jun-2007: Trolltech announces Qtopia Greenphone Grant Program.
26-Jun-2007: Middle Eastern Mobile Markets More Rewarding Than European Counterparts.
25-Jun-2007: Motorola intros Good Mobile Messaging 5.
25-Jun-2007: April rankings of mobile web companies in US and UK.
25-Jun-2007: Nokia Eseries dual-mode devices broadly available in U.S..
24-Jun-2007: BREW 2006 Developer Awards Winners Announced.
24-Jun-2007: Free My Phone.
23-Jun-2007: AT&T (Cingular) mulling iPhone price tweaks, survey reveals.
23-Jun-2007: iPhone guided tour.
22-Jun-2007: AT&T and Psion Teklogix Deliver the Workabout Pro.
22-Jun-2007: Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City get WiMAX trial.
22-Jun-2007: Wireless voice revenues begin to stall.
22-Jun-2007: Javaground enables developers to port Java apps to BREW.
22-Jun-2007: Vodafone May Finally Be Ready To Sell Portion Of Verizon Stake.
22-Jun-2007: Huawei launches HSDPA handset.
21-Jun-2007: Obopay Will Give Verizon Wireless Subscribers The Option To Shop With Their Phones.
21-Jun-2007: UMTS Forum underlines need for spectrum to support future mobile broadband services.
21-Jun-2007: Kyocera Wireless and Puretracks collaborate on digital music store.
21-Jun-2007: YouTube coming to iPhone on June 29.
21-Jun-2007: Sprint PCS Vision Phone SCP-3200 by SANYO.
21-Jun-2007: LG enV Orange from Verizon Wireless.
20-Jun-2007: AT&T launches wireless video share service.
20-Jun-2007: Samsung launches Ultra Edition II Series.
20-Jun-2007: Nokia reorganizes.
20-Jun-2007: Three new mobiles from Samsung.
20-Jun-2007: Yahoo! Go for Mobile 2.0 hits primetime.
20-Jun-2007: Beceem Chipset Sets Mobile WiMAX Speed Record.
19-Jun-2007: Opera Mini 4 beta now available.
19-Jun-2007: WiMAX Forum announces first North American certification test lab.
19-Jun-2007: Jawbone Bluetooth headset to be sold in Apple Stores at iPhone launch.
19-Jun-2007: Toughbooks get Verizon Wireless EV-DO Rev A certification.
19-Jun-2007: 54 Million WiMAX Subscribers by 2012.
19-Jun-2007: Sprint announces EV-DO Rev A enhancements.
18-Jun-2007: Sprint launches the new HTC Mogul.
18-Jun-2007: Nokia expands mid-range handset portfolio.
18-Jun-2007: Microsoft launches redesigned MSN Mobile portal.
15-Jun-2007: New Walkman phones offers touch-screen navigation.
15-Jun-2007: New camera phones from Sony Ericsson.
15-Jun-2007: Sony Ericsson's Z250 neat new clamshell.
15-Jun-2007: Sony Ericsson's GPS Enabler HGE-100 turns the K530 handsets into a personal 'Sat-Nav' system.
15-Jun-2007: Nokia 6110 Navigator accompanies actors on 'Long Way Down' motorcycle trip.
15-Jun-2007: HTC's rival iPhone handset to launch in Germany in June.
14-Jun-2007: Sprint Nextel launches the Motorola Deluxe i902 Walkie Talkie handset.
14-Jun-2007: UpStage now available in Red color.
14-Jun-2007: Omnifone's MusicStation goes live.
14-Jun-2007: Ericsson, Idea Cellular and GSMA launch live biofuel base stations in India.
14-Jun-2007: Groove Mobile launches musical dual download service with 3 UK.
14-Jun-2007: Sprint Nextel buys out Northern PCS LLC.
14-Jun-2007: Early adopters want dual-mode phone capability.
13-Jun-2007: New software platform from Alcatel-Lucent changes delivery of content to mobile phones.
13-Jun-2007: Tranformers make their world mobile phone debut.
12-Jun-2007: Wibree Forum and Bluetooth SIG merge.
12-Jun-2007: iPhone to support third-party Web 2.0 applications.
11-Jun-2007: Nokia N77 begins shipping.
11-Jun-2007: Tessera Unveils World's First Wafer-Level Camera Technology for Mobile Phones.
11-Jun-2007: USD One billion deal between Ericsson and China Mobile announced.
11-Jun-2007: Linux Phone Standards (LiPS) Forum Releases Specifications and Roadmap Through 2008.
08-Jun-2007: ITC Bans Some Phones With Qualcomm Chips.
08-Jun-2007: Cell Phones Widely Used by Those Under 30.
08-Jun-2007: Who's going to buy an iPhone?.
07-Jun-2007: Sprint announces new location-based shopping app.
07-Jun-2007: China Mobile to launch HSPA in time for Olympics.
07-Jun-2007: GPS-enabled mobile phones are challenging the personal nav device market.
07-Jun-2007: AT&T offers TeleNav Traffic on select BlackBerry devices.
06-Jun-2007: IP Unity Glenayre Connects Video Calls To Non-Video Handsets.
06-Jun-2007: HTC launches the Touch smartphone.
05-Jun-2007: Muni-wireless expands in Colorado and North Carolina.
04-Jun-2007: Japan's KDDI offers pointing mobile search app.
04-Jun-2007: Apple iPhone set for June 29 debut.
04-Jun-2007: Amp'd Mobile files for Chaper 11 bankruptcy protection.
03-Jun-2007: Mobility reigns at Computex - world's No.2 computer show.
03-Jun-2007: Virgin Mobile Chooses InfoSpace for Mobile Search.
02-Jun-2007: Premium SMS revenues totaled more than $273 million Q1 2007.
01-Jun-2007: China to launch first big 3G handset tender in Oct.
01-Jun-2007: Nokia 6500 classic and Nokia 6500 slide announced.
01-Jun-2007: Nokia 8600 Luna.
01-Jun-2007: G'zOne Type-S Rugged Phone available from Verizon Wireless.
31-May-2007: Wavesat Announces Availability of World's First 5.8 GHz WiMAX Mini-PCI Design.
31-May-2007: Einstein Wireless first to launch cellular broadcast alert system.
30-May-2007: Palm launches the Foleo.
30-May-2007: Opera Browser Featured in the New Palm Foleo.
30-May-2007: Samsung Develops High-Density Memory that Greatly Simplifies Handset Design.
30-May-2007: Verizon Wireless Has Best Games Download User Experience.
29-May-2007: Nokia says row with Qualcomm may hurt 3G uptake.
29-May-2007: China's 3G mobile costs to be lower than 2G.
29-May-2007: OKI announces "Safety Mobile Phone".
29-May-2007: Deutsche Telekom backing Jajah.
28-May-2007: Verizon Wireless BlackBerry 8330 shows up in stores today.
26-May-2007: Philly 's Wi-Fi project advances.
25-May-2007: UMTS/HSDPA most widely deployed 3G technology.
25-May-2007: Cellphone Banking is Coming of Age.
25-May-2007: Boingo to Roam onto FON's Wi-Fi Network.
24-May-2007: Smartphone shipments to reach 113 million in 2007.
24-May-2007: CDMA Operators Continue to Break Industry Records in India.
24-May-2007: EU Close to Roaming Charge Deal.
24-May-2007: Snap Send Sell classified ad app for mobiles.
23-May-2007: Pandora now availalbe on Sprint Power Vision phones.
22-May-2007: Softbank Mobile adopts OpenKODE for its new POP-i platform.
22-May-2007: T-Mobile Wing Smartphone Unveiled.
22-May-2007: Verizon Wireless offers V CAST Song ID.
21-May-2007: GET Interactive launches first mobile video shopping app.
21-May-2007: China GrenTech and Datang sign bulk TD-SCDMA equipment contract.
21-May-2007: Vodafone launches first ultra-low cost handsets.
21-May-2007: Alltel acquired by TPG Capital and GS Capital Partners.
21-May-2007: Cingular is out as AT&T rebrands wireless division.
21-May-2007: amAze Enables DigitalGlobe Satellite Imagery on Mobile Phones.
19-May-2007: Samsung develops 8GB microSD memory card.
18-May-2007: Nortel, Toshiba to Jointly Develop WiMAX Base Stations for Japan and Global Markets.
17-May-2007: Nth Air launches first WiMAX(TM) service in Silicon Valley.
17-May-2007: Sprint offers Unlimited Access Pack plans.
16-May-2007: Mobile ESPN gets recycled.
16-May-2007: MontaVista leads mobile Linux deployments.
16-May-2007: Sprint launches the Samsung M510 and M300.
16-May-2007: Fido and Nokia launch the Nokia 6300.
16-May-2007: 15.9m Symbian Smartphones Shipped in Q1 2007.
16-May-2007: Motorola deploys green-powered GSM cell site.
16-May-2007: First Wi-Fi Certified 802.11n draft 2.0 products and test suite announced.
16-May-2007: Motorola introduces new RAZR2.
16-May-2007: Motorola "Media Monster" is the Moto Z8.
15-May-2007: Pantech offers new version of the "world's smallest camera flip-phone".
15-May-2007: Virgin Mobiile launches Headliner Interactive Mobile Music Magazine in the U.S..
14-May-2007: Skype partners with Wal-Mart in bringing VoIP to the masses.
14-May-2007: Microsoft, Manufacturers introduce new generation of devices.
14-May-2007: Cameo to offer WiMAX MIMO PCMCIA Products based on Wave 2.
14-May-2007: Comcentric deploys Redline's WiMAX solutions in Canadian communities.
13-May-2007: IDT intros First Synchronous Mobile Multimedia Interconnect.
12-May-2007: Jump Music launches on Alltel.
11-May-2007: Helio Ocean Now Available.
10-May-2007: Nokia becomes the first phone maker to add energy saving alerts to mobiles.
09-May-2007: NEC commences full-scale mobile WiMAX trial.
09-May-2007: Sony Ericsson's latest P1 Smartphone unveiled.
09-May-2007: Sony Ericsson debuts the T650 and S500 handsets.
09-May-2007: Palm Introduces the Treo 755p for Sprint.
09-May-2007: Pantech Launches Dual-LCD Sliding Phone.
09-May-2007: HP Enhances Video Experience for Mobile Users.
09-May-2007: Ericsson delivers its millionth GSM base station.
08-May-2007: Rogers Wireless launches "Talking Cellphone" for customers with vision loss.
08-May-2007: Sun Unveils Mobile Software at JavaOne.
08-May-2007: Sprint Nextel Files Lawsuit to Halt Fraudulent 'Traffic Pumping' Schemes.
07-May-2007: RIM Introduces BlackBerry Mobile Voice System.
07-May-2007: Qualcomm and Lenovo Mobile enter into WCDMA licensing agreement.
07-May-2007: Series 40 platform 5th Edition for mobile app development announced.
04-May-2007: FCC Chair open to expanded airwave auction plan.
03-May-2007: Nokia Introduces Seven New Handsets.
03-May-2007: RIM intros the BlackBerry Curve Smartphone.
02-May-2007: Nokia Siemens Networks double the capacity in uplink using Virtual MIMO in LTE networks.
02-May-2007: Microsoft plans to ship 20 million Windows Mobile Units in 2008.
02-May-2007: FCC approves first WiMAX-class laptop card to be offered by Clearwire.
01-May-2007: CERDEC Evaluating Commercial WiBRO.
01-May-2007: U.S. Cellular announces My Contacts Backup program.
30-Apr-2007: Cost of CDMA handsets continues to fall for entry-level handsets.
30-Apr-2007: Navizon Now Available on Blackberry.
30-Apr-2007: Skype and Intel team up to offer "Gift of Gab" promotion.
30-Apr-2007: Verizon Reports Strong 1Q 2007 Results.
29-Apr-2007: Samsung 16Gb NAND flash - the densest in the world.
27-Apr-2007: Verizon Makes the Tribeca Film Festival Available to Movie Lovers Nationwide.
27-Apr-2007: Samsung testing WiBRO for U.S. Army.
27-Apr-2007: SanDisk and Qimonda to Jointly Develop and Manufacture Mobile Storage Solutions.
26-Apr-2007: Samsung Unveils the SGH-i400 Symbian OS Smartphone.
26-Apr-2007: Nokia starts shipping the N76.
26-Apr-2007: Hitachi's new handset uses AuthenTec Fingerprint Sensor.
26-Apr-2007: Private Branded Handsets Will Generate Over $10 Billion for Operators in 2007.
26-Apr-2007: Washington Nationals to Deliver Tickets to Cell Phones.
25-Apr-2007: BlackBerry 8830 World Edition Smartphone and Global BlackBerry Service announced.
25-Apr-2007: Young Adults Rule Mobile Gaming.
25-Apr-2007: Sierra Wireless USB modem added to AT&T LaptopConnect portfolio.
25-Apr-2007: AT&T Announces Unlimited Messaging Plans.
25-Apr-2007: More than 100 million Symbian S60 devices shipped.
25-Apr-2007: GMT's Push-It delivers embedded interactive multimedia ads to mobile phones.
24-Apr-2007: 4G Network to launch in Quad-Cities area.
24-Apr-2007: Survey looks at Amerca's digital manners.
24-Apr-2007: LGE launches Portable Navigator line in U.S..
23-Apr-2007: RIM Announces New BlackBerry Application Suite for Windows Mobile-based Devices.
23-Apr-2007: New FOMA 904i Series Unveiled.
23-Apr-2007: GNOME announces Mobile & Embedded Initiative.
23-Apr-2007: City of London gets Europe's most advanced WiFI network.
23-Apr-2007: Bicycle Computer runs on a mobile phone with Bluetooth.
20-Apr-2007: IDC reports mobile phone shipments slowing compared to previous quarters.
20-Apr-2007: Global Mobile Handset Shipment Growth Slows Q1 2007.
20-Apr-2007: T-Mobile launches the BlackBerry 8800.
20-Apr-2007: Motorola opens global flagship store in India.
20-Apr-2007: Top Ten Non-Voice Services.
20-Apr-2007: Nokia losing ground in US cell phone market.
20-Apr-2007: The Latest BlackBerry Blackout.
20-Apr-2007: AT&T Launches Mobile Remote Access for AT&T U-verse TV.
19-Apr-2007: Emergency Text Messaging Service Available Free to Universities Nationwide.
19-Apr-2007: LG Mobile presents Visual Urban Abstracts.
19-Apr-2007: Kids and Cell Phones.
19-Apr-2007: TI makes LTE development ecosystem available.
19-Apr-2007: SoonR extends support for UMPCs.
19-Apr-2007: Emotive announces "Push Ringer".
18-Apr-2007: HTC Shift mobile computer to utilize new Intel platform.
18-Apr-2007: AT&T announces new wireless business offerings.
18-Apr-2007: Leap intros the Samsung Siren.
18-Apr-2007: u-blox dead reckoning GPS module announced.
17-Apr-2007: Sharp develops new LCD for mobile equipment.
17-Apr-2007: Proliferation of camera phones reduces demand for purchased graphics.
17-Apr-2007: New 6120 from Nokia.
17-Apr-2007: Nokia to start selling WiMAX phones in early '08.
17-Apr-2007: Companies to cooperate on Mobile TV Interoperability.
17-Apr-2007: China chooses Nokia Siemens Networks to provide GSM-Railway network.
17-Apr-2007: Verizon Wireless offers unlimited messaging.
16-Apr-2007: Widgets arrive on S60 platform.
16-Apr-2007: The Nokia 8800 Sirocco Gold.
15-Apr-2007: Samsung demos advances in A-VSB mobile digital TV broadcasting.
15-Apr-2007: Atlantic Records UK Adopts ShoZu-Enabled Phones.
15-Apr-2007: Apple updates release of iPhone.
14-Apr-2007: Samsung launches new WiBro devices in Korea.
13-Apr-2007: T-Mobile Sidekick iD.
13-Apr-2007: Nokia says Qualcomm is the largest user of its patents.
12-Apr-2007: Mobile TV Continues Slow, Steady Growth.
12-Apr-2007: Palm fesses up to Linux Treo plans.
12-Apr-2007: Starling to present broadband antenna system for airliners.
11-Apr-2007: Alltel handset offers dedicated search key.
10-Apr-2007: SanDisk Sansa Connect WiFi MP3 device announced.
10-Apr-2007: Consumer Demand For GPS Headed in the Right Direction.
10-Apr-2007: New bio-plastic for mobile phones announced.
10-Apr-2007: Nokia N95 starts selling in the U.S..
09-Apr-2007: ZTE wins TD-SCDMA orders from China Mobile.
08-Apr-2007: KDDI to launch cellphone service in U.S..
06-Apr-2007: Microsoft mulls cell-phone-style Zune subsidies.
05-Apr-2007: Sprint Nextel regains lead in data ARPU.
04-Apr-2007: Kyocera's Bluetooth Music Gateway.
04-Apr-2007: 203 Million Mobile Phones Will Use Linux Operating Systems by 2012,.
04-Apr-2007: Intel plans WiMAX cameras by 2009.
04-Apr-2007: MontaVista Linux Professaional Edition 5.0 released.
03-Apr-2007: Virgin Mobile and Kyocera announce the MARBL.
03-Apr-2007: ZTE's new D-Series handset features Fastap.
02-Apr-2007: Qualcomm CEO hopes to avoid "Armageddon" with Nokia.
02-Apr-2007: Nokia Siemens Networks starts operations.
30-Mar-2007: New Nokia 5700 music phone.
30-Mar-2007: PCTEL Launches Antenna Solutions For WiMAX And Wi-Fi Applications.
30-Mar-2007: New Nokia 5070 features music and messaging.
30-Mar-2007: LG partners with Google.
29-Mar-2007: Nokia debuts the 7088 CDMA L'Amour Collection handset.
29-Mar-2007: Analysys says operators could save big bucks deploying femtocells.
29-Mar-2007: Verizon, QWest, and AT&T winners in major government telecom contract.
29-Mar-2007: Helio releases the 3G Ocean handset.
29-Mar-2007: New MOTORAZR maxx Ve debuts.
28-Mar-2007: UTStarcom introduces new CDMA bar-style camera phone.
28-Mar-2007: Kyocera Wireless Unveils New Phone Designs.
28-Mar-2007: Motorola announces four new handsets at CTIA.
28-Mar-2007: Verizon Wireless announces the Samsung SCH-u620 - the first to support V CAST Mobile TV service.
28-Mar-2007: LG VX9400 phone supports Verizon Wireless V CAST Mobile TV.
27-Mar-2007: AT&T to stream live video via 3G.
27-Mar-2007: Symbian OS v9.5 released.
27-Mar-2007: Sprint announces WiMAX Ecosystem Initiatives.
27-Mar-2007: 99 cent songs from Sprint.
27-Mar-2007: New UpStage from Samsung offered exclusively by Sprint.
27-Mar-2007: Napster to Go joins AT&T's network offerings.
27-Mar-2007: HTC introduces new Shift and Advantage mobile computing devices.
27-Mar-2007: Sony Ericsson announces new Java Platform 8.
27-Mar-2007: Z750 HSDPA handset from Sony Ericsson.
27-Mar-2007: Sony Ericsson announces new W580 Walkman phones.
26-Mar-2007: Samsung introduces CDMA base station for home coverage.
26-Mar-2007: Sierra Wireless USB modem debuts on Sprint network.
26-Mar-2007: Alltel introduces the LG AX8600.
26-Mar-2007: Qualcomm unveils 2007 roadmap for EV-DO Rev. B.
26-Mar-2007: TI announces single-chip NaviLink 5.0 GPS solution.
26-Mar-2007: Pantech to debut five new phones at CTIA.
26-Mar-2007: Ericsson licenses its U310 platform to Compal Communications.
25-Mar-2007: CBS programming coming to Sprint TV.
23-Mar-2007: AirWalk Enters CDMA Femtocell Market for In-Home Use.
23-Mar-2007: Bellperre handsets on the waiting list.
23-Mar-2007: Users can Test Drive Verizon Wireless.
22-Mar-2007: Nokia N95 multimedia computer now shipping.
22-Mar-2007: DeLorme's new GPS has dual Bluetooth and USB connectivity.
22-Mar-2007: Sprint Power Vision Navigation Pack announced.
21-Mar-2007: Motorola and T-Mobile Launch the MOTORIZR(TM) Z3.
21-Mar-2007: Amp'd Mobile goes international.
20-Mar-2007: Nokia retains smartphone lead.
20-Mar-2007: Fujitsu Siemens integrates Sierra Wireless HSUP module in new LIFEBOOK.
20-Mar-2007: Nortel Completes Industry's First Call over Ultra Mobile Broadband Network.
20-Mar-2007: NEC and Kineto Partner on Femtocell Market.
20-Mar-2007: Is The Party Ending For Wireless?.
20-Mar-2007: China Mobile invites bids to build TD-SCDMA network.
20-Mar-2007: Yahoo! expands reach of oneSearch service.
20-Mar-2007: GSA Announces 100 Commercial HSDPA Networks Worldwide.
20-Mar-2007: T-Mobile rolling out new "dual-mode" service.
19-Mar-2007: LG's Prada wins prestigious European design award.
19-Mar-2007: Open IPTV Forum consortium announced.
19-Mar-2007: EMOBILE launches the EM-ONE handset and flat-rate HSDPA Mobile Data Service in Japan.
19-Mar-2007: Nokia files patent exhaustion case against Qualcomm.
18-Mar-2007: Samsung's New Ultra Special Edition phones unveiled at CeBIT.
16-Mar-2007: Samsung Introduces Ultra Edition II Series at CeBIT 2007.
16-Mar-2007: Transition to 3G reducing call problems.
16-Mar-2007: SunCom Introduces BlackBerry Pearl.
15-Mar-2007: Novatel's EV-DO Rev A card available via Verizon Wireless.
15-Mar-2007: Verizon Wireless offering TiVo Mobile scheduling.
15-Mar-2007: Sixty-six million machines will be connected to North American cellular networks by 2011.
15-Mar-2007: barablu offers free Nokia phones to USA landline calls for limited time.
15-Mar-2007: T-Mobile brings the My Opera Community to web'n'walk.
15-Mar-2007: a la Mobile announces VoIP Linux stack for WiFi/GSM phones.
14-Mar-2007: Vodafone announces new flat-rate data roaming tariff.
14-Mar-2007: WiMAX to roll across Texas.
14-Mar-2007: LG sponsors text messaging competition.
14-Mar-2007: Sony Ericsson's latest WALKMAN phone - the W660.
14-Mar-2007: Ericsson's EDGE Evolution to triple data speeds.
13-Mar-2007: NTT DoCoMo and Vodafone Top New ABI Research Mobile Operator Performance Matrix Rankings.
13-Mar-2007: Strategy Analytics reports Yahoo! Offers Best Mobile Web Experience.
13-Mar-2007: fring launches mVoIP service for S60 devices.
13-Mar-2007: Pay for Parking using cell phone.
12-Mar-2007: AT&T unveils first rebranded Cingular retail store.
12-Mar-2007: Cingular offers Red BlackBerry Pearl and Crimson Treo 680.
09-Mar-2007: Saab Space to Supply Antennas for New Generation Direct-to-Mobile Satellites.
08-Mar-2007: WWE arrives on Cingular wireless.
08-Mar-2007: TVA to trial Mobile WiMAX in Brazil.
08-Mar-2007: DMB Adoption Rate More than 50% in South Korea.
08-Mar-2007: '3' launches ad-supported mobile content.
08-Mar-2007: Yahoo! Go for Mobile 2.0 now on Windows Mobile devices.
08-Mar-2007: Magellan launches Maestro portable GPS line.
08-Mar-2007: Wi-Fi, WiMAX, and 3G Will Coexist and Compete for Wireless Data Delivery.
07-Mar-2007: AT&T Homezone makes TV recording possible via mobile phones.
07-Mar-2007: Time Warner Cable and Sprint launch wireless venture.
07-Mar-2007: iPass Launches Wi-Fi Hotspot Index.
06-Mar-2007: Nokia announces mobile advertising services.
06-Mar-2007: MontaVista Linux handsets to be released in Italy.
06-Mar-2007: The ARCHOS 704-WiFi portable media player launches.
05-Mar-2007: Mobile game revenue hits $151 million Q4 2006 in U.S..
05-Mar-2007: Group to conduct MediaFLO trial in Taiwan.
05-Mar-2007: New embedded WiSIM improves M2M reliability.
05-Mar-2007: Cisco and NTT DoCoMo cooperate on dual-mode IP telephony solution.
05-Mar-2007: u-blox brings its ultra fast Galileo-ready A-GPS chip to CeBIT.
04-Mar-2007: Palm shares jump on takeover rumors.
04-Mar-2007: Buzz Technologies expands mobile offerings.
02-Mar-2007: KDDI and Fujitsu develop high-efficiency amp for mobile WiMAX.
01-Mar-2007: Verizon Wireless kicks off mobile phone TV.
01-Mar-2007: Sun announces support for next generation mobile Java platform.
01-Mar-2007: HELIO launches the Heat.
01-Mar-2007: TI and Ideaworks3D simplify development of advanced gaming for mobile handsets.
01-Mar-2007: ABI expects $18 Billion in UMTS Long Term Evolution Networks by 2014.
01-Mar-2007: T-Mobile USA Exceeds 25 Million Customer Milestone.
01-Mar-2007: VZW reports lowest churn rate in the industry.
28-Feb-2007: Converged Mobile Device Market Surges Ahead.
28-Feb-2007: Is Verizon Wireless really looking to buy Alltel?.
28-Feb-2007: United States International Trade Commission orders stay of Qualcomm's suit against Nokia.
27-Feb-2007: Mobile interface launches for
27-Feb-2007: Humane Society launches "Humane Wireless".
27-Feb-2007: Amp'd Mobile launches "Lil' Hollywood" mobile animated series.
26-Feb-2007: NTTDoCoMo and McDonald's jointly promote e-Marketing.
26-Feb-2007: Palm demos Treo apps at healthcare conference.
26-Feb-2007: NXP announces availability of new Hi-Speed USB transceivers for mobile phones.
23-Feb-2007: Skype petitions FCC for open cellular access.
23-Feb-2007: City of Napa and AT&T Announce Wi-Fi Agreement.
22-Feb-2007: Cisco and Apple Reach Agreement on iPhone Trademark.
22-Feb-2007: AnyDATA Releases World's Smallest and Fastest USB Modem for HSDPA Wireless Broadband Access.
22-Feb-2007: Sprint shown to lead the pack in fewest dropped calls.
21-Feb-2007: Nokia 7373 Special Edition to be unveiled during Paris Fashion Week.
21-Feb-2007: Alvarion Expands Its OPEN WiMAX Ecosystem Increasing Multi-Vendor Interoperability.
20-Feb-2007: Verizon Wireless delivers the Treo 700wx Smartphone.
20-Feb-2007: MobiGater brings free Skype connectivity to mobiles.
20-Feb-2007: Motorola Announces the MOTODEV Game Developer Challenge.
20-Feb-2007: New Harris poll studies teen communication trends.
19-Feb-2007: Dobson Cellular to Become Cellular One.
19-Feb-2007: Option's embedded wireless module used in Sharp's "EM-ONE" device.
16-Feb-2007: ShoZu and Atlantic Records announce mobile video & image sharing deal.
15-Feb-2007: HTC Unveils Smartphone line-up.
14-Feb-2007: Verizon Wireless intros the Samsung SCU-u740.
14-Feb-2007: Technology union reduces power consumption up to 85% in music phones.
14-Feb-2007: T-Mobile USA offers the Samsung Stripe handset.
14-Feb-2007: GSMA 2007 Global Mobile Awards Winners Announced.
14-Feb-2007: Broadcom announces new mobile tv reference design platform.
14-Feb-2007: ACCESS advances Linux open source at 3GSM.
13-Feb-2007: Yahoo! launches mobile display advertising platform.
13-Feb-2007: 'Pay-Buy Mobile' initiative announced by GSMA.
13-Feb-2007: Microsoft unveils Windows Mobile 6.
13-Feb-2007: Novatel intros new group of HSDPA/HSUPA products.
13-Feb-2007: Phones for Health - using mobile phones to combat HIV/AIDS in Africa.
12-Feb-2007: New F700, F520, F510, F500 and F300 Ultra Edition phones from Samsung.
12-Feb-2007: Samsung's 3GSM offerings include new smartphones.
12-Feb-2007: Ultra Edition II Series from Samsung.
12-Feb-2007: Nokia's N77 multimedia computer with integrated DVB-H.
12-Feb-2007: Nokia's new 6110 Navigator.
12-Feb-2007: Nokia's second wave of Eseries devices.
12-Feb-2007: The Nokia 3110 classic.
12-Feb-2007: MOTO Q q9 and Moto Q gsm.
12-Feb-2007: Motorola delivers new KRZR K3, RIZR Z6 and Z8, and SLVR L9.
12-Feb-2007: Sundance Short Film Project premiering 'made for mobile' films at 3GSM.
12-Feb-2007: New HELLO MOTOMOBILE portfolio.
12-Feb-2007: New BlackBerry 8800 announced at 3GSM.
12-Feb-2007: HP Unveils new iPAQ Smartphone.
12-Feb-2007: LG to pre-load Yahoo! Go for Mobile 2.0 on new handsets.
12-Feb-2007: Adobe Flash Lite to support video for mobile handsets.
12-Feb-2007: Boingo Mobile offers global Wi-Fi availability for $7.95 a month.
12-Feb-2007: Qualcoom's UBM Mobile TV Chip sampling ahead of schedule.
12-Feb-2007: Opera 9 goes mobile.
12-Feb-2007: Vodafone and Citigroup launch money-transfer service.
11-Feb-2007: Industry-First MIMO-Powered WiMAX Connection.
10-Feb-2007: Wisair to demo wireless USB camera phones at 3GSM.
09-Feb-2007: NTT DoCoMo Achieves 5Gbps in 4G Field Experiment.
09-Feb-2007: YouTube Mobile to launch on Vodafone live!.
09-Feb-2007: Samsung unveils the Ultra Smart F700.
09-Feb-2007: Mobile ESPN makes a comeback.
09-Feb-2007: Nokia announces Mobile Search expansion.
09-Feb-2007: CBS introduces new mobile content.
08-Feb-2007: HSPA vs. WiMAX - study says WiMAX will be a "niche technology".
08-Feb-2007: Sprint's WiMAX service set for commercial launch in Washington, D.C. and Baltimore later this year.
08-Feb-2007: Ericsson to demo mobile TV using MBMs at 3GSM.
08-Feb-2007: Nokia announces smart2go mapping and navigation platform free to mobiles.
08-Feb-2007: Japanese companies to jointly develop platform for 3G handsets.
07-Feb-2007: LG announces UK launch ot the Shine handset.
07-Feb-2007: Companies team up in showcasing WiMAX at 3GSM.
07-Feb-2007: Vodafone networks with MySpace.
07-Feb-2007: TI and Kineto partner to enable UMA support on TI's OMAP-Vox platform.
06-Feb-2007: Trolltech and VirtualLogix advance Linux on mobile handsets.
06-Feb-2007: Two new walkman's announced by Sony Ericsson -- the W880/W888 & the W610.
06-Feb-2007: Sony Ericsson's K810/K818 and K550/K550im new Cyber-shot phones.
06-Feb-2007: Four new candy bar style phones from Sony Ericsson.
06-Feb-2007: NXP announces Nexperia cellular system solution 7210 with Linux for 3G handsets.
05-Feb-2007: Palm announces Treo 750 to be generally available across Europe.
05-Feb-2007: Strawberry Chocolate arrives at Verizon Wireless in time for Valentine's Day.
05-Feb-2007: STMicroelectronics announces the VS6724 2-megapixel camera-on-chip.
05-Feb-2007: TI announces new 802.11n WLAN, Bluetooth 2.1 and FM single-chip technology.
05-Feb-2007: Ericsson assists Turner Broadcasting in launching CNN Mobile.
05-Feb-2007: D-Link 3G Mobile Wireless Routers create instant 'hotspot'.
05-Feb-2007: NXP's 5210 solution delivers concurrent Bluetooth and WLAN connectivity.
05-Feb-2007: Major telecom groups discuss creation of a mobile search engine.
02-Feb-2007: Cricket offers the Kyocera K132 Flip Phone.
02-Feb-2007: Sprint offers unlimited text messaging options.
02-Feb-2007: Verizon Wireless launches Revision A.
01-Feb-2007: Globalstar Launches Smallest Satellite Telephone for US Market.
01-Feb-2007: Latest on iPhone name controversy.
01-Feb-2007: 'amAze' mapping and nav service launches free to mobiles.
01-Feb-2007: New GSA research report updates evolution of 3G across the globe.
01-Feb-2007: Kodiak and ZTE announce UMTS handset agreement.
31-Jan-2007: Mobile Entertainment Market Has Potential To Reach $76 Billion By 2011.
31-Jan-2007: Vodafone reaches 200 million customers.
31-Jan-2007: u-blox to Unveil New Galileo-Ready GPS Chip at 3GSM.
31-Jan-2007: Sony Ericsson set to offer low-cost handsets in India.
31-Jan-2007: Voeveo website offers mobile content to buy and trade on-line.
30-Jan-2007: China launches 4G in Shanghai.
30-Jan-2007: Verizon bundles wireless service in new consumer offerings.
30-Jan-2007: VisualON and AMD improve DVB-H Mobile TV playback.
30-Jan-2007: Bling Software launches first Ajax client for mobile handsets.
29-Jan-2007: Motorola and TI expand joint initiative.
29-Jan-2007: CTIA WIRELESS 2007 to Host Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton.
29-Jan-2007: Ruckus Wirelesss provides indoor and outdoor Wi-FI connectivity in one device.
29-Jan-2007: T-Mobile USA tops 25 million customers.
29-Jan-2007: Nokia to pre-install CDC software in select cell phones sold in China.
29-Jan-2007: China's first mobile gaming community portal announced.
28-Jan-2007: Qualcomm loses patent case against Broadcom.
28-Jan-2007: Companies to collaborate on Mobile WiMAX devices.
27-Jan-2007: Kyocera announces the slim W51K one-seg mobile phone.
27-Jan-2007: ACCESS Linux Platform to be showcased at 3GSM.
26-Jan-2007: Boeing discontinues plans to deliver wireless in-flight service on Dreamliner aircraft.
25-Jan-2007: Verizon Wireless adds more handsets to its Chaperone family locator service.
25-Jan-2007: One billion mobile phones shipped in 2006.
25-Jan-2007: Top 10 Global Wireless Predictions for 2007 from inCode.
25-Jan-2007: Alltel begins offering the Palm Treo 700p.
24-Jan-2007: Japanese Mobile Phone Operators Find No Adverse Health Effects from Base Station Radio Waves.
24-Jan-2007: Mobile Africa Study Forecasts Subscriber Base to Triple.
24-Jan-2007: Will 'unlocked' cell phones free consumers?.
24-Jan-2007: BenQ Selects Kineto for UMA-Enabled Handsets.
24-Jan-2007: Intel intros the Next-Gen Wireless-N network connection.
24-Jan-2007: Fonix Text-to-Speech embedded in new Casio handsets.
23-Jan-2007: lets users make their own ringtones.
23-Jan-2007: Free WI-Fi coming to Michigan's Washtenaw County.
23-Jan-2007: launches new wireless local search options.
23-Jan-2007: Starhome's new Prepaid Anywhere service.
23-Jan-2007: Cellular Carriers Need to Develop WiMAX Strategy Now.
22-Jan-2007: Research: Sub-$20 Handsets to Capture Quarter of Market by 2011.
21-Jan-2007: Linux WiMAX Board Packages to start shipping.
21-Jan-2007: Smartphone Platforms -- How they Compare.
19-Jan-2007: AT&T Unity plan raises the bar.
18-Jan-2007: Alltel Wireless launches Celltop.
18-Jan-2007: iPhone boosts interest in touchscreen phones.
18-Jan-2007: Soapbox Mobile launches mobile ticketing platform.
17-Jan-2007: Samsung SCH-W559 features VibeTonz Tactile Feedback for Touchscreen operation.
17-Jan-2007: New PowerSource phones deliver iDEN and CDMA services on one handset.
17-Jan-2007: QuickPlayer for BlackBerry Available.
17-Jan-2007: DVB-H technology gaining momentum.
17-Jan-2007: Mobile flirting app launches.
16-Jan-2007: NTT DoCoMo Unveils ten new 3G FOMA handsets.
16-Jan-2007: Top 1000 U.S. Brands Overlook Mobile Web Users.
16-Jan-2007: Vodafone launches exclusive series of McLaren Mercedes handsets.
15-Jan-2007: New ''Pearl White'' BlackBerry Pearl.
15-Jan-2007: CSR to deliver sub $1 GPS solution for mobile devices.
12-Jan-2007: Cingular is Now the New AT&T.
12-Jan-2007: WiMAX and Metro Wi-Fi reported to be more energy efficient than cellular for mobile broadband.
12-Jan-2007: XE Mobile offers the Sony Ericsson W300 Walkman Phone.
12-Jan-2007: LG Shine to launch in UK February 7.
12-Jan-2007: EarthLink offers free Wi-Fi in Philadelphia.
11-Jan-2007: Pantech Launches Its IM-U170 Metallic Slim Phone.
11-Jan-2007: Apple iPhone raises the bar for handset interfaces.
11-Jan-2007: Uphill Road for Linux Cell Phones.
11-Jan-2007: Strategy Analytics reports SYNC phone earns "Best in Class".
11-Jan-2007: Sprint Nextel Struggling.
10-Jan-2007: iPhone announced at MacWorld.
10-Jan-2007: UTStarcom launches tiny CDMA camera phone.
10-Jan-2007: Sling Media Announces Clip+Sling.
10-Jan-2007: Cingular to be exclusive carrier for Apple iPhone.
10-Jan-2007: TI demos projection of video from mobile phones via portable DLP projector.
09-Jan-2007: Motorola advances MotoMusic and more at CES.
09-Jan-2007: Treo 700p experience expands to include mobile TV viewing.
09-Jan-2007: Skype unveils new devices at CES.
09-Jan-2007: SanDisk intros Memory Stock Micro Product line for Sony Ericsson phones.
09-Jan-2007: LG featuring its 2007 lineup at CES.
08-Jan-2007: New Nokia N93i digital camcorder announced plus plans to offer Vox free personal blogging service.
08-Jan-2007: Nokia 's new N800 Linux-based Wi-Fi centric device to feature easy mobile Skype use.
08-Jan-2007: Nokia unleashes new thinner Nseries N76.
08-Jan-2007: NFC-enabled Nokia 6131 handset.
08-Jan-2007: Palm and Cingular deliver the Treo 750.
08-Jan-2007: TeleNav Traffic GPS Nav service offers traffic rerouting via mobile phones.
08-Jan-2007: Sony Ericsson brings on mobile music at CES including new Walkman W200.
08-Jan-2007: V CAST Mobile TV set for launch.
08-Jan-2007: New Samsung SCH-u620 supports V CAST Mobile TV service.
08-Jan-2007: LG VX9400 to support V CAST Mobile TV.
06-Jan-2007: Nokia joins Sprint in WiMAX pact.
06-Jan-2007: Cingular Makes Wireless Video Share Call.
05-Jan-2007: Mobile Phones Getting a Smaller USB Connector.
05-Jan-2007: Sprint Nextel aims at new aggressive advertising strategy.
04-Jan-2007: MOTO Q added to Sprint Power Vision lineup.
04-Jan-2007: Samsung Develops First Truly Double-sided LCD.
04-Jan-2007: Sprint Power Vision M1 by Sanyo.
04-Jan-2007: Virgin Mobile USA marks 4.6 million subscribers.
03-Jan-2007: New Mobile Players To Watch in 2007.
03-Jan-2007: Cricket offers the Kyocera K323.
03-Jan-2007: U.S. group sues Nokia, Samsung over Bluetooth.
02-Jan-2007: BenQ Mobile faces liquidation.
02-Jan-2007: Autonet Mobile to launch Wi-Fi service for cars at CES.

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