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MobileTechNews archive for the year 2008:

31-Dec-2008: China approves long-awaited 3G licences.
30-Dec-2008: Sprint Launches Local, 10-Digit Numbers for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Users.
30-Dec-2008: What Carriers Aren’t Eager to Tell You About Texting.
29-Dec-2008: LG watch phone enters HSDPA era.
29-Dec-2008: AT&T offers $99 refurbished iPhone.
26-Dec-2008: 3G iPhone for sale Sunday at Wal-Mart.
26-Dec-2008: Please Hold the Phone.
24-Dec-2008: Debating The Smart Phone.
23-Dec-2008: Mobile Connections Reach 4 Billion Worldwide.
22-Dec-2008: Garmin to launch Android phone.
22-Dec-2008: Airspan Announces 700 MHz WiMAX Product Suite.
22-Dec-2008: Samsung Android phone ready mid-2009.
19-Dec-2008: NTTDoCoMo moves closer to LTE speed.
19-Dec-2008: China says $41 billion to be spent on 3G.
18-Dec-2008: Trimble Outdoors app now available to Alltel Wireless customers.
18-Dec-2008: Ultra-Mobile Device Market Becoming Processor Battleground.
18-Dec-2008: Mobile Phone Market Poised for Slowdown in 2009.
18-Dec-2008: WiFi usage growing rapidly in US and UK.
18-Dec-2008: Americans Hang Up Landline.
18-Dec-2008: Five Ways To Cut Your Cellphone Bill.
17-Dec-2008: Motorola Announces Further Cost Reduction Actions.
17-Dec-2008: CTIA Introduces Keynote Lineup.
17-Dec-2008: Sprint Announces First 3G/4G USB Modem.
16-Dec-2008: RIM and AT&T announce availability of the BlackBerry Curve 8320.
16-Dec-2008: New Survey from Sprint Measures Mobile Usage and Spending Trends in Tough Economy.
16-Dec-2008: Alltel Moblie E-mail introduced.
16-Dec-2008: Clearwire to introduce Clear 4G WiMAX network in Portland.
16-Dec-2008: People Would Rather Lose Their Car Than Their Mobile Phone.
16-Dec-2008: Motorola wins China Telecom network upgrade contract.
16-Dec-2008: Cellphone market set to shrink in 2009.
16-Dec-2008: New Sierra Wireless Compact 3G ExpressCards.
16-Dec-2008: STMicroelectronics' Miniature Filters Cut Cellular Noise on Music Phones for a Better Audio Experience.
16-Dec-2008: Mformation and Nokia Partner to Ensure Seamless Management of Nokia Devices.
15-Dec-2008: Sprint Launches BlackBerry Curve 8350i.
15-Dec-2008: WiMAX Laptop Clients and Embedded Mobile PCs will Drive the Device Market.
15-Dec-2008: Green Power to Bring Mobile Telephony to Billions of People.
15-Dec-2008: ST-NXP Wireless Brings 3G/UMA to Mass Market.
14-Dec-2008: Can Microsoft make its future mobile?.
12-Dec-2008: Nokia taking on Huawei in connecting laptops.
12-Dec-2008: RadioShack offers 3G Acer Aspire netbook.
11-Dec-2008: Novatel Wireless unveils MiFi.
11-Dec-2008: Pantech C630 launches at AT&T.
11-Dec-2008: Verizon moves up LTE deployment.
11-Dec-2008: "Zune Phone" at CES.
10-Dec-2008: Telus offers BlackBerry Storm with free music.
10-Dec-2008: ZTE C78 offered by Metro PCS.
10-Dec-2008: LG Develops World's First LTE Handset Modem Chip.
10-Dec-2008: S.Korea lifts rule on foreign mobile device platform use.
10-Dec-2008: AT&T tests femtocells.
10-Dec-2008: Sprint Launches Open Software Platform.
10-Dec-2008: Open Handset Alliance gains 14 new members.
09-Dec-2008: Motorola's top spot in U.S. fading.
09-Dec-2008: Ex-Vodafone chief in running for top Yahoo! job.
09-Dec-2008: Court rules in favor of Wis. cell phone customers.
09-Dec-2008: Broadcom to Showcase a DLNA(R)-Enabled Connected Home at CES 2009.
09-Dec-2008: Getting a new phone? Please recycle your old one.
08-Dec-2008: Sierra Wireless releases software development toolkit for Linux developers.
08-Dec-2008: Broadcom's New Combo Chip offers 802.11n.
08-Dec-2008: Wal-Mart to sell $99 iPhone.
08-Dec-2008: Ericsson and 3 Scandinavia to bring first 21Mbps mobile broadband network to Europe.
08-Dec-2008: Antenova's Eight-band Mobile Broadband Antenna goes into Mass Production.
05-Dec-2008: Nokia 2605 Mirage From Verizon Wireless.
05-Dec-2008: Nokia Siemens Networks doubles EDGE data speeds.
05-Dec-2008: AT&T may go Symbian.
04-Dec-2008: Nokia Lowers Mobile Device Industry Outlook.
04-Dec-2008: RIM Renews Patent License Agreement with Nokia.
04-Dec-2008: FCC gives up cell tower backup power issue.
04-Dec-2008: Mobile Phone Web Browsing to Generate $38 Billion in 2013.
03-Dec-2008: MySpace Mobile Launches Streaming Video in Beta Globally.
03-Dec-2008: Cellular South promotes new family plans.
03-Dec-2008: Rogers Wireless offers new HTC Touch Diamond.
03-Dec-2008: Virgin Mobile USA First to Debut Free Streaming Festival Videos on Mobile.
03-Dec-2008: Mobile Betting to Hit $3.6bn in 2009.
03-Dec-2008: Japan's KDDI goes LTE.
02-Dec-2008: Nokia N97 unveiled.
02-Dec-2008: Sierra Wireless acquires Wavecom.
02-Dec-2008: Nokia Messaging Comes to Nokia Devices With Support for Mail on Ovi.
02-Dec-2008: China Telecom Selects Alcatel-Lucent for CDMA Mobile Network.
02-Dec-2008: New version of Nokia Maps released.
02-Dec-2008: FCC Chair Wants to Make the Wireless Web Free - And Porn-Free.
02-Dec-2008: Clearwire may slow buildout of WiMAX.
02-Dec-2008: Green Handsets Subject to Conflicting Social and Economic Forces.
02-Dec-2008: Texas Instruments Tops MID Platform Vendor Matrix Ranking.
01-Dec-2008: GSA announces growing support for UMTS900.
01-Dec-2008: Relaying technology for LTE-Advanced successfully demonstrated.
01-Dec-2008: Virgin Media UK goes with Yahoo! oneSearch.
28-Nov-2008: Europe backs mobile roaming cap.
28-Nov-2008: Clearwire and Sprint Nextel close the deal.
28-Nov-2008: Ericsson to manage T-Mobile UK and 3G network integration.
28-Nov-2008: StarHub Launches 'Home Zone' Commercial Femtocell Service.
27-Nov-2008: Nokia Home Control Center platform announced.
27-Nov-2008: Motorola Deploys Its First WiMAX 802.16e Trial Network in Vietnam.
27-Nov-2008: Only Vertu high-end Nokia phones to be available in Japan.
27-Nov-2008: Study reveals more people get lost in London than anywhere else.
26-Nov-2008: Motorola unleashes the Hint QA30 Slider.
25-Nov-2008: Sprint flexes muscle with new ad initiative.
25-Nov-2008: Nokia's Symbian deal set to close.
25-Nov-2008: Firefly Mobile for Kids Unveils New Rate Plans.
25-Nov-2008: Samsung Launches BizBee Range in Europe.
25-Nov-2008: Verizon Wireless adds Samsung Omnia to its lineup.
25-Nov-2008: Verizon Wireless Mobile Search Deal Is About Market Share.
25-Nov-2008: Opera Mini 4.2 is released today.
25-Nov-2008: Sprint users get enhanced picture messaging.
25-Nov-2008: Mobile Video Usage Continues to Increase.
25-Nov-2008: HTC Touch Pro Available from Verizon Wireless.
25-Nov-2008: Two-for-one offer from AT&T.
24-Nov-2008: Giga-byte's M528 MID launches.
24-Nov-2008: U.S. Cellular launches the LG Slide 'Rhythm'.
24-Nov-2008: Open-Plug powers Sony Ericsson J132.
24-Nov-2008: Regions offers mobile banking.
21-Nov-2008: Obama's Verizon Wireless account accessed by unauthorized personnel.
21-Nov-2008: Taiwan's HTC sees double-digit rev growth in 2009.
21-Nov-2008: MySpace and RIM Shatter Download Records.
21-Nov-2008: BlackBerry Storm for Verizon Wireless Enterprise Customers.
20-Nov-2008: T-Mobile Introduces web2go and Simplified Data Pricing.
20-Nov-2008: Yahoo! oneSearch Launches as the Mobile Search Service on T-Mobile USA's New Web2goSM Service.
20-Nov-2008: Doro launches the HandleEasy Models in the U.S..
20-Nov-2008: MontaVista Provides Commercial-Quality Linux for Android Platform.
19-Nov-2008: Wal-Mart set to begin selling iPhone December 28.
19-Nov-2008: CDMA Subscriber Base At 475 Million Worldwide.
19-Nov-2008: AT&T Debuts LG Incite Global 3G Smartphone.
19-Nov-2008: Nokia Reaffirms its Commitment to TD-SCDMA.
19-Nov-2008: General Dynamics Military Radios Enable High-Bandwidth Communication in Moving Vehicles.
19-Nov-2008: GSMA, Huawei and Leading Operators to Ignite the Embedded Mobile Market.
19-Nov-2008: DoCoMo, KTF to sell Google phone next year.
19-Nov-2008: Quantum Announces Major Licensing Deal with General Motors.
19-Nov-2008: Rating System Launches Comparing Energy Consumption of Chargers.
19-Nov-2008: Motorola announces the MOTO VE66.
19-Nov-2008: GSMA and NeuStar Announce First in Carrier ENUM Initiative.
19-Nov-2008: China Mobile signs dual band handset deal with Nokia.
18-Nov-2008: ZTE, Qualcomm and Aircell Collaborate on Industry-first In-flight Mobile Broadband System.
18-Nov-2008: Broadcomm repeats contempt charge against Qualcomm.
18-Nov-2008: picoChip Details Industrys First LTE Picocell and Femtocell Reference Designs.
18-Nov-2008: ASUS Introduces the Glide - World's Fastest Business PDA.
18-Nov-2008: Motorola forges EU comeback.
18-Nov-2008: NTT DOCOMO Unveils 22 Handsets in Four All-new Series.
17-Nov-2008: Qualcomm Releases Software Development Kit for Brew Mobile Platform.
17-Nov-2008: Alvarion and Intel expand reach of WiMAX in emerging markets.
16-Nov-2008: Verizon Wireless announces the USB760 Micro Modem.
15-Nov-2008: Nokia updates Q4 outlook.
15-Nov-2008: Samsung Delve available from U.S. Cellular.
15-Nov-2008: AT&T Introduces the Samsung Eternity.
14-Nov-2008: iPhone 3G beats out RAZR Q3 in U.S..
14-Nov-2008: Calypso files patent infringement suit against T-Mobile USA.
14-Nov-2008: Qualcomm to focus on LTE.
14-Nov-2008: Vecima Networks Launches 3.65 GHz WiMAX Solution for the US Market.
14-Nov-2008: Gemalto and LG Electronics Launch the First Commercial Handset Supporting Smart Card Web Server Technology.
14-Nov-2008: Qualcomm Unveils Kayak PC Alternative.
13-Nov-2008: AT&T Welcomes The Nokia 6650.
13-Nov-2008: The LG Swift rushes to Alltel Wireless.
13-Nov-2008: Sony Ericsson announces availability of the Xperia X1 in U.S..
13-Nov-2008: Consumers Want Quality Cameras on Mobile Phones.
13-Nov-2008: Oulu Finland Launches Free Mobile WiMAX Network.
13-Nov-2008: BlackBerry Storm to sell for $200 after rebate.
13-Nov-2008: Is that Buzz Lightyear calling?.
12-Nov-2008: Nokia E63 messaging device launches.
12-Nov-2008: Promotional Coupons Sent via Mobile Phones to Exceed 200m Users by 2013.
12-Nov-2008: HTC FUZE From AT&T announced.
12-Nov-2008: Location Based Services Spending in 2008 Tops $1.6 Billion.
11-Nov-2008: Samsung Behold Available Exclusively from T-Mobile USA.
11-Nov-2008: Social Networking in the Workplace Increases Efficiency - Survey.
11-Nov-2008: Alcatel-Lucent introduces "Sustainable Power" services suite.
11-Nov-2008: Mobile Messaging to continue growth in touch economic times.
11-Nov-2008: Vodafone to focus on cost control.
10-Nov-2008: AT&T Quickfire available.
10-Nov-2008: AOL's Platform-A to Deliver Two-Day, Billion Impression Ad Campaign for T-Mobile.
10-Nov-2008: Sprint Sets New Standard in Fixed Mobile Convergence.
10-Nov-2008: Virgin Mobile posts Q3 results.
10-Nov-2008: 3G Operator To Launch Dedicated Social Mobile Phone.
10-Nov-2008: Moka multilingual chat service for Skype announced.
10-Nov-2008: Alvarion Expands Altitude's Mobile WiMAX Network in France.
10-Nov-2008: Launches ProVenueMobile.
10-Nov-2008: China Telecom Selects Nortel to Deploy CDMA Wireless Networks in Seven Provinces.
10-Nov-2008: Obama Weighs Choices for FCC Chairman.
07-Nov-2008: Sprint Nextel Reports Third Quarter 2008 Results.
07-Nov-2008: Samsung Grabs First Position in US Cellphone Shipments in Q3 2008.
07-Nov-2008: AT&T experiences record breaking text messaging volume on election night.
07-Nov-2008: Canada's Solo Mobile rolls out new rate plans and new smartphones.
07-Nov-2008: MetroPCS Launches MetroPCS Unlimited Nationwide.
07-Nov-2008: Microsoft tries to steal Verizon deal - WSJ.
07-Nov-2008: Cellphone makers face toughest year since 2001.
07-Nov-2008: AT&T to Acquire Wayport.
07-Nov-2008: BlackBerry Storm Connects Customers Around the Globe.
06-Nov-2008: T-Mobile USA Reports Third Quarter 2008 Results.
06-Nov-2008: Sony Ericsson announces the W705 Walkman phone and Wireless Home Audio System MBS-900.
05-Nov-2008: FCC adopts rules for unlicensed use of TV White Spaces.
05-Nov-2008: FCC Approves Verizon Wireless-Alltel and Sprint Nextel-Clearwire deals.
05-Nov-2008: GNOME Foundation adds industry leaders to advisory board.
04-Nov-2008: BlackBerry Bold Goes on Sale Today in the U.S..
04-Nov-2008: Nokia makes additional reorganizational changes.
04-Nov-2008: Sprint Introduces Katana Eclipse X by Sanyo.
04-Nov-2008: Handsets shipments into China continue upward trend.
04-Nov-2008: FCC chairman cancels vote on telecom overhaul.
04-Nov-2008: Napster expands availability to AT&T customers.
03-Nov-2008: Motorola Demos Over-the-Air LTE Session in 700MHz Spectrum.
03-Nov-2008: MOTOZINE ZN5 Debuts in North America at T-Mobile USA.
03-Nov-2008: Microsoft, LG sign mobile collaboration deal.
01-Nov-2008: Early Adoption Soaring for Google Android Device.
01-Nov-2008: Vodafone offers BlackBerry Storm free in UK with two-year service plan.
31-Oct-2008: Sprint to Rejuvenate Nextel National Network.
31-Oct-2008: Samsung Delve lands at Alltel Wireless.
31-Oct-2008: SMS adverts shift toward consumer goods and services.
31-Oct-2008: Femtocells Offer Improved Reception -- and Revenues.
31-Oct-2008: Sprint details new early ETF policy.
30-Oct-2008: IDC reports 3Q08 mobile phone market results.
30-Oct-2008: HP Expands Mini PC Portfolio.
30-Oct-2008: AT&T offers free Wi-Fi service to smartphone data plan subscribers.
30-Oct-2008: Sprint to offer full-length NFL game telecasts.
30-Oct-2008: G1 hits the UK.
30-Oct-2008: Intel promotes WiMAX in Taiwan.
30-Oct-2008: Handset market stalls.
29-Oct-2008: Connected Java Mobile Gaming Development Gets a Boost.
29-Oct-2008: Mobile Money Transfer and NFC to Account for 50% of the M-Payments Market by 2013.
29-Oct-2008: Motorola to cut jobs and focus on Google Android software.
29-Oct-2008: Wal-Mart to sell G1 for $148.88.
29-Oct-2008: Cellphone Inventor Knocks iPhone.
29-Oct-2008: Caribou Coffee using Cellfire mobile coupon service.
28-Oct-2008: Notebook Shipments Surpass Desktops in the U.S. Market for the First Time.
28-Oct-2008: Synchronica Launches SimpleMail.
28-Oct-2008: Audience raises the bar for advanced noise suppression.
28-Oct-2008: Cox wireless to launch in ‘09.
28-Oct-2008: CDMA2000 Operators Will be Among the First to Deploy LTE and Mobile WiMAX.
28-Oct-2008: Ubuntu 8.10 Desktop Edition enables mobile computing.
28-Oct-2008: Verizon Defies iPhone.
27-Oct-2008: CenturyTel and EMBARQ to Merge.
27-Oct-2008: Qik live mobile video streaming supports BlackBerry devices.
27-Oct-2008: Japan Embraces Long Term Future for Mobile Broadband.
27-Oct-2008: Qualcomm and Foxlink sign licensing agreement.
27-Oct-2008: Subscribers want more personalization of their mobile phones.
24-Oct-2008: 335,000 Cellular Base Stations to Include Solar Power by 2013.
24-Oct-2008: Alltel Wireless Announces Launch of Latin Entertainment Line-up.
24-Oct-2008: First Android apps in UK announced.
24-Oct-2008: Windows Mobile 6.1 Upgrade Available for All Pantech duo Phones.
24-Oct-2008: UMTS900 Growing in Popularity.
23-Oct-2008: Sierra Wireless to triple speed of mobile broadband devices.
23-Oct-2008: IBM Study Finds Consumers Prefer a Mobile Device Over the PC.
23-Oct-2008: iSkoot for Skype Launches in Android Market.
23-Oct-2008: AT&T to Launch BlackBerry Bold November 4.
23-Oct-2008: LTE and WiMAX Battle for 4G Supremacy.
22-Oct-2008: T-Mobile Launches the Highly Anticipated T-Mobile G1.
22-Oct-2008: Frisco Gives Laid-Back Welcome To Google Phone.
22-Oct-2008: Digital Plan Will Boost France's Competitiveness.
22-Oct-2008: Openwave Launches Mobile Analytics Service.
22-Oct-2008: AT&T reports 3Q profit up.
22-Oct-2008: Sony Ericsson’s C905 Cyber-shot phone.
22-Oct-2008: Motorola introduces the AURA handset.
22-Oct-2008: New Bluetooth + FM Solution from Broadcom.
22-Oct-2008: RIM to Bring the Power of the Web to BlackBerry Application Development.
22-Oct-2008: Kyocera teams with Wind River to incorporate Android mobile software.
22-Oct-2008: Skyhook Wireless Brings Wi-Fi Location to Symbian OS.
22-Oct-2008: Sierra Wireless delivers the AirLink Raven XE 3G Ethernet Gateway.
21-Oct-2008: AT&T introduces Samsung Epix.
21-Oct-2008: Iridium Launches New "9555" Satellite Phone.
21-Oct-2008: Motorola's MOTO Q 11 bundled with Boingo.
21-Oct-2008: Sprint First to Launch WebCapTel On the Go.
21-Oct-2008: Cricket adds Nokia 1606 AWS-capable phone to lineup.
20-Oct-2008: T-Mobile USA Further Expands Commercial 3G Network.
20-Oct-2008: Motorola building Android "social" smartphone.
20-Oct-2008: Ericsson Collaborates With Intel.
20-Oct-2008: Nokia ports Qt to S60 platform.
20-Oct-2008: Alcatel-Lucent's Unique Mobile Security Solution Supports GSM/HSPA Networks.
20-Oct-2008: Ericsson reports third quarter results.
20-Oct-2008: Opera Mobile 9.5 beta with Opera Widgets now available for download.
19-Oct-2008: T-Mobile Unveils the New G1 at Star Studded Events.
17-Oct-2008: Nokia Q3 below consensus, outlook soothes market.
17-Oct-2008: Qik Launches First Live Mobile Video Streaming on Mass Market Phones.
16-Oct-2008: NTT DOCOMO, Renesas, Fujitsu, and Sharp to Jointly Develop Platform for HSUPA Mobile Phone.
16-Oct-2008: picoChip showcases TD-SCDMA femtocell at 3G China.
16-Oct-2008: Gartner cuts 2008 cellphone sales growth view.
16-Oct-2008: Alltel offers the LG Rhythm.
16-Oct-2008: Sprint Brings Enhanced Time-Saving Mobile Experience to Samsung ACE Users.
15-Oct-2008: AT&T launches four new quick messaging phones.
15-Oct-2008: HTC's G1 Android phone up close.
15-Oct-2008: Nokia Siemens Networks ships LTE base station hardware.
15-Oct-2008: Sony Ericsson unveils real-time Mobile Event Guide.
15-Oct-2008: Opera promotes MAMA project.
15-Oct-2008: FCC overhaul eyes broadband but could raise bills.
14-Oct-2008: Motorola Krave ZN4 at Verizon Wireless.
14-Oct-2008: Fox Reality channel launches on the iPhone.
14-Oct-2008: A Quarter of Broadband Homes to Be Mobile-Only by 2013.
14-Oct-2008: Quantenna announces new 802.11n chipsets with 4x4 MIMO and transmit beamforming.
14-Oct-2008: Cincinnati Bell Wireless Introduces First-Ever Smart Device Family Rate Plan.
14-Oct-2008: Infineon Introduces the World's Smallest Fully Integrated Receive Front-End Module for GPS Applications.
13-Oct-2008: LG offers second Prada phone.
13-Oct-2008: BlackBerry Flip Phone available from T-Mobile USA.
13-Oct-2008: FCC Clears Free Wireless Web.
13-Oct-2008: Sprint Secure WAN Acceleration service announced.
13-Oct-2008: Cricket Soars with the Samsung JetSet.
10-Oct-2008: Availability of Combo Chipsets Will Drive Mass Market Integration of GPS in GSM Handsets from 2009.
09-Oct-2008: AT&T Adds Online Account Setup for Its iPhone 3G Customers.
09-Oct-2008: Google's Android Could Signal a Tipping Point in Smartphones.
09-Oct-2008: Ericsson unveils wind-powered concept for its award-winning Tower Tube.
09-Oct-2008: 121 Million Mobile Users in Japan by 2011.
09-Oct-2008: Opera 9.6 announced.
09-Oct-2008: XOHM WiMAX era launches in Baltimore.
09-Oct-2008: Acer first to offer 4G WiMAX-Enabled Notebooks in U.S..
08-Oct-2008: BlackBerry Storm will be available exclusively to Verizon Wireless customers in U.S..
07-Oct-2008: Betting Billions.
06-Oct-2008: Verizon Wireless announces new Motorola handset offerings on the way.
06-Oct-2008: One-third of iPhone 3G Buyers Switched Carriers to Join AT&T.
06-Oct-2008: Boost Mobile Launches Motorola i776 Phone.
06-Oct-2008: Samsung Sway available from Verizon Wireless.
06-Oct-2008: Pantech Introduces the C610 Flip-Phone For AT&T.
06-Oct-2008: Shipments of CE Devices with Wi-Fi to Reach Almost 1 Billion by 2012.
05-Oct-2008: AT&T still testing delayed BlackBerry Bold.
03-Oct-2008: Nokia 5800 Xpress Music phone launches.
03-Oct-2008: Symbian S60 5th Edition introduced.
03-Oct-2008: Nokia launches 'Comes With Music' digital music service.
03-Oct-2008: Motorola Expands iDEN Portfolio With Leading Push-to-Talk Technology.
03-Oct-2008: MontaVista Mobilinux Optimized for TI's OMAP35x Processors.
02-Oct-2008: LG's Renoir Eight Megapixel Multimedia Phone Launches.
02-Oct-2008: LG launches the KP500.
02-Oct-2008: Cricket introduces PAYGo in Select Markets.
01-Oct-2008: Motorola, Sprint Serve First Sampling of Chicago XOHM Service at WiMAX Open House.
01-Oct-2008: MOTOACTV W450 Now Available at T-Mobile USA.
01-Oct-2008: Industry leaders demo multi-band WIMAX network in Chicago.
01-Oct-2008: Nokia Launches Metro Targeting.
01-Oct-2008: Survey Reveals Surging U.S. Mobile Adoption.
30-Sep-2008: Touchscreen Phone sales to reach 90 million Worldwide in 2009.
30-Sep-2008: Nokia's iPhone Alternative.
30-Sep-2008: SanDisk Announces World's Largest Mobile Phone Memory Card Capacity.
30-Sep-2008: NBC Reports 6.5 Million Uniques And 826,000 Videos Streamed On Mobile During The Olympics.
30-Sep-2008: Survey Shows Blogs, Online Product Reviews Significantly Influence Mobile Phone Purchases.
29-Sep-2008: XOHM WiMAX Broadband Service Debuts in Baltimore.
29-Sep-2008: LGE selects Ericsson's HSPA module for next-generation notebooks and netbooks.
29-Sep-2008: Nokia Renews its Business Mobility Strategy.
29-Sep-2008: ADC Introduces FlexWave Mobile WiMAX Solutions.
29-Sep-2008: Apple sells unlocked iPhone in Hong Kong.
26-Sep-2008: Nokia to unveil touch-screen phone Oct 2.
26-Sep-2008: Mobile Banking and PayPal arrive on Sprint Phones.
26-Sep-2008: Visa and Nokia Working Together to Deliver Payment Applications for Next Generation Mobile Devices.
25-Sep-2008: Skyfire Offers Full PC Web Browsing Experience on Mobile Phones.
25-Sep-2008: Samsung Camera Phones to be Pre-Loaded with Scanbuy's 2D Barcode Application.
25-Sep-2008: CTIA Calls for Science-Based Hearing on Health Effects.
24-Sep-2008: Sony Ericsson announces its first collection of Bluetooth watches for women.
24-Sep-2008: Google Android Phone's Big Premiere.
24-Sep-2008: Alltel announces nuTsie.
24-Sep-2008: Mobile operators will be first to gain from mobile social networking.
24-Sep-2008: Mobile phone serves as key for automobiles.
24-Sep-2008: 200 Million Ultra-mobile Devices to Ship in 2013.
24-Sep-2008: Sony Ericsson adds unlimited music download service to PlayNow.
23-Sep-2008: T-Mobile introduces Google-powered phone.
23-Sep-2008: The first Android-powered phone.
23-Sep-2008: Motorola introduces USBw WiMAX adaptor for laptops.
23-Sep-2008: Break a Leg, Android.
23-Sep-2008: Month-to-month option now available to Verizon Wireless customers.
23-Sep-2008: T-Mobile to unveil first Android phone.
23-Sep-2008: US mobile phone users text more than talk.
22-Sep-2008: Alltel Wireless Introduces the MOTORAZR VE20.
22-Sep-2008: Panasonic FOMA P706ie adds to growing LiMo handset numbers.
22-Sep-2008: NEC to supply Softbank with femtocell system.
19-Sep-2008: RIM Announces Support for Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 on BlackBerry Enterprise Solution.
19-Sep-2008: RIM announces developer conference details.
19-Sep-2008: Android to Gain 4 Percent USA Q4 2008 Smartphone Share.
19-Sep-2008: Motorola introduces new noise cancelling headsets.
19-Sep-2008: European Parliament Recommends Stricter Safety Limits for Cell Phones.
19-Sep-2008: T-Mobile and Nortel sucessfully demo NGMN with LTE in a moving vehicle.
19-Sep-2008: Nokia's Linux OS to support 3G.
18-Sep-2008: T-Mobile USA Announces Commercial 3G Network Availability Expansion.
18-Sep-2008: Sales Of SIM Cards Might Shuffle Deck In Wireless Services.
18-Sep-2008: Twenty-Million U.S. Telephone Households are Wireless.
18-Sep-2008: Nokia Calling All Innovators Global Developer Contest.
17-Sep-2008: Azingo First to Deliver Mobile Web 2.0 Experiences on an Open Mobile Linux Platform.
17-Sep-2008: ABI Research survey reveals key drivers in US Navigation Market.
17-Sep-2008: Sprint launches on-line self-service tool.
17-Sep-2008: First Google Phone to Be Announced Sept. 23.
17-Sep-2008: AT&T launches the Samsung Rugby.
16-Sep-2008: New HTC Touch HD.
16-Sep-2008: HTC unveils the new Touch 3G and Touch VIVA handsets.
16-Sep-2008: New York City taxis offer wireless payment.
16-Sep-2008: New Bluetooth Car Speakerphone from Sony Ericsson.
15-Sep-2008: MySpace Music to start with major ad sponsors.
15-Sep-2008: RMI Enables new category of Portable Navigation Devices.
15-Sep-2008: Campus MovieFest and AT&T Launch 2008-2009 World Tour.
12-Sep-2008: Microsoft's Live Search to launch on BlackBerrys.
12-Sep-2008: NASA auctioning next-generation GPS technology.
12-Sep-2008: Nokia Launches Developer Accelerator Program.
11-Sep-2008: Sprint to Deliver Industry-Leading Push-to-Talk Services on New BlackBerry Smartphone.
11-Sep-2008: Virgin Mobile USA to Launch the Shuttle.
11-Sep-2008: Yahoo! oneConnect Preview Available for iPhone.
11-Sep-2008: Android phone expected within weeks.
11-Sep-2008: Touch Screens in Mobile Devices to Deliver $5 Billion Next Year.
11-Sep-2008: What's Next in Bluetooth?.
11-Sep-2008: Velocity Mobile announces its first touchscreen phone.
11-Sep-2008: Sprint announces "One Click" and debuts new handsets.
11-Sep-2008: Alcatel-Lucent introduces the 5130 Geographic Messaging Services Platform.
10-Sep-2008: RIM Introduces the First BlackBerry Flip Phone.
10-Sep-2008: AT&T certifies Qualcomm's Gobi technology.
10-Sep-2008: Panasonic to Offer Gobi On All New Toughbook Notebooks.
10-Sep-2008: Nokia expands Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync availability.
10-Sep-2008: iPhone Traffic Almost Doubles in the US.
10-Sep-2008: HTC to expand Japanese presence.
10-Sep-2008: Sprint announces enhanced PTT service.
10-Sep-2008: Virgin Mobile USA begins integrating Helio devices and services.
10-Sep-2008: NVIDIA teams with Opera.
09-Sep-2008: The new Sony Ericsson G705.
09-Sep-2008: "My Communities" downloadable gateway available from AT&T.
09-Sep-2008: Sprint Launches Ready Now.
09-Sep-2008: Nokia to Demonstrate Latest Elements of Ovi.
09-Sep-2008: Alltel Connect Packs announced.
09-Sep-2008: RIM captures more than half of smartphone market.
08-Sep-2008: AT&T MEdia Net launches Yahoo! oneSearch.
08-Sep-2008: SunCom is T-Mobile now.
08-Sep-2008: Vodafone Connect to Friends.
08-Sep-2008: GSA Survey Confirms 805 HSPA Devices Launched.
08-Sep-2008: MessageSling unveils hands-free mobile messaging service.
08-Sep-2008: Motorola Brings Media Mobility to Life at IBC 2008.
08-Sep-2008: BestBuy begins selling iPhone.
05-Sep-2008: LG to unveil Viewty’s 8 megapixel successor.
05-Sep-2008: Nokia N96 begins shipping.
05-Sep-2008: Palm's New Smartphone: Close but no Cigar.
05-Sep-2008: Chrome's Mobile Future.
05-Sep-2008: MediaFlo expands college football mobile TV offerings.
05-Sep-2008: Vodafone to sell Dell Inspiron Mini 9 with built-in mobile broadband.
05-Sep-2008: U.S. Catches Up with Western Europe in Adoption of 3G Mobile Devices.
04-Sep-2008: Verizon Wireless offers the Samsung Knack.
04-Sep-2008: Neo Launches the Ellipse.
04-Sep-2008: 3G Americas releases new report on EDGE, HSPA and LTE.
03-Sep-2008: Google Chrome goes live.
03-Sep-2008: Virgin Mobile USA delivers location-based entertainment service.
03-Sep-2008: Mobile Payments to Grow Nearly Ten Fold by 2013.
03-Sep-2008: Online Social Networking Goes Mobile.
02-Sep-2008: Sprint Launches Motorola Renegade V950.
02-Sep-2008: Q2 Mobile Handsets Shipments in China Down.
02-Sep-2008: Symbian reports Q2 slowdown.
02-Sep-2008: Nokia to launch 'Comes WIth Music' first in the UK.
01-Sep-2008: SE says its Microsoft phone launch on track.
29-Aug-2008: Sprint Signs XOHM WiMAX LBS partners.
29-Aug-2008: WiMax's Invisible Power.
28-Aug-2008: Nortel and LG Electronics are First in World to Demonstrate Mobile LTE Handover.
28-Aug-2008: Cleartalk and Nortel Launch Advanced CDMA Wireless Service in Texas Markets.
28-Aug-2008: RadioShack to Carry Sprint's Samsung Instinct Nationwide.
28-Aug-2008: Broadcom joins WirelessHD Consortium.
28-Aug-2008: GSM/HSPA grows to 67% of market share in the Americas.
27-Aug-2008: Sprint Super Bowl Sweepstakes announced.
27-Aug-2008: HTC Expands Portfolio With Introduction of S740.
27-Aug-2008: MBNL selects Nokia Siemens Networks as 3G technology partner.
27-Aug-2008: Motorola's latest PTT solution optimizes EVDO Rev A network capabilities.
27-Aug-2008: The Nokia N96 to arrive in the Americas.
27-Aug-2008: China Mobile's profits up 51% Q2.
26-Aug-2008: AT&T Adds New International Data Plans for iPhone Users.
26-Aug-2008: Nokia N85 latest Nokia Nseries announced.
26-Aug-2008: Nokia N79 unveiled.
25-Aug-2008: Verizon Wireless launches the Blitz.
25-Aug-2008: MediaFlo TV expands wireless news offerings.
23-Aug-2008: FCC puts off plan to change cell roaming rules.
23-Aug-2008: Virgin Mobile USA Closes Acquisition of Helio.
22-Aug-2008: Verizon and Google close to Mobile Search agreement.
22-Aug-2008: New Sony Ericsson TM506 AWS handset to be available from T-Mobile USA.
22-Aug-2008: Clearwire to sell $1.62 billion in stock.
22-Aug-2008: Mitsubishi to Launch New Wireless HDTV.
22-Aug-2008: TI announces new 4-GHz quadrature modulator.
22-Aug-2008: CDMA Market Takes a Plunge.
21-Aug-2008: Sony Playstation Portable 3000 doubles as phone.
21-Aug-2008: LG Invision available from AT&T.
21-Aug-2008: ZTE's AWS Handset Now Available in U.S..
20-Aug-2008: Palm introduces the Treo Pro.
20-Aug-2008: AOL Introduces New AIM Express.
20-Aug-2008: Nokia introduces the 8800 Carbon Arte.
20-Aug-2008: Disney Dialing Up Kids Again.
19-Aug-2008: Sprint offers new Katana Eclipse by SANYO.
19-Aug-2008: Ringback Tones Drive Mobile Premium Content Market.
19-Aug-2008: Lonely Planet finds its way to Nokia handsets.
19-Aug-2008: Verizon Wireless offers Usage Controls and Chaperone 2.0.
19-Aug-2008: Advertisers, Publishers Ponder Future of Mobile Ad Networks.
19-Aug-2008: ASC debuts HTC Touch Smartphone.
18-Aug-2008: CDMA Is Not Dead Yet.
18-Aug-2008: IBM Builds World's Smallest SRAM Memory Cell.
18-Aug-2008: Info on Treo Pro leaked.
15-Aug-2008: Kyocera's TNT! now available from Virgin Mobile.
15-Aug-2008: iPhone's growing list of problems.
15-Aug-2008: T-Mobile first to offer Android smartphone.
14-Aug-2008: Virgin Mobile USA reports second-quarter profit fell 50 percent.
14-Aug-2008: Brief T-Mobile data outage hits eastern U.S..
14-Aug-2008: Intel selects JAJAH to implement new Remote Wake technology.
13-Aug-2008: Best Buy becomes first independent iPhone retailer.
13-Aug-2008: Revamped CBS Sports Mobile Website launches in time for football season.
13-Aug-2008: Apple iPhone holds second place in US smartphone market.
13-Aug-2008: Lenovo Launches Its First Commercial Mobile Phone with Fingerprint Sensors.
13-Aug-2008: Energy-saving Intelligent Phones Focus on Power Management.
13-Aug-2008: Tennesssee first sate to benefit from SafeLink Wireless program.
12-Aug-2008: Nokia 5610 XpressMusic Rocks on to the Scene with T-Mobile USA.
12-Aug-2008: Smithsonian tries cell phone ads to draw tourists.
12-Aug-2008: Half of Young Drivers are Driving While Texting.
12-Aug-2008: The Samsung Messenger is now available to Cricket customers.
12-Aug-2008: Visual Voice Mail From Verizon Wireless.
11-Aug-2008: How to Make Money off Free iPhone Games.
11-Aug-2008: U.S. mobile phone shipments reached 42 million units Q2 '08.
11-Aug-2008: BlueWhaleMail releaes enhanced Facebook features.
08-Aug-2008: IBM Announces New Mobile Products and Services.
08-Aug-2008: As Apple Waffles, Nokia Lurks.
08-Aug-2008: Openmoko Publishes Schematics for Neo Phones.
08-Aug-2008: Verizon Wireless Completes Purchase Of Rural Cellular.
08-Aug-2008: The Story Behind Thursday’s Sprint Merger Rumors.
07-Aug-2008: Sony Ericsson announces the slim and elegant T700.
07-Aug-2008: SIMable unlocking chip shipped to 37 countries.
07-Aug-2008: Orange runs first in-SMS ad trial.
06-Aug-2008: T-Mobile launches 3G network in Las Vegas.
06-Aug-2008: Delta to offer Wi-Fi on entire domestic fleet.
05-Aug-2008: Motorola adds three new ROKR handsets.
05-Aug-2008: CDMA Operators set to ofer International Roaming at the Beijing Olympics.
05-Aug-2008: Sprint Nextel, AT&T spar over WiMAX deal.
05-Aug-2008: Purchasing by mobile phone on the rise.
04-Aug-2008: AT&T Expands International Offerings.
04-Aug-2008: Qualcom exec moves to Motorola.
04-Aug-2008: ABI Research says Linux OS to lead in MID market.
04-Aug-2008: Eleven new members join LiMo Foundation.
04-Aug-2008: Sony Ericsson unveils James Bond’s latest phone.
04-Aug-2008: Applications Spur Carriers to Relax Grip on Cellphones.
04-Aug-2008: New Wave of Innovative LiMo Handsets.
04-Aug-2008: MobiTV surpasses four million subscribers.
01-Aug-2008: Verizon Wireless cuts prices on smartphones.
31-Jul-2008: WiMAX gaining foothold in emerging markets.
31-Jul-2008: Mobile-TV equipped TD-SCDMA handsets delivered to China Mobile.
31-Jul-2008: High-end device sales heat up.
31-Jul-2008: Qualcomm Achieves World's First HSPA+ Data Call.
31-Jul-2008: T-Mobile announces "Family Allowances".
31-Jul-2008: MotorolaTETRA system to be used at Beijing Olympics.
30-Jul-2008: Samsung AIRAVE femtocell available from Sprint.
30-Jul-2008: Google stumbles on delay of nuvifone.
30-Jul-2008: NETGEAR launches Wireless-N Upgrade Kit.
30-Jul-2008: New T-Mobile Sidekick launches.
29-Jul-2008: Alcatel-Lucent ousts CEO and Chair.
29-Jul-2008: New Sprint Web launches.
28-Jul-2008: Alcatel-Lucent and Airvana to Develop an Integrated IMS-femtocell Solution.
28-Jul-2008: 7-Eleven Expands Prepaid Wireless Program Globally.
28-Jul-2008: Garmin Offers City Navigator China NT 2008.
28-Jul-2008: D-Link offers 'green' home networking Wi-Fi routers.
28-Jul-2008: Motorola's home and networks mobility business reorganizes.
26-Jul-2008: NextWave sells portion of its AWS spectrum.
25-Jul-2008: Touch-screen handsets building steady appeal.
24-Jul-2008: Pre-paid unlimited plans meet high satisfaction by users than per-minute price plans.
24-Jul-2008: Mobile Map use growing in U.S. and Europe.
24-Jul-2008: Nokia and Qualcomm Enter Into a New Agreement.
23-Jul-2008: AT&T reports solid Q2 growth.
23-Jul-2008: Verizon set to close Alltel buyout by year's end.
23-Jul-2008: Emoze Push Email Now Available.
23-Jul-2008: Telecom financial worries hit market.
22-Jul-2008: Verizon Wireless Reports 2Q Growth numbers.
22-Jul-2008: AT&T Navigator Goes Global.
22-Jul-2008: ABI says mobile browser market competitive and growing.
22-Jul-2008: Sony Ericsson's W902 & W595 Walkman phones.
22-Jul-2008: Sony Ericsson unveils the W302 Walkman.
22-Jul-2008: Content to Rejuvenate Revenue Growth in the European Mobile Market.
22-Jul-2008: First Commercial Solar-Powered GSM System Launched.
22-Jul-2008: Do Cell-Tower Climbers Have the Nation’s Deadliest Job?.
21-Jul-2008: Trumpet Mobile now available at Walgreen's.
21-Jul-2008: Sprint adds EV-DO Rev. A software upgrade to Touch and Mogul.
21-Jul-2008: Wireless spectrum auction ends in Canada.
18-Jul-2008: Wi-Fi still hot in 2008.
18-Jul-2008: Verizon Wireless offers Mobile Banking app for BlackBerry customers.
18-Jul-2008: Why SK Telecom wants Sprint.
17-Jul-2008: SK Telecom says no to Sprint buyout.
17-Jul-2008: Opera Mobile 9.5 beta is released.
17-Jul-2008: Apple App store heavy on games.
17-Jul-2008: Aircell Selects LTE as 4G Wireless Standard for Inflight Connectivity.
17-Jul-2008: Data Services Will Be Key To Mobile Carrier Growth.
17-Jul-2008: Femto Forum adopts Broadband Forum's TR-069 protocol.
16-Jul-2008: SK Telecom in talks to buy Sprint Nextel.
16-Jul-2008: Ericsson and 3 Italia announce enhanced HSPA milestone.
15-Jul-2008: Intel announces next-generation technology.
15-Jul-2008: Toshiba's new QosmioF55 features Garmin GPS technology.
15-Jul-2008: Monta Vista's Linux CGE 5.0 complies with specs for telecom industry.
14-Jul-2008: Palm and Sprint introduce the Treo 800w.
14-Jul-2008: One million 3G iPhones and counting.
14-Jul-2008: Toyota Offers Bluetooth on 15 Models.
14-Jul-2008: Nokia's WidSets service selects
14-Jul-2008: New Fujitsu FOMA handset offers AuthenTec's fingerprint sensor.
14-Jul-2008: Apple's new iPhone launch hits activation meltdown.
14-Jul-2008: D-Link offers first D-Life product.
11-Jul-2008: Verizon Wireless announces INpulse prepaid plans.
11-Jul-2008: Sprint adds new PTT Nextel Direct Connect phones to lineup.
11-Jul-2008: AT&T Kicks Off Sales of iPhone 3G.
11-Jul-2008: New LG Chocolate debuts on Verizon Wireless.
10-Jul-2008: Verizon Wi-Fi Connect launches.
10-Jul-2008: Mobile Industry Endorsement for Symbian Foundation Grows.
10-Jul-2008: iPhone lures black market buyers across Asia.
10-Jul-2008: BlackBerry Thunder Nowhere Near Ready.
09-Jul-2008: Apple to Gain 35 Percent Share of US Touchscreen Phone Market in 2008.
09-Jul-2008: How the iPhone 3G is changing the wireless game.
09-Jul-2008: KYOCERA updates USB Wireless Broadband Modem for iBurst.
09-Jul-2008: Forum Nokia teams with DeviceAnywhere.
08-Jul-2008: AT&T to Produce Exclusive Tracks for Olympic Athletes.
08-Jul-2008: RealEyes3D Powers Motion-Based Navigation on Samsung Instinct.
08-Jul-2008: Is T-Mobile readying an Android phone?.
08-Jul-2008: Symbian announces Symbian Partner Network program.
07-Jul-2008: Broadband telephony market to double by 2013.
07-Jul-2008: NTT DoCoMo to launch BlackBerry Internet Service.
04-Jul-2008: Bell launches Samsung m530 Canadian Olympic Team Edition phone.
04-Jul-2008: AT&T opens early to accommodate iPhone shoppers.
04-Jul-2008: WiMAX Forum supports European Commission's 2.6 GHz decision.
03-Jul-2008: Bell Canada to launch the Samsung Instinct.
03-Jul-2008: Location Based Services “On the Move”.
03-Jul-2008: Virgin Mobile USA and IBM Sign IT Services Agreement.
03-Jul-2008: WidSets gets boost from Forum Nokia.
02-Jul-2008: Openmoko Neo FreeRunner GNU/Linux mobile device announced.
02-Jul-2008: Ericsson deploys first solar solution in South America.
02-Jul-2008: GSA reports sheds light on UMTS 900 MHz systems deployments.
02-Jul-2008: ABI says Mid-Tier Mobile Phone Segment to Feel the Squeeze.
01-Jul-2008: AT&T says get "iReady" for the 3G iPhone.
01-Jul-2008: HTC Touch Dual handset debuts in alliance with SKT.
01-Jul-2008: BONDI initiative supported by OMTP members.
01-Jul-2008: Warner Music catalogue added to Nokia music offerings.
01-Jul-2008: Alltel introduces texting to "My Circle" plan.
01-Jul-2008: MetroPCS Announces Launch of MetroFlash.
01-Jul-2008: First Mobile WiMAX Internet Service in the U.S. deployed.
30-Jun-2008: Purple Labs acquires Openwave mobile phone software business.
30-Jun-2008: Verizon Wireless Teams Up with Rhapsody.
30-Jun-2008: Google Signs Agreement With Tele Atlas.
30-Jun-2008: Vodafone expands MySpace offerings.
28-Jun-2008: Virgin Mobile USA to Acquire Helio.
27-Jun-2008: Nokia Supernova handset line-up launches.
27-Jun-2008: LG Dare now available from Verizon Wireless.
27-Jun-2008: Biggest hurdle cleared in bringing iPhone to China.
27-Jun-2008: Mopar launches 'uconnect web'.
27-Jun-2008: Worldwide Mobile Subscriptions to hit 5.6 billion by 2013.
26-Jun-2008: MOTOROKR E8 debuts at T-Mobile USA on July 7.
26-Jun-2008: Instinct becomes Sprint's fastest-selling EVDO handset.
26-Jun-2008: LiPS Forum and LiMo unite.
26-Jun-2008: T-Mobile@Home service announced.
25-Jun-2008: WLAN is the next big thing in handset connectivity.
25-Jun-2008: Chrysler will offer wireless Internet access in 2009 models.
25-Jun-2008: Sprint announces Business Premier customer loyalty program.
25-Jun-2008: American Airlines test flies Wi-Fi.
24-Jun-2008: Nokia makes cash offer to buy all the shares of Symbian Limited.
24-Jun-2008: Symbian Foundation established.
24-Jun-2008: Virgin Mobile introduces unlimited calling plan in U.S..
24-Jun-2008: Alltel to launch EVDO Rev-A technology.
23-Jun-2008: Motorola announces the MOTOZINE ZN5.
23-Jun-2008: T-Mobile USA Introduces Nokia 6301 and Samsung SGH-t339.
23-Jun-2008: Android hits delays.
23-Jun-2008: ip.access Brings Femtocells into the Connected Home.
23-Jun-2008: Nokia to acquire social-activity service startup Plazes.
23-Jun-2008: Small Businesses rely increasingly on smartphones.
21-Jun-2008: Infosys developing holographic mobile handsets.
20-Jun-2008: Sony Ericsson unveils Maria Sharapova Design Collection.
20-Jun-2008: Congress strikes deal to overhaul wiretap law.
19-Jun-2008: Sprint begins offering the Samsung Instinct for $129.99.
19-Jun-2008: Who uses the Web on their mobile phone?.
19-Jun-2008: European HSPA/LTE mobile broadband connectivity to see major growth in Europe.
18-Jun-2008: Mobile Linux moves a step forward.
18-Jun-2008: AT&T Introduces New Social Networking and Mobile Media Applications.
18-Jun-2008: Samsung announces the W510 and F268 "green" handsets.
18-Jun-2008: First certified MIIMI 2.5 GHz obile WiMAX products announced.
17-Jun-2008: The new Sony Ericsson F305 with Motion Gaming.
17-Jun-2008: Sony Ericsson's new Cyber-shot 8.1 megapixel camera phone.
17-Jun-2008: Huawei and DiBcom Partner to Offer Mobile TV on an HSPA Datacard.
17-Jun-2008: Two new entry level phones from Sony Ericsson announced.
17-Jun-2008: Sony Ericsson unveils the MD400 and MD400g HSPA USB modems.
17-Jun-2008: Nokia completes Trolltech Acquisition.
17-Jun-2008: Yahoo! oneSearch signs on five Asia-Pacific partners.
17-Jun-2008: Freescale intros multi-standard accelerator device.
16-Jun-2008: Two new Nokia Eseries Email-optimized devices.
16-Jun-2008: LG Decoy now available at Verizon Wireless.
16-Jun-2008: Fujitsu Set to Sample Mobile WiMAX Chipsets for Mobile Devices.
16-Jun-2008: T-Mobile to sell new iPhone from 1 Euro in Germany.
16-Jun-2008: Motorola to halve research labs.
16-Jun-2008: The New Nokia 6205 Phone.
13-Jun-2008: Sprint Simplifies Pricing.
13-Jun-2008: 'The Incredible Hulk' mobile game launches in time for movie debut.
13-Jun-2008: US FCC head has doubts on state wireless oversight.
12-Jun-2008: Sprint Nextel expands PTT phone line.
12-Jun-2008: Samsung's First Nextel Direct Connect Phone, the Z400.
12-Jun-2008: Clearwire outlines Sprint WiMAX venture plans.
12-Jun-2008: Commerce over mobile devices accelerating in the U.S..
12-Jun-2008: Palm Centro Now Available On the Verizon Wireless Network.
12-Jun-2008: LTE Speed - Zero to 32 Million users in Three Years.
12-Jun-2008: New LG Phones From Verizon Wireless.
11-Jun-2008: Mobile 3.0 announces German mobile TV launch.
11-Jun-2008: Nortel and Alvarion form strategic WiMAX agreement.
10-Jun-2008: D-Link intros new network cameras for remote monitoring.
10-Jun-2008: The iPhone's new business model.
10-Jun-2008: Motorola adds 700MHz spectrum to LTE products.
10-Jun-2008: AT&T's iPhone shift to eat into profits.
09-Jun-2008: AT&T and Apple to Launch iPhone 3G in the US on July 11.
09-Jun-2008: 3G iPhone launching globally July 11.
09-Jun-2008: Samsung launches Omnia iPhone look-a-like.
09-Jun-2008: JetBlue LiveTV to buy Verizon's Airfone network.
09-Jun-2008: Samsung debuts Omnia.
09-Jun-2008: Motorola announces the MC75.
05-Jun-2008: Verizon Wireless To Acquire Alltel.
05-Jun-2008: HTC Touch Pro announced.
05-Jun-2008: Verizon in talks to buy Alltel.
05-Jun-2008: BlueWhaleMail - Push Email for the Rest of us.
05-Jun-2008: Vodafone Down On Verizon-Alltel Deal.
05-Jun-2008: First-Ever Live In-Cinema Interactive Polling Program.
05-Jun-2008: Softbank shares gain on iPhone news.
05-Jun-2008: T-Mobile announces new unlimited familiy plan ' Frees the Family'.
05-Jun-2008: Boost Mobile introdues the Motorola i335 military-grade durable phone.
05-Jun-2008: AT&T reports increased speeds for LaptopConnect customers.
04-Jun-2008: Samsung delivers processing power to the Dash Express.
04-Jun-2008: Starbucks Card holders get complimentary Wi-Fi.
03-Jun-2008: Linux Framework Wars Down to Two Parties.
03-Jun-2008: Intel Executive Says Powerful Processors, WiMAX to Bring Full Internet to Mobile Devices.
03-Jun-2008: New smartphones pioneering fresh revenue streams.
02-Jun-2008: Sierra Wireless AirLink products available in U.S. with HSUPA network support.
02-Jun-2008: CDMA Grows to More Than 451 Million Subscribers Worldwide.
02-Jun-2008: NIM reports spike in mobile phone navigation services.
02-Jun-2008: China Unicom unveils details of Netcom takeover.
30-May-2008: Cisco Establishes New Mobile Vision.
30-May-2008: FCC mulling free high-speed Internet network plan.
29-May-2008: Virgin Mobile Fetival Special Edition Wild Card phone by Kyocera launched.
29-May-2008: TD-SCDMA Surfaces into Commercial Daylight, Says ABI Research.
29-May-2008: Google shows off 'Android' software for mobile phones.
29-May-2008: JuiceCaster adds Location-based Geotagging.
29-May-2008: Qualcomm and Adobe collaborate on Flash.
28-May-2008: Google boss has high hopes for the mobile internet.
28-May-2008: Apple's Solar Strategy.
27-May-2008: Rumor(tm) by LG.
27-May-2008: Google's Geek Fest.
27-May-2008: Japan urges limiting kids' cell phones.
26-May-2008: Hop-on Releases $10 HOP1800.
26-May-2008: Live Connection is a New Mobile Trend - Samsung.
24-May-2008: China unveils long awaited communications restructuring.
24-May-2008: Verizon seeks deal on cell phone cancellation fees.
23-May-2008: Verizon Wireless reports record text messages sent Q1.
22-May-2008: AT&T Nears Completion of 3G Wireless Technology Deployment.
22-May-2008: Mobile Providers, Can You Hear Us Now?.
22-May-2008: WiFi network bridge connects two locations up to 5 miles apart.
22-May-2008: IBM Study Finds Consumers Want More Control and Choice on Mobile Web.
22-May-2008: Road Warriors Still Picking The BlackBerry.
21-May-2008: T-Mobile USA launches the Nokia 5310 Xpress Music Phone.
21-May-2008: picoChip Readies Industry's First LTE Femtocell - Home eNodeB - Reference Design.
21-May-2008: Netflix Player by Roku using Atheros Wi-Fi technology.
21-May-2008: AT&T Launches Free Wi-Fi for LaptopConnect Customers.
21-May-2008: Nokia expects to increase use of Linux OS in its handsets.
21-May-2008: Wavesat Launches Multimode 4G Broadband Chipset.
20-May-2008: Ultra-Wideband Product Availability Continues to Surge.
20-May-2008: NTT DoCoMo to cut handset prices.
20-May-2008: Boost Mobile Launches Retail Presence.
19-May-2008: Nortel announces new IP Powered Home solutions.
19-May-2008: WiMax Forum Global Congress set for June 17-18.
19-May-2008: Samsung Mobile enlists Cision to help with media monitoring.
19-May-2008: Orange Launches New Voice and Data Roaming Offers.
19-May-2008: Swisscom launches Bluewin TV mobile.
16-May-2008: Orange Brings the iPhone to Customers in Europe, Middle East and Africa.
16-May-2008: Siemens Rounds out Its WiMAX Portfolio with an Outdoor Modem.
16-May-2008: RIM expected to release a touch-screen BlackBerry.
16-May-2008: Qualcomm's BREW 2008 Conference set for May 28-30.
15-May-2008: Sharp extends methanol fuel cell power.
15-May-2008: AT&T Business Customers Stay on Track with Xora GPS TimeTrack.
15-May-2008: Alltel Adds One Million Gross Wireless Customers in the First Quarter.
15-May-2008: AT&T promises Wi-Fi speeds on its 3G network by 2009.
15-May-2008: IBM and RIM Mobilize Web 2.0 Capabilities.
15-May-2008: Virgin Mobile confirms talks with SK Telecom.
15-May-2008: Verizon Wireless joins LiMo Foundation.
14-May-2008: LG and Samsung join forces to develop and promote mobile digital TV standard.
14-May-2008: 313 EDGE networks launched worldwide.
13-May-2008: BlackBerry Developer Conference announced.
13-May-2008: Ericsson and Dell connect on HSPA.
13-May-2008: Opera Mini 4.1 version announced.
12-May-2008: Microsoft and RIM to Bring Windows Live Services to BlackBerry Smartphone Customers.
12-May-2008: CDMA Development Group-led Open Market Handset Trials Reach Successful Conclusion in India.
12-May-2008: Samsung ACE now available at Bell Canada.
12-May-2008: Qualcomm demos Media FLO and International ISDB-T mobile TV on multi-mode handset.
12-May-2008: RIM intros new BlackBerry Bold 9000 Model.
12-May-2008: Bidding on a masterpiece? Christie's begins offering SMS alerts.
11-May-2008: Virgin Mobile USA and Korea's SK in talks: source.
09-May-2008: More Than 550 Million GPS-Enabled Handsets Will Ship by 2012.
09-May-2008: MOTO Q 9c Available At Verizon Wireless.
09-May-2008: Verizon Wireless Introduces the Samsung Glyde.
08-May-2008: Best Buy and The Carphone Warehouse create new company.
08-May-2008: World's fastest I-HSPA call demo'd.
07-May-2008: BlackBerry Curve 8330 Smartphone available to Verizon Wireless customers.
07-May-2008: VZ Navigator Version 4 now available.
07-May-2008: Sprint and Clearwire to Combine WiMAX Businesses.
07-May-2008: Myvu to demo new wide-screen video eyewear.
07-May-2008: Upwards of 12% of DSL user to switch to WiMAX within 5 years.
07-May-2008: Opera Dragonfly on the prowl.
06-May-2008: HTC Unveils the 'Touch Diamond'.
06-May-2008: Vodafone to sell the iPhone in ten of its global markets.
06-May-2008: Nokia Siemens Networks and Pirelli Broadband Solutions cooperate on 3G Femto Home Access Solution.
06-May-2008: Sony Ericsson announces Project Capuchin.
06-May-2008: Berg Insight says 186 million machines will be connected to mobile networks in 2012.
06-May-2008: T-Mobile USA begins 3G rollout.
06-May-2008: AP launches Mobile News Network.
05-May-2008: Nokia to introduce many new phone models in U.S..
05-May-2008: Deutsche Telekom eyes up Sprint takeover.
03-May-2008: U.S. court backs FCC deadline for Sprint rebanding.
03-May-2008: Sprint Nextel responds to FCC 800MHz reconfiguration order.
03-May-2008: WorldMate Brings First Mobile Flight Alert Service to Nokia S60 Symbian Platform.
03-May-2008: Brightpoint to be sole distributor for HTC in the UK.
03-May-2008: Nokia Nseries makes its HSPA network Canadian debut with Rogers Wireless.
03-May-2008: UbiquiSys tops Femtocell Vendor Matrix Ranking.
02-May-2008: T-Mobile and Nokia Collaborate on Mobile Services and Personal Social Networks.
02-May-2008: AT&T price cut could juice iPhone sales.
01-May-2008: AT&T Mobile TV Premieres Sunday, May 4.
01-May-2008: Adobe and Industry Leaders Establish Open Screen Project.
01-May-2008: Top 5 Handset Vendors Losing Ground to rich media specialists.
01-May-2008: Motorola's New MOTO Z10 Mobile Device.
01-May-2008: Game Development Contest for Windows Mobile announced.
01-May-2008: 3G iPhone rumor roundup: Spring break edition.
30-Apr-2008: DoubleClick Mobile Integrates With Mobile Ad Networks.
30-Apr-2008: Slimmer enV2 available at Verizon Wireless.
30-Apr-2008: Vodafone and VZW Team Up to Deliver the First Live Global Mobile Simulcast of Madonna Performance.
30-Apr-2008: Motorola and Advanced Info Service Launch WiMAX Trials in Thailand.
30-Apr-2008: AT&T intros new iPhone Text Accessibility Plan.
30-Apr-2008: Rogers to get iPhone.
29-Apr-2008: Nokia and ARC Transistance to Deliver Real Time Traffic Reports to Mobiles.
29-Apr-2008: SIMable, a technology breakthrough in mobile phone unlocking.
29-Apr-2008: 'Local Search' on mobile phones positioned for rapid growth.
29-Apr-2008: Verizon supports FCC move to cap subsidies to wireless companies.
28-Apr-2008: Nokia Unveils Three New Handsets.
28-Apr-2008: Sagem announces world's smallest GPRS module.
26-Apr-2008: AT&T and Starbucks begin Wi-Fi rollout.
26-Apr-2008: Morphing Cellphones.
25-Apr-2008: Worldwide Mobile Phone Market Grows 14.3%.
25-Apr-2008: NextWave Wireless Explores Sale of Its U.S. Wireless Spectrum Holdings.
25-Apr-2008: Allergy Season Warning Comes With a Ring Tone.
25-Apr-2008: Spike Lee joins Nokia in creating social film.
24-Apr-2008: CSR's new platform enhances hands-free Bluetooth user experience.
24-Apr-2008: Vodafone in venture to boost mobile Internet.
24-Apr-2008: AT&T launches GPS-enabled BlackBerry Pearl 8110.
24-Apr-2008: Research shows emerging markets driving 90 percent of growth in wireless profits.
23-Apr-2008: LG Launches Versatile LG-KF700.
23-Apr-2008: Sony Ericsson launches the HSDPA-enabled Z780 and G502 handsets.
23-Apr-2008: 'Mobile Coupons' set to flood the wireless pipeline.
23-Apr-2008: MobileHook API pushes social networking multimedia to mobile phones.
23-Apr-2008: FCC Wireless Auction Faulted.
23-Apr-2008: Alltel celebrates "My Circle" anniversary with bonus offer.
23-Apr-2008: A great wireless leap forward.
23-Apr-2008: AT&T says iPhone sales "Stable".
22-Apr-2008: Nokia unveils two new XpressMusic devices.
22-Apr-2008: Sony BMG Music Entertainment Joins Nokia Comes With Music.
22-Apr-2008: Samsung chief stands down.
22-Apr-2008: AT&T delivers strong Q1 results.
22-Apr-2008: BlackBerry 8330 joins Alltel portfolio.
22-Apr-2008: Skype Expands Unlimited Calling Subscription Options.
22-Apr-2008: US mobile media and entertainment market to see strong growth.
22-Apr-2008: NTT DoCoMo to intro Linux-compatible 3G FOMA handsets.
22-Apr-2008: Nearly 20% of Mid- and High-end Mobile Devices Will Run a Linux Operating System by 2013.
21-Apr-2008: IBM Launches Mobile Web Initiative.
21-Apr-2008: Antenova announces new multi-band antennas.
21-Apr-2008: Intel to invest in Taiwan's WiMAX market.
21-Apr-2008: AT&T Announces BlackBerry Professional Software for Small Business.
19-Apr-2008: Hop-on launches disposable cell phone in Europe.
19-Apr-2008: O2 debuts Alcatel handset in the US.
18-Apr-2008: AT&T, Motorola to show mobile trends.
18-Apr-2008: NTT DoCoMo announces rebranding effort.
18-Apr-2008: Verizon Wireless debuts FLO TV service in San DIego.
18-Apr-2008: MetroPRC introduces ChatLink PTT feature.
18-Apr-2008: KDDI adds ViPR to "au" camera phone line-up.
17-Apr-2008: Nokia defies global recession Q1 2008.
16-Apr-2008: The Verizon Wireless XV6900 available online today.
16-Apr-2008: Alltel Wireless and Ontela Launch Service to Automatically Save Photos.
16-Apr-2008: JuiceCaster set to launch on T-Mobile USA.
16-Apr-2008: CTIA Calls for Passage of Cell Tax Fairness Legislation.
15-Apr-2008: Nokia 6212 Classic introduced.
15-Apr-2008: Verizon Wireless Introduces Nationwide Messaging Plans.
15-Apr-2008: Wireless Industry Leaders commit to framework for LTE technology IPR licensing.
15-Apr-2008: M:Metrics reports the Way to a Man's Heart Is Through His Mobile Phone.
15-Apr-2008: HSL femtocell to support 2G and 3G.
15-Apr-2008: AT&T in mix for naming rights on Dallas Cowboys stadium.
15-Apr-2008: Cubans line up to buy cell phones.
14-Apr-2008: Verizon Wireless offers unlimited 'E-mail and Web for Smartphone' plan.
14-Apr-2008: Ericsson signs GSM expansion deals with China's top two operators.
13-Apr-2008: Two new Nextel Direct Connect devices announced.
11-Apr-2008: Mobile Browser Market is Transforming.
10-Apr-2008: FCC to announce plans for nationwide cell phone alert system.
10-Apr-2008: Opera Mini for Android released.
09-Apr-2008: Nokia launches the Mobile Games Innovation Challenge.
09-Apr-2008: First Mobile WiMAX(TM) Certified Products announced at WiMAX Forum Congress Asia 2008.
09-Apr-2008: Siemens presents its first WiMAX Express Card in live operation.
09-Apr-2008: 100 million users of mobile LBS in Europe by 2012.
09-Apr-2008: Motorola elects new non-executive Chairman.
08-Apr-2008: Alcatel-Lucent selects Sierra Wireless embedded modules for its OmniAccess 3500 Nonstop Laptop Guardian.
08-Apr-2008: Motorola Demonstrates First Public Mobile WiMAX Handoff in Asia Pacific.
07-Apr-2008: Motorola and Icahn reach agreement.
07-Apr-2008: AMP! from Yahoo! aims to transform the online advertising industry.
07-Apr-2008: Yahoo! sends formal reply to Microsoft keeping door open on possible transaction.
07-Apr-2008: GSA Survey Confirms 637 HSPA Devices Launched and 150% Annual Growth.
07-Apr-2008: DoCoMo losing stranglehold on Japan mobile market.
07-Apr-2008: MTI Micro set to replace lithium ion batteries with fuel cells.
05-Apr-2008: AT&T announces plans for recently allocated spectrum.
05-Apr-2008: Verizon Wireless to launch 4G network in 2010.
05-Apr-2008: Wireless in Las Vegas - CTIA review.
04-Apr-2008: WSJ says Verizon to use 700 MHz spectrum for high-speed services.
04-Apr-2008: iPhone from EUR 99 at T-Mobile Germany.
03-Apr-2008: Motorola to close SIngapore plant.
03-Apr-2008: Panasonic To Put Plasma Video Displays in Cell Phones.
03-Apr-2008: Slingshot offers prepaid wireless boradband access.
03-Apr-2008: Launches ''Amazon TextBuyIt.''.
03-Apr-2008: TeleNav picks Nuance to speech-enable its mobile navigation service.
03-Apr-2008: AT&T mobility chief warms up to Android.
02-Apr-2008: Yahoo! unveils Yahoo! oneSearch 2.0.
02-Apr-2008: Huawei Technologies Announces First-to-Market 700MHz Spectrum Solutions.
02-Apr-2008: Aircell Receives Critical FAA Approvals to Launch Inflight Mobile Broadband.
02-Apr-2008: Intel Centrino Atom for MIDs announced.
02-Apr-2008: AT&T exclusive provider of the MOTO Z9 slider in the U.S..
02-Apr-2008: AT&T Navigator service launches.
02-Apr-2008: Nokia launches four new devices aimed at emerging markets.
02-Apr-2008: HTC Touch Dual debuts in the U.S..
02-Apr-2008: Microsoft Surface transforms mobile phone shopping at select AT&T retail stores.
02-Apr-2008: Industry's First Single-Chip Solution Supporting WiMAX IEEE 802.16e WAVE 2 and WiFi 802.11 b/g announced.
01-Apr-2008: Sprint announces the Samsung Instinct EV-DO Rev. A device.
01-Apr-2008: New SANYO 'Pro Series' Mobile Phones to Feature Nextel Direct Connect.
01-Apr-2008: Verizon Wireless CEO offers opening Keynote at CTIA Wireless 2008.
01-Apr-2008: Samsung Soul Makes U.S. Debut.
01-Apr-2008: ZTE Unveils New Handsets in the U.S..
01-Apr-2008: Kyocera Wireless Makes Strategic Jump Into GSM Handset Market.
01-Apr-2008: AOL MyMobile launches.
01-Apr-2008: Ericsson introduces world's first commercial LTE platform for mobile devices.
01-Apr-2008: Trumpet Mobile's mobile money transfer service now available at RadioShack.
01-Apr-2008: Plantronics unveils new Bluetooth earpiece collection.
01-Apr-2008: T-Mobile begins offering the BlackBerry Pearl 8120.
01-Apr-2008: Sony to Offer Mobile Movies.
01-Apr-2008: Palm Sells One-millionth Centro.
01-Apr-2008: Guitar Hero III available on BlackBerry platform.
31-Mar-2008: Sprint Selects Nokia Siemens Networks SDM Solution for its WiMAX Broadband Network Services.
31-Mar-2008: Garmin Mobile Application to Offer New Features.
31-Mar-2008: LiMo Foundation completed LiMo Platform Release 1.
31-Mar-2008: New Sony Ericsson Z750a announced.
31-Mar-2008: Alltel debuts the Moto Q 9c and Moto Q 9c Lime.
31-Mar-2008: Verizon Wireless introduces the Samsung Alias.
31-Mar-2008: Verizon Wireless Intros the Blackberry Curve.
31-Mar-2008: "Reply with Jott" voice-to-text service for BlackBerry users announced.
30-Mar-2008: Microvision brings mobile micro-projector to CTIA.
30-Mar-2008: Cuba ends restriction on cellular phones.
30-Mar-2008: Verizon Wireless launches mobile web sites for MTV.
30-Mar-2008: China Mobile announces commercial deployment of TD-SCDMA technology.
30-Mar-2008: Cisco to showcase living the 'Connected Life' at CTIA.
30-Mar-2008: NTT DoCoMo researaching molecular communication.
30-Mar-2008: iPhone 2.0 on the way.
28-Mar-2008: Verizon Wireless' is getting more social.
28-Mar-2008: Samsung and AT&T Announce the Samsung Access.
28-Mar-2008: Kyocera to stop using NEC Tokin cellphone batteries.
28-Mar-2008: AT&T Mobile TV Coming in May.
28-Mar-2008: Strategy Analytics Predicts Strong Growth for Linux Handsets.
28-Mar-2008: TELUS first to bring LG Touch Phone to Canada.
28-Mar-2008: AT&T Offers More Music Choices and Customization.
27-Mar-2008: Ericsson demonstrates world-first end-to-end HSPA Evolution technology for speeds of up to 42 Mbps.
27-Mar-2008: Cricket launches two Samsung handsets.
27-Mar-2008: Aircell Completes Nationwide Network.
27-Mar-2008: Korean Mobile Communication Network Selected as Int'l Standard.
27-Mar-2008: Icahn publishes letter to Motorola board.
27-Mar-2008: Motorola splits in two.
27-Mar-2008: NTT DoCoMo tests Super 3G.
26-Mar-2008: Handset Market Growth Drops to 6% in 2008.
26-Mar-2008: Open Wireless Network May Not Be So Open.
26-Mar-2008: Telenor behind world's first in-flight mobile phone calls.
26-Mar-2008: "Linux Garage" set to debut at LinuxWorld.
26-Mar-2008: GoTV Networks Announces Music Channel for Helio.
26-Mar-2008: Yahoo!, MySpace and Google to form non-profit OpenSocial Foundation.
26-Mar-2008: U.S. Cellular awards Nortel five-year contract.
25-Mar-2008: Motorola Joins LTE/SAE Trial Initiative.
25-Mar-2008: Best Buy's Big Bet.
25-Mar-2008: ABI Research comments on 700 MHz spectrum auction results.
25-Mar-2008: T-Mobile USA adds BlackBerry 8820 to line-up.
24-Mar-2008: LG announces global launch of the LG-KF510.
24-Mar-2008: Virgin Mobile launches new plans.
24-Mar-2008: Email@Mobile rolls out First Free Mobile Email ID.
24-Mar-2008: Mobile TV Subscribers in Korea Top 11 million.
22-Mar-2008: Hopes for Wireless Cities Fade as Internet Providers Pull Out.
21-Mar-2008: Nokia Siemens Networks drives the usage of renewable energy in remote base station sites.
21-Mar-2008: AT&T Statement on The FCC's Announced Results of Auction 73.
21-Mar-2008: Verizon Wireless releases statement on results of FCC 700 MHz auction.
21-Mar-2008: Samsung Electronics Confirms Plant Construction Plan in Vietnam.
21-Mar-2008: One in Every Three Phones Sold by 2013 Will be a Smartphone.
21-Mar-2008: Verizon's Open Network Strategy.
21-Mar-2008: Verizon Wireless, AT&T Mobility big winners in 700 MHz auction.
20-Mar-2008: MySpace Mobile officially launches and is accessible to Sprint customers.
20-Mar-2008: Motorola gets major WiMAX contract for Saudi Arabia.
20-Mar-2008: SouthWing to Unveil New LiveEye 3G Wireless IP Camera at CTIA 2008.
20-Mar-2008: Gameloft releases CSI:Crime Scene Investigation - The Mobile Game.
20-Mar-2008: Pandora Music teams with Alltel.
19-Mar-2008: Google sees uptake in web use on mobiles.
19-Mar-2008: Boost Mobile launches new mobile ad program.
19-Mar-2008: 700 MHz auction closes - winners yet to be announced.
19-Mar-2008: Relevantis releases first ad platform to support Android.
19-Mar-2008: Nokia N95 8GB navigates to the U.S..
19-Mar-2008: Sprint announces OpenWave OpenWeb solution.
19-Mar-2008: Obopay makes transferring money via mobile phones possible.
19-Mar-2008: Yahoo! brings men's college basketball to the mobile masses.
18-Mar-2008: Nokia N82 now in Black.
18-Mar-2008: Mobile Search Revenues to Reach $4.8 billion by 2013.
18-Mar-2008: iPhone Hype Holds Up.
18-Mar-2008: AT&T and Sprint in spat over shared network usage.
18-Mar-2008: Apple intros new AirPort Express with 802.11n.
18-Mar-2008: EU backs DVB-H mobile TV standard.
18-Mar-2008: Nokia Tops New Smartphone Vendor Matrix Ranking.
17-Mar-2008: NTTDoCoMo and Softbank battle heats up.
17-Mar-2008: Nortel unveils new unified communications solutions.
17-Mar-2008: Accuris Networks offers GSM to WiFi Hotspot Roaming Solution.
17-Mar-2008: Handango and The Carphone Warehouse announce content delivery agreement.
17-Mar-2008: "Mobile Music Everywhere" concept concert takes place in Shanghai.
14-Mar-2008: Ericsson and Napster to host O2 UK's mobile music service.
14-Mar-2008: AT&T offers new Wi-Fi -enabled BlackBerry Pearl 8120.
14-Mar-2008: Sharp to enter China's cell phone market prior to Olympics.
14-Mar-2008: Virgin Mobile plagued by wrong numbers.
14-Mar-2008: House Committee Seeks Documents From FCC.
13-Mar-2008: Alltel launches LG Glimmer.
13-Mar-2008: HSPA Mobile Broadband Pavilion at CTIA.
13-Mar-2008: AT&T ramps up NCAA March Madness offerings.
13-Mar-2008: Nokia claims $1 billion Qualcomm payments.
13-Mar-2008: iPhone SDK Downloads Top 100,000.
13-Mar-2008: Motorola Introduces Industry's First Tri-Radio 802.11n Access Point.
13-Mar-2008: Ericsson is ready for US 700 MHz Deployments.
12-Mar-2008: Mobile music, games and TV to generate $34 billion by 2010.
12-Mar-2008: T-Mobile Sidekick presents 50th Grammy Celebration Concert Tour.
11-Mar-2008: Sprint delivers first EV-DO Rev. A Handset - the Mogul by HTC.
11-Mar-2008: Strategy Analytics profiles handset buyers.
11-Mar-2008: Wireless spectrum auction winding down.
10-Mar-2008: NTT DoCoMo phone withdrawal plans denied by Sony Ericsson.
10-Mar-2008: Sony to stop producing cell phones for NTT DoCoMo.
10-Mar-2008: Gameloft to develop over 15 mobile games for iPhone.
07-Mar-2008: Apple previews iPhone 2.0 software.
07-Mar-2008: AAA Mobile now available on select BlackBerry smartphones.
07-Mar-2008: Half a Billion GSM/UMTS Subscriptions in the Americas by End of Year.
06-Mar-2008: Tata and Telsima to rollout world's largest Wimax network.
05-Mar-2008: Mobile Ticketing Goes Mainstream.
05-Mar-2008: Yahoo! onePlace unveiled at CeBIT 2008.
04-Mar-2008: Garmin's nuvi 900T combines Mobile TV and navigation.
04-Mar-2008: Logitech unveils wireless headset designed for Internet calling.
04-Mar-2008: Sony Ericsson unveils the T303 compact slider phone.
04-Mar-2008: Mitsubishi drops out of cell phone market.
04-Mar-2008: CSR launches BlueFox2 Bluetooth headset design for just $5.
04-Mar-2008: Ringback tones revenue to overtake ringtones revenue in 2010.
04-Mar-2008: Nokia to make Microsoft Silverlight available for S60.
03-Mar-2008: Nokia introduces the Nokia 6124 classic exclusively with Vodafone,.
03-Mar-2008: T-Mobile Introduces the Nokia 6650.
03-Mar-2008: UK Court Rules Qualcomm Patents Invalid.
03-Mar-2008: Boost Mobile announces the MOTOKRZR.
03-Mar-2008: NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile now available.
03-Mar-2008: Qualcomm announces HSPA+ trials.
29-Feb-2008: Sprint Nextel's financial woes.
29-Feb-2008: 90 Million 4G Subscribers Worldwide in 2013.
29-Feb-2008: Sprint launches $99.99 "Simply Everything" Plan.
28-Feb-2008: New technology uses light to send tera volumes of data.
28-Feb-2008: Alltel launches Voicemail MAX.
28-Feb-2008: Opera makes Google default search option.
28-Feb-2008: Extensive 3G Infrastructure Sharing is Inevitable,.
28-Feb-2008: T-Mobile releases 2007 results.
27-Feb-2008: Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales up 16 percent in 2007.
27-Feb-2008: NTT DoCoMo and Acrodea strengthen tie-up.
27-Feb-2008: 50 Million Projectors Built into Phones by 2012.
26-Feb-2008: Sony announces new nav-u personal navigation devices.
26-Feb-2008: Mobile Music Adoption Revenues Set to Reach $17.5bn by 2012.
26-Feb-2008: Sony's new Walkman video MP3 models support noise-cancelling and Bluetooth.
26-Feb-2008: TI expands OMAP line.
25-Feb-2008: Nokia and University of Cambridge launch the Morph.
25-Feb-2008: New iPhone Worries.
25-Feb-2008: T-Mobile USA Completes Acquisition of SunCom Wireless.
25-Feb-2008: Onyx launches new Liscio handset.
25-Feb-2008: China to plunge 70b yuan on next-gen wireless.
22-Feb-2008: Sprint offers the First Slider Power VIsion Phone.
22-Feb-2008: RIM updates subscriber forecast.
22-Feb-2008: Motorola intros new MOTORA4 products at IWCE 2008.
22-Feb-2008: Boost Mobile Launches New Brand Identity.
22-Feb-2008: T-Mobile announces Talk Forever.
21-Feb-2008: U.S. Cellular offers $99 unlimited national calling plan.
21-Feb-2008: $40 Billion Expected from Handset Accessories Sales in 2008.
21-Feb-2008: WCDMA Poised for Breakout Year.
21-Feb-2008: Cyber snooping on cell phones made easy.
20-Feb-2008: New ARM software enhances graphic displays on mobile phones.
20-Feb-2008: Verizon Wireless intros the Samsung SCH-u550.
20-Feb-2008: T-Mobile offers unlimited calling and messaging plan.
20-Feb-2008: Unlimited U.S. calling plan from AT&T.
20-Feb-2008: AT&T and Palm Introduce Centro.
20-Feb-2008: Duke University to deploy largest 802.11n wireless network in the world.
19-Feb-2008: Verizon offers unlimited calling.
18-Feb-2008: Vodafone Neverfail High Availability Service for BlackBerry mobile email announced.
18-Feb-2008: Sprint Delivers the Samsung Ace Smartphone.
18-Feb-2008: WiMAX Forum roadmap expands to 700 MHz frequency.
16-Feb-2008: Sony, Nokia and others pledge to step up efforts to reduce global warming.
16-Feb-2008: Sprint, Clearwire Near WiMax Deal.
15-Feb-2008: NVIDIA introduces APX 2500 high-def processor.
14-Feb-2008: Ericsson launches new mobile multimedia solution.
14-Feb-2008: Alcatel-Lucent chosen to provide additional AT&T UMTS/HSDPA expansion.
14-Feb-2008: Yahoo! Mails Letter to Stockholders.
13-Feb-2008: Yahoo! announces Yahoo! oneConnect service.
13-Feb-2008: Sprint Nextel consolidates corporate headquarters at Overland Park.
13-Feb-2008: AOL announces Open Mobile Platform.
13-Feb-2008: Alcatel-Lucent announces prepaid BlackBerry solution plans.
13-Feb-2008: Bell Canada recovers stolen customer data.
13-Feb-2008: Sprint Nextel and Motorola improve level of push-to-talk interoperability.
13-Feb-2008: Sony GSMA awards Sony Ericsson's W910 Walkman 'Best Handset 2008'.
13-Feb-2008: China's ZTE demos 5.76Mbps HSUPA.
13-Feb-2008: Will Voice Search be the Usability Breakthrough for Mobile Phones?.
13-Feb-2008: Business Week's look inside the iPhone Gray Market.
12-Feb-2008: Google added to Nokia Search.
12-Feb-2008: LG Handsets to Lead GSMA 'Horizon Phone' Campaign.
12-Feb-2008: Yahoo! oneSearch becomes T-Mobile Europe's default mobile search.
12-Feb-2008: Aricent develops high-def recording codecs for mobile devices.
12-Feb-2008: Danger acquired by Microsoft.
12-Feb-2008: CNN and Ericsson Reveal Findings from Mobile TV Research Study.
12-Feb-2008: BlackBerry outage.
12-Feb-2008: Microsoft responds to Yahoo! rejection.
12-Feb-2008: Starbucks connects with AT&T Wi-Fi.
12-Feb-2008: SanDisk announcess iNAND 16GB embedded flash drive.
12-Feb-2008: Mobile Internet Device Prototype showcased at Mobile World Congress.
11-Feb-2008: New Motorola handsets include Dual-Mode and W Series offerings.
11-Feb-2008: First LiMo Platform Handsets Unveiled.
11-Feb-2008: LG launches new handsets.
11-Feb-2008: Motorola Mobile TV DH01n launches.
11-Feb-2008: Nokia 6210 navigator offers GPS voice and visual guidance.
11-Feb-2008: Nokia intros the Nokia 6220 classic handset.
11-Feb-2008: Nokia N96 optimized for video and TV unveiled.
11-Feb-2008: Nokia unveils the N78.
11-Feb-2008: T-Mobile USA and SunCom Wireless Announce FCC Approval of Pending Merger.
11-Feb-2008: ACCESS Linux Platform Integrated with MontaVista Mobilinux OS.
11-Feb-2008: Dolby Mobile audio processing platform showcased at 2008 Mobile World Congress.
11-Feb-2008: Bluetooth harnesses the speed of 802.11.
11-Feb-2008: Nokia Siemens announces mobile advertising solution based on open standards.
11-Feb-2008: Zeemote launches wireless game controller for mobile devices.
11-Feb-2008: Parental Controls for Mobile Devices.
11-Feb-2008: NEC and O2 deliver UK's first live femtocell trial.
11-Feb-2008: Samsung Google phone early 2009.
11-Feb-2008: Qualcomm's new single-chip solution brings broadband data speeds to mobiles.
11-Feb-2008: AuthenTec's fingerprint sensor integrated into Fujitsu's FOMA 9505i handset.
11-Feb-2008: Sony Ericsson unveils the XPERIA X1.
11-Feb-2008: Ericsson to make world-first demonstration of end-to-end LTE call on handheld devices at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona.
11-Feb-2008: New Sony Ericsson Z770 web-enabled phone.
11-Feb-2008: Two new Cyber-shot phones.
11-Feb-2008: Sony Ericsson launches the G700 and G900 touchscreen organizers.
11-Feb-2008: Nokia and UC Berkeley capture real-time traffic info.
11-Feb-2008: New W980 Walkman.
08-Feb-2008: Pantech duo available in red through AT&T.
08-Feb-2008: Ericsson launches U380 mobile platform.
07-Feb-2008: modu launches world's first concept phone.
07-Feb-2008: Alvarion unveils SentieM.
07-Feb-2008: AT&T announces path to 4G.
07-Feb-2008: Flash Networks and F5 provide faster mobile internet access.
07-Feb-2008: LG Viewty records in DivX format.
06-Feb-2008: Ericsson launches the U500 mobile platform.
06-Feb-2008: Fujitsu Announces Global Launch of Mobile WiMAX Base Stations.
06-Feb-2008: Nexperia demos dual-mode EDGE-WiMAX reference design at Mobile World Congress.
06-Feb-2008: IDC releases top ten list of emerging mobile players to watch in 2008.
05-Feb-2008: New iPhone & iPod touch models.
05-Feb-2008: FCC Spectrum Auction bids push upwards.
05-Feb-2008: TI announces availability of development platform for HSPA+.
05-Feb-2008: picoChip And mimoOn Partner on Delivery of Industry's First LTE Basestation Reference Design.
05-Feb-2008: Smartphones called in to help raise high school math scores.
05-Feb-2008: Ericsson demonstrates the latest in broadband and multimedia at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
04-Feb-2008: LG to debut LG-KF510 at GSMA.
04-Feb-2008: EIM Telecom Introduces Skuku.
04-Feb-2008: Ericsson provides built-in HSPA modules for Lenova ThinkPad notebooks.
04-Feb-2008: ACCESS to exhibit at GSMA.
04-Feb-2008: Lenova exits handset business.
03-Feb-2008: Neo set for global launch.
03-Feb-2008: Nokia to demo S60 Touch UI at Mobile World Congress.
01-Feb-2008: Motorola considers restructuring.
01-Feb-2008: Robert Redford to Headline at GSMA.
01-Feb-2008: Auction bids reach Google's 'open access' trigger.
01-Feb-2008: BlackBerry 8830 in red now at Verizon Wireless.
31-Jan-2008: Garmin enters mobile handset market.
31-Jan-2008: Google's Wireless Spectrum Quest Up in Air.
31-Jan-2008: First Sub-$100 3G Linux Mobile Phone unveiled.
31-Jan-2008: Nokia Siemens Networks and Ubiquisys Cooperate on 3G Femto Home Access Solution.
31-Jan-2008: Ericsson first to demo LTE in FDD and TDD modes on same base station platform.
31-Jan-2008: MySpace users on any mobile network can now receive MySpace alerts.
31-Jan-2008: HSL announce details of their Femtocell development project.
30-Jan-2008: Clearwire and Sprint continue talks on WiMAX.
30-Jan-2008: Sprint Nextel to enhance Nextel Direct Connect push-to-talk service.
30-Jan-2008: Azingo launches the first mobile linux platform based on LiMo Foundation Software.
30-Jan-2008: Femto Forum launches program for harmonised femtocell network integration.
30-Jan-2008: Mio and Qualcomm to develop PNDs.
30-Jan-2008: Mobile Phone financial transactions to Generate Over $587 Billion by 2011.
30-Jan-2008: NTT DoCoMo bringing new products and services to 3GSM.
29-Jan-2008: T-Mobile USA Reports 28.7 Million Customers at the End of 2007.
29-Jan-2008: Verizon Wireless shows strong 4Q results.
29-Jan-2008: A quarter of Apple iPhones "unlocked": analyst.
29-Jan-2008: Spectrum bids on pace to trigger Google's 'open access'.
29-Jan-2008: Dayton steps down as Helio CEO.
28-Jan-2008: Skyfire Downloadable Mobile Browser delivers PC web experience on your mobile.
28-Jan-2008: Nokia to acquire Trolltech.
28-Jan-2008: Sony Ericsson adds 5 million new tracks to PlayNow.
28-Jan-2008: Nokia joins WWF Climate Savers program.
28-Jan-2008: China's top five mobile searches from minfo.
28-Jan-2008: Pinger sends voice messages to 20 countries for the cost of a local call.
28-Jan-2008: On2 to bring its HD web and wireless video technologies to 3GSM.
26-Jan-2008: Heavyweight Players Take Mobile Indoor Coverage Seriously.
26-Jan-2008: Vodafone 'looking into' 3G femtocells.
26-Jan-2008: Cisco makes investment in femtocell company.
25-Jan-2008: IDC releases year-end Worldwide Mobile Phone Tracker report.
25-Jan-2008: AT&T reports strong Q4 wireless growth.
25-Jan-2008: Alltel Wireless' New Phone Lineup.
25-Jan-2008: Sprint shakeup topples three execs.
25-Jan-2008: Samsung FlipShot available at Verizon Wireless.
25-Jan-2008: Verizon Wireless offers the Samsung Gleam - in purple.
25-Jan-2008: YouTube to go.
25-Jan-2008: Airwaves Auction Bids Top $2.8 Billion.
25-Jan-2008: Nokia Beats Q4 Views.
24-Jan-2008: Sony Ericsson announces the T270 and T280 handsets.
24-Jan-2008: Google services to be available to NTT DoCoMo i-mode users.
23-Jan-2008: Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism.
23-Jan-2008: Mobile entertainment to be driven by music, games and mobile TV.
23-Jan-2008: Qualcomm chipsets to show up in Motorola UMTS handsets.
22-Jan-2008: Venturi Mini Streams Music, Phone Calls Through In-Car Stereo System.
22-Jan-2008: JiWire to deliver mobile ads at Boingo Wi-Fi airport sites.
22-Jan-2008: Polymer Vision's Radius handset set for launch mid-year.
22-Jan-2008: Nokia unveils the 2600 and 1209 handsets for emerging markets.
22-Jan-2008: T-Mobile UK Launches Mobile Phone GPS Navigation With TeleNav.
22-Jan-2008: RIM announces BlackBerry platform updates.
22-Jan-2008: Oriental Bangkok Hotel Deploys 802.11n Wireless Technology.
22-Jan-2008: AT&T Offers Sweet Pricing on Red Handsets for Valentine's Day.
22-Jan-2008: NTT DoCoMo dissolves WiMAX strategic partnership.
22-Jan-2008: LTE on Target with Specifications Approval by 3GPP.
21-Jan-2008: Kyocera buys Sanyo mobile phone business.
21-Jan-2008: CSR and Samsung slash cost of GPS modules for mobile devices.
21-Jan-2008: IIJ Mobile launches in Japan.
21-Jan-2008: Softbank to offer special student subscriber rate.
19-Jan-2008: Sprint streamlines.
18-Jan-2008: picoChip Introduces TD-SCDMA Femtocell Reference Design.
18-Jan-2008: SymbianGuru releases Cute Keys for Series 60.3.
18-Jan-2008: Jays unveils BlueStreamer 2.
17-Jan-2008: Apple Enhances iPhone with Software Update.
17-Jan-2008: Obopay available for BlackBerry smartphones.
17-Jan-2008: A look at the mobile phone market in ten years.
17-Jan-2008: Wilson Electronics releases SignalBoost.
16-Jan-2008: Helio introduces Mysto handset.
16-Jan-2008: Sony Ericsson sells over 100 million handsets in 2007.
16-Jan-2008: Nokia to close handset plant in Germany.
16-Jan-2008: Safari Best-in-Class Mobile Browser says Strategy Analytics.
15-Jan-2008: Clearwire and Google Collaborate.
15-Jan-2008: Tokiva Launches Open Mobile Communications Platform.
15-Jan-2008: a la Mobile announces first Android apps.
15-Jan-2008: Sprint continues to streamline by cutting more jobs.
15-Jan-2008: FCC clears Google's plans to bid in upcoming 700 MHz spectrum auction.
15-Jan-2008: Samsung sees increasing low-end mobile phone sales.
15-Jan-2008: Sprint launches the S1 by Sanyo.
15-Jan-2008: Alltel Expands 'My Circle' unlimited calling plan.
14-Jan-2008: A million phones go to HopeLine Program in 2007.
14-Jan-2008: Apple and China Mobile end iPhone launch talks.
14-Jan-2008: AXTEL first to introduce WiMAX in Mexico.
11-Jan-2008: Skype moves further into mobile market.
10-Jan-2008: Alltel adds HTC Touch to its lineup.
09-Jan-2008: Angstrom announces successful trial of its new EverOn micro fuel cell technology.
09-Jan-2008: Intel CEO says the World is Going Ultra Mobile.
09-Jan-2008: 3G Uptake Heavily Influencing Cell Base Station Sales.
08-Jan-2008: Sprint Sets Stage for 2008 Xohm WiMAX Launch.
08-Jan-2008: Panasonic's New Link to Cell KX-TH1211.
08-Jan-2008: Yahoo! Go 3.0 open mobile platform announced.
08-Jan-2008: Yahoo! launches beta version of its new redesigned mobile home page.
08-Jan-2008: LG brings its MPH Digital TV Technology to CES.
08-Jan-2008: SanDisk announces 12GB microSDHC card.
07-Jan-2008: Nokia N95 8GB arrives in the U.S..
07-Jan-2008: Top Music and Top Games from Verizon Wireless 2007.
07-Jan-2008: Verizon Wireless announces the SMT5800.
07-Jan-2008: Samsung handsets make U.S. debut at CES.
07-Jan-2008: Sony Ericsson launches the Walkman W760 and W350.
07-Jan-2008: Sony Ericsson debuts the Z555 handset and new Bluetooth headsets.
07-Jan-2008: New ROKR E8 announced.
07-Jan-2008: Motorola unveils the MOTO Z10.
07-Jan-2008: Magellan Elite 5340+GPRS premiers.
06-Jan-2008: Sling Media to Demonstrate SlingPlayer Mobile for BlackBerry at CES.
04-Jan-2008: Neonode N2 Mobile Phone to Launch in U.S..
03-Jan-2008: Verizon Wireless Launches Mobile Banking Services.
03-Jan-2008: Motorola announces the CPEi 100 WiMAX Desktop Device.
03-Jan-2008: Microvision to Unveil Handheld 'Plug-and-Play' Pico Projector for Mobile Devices.
03-Jan-2008: Purple Labs Joins LiMo Foundation.
03-Jan-2008: Qualcomm to Appeal Federal Injunction.
03-Jan-2008: Portable Navigation: The Future is Bright for Connectivity.
03-Jan-2008: Vodafone and Huawei to Set Up Global Application Innovation Centre.
02-Jan-2008: Qualcomm Announces New UMTS Products for U.S. Market.
01-Jan-2008: Injunction prohibits Qualcomm's infringement on Broadcom patents.

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