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MobileTechNews archive for the year 2012:

28-Dec-2012: Toshiba to Showcase SDHC Memory Card with TransferJet™ Wireless Transfer Technology at CES.
25-Dec-2012: Best of 2012: Top apps for smartphones and tablets.
24-Dec-2012: GE Scientists Unveil Greener, Smarter Sleigh for Santa Claus.
24-Dec-2012: Rumor Tips Thinner, Lighter iPad in March.
24-Dec-2012: Nokia's Windows tablet to take on Surface with battery-equipped keyboard cover.
24-Dec-2012: AT&T Announces Support of Global Wi-Fi Interoperability Initiative.
21-Dec-2012: Nokia patent deal with RIM to lift finances.
21-Dec-2012: Deutsche Telekom CEO Rene Obermann to Step Down End 2013.
21-Dec-2012: New ZTE Android™ Smartphone Joins the Ranks of MetroPCS' Affordable 4G LTE Line-up.
21-Dec-2012: A Million Users Desert BlackBerry, and Revenue Falls 48%.
21-Dec-2012: Foxconn invests $200 mln in camera-maker GoPro.
20-Dec-2012: FTC Strengthens Kids’ Privacy, Gives Parents Greater Control Over Their Information By Amending Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule.
20-Dec-2012: Federal Communications Commission Approves NextWave Merger with AT&T.
20-Dec-2012: ARRIS To Acquire Motorola Home Business For $2.35 Billion In Cash And Stock.
20-Dec-2012: Toyota puts wireless phone charging in Avalons.
20-Dec-2012: Potatoes help Boeing improve Wifi connectivity.
19-Dec-2012: Global LTE Smartphone Shipments Will Reach 275 Million Units in 2013.
19-Dec-2012: Nokia CEO: We have to move with more urgency (Q&A).
19-Dec-2012: Sprint Expands 4G LTE Network in Chicago Metro Area.
18-Dec-2012: Google Maps tops 10 million iOS downloads.
18-Dec-2012: Global Smartphone Shipments to Reach 1.37 Billion in 2017, Who Will Win the Smartphone War?.
17-Dec-2012: Sprint to Acquire 100 Percent Ownership of Clearwire for $2.97 per Share.
17-Dec-2012: Cisco to dump failed Linksys unit, say rumor-mongers.
17-Dec-2012: IBM Offers its 2012 Forecast of Inventions that Will Change the World Within FIve Years.
17-Dec-2012: Wal-Mart Selling Apple's iPhone 5 at Big Discount.
14-Dec-2012: Microsoft Might Put Skype Video Chat In New Xbox.
14-Dec-2012: Apple’s iPhones Found to Have Infringed MobileMedia Ideas Patents.
14-Dec-2012: Sprint offers $2.1B for the rest of Clearwire.
14-Dec-2012: Global mobile advertising revenues to reach US$12.8 billion in 2013.
13-Dec-2012: Google releases map app for iPhone.
13-Dec-2012: Leaked photos and video of RIM’s new BlackBerry.
13-Dec-2012: Yahoo! updates email experience.
12-Dec-2012: The Samsung Galaxy 4G LTE Camera Arrives at Verizon December 13.
12-Dec-2012: MediaTek Strengthens Global Position with World’s First Quad-Core Cortex-A7 System on a Chip – MT6589.
12-Dec-2012: DISH Statement on AWS-4 Spectrum Decision.
12-Dec-2012: Sprint Is Said to Study Clearwire Takeover.
12-Dec-2012: Majority of Americans Foresee Smartphone Payments Replacing Cards and Cash.
11-Dec-2012: Twitter brings Instagram style filters to its IOS and Android apps.
11-Dec-2012: Most children's apps are failing on privacy, FTC finds.
11-Dec-2012: Apple could lose key patent.
10-Dec-2012: Worldwide Smart Connected Device Market, Led by Samsung and Apple, Grew 27.1% in the Third Quarter, According to IDC.
10-Dec-2012: Huawei to double staff in Europe.
10-Dec-2012: Apple-Google Team Up for $500 Million-Plus Kodak Patents Bid.
09-Dec-2012: FCC Asks FAA to Allow Broader In-Flight Device Use.
08-Dec-2012: Sprint Is Said to Suggest Dish Partnership.
07-Dec-2012: "Big 4" Wireless Carriers Will Deploy Text-to-9-1-1 Capabilities on their Networks in 2014.
07-Dec-2012: Apple IPhone to Be Sold by T-Mobile in 2013.
07-Dec-2012: Akamai and AT&T Forge Global Strategic Alliance to Provide Content Delivery Network Solutions.
07-Dec-2012: MetroPCS Adds Samsung Galaxy Admire 4G to its Collection of Powerful and Affordable 4G LTE Smartphones.
07-Dec-2012: Tim Cook tells NBC Apple will be building Macs in the U.S..
06-Dec-2012: Qualcomm Atheros Introduces Ultra-Low Power Near Field Communication Chip for Mobile Devices.
06-Dec-2012: North America: LTE Adds 19 Million Subscriptions Year-Over-Year at 3Q 2012.
06-Dec-2012: MetroPCS execs bemoan valuation ahead of T-Mobile deal.
06-Dec-2012: AT&T: We've sold 6.4M smartphones in Q4 already.
05-Dec-2012: Nokia introduces new Nokia Lumia 620.
05-Dec-2012: 2012 mHIMSS Mobile Technology Survey Results from HIMSS Analytics!.
05-Dec-2012: D-Link Launches Push-Button Range Extender to Get Wi-Fi Coverage in those Hard-to-Reach Places.
05-Dec-2012: How new mobile tech drives demand for freelance skills.
05-Dec-2012: Qualcomm Technologies Expands Line of Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Processors with Quad-Core CPUs for High-Volume Smartphones.
05-Dec-2012: Introducing “Be-Bound,” The First Solution for Staying Connected to the Mobile Internet Anywhere in the World.
04-Dec-2012: Nokia to sell and lease back head office building.
04-Dec-2012: ZTE signs financing deal with China Development Bank.
04-Dec-2012: Sharp secures investment, MEMS partnership with Qualcomm.
04-Dec-2012: iPhone 5 Arrives in South Korea & More Than 50 Additional Countries in December.
04-Dec-2012: Nokia Siemens services unit faces closure: paper.
03-Dec-2012: USA Technologies and Isis Bring Mobile Commerce to Vending Machines.
03-Dec-2012: comScore Reports October 2012 U.S. Mobile Subscriber Market Share.
30-Nov-2012: The Unlocked iPhone 5 Hits The Apple Store.
30-Nov-2012: IDC Predicts 2013 Will Be Dominated by Mobile and Cloud Developments as the IT Industry Shifts Into Full-Blown Competition on the 3rd Platform.
30-Nov-2012: MERRILL: T-Mobile Might Finally Get The iPhone Next Week.
30-Nov-2012: The Mobile OSS Market to Generate US$9.37 Billion in Revenue in 2012.
30-Nov-2012: Consumer Reports Ranks AT&T As The Worst Carrier.
30-Nov-2012: AT&T To Launch Samsung Rugby III Dec. 14.
30-Nov-2012: Sprint Velocity In-Vehicle Communications Platform Launches at LA Auto Show.
29-Nov-2012: ZTE Launches the World’s Smallest 4G LTE Datacard.
29-Nov-2012: Young teens in U.S. use mobile devices for homework.
29-Nov-2012: Samsung's Galaxy Note II Sales Top 5 Million.
29-Nov-2012: iPhone 5 Gets China Network Access License.
28-Nov-2012: 'Microsoft to make its own Surface phones' - mutterings.
28-Nov-2012: Facebook Gifts adds iTunes digital gift cards to catalog.
28-Nov-2012: BlackBerry maker RIM loses patent dispute with Nokia.
28-Nov-2012: GSMA Calls for More Women in Mobile Communications Industry.
27-Nov-2012: Soaring iPhone 5 sales in US knock Android into second place.
27-Nov-2012: FCC Says Dish Plan Would Hurt Public Asset Worth Billions.
27-Nov-2012: BlackBerry App World Integrated Carrier Billing Now Implemented with More Than 50 Carriers.
27-Nov-2012: Google to launch own-brand touch-control notebook, says paper.
26-Nov-2012: Nokia Introduces the new Nokia Asha 205 and Nokia 206.
26-Nov-2012: Courts Divided Over Searches of Cellphones.
22-Nov-2012: Samsung wins U.S. court order to access Apple-HTC deal details.
22-Nov-2012: AT&T Unwraps Black Friday, Cyber Monday Deals And More.
21-Nov-2012: DISH Responds to Accounts of Proposed FCC Order on Wireless.
21-Nov-2012: Mobile Data Roamers to Generate Over $35bn in Revenues by 2017, Representing 40% of Roaming Revenues.
20-Nov-2012: Nokia Rises To The Challenge of Maps On The iPhone.
20-Nov-2012: Cricket Adds the Groove Smartphone to its Holiday Shopping List.
20-Nov-2012: GSMA and Deloitte Release Comprehensive Research Into The Impact Of Mobile Telephony On Economic Growth.
20-Nov-2012: Intel Chief Executive to Retire in May.
19-Nov-2012: Forget phoning a business, new app sends a text instead.
19-Nov-2012: Vidyo Powers Video Chat Service in Nintendo’s Wii U Console.
16-Nov-2012: Sprint to Offer iPad mini.
16-Nov-2012: T-Mobile USA Sees Three National Networks Over Long Term.
15-Nov-2012: Leap Continues Rollout of 'Cricket No Contract 4G LTE Service'.
15-Nov-2012: Gartner Says Worldwide Sales of Mobile Phones Declined 3 Percent in Third Quarter of 2012; Smartphone Sales Increased 47 Percent.
14-Nov-2012: Sprint Says LTE-Equipped Windows Phones Are Coming, but Not Until Next Year.
14-Nov-2012: DROID DNA by HTC Introduced as The Ultimate Smartphone -- Available Exclusively From Verizon Wireless.
14-Nov-2012: Sprint Phone Connect for Wholesale Enables MVNOs to Offer a Landline Alternative to Their Home and Business Customers.
14-Nov-2012: Nokia introduces HERE.
13-Nov-2012: Average Personal Electronic Device Users Spends Over 40 percent of Their Flight Time Using Their Devices.
13-Nov-2012: US mobile users sending fewer text messages: 678 per month.
13-Nov-2012: Apple Facing 20 Percent Price Hike on Samsung Processors.
13-Nov-2012: Verizon Wireless Announces $8.5 Billion in Distributions to Verizon and Vodafone by Year-End 2012.
13-Nov-2012: Samsung Galaxy Camera and HTC OneA X+ andHTC One VX Arrive at AT&T on November 16.
12-Nov-2012: BlackBerry 10 Launch Event to be Held on January 30th 2013.
12-Nov-2012: HTC and Apple Settle Patent Dispute.
12-Nov-2012: Alaska Communications Launches 4G LTE Wireless Network.
09-Nov-2012: $100 Off Any Tablet With Two-Year AT&T Data Plan Agreement.
09-Nov-2012: AT&T Expands FaceTime over Cellular Availability.
08-Nov-2012: Samsung Galaxy S3 Becomes World's Best-Selling Smartphone Model in Q3 2012.
08-Nov-2012: T-Mobile USA Reports Third Quarter 2012 Financial Results.
08-Nov-2012: Starbucks Offers Square Wallet Beginning Today.
08-Nov-2012: Sprint to Acquire Spectrum and Customers in the Midwest from U.S. Cellular for $480 Million.
08-Nov-2012: AT&T to Invest $14 Billion to Significantly Expand Wireless and Wireline Broadband Networks, Support Future IP Data Growth and New Services.
07-Nov-2012: AT&T refunds wireless data fees after FCC investigation.
07-Nov-2012: 60 Percent of Smartphone Owners Want to Customize their Mobile Plans.
06-Nov-2012: Windows Phone 8 Smartphones Arrive at AT&T Nov. 9; Pre-orders Begin Nov. 7.
05-Nov-2012: Virgin Mobile USA Launches $5 Daily Broadband Plan.
05-Nov-2012: Apple Sells Three Milltion iPads in Three Days.
05-Nov-2012: Differences Between Android and Apple Smartphone U.S. Consumer Groups.
02-Nov-2012: Android Marks Fourth Anniversary since Launch with 75.0% Market Share in Third Quarter.
02-Nov-2012: First 4G LTE Tablet from Sprint, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, Available Beginning Nov. 11 for $549.99.
02-Nov-2012: BlackBerry 10 passes critical milestone - enters carrier lab testing.
01-Nov-2012: New mophie juice pack Lets Samsung Galaxy S® III Users Do More with their Device.
01-Nov-2012: Palm Desktop Simplicity on an Android and iPhone.
31-Oct-2012: Asustek: Nexus 7 Sales Approaching 1 million a Month.
31-Oct-2012: Sandy takes out 25 pct of cell towers.
31-Oct-2012: Bluegrass Cellular to Offer iPhone 5 on November 2.
30-Oct-2012: Google Announces new Android 4.2 smartphone and tablets.
30-Oct-2012: MetroPCS Reports Third Quarter 2012 Results.
30-Oct-2012: Microsoft Unveils Windows Phone 8.
30-Oct-2012: AT&T, Google, Starbucks Back 'PMA' Wireless Power Ecosystem and Open Standard.
29-Oct-2012: Verizon Wireless introduces Nokia Lumia 822 to Fall portfolio.
29-Oct-2012: I.B.M. Reports Nanotube Chip Breakthrough.
28-Oct-2012: Google cancels Monday's Android event due to hurricane.
28-Oct-2012: Microsoft Surface Now Available at Microsoft Retailand Online Stores.
26-Oct-2012: Smartphones Drive Third Quarter Growth in the Worldwide Mobile Phone Market.
26-Oct-2012: Apple Reports Fourth Quarter Results.
26-Oct-2012: Android Captures Record 41 Percent Share of Global Tablet Shipments in Q3 2012.
26-Oct-2012: LTE Generates 61% Subscriber Growth in First Half of 2012.
26-Oct-2012: Panasonic to reduce much of mobile phone business: Nikkei.
26-Oct-2012: AndroidWorld Global Developers Conference 2012 Commences in Shenzhen, China.
25-Oct-2012: Sprint Nextel Reports Third Quarter 2012 Results.
25-Oct-2012: Samsung Mobile Expands NFC Capabilities with TecTile™ Version 3.0.
25-Oct-2012: AT&T Third-Quarter Results.
25-Oct-2012: U.S. Cellular Unveils Huawei Ascend Y.
25-Oct-2012: Sprint Extends Push-to-Talk Capabilities to More Phones With Downloadable Android Application.
24-Oct-2012: Gartner Identifies the Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2013.
24-Oct-2012: Samsung wins preliminary round over Apple patent.
24-Oct-2012: Cricket Introduces Samsung Comment 2.
24-Oct-2012: Sprint Announces Plans to offer iPad mini and Fourth Generation iPad.
24-Oct-2012: AT&T Announces Samsung Galaxy Note II Available Nov. 9, Pre-Orders Begin Oct. 25.
23-Oct-2012: Apple Introduces iPad mini.
23-Oct-2012: Nokia Lumia 510 brings Windows Phone to lower price points.
23-Oct-2012: EE Unveils Pricing Plans for its 4G services set to launch October 30 in the UK.
23-Oct-2012: Isis Launches in Austin and Salt Lake City.
23-Oct-2012: Half of High Schoolers Own a Smartphone or Tablet.
23-Oct-2012: Strategy Analytics Research Study finds the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution to have lowest Total Cost of Ownership.
22-Oct-2012: RIM's Secure Element Manager Solution to Power NFC Mobile Payments in Canada.
22-Oct-2012: Google to unveil Android 4.2, Nexus 4 phone, Nexus 10 tablet.
22-Oct-2012: New Evidence that Cellphones Cause Brain Tumors -- And How To Minimize Your Risk.
19-Oct-2012: Introducing the New SAMSUNG Chromebook.
18-Oct-2012: Acer Introduces Iconia A110 Tablet.
18-Oct-2012: Verizon Reports Third Consecutive Quarter of Double-Digit Earnings Growth.
18-Oct-2012: Nokia Releases Q3 Report.
18-Oct-2012: NFC Mobile Payment Transaction Spend to Hit the $100 billion Mark In 2016, Says ABI Research.
18-Oct-2012: Sprint Nextel assumes majority stake in Clearwire.
17-Oct-2012: Cricket Introduces New Huawei Boltz 4G LTE Modem.
17-Oct-2012: Leap Continues Transition to 4G LTE With 2nd Commercial Market Launch in its Cricket Las Vegas Market.
17-Oct-2012: The World's First Mobile Hotspot Prototypes Supporting Five Modes and Eleven Bands Debut at the 5th GTI Workshop in Dubai, UAE.
17-Oct-2012: Samsung Galaxy Note II with Sprint 4G LTE Available Oct. 25 for $299.99.
16-Oct-2012: iPhone manufacturer says underage interns found Share 2 Comment.
16-Oct-2012: Ericsson launches stadium-optimized Wi-Fi solution.
16-Oct-2012: Asustek Announces the Padfone 2.
16-Oct-2012: Samsung M400 Helps Seniors and People with Disabilities Stay Connected and Independent.
16-Oct-2012: Sprint $8 Billion War Chest Threatens AT&T-Verizon Reign.
15-Oct-2012: Softbank to buy 70 percent of Sprint for $20 bln.
15-Oct-2012: element14 drives the Raspberry Pi revolution forward with new "Double Memory" 512MB board.
15-Oct-2012: Amazon in talks to buy Texas Inst's mobile chip arm-paper.
15-Oct-2012: T-Mobile, MetroPCS deal to close by Q2 2013, says parent firm.
15-Oct-2012: ZTE to Exhibit Complete Grand Series of Handsets at ITU Telecom World 2012 and GITEX Technology Week.
13-Oct-2012: Apple Likely to Unveil “iPad Mini” at October 23 Event.
13-Oct-2012: Sprint Adding 4G LTE to More Than 20 Additional Cities in Coming Months.
13-Oct-2012: AT&T Continues Acquisition Spree To Meet LTE Spectrum Needs.
12-Oct-2012: Samsung wins round in legal battle with Apple.
11-Oct-2012: Softbank Is in Talks to Buy Sprint Nextel Stake, Nikkei Says.
11-Oct-2012: DOCOMO Announces New LTE Handsets, NFC Deal with Master Card and Free LTE Service to Long-Term Customers.
11-Oct-2012: Verizon Wireless Launches 400th 4G LTE Market on Oct. 18, Two Months Ahead of Schedule.
10-Oct-2012: Qualcomm and Semp Toshiba Sign 3G/4G License Agreement.
10-Oct-2012: Samsung Galaxy Note® II coming this fall to T-Mobile USA.
09-Oct-2012: T-Mobile and Nokia Introduce the Nokia Lumia 810.
09-Oct-2012: Microsoft Sponsors Free Boingo Wi-Fi in NYC and San Francisco.
09-Oct-2012: LG And T-Mobile Announce Stylish, Powerful LG Optimus L9.
09-Oct-2012: Sprint Offers Personalized Names as Alternatives to Phone Numbers.
08-Oct-2012: HTC Profit Falls 79% Amid Competition.
08-Oct-2012: Two-Thirds of Small Business Mobile Device Users Believe Their Company Would Lose Competitive Ground without Mobile Devices.
08-Oct-2012: Exclusive: Cisco cuts ties to China's ZTE after Iran probe.
05-Oct-2012: AT&T to Add Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 820 to Fall Lineup.
05-Oct-2012: Samsung tips quarterly profit at record high again.
05-Oct-2012: Windows 8 Tablets Debut at AT&T in time for Holiday Shopping Season.
04-Oct-2012: Facebook hits 1 billion active user milestone.
04-Oct-2012: New LG Optimus G™ From AT&T Puts PC-Like Power in the Palm of Your Hand.
04-Oct-2012: T-Mobile USA and MetroPCS to Combine, Creating Value Leader in U.S. Wireless Marketplace.
03-Oct-2012: 4G Intellectual Property Royalties Set to Quadruple over the Next Five Years – Soft Underbelly for Apple Exposed Says ABI Research.
03-Oct-2012: Major Retailers, Including Macy's, Deliver Coupons to Shoppers Via Adspace Networks' New Mobile App.
03-Oct-2012: T-Mobile Looks to Buy MetroPCS.
02-Oct-2012: HTC Introduces The HTC One™ X+. More Speed, More Storage And More Battery Life.
02-Oct-2012: AT&T Launches New, Affordable Prepaid Smartphone Rate Plan.
02-Oct-2012: GSA confirms 105 commercial LTE networks are launched.
02-Oct-2012: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales ban lifted in the US.
02-Oct-2012: Smartphones control smart homes at Asia tech fair.
02-Oct-2012: AT&T Debuts Exclusive Xperia™ TL, Sony's Best in Mobile Camera Technology, HD Viewing and NFC Connectivity.
01-Oct-2012: Future of Mobile News.
01-Oct-2012: In Europe, Speed Cameras Meet Their Technological Match.
29-Sep-2012: T-Mobile USA to Sell Towers to Crown Castle for $2.4B.
29-Sep-2012: AT&T Continues To Build 4G LTE Android Portfolio With The Addition Of Three Smartphones And One Tablet From Samsung.
29-Sep-2012: MetroPCS engages suitors, source says.
28-Sep-2012: BlackBerry Maker Posts a Narrower Loss, and Stock Jumps in After-Hours Trading.
28-Sep-2012: Research In Motion Reports Second Quarter Fiscal 2013 Results.
28-Sep-2012: ZTE Engage Smartphone to be Exclusively Available at Cricket.
28-Sep-2012: New AT&T Mobile Hotspot MiFi® Liberate - The First Mobile Hotspot With A Touchscreen Display.
28-Sep-2012: Google launches Field Trip app for Android.
27-Sep-2012: Qualcomm Announces New Snapdragon S4 Play MSM8x25Q Processors with Quad-Core CPUs.
27-Sep-2012: Firefox OS to Capture 1 Percent Share of Global Smartphone Market in 2013.
27-Sep-2012: LG sues Samsung over high-tech screens.
27-Sep-2012: LTE Subscriber Totals Have Surpassed WiMAX in 2Q12.
27-Sep-2012: Boost Mobile Squeezes Latest Technology into Ultra-Thin LG Venice.
26-Sep-2012: Barnes & Noble Launches NOOK® HD and NOOK HD+.
25-Sep-2012: The Nokia Asha 308 and Nokia Asha 309 Announced.
25-Sep-2012: Apple's 5 million iPhone 5 sales: What analysts are saying.
25-Sep-2012: At Least 50% of US Mobile Users to Conduct Transations via Mobile Devices by 2015.
25-Sep-2012: AT&T Mobile Security: Ready for Business.
24-Sep-2012: 'Amazing Scene' As Riot Shuts Foxconn Plant in China.
24-Sep-2012: GSMA Introduces New Brand For Development Fund With Launch Of GSMA Mobile for Development.
21-Sep-2012: BlackBerry reports outage in Europe, Mideast, Africa _ an unpleasant reminder of past troubles.
21-Sep-2012: iPhone 5 Not Likely to Affect Samsung Shipments -- Report.
21-Sep-2012: LTE to Account for 20.7% of All Handset Sales in 2017.
21-Sep-2012: Sprint Is Enjoying Strong iPhone 5 Sales And Sees Potential Wireless Consolidation.
20-Sep-2012: Apple’s iPhone Update Leaves Out Google’s Maps.
20-Sep-2012: HTC And Microsoft Unveil First Signature Windows Phones.
20-Sep-2012: Samsung Mobile Introducing Galaxy Note® II in Time for the Holidays with AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless and U.S. Cellular.
20-Sep-2012: IDC Raises Its Worldwide Media Tablet Forecast on Continued Strong Demand and Forthcoming New Product Launches.
19-Sep-2012: ZTE, Mozilla aim to roll out mobile operating system in coming months.
19-Sep-2012: D-Link Adds HD Cloud Camera and Outdoor-Ready Cloud Camera to Award-winning Line of Monitoring Solutions for Home and Small Business.
19-Sep-2012: Sprint Direct Connect surpasses 1 million-customer milestone.
18-Sep-2012: Introducing the Powerful Motorola RAZR™ i with Intel Inside® and an Edge-to-Edge Display.
18-Sep-2012: Handheld Launches the Nautiz X1 Ultra-Rugged Smartphone.
18-Sep-2012: Google buys Instagram rival Nik Software.
18-Sep-2012: MasterCard Releases Mobile PayPass Software Development Kit to Simplify Payment Application Creation.
18-Sep-2012: Consumer Cellular Introduces the Huawei 8652.
17-Sep-2012: AT&T says it sets iPhone 5 sales record.
16-Sep-2012: The Acer/Google/Alibaba tussle.
16-Sep-2012: Apple, Google Will Take 98 Percent of Mobile Market in 2012: Analyst.
16-Sep-2012: T-Mobile to offer nano-SIM cards for unlocked iPhone 5s-- report.
16-Sep-2012: With the wave of a hand, Intel wants to do away with passwords.
14-Sep-2012: FINALLY! Apple’s FaceTime Takes On Skype.
14-Sep-2012: Google Motorola faces German ban after Apple victory.
14-Sep-2012: 44 per cent of UK iPhone users want the new Apple iPhone 5 says new poll.
13-Sep-2012: Verizon to Offer iPhone 5 on its 4G LTE Network on Sept. 21.
13-Sep-2012: Cricket to Offer iPhone 5.
13-Sep-2012: Apple's iPhone Dethroned at the High-End in 2Q12 while Smartphones set to Surpass Feature Phones in Malaysia by 2014, says IDC.
12-Sep-2012: Apple Introduces iPhone 5.
12-Sep-2012: Apple’s big ‘iPhone 5’ announcement: What to expect.
11-Sep-2012: Nokia Siemens in talks to sell business support unit: CEO.
11-Sep-2012: New LG Escape™ for AT&T Customers Available September 16.
11-Sep-2012: Sprint 4G LTE Available in More Than 100 Additional Cities in the Coming Months.
11-Sep-2012: EarthLink and Clearwire Announce Wholesale 4G Agreement.
11-Sep-2012: Young Adults and Teens Lead Growth Among Smartphone Owners.
10-Sep-2012: Livewire Mobile Wins Music Services At Two Major US Carriers.
10-Sep-2012: Nokia to Conduct Ethics Review Into Misleading Ad Video.
07-Sep-2012: U.S. FCC to propose rules for new spectrum auction.
07-Sep-2012: Apple Plans Web Radio Challenge to Pandora.
07-Sep-2012: Amazon Takes on the High-End—Introducing the New Kindle Fire HD Family.
06-Sep-2012: T-Mobile Continues to Expand Popular Samsung Galaxy Lineup With the Samsung Galaxy S® Relay™ 4G.
06-Sep-2012: Motorola Mobility Takes Screen Size and Battery Life to the Edge with Three New Smartphone Additions to RAZR™ Family.
06-Sep-2012: T-Mobile Celebrates 10 Years of Innovation with Launch of Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data Plans.
05-Sep-2012: New Nokia Lumia Range Delivers Latest PureView Camera Innovation, New Navigation Experiences and Wireless Charging on Windows Phone 8.
05-Sep-2012: July 2012 U.S. Mobile Subscriber Market Share from comScore.
04-Sep-2012: Verizon Wireless Launches Feature-Packed Samsung Galaxy Stellar™ Smartphone.
04-Sep-2012: The Intuition™ By LG.
04-Sep-2012: Nokia debuts free music streaming service in the USA.
03-Sep-2012: From London, a Lesson in the Benefits of Free Wi-Fi.
01-Sep-2012: Mobile phones found to have more germs than toilet seats.
31-Aug-2012: EXCLUSIVE-Amazon teams with Nokia, snubs Google for maps -sources.
31-Aug-2012: In Japan, a Setback for Apple in Patent Fight.
31-Aug-2012: ZTE launches Intel-based smartphone.
31-Aug-2012: China to Overtake United States in Smartphone Shipments in 2012.
30-Aug-2012: Sony Announces New Xperia smartphone series and the first Xperia Tablet.
30-Aug-2012: Amazon Appstore Launches in Europe.
30-Aug-2012: Samsung steals march on Nokia with first Windows phone.
30-Aug-2012: GSMA Launches Mobile World Congress 2013.
30-Aug-2012: AT&T Opens Flagship Retail Store on Chicago's Famed Magnificent Mile.
30-Aug-2012: Sprint continues nationwide 4G LTE expansion, adding four more cities to broaden its coverage.
30-Aug-2012: SAMSUNG Introduces New Line of Powerful, Stylish and Intuitive Touchscreen All-in-One PCS.
29-Aug-2012: Cricket Introduces New Wireless Rate Plans with More Wireless Choices, More Data Options, More ways to listen to Muve Music® and More Ways to Call Internationally.
28-Aug-2012: LG Unveils World's First LTE Smartphone with Snapdragon Quad-Core.
28-Aug-2012: MetroPCS Adds New Coolpad Quattro™ 4G to Lineup.
28-Aug-2012: Gartner Says Bring Your Own Device Programs Herald the Most Radical Shift.
28-Aug-2012: Samsung Case Puts Apple Closer to Google Fight.
28-Aug-2012: Apple seeks quick ban on 8 Samsung phones.
27-Aug-2012: Samsung goes big with 5.8-inch Galaxy Player.
27-Aug-2012: Apple Victory Shifts Power Balance.
27-Aug-2012: Analysts: Apple’s $1B patent verdict over Android rival could corner US smartphone market.
24-Aug-2012: Amazon plans press conference for Sept. 6.
24-Aug-2012: South Korean court rules Samsung didn't copy iPhone.
24-Aug-2012: Verizon Wireless Receives FCC Approval To Purchase Additional Spectrum From Cable Companies.
24-Aug-2012: Apple share of China smartphone mkt almost halved in Q2 - IDC.
24-Aug-2012: Verizon Wins Approval for Huge Spectrum Purchase.
23-Aug-2012: Sony Mobile Communications Announces New Operational Structure and Reduction in Workforce.
23-Aug-2012: Verizon Is Said to Offer Nokia Windows 8 Phone This Year.
23-Aug-2012: HTC One Arrives at Cricket Communications Inc..
23-Aug-2012: U.S. Cellular Launches Next 4G LTE Smartphone: Samsung Galaxy Metrix 4G.
23-Aug-2012: PayPal, Discover in mobile payment venture.
23-Aug-2012: A look at unlimited data plans at top 5 carriers.
22-Aug-2012: T-Mobile Unleashes Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data.
22-Aug-2012: China's ZTE to log biggest three-month profit fall in 8 years.
22-Aug-2012: .
22-Aug-2012: Nokia hints that a Pureview Windows Phone is coming in weeks.
21-Aug-2012: Samsung to invest $4 billion in U.S. plant to make more mobile chips.
21-Aug-2012: Apple Reaches Record U.S. Market Value on IPhone Optimism.
21-Aug-2012: Global Pre-paid Satellite Voice and Data Services Now Available from Inmarsat.
21-Aug-2012: Panasonic Offers Android-linked Air Conditioners, Refrigerators and Washers.
20-Aug-2012: Google’s Motorola files new suit against Apple.
20-Aug-2012: Samsung CEO Said to Speak With Apple Today About Suit.
20-Aug-2012: Restaurant Offers Discount for Checking Phone at Door.
19-Aug-2012: How earned media can drive mobile app downloads.
17-Aug-2012: AT&T says attack temporarily cut internet access.
17-Aug-2012: Justice Dept approves Verizon-cable deals cos, applies conditions to protect consumers.
17-Aug-2012: Apple's TV Vision: Sharing, Full On-Demand, Icons.
17-Aug-2012: Samsung Rests Case Against Apple in U.S. Patent Jury Trial.
17-Aug-2012: Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Network Available To More Than 75 Percent Of The U.S. Population.
16-Aug-2012: Dish Network Said to Plan Nationwide Satellite Broadband.
16-Aug-2012: Big Retailers Plan Effort for Mobile Purchases.
16-Aug-2012: In China, cheap and cheerful phones outsmart Apple.
16-Aug-2012: HP palms off Palm with a weighty new name.
15-Aug-2012: Verizon Wireless Adds Samsung Galaxy Tab 2® 7.0 to Expansive Tablet Portfolio.
15-Aug-2012: Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 Has Arrived.
15-Aug-2012: Sony Fulfills Demand For Advanced Smartphone Connectivity In The Car With New Entertainment Systems; Celebrates First MirrorLink™ Rollout In The US.
15-Aug-2012: ALCATEL ONE TOUCH Launches First Phone on U.S. Cellular's Enhanced Messaging Plan.
15-Aug-2012: Nokia promises new Windows phone coming soon.
15-Aug-2012: Sony Launching PlayStation for Third-party Devices From Fall, Adds Asus Devices.
15-Aug-2012: Qualcomm Life Announces Availability of the 2net App SDK and Initiation of the 2net App Developer Challenge.
15-Aug-2012: Mobile Payments to Reach $1.3tn Annually by 2017, as NFC and Physical Goods Sales Accelerate.
14-Aug-2012: Gartner Says Worldwide Sales of Mobile Phones Declined 2.3 Percent in Second Quarter of 2012.
14-Aug-2012: Google Plans to Buy Frommer’s Travel Guides.
14-Aug-2012: Canadians Tap Into Unlimited Music-Public Mobile Partners With Universal Music, Sony Music, Warner.
14-Aug-2012: Mobile Advertising Will More than Triple by 2016.
13-Aug-2012: Google to cut 4000 Motorola Mobility jobs, take $275 million charge.
13-Aug-2012: Barnes & Noble Announces Lowest Prices Ever on Award-Winning NOOK Tablet™ and NOOK Color™.
13-Aug-2012: Google begins piracy crackdown.
13-Aug-2012: More iPhone Price Cuts Ahead of New Model’s Launch.
13-Aug-2012: Leaders Copy T-Mobile USA Strategy.
10-Aug-2012: T-Mobile USA Reports Second Quarter 2012 Operating Results.
10-Aug-2012: Senator Markey floats bill to rein in cell phone surveillance.
10-Aug-2012: RIM Said to Draw IBM Interest for Enterprise-Services Unit.
10-Aug-2012: Samung Announces the Exynos 5 Dual Core mobile CPU.
09-Aug-2012: Building the search engine of the future, one baby step at a time.
09-Aug-2012: New Google Tools to Make the Search Engine More All-Knowing.
09-Aug-2012: Consumers Prefer Operating Systems That Are Trusted, Well-Known and Innovative.
09-Aug-2012: Mobile Wireless Internet Router Delivers Portable Broadband-on-Demand With WiFi/Wireless Hotspot.
09-Aug-2012: Lenovo Highlights 20 Years of Innovation with Premier ThinkPad X1 Carbon.
08-Aug-2012: Android and iOS Surge to New Smartphone OS Record in Second Quarter,.
08-Aug-2012: MetroPCS Launches World's First Commercially Available Voice Over LTE Service and VoLTE-Capable 4G LTE Smartphone.
08-Aug-2012: Raytheon unveils cross domain strategy to securely access information via mobile devices.
07-Aug-2012: YouTube app vanishes from Apple's next version of iOS.
07-Aug-2012: Leap Reports Second Quarter Results.
07-Aug-2012: AT&T Says Its Shared-Data Plans Will Arrive August 23.
06-Aug-2012: Wireless LAN Market to Expand by Over 50 Percent in 2016.
06-Aug-2012: AT&T sets deadline for 2G sunset in 4 years.
06-Aug-2012: MetroPCS Launches the Samsung Galaxy S Lightry 4G Smartphone.
06-Aug-2012: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (Quad-core Processor 1.4GHz; 10.1-inch display).
06-Aug-2012: Adafruit Announces its Own Raspberry Pi Linux Distro Geared for Better Hackability.
03-Aug-2012: Prepaid Cellphones Are Cheaper. Why Aren’t They Popular?.
03-Aug-2012: Research In Motion Introduces the New Ultra Powerful, Ultra Portable and Ultra Fast 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet.
03-Aug-2012: China Telecom to buy parent's 3G assets for over $19 billion: sources.
03-Aug-2012: Samsung to launch new Galaxy Note this month.
02-Aug-2012: Pew Research Reviews Mobile Phone Problems.
02-Aug-2012: AT&T Agrees to Acquire NextWave Wireless, Inc..
02-Aug-2012: Motorola ELECTRIFY™ 2 and DEFY™ XT Launch on U.S. Cellular.
02-Aug-2012: Use any credit card with Google Wallet.
02-Aug-2012: comScore Reports June 2012 U.S. Mobile Subscriber Market Share.
01-Aug-2012: Intel Announces the SMARTi UE2p Radio Frequency Solution.
01-Aug-2012: LTE Smartphones and Tablets Drive Increased Data Usage of Both Cellular and Wi-Fi Networks According to New Research.
01-Aug-2012: Lead Bid Emerges in T-Mobile Tower Sale.
01-Aug-2012: Verizon Wireless Settles FCC Tethering Complaint for $1.25 Million.
01-Aug-2012: Republic Wireless says Let the Waves Begin!.
31-Jul-2012: Jury in Apple-Samsung patent trial to hear opening arguments today.
31-Jul-2012: Apple Said to Prepare IPhone Redesign for Sept. 12 Release.
31-Jul-2012: TomTom Launches New Hands-Free Car Kit for Smartphones.
31-Jul-2012: Android Smartphone Market Share Declines to 56 Percent in United States in Q2 2012.
31-Jul-2012: Pantech Expands Quick Messaging Portfolio With Renue at AT&T.
31-Jul-2012: The Summer Heat is On with Hot Back-to-School Savings on CLEAR 4G.
30-Jul-2012: Taiwanese University Claims Apple's Siri Infringes Its Patents.
30-Jul-2012: Microsoft Hardware announces the launch of several new devices.
28-Jul-2012: Apple Officials Said to Consider Stake in Twitter.
27-Jul-2012: Global Mobile Phone Shipments Reach 362 Million Units in Q2 2012.
27-Jul-2012: Strong Demand for Smartphones in Second Quarter Continues to Drive the Worldwide Mobile Phone Market, According to IDC.
27-Jul-2012: Samsung posts record $5.9 billion profit on smartphones.
27-Jul-2012: Facebook Said to be Working with HTC on Name-Branded Smartphone.
27-Jul-2012: Nvidia's Tegra Enhances Miracast Wirelss Display on HDTV's.
26-Jul-2012: Motorola PHOTON™ Q 4G LTE Coming Soon to Sprint.
26-Jul-2012: Sprint Nextel Reports Second Quarter 2012 Results and Updates Full Year Forecast.
26-Jul-2012: MetroPCS Reports Second Quarter 2012 Results.
26-Jul-2012: Apple says Samsung patent royalty demands unfair.
26-Jul-2012: New data pricing from Verizon, AT&T may complicate family life.
26-Jul-2012: Worldwide Mobile Data Traffic Will Exceed 107 Exabytes in 2017.
26-Jul-2012: Apple iPad Captures 68 Percent Share of Global Tablet Shipments in Q2 2012.
26-Jul-2012: Smartphone Users Worldwide will Download 37 Apps on Average in 2012.
25-Jul-2012: Enterprise Embrace of Android Grows as Smartphone Activations Nearly Double.
25-Jul-2012: Motorola Solutions Reports Second-Quarter 2012 Financial Results.
25-Jul-2012: New and Revised IEEE 11073(TM) Standards Expand Support for Plug-and-Play, Interoperable Medical-Device Communications.
25-Jul-2012: CenturyLink To Accept FCC Connect America Funds.
25-Jul-2012: Apple Reports Third Quarter Results.
24-Jul-2012: AT&T Reports 10 Percent Earnings Growth and Best-Ever Wireless Margins.
24-Jul-2012: Nokia completes acquisition of developers, technologies and intellectual property for imaging from Scalado.
24-Jul-2012: Britain's 4G auction set to rake in at least £1.4bn.
24-Jul-2012: Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 banned in EU in fresh Apple patent twist.
23-Jul-2012: Apple Growth Seen Pausing as IPhone Buyers Await Model.
23-Jul-2012: HTC sells back half of stake in audio firm Beats.
23-Jul-2012: Google Nexus 7 16GB sold out on Play Store.
23-Jul-2012: NFC Mobile Payments set to Exceed $180bn Worldwide by 2017 as NFC Becomes Standard.
20-Jul-2012: China's Internet users go mobile.
20-Jul-2012: As Mobile OperatorsAnnounce Strong Earnings, the 4G LTE Transition Remains Poised to Shake Things Up.
20-Jul-2012: Verizon Reports Continued Double-Digit Earnings Growth and Strong Operating Cash Flow in Second-Quarter 2012.
19-Jul-2012: Nokia Releases Second Quarter Numbers.
19-Jul-2012: China Mobile Hong Kong selects Ericsson to build TD-LTE network.
19-Jul-2012: Android overtakes iOS to become the most popular platform for mobile advertisers.
18-Jul-2012: AT&T Gives Customers More Choice With New Shared Wireless Data Plans.
18-Jul-2012: Ericsson Releases Second Quarter Results.
18-Jul-2012: Research Projects Microsoft to Capture 4 Percent Smartphone Marketshare in United States in 2012.
18-Jul-2012: Samsung Makes Strategic Investment In Mobile Broadband Developer Stoke.
17-Jul-2012: Samsung Galaxy Note™ set to arrive at T-Mobile USA.
17-Jul-2012: T-Mobile To Roll Out ‘Open Europe’ Plan for Business Customers.
17-Jul-2012: Apple releases iOS 6 beta 3 to developers with new Maps features.
17-Jul-2012: GSMA and WAC Join Forces to Accelerate Mobile Applications Market.
17-Jul-2012: Samsung Buys U.K. Firm's Mobile Business.
16-Jul-2012: Lenovo IdeaPad U310 Ultrabook Now Available from Sprint.
16-Jul-2012: Sprint 4G LTE Launch Extends to 15 Cities.
16-Jul-2012: Nokia price cut worries investors ahead of Q2 results.
16-Jul-2012: iPhone 5 front casing image leaked.
16-Jul-2012: Tiny quad-core ARM Linux/Android computer delivers serious power for $129.
15-Jul-2012: Nokia Announces Lumia 900 now Half Price.
14-Jul-2012: RIM hit with $147.2 million verdict in wireless patent lawsuit.
13-Jul-2012: Two Thirds of New Mobile Buyers Now Opting For Smartphones.
13-Jul-2012: GSA confirms LTE investments by telecoms operators in more than 100 countries.
13-Jul-2012: Sprint Debuts HTC EVO 4G LTE in White on July 15 for $199.99.
12-Jul-2012: Verizon and Zipit Wireless Deliver new Smartphone App, VoIP Capabilities.
12-Jul-2012: Apple Has been Involved in 3 of Every 5 Mobile Tech Patent Suits Over the Last 2 Years.
12-Jul-2012: Improve mobile videos with some simple tools.
12-Jul-2012: NYC bringing wireless Internet to pay phone kiosks.
11-Jul-2012: Sierra Wireless 4G LTE gateway now available for the AT&T network.
11-Jul-2012: T-Mobile May Get IPhone in 2013, Bernstein Analyst Says.
11-Jul-2012: Nearly 80 Percent of U.S. Women Find Their Mobile Viewing Increasing and Movie Clips Are the Main Attraction.
11-Jul-2012: Prepaid Phone Call Association Working on Industry Standards.
11-Jul-2012: Android Jelly Bean roll-outs begin with Nexus devices.
11-Jul-2012: Motorola ATRIX™ HD for AT&T is Slimmer, Stronger and Smarter Than Ever Before.
11-Jul-2012: Smart Wireless Accessory Market to Surpass Sales of 100m Units by 2017 as App Ecosystem Matures.
11-Jul-2012: Verizon Wireless And RIM Announce New BlackBerry® Curve(TM) 9310 Smartphone.
10-Jul-2012: Antenova Releases Global LTE Antenna Reference Design for Smartphones.
09-Jul-2012: Malware Threat to Internet Corralled.
09-Jul-2012: GSMA Announces Asia Pacific Could Generate US$1 Trillion In GDP Through Spectrum Harmonisation For Mobile Broadband.
09-Jul-2012: Batteries for Gadgets: Massive Growth Potentia.
09-Jul-2012: Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) Marks 10 Year Anniversary With Messaging Workshop and Company Product Demos.
09-Jul-2012: Jolla to launch MeeGo smartphone later this year.
07-Jul-2012: Galaxy Nexus ban temporarily lifted.
06-Jul-2012: Samsung Galaxy S III gets Consumer Reports top score on three carriers.
06-Jul-2012: Amazon Said to Plan Smartphone to Vie With Apple IPhone.
06-Jul-2012: HTC's Profit Falls 58%.
06-Jul-2012: Samsung's Galaxy powers record $5.9 billion profit; euro a worry.
06-Jul-2012: Olympus and Apple Join Google With Wearable Computing.
05-Jul-2012: Apple Said to Plan Smaller IPad to Vie With Google Nexus.
05-Jul-2012: Britain Leads Europe in Internet on Trains.
05-Jul-2012: GSA Confirms LTE User Devices Tripled in 12 Months.
03-Jul-2012: Samsung Galaxy S® III Available On The Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Network Starting July 10.
03-Jul-2012: ComScore: iPhone barely edges Android’s growth in U.S..
03-Jul-2012: Samsung loses bid to lift ban on U.S. tablet sales.
03-Jul-2012: The Market for Wireless Power Systems Will Triple Over the Next 8 Years.
03-Jul-2012: Mozilla Gains Global Support For a Firefox Mobile OS.
02-Jul-2012: DROID INCREDIBLE 4G LTE by HTC Available Beginning July 5 Exclusively On The Verizon Wireless Network.
02-Jul-2012: Highly Anticipated HTC One V Debuts in the United States.
02-Jul-2012: MasterCard and Deutsche Telekom to Cooperate on Mobile Payments.
02-Jul-2012: Apple Settles With Chinese Company Over iPad Trademark Rights For $60 Mil.
30-Jun-2012: US judge bans sales of Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus phone during Apple trial, follows tablet ban.
29-Jun-2012: RIM Releases First Quarter 2013 Results.
28-Jun-2012: Sprint to Unleash the Speed and Power of 4G LTE in Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City and San Antonio on July 15.
28-Jun-2012: T-Mobile USA CEO Resigns.
28-Jun-2012: Canada court lets C$19 billion cell phone suit proceed.
28-Jun-2012: Google opens the order books for the Nexus 7 tablet.
27-Jun-2012: T-Mobile Rolls Out New Business-Focused Mobile Broadband Data Plan.
27-Jun-2012: Boost Mobile to Unveil New Unlimited BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), Talk & Text No-Contract Plan for as Low as $30 a Month.
27-Jun-2012: Apple iPhone Generates US$150 Billion of Revenues since Launch.
27-Jun-2012: Netflix Wants Help from U.S. Against Cable Data Caps.
27-Jun-2012: Instagram for Android gets updated.
27-Jun-2012: More than Half of US Parents Think Smartphones Are Beneficial for Child Development but Worry About Lack of Safety and Controls.
27-Jun-2012: 4G Americas Report Explores HSPA+LTE Carrier Aggregation for Increased Network Utilization.
27-Jun-2012: U.S. judge issues injunction on Samsung Galaxy Tab sales.
26-Jun-2012: AT&T Expands Customer Trials Of Enhanced Push To Talk Solution.
26-Jun-2012: T-Mobile Signs Spectrum Agreement With Verizon Wireless.
26-Jun-2012: Microsoft to Acquire Yammer.
25-Jun-2012: RIM considers splitting business in two: paper.
25-Jun-2012: Samsung: Galaxy S III sales to hit 10 mln in July.
25-Jun-2012: Boingo Announces Summer of Free Wi-Fi in NYC, Sponsored by Google Offers.
25-Jun-2012: Younger U.S. Consumers Most Likely to Consider Adopting 4G.
23-Jun-2012: US Judge Dismisses Apple Patents Lawsuit Against Motorola.
22-Jun-2012: Nintendo shows off larger 3DS.
22-Jun-2012: Samsung probes burnt out Galaxy phone in Ireland.
21-Jun-2012: Foxconn CEO talks up iPhone 5, puts down Galaxy S III.
21-Jun-2012: Dutch court orders Apple to pay Samsung damages over patent.
21-Jun-2012: HTC Announces Support for Windows Phone 8.
21-Jun-2012: Huawei to launch Windows 8 phones, new branding campaign.
21-Jun-2012: Microsoft reveals Windows Phone 8 details.
20-Jun-2012: TruConnect and Walmart Debut "Internet on the Go" Low-Cost, Mobile Broadband Wireless Service with MiFi(R) 2200.
20-Jun-2012: Cricket Celebrates the Success of Muve Music with Device Rebates and a Huge, Unlimited Muve Music® Rate Plan Reduction.
20-Jun-2012: AT&T and Sirius XM propose rules to allow LTE on WCS.
20-Jun-2012: GSMA Announces Winner Of Smarter App Challenge.
20-Jun-2012: Carrier Wi-Fi Equipment Market to Grow Eight Times Its Current Size to $2.2 Billion by 2017.
19-Jun-2012: Microsoft announces Surface: new family of PCs for Windows.
19-Jun-2012: D-Link® SharePort Now Available.
19-Jun-2012: Intel Buys Wireless Patents From Interdigital for $375 Million.
18-Jun-2012: Samsung CEO Calls for Software Improvements.
17-Jun-2012: Apple 1 computer and Steve Jobs Atari memo sold at auction.
17-Jun-2012: Phones gain ability to learn by touching.
17-Jun-2012: Microsoft Is Expected to Introduce a Tablet.
15-Jun-2012: Experience HD Entertainment Everywhere with Xperia™ ion from Sony, Available Exclusively at AT&T June 24.
15-Jun-2012: Vizio Debuts All-in-One Desktops, Ultrabooks.
15-Jun-2012: WD® Enters Wireless Home Networking Market.
15-Jun-2012: Nearly Half of All U.S. and U.K. Adults Are Mobile Gamers.
15-Jun-2012: Mobile-Phone Radiation Safety to Be Reviewed by U.S. FCC.
14-Jun-2012: Nokia to Cut 10,000 Jobs and Close 3 Facilities.
14-Jun-2012: Acer Takes on Apple With Its High-Res Iconia Tab A700 Android Tablet.
14-Jun-2012: 91% of Consumers Now Favor Having a Cell Phone Directory.
14-Jun-2012: Android Developers to descend on Apps World for free “Droid World” workshops.
14-Jun-2012: Taiwan's HTC boosts patent bank; not worried over disputes.
13-Jun-2012: Sony Mobile Unveils Xperia miro and Xperia tipo.
13-Jun-2012: Samsung Mobile Puts All the Pieces in Place to Bring NFC to the Masses.
13-Jun-2012: Nokia Said to Near Sale of Vertu Luxury-Phone Unit to EQT.
13-Jun-2012: AMD, ARM, Imagination, MediaTek and Texas Instruments Unleash the Next Era of Computing Innovation.
13-Jun-2012: Apple's Siri gets behind the wheel. Who should worry?.
12-Jun-2012: Verizon Wireless Unveils New Share Everything Plans for Basic Phones, Smartphones, Tablets and More.
12-Jun-2012: Parents Can Rule, Kids Can Be Cruel, New Mobile Phone Study Reveals.
12-Jun-2012: Apple Previews iOS 6 With All New Maps, Siri Features, Facebook Integration, Shared Photo Streams & New Passbook App.
12-Jun-2012: T-Mobile Says, "Thanks, Dad" with Free 4G Smartphones for Father's Day.
11-Jun-2012: Kyocera DuraXT Available Exclusively from Sprint.
11-Jun-2012: Pantech Swift at AT&T.
11-Jun-2012: Sprint says no longer Clearwire majority owner.
11-Jun-2012: HTC One S Unveiled.
11-Jun-2012: Majority of Tablet Users Watch Video on their Device, 1 in Every 4 Viewers Pay to Watch.
11-Jun-2012: 900,000 new Android devices activated each day.
11-Jun-2012: What to expect from WWDC 2012.
08-Jun-2012: IDC Says Nokia Shipped 2.2 Million Lumia Phones Last Quarter.
08-Jun-2012: Yankee Group Predicts Tablet Sales Will Eclipse Those of PCs by 2015.
08-Jun-2012: Virgin Mobile USA to Offer iPhone on June 29.
08-Jun-2012: Dish Chief Spies Opening For New Wireless Network.
07-Jun-2012: Samsung is investing $1.9 billion in mobile processors.
07-Jun-2012: Apple seeks to block newest HTC phones from import into U.S..
07-Jun-2012: Samsung Introduces Two New Series 5 Laptops.
07-Jun-2012: Google's never-ending quest for the perfect mape.
06-Jun-2012: Android Expected to Reach Its Peak This Year as Mobile Phone Shipments Slow.
06-Jun-2012: Nokia expands range of Asha Touch devices.
05-Jun-2012: Clearwire Builds on Wholesale Momentum With Jolt Mobile Agreement.
05-Jun-2012: Next Wave of Ultrabook™ Devices Now Available.
05-Jun-2012: Apple Denied Ban on Samsung Tablet Computer Sales in U.S..
04-Jun-2012: Samsung Galaxy S III Coming to Five Major Carriers Beginning in June.
04-Jun-2012: Sony releases VAIO laptops and T series ultrabook with Ivy Bridge.
04-Jun-2012: Facebook developing technology to allow access to children under 13.
04-Jun-2012: Asus previews hybrid laptop-tablet device and all-in-one PC.
04-Jun-2012: Nintendo to launch Miiverse for news games console.
01-Jun-2012: Acer, Toshiba to Take on IPads With Windows 8 Tablets.
01-Jun-2012: Verizon to Acquire Hughes Telematics, Inc..
01-Jun-2012: LTE Equipment to Hit $17.5 Billion in 2016; Mobile Infrastructure Takes a Beating in 1Q12.
01-Jun-2012: Nokia hits back at Google.
31-May-2012: iPhone goes Prepaid with Cricket Wireless.
31-May-2012: RIM's patents could be worth billions.
31-May-2012: Intel's First Smartphone Goes on Sale in Europe June 6.
30-May-2012: More than 1 in 4 Mobile Users in the US and Western Europe will pay in-store using NFC by 2017.
30-May-2012: Introducing Xperia go and Xperia acro S.
30-May-2012: Apple chief hints at innovation in TV.
29-May-2012: iDEN network may discontinue service as early as June 30, 2012.
29-May-2012: Samsung Galaxy S III launches in 28 countries.
29-May-2012: Sprint Nextel Reaches $1 Billion Credit Agreement for Equipment Financing.
27-May-2012: Is Facebook going to buy Opera, make its own browser?.
25-May-2012: Google's Astonishing Android About-Face.
25-May-2012: HP's core webOS Enyo team is going to Google.
25-May-2012: Google 7-inch tablet PC to ship in June with initial volume of 600,000 units.
25-May-2012: ZTE Launches Android Smartphones Featuring 3D Homescreen by Rightware Kanzi UI Solution.
25-May-2012: PayPal Taps ShopKeep POS for In-Store Payments.
24-May-2012: Android- and iOS-Powered Smartphones Expand Their Share of the Market in the First Quarter.
24-May-2012: Android doesn't infringe Oracle's patents, says jury.
24-May-2012: D.Telekom sees complete sale of U.S. unit unlikely.
23-May-2012: Xfinity Voice Introduces Free Phone Calls Over WiFi.
23-May-2012: FCC Chairman: Government Airwaves Could Be Answer To Spectrum Crunch.
23-May-2012: Nvidia's Mobile Business Gets Patent Support From IPWireless.
22-May-2012: Google names new Motorola Mobility CEO.
22-May-2012: Microsoft Says 350 Million Windows 7 Devices to Be Sold in 2012.
22-May-2012: Smartphone User Experience Enhanced by Smart Accessories.
21-May-2012: Comcast to Share Wi-Fi Internet Hotspots With Cable Competitors.
21-May-2012: China Clears Google Purchase of Motorola Mobility.
19-May-2012: Trade up and Save $100 on iPhone 4S from Sprint.
19-May-2012: Sprint Debuts HTC EVO 4G LTE.
19-May-2012: Microsoft stops Motorola from importing 18 Android devices.
18-May-2012: Nine Things You Should Know About Facebook's IPO.
17-May-2012: Worldwide Sales of Mobile Phones Declined 2 Percent in First Quarter of 2012.
17-May-2012: Verizon Wireless to scrap unlimited plans for 4G users.
17-May-2012: Apple Moves Toward Larger iPhone Screens.
17-May-2012: T-Mobile Proves That Two is Better Than One.
17-May-2012: Devicescape Unveils Q1 2012 WiFi Report Results.
17-May-2012: HTC One X, Evo 4G LTE held up in U.S. Customs because of patent issue.
16-May-2012: GM Says Facebook Ads Don't Pay Off.
16-May-2012: Report: Google Will Unveil Android 5.0 on Multiple Nexus-Branded Smartphones.
16-May-2012: Viruses could soon power our electronics, scientists say.
16-May-2012: Lenovo Launches Fleet of New Ivy Bridge ThinkPads and IdeaPads.
16-May-2012: Nearly Half of iPhone Users Likely to Buy Apple "iTV" in Year One.
16-May-2012: Verizon Wireless Brings the Speed of Its 4G LTE Network to 28 New Markets and Expands in 11 Markets on May 17.
16-May-2012: LG Optimus EliteTM Makes its Way to Virgin Mobile USA on May 15.
15-May-2012: Nokia introduces new range of mobile phones.
15-May-2012: Google's Android gains share in smartphones-survey.
14-May-2012: DOCOMO to Conduct Second Trial of Cloud-based Translator Phone Service — Expanded trial to cover 10 languages and 10,000 users —.
14-May-2012: 43% of Teens Say They Text & Drive; 77% Say Adults Warn Against Risks, but Text & Drive 'All The Time'.
14-May-2012: LightSquared Moves Toward Bankruptcy.
11-May-2012: Mobile Phone and Tablet Chip Markets Continue to Explode, Poised for Double-Digit Growth Through 2016.
11-May-2012: US phone subscribers hang up on contracts.
11-May-2012: Intel claims awfully good reviews on Xolo phone.
11-May-2012: 7-inch iPad on track for October 2012 release.
10-May-2012: Facebook app store launches.
10-May-2012: T-Mobile USA Reports First Quarter 2012 Operating Results.
10-May-2012: China's Huawei hopes to make a name for itself.
10-May-2012: Deutsche Telekom Is Said to Discuss Deal With MetroPCS.
10-May-2012: Tablet Plans Account for 40 Percent of all Mobile Broadband Plans: Report.
10-May-2012: Sierra Wireless 4G LTE Tri-Fi Hotspot, Nation’s First to Support 4G LTE, 4G WiMAX and 3G.
10-May-2012: Samsung Acquires mSpot Mobile Cloud Provider.
09-May-2012: Sprint Debuts HTC EVO 4G LTE on May 18 for $199.99.
09-May-2012: HP Expands Thin and Light Collection with New Ultrabook Systems and Sleekbooks.
09-May-2012: Qualcomm will add support for Clearwire’s upcoming LTE TDD network.
09-May-2012: Sony Mobile Communications unveils Xperia GX and Xperia SX – the first Sony LTE smartphones for the Japanese market.
09-May-2012: RIM Introduces the BlackBerry Curve 9320-A Stylish, New Smartphone for the Socially-Connected.
09-May-2012: Want a global LTE phone? Clearwire may have the answer.
09-May-2012: ZTE Showcases Complete Range of Smart Devices at CTIA WIRELESS 2012.
08-May-2012: MasterCard Simplifies Shopping with Launch of PayPass Wallet Services.
08-May-2012: Samsung Focus 2 LTE Windows Phone launches at AT&T.
08-May-2012: Kyocera Introduces Hydro and Rise, Android Smartphones Designed to Meet the Demands of Real Life.
08-May-2012: LG Showcases Impressive Line-up Of LTE SuperPhones At CTIA 2012.
08-May-2012: Boost Mobile Pairs the Speed of 4G and Android Monthly Unlimited for as Low as $40 with HTC EVO Design 4G.
08-May-2012: Virgin Mobile USA Introduces 4G with No-Contract Plans Starting as Low as $35 per Month.
08-May-2012: PayAnywhere Soon Sold Everywhere.
08-May-2012: Sprint Selects Gemalto for LTE Deployment in the U.S..
08-May-2012: Bluegrass Cellular to Offer iPhone 4S on May 18.
08-May-2012: VeriFone GlobalBay Solutions(TM) from AT&T Can Help Checkout Speed and Customer Experience.
08-May-2012: 240 million Mobile Smartphone Users to Stream TV Services by 2014.
08-May-2012: T-Mobile USA Selects Ericsson and Nokia Siemens Networks to Support $4 Billion 4G Network Evolution Plan.
08-May-2012: Google breached Oracle's Java copyright, US jury finds.
08-May-2012: U.S. Senate Clears FCC Nominees Blocked Over Lightsquared.
07-May-2012: HTC and Verizon Wireless Reveal DROID INCREDIBLE 4G LTE.
07-May-2012: Plans for AT&T Digital Life Nationwide Launch Announced.
07-May-2012: Sprint CEO to take pay cut as iPhone costs pinch.
05-May-2012: LG Optimus LTE2 Smartphone Offers 4.7-Inch Display, 2GB of RAM.
05-May-2012: Google Said to Face Fine by U.S. Over Apple Safari Breach.
05-May-2012: FCC Launches 'Mobility Fund' Aution to Accelerate Delivery of 3G and 4G in Rural Areas.
04-May-2012: Samsung Introduces the GALAXY S III.
04-May-2012: Slumping Android Shipments Lead to Disappointing First Quarter for Media Tablets.
04-May-2012: Ovum expects smartphone shipments to reach 1.7 billion in 2017 and Android to dominate as OS.
04-May-2012: Facebook plans to raise $10.6 billion in mega IPO.
03-May-2012: Two-Thirds of World's LTE Connections in U.S./Canada.
03-May-2012: Samsung expected to unveil next-gen Galaxy S III Today.
03-May-2012: Samsung No.1 Smartphone Brand Again in Q1, But Apple Still Making More Money.
03-May-2012: Smartphone screens are getting bigger.
03-May-2012: AT&T Chief Says Blocked Deal Will Cost Consumers.
02-May-2012: Motorola Mobility Announces First Quarter Financial Results.
02-May-2012: International CTIA Wireless® 2012 Brings "All Things Mobile" To New Orleans.
02-May-2012: Worldwide Smartphone Market Continues to Soar.
02-May-2012: RIM Launches BlackBerry 10 Platform.
02-May-2012: Nokia to begin rolling out award-winning Nokia 808 PureView in May.
02-May-2012: Apple to offer direct mobile service says analyst.
01-May-2012: Verizon Wireless Announces New Prepaid Plans.
01-May-2012: NFC Authentication Goes Mobile With Android App.
01-May-2012: Openwave Mobility Launches as Independent Company.
01-May-2012: Microsoft, LGE may hold talks on smartphones.
30-Apr-2012: Microsoft buys stake in Barnes & Noble's digital business.
30-Apr-2012: Falcone Agrees To Step Aside.
30-Apr-2012: Full FCC report on Google Street View reveals new details.
30-Apr-2012: iPhone app downloads fall in March.
30-Apr-2012: Nokia in talks to to sell luxury Vertu unit.
27-Apr-2012: U.S. Escalates Google Case by Hiring Noted Outside Lawyer.
27-Apr-2012: Apple, Samsung: IHS, Strategy Analytics Can’t Agree Who’s No. 1.
27-Apr-2012: Sprint extends Sprint Direct Connect internationally.
27-Apr-2012: iPhone 4S Hits Record High Activations While iPads Continue To Dominate Enterprise Tablet Activations.
27-Apr-2012: Ikea goes green with a cardboard digital camera.
26-Apr-2012: FCC okays AT&T spectrum transfer to T-Mobile USA.
26-Apr-2012: MetroPCS Reports First Quarter 2012 Results.
26-Apr-2012: Samsung’s New Quad-Core Application Processor Drives Advanced Feature Sets in Smartphones and Tablets.
26-Apr-2012: PayByPhone Adds NFC to Mobile Payments for Ottawa's Parking Spaces.
26-Apr-2012: Mobile phones: 'Still no evidence of harm to health'.
25-Apr-2012: Verizon Wireless Introduces Global Data Package.
25-Apr-2012: Samsung Releases Ice Cream Sandwich Upgrade List.
25-Apr-2012: Sprint Nextel Reports First Quarter 2012 Results.
25-Apr-2012: Google Tests Direct Sales With Smartphone.
25-Apr-2012: Ericsson first quarter report 2012.
25-Apr-2012: Motorola Solutions Reports First-Quarter 2012 Financial Results.
25-Apr-2012: AT&T's First-Quarter Results.
25-Apr-2012: Apple Reports Second Quarter Results.
24-Apr-2012: Apple's squeeze hits phone companies, competitors.
24-Apr-2012: HTC no longer to see U.S. as its top market.
24-Apr-2012: Samsung Galaxy Nexus is Selling Like Hotcakes at Sprint.
24-Apr-2012: Facebook Paying $550 Million for Some of AOL's Patents.
23-Apr-2012: BlackBerry maker hires law firm for restructuring.
22-Apr-2012: Asus Ships Quad-Core Transformer Pad 300 Tablet for $379.
22-Apr-2012: Chip lets smartphones see through walls, clothes.
22-Apr-2012: Apple iPhone 5 to be cased in 'Liquidmetal': reports.
22-Apr-2012: In-Flight Wireless Entertainment Cleared for Take-off.
20-Apr-2012: Cricket Expands into Target Locations Nationwide.
20-Apr-2012: 87 Million 4G Devices to Ship in 2012.
20-Apr-2012: T-Mobile Launches Ultra-Sleek HTC One S April 25.
19-Apr-2012: Verizon Reports Double-Digit Earnings Growth and Increased Operating Cash Flow in First-Quarter 2012.
19-Apr-2012: Nokia Reports Operating Loss on Nokia Siemens Costs.
19-Apr-2012: XOLO X900, First Smartphone With Intel Inside Launches in India Market.
19-Apr-2012: Verizon Wireless to Sell Spectrum – If Cable Deal Is Approved.
19-Apr-2012: Google may be able to legally listen in to your Wi-Fi networking.
18-Apr-2012: Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Network Will Be Available To More Than 2/3 Of U.S. Population Starting April 19.
18-Apr-2012: US judge sends Apple, Samsung to settlement talks.
18-Apr-2012: Sprint and LG Launch Third Device in 2012 with Eco-Friendly Features, LG Optimus Elite.
18-Apr-2012: PCWorld Names AT&T 4G LTE Network Tops in Latest Speed Tests.
18-Apr-2012: Tech titans testify in federal court.
18-Apr-2012: Carriers Warn of Crisis in Mobile Spectrum.
18-Apr-2012: Smartphones Will Drive Device Semiconductor Market to $170 Billion Cumulative Revenues in Next Five Years.
17-Apr-2012: Sprint Continues 4G LTE Momentum with Launch of Galaxy Nexus by Samsung on April 22 for $199.99.
17-Apr-2012: IBM Survey Reveals Digital Behavioral Trends for Consumers.
16-Apr-2012: Google Gets Maximum Fine After ‘Impeding’ Privacy Probe.
16-Apr-2012: Samsung issues official Galaxy S III invite.
16-Apr-2012: New iPad Arrives in South Korea & 11 Additional Countries This Week.
16-Apr-2012: Maybe We Have A Hit! Nokia's Lumia 900 Is Sold Out At AT&T.
13-Apr-2012: Barnes & Noble Introduces NOOK Simple Touch™ with GlowLight™: World’s First and Only E Ink® Reader That Lets You Read in the Dark.
13-Apr-2012: Sony's SmartWatch Brings Android to the Wrist.
13-Apr-2012: 75 Ultrabook Designs on the Way, Prices to Reach $699.
12-Apr-2012: Verizon to charge $30 to upgrade your phones.
12-Apr-2012: More BBM-Connected Apps Set to Launch.
12-Apr-2012: LTE Smartphones Will Help Drive Total Device Intellectual Property Royalties 14% Higher in 2012.
12-Apr-2012: Amazon to Cut E-Book Prices, Shaking Rivals.
11-Apr-2012: AT&T Will Unlock iPhones.
11-Apr-2012: Lumia 900 Software Glitch Reported.
10-Apr-2012: Instagram’s Systrom Builds $1B App in Two Years.
10-Apr-2012: Carriers to Turn Off Stolen Smartphones to Fight Thefts.
10-Apr-2012: Android beats Apple in China mobile platform race: report.
10-Apr-2012: Nokia Siemens Networks Tops LTE Base Station Vendor Matrix.
10-Apr-2012: AT&T Sells Out.
09-Apr-2012: The Nokia Lumia 900 and HTC Titan II Windows Phones Launch with AT&T Today.
09-Apr-2012: AOL to Sell Patents to Microsoft for $1.1 Billion.
09-Apr-2012: Nokia Brings Times Square to a Standstill With Latest CGI Technology and Nicki Minaj Performance.
09-Apr-2012: AT&T, Communications Workers of America Agree to Continue Negotiations.
09-Apr-2012: First Google tablet now expected in July.
09-Apr-2012: Apple secures 17 patents, including wireless sync.
06-Apr-2012: Project Glass.
06-Apr-2012: Samsung posts record first quarter profit on smartphone boom.
06-Apr-2012: HTC Q1 Profit Sinks by 70 Percent.
05-Apr-2012: Smartphones, HDTVs Are the Most Planned CE Purchases This Year.
05-Apr-2012: HTC EVO 4G LTE, Exclusively from Sprint.
05-Apr-2012: GSA confirms 347 LTE user devices, with smartphones and tablets leading growth.
05-Apr-2012: Cisco Introduces New Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Routers.
05-Apr-2012: A Quarter of Households Worldwide Now Have Wireless Home Networks.
04-Apr-2012: Sprint Offers Unlimited 4G LTE Data Plan Capabilities with the new LG Viper.
04-Apr-2012: Sony Mobile Communications Announces New Leadership.
04-Apr-2012: Silicon Valley has Facebook's back in Yahoo knife fight.
04-Apr-2012: MetroPCS Revamps 4G LTE Data Plans, Adds Throttling.
03-Apr-2012: Stay Unplugged for Longer with Motorola RAZR™ MAXX from Motorola Mobility.
03-Apr-2012: Apple's iPad tops Consumer Reports' list despite heat issue.
03-Apr-2012: Joint Venture to Deliver Next-Generation Security for Services Running on Connected Devices.
03-Apr-2012: iPhones Have Significantly Higher Rates of Wi-Fi Utilization Than Android Phones in the U.S. and U.K..
02-Apr-2012: As Smartphones Become Health Aids, Ads May Follow.
02-Apr-2012: Garmin® Enters In-Car Infotainment Market with Factory-Installed Suzuki System.
02-Apr-2012: Brightstar Brings Flagship Xperia Smartphones from Sony to the U.S..
30-Mar-2012: Report: Google to start selling Android tablets.
30-Mar-2012: BlackBerry maker gives up on consumer market.
30-Mar-2012: Apple labor plan to ripple through China factories.
30-Mar-2012: Smartphones Account for Half of all Mobile Phones Purchased in the U.S..
29-Mar-2012: Apple’s Tim Cook Visits Foxconn IPhone Plant in China.
29-Mar-2012: Nearly 1 Billion Smart Connected Devices Shipped in 2011 with Shipments Expected to Double by 2016.
28-Mar-2012: Step Up To The Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Network With Lucid™ By LG.
28-Mar-2012: Apple offers refund to Australian buyers of new iPad.
28-Mar-2012: China Telecom and Nokia launch first CDMA Windows Phone in China.
28-Mar-2012: Good Technology Announces the Industry's First Secure Browser for Android Devices: Good Mobile Access.
28-Mar-2012: Govt finds airwaves for possible wireless data.
28-Mar-2012: Sprint Free To Offer Possible Future 4G LTE IPhones, CFO Says.
27-Mar-2012: AT&T Brings First LTE Windows Phone to Market With Nokia Lumia 900.
27-Mar-2012: Sony Chromebook coming sometime soon?.
27-Mar-2012: Google Looks To Split Fees With Carriers To Boost Wallet Adoption.
27-Mar-2012: Sprint Boosts CEO Hesse's Total Pay.
26-Mar-2012: Microsoft Raids Tackle Net Crime.
26-Mar-2012: RIM is readying Blackberry 10 devices.
26-Mar-2012: Australia blocks China's Huawei from broadband tender.
23-Mar-2012: Apple's new iPhone will use bigger 4.6-inch display: report.
23-Mar-2012: Lost Cellphones Added up to Over $30B in 2011.
23-Mar-2012: Facebook buys 750 patents to build legal arsenal.
23-Mar-2012: LTE option poses data dilemma for iPad, smartphone users.
23-Mar-2012: Boost Mobile to Offer Unlimited Talk & Text for As Low As $30 a Month for a Limited Time.
23-Mar-2012: Android 4.0 Now Available to HTC Vivid™ Customers.
23-Mar-2012: AT&T Accused of Improperly Billing for Service for Deaf.
22-Mar-2012: China surpasses U.S. in activations of Apple, Android devices.
22-Mar-2012: FCC proposal could help Dish wireless plan.
22-Mar-2012: Lawmakers fear Verizon Wireless deal with cable firms will limit consumers’ choices.
22-Mar-2012: 100 Million Households Will Be Using Hybrid Services by 2016.
22-Mar-2012: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Available on U.S. Cellular Online and in Stores Today.
21-Mar-2012: Socket Mobile Receives U.S. Patent for Barcode Scanner With Integrated Stylus.
21-Mar-2012: Nokia invents teeny throbbing tattoos to make your skin crawl.
21-Mar-2012: HTC's Beats by Dr. Dre in talks to buy MOG.
21-Mar-2012: Microsoft Said to Finish Windows 8 in Summer, Debut October.
20-Mar-2012: Android And Linux Reunite After Two Year Separation.
20-Mar-2012: Sprint Bankruptcy Filing ‘Very Legitimate Risk’, Bernstein Says.
20-Mar-2012: GSMA and WBA Collaborate to Simplify Wi-Fi Hotspot Access for Smartphones and Tablets.
20-Mar-2012: Qualcomm Atheros Announces New High-Performance, Low-Energy Wi-Fi System-in-Package for the Intelligent Home and Building Markets.
20-Mar-2012: Apple's next hot release: The dividend check.
19-Mar-2012: NetZero to Launch Free Wireless Broadband Service.
19-Mar-2012: Dish Seen Avoiding Signal Problem That Hurt Falcone in FCC Probe.
19-Mar-2012: Panasonic Develops Low Power Consumption Chipset.
16-Mar-2012: LightSquared Says Sprint's Contract Termination is in the Best Business Interests of Both Companies.
16-Mar-2012: Sprint Elects to Terminate Spectrum Hosting Agreement with LightSquared.
15-Mar-2012: China to Become the Largest Market for Smartphones in 2012.
15-Mar-2012: Nokia working on own tablet: design chief.
15-Mar-2012: Verizon to Launch Its 200th 4G LTE Market on March 15.
15-Mar-2012: 100 Million HSPA Mobile Broadband Connections in North America.
15-Mar-2012: Smartphone Owners Demand Larger Displays.
14-Mar-2012: Cricket and Clearwire Announce Long-Term Wholesale 4G LTE Agreement.
14-Mar-2012: AT&T May Terminate IPhone User’s Service as It Seeks Settlement.
14-Mar-2012: Intel's supply chain chief says ready for mobile.
13-Mar-2012: RIM Introduces the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard for the BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet.
13-Mar-2012: 96% of All U.S. Mobile Handset Sales Will Be Smartphones by Year-End 2016.
13-Mar-2012: Xperia sola from Sony - the smartphone with a sense of magic.
13-Mar-2012: AT&T to Offer New iPad on March 16.
13-Mar-2012: Ericsson to acquire Technicolor's broadcast services division.
13-Mar-2012: Arm's latest processors aim to stretch internet's reach.
12-Mar-2012: Nokia to shut Indian mobile money service.
12-Mar-2012: At CNET's SXSW 'big data' panel, sparks fly over privacy.
09-Mar-2012: Families Stay Connected with ZTE FuryTM Smartphone from Sprint.
09-Mar-2012: Exclusive: Google leans on developers to use payment service.
09-Mar-2012: CWA: FCC Action on Verizon Wireless Spectrum Deal a Good Start, but More Review Needed.
09-Mar-2012: FCC Wants More Data About Verizon Agreements With Comcast.
08-Mar-2012: Nokia maps fightback against cheap Android phones.
08-Mar-2012: Clearwire Introduces New CLEAR Stick Atlas.
08-Mar-2012: T-Mobile Beefing Up Network To Lure iPhone Users, Slow Churn.
08-Mar-2012: Apple unveils 4G LTE pricing for the new iPad.
07-Mar-2012: Apple Launches New iPad.
07-Mar-2012: PREVIEW-Apple's next iPad may be a 4G game changer.
07-Mar-2012: Sprint May End Deal With LightSquared.
07-Mar-2012: comScore Reports January 2012 U.S. Mobile Subscriber Market Share.
06-Mar-2012: HomeFusion Broadband From Verizon Powers In-Home Internet Connectivity With 4G LTE.
06-Mar-2012: Virgin Mobile Introduces A Higher Calling™.
06-Mar-2012: Android and iPhone Now Hog 91% of Mobile OS Market Share.
06-Mar-2012: Mobile TV Viewing to Reach 3 Hours per Month on Tablets by 2014.
06-Mar-2012: You can now run Arch & Debian Linux on a Raspberry Pi.
05-Mar-2012: Apple App Store reaches 25 billion downloads.
05-Mar-2012: Sennheiser RS 220 wireless hi-fi headphones.
05-Mar-2012: Nearly 30% of mobile web users intend to buy Apple iPad 3.
03-Mar-2012: Nearly Half of American Adults Are Smartphone Owners.
03-Mar-2012: Illegal cellphone jammers silence noisy commuters.
03-Mar-2012: FCC denies Dish request on wireless plans.
03-Mar-2012: DISH Network Statement.
02-Mar-2012: AT&T Ends All-You-Can-Eat.
02-Mar-2012: Retailers Join Payment Chase.
02-Mar-2012: Turkey's Turkcell Gets the 2012 Global Mobile Award.
02-Mar-2012: Allied Electronics Now Taking Orders for Raspberry Pi.
02-Mar-2012: Sony Tablet™ P Available on AT&T 4G Network.
01-Mar-2012: GSMA Mobile World Congress 2012 Shatters Attendance Records.
01-Mar-2012: Facebook woos Madison Ave in pre-IPO mobile push.
01-Mar-2012: Microsoft and Samsung Cooperate on More Efficient Cloud Implementation.
01-Mar-2012: Google implements privacy policy despite EU warning.
29-Feb-2012: Ubuntu for Android Gets Shown Off At Mobile World Congress.
29-Feb-2012: New Apple iPad Tablet Expected Next Week.
29-Feb-2012: Corning Delivering Corning® Gorilla® Glass 2 for Next Generation Consumer Electronic Devices.
29-Feb-2012: 25 Suspected Hackers Arrested in International Raids.
29-Feb-2012: Google's Schmidt warns of 'digital caste system'.
29-Feb-2012: The Raspberry Pi computer goes on general sale.
29-Feb-2012: LightSquared's Ahuja resigns as CEO.
28-Feb-2012: Visa and Intel Form Strategic Alliance to Advance Mobile Commerce.
28-Feb-2012: Huawei Debuts the World’s First 10-inch Quad-Core Tablet.
28-Feb-2012: Lava delivers new smartphone based on Intel technology to Indian market.
28-Feb-2012: Sprint to Raise $2 Billion Debt, May Use to Fund Clearwire.
27-Feb-2012: Nokia expands Lumia experience to new price points and geographies.
27-Feb-2012: Sony Mobile Communications introduces Xperia P and Xperia U smartphones.
27-Feb-2012: Nokia 808 PureView ushers in a revolution in smartphone imaging.
27-Feb-2012: Huawei Introduces the World's Fastest Smartphone: The Ascend D quad.
27-Feb-2012: NVIDIA Ushers in World's First Tegra 3 Super Phones.
27-Feb-2012: ZTE Expands Windows Phone Portfolio.
27-Feb-2012: Carrier IQ Extends IQ Care Platform.
27-Feb-2012: Sierra Wireless Unveils Second Generation of AirCard Mobile Hotspots for 4G LTE Networks.
27-Feb-2012: LTE on Pause for Emerging Markets.
27-Feb-2012: Qualcomm Announces Snapdragon S4 "Pro" Processor.
26-Feb-2012: Samsung launches low-cost Android 4.0 tablet with bigger screen.
24-Feb-2012: GSMA to Unveil the Connected House at Mobile World Congress.
24-Feb-2012: U.S. Cellular Reports Fourth Quarter 2011 Results.
24-Feb-2012: Nokia Becomes World's Largest Microsoft Smartphone Vendor in Q4 2011.
24-Feb-2012: NEC Launches Indoor LTE Femtocell Base Stations.
24-Feb-2012: Shipments of dual-core smartphones reached 60 million units worldwide in 2011.
23-Feb-2012: Ubuntu in your pocket.
23-Feb-2012: LG Launches Optimus 4X HD With Quad-core Processor.
23-Feb-2012: White House pushes online privacy bill of rights.
23-Feb-2012: MetroPCS Reports Fourth Quarter and Year End 2011 Results.
23-Feb-2012: Deutsche Telekom Looking for T-Mobile USA ‘Structural Options’.
23-Feb-2012: T-Mobile USA Reports Fourth Quarter 2011 Operating Results.
22-Feb-2012: Barnes & Noble Introduces NOOK Tablet™ – 8GB For Incredibly Low Price of $199.
22-Feb-2012: Nokia to unveil cheaper Windows smartphone - sources.
22-Feb-2012: NETGEAR® and Sierra Wireless™ Add Mobile Voice to 3G Mobile Broadband Routers.
22-Feb-2012: T-Mobile Announces March Availability for Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G.
22-Feb-2012: Qualcomm Announces Fifth Generation Embedded Data Connectivity Reference Platform.
22-Feb-2012: Samsung Galaxy S II Coming Soon to U.S. Cellular.
21-Feb-2012: BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 Available Today.
21-Feb-2012: Ericsson announces new m-commerce portfolio ahead of Mobile World Congress 2012.
21-Feb-2012: Verizon, Motorola Mobility, BoxTone Unveil New Mobile Solution for Health Care Industry.
21-Feb-2012: ZTE to Show New Mimosa X Handset Featuring NVIDIA Tegra Dual-Core Processor and NVIDIA Icera Modem at MWC 2012.
21-Feb-2012: China Telecom to sell iPhones; China Mobile still months away.
21-Feb-2012: Considering a Successor for the TVs in Taxicabs.
21-Feb-2012: webOS governance model announced.
20-Feb-2012: Battle of the Big Android Phones: LG Announces 5-inch Optimus Vu.
20-Feb-2012: ZTE to Announce Two New LTE Handsets at Mobile World Congress.
20-Feb-2012: China Mobile says subscribers rose to 655.44 mln in Jan.
20-Feb-2012: Intel's Rosepoint integrates Wi-Fi on chip.
17-Feb-2012: Congress Will Auction Public Airwaves to Pay for Benefits.
17-Feb-2012: Apple Releases OS X Mountain Lion Developer Preview.
17-Feb-2012: U.S. Calls for Ban on In-Car Facebook, Twitter.
16-Feb-2012: SEC: Wireless carriers must allow shareholder votes on data neutrality.
16-Feb-2012: LightSquared Responds to FCC Public Notice.
16-Feb-2012: Clearwire Reports Record Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2011 Results.
16-Feb-2012: Cisco appeals EU's approval of Microsoft/Skype deal.
16-Feb-2012: Milestone: One Billion HSPA and LTE Mobile Broadband Connections.
15-Feb-2012: Gartner Says Worldwide Smartphone Sales Soared in Fourth Quarter of 2011 With 47 Percent Growth.
15-Feb-2012: F.C.C. Bars the Use of Airwaves for a Broadband Plan.
14-Feb-2012: Verizon, AT&T To Sell 4G iPad.
14-Feb-2012: Mobile NFC Metro Tickets to Be Used by 1 in 8 Mobile Users in the US and Western Europe by 2016.
14-Feb-2012: Outside Group to Inspect Factories.
13-Feb-2012: AT&T customers surprised by 'unlimited data' limit.
13-Feb-2012: Study Finds News Sites Fail to Aim Ads at Users.
10-Feb-2012: Apple in 'crunch mode' preparing apps to demo iPad 3.
10-Feb-2012: Google plans home entertainment system.
10-Feb-2012: German Court Dismisses Latest Motorola Suit Against Apple.
09-Feb-2012: LTE Deployment Starting to Make an Impact says Strategy Analytics.
09-Feb-2012: Visa Introduces Suite of Mobile Services for U.S. Financial Institutions.
09-Feb-2012: Wireless CEOs want FCC auction authority preserved.
09-Feb-2012: LightSquared Would Ruin Aviation With System, Carriers Say.
08-Feb-2012: Sprint Nextel Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2011 Results.
08-Feb-2012: Google Introduces Chrome for Android.
08-Feb-2012: Nokia plans changes to its manufacturing operations.
07-Feb-2012: Nearly 500,000 “App Economy” Jobs in United States.
07-Feb-2012: Verizon releases the Motorola DROID 4.
06-Feb-2012: Rogers to launch Canada's fastest LTE devices and new price plan options.
06-Feb-2012: Smartphone Market Hits All-Time Quarterly High.
03-Feb-2012: Qualcomm and Ericsson successfully complete voice call handover from LTE to WCDMA using SRVCC call continuity.
03-Feb-2012: Huawei's MediaPad Added to AT&T 4G Tablet Lineup.
03-Feb-2012: Google reveals Android malware 'Bouncer,' scans all apps.
02-Feb-2012: AT&T Takes Top Spot as Sprint, T-Mobile Fall in Mobile Phone Customer Service Survey.
02-Feb-2012: GSMA Announces that Latin America will Achieve 750 Million Mobile Connections by 2015.
02-Feb-2012: BlackBerry 7 Smartphones Certified for U.S. and Canadian Governments.
01-Feb-2012: DOCOMO and Disney to Jointly Offer Smartphones and Mobile Services Under New “Disney Mobile on docomo” Brand.
01-Feb-2012: Samsung Launching Revolutionary Galaxy Note Super Phone with 90-Second Super Bowl Commercial.
01-Feb-2012: Kyocera DuraPlus, Exclusively from Sprint.
01-Feb-2012: FCC Trims Subsidy That Powers TracFone Amid Fraud Concern.
01-Feb-2012: LG reports handset profit after six-quarter losing.
01-Feb-2012: For Spectrum, We Need Fair and Open Auctions, not Pro Wrestling.
01-Feb-2012: Comcast Continues Rollout of "Xfinity Home" Service.
01-Feb-2012: Wi-Fi Chipset Revenue to Reach $6.1 Billion in 2015.
31-Jan-2012: Rogers LTE Network now live in communities surrounding Montreal.
31-Jan-2012: AT&T Names Executives to Key Positions.
31-Jan-2012: Nokia Siemens to cut 4,100 jobs in Germany, Finland.
30-Jan-2012: Clearwire Unveils More Ways to Connect to CLEAR 4G Service.
30-Jan-2012: iPhone Accounted for One in Four Shipments During Q4 says Juniper Research.
30-Jan-2012: Feds: Megaupload user data could be gone Thursday.
28-Jan-2012: RIM CEO eyes "significant" plans for BlackBerry.
28-Jan-2012: FCC Seeks Comments on LightSquared GPS Declaration Request.
28-Jan-2012: Samsung Electronics Announces Fourth Quarter & FY 2011 Results.
27-Jan-2012: AT&T Chief Slams FCC For T-Mobile Deal, Spectrum Policy.
27-Jan-2012: Motorola ships XYBOARD 10.1 and 8.2.
27-Jan-2012: One-Billion-Euro Loss and a Silver Lining for Nokia.
27-Jan-2012: AT&T Releases Fourth Quarter Results.
26-Jan-2012: Nokia Lumia to Launch March 18th for $99.99.
26-Jan-2012: Google approved new Motorola lawsuit against Apple iPhone and iCloud.
26-Jan-2012: Android Captures Record 39 Percent Share of Global Tablet Shipments in Q4 2011.
25-Jan-2012: Apple Reports First Quarter Results.
25-Jan-2012: Motorola Solutions Reports Fourth-Quarter and Full-Year 2011 Financial Results.
25-Jan-2012: Android 4.0 Tablets Coming for Under $250.
25-Jan-2012: Google to Update Privacy Policy to Cover Wider Data Use.
24-Jan-2012: Verizon Wireless Delivers Strong Customer and Revenue Growth in the Fourth Quarter of 2011.
24-Jan-2012: Ultrabook Growth More Than Triple That of Tablets Over Next Five Years.
24-Jan-2012: Market Research Projects Smartphone Sales at 1 Billion Units by 2016.
24-Jan-2012: T-Mobile, AT&T Seek Approval Of Spectrum Transfer.
24-Jan-2012: Android will replace iOS as the most important platform to developers, says Ovum.
23-Jan-2012: RIM Gets new President and CEO.
23-Jan-2012: Tablet and E-Book Reader Ownership Nearly Double Over the Holiday Gift-Giving Period.
23-Jan-2012: Nokia Lumia Sales Seen Topping 1 Million in Respite for Stock.
20-Jan-2012: T-Mobile USA May Raise $3 Billion in Tower Network Sale.
20-Jan-2012: 7 Charged as F.B.I. Closes a Top File-Sharing Site.
20-Jan-2012: Samsung suffers German court setback in Apple battle.
20-Jan-2012: China Telecom Network Compatible Apple iPhone Gets Regulatory Nod.
19-Jan-2012: LG Announces the Optimus Pad LTE.
19-Jan-2012: Verizon Continues to Grow Its 4G LTE Network.
19-Jan-2012: AT&T Launches New Data Plans.
19-Jan-2012: LightSquared Questions Validity of Test Results Rigged by GPS Industry Insiders.
19-Jan-2012: Sony Ericsson reports fourth quarter and full year 2011 results.
19-Jan-2012: Apple Closes the Gap on Android.
18-Jan-2012: Protest on Web Uses Shutdown to Take On Two Piracy Bills.
18-Jan-2012: Yahoo co-founder Yang is out, shares jump.
17-Jan-2012: Samsung says to merge bada mobile OS with Intel-backed Tizen.
17-Jan-2012: Mobile Payments Could Replace Cash By 2016.
17-Jan-2012: Worldwide Telecom Industry Revenue to Reach $2.7 Trillion by 2017.
16-Jan-2012: Morgan Stanley: Apple's next iPhone to be slimmer, may include quad-mode LTE chip.
16-Jan-2012: Google calls Murdoch's piracy allegations 'nonsense'.
16-Jan-2012: Apple report reveals labor, environmental violations.
16-Jan-2012: Motorola Mobility Comments on Initial Determination from ITC.
13-Jan-2012: iPhone sales halted after shoppers pelt Apple stores.
13-Jan-2012: In a Test, Target Plans to Add an Apple ‘Store’ Inside 25 Stores.
13-Jan-2012: Verizon: 'All' our smartphones will be 4G LTE.
12-Jan-2012: Microsoft and LG Sign Patent Agreement Covering Android and Chrome OS Based Devices.
12-Jan-2012: December 2011 U.S. Search Engine Rankings.
12-Jan-2012: CES Live: FCC Chair Genachowski Wants Ubiquitous Broadband.
11-Jan-2012: Huawei Unveils World’s Slimmest Smartphone.
11-Jan-2012: T-Mobile Expands America’s Largest 4G Network and Showcases 4G Experiences at 2012 CES.
11-Jan-2012: Intel and Motorola Mobility Strike Multi-Year Strategic Mobile Partnership.
11-Jan-2012: Lenovo moving to launch smartphones in U.S..
10-Jan-2012: Polaroid Announces SC1630 Android Camera.
10-Jan-2012: Sprint Unveils Three Initial 4G LTE Devices.
10-Jan-2012: Sony Ericsson Introduces four new Xperia Smartphones.
10-Jan-2012: Verizon adds six new 4G LTE Devices.
10-Jan-2012: HTC Titan II Announced.
10-Jan-2012: WikiPad Glasses-Free 3D Android Tablet with Attachable Video Game Controller Announced.
10-Jan-2012: Visa Certifies Smartphones for Use as Visa Mobile Payment Devices.
10-Jan-2012: Nokia and AT&T introduce the new Nokia Lumia 900 on AT&T's 4G LTE network.
10-Jan-2012: Verizon Wireless and Motorola Announce New Additions to DROID Family at CES 2012.
09-Jan-2012: HP Unveils ENVY 14 Spectre Ultrabook.
09-Jan-2012: New BlackBerry 7.1 OS Showcased at CES 2012.
09-Jan-2012: RIM Previews BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 at CES.
09-Jan-2012: The Critics Rave ... for Microsoft?.
09-Jan-2012: Nyxio Announces Revolutionary Android Powered Smart TV.
09-Jan-2012: O2 is going ahead with London WiFi rollout.
09-Jan-2012: Plunging prices set to trigger tech boom.
09-Jan-2012: Acer Unveils the Aspire S5 - World's Thinnest Ultrabook.
09-Jan-2012: Lenovo Rings in 2012 with Colorful, Slim and Powerful New IdeaPad Laptops and IdeaCentre Desktops.
06-Jan-2012: Motorola Mobility Introduces Two Stylish Smartphones.
06-Jan-2012: AT&T Rolls Out 4G LTE to Customers in 11 More Markets.
06-Jan-2012: 3G and 4G Handsets Will Capture More than 50% of Handset Sales in 2012.
06-Jan-2012: Sprint Announces First Major Markets to Receive 4G LTE in 2012.
06-Jan-2012: New iPhone doubles data consumption: study.
06-Jan-2012: CDMA2000 Continues Solid Growth Through 2011.
06-Jan-2012: Smartphones power Samsung to record Q4 profit.
06-Jan-2012: Barnes & Noble Considers Spinning Off Its Nook Unit.
05-Jan-2012: Logitech Unveils Full-HD Webcam for 1080p Video Calling.
05-Jan-2012: Skype and Tely Labs Partner to Bring HD Video Calling to the Living Room TV.
05-Jan-2012: iPhone 4S Arrives in China January 13.
05-Jan-2012: MetroPCS Partners with Mobile Content Venture to Bring Live Digital Television to Mobile Phones.
05-Jan-2012: Microsoft, Nokia, And AT&T Are Throwing Over $100M Of Marketing Behind A Windows Phone.
05-Jan-2012: Verizon Wireless IPhone Sales Doubled to 4.2 Million Units Last Quarter.
05-Jan-2012: LTE to Reach 592 Million Subscriptions by 2016, Pyramid Finds.
05-Jan-2012: Leap Announces Net Customer Additions for Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2011.
04-Jan-2012: Samsung to post strong Q4 on record smartphone sales.
04-Jan-2012: Google, Facebook, Amazon May Go Black in SOPA Protest.
04-Jan-2012: Nokia Lumia 900 with AT&T 4G Could Debut at CES.
03-Jan-2012: Sprint gives LightSquared 30 more days to get FCC nod.
02-Jan-2012: Sony slashes Tablet S price, signaling trend.
02-Jan-2012: All of Verizon's 4G Hotspots rumored to be discontinued in January.
02-Jan-2012: Verizon Wireless Will Not Institute Single Payment Fee.
02-Jan-2012: Intel Launches Latest Intel Atom Processor-based Platform.

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Galaxy S 4 Galaxy S 4

Galaxy Note 8.0 Galaxy Note 8.0

Ubuntu on Tablets Ubuntu on Tablets

LG Optimus G Pro L-04E LG Optimus G Pro L-04E

Firefox OS Firefox OS

Sony Zperia Z Sony Zperia Z


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