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MobileTechNews archive for the year 2013:

31-Dec-2013: Sprint Wants To Revive Nextel As A Business Brand, Merge Boost + Virgin Mobile Into ‘Sprint Freedom’.
30-Dec-2013: Consumer Electronics Show to Spotlight In-Car Digital Race.
27-Dec-2013: Taiwan fines Apple $666K over iPhone pricing.
26-Dec-2013: BlackBerry Co-Founder Ends Takeover Bid, Sells Off Shares.
24-Dec-2013: 50 best Android apps of 2013.
23-Dec-2013: GoSmart Moble offers free access to Facebook.
22-Dec-2013: The iPhone Arrives on China Mobile's 4G & 3G Networks January 17.
20-Dec-2013: Are Tablets Taking Over?.
19-Dec-2013: PortaBella™ Appliance is announced.
19-Dec-2013: Verizon to Publish Transparency Report.
19-Dec-2013: Android customizer Cyanogen notches $23M.
19-Dec-2013: Why one firm has just ordered 10,000 BlackBerry handsets.
17-Dec-2013: ThL Unveils Two Octa-core MT6592 Smartphones.
17-Dec-2013: Sprint and DISH to Trial Fixed Wireless Broadband Service.
17-Dec-2013: Why Wearable Tech Will Be as Big as the Smartphone.
15-Dec-2013: Google removed a ‘vital’ privacy feature in Android and the EFF is pissed.
13-Dec-2013: The real reason Obama can't swap his BlackBerry for an iPhone.
13-Dec-2013: Indian Court Lifts Obstacle to Microsoft-Nokia Merger.
12-Dec-2013: Awesome Privacy Tools in Android 4.3+.
09-Dec-2013: AT&T Customers Can Now Enjoy 4G LTE Wireless Speeds While Traveling in Canada.
09-Dec-2013: Nokia offers $369 million deposit to unfreeze Indian assets.
06-Dec-2013: Millions of Android users 'deceived' by flashlight app that shares location with advertisers.
05-Dec-2013: CyanogenMod 11.0 M1 – Nexus Edition.
05-Dec-2013: China Mobile Moves Closer to IPhone With License for 4G.
04-Dec-2013: Yota "Always-On" Dual-Screen Phone Goes on Sale.
03-Dec-2013: Customers Test BlackBerry’s Latest Enterprise Mobility Solution.
03-Dec-2013: Microsoft's Nokia deal approved by US Justice Department.
02-Dec-2013: Telecom Regulators and Mobile Carriers Stepping Up Efforts to Repurpose 2G and 3G Spectrum for LTE.
02-Dec-2013: Deutsche Telekom plans new packages after internet cap blocked.
29-Nov-2013: Hands-on with Jolla, the Nokia that could have been.
26-Nov-2013: Study Predicts One Billion LTE Connections by 2017.
25-Nov-2013: N.S.A. May Have Hit Internet Companies at a Weak Spot.
22-Nov-2013: Premium texting messages charges may be dropped.
22-Nov-2013: Qualcomm Collaborates with Samsung to be First to Employ China's BeiDou Satellite Network to Enhance Location-Based Mobile Data and Services for Smartphones.
21-Nov-2013: MetroPCS Supersizes its Lineup with New 6.3-inch Samsung Galaxy Mega Smartphone.
21-Nov-2013: Nokia to give up HQ building in Microsoft deal.
20-Nov-2013: Delta Will Distribute Microsoft Tablets to Pilots.
20-Nov-2013: F.C.C. Chairman Calls for Transforming the Technology Used by Phone Systems.
19-Nov-2013: Nokia shareholders approve sale of mobile business to Microsoft.
19-Nov-2013: KitKat Comes to Moto X First on Verizon Wireless.
18-Nov-2013: Virgin Mobile offers no-contract HTC Smartphone.
18-Nov-2013: U.S. appeals court revives Apple bid for injunction versus Samsung.
15-Nov-2013: Jolla's Android-aping Sailfish OS smartphones to land in November.
14-Nov-2013: Smartphone Sales Accounted for 55 Percent of Overall Mobile Phone Sales.
13-Nov-2013: Motorola introduces Moto G.
12-Nov-2013: Android Pushes Past 80% Market Share.
11-Nov-2013: Apple Said Developing Curved IPhone Screens, New Sensors.
11-Nov-2013: Global smartphone subscriptions to reach 5.6 billion by 2019.
11-Nov-2013: Gogo Announces New In-Flight Text & Talk Technology.
08-Nov-2013: San Diego Gets in Your Face With New Mobile Identification System.
08-Nov-2013: Lookout provides security and privacy for AT&T customers.
07-Nov-2013: Rogers to deliver first mobile wallet from Canadian carrier.
07-Nov-2013: United Airlines Begins Offering Electronics-Friendly Cabins.
06-Nov-2013: Are Americans Prepared to Sport Wearable Tech?.
06-Nov-2013: iPad Air teardown.
05-Nov-2013: A Takeover Bid for BlackBerry Collapses, and Its Chief Executive Vacates His Post.
05-Nov-2013: Chances for a Tizen Smartphone Entry.
04-Nov-2013: Nokia says Samsung extends patent license deal.
04-Nov-2013: ZTE Presents the Grand S Flex.
04-Nov-2013: Users Paying Less for Faster Mobile Data Speeds.
01-Nov-2013: Food industry adopting wireless technology.
01-Nov-2013: Apple launches iPad Air in 42 countries.
31-Oct-2013: Android for all and the new Nexus 5.
30-Oct-2013: Senate confirms Wheeler to lead FCC.
29-Oct-2013: Samsung Hits Record High.
29-Oct-2013: Meet Ara - Motorola wants to do for hardware what Android has done for software.
25-Oct-2013: WISePhone 3 an Encrypted Mobile Communications Suite.
25-Oct-2013: Nokia Ex-CEO's Fishy Mea Culpa. We Could Not Match Apple.
23-Oct-2013: BlackBerry OS 10.2 Begins Roll Out.
22-Oct-2013: Apple Announces iPad Air.
22-Oct-2013: Introducing the All New Mac Pro.
22-Oct-2013: Nokia announces new devices including its first Windows tablet, the Lumia 2520.
21-Oct-2013: AT&T sells towers for $4.85B.
21-Oct-2013: Boost Mobile to Offer iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c on November 8.
18-Oct-2013: Lenovo will face obstacles in any BlackBerry deal: source.
16-Oct-2013: HTC to make future Amazon phones.
15-Oct-2013: BlackBerry Publishes Open Letter.
14-Oct-2013: HTC One Max.
11-Oct-2013: Pure TalkUSA First to Offer Calling Plans with Data Rollover.
11-Oct-2013: Canadian Carrier Backtracks on BlackBerry Snub.
10-Oct-2013: Android 4.4 KitKat: The seven things we know so far.
09-Oct-2013: Samsung Announces GALAXY ROUND.
08-Oct-2013: Cisco, Google, SAP discussing BlackBerry bids - sources.
07-Oct-2013: BlackBerry facing shareholder lawsuit.
06-Oct-2013: Nokia ending support for MeeGo and Symbian applications.
06-Oct-2013: Selling Secrets of Phone Users to Advertisers.
04-Oct-2013: Microsoft Said to Ask HTC for Windows on Android Phones.
02-Oct-2013: Enterprise-Ready Mobile Platform For Business Sector.
02-Oct-2013: FAA: Easing Electronic Device Use On Planes.
02-Oct-2013: HTC Works With Qualcomm to Avoid U.S. Ban on Phones.
01-Oct-2013: BlackBerry 10 Receives NATO Approval for Restricted Communications.
01-Oct-2013: National Police of Colombia Upgrading BlackBerry Smartphones.
30-Sep-2013: Electronic Funds Transfer-Point of Sale Terminals Rapidly Moving towards Mobile Platforms.
30-Sep-2013: Nordic Semiconductor Launches World's First Concurrent ANT+ and Bluetooth Low Energy Combo Chip.
29-Sep-2013: BlackBerry Starts Selling Unlocked Smartphones Direct.
27-Sep-2013: Google looks for talent in BlackBerry's backyard.
26-Sep-2013: Elop to Nokia: I won't return my €18.8m pay-off.
25-Sep-2013: The New Kindle Fires in 14 Tweets.
25-Sep-2013: The Pebble Smartwatch.
25-Sep-2013: BlackBerry's valuable patents could spark a bidding war.
24-Sep-2013: Ultra High-Speed 1 Gbps Consumer Fiber to the Home.
23-Sep-2013: BlackBerry Enters into Letter of Intent with Consortium led by Fairfax Financial.
23-Sep-2013: Mobile Industry Promotes Socio-economic Benefits Of Emerging Spectrum Band.
22-Sep-2013: BBM for Android and iPhone Update.
20-Sep-2013: BlackBerry provides business update.
20-Sep-2013: Free Tablets for All at Medical Conferences?.
19-Sep-2013: Nokia’s Former Chief to Collect $25.5 Million From Microsoft Deal.
18-Sep-2013: BlackBerry Z30 Smartphone.
17-Sep-2013: Mobile Internet growth in China.
17-Sep-2013: AT&T Said to Seek Sale of Wireless Towers Valued at $5 Billion.
16-Sep-2013: 5G Wi-Fi Reference Designs.
16-Sep-2013: Bell Canada cutting rates on popular consumer US roaming plans by 50%.
16-Sep-2013: HTC Downsizes U.S. Operation.
14-Sep-2013: Behind Microsoft Deal, the Specter of a Nokia Android Phone.
13-Sep-2013: Oceanic Time Warner Cable to Launch Free TWC WiFiTM Network.
13-Sep-2013: European Union plans to end mobile phone roaming charges.
11-Sep-2013: In-Flight Wi-Fi, Mobile Phone Services and Global Television on Flights.
11-Sep-2013: Nokia's interim CEO addresses the 'next 150 years'.
10-Sep-2013: Apple announces iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S.
10-Sep-2013: pureVLC Demonstrates Li-Fi Using Reflected Light.
10-Sep-2013: Remote Wireless Power System.
09-Sep-2013: iSpy: How the NSA Accesses Smartphone Data.
09-Sep-2013: Report: NSA has had access to most smartphone data.
06-Sep-2013: N.S.A. Able to Foil Basic Safeguards of Privacy.
05-Sep-2013: The New Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1.
05-Sep-2013: Samsung Introduces GALAXY Gear.
05-Sep-2013: LG And Verizon Wireless Launch Next-Generation Powerhouse, LG G2 Smartphone.
05-Sep-2013: Google counters Microsoft-Nokia with a KitKat.
04-Sep-2013: Qualcomm Launches the Qualcomm Toq Smartwatch Featuring Mirasol Display.
03-Sep-2013: Microsoft to acquire Nokia’s devices & services business, license Nokia’s patents and mapping services.
03-Sep-2013: LG G2 Smartphone.
02-Sep-2013: Stealth Wear, Coming to a Store Near You.
02-Sep-2013: LG G Pad 8.3 gets official with 1920 x 1200 display and Android 4.2.2.
01-Sep-2013: LG G PAD 8.3 Introduced.
30-Aug-2013: iPhone 5S -- rumor mill updates.
29-Aug-2013: Vodafone in talks to sell Verizon Wireless stake.
29-Aug-2013: Google’s Nexus 4 Smartphone Gets $100 Cheaper Amid Low-Cost iPhone Rumors.
28-Aug-2013: World's Most Modern Satellite Communications Network Complete.
28-Aug-2013: Majority Of Smartphone Users Think It's Unreasonable To Experience Mobile Data Performance Issues.
26-Aug-2013: BlackBerry Q10 Smartphone Available from Sprint Aug. 30 for $199.99.
23-Aug-2013: Dutch Leave Koreans for Dust with their Smartwatch Design.
23-Aug-2013: Nokia threatens to ‘quit’ India: Report.
22-Aug-2013: AT&T to provide mobile devices and services to 19,000 Delta flight attendants.
21-Aug-2013: Xively Brings the Internet of Things to the Classroom.
20-Aug-2013: Range Networks Releases Update of OpenBTS Software to Developer Community.
19-Aug-2013: Samsung Brings the Galaxy Mega to U.S. Consumers.
19-Aug-2013: Motorola introduces Public Safety LTE Handheld Device.
16-Aug-2013: Samsung Said to Unveil Wristwatch-Like Smartphone Next Month.
16-Aug-2013: Nokia releases Amber, aligning features and apps across its Lumia range.
14-Aug-2013: Watsa to hold keys to a BlackBerry deal.
12-Aug-2013: BlackBerry Board of Directors Announces Exploration of Strategic Alternatives.
12-Aug-2013: Ultra Mobile Debuts Free International Calling.
11-Aug-2013: Samsung Introduces the GALAXY Mega.
09-Aug-2013: 802.11ac Wi-Fi Shipments Find Biting Point in a 43.3 Million Consumer AP Market-place.
07-Aug-2013: Simmtronics promises ‘real’ made-in-India Android phone.
06-Aug-2013: TextNow launches all-IP Mobile Phone service.
05-Aug-2013: South Korea says concerned about U.S. decision on some Apple models.
05-Aug-2013: Ericsson and STMicroelectronics complete transaction to split up ST-Ericsson.
02-Aug-2013: Google/Motorola launches the Moto X smartphone.
01-Aug-2013: Xiaomi Corp launches the Hongmi smartphone.
01-Aug-2013: Northern Canada on the verge of a full telecommunications connection.
31-Jul-2013: NEC is exiting the smartphone business.
30-Jul-2013: Plantronics Launches CS500 XD Wireless Headset.
29-Jul-2013: Android Dominates the Tablet Market in 2013 Q2.
29-Jul-2013: Nokia left frustrated by Microsoft's slow Windows Phone progress.
28-Jul-2013: I’m Still Waiting for My Phone to Become My Wallet.
26-Jul-2013: Samsung Becomes World's Most Profitable Handset Vendor in Q2 2013.
26-Jul-2013: Google Nexus 7 Launches As First Tablet With Wireless Charging.
26-Jul-2013: T-Mobile Promotes Zero Dollars Down for All Devices.
25-Jul-2013: MetroPCS Takes on New Markets: Doubles Reach in Less than Three Months.
25-Jul-2013: BlackBerry’s Latest Struggles: More Layoffs As Device Sales Slide.
25-Jul-2013: House Rejects Bid to Curb Spy-Agency Access to Phone Data.
25-Jul-2013: Triple-SIM 3G Smartphones.
24-Jul-2013: Alaska Wireless Network LLC is launched.
24-Jul-2013: Sprint bringing wireless to New York subway stations.
23-Jul-2013: AT&T Becomes The Official Wireless Provider For U.S. Disney Parks.
23-Jul-2013: Analyst: iOS Is More Popular Than Android.
23-Jul-2013: Vodafone says would consider Verizon offer.
23-Jul-2013: NTT DOCOMO Unveils Raku-Raku SMART PHONE PREMIUM F-09E.
20-Jul-2013: FISA court renews authority to collect phone records.
20-Jul-2013: Google's Moto X phone coming Aug. 1?.
18-Jul-2013: Verizon Introduces Early Upgrade Plan.
18-Jul-2013: Nokia's halting turnaround hit by weak handset sales.
17-Jul-2013: Navigating Children's Smartphone Use.
16-Jul-2013: AT&T Customers Can Get A New Smartphone Or Tablet Every Year.
15-Jul-2013: Sprint Offers Tri-band 4G LTE with MiFi 500 LTE.
12-Jul-2013: AT&T to Acquire Leap Wireless.
12-Jul-2013: Verizon backs Ubuntu smartphone.
11-Jul-2013: Nokia Lumia 1020 announced.
11-Jul-2013: Smartphone Apps Processor Revenue Jumped 50 Percent in Q1 2013.
10-Jul-2013: T-Mobile Announces Six Month Phone Upgrades.
10-Jul-2013: The price of surveillance: Gov't pays to snoop.
10-Jul-2013: Nokia to bet on Lumia's camera upgrade to overcome budget handicap.
09-Jul-2013: Sprint Completes Acquisition of Clearwire.
09-Jul-2013: U.S. Cellular Launching Samsung ATIV Odyssey.
09-Jul-2013: Barnes & Noble Announces Senior Leadership Changes.
09-Jul-2013: Brazil to probe local telecom operators over alleged U.S. spying.
08-Jul-2013: Clearwire shareholders aprove Sprint merger.
05-Jul-2013: Mobile Users Ditch Texting in Favour of Data-Led Communication.
05-Jul-2013: Intel looking for Linux experts at ST-Ericsson.
03-Jul-2013: Handset Data Traffic to grow over 300% by 2017 to 21 Exabytes.
02-Jul-2013: Gadgets Take Back Seat This Summer.
01-Jul-2013: Nokia to buy out Siemens equipment venture.
28-Jun-2013: Smart Vehicle Mounted Terminals: For an Entirely New Way of Life.
27-Jun-2013: Study Reveals Abuse of Mobile App Permissions.
27-Jun-2013: Samsung Phones Subsidy Ratio Higher than Apple and HTC.
26-Jun-2013: Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Processors Powers the Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE-A.
25-Jun-2013: Sony Xperia Z Ultra introduced.
25-Jun-2013: Introducing Sony SmartWatch 2.
25-Jun-2013: Cobra Electronics Introduces Newest Additions in Its Two-Way Radio Series.
25-Jun-2013: Plantronics Unveils Wearable Technology Solutions.
24-Jun-2013: Garmin® Announces Monterra™, an Android™ Powered Outdoor GPS with WiFi.
24-Jun-2013: Next-Gen Switches to Propel Data Center Beyond 10 Gigabit Era.
21-Jun-2013: LTE-advanced Subscriptions to Reach 500 Million by the End of 2018.
21-Jun-2013: LTE not enough to lift mobile infrastructure market in Q1.
20-Jun-2013: Microsoft Bid for Nokia Device Business Failed Over Price: Report.
20-Jun-2013: Small Cell Forum Completes 1st LTE Plugfest.
20-Jun-2013: Car Industry Must Remodel Itself to Exploit the Connected Future.
20-Jun-2013: Sweden Makes It Illegal To Take Photos In 'Private Environments' Without Permission.
19-Jun-2013: HTC Butterfly S Officially Launches in Taiwan.
18-Jun-2013: Ubuntu phone OS forms international Carrier Advisory Group.
18-Jun-2013: Obama pick for top U.S. telecom regulator to face Senate panel.
18-Jun-2013: More Than Three-Quarters of Americans Do Not Trust Cloud Security.
17-Jun-2013: GM: 4G LTE Next Big Thing for Auto Industry.
14-Jun-2013: Obama: Government must find ways to free up wireless spectrum.
13-Jun-2013: Clearwire Board Chooses Higher Dish Bid Over Sprint.
13-Jun-2013: DISH and nTelos launch fixed wireless broadband pilot.
13-Jun-2013: Broadcom Introduces New Quad-Core HSPA+ Processor.
12-Jun-2013: ACLU Sues U.S. Government Over Phone Records ‘Dragnet’.
11-Jun-2013: Wireless Deadzones Shaping Consumer Behavior.
11-Jun-2013: Smartphones to Account for Nearly Half of Both 802.11ac and 802.11ad Shipments.
10-Jun-2013: Apple Unveils iOS 7.
10-Jun-2013: Comcast Unveils Its Home-Based ‘Neighborhood Hotspot’ Initiative.
07-Jun-2013: FCC Order Enables NextNav to Commence Commercial Operations.
07-Jun-2013: Documents: U.S. mining data from 9 leading Internet firms.
06-Jun-2013: Broadcom® 5G WiFi Powers New NTT DOCOMO Smartphone by Sharp.
05-Jun-2013: FreedomPop Announces The First 100 Percent Free Mobile Service.
05-Jun-2013: Need for Onboard Wi-Fi to Accelerate Rail Infotainment Market, says Frost & Sullivan.
04-Jun-2013: Smartphones Expected to Grow 32.7% in 2013.
04-Jun-2013: Digitally Tunable Filters – Key to Software Defined Radio Evolution.
04-Jun-2013: Wireless Competition Under the Senate's Microscope.
03-Jun-2013: eConais Unveils New FCC/CE/IC Certified Wi-Fi Module.
03-Jun-2013: Sprint Calls DISH Proposal for Clearwire Not Actionable.
03-Jun-2013: Hotel Guests Put Wireless Access as Top Demand.
03-Jun-2013: LTE and smartphone uptake drives video traffic growth.
03-Jun-2013: Survey Reveals Better Moments via Mobile Devices.
31-May-2013: Aviacomm and WiMatek Collaborate on LTE Machine to Machine Chipsets and Modules.
31-May-2013: DISH Statement on Clearwire Stockholder Vote Postponement.
29-May-2013: Mobile Development Platform Announced Based on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Processor.
29-May-2013: AT&T Mobilizes the Cloud for Small Businesses.
27-May-2013: Bell launches Canada's first wireless TV receiver.
25-May-2013: Which Carrier Will Survive The Death Of Phone Subsidies?.
23-May-2013: Survey of Nearly 5,000 Developers Provides Insights into State of Mobile App Development.
23-May-2013: Toshiba Introduces Low RDS(ON) P-ch MOSFETs for Mobile Devices.
22-May-2013: Accellion Announces Secure Mobile Printing.
22-May-2013: Qt 5.1 Launches on Tizen with Standard Look and Feel.
21-May-2013: Kyocera Launches 4G LTE Hydro XTRM Smartphone.
21-May-2013: Tri-Band 4G LTE Mobile Broadband Devices from Sprint.
20-May-2013: Jolla Smartphone Announced.
20-May-2013: Next Generation Network OSS/BSS Market and Forecast 2013-2018.
17-May-2013: Dish asks FCC to suspend review of SoftBank's Sprint bid.
16-May-2013: Android and iOS Combine for 92.3% in the First Quarter.
16-May-2013: Open API Now Available for Openmind’s Mobile Communications Platform.
15-May-2013: Mobile Internet Seizes Bridgehead for China's Online Market.
14-May-2013: BlackBerry introduces 10 QWERTY and Q5 smartphones.
14-May-2013: BlackBerry Enables Secure Enterprise Instant Messaging on BlackBerry 10.
13-May-2013: Zact Debuts Smart Mobile Service.
10-May-2013: Philips to Launch The First Quad Core Mobile Phone in June.
10-May-2013: Smartphone Size Preference on the Rise.
09-May-2013: Aio Wireless™ Announces New Nationwide Voice and Data Service.
09-May-2013: Software Out, Hardware Start-Ups In.
09-May-2013: Huawei's First Windows Phone 8 Smartphone Lands in U.S..
08-May-2013: 4G LTE and Shared Data Plans to Fuel 8x Growth.
07-May-2013: Enterprise IT Security Concerns Over Mobile Hotspots.
07-May-2013: Risk to Organizational Data an Ongoing Cloud Security Concern.
06-May-2013: Survey: T-Mobile Poised to Take the Fight to the Competition.
06-May-2013: Motorola introduces next generation 802.11ac access points.
06-May-2013: Top Hospitals Introduce Patients to Telemedicine Robot.
06-May-2013: Sprint Receives HSR Notification Related to DISH Network Proposal.
06-May-2013: AT&T Introduces USB Modem with On-Device LCD Screen.
03-May-2013: The Smart Phone Case with an App.
03-May-2013: BlackBerry 10 Smartphones Approved for Use On U.S. Department of Defense Networks.
02-May-2013: Former CTIA exec Tom Wheeler nominated to be new FCC Chairman.
01-May-2013: T-Mobile and MetroPCS Combination Complete.
01-May-2013: Abalta Technologies Brings Car Connectivity Solution to Raspberry Pi.
30-Apr-2013: New Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Routers with AC Technology Now Available.
30-Apr-2013: RDA Microelectronics Announces Sampling of EDGE Smartphone Baseband.
30-Apr-2013: Open Ethernet Platforms.
29-Apr-2013: DISH Network Acknowledges Receipt of NDA from Sprint.
29-Apr-2013: T-Mobile Offers “Simple Choice” Plan to Small Businesses.
29-Apr-2013: 802.11ac Standards and MIMO Technology -- Report.
26-Apr-2013: AT&T Launches Home Automation and Security Service.
25-Apr-2013: Verizon eyes $100 billion bid for Vodafone's Wireless stake.
24-Apr-2013: MetroPCS shareholders approve merger with T-Mobile USA.
23-Apr-2013: Accurate Indoor Call Location Information To First Responders.
23-Apr-2013: Sprint Launches Data Link and Static IP on its 4G LTE Network.
22-Apr-2013: iTalk Launches Sleeve-Smartphone with $9.99/M Plan.
22-Apr-2013: Sprint Forms Committee to Review Unsolicited Proposal From DISH.
22-Apr-2013: Vodafone Device Manager.
19-Apr-2013: House passes cybersecurity bill as privacy concerns linger.
19-Apr-2013: Sprint Joins the FCC in Showcasing Technology Solutions to Help Combat Distracted Driving.
18-Apr-2013: Consumers Want a Much Bigger Screen.
18-Apr-2013: HTC, LG and Samsung Join Power Matters Alliance.
18-Apr-2013: Nokia sales tumble overshadows Lumia pick-up.
17-Apr-2013: Allwinner A20 Changes Mobile Market with Twin Cortex-A7 Core Processor.
16-Apr-2013: More Than One Million Smart Watches will be Shipped in 2013, Says ABI Research.
15-Apr-2013: DISH Network Proposes Merger with Sprint Nextel Corporation for $25.5 Billion.
15-Apr-2013: MetroPCS Amends Agreement to Combine with T-Mobile USA.
15-Apr-2013: Bell kicks off pre-orders for the Samsung GALAXY S4 superphone.
12-Apr-2013: IPhone Outpaced in Surging India by Less Costly Rivals.
11-Apr-2013: T-Mobile USA sweetens bid for US carrier MetroPCS.
10-Apr-2013: Text messaging over existing landline phone lines.
10-Apr-2013: Mojiva Releases Tablet Study.
10-Apr-2013: Verizon and NEC: Highest-Capacity Transmission Over Field Fiber.
09-Apr-2013: Samsung brings Galaxy Note 8.0 Tablet to the U.S..
09-Apr-2013: 1.4 Billion HTML5-Capable Mobile Devices in 2013.
08-Apr-2013: NETGEAR Next-Gen 802.11ac WiFi Router Introduced.
05-Apr-2013: Gartner: Tablet and Mobile Phone Shipments to Reach 2.4 Billion Units in 2013.
05-Apr-2013: comScore Reports February 2013 U.S. Smartphone Subscriber Market Share.
04-Apr-2013: Panasonic Announces 2013 Consumer Phone Lineup.
04-Apr-2013: Audi and T-Mobile Partner to Launch the Industry's Most Competitively Priced In-Vehicle Data Plan.
03-Apr-2013: Vodafone Drops as Verizon Says It’s Not Considering Bid.
02-Apr-2013: AT&T and Verizon deal for Vodafone.
02-Apr-2013: Canary Islands Government migrates Telecommunications to Red Hat.
01-Apr-2013: Verizon launches BlackBerry 10.
01-Apr-2013: Kindle Fire HD 8.9" 4G LTE Available At AT&T Stores Beginning April 5.
29-Mar-2013: A slow start for Windows 8 opens up the door for OS competitors.
28-Mar-2013: BlackBerry Reports Fourth Quarter and Year-End Results for Fiscal 2013.
28-Mar-2013: Nearly Half of Commuters Admit to Texting While Driving.
27-Mar-2013: Carrier-Grade Small Cells Will Outnumber Consumer Femtocells in 2016.
26-Mar-2013: T-Mobile Un-leashes iPhone 5 With No Annual Contracts.
26-Mar-2013: Rogers to expand LTE, Canada's fastest wireless internet to 44 more markets.
26-Mar-2013: FreeWave Announces New Wireless Data Radios.
26-Mar-2013: Vitelity Is Now Offering Free Number Porting and Free SMS.
25-Mar-2013: MetroPCS Mails Letter to Stockholders Advocating Combination with T-Mobile USA.
22-Mar-2013: BlackBerry Z10 goes on sale in the US.
22-Mar-2013: EU regulator monitors Apple iPad and iPhone distribution.
22-Mar-2013: Blackberry opens Digital Music Service.
21-Mar-2013: BlackBerry 10 passes 100,000 apps in Storefront.
21-Mar-2013: MetroPCS carries Huawei Premia 4G.
20-Mar-2013: Huawei Unveils Ultra-High-Capacity 40T WDM Prototype.
20-Mar-2013: AT&T Introduces No-Contract Wireless Home Phone.
20-Mar-2013: U.S. FCC commissioner Robert McDowell to step down.
20-Mar-2013: Global Mobile Data Will Exceed 40% of Total Service Revenue by 2014.
19-Mar-2013: Samsung, LG may battle over eye-tracking technology.
18-Mar-2013: Ericsson and Telstra successfully trial 1Tbps optical link.
18-Mar-2013: Truphone Brings Mobile Recording to the U.S..
18-Mar-2013: Medical Wireless Market Set to Explode Increasing 770% Annually.
15-Mar-2013: Sprint to offer Samsung Galaxy S 4.
15-Mar-2013: Samsung to release Tizen based Smartphone in Third Quarter.
14-Mar-2013: Samsung Introduces the GALAXY S 4.
14-Mar-2013: BlackBerry secures Android and iOS devices.
13-Mar-2013: Teens and Technology 2013.
13-Mar-2013: 4G Smartphone Usage Up 70% Among Small Businesses.
12-Mar-2013: FCC Approves T-Mobile-MetroPCS Deal.
12-Mar-2013: MetroPCS Mails Letter Urging Stockholders to Vote 'For' Proposed Combination with T-Mobile USA.
12-Mar-2013: Verizon Overtakes Vodafone in Global Brand Study.
12-Mar-2013: 1 in 4 Tablet Users to Pay Bills via Their Devices by 2017.
12-Mar-2013: Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Websites -- and the Winner Is?.
11-Mar-2013: Mexico readies bill to shake up telecoms, TV industries.
11-Mar-2013: DragonWave Introduces "Harmony Radio Lite" Sub-6 GHz Wireless Broadband Solution.
08-Mar-2013: BlackBerry Z10 Said to Hit AT&T Stores March 22 for U.S..
08-Mar-2013: Google to cut 1,200 jobs at Motorola Mobility.
08-Mar-2013: Cruise Ship Communications for Passengers Is About to Change.
08-Mar-2013: Ericsson to transform MetroPCS 4G LTE core network.
08-Mar-2013: Deutsche Telekom CEO Obermann Leaves for Video Post.
07-Mar-2013: 80 percent of Mobile Subscribers Will be in Developing Countries by 2017.
07-Mar-2013: Big layoffs at T-Mobile headquarters, ahead of merger.
07-Mar-2013: Galaxy S4 Rumors: What To Expect From Samsung's S IV, To Be Unveiled On March 14.
07-Mar-2013: January 2013 U.S. Smartphone Subscriber Market Share.
06-Mar-2013: E.U. Fines Microsoft $732 Million Over Browser.
06-Mar-2013: ZTE Reveals Strategic Collaboration with Intel on Next Generation Smartphones.
06-Mar-2013: Opera for Android launched in beta.
05-Mar-2013: White House Supports Phone and Tablet 'Unlocking'.
04-Mar-2013: Android Will Account for 58% of Smartphone App Downloads in 2013.
04-Mar-2013: Samsung flaw allows attackers to bypass Android lock screen.
04-Mar-2013: Evernote compromised.
01-Mar-2013: AT&T Goes After T-Mobile With Attack Ads.
01-Mar-2013: FCC to Investigate Cellphone Unlocking.
28-Feb-2013: The Mobile Broadband Spectrum Challenge: International Comparisons.
28-Feb-2013: Moving towards Smart Communities.
28-Feb-2013: Mobile World Congress 2013 Sets New Records.
27-Feb-2013: Small Cells Forcast 21.2 million units by 2017.
26-Feb-2013: Trimble Introduces Mobile Surveying Device.
26-Feb-2013: Intel Accelerates Mobile Computing Push.
25-Feb-2013: LG Electronics Acquires webOS from HP to Enhance Smart TV.
25-Feb-2013: Nokia adds four new devices to its portfolio.
25-Feb-2013: HP Unveils Android Consumer Tablet.
25-Feb-2013: Huawei Ascend P2.
25-Feb-2013: Samsung introduces the Galaxy Note 8.0.
25-Feb-2013: Mozilla Announces Global Expansion For Firefox OS.
25-Feb-2013: Firefox Marketplace.
22-Feb-2013: India’s Spies Want Data on Every BlackBerry Customer Worldwide.
22-Feb-2013: Petition on Unlocking Smartphones Will Be Addressed by White House.
22-Feb-2013: HTC America Settles FTC Charges.
22-Feb-2013: Deutsche Telekom and IBM Collaborate to Help Build Smarter Cities.
22-Feb-2013: Ericsson gives sneak peek into connected future.
22-Feb-2013: Sprint and Kyocera announce the Torque Smartphone.
22-Feb-2013: Fujitsu now shipping LTE Transceiver Chip for 2G/3G/4G.
21-Feb-2013: Smart Connected Device Market Rises 29.1% in 2012.
21-Feb-2013: Wearing the future.
21-Feb-2013: AT&T and IBM to Reinvent User Engagement.
21-Feb-2013: IBM Unveils MobileFirst.
21-Feb-2013: Apple ‘iWatch wristband’ Rumor Mill.
20-Feb-2013: FCC releases Signal Booster rules.
20-Feb-2013: Mobile growth is about to be staggering.
20-Feb-2013: Ubuntu on Tablets.
19-Feb-2013: GoSmart Mobile Launches Nationwide No-Contract Wireless Service.
19-Feb-2013: HTC Introduces HTC One.
19-Feb-2013: NVIDIA Introduces Mobile Computational Photography Architecture.
19-Feb-2013: Linux Foundation Welcomes Members From Android Community.
18-Feb-2013: Tizen 2.0 Magnolia SDK and Source Code Release.
18-Feb-2013: Connected City.
18-Feb-2013: Touch Developer Preview of Ubuntu Mobile.
15-Feb-2013: Mobile World Centre Opens.
15-Feb-2013: Android and iOS Combine for 91.1% of the Worldwide Smartphone OS Market.
14-Feb-2013: Smartphones To Finally Outsell Feature Phones In 2013.
14-Feb-2013: Mobile 3D Market Growth.
14-Feb-2013: Samsung to release Tizen based Smartphone.
13-Feb-2013: The future of mobile CPUs, part 1: Today's fork in the road.
13-Feb-2013: Extreme-Range Cordless Phone.
13-Feb-2013: Intel to launch online TV service.
12-Feb-2013: Want a Blackberry Z10 right now?.
12-Feb-2013: InfoSonics Introduces the verykool s758 Smartphone/Tablet Crossover.
12-Feb-2013: Dish to Sell Wireless Spectrum If Network Plans Fail.
12-Feb-2013: Broadcom introduces smallest 4G LTE-Advanced Modem for Smartphones and Tablets.
11-Feb-2013: FAA certifies ITT Exelis airport ground vehicle transmitter device.
11-Feb-2013: Where Apple and Dick Tracy May Converge.
08-Feb-2013: Digital Communications Market Report 2013.
08-Feb-2013: Cellphone Service Without Signing on the Dotted Line.
08-Feb-2013: IBM eyes mobile, social workloads for mainframe platform.
08-Feb-2013: Android in Space.
07-Feb-2013: Survey Reveals Increase in Smartphone Hotspot Adoption.
07-Feb-2013: EU proposes new cybercrime reporting rules.
07-Feb-2013: Ubuntu Smartphone Shipping in October.
06-Feb-2013: Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, 2012–2017.
06-Feb-2013: Battery Charger IC Fast Charges Portable Devices.
06-Feb-2013: Evaluating Demand for Satellite Broadband Access Services Versus UltraHD VSAT.
05-Feb-2013: Apple overtakes Nokia in global mobile web usage for first time.
05-Feb-2013: Huawei launches Windows phone in Africa.
05-Feb-2013: Rogers sells one of the first BlackBerry Z10 smartphones in North America.
04-Feb-2013: HP Pavilion Chromebook Available Online.
04-Feb-2013: TiVo's Annual Super Bowl Commercial Report: Taco Bell Ad Was Lights Out, User Generated Ads Win Big With Viewers.
04-Feb-2013: European Snub of 4G Prices Spurs Rate Cuts.
04-Feb-2013: AT&T Unite Available for 99 cents.
01-Feb-2013: Clearwire Corporation Provides Transaction Update.
01-Feb-2013: Cisco Introduces StadiumVision Mobile.
01-Feb-2013: Apple Becomes Largest Mobile Phone Vendor in United States in Q4 2012.
01-Feb-2013: Clearwire Launches Red Hot Hotspot.
31-Jan-2013: Telecoms boom leaves rural Africa behind.
31-Jan-2013: BlackBerry 10 Customers Will Have a Great Selection of Top Apps in Every Category.
30-Jan-2013: BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 Announced.
30-Jan-2013: BlackBerry 10: Re-designed, Re-engineered, and Re-invented.
29-Jan-2013: Motorola Solutions Introduces MC45 Mobile Computer.
29-Jan-2013: Novatel Wireless Launches 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot MiFi 5510L with Verizon Wireless.
29-Jan-2013: RIM BlackBerry 10: What to expect?.
28-Jan-2013: Server-Class Networking Bandwidth to Increase Five-Fold in Five Years.
28-Jan-2013: Garnet Red Edition Galaxy Tab 2.
28-Jan-2013: Samsung announces Xcover 2.
25-Jan-2013: Unlocking Your Cell Phone Will Soon Be Illegal.
25-Jan-2013: Nokia's Windows Phone royalties to exceed $1bn per year.
25-Jan-2013: Strong Demand for Smartphones and Heated Vendor Competition Characterize the Worldwide Mobile Phone Market at the End of 2012, IDC Says.
25-Jan-2013: AT&T to Buy Spectrum From Verizon for $1.9 Billion.
25-Jan-2013: Canonical Asks Community to Create 12 Default Ubuntu Phone Apps.
24-Jan-2013: Smart Shoes.
24-Jan-2013: WiMAX Forum Publishes Smart Grid Utility Requirements Document.
24-Jan-2013: Eutelsat Moves into New-generation In-flight Connectivity Services via KA-SAT.
23-Jan-2013: NTT DOCOMO Unveils 12 New Mobile Devices.
22-Jan-2013: Firefox OS Developer Preview Phone.
22-Jan-2013: AT&T to buy Alltel operations.
22-Jan-2013: Sony Hunkers Down Before PS4 Arrives.
21-Jan-2013: FCC Chairman Issues 'Gigabit City Challenge'.
21-Jan-2013: Carriers brace for a nasty quarter.
21-Jan-2013: Sea Launch Prepares for the Launch of Intelsat 27.
18-Jan-2013: AT&T faces $10 billion pension charge, other costs.
18-Jan-2013: Clearwire Investor Taran Seeks Higher Bid.
18-Jan-2013: Samsung's secret weapon in the mobile wars: Tizen.
17-Jan-2013: Ex-Nokia CEO to join Swedish TV box software firm.
17-Jan-2013: AT&T May Shop In Europe.
16-Jan-2013: Tizen Is Poised To Challenge Google And Apple In 2013 For Mobile Platform Supremacy.
16-Jan-2013: Apple, Amazon Settlement Talks Scheduled in ‘Appstore’ Case.
16-Jan-2013: Samsung Smartphones Gaining Momentum While iPhone Has Leveled Off.
16-Jan-2013: LG aims to sell 75 mil. handsets in 2013.
15-Jan-2013: Mobile Linux Rivals Ubuntu And Sailfish Could Share APIs.
15-Jan-2013: Shares of Apple suppliers fall on reports of iPhone 5 order cuts.
15-Jan-2013: Alarming Number of Fed Smartphones Have Zero Password Protection.
14-Jan-2013: ASUS Launches the MeMO Pad™.
14-Jan-2013: Apple Cuts Orders For iPhone Parts As Demand Slips.
12-Jan-2013: Cheap smartphones global market grows.
11-Jan-2013: Samsung’s Flexible Displays, Brand Matters’ Experts and Best of CES Awards Highlight Day Two And Three of 2013 CES.
11-Jan-2013: Leap Rallies As Analyst Says MetroPCS, T-Mobile May Buy.
10-Jan-2013: Sprint Seen Prevailing Over Dish In Clearwire Battle.
10-Jan-2013: Verizon Sold Fewer Smartphones Than AT&T In Q4.
10-Jan-2013: Three top U.S. wireless carriers to embrace BlackBerry 10.
10-Jan-2013: FCC Moving To Add WiFi Spectrum, Genachowski Says.
10-Jan-2013: Do People Actually Shop on Phones? The Answer Is Decidedly Yes.
10-Jan-2013: Nokia exceeds previous Q4 2012 outlook for Devices & Services and Nokia Siemens Networks.
09-Jan-2013: Lenovo Announces the K900.
09-Jan-2013: T-Mobile Expands Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data to No-Annual-Contract Customers.
09-Jan-2013: ZTE Announces World Debut of the Thinnest 5.0 FHD Quad-core Smartphone Grand S.
09-Jan-2013: DISH Statement Regarding Clearwire.
09-Jan-2013: Walmart and Straight Talk to offer the iPhone on its $45 No Contract Unlimited Plan.
09-Jan-2013: 4G LTE Connections to Hit 1.6 Billion in 2017.
09-Jan-2013: AT&T Announces Record Smartphone Sales in Fourth Quarter.
09-Jan-2013: ALCATEL ONE TOUCH Announces the Reinvention of the Entry Smartphone Segment at the Consumer Electronics Show 2013.
09-Jan-2013: Justice Department and Patent Office Issue Policy Statement on Patents.
09-Jan-2013: Southwest Chelsea to Become First WiFi Neighborhood in Manhattan.
08-Jan-2013: Samsung Mobile Unveils 4G LTE-Enabled Samsung Galaxy Note™ 10.1 with Verizon Wireless.
08-Jan-2013: Huawei challenges Samsung, Apple with big-screen phones.
08-Jan-2013: Introducing Xperia™ Z - The Best of Sony in a Premium Smartphone.
08-Jan-2013: Cisco Builds All-Digital Wireless-Based Home Security and Automation Control Panel for AT&T.
08-Jan-2013: Cricket Makes A Splash With The Fully Submersible Kyocera Hydro.
08-Jan-2013: App Store Tops 40 Billion Downloads with Almost Half in 2012.
08-Jan-2013: Samsung to Release First Windows 8 Models in U.S..
07-Jan-2013: NVIDIA Introduces World's Fastest Mobile Processor.
07-Jan-2013: iOS Maintains Lead Among US Smartphone OS Sale.
07-Jan-2013: Lenovo's new line of Android phones will make you want to move to Russia.
07-Jan-2013: Qualcomm and AT&T Support Internet of Everything Development Platform.
06-Jan-2013: CES 2013: AMD-powered Vizio Tablet PC runs Windows 8.
06-Jan-2013: A Facebook Phone? Company Testing Voice Apps Now.
04-Jan-2013: Qualcomm to demo first StreamBoost Wi-Fi routers at CES 2013.
04-Jan-2013: HTC One SV makes its United States Debut at Cricket Wireless.
04-Jan-2013: China's Huawei expects profit jump after reporting drop in 2011.
04-Jan-2013: Sprint to Offer Contract-Free 'As You Go' Plans: Report.
03-Jan-2013: BlackBerry Curve 9315 Smartphone Introduced By T-Mobile and RIM.
03-Jan-2013: Sony and InterDigital Team to Launch Machine-to-Machine Focused Joint Venture Called Convida Wireless.
03-Jan-2013: Ericsson highlights power of connectivity at 2013 Interational CES.
02-Jan-2013: Taiwan's TSMC to make chips for Apple: reports.
02-Jan-2013: CTIA Announces 2014 Super Mobile Show.
02-Jan-2013: Docomo joins smartphone OS project.
02-Jan-2013: The Walt Disney Company and Charter Communications Announce New Distribution Agreement.

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