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Firefox OS Developer Preview Phone
Posted: 22-Jan-2013 [Source: Geeksphone]

[Two new handsets were introduced today to support the html5-based Firefox OS development activities. Market launch is expected during 2013.]

Madrid -- The Spanish company Geeksphone, dedicated to the design and manufacturing of next generation smartphones, has today introduced in Madrid two devices for developers to test Firefox OS, along with the global operator Telefónica and Mozilla Developer Network.

Making preview devices available for developers is crucial to ensure a rich ecosystem is ready when handsets launch for the mass market during 2013. The Geeksphone devices will allow testing the capabilities of Firefox OS in a real environment beyond the facilities provided by current emulators. It will be possible to test some characteristics like real performance and interaction with the mobile network. The two devices are not aimed at end user consumers.

Geeksphone will deliver developer preview phones to incorporate Firefox OS, an innovative HTML5-based operating system that provides significant opportunities for application developers, content owners and service providers, both in terms of enabling new capabilities to facilitate the development, deployment and maintenance of applications.

Geekphone is producing two test devices, the ‘Keon’ and ‘Peak’. Keon has a Qualcomm 7225A 1GHz processor, a 3.5’ screen and a 3MPX camera. Peak is equipped with Qualcomm 8225 1.2GHz dual core processor, 4.3’ screen and 8MPX rear camera and 1.3 MPX front camera. These phones will initially run development versions of Firefox OS.

Telefónica has been working closely with Mozilla, other telecoms operators and other OEMs to develop Firefox OS, which will help to deliver the power and openness of the Web to mobile devices. Telefónica aims to launch Firefox OS devices to its consumer customers in several of its markets during 2013.

Telefónica will also acquire a number of Geekphone devices itself for internal testing and free distribution to developers. Carlos Domingo, director of Product Development and Innovation for Telefónica Digital, explains: “To make Firefox OS a success we need to assure a rich ecosystem and compelling user experience since day one. And that will only be possible if we provide developers the appropriate tools to make it happen.”

Javier Agüera, co-founder and CTE of Geeksphone, “We are delighted to be working with Telefónica and Mozilla to deliver Firefox OS onto hardware in order for developer preview phones to test in a real life environment.”

“Developers are at the heart of the Firefox OS revolution to bring the power of the Web to mobile,” said Stormy Peters, Mozilla Director of Developer Engagement and Websites. “We are excited to get preview phones in the hands of developers so that they can be a part of making the Firefox OS ecosystem an immersive user experience with a rich and compelling ecosystem of apps. The Geeksphone developer preview devices are an exciting part of the Firefox OS developer experience.”

Telefónica will have an initial number of Geeksphone developer preview devices to showcase to developers attending Campus Party Brazil which takes place in Sao Paulo from January 28th. At the event Telefónica will host a number of workshops as well as a developer contest for Firefox OS in which developers will be able to test their apps on Firefox OS using these new devices. Mozilla is also hosting Firefox OS App Days, a worldwide set of 20+ hack days to help developers get started developing apps for Firefox OS.

Developers who would like to order a Keon or Peak when they become available should visit more information.


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