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MobileTechNews archive for the year 2000:

31-Dec-2000: The 'wireless Web' die is cast.
31-Dec-2000: Hanaro calls on LG not to snub cdma2000.
31-Dec-2000: Asian Telco Debt Seen Favored Over Europe in 2001.
31-Dec-2000: PDAs, cell phones vulnerable to viruses.
30-Dec-2000: IMT 2000 service better if postponed, experts say.
30-Dec-2000: ALLTEL Awards Motorola CDMA2000 1x CONTRACT.
30-Dec-2000: Nokia to supply GPRS core network to China Mobile Communications Corporation.
30-Dec-2000: Openwave and Geoworks End Bitter Patent Dispute.
29-Dec-2000: Samsung Launches PDA phone.
29-Dec-2000: Telia says 3G bid rejected on false assumptions.
28-Dec-2000: ITU moving quickly on the convergence of 3G mobile networks.
28-Dec-2000: Sagem Wins FF700 Million Mobile Phone Contract From Vodafone.
27-Dec-2000: Morphing I-Mode Phones to Upstage 3G Debut.
26-Dec-2000: Sony mulls adding music, cell phone to handheld.
26-Dec-2000: Belgian Government Delays Cell-Phone License Auction to March.
26-Dec-2000: Palm Announces Availability of MyPalm Portal.
26-Dec-2000: First Japanese-based Bluetooth Qualification Organization Announced.
25-Dec-2000: LG to re-bid for IMT-2000 if bidders given choice of mode.
24-Dec-2000: Year End WAP-up -- Telecom Vulnerability.
23-Dec-2000: Chunghwa Telecom Scraps CDMA Procurement.
23-Dec-2000: Motorola Broadens Global Influence with China Moves.
23-Dec-2000: China Mobile selects Ericsson as main supplier for GPRS network.
22-Dec-2000: Dial Up a Soda.
22-Dec-2000: SMS ads to be controlled.
22-Dec-2000: Nortel adds to warnings.
22-Dec-2000: Ericsson chosen as sole supplier for GPRS by FTML in Lebanon.
22-Dec-2000: Europolitan and BlueFactory To Develop Mobile Entertainment Services.
22-Dec-2000: Latin America: Wireless Internet Set To Boom.
22-Dec-2000: Japan's NTT DoCoMo plans New York listing.
22-Dec-2000: FCC nets $11 bln in ongoing auction as firms drop out.
21-Dec-2000: Samsung unveils multi-chip package device for 3G mobile phones.
21-Dec-2000: Pixo to Start Free Browser Download Service for Mobile Phones.
21-Dec-2000: T-Mobile International Selects Nortel Networks for UMTS Network Rollout.
21-Dec-2000: Siemens chosen as preferred supplier of UMTS/3G by T-Mobile International.
21-Dec-2000: Nokia selected as a 3G supplier for T-Mobile International.
21-Dec-2000: Ericsson chosen as UMTS supplier by Sonera.
21-Dec-2000: Bright broadband future.
21-Dec-2000: Preview: Siemens SL45.
21-Dec-2000: LG Telecom, Hanaro may get perks for cdma2000 bids.
21-Dec-2000: Research In Motion Reports 45% Sequential Revenue Growth In Q3.
21-Dec-2000: QUALCOMM Enters Into CDMA Agreement with RIM.
20-Dec-2000: Vodafone takes 15% of Japan Telecom for $2.2bn.
20-Dec-2000: Companies Complete First Live Data Call Using 3G Technology.
20-Dec-2000: LG Not Considering Conversion to Synchronous IMT-2000 Services.
20-Dec-2000: U.S working with VoiceStream, DT on security issues.
20-Dec-2000: Next-generation XHTML stripped down for handhelds.
19-Dec-2000: Nokia Networks to work with Unisys.
19-Dec-2000: Ericsson and ICA Ahold in world's first trial of e-payment via Bluetooth.
19-Dec-2000: Of tulip bulbs and mobile phones.
19-Dec-2000: UWCC Endorses Multiple Third Generation Technologies For Deploying Wireless Services.
19-Dec-2000: NTT DoCoMo, HP Announce Joint Research Effort.
19-Dec-2000: Java-Type I-Mode Phones Face Problems of Compatibility.
18-Dec-2000: WDF Members Approve Merger with CTIA.
18-Dec-2000: Nortel Networks teams up to develop 3G UMTS Wireless Modems.
18-Dec-2000: Sweden Sees Full UMTS-Coverage in Three Years.
18-Dec-2000: OTE outbids Telecom Italia for Bulgarian 3G licence.
17-Dec-2000: Internet Access With A Click - Wireless Service Uploads Existing Bookmarks For Mobile Use.
16-Dec-2000: NetCom AB Awarded UMTS License In Sweden.
15-Dec-2000: U.S. FCC wireless auction surpasses $1 billion mark.
15-Dec-2000: Ericsson Seen Mulling Asian Handset JV.
15-Dec-2000: SK, KT given IMT-2000 license.
15-Dec-2000: Ericsson Demos Latest WAP Mobile Phone at Telecom Asia.
14-Dec-2000: Ericsson chosen as 3G/UMTS supplier by Swisscom.
14-Dec-2000: Palm is going International.
14-Dec-2000: Consortiums applying for IMT-2000 service licenses express confidence.
14-Dec-2000: NTT DoCoMo Teams Up with KG Telecom to Exploit Chinese Market.
14-Dec-2000: Hutchison opens wallet for UK 3G.
14-Dec-2000: WAP Forum Agrees On Color WAP 2.0 Specification.
14-Dec-2000: Games for Ireland's Mobile Phone Subscribers.
14-Dec-2000: Automated WML Conversion Eases Wireless Content Generation.
14-Dec-2000: Movies over cell phones not yet in focus.
13-Dec-2000: Agilent Technologies Firehunter incorporates WinWAP technology.
13-Dec-2000: 3G infrastructure providers will face stiff competition from new entrants.
13-Dec-2000: Ericsson and Tivoli announce alliance to manage next generation mobile devices.
13-Dec-2000: Future phone bill is operators' main challenge.
13-Dec-2000: NTT DoCoMo's Java-Equipped I-Mode Likely to Have 'JBlend'.
13-Dec-2000: M-location still finding its way.
12-Dec-2000: Caribbean islands go Mobile.
12-Dec-2000: U.S. FCC wireless auction nets $501.2 mln on first day.
12-Dec-2000: Korea passes 15 million wireless Internet subscribers.
12-Dec-2000: Palm Licenses Software for Cell Phones to Samsung Electronics.
12-Dec-2000: LG Electronics develops organic EL displays for mobile gadgets.
12-Dec-2000: Qualcomm faces US$80m charge.
12-Dec-2000: New Chairman elected for GSM North America.
11-Dec-2000: Openwave announces enhanced security for WAP Microbrowsers.
11-Dec-2000: NTT DoCoMo to Offer Int'l Roaming for I-Mode Service in Fall of 2001.
11-Dec-2000: Jippii's Mobile Internet Service.
11-Dec-2000: Wireless Industry leaders announce "Wireless World Research Forum".
11-Dec-2000: Slow start to m-retail.
11-Dec-2000: FCC Gets Ready For The Last Great Cattle Drive.
11-Dec-2000: Vodafone to buy 15% of Japan Telecom.
10-Dec-2000: SK Telecom, Korea Telecom likely to win IMT-2000 licenses, say brokerages.
10-Dec-2000: LG to export IMT-2000 technology to Europe.
09-Dec-2000: U.S. big wireless market but penetration lags.
09-Dec-2000: Beyond WAP.
09-Dec-2000: Hitachi to sell Crusoe-based wireless Net device.
08-Dec-2000: Kannel Open Source Gateway releases stable version.
08-Dec-2000: J-Phone to Develop Java-Based Mobile Phone.
08-Dec-2000: A rash of bugs and user errors.
08-Dec-2000: Ericsson sponsors research at University of California in CDMA evolution and 4G.
07-Dec-2000: Finance fears haunt 3G entrants.
07-Dec-2000: GPRS news from Sweden.
07-Dec-2000: Qualcomm, Hansol form fund for Korean startups.
07-Dec-2000: Web-Accessible Mobile Phones to Outnumber PCs in 2002, Nokia CEO Says.
07-Dec-2000: Wireless Voice and Data to Drive Explosive Handheld and Palmtop Market.
07-Dec-2000: Ericsson launches its first i-mode phone in Japan with NTT DoCoMo.
07-Dec-2000: Japan takes mobile lead.
07-Dec-2000: Australia Sets Deadline for Spectrum Auction.
07-Dec-2000: Ericsson and Juniper networks provide support to 3G mobile Internet providers.
07-Dec-2000: European mobile operators hit loan trouble.
07-Dec-2000: Ricoh Begins Test Printing of I-Mode Images at Tokyo Convenience Stores.
06-Dec-2000: Compaq and Datang to expand CDMA wireless opportunities in China.
06-Dec-2000: Motorola outsources handset manufacturing to Celestica.
06-Dec-2000: Nortel Networks, Egery to Develop In-Car Wireless Internet Multimedia.
06-Dec-2000: Switzerland Raises SF205 Million for Four UMTS Licenses.
06-Dec-2000: Myths of i-mode's success.
06-Dec-2000: NEC, Samsung SDI Form Joint Venture for New Display.
06-Dec-2000: "Killer" 3G applications remain at-large.
06-Dec-2000: Fujitsu introduces 16Mbit Mobile Phone memory.
05-Dec-2000: Motorola and Oracle Unveil Blueprint for Wireless E-Business Applications.
05-Dec-2000: Ericsson's new A2628 makes WAP available for everyone.
05-Dec-2000: Nokia extends growth forecast on 3G prospects.
05-Dec-2000: Ericsson unveils the first embedded WAP over Bluetooth Server.
05-Dec-2000: Nokia opens the specification for ring tones and mobile phone logos.
04-Dec-2000: Texas Instruments, Qualcomm patent agreement.
04-Dec-2000: Qualcomm sees China CDMA contracts in early 2001.
04-Dec-2000: Motorola strikes ARM deal.
04-Dec-2000: Ericsson, Nokia, Others to Face Hard Sell in Asia, Analysts Say.
04-Dec-2000: Killing Time Is The Killer App.
04-Dec-2000: Nokia and Sonera sign supply agreement for advanced 3G network.
04-Dec-2000: Polish auction draws three bids.
04-Dec-2000: Uncertainty Colors Asia Telecoms Industry Meeting.
03-Dec-2000: WAP Sites Fail Users.
03-Dec-2000: Taking CDMA's Scenic Route To 3G Services.
02-Dec-2000: AT&T, 86 Others Qualify for Wireless Auction.
02-Dec-2000: UMTS to disrupt GSM market: Survey.
02-Dec-2000: Senator tries to bar VoiceStream from spectrum auction.
01-Dec-2000: CDMA Mobile Auction Slated for Mid-December in China.
01-Dec-2000: Motorola Wireless Phones To Feature Sega Games.
01-Dec-2000: Wireless Web's promises have been unkept in U.S..
01-Dec-2000: Swiss 3G auction to resume.
01-Dec-2000: Canada OKs bidders for wireless auction.
01-Dec-2000: NTT DoCoMo Unveils Details of 'FOMA' Cellular Phone Service.
01-Dec-2000: Telecoms recover as China clears billing confusion.
30-Nov-2000: Nortel Networks to Provide High-Performance Wireless Internet to AT&T's US Subscribers.
30-Nov-2000: Ericsson wins UMTS contract with Telfort.
30-Nov-2000: NTT DoCoMo to Offer I-Mode Mobile Phone with Music Feature.
30-Nov-2000: Nokia and AT&T Wireless join to change the landscape of wireless in North America.
30-Nov-2000: Ericsson teams up with AT&T Wireless to expand mobile Internet services nationwide.
30-Nov-2000: Orange loses in Norway.
30-Nov-2000: RPT-Inside Track-Shake-out looms for Europe's online brokers.
30-Nov-2000: AT&T And NTT DoCoMo Announce Strategic Wireless Alliance.
30-Nov-2000: NTT DoCoMo to Launch MPEG4 Video Service.
30-Nov-2000: China considers mobile fee restructuring.
29-Nov-2000: World 1st Linux-based cell phone developed.
29-Nov-2000: SK Telecom to unveil modem for IMT-2000 services in January.
29-Nov-2000: Sonera launches Finnish GPRS service.
29-Nov-2000: Who Ya Gonna Call? Sonic the Hedgehog.
29-Nov-2000: Matsushita ties with Lucent, Nortel on 3G mobiles.
29-Nov-2000: UK mobile companies reject doubts over 3G video.
28-Nov-2000: Hanaro signs MOU with Motorola for IMT-2000.
28-Nov-2000: Nokia chosen by Telefonica Moviles in Spain as a 3G supplier.
28-Nov-2000: U.K. Gets World's First Web-to-WAP-to-Voice Service.
28-Nov-2000: RIM boss sees "wireless wallet" ousting cash, IDs.
28-Nov-2000: US Supreme Court rejects wireless auction appeal.
28-Nov-2000: Nokia announces new milestones in TETRA.
27-Nov-2000: Kyocera launches Smartphone.
27-Nov-2000: Japan's NTT DoCoMo Nears Agreement on Stake in AT&T.
27-Nov-2000: UK Start-up offers Wireless Access to Microsoft Exchange Information.
27-Nov-2000: Samsung to sell handsets for wireless Web service.
27-Nov-2000: LG develops public-key solution for IMT-2000.
26-Nov-2000: Ringtones for Ericsson.
26-Nov-2000: Partnership To Provide Game Show Content to Wireless Devices.
25-Nov-2000: 3G promises broadband without the leash.
25-Nov-2000: Swedish 3G beauty contest faces delay.
25-Nov-2000: Korea Telecom reveals W-CDMA tech standard.
25-Nov-2000: Pre-pay PDA/phone launch.
24-Nov-2000: Denmark: WAP A Success, Survey Says.
24-Nov-2000: Samsung Electronics Unveils MPEG4 Video Mobile Phone.
24-Nov-2000: IBM Japan Begins Online Sales of WorkPads with Built-In PHS.
24-Nov-2000: DoCoMo's 3G mobile mission.
24-Nov-2000: Sagem shares lose a third on Wap sales warning.
24-Nov-2000: Hanaro consortium links up with Ericsson.
24-Nov-2000: Australia drags its feet on 3G.
24-Nov-2000: Sanyo, Others Plan to Expand Mobile Music Delivery Overseas.
23-Nov-2000: Ericsson and D2 agree on partnership for fast UMTS launch.
23-Nov-2000: DoCoMo sounds alarm on 3G mobile revenue.
23-Nov-2000: Siemens to supply systems to Mannesmann Mobilfunk for UMTS/3G.
23-Nov-2000: Casio Unveils Data Terminal with Digital Camera for cdmaOne Phones.
22-Nov-2000: Ericsson forms new company focusing on Bluetooth technology licensing.
22-Nov-2000: NTT DoCoMo to take 15% stake in AT&T Wireless.
21-Nov-2000: The Nokia 9210 Communicator heralds the dawn of mobile multimedia.
21-Nov-2000: Jataayu Launches India's First Independent WML WinCE Browser.
21-Nov-2000: Ericsson to Buy US$310M of Telecom Components in Taiwan this Year.
21-Nov-2000: Nokia announces the world's first IPv6 enabled GPRS network.
21-Nov-2000: UK Web Auction Flops with Most Licenses Unsold.
21-Nov-2000: Metrowerks Delivers Development Tools for Wireless Devices.
20-Nov-2000: and combine.
20-Nov-2000: M1 in Singapore chooses Nokia as partner for new 3G network.
20-Nov-2000: Sliding stock fails to hinder $4.6bn KPN issue.
20-Nov-2000: D-Day looming over 3G auction.
20-Nov-2000: Generation 2.5 mobile making quiet HK debut.
19-Nov-2000: Preview: Nokia 6250.
18-Nov-2000: Wireless PDA.
18-Nov-2000: Webraska To Partner With Voicestream To Offer Navigation Services.
18-Nov-2000: KT Links Up With IMT-2000 Handset Makers.
18-Nov-2000: Motorola Launches Clamshell WAP/SMS Superphone.
17-Nov-2000: Top wireless firms must file more data for auction-FCC.
17-Nov-2000: TDMA-EDGE Subscribers Total 53.5 Million Worldwide.
17-Nov-2000: Yamaha to Start Downloading Service for Mobile Phone Melodies in Taiwan.
17-Nov-2000: World's First MPEG4 Video Cell Phone Unveiled.
17-Nov-2000: Wireless Ads: Euro Hope, U.S. Skepticism.
16-Nov-2000: Kyushu Matsushita to Market PHS Phone with SD Card Slot.
16-Nov-2000: SyncML initiative reaches the milestone of 500 supporter companies,growing as one of the fastest open standards in history.
16-Nov-2000: BT's Genie to offer unmetered Net mobile access.
16-Nov-2000: Palm vs. Pocket PC face-off.
16-Nov-2000: Phone review: Motorola Timeport 250.
16-Nov-2000: Charge system eyed for wireless Web contents.
16-Nov-2000: NTT DoCoMo Aims High in Music Delivery Service for 3G PHS Phones.
16-Nov-2000: Dick Brown Delivers Keynote Day 3 at COMDEX.
16-Nov-2000: Survey: Business People Say Web-Enabled Mobile Phones are Indispensable.
16-Nov-2000: U.S. Officials See Difficulty Freeing Up New Airwaves.
15-Nov-2000: Hellstrom Discusses Future of Enterprise Mobility, Wireless Web.
15-Nov-2000: Vivendi, Vodafone eye Japan mobile Net mkt-report.
15-Nov-2000: Hanaro Telecom ready to pursue IMT-2000 license.
15-Nov-2000: Qualcomm Creates Investment Fund.
15-Nov-2000: Nokia, Ericsson deny costs will hinder 3G.
15-Nov-2000: Ericsson announces the R380 World.
14-Nov-2000: Fiorina Delivers Hope for Digital Renaissance.
14-Nov-2000: HP, Nokia to develop Internet-based platform for improved mobile services.
14-Nov-2000: Ericsson and SpectraSite join forces to accelerate rollout of 3G wireless networks.
14-Nov-2000: Palm Mobile Internet Kit Ships, Links Palm Handhelds With Mobile Phones To Connect Wirelessly to the Web.
14-Nov-2000: DoCoMo reaps i-mode reward.
14-Nov-2000: Wireless Internet To Drive Voice Recognition.
13-Nov-2000: Appeals Court Refuses to Halt Wireless Auction.
13-Nov-2000: Gates Opens Comdex Show.
13-Nov-2000: Ericsson wins Latin America's first GPRS contract.
13-Nov-2000: DoCoMo to buy 20% of Taiwan operator KG Telecom.
13-Nov-2000: Comdex Convention Open in Las Vegas.
13-Nov-2000: Swiss Postpone Wireless Auction as Bidders Dwindle.
13-Nov-2000: Swiss UMTS Billion Dollar Bonanza Hope Seen Fading.
13-Nov-2000: 3G costs hit M&A activity.
12-Nov-2000: WAP the way ahead?.
12-Nov-2000: Israel's Oren Shifts Focus to Wireless Broadband.
11-Nov-2000: Get War And Peace Statistics From China Game--No Strings Attached!.
10-Nov-2000: Picofun Launches First GPRS Game.
10-Nov-2000: TTNet to Sell 'Flexible' Internet-Enabled PHS Phone.
10-Nov-2000: Qualcomm Patents Upheld in Europe After Challenge From Nokia.
10-Nov-2000: New UK Company Formed To Address Mobile Internet Applications.
10-Nov-2000: NTT DoCoMo to Announce Java Specifications for I-Mode.
10-Nov-2000: Field narrows to five for Swiss UMTS auction.
09-Nov-2000: BT set to break up into five public companies.
09-Nov-2000: Sprint Announces Availability of *CD.
09-Nov-2000: Device review: Psion Revo Plus.
09-Nov-2000: Mobilcom slumps as 3G costs push it into red.
09-Nov-2000: QUALCOMM CDMA Technologies Announces IMT-2000 WCDMA Single-Chip Solution for Handsets.
09-Nov-2000: Nokia to provide GPRS core network for Proximus.
09-Nov-2000: Spectrum auctions don't guarantee high revenues says UMTS forum.
09-Nov-2000: Siemens M35.
09-Nov-2000: Pantech to ship handsets to Motorola.
09-Nov-2000: J-Phone Group to Sell Mobile Phone with Color TFT-LCD Panel.
09-Nov-2000: UK sees low demand for WAP.
09-Nov-2000: Roaming for network administrators.
09-Nov-2000: New mobile guide to Stockholm Nightlife.
09-Nov-2000: Kannel Releases Stable Version.
08-Nov-2000: Vodafone to give Swisscom access to German 3G.
08-Nov-2000: Orange Offers Free Weekend WAP Calls in U.K..
08-Nov-2000: Motorola Wins Multi-Million Dollar 3G, Interoperability Contract With Sprint On West Coast.
08-Nov-2000: TI plans integrated chip for streamlined phone, PDA combo.
08-Nov-2000: Jataayu Launches ZAP2WAP Service.
08-Nov-2000: Do WAP WAP WAP. Do WAP WAP..
08-Nov-2000: VoiceStream, Samsung to develop GPRS mobile phones.
07-Nov-2000: Toshiba and Siemens announce 3G alliance.
07-Nov-2000: France Telecom 9-Month Sales Rise 22% on Mobile Gains.
07-Nov-2000: Sony, Matsushita, NTT DoCoMo in music service - papers.
07-Nov-2000: Ericsson push on R520.
07-Nov-2000: Shosteck study finds future wireless internet services will not mimic mobile phones.
07-Nov-2000: DoubleClick, OmniSky Form Wireless Pact.
07-Nov-2000: Ericsson and EXi Telecoms in global partnering agreement for 3G roll-out.
06-Nov-2000: Unwired sells mobile games to Taiwan.
06-Nov-2000: Telefonica sees mobile music.
06-Nov-2000: Accompli: Motorola's New PDA Phones.
06-Nov-2000: New services give mobile devices access to corporate networks.
06-Nov-2000: Taiwan's Mobile Phone Makers to Double Production in 2001.
06-Nov-2000: Editorial comment: Tarnished goldrush.
06-Nov-2000: Analysts Await Adobe's E-Publishing Story.
06-Nov-2000: aims for wireless devices.
05-Nov-2000: Telecom watchdog slaps fines on mobile carriers.
05-Nov-2000: Ownership race smothers innovation.
05-Nov-2000: Wait, I Have To Stick It Where?.
04-Nov-2000: Hanaro seeks cdma2000 license for IMT-2000 service.
04-Nov-2000: ETIB Update: Country profile - Germany (Part 2).
04-Nov-2000: Japanese, Swedish Service Providers Agree on I-Mode-Like Mobile Service for World Market.
04-Nov-2000: Asian WAP Developers Compete.
04-Nov-2000: Dutch authorities raid mobile operators in 3G probe.
04-Nov-2000: Motorola will put phone profits before market share.
04-Nov-2000: by Verizon is Now Accessible on Web-Enabled Wireless Phones.
04-Nov-2000: Sprint Says 2001 Profit to Fall on Long-Distance Cuts.
03-Nov-2000: Toshiba, Siemens May Form 3G Cell Phone Alliance Next Week.
03-Nov-2000: Kodak PalmPix Turns Palm m100 Into Digital Camera.
03-Nov-2000: Ericsson and Canon co-operate on digital imaging.
02-Nov-2000: Survey: Four Of Five WAP Sites Not Compatible.
02-Nov-2000: WAP showing signs of life.
02-Nov-2000: Palm, VeriFone team up for wireless payment.
02-Nov-2000: Verizon Wireless, Nortel Networks Complete CDMA 3G Wireless Internet Trial.
02-Nov-2000: FEATURE-Costly UMTS may be wrong bet for mobile operators.
02-Nov-2000: Nokia releases the Nokia Activ Software Suite for mobile business.
02-Nov-2000: Consumers cool on mobile commerce-study.
02-Nov-2000: Survey: Internet Companies Lack Mobile Expertise.
01-Nov-2000: Suspicions of mobile licence collusion intensify.
01-Nov-2000: WAP meets GPRS and Bluetooth.
01-Nov-2000: Sharp Unveils Four Prototypes of Color LCDs for Mobile Phones.
01-Nov-2000: Brussels monitors 3G auctions.
01-Nov-2000: Motorola in 3G Mobile Network Deal With Turkey's Telsim.
31-Oct-2000: Adobe signs up partners for Network Publishing.
31-Oct-2000: VideoMail: Killer App Of The Future?.
31-Oct-2000: Ericsson unveils the T20 Handset.
31-Oct-2000: Sprint to Conduct Trials of Java Technology-Based Wireless Applications for Sprint PCS Wireless Web.
31-Oct-2000: DoCoMo in talks over stake in AT&T Wireless.
31-Oct-2000: signs distribution deal with BTinternet.
31-Oct-2000: Kyocera to debut revamped Palm-cell phone hybrid.
31-Oct-2000: Italy calls for 3G auction inquiry.
30-Oct-2000: Siemens Expands Mobile Business, Other Operations in China.
30-Oct-2000: Wireless Tracking Device Coming Soon.
30-Oct-2000: Sun, IBM take aim at wireless market.
30-Oct-2000: Could DoCoMo's Oligopoly be Causing 'Harmful Effects' in Mobile Communication Market?.
30-Oct-2000: Ericsson's Packet Backbone Network provides mobile data solution for premier Korean CDMA operator.
29-Oct-2000: The Benefon Q: Strange Experience.
29-Oct-2000: Hutchison details Andala winning bid.
29-Oct-2000: Companies raided in Italian licence auction probe.
28-Oct-2000: NEC, Casio Tie Up to Expand Color TFT-LCD Businesses for Mobile Devices.
28-Oct-2000: Telecom Carriers Have High Hopes for China's Mobile Industry.
27-Oct-2000: Nortel and Qualcomm cut 3G cooperation agreement.
27-Oct-2000: I-Mode's Wireless Image Distribution Depends on Displays.
27-Oct-2000: Orange/France Telecom chooses Nokia as a global supplier for 3G networks.
27-Oct-2000: FCC's Kennard Warns of Wireless Auction Delay Effect.
27-Oct-2000: Invertix President Mark McDowell Discusses Security, Privacy,.
27-Oct-2000: Melody is launching everyman's WAP - Mobile Internet through SMS.
27-Oct-2000: AMD, LSI Logic Team Up to Develop Chip Tech for Mobile Handsets.
27-Oct-2000: Vodafone seen as clear leader for 3G.
27-Oct-2000: Hitachi's 16-bit Smartcard Goes WAP.
27-Oct-2000: Storm over Spanish 3G fees.
26-Oct-2000: SK Telecom to offer roaming service in China.
26-Oct-2000: Ericsson unveils cdma2000 1X radio access network components.
26-Oct-2000: Congress ponders FCC wireless auction delay.
26-Oct-2000: Kyocera Wireless, Lucent to Collaborate on 3G Wireless Technology.
25-Oct-2000: Spain's Xfera selects UMTS infrastructure suppliers.
25-Oct-2000: WAPgate bundled with Linux for Asian Market.
25-Oct-2000: China-based Intrinsic Technology Selected for WAP Forum Awards.
25-Oct-2000: Telefonica of Spain to Sell 10%-12% of Mobile-Phone Unit in IPO.
25-Oct-2000: [WPC2000] Olympus Exhibits I-Mode-Based Remote Control System for Digital Camera.
25-Oct-2000: Japan, Korea to Unveil 3G Wireless Telecom Services.
25-Oct-2000: Telefonica Moviles Selects Motorola for Third Generation Network and GPRS High Speed Mobile Data Solution.
25-Oct-2000: Korean Phone License Bidders Stick to Tech Choice.
25-Oct-2000: European 3G Mobile: Summary Of Remaining Sales.
24-Oct-2000: Nominated For WAP Awards.
24-Oct-2000: New World Mobility selects Nokia's advanced GSM equipment for network expansion in Hong Kong.
24-Oct-2000: Seoul to begin accepting applications for IMT-2000 operator's licenses today.
24-Oct-2000: Lucent, Motorola, Texas Win China Phone Contracts.
23-Oct-2000: Sonera lowers sights on 3G.
23-Oct-2000: US forced to make U-turn on 3G spectrum allocation.
23-Oct-2000: Marubeni Telecom to Offer Service to Save Melodies, Images on Mobile Phones.
23-Oct-2000: Seek And You Shall Find On WAP.
23-Oct-2000: Blu pulls out of Italian 3G licence auction.
23-Oct-2000: Waiting for wireless: Baltimore, 3G semi-conductors, and an emulator for iMode.
23-Oct-2000: Wireless Information Kiosk Prototype.
22-Oct-2000: Linux developer taps into Japanese market.
22-Oct-2000: Singapore plans 3G auction early next year.
22-Oct-2000: 10% of OCBC Bank customer transactions done via WAP.
21-Oct-2000: GSM Association Looks to Shape Its Future.
21-Oct-2000: Italian 3G mobile auction delayed after Blu asks for suspension.
21-Oct-2000: Nokia says sold two mln 6210, 3310 units in Sept.
20-Oct-2000: IBM Enhances Software for Delivering Web Content to Handheld Devices.
20-Oct-2000: Ericsson says may cut handset portfolio.
20-Oct-2000: [WPC2000] Common Industry Framework for Secure Mobile Commerce Vital, Nokia Japan VP Says.
20-Oct-2000: Advantest Obtains Next-Generation CDMA Technology License from Qualcomm.
20-Oct-2000: WAP-NG coming - what language?.
20-Oct-2000: Ericsson takes aggressive action to prepare for strong 3G demand.
20-Oct-2000: Nokia CEO Says Cheap Phones Key for Success.
20-Oct-2000: Sprint To Offer Wireless Messaging.
19-Oct-2000: Nokia Forecasts Record 4th-Qtr Earnings, Shares Surge.
19-Oct-2000: CTIA and WDF move towards merger.
19-Oct-2000: Tomy to Launch Low-Priced Digital Camera for Mobile Phones.
19-Oct-2000: Tough battle looms for Italian 3G.
19-Oct-2000: DDI May See Loss at Cell Phone Unit Next Year to Boost Users.
19-Oct-2000: Mobile Web winners have two minutes to succeed.
18-Oct-2000: I-Broadcast Develops Location Monitoring System Using Mobile Phone.
18-Oct-2000: WAP goes Open Source.
18-Oct-2000: Parthus unveils mobile chip.
18-Oct-2000: 3G Lab Offers Software for Easy Web Access on Mobile Phones.
18-Oct-2000: U.S. Telecom Boosts Wireless Internet Application in China.
18-Oct-2000: Motorola and KDDI Sign a Contract For cdma2000 1x In Japan.
18-Oct-2000: Nokia and KG Telecom to develop 3G applications in Taiwan.
18-Oct-2000: SNAZ to Launch i-mode Interface.
18-Oct-2000: AT&T Wireless Offers 2-Way Text.
17-Oct-2000: Sprint and Nortel to build all IP Mobile Test Bed.
17-Oct-2000: XSLT Author goes online.
17-Oct-2000: Mohenz unveils media player for IMT-2000.
16-Oct-2000: Nokia Showcases Mobile Information at CTIA Wireless IT.
16-Oct-2000: VoiceXML gains momentum.
16-Oct-2000: New entertainment and messaging features for unwired users.
16-Oct-2000: China Unicom to build CDMA phone network.
16-Oct-2000: Stodgy NTT holds back i-mode.
15-Oct-2000: Charging Standard for WAP-enabled Mobile Phones Set in China.
14-Oct-2000: WAP: Hype or help?.
14-Oct-2000: Remec Looks To Expand Work In Wireless Fiber-Optic Markets.
13-Oct-2000: Siemens in advanced discussions on constructing 3G networks.
13-Oct-2000: Is China WAP Phone Target Over-Optimistic?.
13-Oct-2000: Clinton makes the call for third-generation wireless.
13-Oct-2000: Ericsson to acquire Nasdaq-listed Microwave Power Devices.
13-Oct-2000: Forget Internet Cafe-s: WAP-Cafe-s Are Here.
13-Oct-2000: Firms to develop optical wireless payment system.
13-Oct-2000: Research Shows Lack Of Business Apps For WAP.
13-Oct-2000: Nortel Targets 25 Percent of 3G Mobile Market.
12-Oct-2000: Nokia signs 3G network agreement with WIND in Italy.
12-Oct-2000: Wireless carriers obliged to share base stations.
12-Oct-2000: Acer boosts handset output.
12-Oct-2000: Nokia mCatch Agreement Announced.
12-Oct-2000: Siemens Joins MeT Initiative.
12-Oct-2000: Samsung to produce 8M SRAM for mobile phones.
12-Oct-2000: SanDisk's MultiMediaCards selected for Siemens SL45/6688.
11-Oct-2000: First product in the Nokia mPosition portfolio introduced.
11-Oct-2000: Nokia unveils 3G SGSN - an industry first enhancing GPRS networks for 3G.
11-Oct-2000: Ericsson brings WAP to enterprises.
11-Oct-2000: HEI passes CDMA technology test in India.
11-Oct-2000: BT, Amadeus form Asian travel Website.
11-Oct-2000: Domestic firms boost efforts to enter China's CDMA mobile phone market.
11-Oct-2000: Motorola Reports Higher Third Quarter Sales, Earnings.
11-Oct-2000: Ericsson chosen as sole 3G supplier by Mobitel in Slovenia.
10-Oct-2000: Taiwan's IT Manufacturers Invest in Production of Cell Phone Components.
10-Oct-2000: Yahoo Launches Free Phone Service.
10-Oct-2000: Korea to Force 1 of 3 Phone Licensees to Use CDMA2000.
10-Oct-2000: No more fiddly WAP handset set-up.
10-Oct-2000: BT Cellnet Reports Soaring Sales Of WAP Mobiles.
10-Oct-2000: Philips aims telecom ASICs, co-processors at 3G phones.
09-Oct-2000: Ericsson and GMCC launch largest pre-commercial GPRS network in China.
09-Oct-2000: SingTel to Bid for Six 3G Network Licenses in Asia.
09-Oct-2000: Finnish Sept cellphone wholesales up 77.3 pct y/y.
09-Oct-2000: Telecom: Inter operability tabled.
08-Oct-2000: Sanyo PHS Phone with Bluetooth Module Transmits Images.
07-Oct-2000: DDI Pocket to Begin Music Distribution Service for Sanyo's PHS Phone.
07-Oct-2000: DDI Pocket to Sell PHS Phone with Compact Digital Camera.
07-Oct-2000: Sony Exhibits 'Memory Stick Walkman' Mobile Phone.
07-Oct-2000: HEI builds new production line for mobile phone LCD.
06-Oct-2000: CMOS Camera Modules for Mobile Phones Stand Out at CEATEC Japan.
06-Oct-2000: Motorola to provide GSM Network Expansion for Jordan's Fastlink.
06-Oct-2000: Nokia to provide USD 50 million network expansion for TAC in Thailand.
06-Oct-2000: Kenwood Exhibits PDA with Bluetooth to Challenge Mobile Phones.
06-Oct-2000: Lawson in mobile net venture.
06-Oct-2000: Korean joint venture enters Vietnamese wireless market.
05-Oct-2000: SBC, BellSouth Finalize Merger.
05-Oct-2000: nGame Receives BAFTA Nomination.
05-Oct-2000: ShowMeTV To Provide How-To Video Clips.
05-Oct-2000: U.S. business, labor join forces in telecoms fight.
05-Oct-2000: Nokia signs agreements for 3G volume rollouts.
05-Oct-2000: Omron, Bandai to Cooperate in Agent Technology for Mobile Devices.
05-Oct-2000: Communication equipment exports record $4.19 billion.
04-Oct-2000: Veritas and Corsair partner.
04-Oct-2000: KDDI President States "Direct Rivalry" with NTT.
04-Oct-2000: Telefonica strikes US$2.6bn Mexico deal with Motorola.
04-Oct-2000: China Mobile sets funding for US$32.8 bln purchase.
04-Oct-2000: J-Phone prepares for launch of 3G in Japan.
04-Oct-2000: Lucent Technologies and Sierra Wireless form 3G alliance.
04-Oct-2000: Sprint PCS to Offer Wireless Shopping.
04-Oct-2000: Matsushita eyes European 3G.
04-Oct-2000: Vodafone, DoCoMo in Talks to Buy China Mobile Stake, People Say.
03-Oct-2000: Au Group to Debut Digital Camera, Keyboard for Its WAP Phone.
03-Oct-2000: Ericsson starts planning for 4G technology.
02-Oct-2000: Nortel set to spread its wings down under.
02-Oct-2000: CD, DVD Retail Group Sees Brisk Sales Via Mobile Phones.
02-Oct-2000: Signs Swiss WAP Deal with Orange.
01-Oct-2000: SK Telecom starts world's first mobile multimedia data service.
01-Oct-2000: Japan's KDDI Plans Fast Mobile Phone Data Service.
30-Sep-2000: Verizon Mobile Web.
30-Sep-2000: diAx activates Switzerland's first GPRS mobile network.
29-Sep-2000: SBC, BellSouth Get FCC Approval for Wireless Venture.
29-Sep-2000: Sewon rolls out new handsets in U.S..
29-Sep-2000: Nokia strengthens its GPRS position after signing contract with Telefonica Moviles in Spain.
29-Sep-2000: KPN, NTT to Launch European Mobile Portal in 2001.
29-Sep-2000: TIBCO Software to enable mobile access to personalized services by integrating Nokia's WAP technology.
28-Sep-2000: IDO/DDI Cellular Group to Offer Improved EZweb E-mail Functions.
28-Sep-2000: J-Phone to launch mobile phone with built-in digital camera.
28-Sep-2000: Only Easy to Use Web-Phones Will Make Money.
28-Sep-2000: Alan to Start Electronic Coupon Service for I-Mode Users.
28-Sep-2000: Vesta invests in mobile web.
28-Sep-2000: Nortel Networks Achieves Wireless Internet Milestone Using Multi-Carrier 3G.
27-Sep-2000: DoCoMo, AOL link up with mobile Internet services.
27-Sep-2000: IDO, DDI to Debut Phone Using Magic Gate Memory Stick.
27-Sep-2000: Siemens to invest $700m in Brazil over three years.
27-Sep-2000: SK welcomes possible delay in 3G service; But Korea Telecom says a delay of more 6 months is unacceptable.
27-Sep-2000: Siebel Systems and Nokia Team to Offer Wireless eBusiness Solutions.
26-Sep-2000: Unicom Vows to Expand Network With Qualcomm Standard.
26-Sep-2000: Major wireless manufacturers unite to advance development of global location-based services and applications.
26-Sep-2000: Mobile operators should learn from Japan, says research.
26-Sep-2000: Java to Open Up Possibilities for Mobile Phone Content.
26-Sep-2000: Motorola Introduces New Bluetooth Products Providing Its First Phone Application of the Technology.
26-Sep-2000: Chicago weighs cell phone driving ban.
25-Sep-2000: Expanding the Wireless Cellular Market with the Mobile Internet.
25-Sep-2000: NTT DoCoMo Beefing Up Mobile Intranet System Offerings for IMT-2000.
25-Sep-2000: Compaq Korea launches multimedia handheld PC.
25-Sep-2000: Motorola, Palm Ally on 'Smart Phone'.
24-Sep-2000: Researchers develop chip for ultrahigh bandwidth network.
24-Sep-2000: Foreign Firms Boost Chinese Mobile Phone Standard.
24-Sep-2000: Italy Accepts All Seven Applicants for Wireless Phone Auction.
23-Sep-2000: Listwin: Won't Be Bound By WAP.
22-Sep-2000: DoCoMo agrees AOL wireless internet alliance.
22-Sep-2000: DDI Group to Connect Ezweb WAP Mobile Phone to Intranets.
22-Sep-2000: Wireless Web Slow to Catch on in China.
21-Sep-2000: Hyundai to Supply IS-95C System Equipment to Korea Telecom Freetel.
21-Sep-2000: Forlink Wins the Contract to Build the Largest Wireless Portal in China.
21-Sep-2000: Intrinsic and AsiaInfo Announce Strategic Partnership.
21-Sep-2000: Russian Sonic Duo Taps Ericsson for Mobile Network.
21-Sep-2000: NEC to Use Intel's StrongARM Chip in Its 3G Mobile Phone.
21-Sep-2000: Matsushita and Ericsson form 3G mobile pact.
21-Sep-2000: Color LCDs for Mobile Phones May be in Oversupply in 2001.
21-Sep-2000: Ericsson and com hem to bring broadband services to the home.
20-Sep-2000: Global Mobile Phone Shipments Near 100 Million Units in Q2.
20-Sep-2000: Nokia wins USD 100 Million GSM expansion contract for China Unicom covering four Provinces.
20-Sep-2000: Bluestone Software Provides E-business Solution for Mviva WAP Portal.
19-Sep-2000: Wireless Industry gathers around Java.
19-Sep-2000: Sony to Unveil iMode Digital Camera.
19-Sep-2000: China Unicom, Hong Kong's Hutchison Set Up Joint Venture.
19-Sep-2000: Concert Seeks Closer Harmony.
18-Sep-2000: Dataquest Says Asia/Pacific Mobile Internet Service Dominated by WAP in First Quarter 2000.
18-Sep-2000: Intrinsic Report predicts bright future for China's Mobile Internet.
18-Sep-2000: J-Phone announces 3G launch plans.
18-Sep-2000: Leap launches flat rate local wireless service.
18-Sep-2000: NEC to spend US$150 mln on cell phones for U.S..
18-Sep-2000: Competition heats up over laptops with modem for wireless Web access.
18-Sep-2000: Mobile Phone Signals to Reach Shanghai Metro.
17-Sep-2000: WAP Forum moves toward Net standards.
16-Sep-2000: AT&T and BT in talks over merging business and wireless units.
15-Sep-2000: Canadian government funds wireless location technology research.
15-Sep-2000: China prepares for GPRS.
15-Sep-2000: LGE ships Internet smart phones to Sprint PCS.
14-Sep-2000: 3G is on display at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.
13-Sep-2000: Baltimore Technologies and IBM Deliver Trusted Electronic Transactions.
13-Sep-2000: First GPRS Network in Russia is launched.
13-Sep-2000: Nokia opens 3G Systems Integration Center in France.
12-Sep-2000: GPRS wireless phone reference design.
12-Sep-2000: IBM Japan Offers EZweb, J-Sky Mobile Internet Support in Banking Hosting Service.
12-Sep-2000: Geoworks Files WAP Patent Complaint.
12-Sep-2000: China backs US mobile technology developed by Qualcomm.
11-Sep-2000: Mobile Data Initiative is launched.
11-Sep-2000: Compaq and Nokia in mobile Internet alliance.
11-Sep-2000: NTT DoCoMo starts 3G installations.
11-Sep-2000: Launch of Ericsson Microsoft Mobile Venture AB.
11-Sep-2000: Viability of 3G mobile technology under threat.
10-Sep-2000: SK Telecom agents protest firm's decision to halt shipment of handsets.
09-Sep-2000: Cool devices rule at DemoMobile show.
08-Sep-2000: Supporting the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) in Linux.
08-Sep-2000: Interview with President of Japan's DDI.
07-Sep-2000: IBM's new notebook has integrated wireless capability.
07-Sep-2000: Wrox announces session lineup for San Francisco conference.
07-Sep-2000: UMTS buildout planned for Spain.
07-Sep-2000: YPres1.0 - Dynamic WAP development freeware.
07-Sep-2000: Korean firms join to develop W-CDMA modem chip.
06-Sep-2000: EZweb to Add Online Securities Trade Service.
06-Sep-2000: RSA algorithm goes public domain.
06-Sep-2000: Paradigm acquires broad-based GPS wireless process patent.
06-Sep-2000: Ericsson and Japan Telecom trial Voice-over-IP over WCDMA.
06-Sep-2000: Vodafone, Microsoft in deal.
06-Sep-2000: Cable & Wireless Optus in Australia goes GPRS.
05-Sep-2000: mi4e announces the ThunderWAP(tm) OTA Setup component version 1.0.
05-Sep-2000: Samsung unveils 3G handsets.
04-Sep-2000: Alcatel and Fujitsu create Evolium to develop next generation mobile communication network systems.
04-Sep-2000: Palm to Launch Japan Mobile PDA.
04-Sep-2000: Seoul likely to license two cdma2000, one W-CDMA service providers.
03-Sep-2000: Nokia launches new multipoint mobile chat application.
02-Sep-2000: Why wait for 3G mobile? The experience starts now.
01-Sep-2000: Nokia introduces mobile chat with the Nokia 3310.
01-Sep-2000: NEC Ships First I-Mode Model With Color LCD.
01-Sep-2000: FCC adjusts rules on airwaves for wireless products.
01-Sep-2000: Palm, Other Hand-Held Devices to Face Virus Threats.
31-Aug-2000: CDMA subscribers now number over 65 million.
31-Aug-2000: NTT DoCoMo Dual Mode Phone to Connect to Overseas Carriers, President Says.
31-Aug-2000: Wireless carriers, equipment makers in IMT-2000 war over 3G standard.
30-Aug-2000: SyncML Version 1.0 Alpha Specifications Available to Supporters.
30-Aug-2000: Internet Power-Base in Europe Could Shift to Mobile Operators.
30-Aug-2000: Ericsson Venture Partners launches with US$300 million.
30-Aug-2000: First GPRS roaming with WAP.
30-Aug-2000: Wireless home videos.
30-Aug-2000: Senetas to put US$20m into WAP companies.
29-Aug-2000: Deutsche Telekom signals end of acquisitions drive.
29-Aug-2000: J-Phone puts sound in handsets.
28-Aug-2000: Adobe releases WML and i-mode support.
28-Aug-2000: Fujian launches standards compliant GPRS.
28-Aug-2000: Virtual Disneyland launches on i-mode.
28-Aug-2000: Deutsche Telekom to buy Powertel.
27-Aug-2000: America is way behind others when it comes to Web phones.
26-Aug-2000: Chipset for Embedded Internet.
26-Aug-2000: France bucks 3G trend.
25-Aug-2000: China's Mobile Phone Users Rank Second in World.
25-Aug-2000: Motorola talks about GPRS handsets.
25-Aug-2000: Verizon Wireless in US$5bn IPO.
24-Aug-2000: Kannel Developers Conference in Hong Kong, 7-9 September 2000.
24-Aug-2000: Nokia and SAS offer high end phones in the air.
24-Aug-2000: Clinton Allows Japan's NTT to Buy Verio.
24-Aug-2000: Lucent Technologies and LGIC announce CDMA 3G collaboration.
24-Aug-2000: Ericsson outsources entry-level handsets.
24-Aug-2000: Philippines expands infrastructure.
23-Aug-2000: Hitachi Unveils Color Handset.
23-Aug-2000: TDMA-EDGE deployment in Mexico.
23-Aug-2000: Wireless Streaming Video System.
22-Aug-2000: Korea Telecom to Step Up Wireless, Internet Businesses.
22-Aug-2000: Motorola, China Unicom in US$258 Million Deal.
22-Aug-2000: TELUS Offers C$4.6 Billion for Clearnet.
21-Aug-2000: Nokia to license WAP 1.2 compliant browser as source code.
21-Aug-2000: Killarney chosen for unique wireless internet lab.
21-Aug-2000: Ericsson and WorldCom team to develop mobile Internet equipment and services.
21-Aug-2000: DoCoMo faces battle for US.
21-Aug-2000: Wireless Internet Making New York Home.
21-Aug-2000: Reflective Display for IMT-2000 Mobile Handsets.
20-Aug-2000: Swashbuckling fun on your WAP phone.
19-Aug-2000: Jwap - The Java Wap Gateway.
18-Aug-2000: German 3G auction ends with Hutchison's exit.
17-Aug-2000: Nokia launches world's first 3GPP compatible network platform.
17-Aug-2000: BT agrees to take control of Viag Interkom.
17-Aug-2000: DoCoMo poised for US i-mode alliance.
17-Aug-2000: BT Wireless to pursue 3G license in Korea.
16-Aug-2000: Timeport phone integrated into Mercedes vehicles.
16-Aug-2000: Korean operators in 3G standards battles.
15-Aug-2000: German 3G auction inches closer to conclusion.
15-Aug-2000: Japan's Mobile Subscribers top 60 Million.
15-Aug-2000: Color WAP Microbrowser for PalmOS.
15-Aug-2000: Chinese Eager to Use WAP, Survey Shows.
14-Aug-2000: Motorola Introduces Economical i550plus Multi-Service Digital Wireless Phone.
14-Aug-2000: New Open source WML Browser for bringing WAP to Linux..
14-Aug-2000: Japan's Mobile Telephone Market Exceeds US$46B.
14-Aug-2000: Nokia to supply GPRS core network to Vodafone New Zealand.
14-Aug-2000: Hutchison Whampoa takes control of Andala consortium.
14-Aug-2000: China emerges as largest mobile market in Asia.
13-Aug-2000: J-Phone Tokyo to Debut E-Mail Device with Digital Camera.
12-Aug-2000: Debitel drops out of the Germany spectrum auction.
11-Aug-2000: Nokia chosen by Optimus in Portugal to bring GPRS capability to its mobile network.
11-Aug-2000: Seoul earmarks W144 bil. to develop core parts of IMT-2000 equipment.
10-Aug-2000: As Wireless Handsets Get Smaller and Smarter, Semiconductor Revenues Grow.
10-Aug-2000: Hyundai, ETRI to develop mobile phone chipset jointly.
10-Aug-2000: Warning for mobile makers.
10-Aug-2000: First look at MS 'Stinger'-based phone.
09-Aug-2000: Mobile e-Commerce to Reach 74 Million.
09-Aug-2000: GPRS goes nationwide in Austria.
09-Aug-2000: and to Merge.
09-Aug-2000: Apache Web software to get WAP upgrade.
08-Aug-2000: DoCoMo's i-mode stumbles over own success.
08-Aug-2000: Integrated Voice and Data Browser.
07-Aug-2000: Palm announces enhanced wireless Palm VIIx.
07-Aug-2000: Lucent Technologies plans trial of `"Always-On" Mobile Internet Technology.
07-Aug-2000: Bluetooth status report.
07-Aug-2000: i-mode subscriptions top 10 million.
06-Aug-2000: SourceGear Releases Open Source Software for Creating Wireless-accessible Community Portals..
05-Aug-2000: Japan Online Securities Starts Stock Trading Via I-Mode Phones.
05-Aug-2000: German 3G bids top US$5.6bn.
04-Aug-2000: Deutsche Telekom outfoxed in Italian 3G auction.
04-Aug-2000: Cisco-Motorola launch joint venture in Japan.
04-Aug-2000: Siemens makes plans to build 33 million handsets.
03-Aug-2000: Nokia helps Taiwan prepare for GPRS.
03-Aug-2000: Deutsche Telekom eyes Italian alliance.
03-Aug-2000: Wireless Remote Control and Monitoring for Industrial Applications.
03-Aug-2000: NTT DoCoMo, SK Telecom to Start Japan-South Korea Roaming Service.
02-Aug-2000: Turkey's Telsim Launches GPRS in $100 Million Motorola Deal.
02-Aug-2000: Australian stock trading goes WAP.
01-Aug-2000: 'In-Vehicle' 3G Wireless Internet.
01-Aug-2000: DDI WAP Subscriber Base Tops 3 Million Level.
01-Aug-2000: Ericsson and Red Hat form strategic initiative in Home Communications.
01-Aug-2000: Sony and NTT DoCoMo are playing together.
31-Jul-2000: WinWAP browser releases Version 3.0.
31-Jul-2000: Ericsson selects processor technology for high speed wireless.
31-Jul-2000: Intrinsic Technology Forms Alliance with Zhejiang Mobile.
31-Jul-2000: Orchimedia launches an interactive service platform.
31-Jul-2000: Germany's 3G auction stutters into life.
31-Jul-2000: LG to work with 18 firms on IMT-2000 technology.
31-Jul-2000: GPRS/WAP network approved in China.
31-Jul-2000: Packet Video Establishes Japanese Company.
31-Jul-2000: Orange to choose cable operator NTL in 3G move.
30-Jul-2000: Sprint to speed up wireless access.
30-Jul-2000: Mobile Internet woos LatAm gadget-lovers.
30-Jul-2000: Marconi and APT prepare for 3G.
29-Jul-2000: Microsoft Quietly Preps Mobile/Speech Server.
29-Jul-2000: Germans prepare for auction.
28-Jul-2000: Nokia completes tests in revolutionary cost saving radio technology for 3G.
28-Jul-2000: Integra Ports its WAP Stack on Palm OS and Launches India's First WAP Browser.
28-Jul-2000: Fears for the future hit Nokia.
27-Jul-2000: AnyDevice to support GoAmerica's wireless standard.
27-Jul-2000: Hitachi shows first CDMA Color handset.
27-Jul-2000: Microsoft: Internet, take two.
27-Jul-2000: NTT DoCoMo talks about 3G vision.
27-Jul-2000: UWCC To Host TDMA-EDGE Wireless Solutions Symposium in Brazil.
27-Jul-2000: Ericsson and SmarTone launch first commercial GPRS service in Hong Kong.
26-Jul-2000: Wireless handsets might replace subway tickets and bus tokens in near future.
26-Jul-2000: IBM Invests US$1.0 Billion in Mobile Web for Europe.
26-Jul-2000: DoCoMo in talks with AOL.
25-Jul-2000: United Airlines Flies the Wireless Skies.
25-Jul-2000: IDO, DDI to Add Location-Info Service for CdmaOne Cellular Phones.
25-Jul-2000: LGIC launches new WAP handset.
25-Jul-2000: Attacks mount on Deutsche Telekom's $46bn bid.
24-Jul-2000: AT&T Wireless to acquire Indianapolis Wireless System.
24-Jul-2000: Mobile Web Hits The Road.
24-Jul-2000: Deutsche Telekom and VoiceStream approve deal.
24-Jul-2000: US Gears Up as Mobile Wireless Financial Services Take Off in Europe, Asia.
23-Jul-2000: Wrox Professional Wireless Developer Conference to be held in San Francisco.
23-Jul-2000: Fire at supplier dents Ericsson handset business.
22-Jul-2000: Telstra, Nortel Networks Demo Australia's First Complete High-Speed Wireless Internet.
21-Jul-2000: GPRS technology to boost wireless Internet in HK.
20-Jul-2000: IP Addressing for GPRS infrastructure is clarified.
20-Jul-2000: GPRS update from Ericsson.
20-Jul-2000: Cellular Phone Developers Optimistic about WAP Phones in China.
19-Jul-2000: J-Phone Aims to Get 600,000 IMT-2000 Subscribers.
18-Jul-2000: First GPRS PCMCIA Cards to Hit Market Soon.
18-Jul-2000: Omron Launches Remote Monitoring/Warning System Using NTT DoCoMo Service.
18-Jul-2000: Blu to provide Mobile Internet services with WAP and GPRS.
17-Jul-2000: Matsushita Joins SyncML as Sponsor to promote world's first data synchronization protocol.
17-Jul-2000: News Industry Unveils NewsML Net Language.
17-Jul-2000: NTT Data, Oracle Japan in E-Commerce Pact.
17-Jul-2000: Motorola Launches Virtual Developers' Contest Series.
17-Jul-2000: 'Single-Chip-Mobile-Phone IC Inside' May Replace Bluetooth.
16-Jul-2000: Origin of the mobile species.
16-Jul-2000: Siemens-Yahoo! WAP phone next month.
15-Jul-2000: China website offers travel data to WAP users.
14-Jul-2000: Western Wireless, Nortel Networks to Conduct 'Fixed' Wireless Internet Trial.
14-Jul-2000: Astel to Debut PHS Phone with Web Browser.
14-Jul-2000: Nokia to supply GPRS solution to Mobistar Belgium.
13-Jul-2000: WorldCom, Sprint officially cancel merger.
13-Jul-2000: Germany approves 3G alliance.
13-Jul-2000: China Steps Up Research of Own Mobile Standard.
13-Jul-2000: Disney Contents to Go into I-Mode, Walt Disney International President Says.
12-Jul-2000: Siemens WAP Phone to Access Chinese Web Sites.
12-Jul-2000: NTT DoCoMo, NTT Com to launch new service.
11-Jul-2000: Wireless Developer Conference goes live on the Web this week.
11-Jul-2000: Qualcomm Enters into a CDMA and HDR Licensing Agreement with Taiwan-based FIC.
11-Jul-2000: LGIC introduces two video ASICs for IMT-2000.
11-Jul-2000: Sprint Announces Availability of Motorola's New V. Series(TM) CDMA Wireless Phones.
11-Jul-2000: Brazil's UOL, Ericsson partner in mobile Internet.
11-Jul-2000: BT, AT&T in Unique Global Roaming Deal.
10-Jul-2000: NTT DoCoMo Issues Call for Handset Prototype with Memory Stick Slot.
10-Jul-2000: Bringing Mobile IP to Austria - Nokia to deliver core GPRS network to ONE.
09-Jul-2000: Waiting for the Wireless Internet.
08-Jul-2000: GPRS: Next generation mobile system comes to Britain.
07-Jul-2000: Seoul pushing for domestic production of CDMA parts.
07-Jul-2000: SMART makes the first GPRS data call in the Philippines with Nokia.
07-Jul-2000: Japan's Mobile Phones Debut at Summit in Okinawa.
07-Jul-2000: Finnish sales report lifts mobile phone makers.
07-Jul-2000: Nokia and Cable & Wireless to develop global mobile Internet platform.
07-Jul-2000: IDO/DDI to Enhance 'EZweb' Mobile Internet Service to Challenge I-Mode.
06-Jul-2000: LGIC develops W-CDMA network.
06-Jul-2000: Hutchison and NTL withdraw from Dutch auction.
06-Jul-2000: Nokia and Whirlpool bring wireless to appliances.
06-Jul-2000: Mobile phone smuggling rife.
06-Jul-2000: Qualcomm, TI Vie For 3G CDMA Position.
05-Jul-2000: The first ever digital "camera phone" developed in the CDMA format.
05-Jul-2000: China Telecom Establishes Subsidiary in Shanghai.
05-Jul-2000: Nokia to provide GPRS equipment for two of Europe's leading operators.
05-Jul-2000: b-business partners, Ericsson and SEB establish leading Nordic Commerce Exchange.
05-Jul-2000: Geoworks Revises Terms for Future Licensees.
04-Jul-2000: dotWAP announces Palm V Wireless Cradle.
04-Jul-2000: MobilCom Considers Setting Up Own Bank.
04-Jul-2000: Japan approves 3G spectrum.
04-Jul-2000: GPRS network in France gets underway.
03-Jul-2000: TDMA-EDGE Companies Converge In Argentina For Wireless Data Solutions.
03-Jul-2000: MobilCom sees no need for new UMTS partner now.
03-Jul-2000: Open Mobile receives funding from Wellington Partners.
03-Jul-2000: CDMA2000 technology service ready for launch in 2001.
02-Jul-2000: comes out of beta.
01-Jul-2000: Japan close to 10 million mobile Internet users.
30-Jun-2000: Irish GSM Operator to Expand Network for Launch of GPRS Wireless Internet Services.
30-Jun-2000: Clinton Signs Digital Signature Law.
30-Jun-2000: China Sees Increasing Potential in WAP.
30-Jun-2000: WAP mobile commerce service expands to Germany.
30-Jun-2000: Linux goes Mobile with an "Open Source Handset".
29-Jun-2000: Motorola Announces Worldwide GPRS Development Centre.
29-Jun-2000: BT Cellnet Showcases GPRS High Speed Mobile Data Service At Networks 2000.
29-Jun-2000: 'I-Mode' Evolving into Portal, Ads, and Another 'Mode' for Music.
29-Jun-2000: Nokia and RealNetworks Partner to Deliver Audio and Video to Next Generation Wireless Devices.
28-Jun-2000: Opera 4.0 for Windows released today with built in WAP/WML support.
28-Jun-2000: CdmaOne Mobile Phone announced with Color LCD Screen.
28-Jun-2000: East China to Construct Dual-Frequency Mobile Telecom Network.
27-Jun-2000: NTT DoCoMo to establish representative office in Beijing, China.
27-Jun-2000: Ericsson and NOB in joint development of 3G applications.
27-Jun-2000: BellSouth Wireless Data adopts Neomar WAP Microbrowser.
27-Jun-2000: RIM BlackBerry wireless email will operate over BT Cellnet's GPRS network.
27-Jun-2000: Siemens backs Chinese 3G plan.
27-Jun-2000: launches its personalised WAP service.
26-Jun-2000: Nortel Networks, Telstra Demonstrate Highest 'Live' GPRS Data Rate.
26-Jun-2000: Ericsson demonstrates SyncML, WAP at Summit.
26-Jun-2000: Nokia and AT&T Wireless Services cooperate on all IP-Edge Network.
26-Jun-2000: LGIC to Jointly Develop CDMA Equipment with China's Zhongxing Telecom.
26-Jun-2000: M1 and Nokia begin 3G trials in Singapore.
26-Jun-2000: Palm shuns Wap in launch.
26-Jun-2000: Nokia Starts Wireless-Phone Factory in Guangdong.
25-Jun-2000: Korean Information Ministry discusses 3G licensing.
24-Jun-2000: Germany's GPRS service to use Motorola handsets and infrastructure.
23-Jun-2000: Deutche Telekom launches GPRS.
23-Jun-2000: DoCoMo ponders UK tie-up.
23-Jun-2000: Nokia and Telson partner to create new CDMA products.
23-Jun-2000: Samsung Completes Handset Production Factory in Spain.
22-Jun-2000: BT Cellnet Launches World's First GPRS Service.
22-Jun-2000: Nokia Launches Latest WAP 1.2 Developer Toolkit.
22-Jun-2000: Wrox Wireless Developer Conference: Key Sessions to be Webcast.
22-Jun-2000: Wireless Content: No New Revenue Bonanza for Operators Says Strategy Analytics.
22-Jun-2000: T-Mobil to invest DM7.5bn on 3G.
21-Jun-2000: Korea, China to Form CDMA Telecom Specialist Conference.
21-Jun-2000: Portal wars in a wireless world.
20-Jun-2000: China Unicom to Imitate NTT DoCoMo's I-Mode.
20-Jun-2000: Sony Takes Aim at Global Cell Phone Market.
20-Jun-2000: BT owns key web patent.
19-Jun-2000: Worldwide Acceptance of WAP Boosts Forum Membership to 500.
19-Jun-2000: HP and Nortel in Wireless Internet Alliance.
19-Jun-2000: Nortel Networks Drives Third Generation Wireless Internet Revolution with New IP Mobility Solution.
19-Jun-2000: OracleMobile and Metrocall Partner to Promote Internet Connectivity Via Wireless Devices.
19-Jun-2000: Germans assume $10bn for 3G.
19-Jun-2000: Korean, Chinese ministers to hold telecom talks.
18-Jun-2000: Newspapers Hope to WAP Themselves Around the Web.
17-Jun-2000: BT faces probe into internet access from mobiles.
16-Jun-2000: Geoworks files countersuit against over WAP issue.
16-Jun-2000: Ericsson supplies Bluetooth Radio modules for Qualcomm Digital Demonstration Handsets.
16-Jun-2000: Ericsson, Charles Schwab Forge Global Alliance to Develop Mobile Investing Applications.
16-Jun-2000: WAP Gateway Allows Unrestricted Mobile Internet Browsing.
16-Jun-2000: LGIC Joins Forces with Ericsson for IMT-2000 Biz.
15-Jun-2000: Public beta of WAP Usenet Newsgroup reader announced.
15-Jun-2000: Bell South Mobility enhances infrastructure for next generation data services.
15-Jun-2000: SmartPine announces new m-commerce WAP online solution.
15-Jun-2000: Palm, Psion say 3G price tag is no worry.
15-Jun-2000: GTE, Bell Atlantic Cleared To Merge.
14-Jun-2000: NTT DoCoMo to launch new 'i-mode' mobile phone models.
14-Jun-2000: DoCoMo i-mode crashes for more than two hours.
14-Jun-2000: Kuulalaakeri introduces WAP Gateway.
14-Jun-2000: Samsung and Microsoft agree to deliver Next-Generation Mobile Phones.
14-Jun-2000: Cellular Phone Developers Optimistic about WAP Products in China.
14-Jun-2000: Xircom Plans to Buy VoiceStream Unit.
14-Jun-2000: IBM Java Development Tool to Include No-charge Support for Palm OS.
14-Jun-2000: WAP location system using standard GSM.
14-Jun-2000: Guide to "Cool WAP Site of the Day" is launched.
13-Jun-2000: CDMA Packet Data Solution Enables IP Services.
13-Jun-2000: Detailed Urban Maps on I-Mode Phones.
13-Jun-2000: AOL Europe in mobile deal.
13-Jun-2000: Motorola announces first Bluetooth enabled products.
12-Jun-2000: Dell Computer Plans to Invest in European Wireless Start-Ups.
12-Jun-2000: Ericsson plans PDAs.
12-Jun-2000: Korea's LG TeleCom to Distribute Games to Java-Based Mobile Phones.
12-Jun-2000: China Unicom will use Qualcomm's 3G CDMA.
11-Jun-2000: Drexel Univ. Plans Wireless Campus.
11-Jun-2000: Japanese PM proposes full privatisation of NTT.
10-Jun-2000: NTT DoCoMo Unveils E-Mail Device with Keyboard, Digital Camera.
09-Jun-2000: Belgium opts for auction.
09-Jun-2000: Nokia demonstrates the world's first WAP applications over WCDMA.
09-Jun-2000: Sony to unveil handheld device with Palm OS.
09-Jun-2000: Qualcomm Signs Mobile-Phone Contracts With 8 Chinese Companies.
08-Jun-2000: Korea Communication minister rules out spectrum auction for IMT-2000.
08-Jun-2000: UK wireless auction condemned.
08-Jun-2000: Ericsson presents demo of GPRS, EDGE and WCDMA wireless networks working together.
07-Jun-2000: Nortel Networks, AT&T to Conduct 3G Wireless Internet Trials in Major U.S. cities.
07-Jun-2000: CDMA handsets lead Korean exports.
07-Jun-2000: M1 makes first live GPRS data call in Singapore using Nokia GPRS technology.
06-Jun-2000: SUPERCOMM 2000 opens with a Vision.
06-Jun-2000: Motorola To Host a Series of Application Developer Conferences.
06-Jun-2000: NQL Solutions delivers US stock market info to WAP and Palm VII platforms.
06-Jun-2000: Nokia Will Support Java Technology in Mobile Terminals.
05-Jun-2000: Ericsson announces GPRS phone.
05-Jun-2000: Siemens aims to join Asia's top three mobile phone vendors.
05-Jun-2000: Ericsson introduces Packet Backbone Network.
05-Jun-2000: Ericsson introduces Mobile Positioning System.
05-Jun-2000: Sega, Motorola to Develop Mobile Phone With Internet.
04-Jun-2000: China Unicom to scrap mobile plan.
03-Jun-2000: MeT Initiative, Erikson, Motorola and Nokia, to join MasterCard's Global Mobile Commerce Forum.
03-Jun-2000: US regulators pave way for wireless bidding war.
03-Jun-2000: Wireless Carriers May Bid in US spectrum auction.
02-Jun-2000: DT faces US$23bn 3G price tag.
02-Jun-2000: Multi-platform messaging for WAP enabled devices.
02-Jun-2000: NEC Debuts Virtual 'Life' Game for I-Mode Users.
02-Jun-2000: Sontora offers audio-streaming beta-trials for WAP content providers.
02-Jun-2000: Mobile Internet Seen Taking Off Slowly in Mexico.
01-Jun-2000: Accelerator chip speeds Java based Wireless Internet Products.
01-Jun-2000: Wireless Developer Conference ticket competition closed, winner announced.
01-Jun-2000: China manufacturer launches first domestic WAP phone.
01-Jun-2000: China's Phone Makers Gird for Fight.
31-May-2000: SyncML releases first specification and Reference ToolKit.
31-May-2000: The Phillips Group Study Says: 3G Wireless Operator Revenue to Surge More Than 71 Percent.
31-May-2000: Ericsson connects investors with China's telecommunications industry.
31-May-2000: NTT DoCoMo in talks to buy stake in VoiceStream.
30-May-2000: Cable & Wireless HKT Mobile Services and Nokia Complete 3rd Generation Mobile Communication Trials.
30-May-2000: Ericsson launches WAP site for SUPERCOMM 2000 attendees.
30-May-2000: GPRS broadband wireless not so fast after all, says Nokia.
30-May-2000: Samsung develops miniature 16M SRAM for IMT-2000 Handsets.
30-May-2000: France Telecom confirms US$37bn acquisition of Orange.
30-May-2000: Ten companies join IBM's e2open initiative.
29-May-2000: Orange agreement close.
29-May-2000: Nokia successfully drives forward IPv6 as the protocol for future 3G networks.
28-May-2000: German Firm Guiding US$2 Bln Into China Telecoms.
27-May-2000: BT Cellnet gets ready to launch GPRS next month.
26-May-2000: KBrowser Released for Palm VII.
26-May-2000: Wireless Palm Devices Due in Japan in 2001, Palm CEO Says.
26-May-2000: Nokia launches Wireless LAN concept for mobile operators.
26-May-2000: Macromedia and Nokia deliver visual WML environment.
25-May-2000: Dr Ross Bott,, to speak at Wrox Professional Wireless Developer Conference.
25-May-2000: Business Show 2000 opens in Tokyo with a mobile emphasis.
25-May-2000: Nokia launches TDMA-EDGE solution.
25-May-2000: Sun To Join Cellular Phone Makers In Developing Java-Based Operating System.
25-May-2000: Open Source meets WAP with e-commerce applications.
24-May-2000: SAP and Siemens in mobile partnership.
24-May-2000: Here comes the wireless Web.
24-May-2000: France Telecom borrows 20bn for Orange bid.
24-May-2000: StarHub chooses Nokia for the first commercial WCDMA 3G System supply agreement in Asia.
24-May-2000: Motorola Deploys Next Generation Wireless-Internet Phone.
23-May-2000: Nokia introduces unique Nokia NetAct framework for 3G network and service management.
23-May-2000: Japanese companies elaborate 3G system architecture choices.
23-May-2000: Integrated GPS Capability for Multi-band Wireless Phones.
23-May-2000: Siemens and host WAP seminar in Shanghai.
23-May-2000: Nokia and KG Telecom sign agreement to expand GPRS and GSM network services in Taiwan.
23-May-2000: Former Nokia Executive helps launch wireless entrepreneurs.
23-May-2000: WAP: Internet in pocket.
22-May-2000: BT Cellnet Selects Nortel Networks As Principal Supplier for 3G-UMTS Network.
22-May-2000: Japanese Combine Mobile Phone Craze With the Web.
22-May-2000: BOC Finances China Unicom's GSM Expansion.
21-May-2000: Vivendi warns against French mobile auction.
20-May-2000: Ericsson seeking Korean partners.
19-May-2000: Yahoo! in Wap content deal.
19-May-2000: China Unicom to Open WAP Network.
18-May-2000: Wireless Web Fight Gets Catty.
18-May-2000: Free, Unlimited Access To The Wireless Internet announced by AT&T Wireless.
18-May-2000: Nokia and TRW to partner for the development of advanced Multimode 3G Base Stations.
17-May-2000: Intel And Mitsubishi Electric Collaborate On Third-Generation Cellular Solution.
17-May-2000: Motorola engages with GM for in-vehicle communications.
17-May-2000: Cell-Loc. receives conditional patent for wireless location service.
17-May-2000: Back road to broadband success.
17-May-2000: IBM offers software for wireless marketplace.
17-May-2000: Digital Cameras are going Wireless.
17-May-2000: to add voice activation to WAP browser.
16-May-2000: The first windows browser with built-in WAP-WML capability.
16-May-2000: Ericsson selected to deliver new Vodafone 3G infrastructure.
15-May-2000: Japan stiffens mobile phones emissions rules.
15-May-2000: Infinite Launches Secure WAP in Asia.
15-May-2000: Ericsson President Sees China as Largest Future Mobile Internet Market.
14-May-2000: in mobile deal.
13-May-2000: Sendo targets mobile Goliaths.
12-May-2000: Sagem Unveils Next-Generation WAP Phones.
12-May-2000: 'Palm' to Lead in Japan as Well?.
12-May-2000: UK alert on child mobile phone use.
11-May-2000: Nokia releases WAP-based game developer tools.
11-May-2000: New Lucent Technologies venture to develop chip scale modules for Wireless Internet Appliances.
11-May-2000: U.S. Takes Step Toward Authorizing Ultra-Wideband.
11-May-2000: Motorola, PacketVideo Demonstrate MPEG4 Video Over GPRS.
10-May-2000: Nokia demonstrates IPv6 live in the UK.
10-May-2000: SyncML Initiative Announces Wide Support and New Aggressive Development Schedule.
10-May-2000: Half of Japan's Cell Phones to Get Color LCDs in 2000.
10-May-2000: Mobile phones may put children's health at risk.
10-May-2000: Ericsson President speaks in Beijing.
09-May-2000: HP bundles Nokia server.
09-May-2000: NTT DoCoMo buys 15 pct KPN Mobile stake.
09-May-2000: Ericsson awarded $350 million contract from VoiceStream for mobile Internet-ready GSM equipment and WAP terminals.
09-May-2000: Korean Telecom Servicers, Equipment Makers Lock Horns Over IMT-2000 Standard.
09-May-2000: WAP service seen bringing cell firms strong incomes.
09-May-2000: Halifax , BT in free WAP phone offer.
08-May-2000: Nokia plans US$1.2bn industrial park in Beijing.
08-May-2000: Motorola and mobilkom austria sign GPRS contract.
08-May-2000: Nokia forms company-wide program to expand IPv6 technology for Mobile Internet.
08-May-2000: NTT to Expand Into U.S. With Verio Deal.
07-May-2000: Chinese telecom delegation in Seoul to look at IMT-2000 developments.
06-May-2000: KPN Nears DoCoMo Deal As Telefonica Talks Collapse.
05-May-2000: Internet Telecom Expo 2000 issues Call for Papers.
05-May-2000: Phone Group to Sell Java-Capable Mobile Phone within 2001.
05-May-2000: WAP snaps up Teletext.
04-May-2000: HP Announces WAP Interface for OpenMail Business Messaging and Collaboration Solution.
04-May-2000: China's Datang Telecom Masters CDMA Wireless Technology.
04-May-2000: Nokia and Inktomi Cooperate on 3G Platform.
04-May-2000: KG Telecom and Nokia complete the first GPRS call in Asia.
04-May-2000: OmniSky Defines User Experience for Wireless Internet on Handheld Devices.
03-May-2000: Ericsson upgrades BellSouth's mobile networks for 3G and mobile Internet.
03-May-2000: Germans and Swedes set for telecoms sell-offs.
03-May-2000: Fujitsu, Alcatel in mobile link.
03-May-2000: Hitachi, Sanyo Push Music Download System for Mobile Phones.
03-May-2000: Vodafone AirTouch Runs First Global WAP Pilot.
02-May-2000: Corsair PrePay Open Goes Live in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
02-May-2000: A Crypto-Code War Hits the Wireless Net.
02-May-2000: Ericsson awarded GPRS network by Telstra.
02-May-2000: Germany unveils 3G bidders.
02-May-2000: Korean firms set sights on Taiwanese CDMA market.
02-May-2000: Barnes & Launches Enhanced Mobile Commerce Initiative.
02-May-2000: Internet radio moving toward mobile phones.
02-May-2000: VirtualTek/ Partners with US West.
01-May-2000: Excite@Home launches portable portal.
01-May-2000: Billion Nortel Spin-Off.
01-May-2000: The Future of Mobile Computing according to Red Herring.
01-May-2000: Hanaro to take pre-subscription for IMT-2000 consortium shares.
01-May-2000: Mobile Phone Makers Suffer Intensifying Parts Shortages.
01-May-2000: KPN in talks on potential mergers.
30-Apr-2000: British Mobile Phones to Have Health Warnings.
29-Apr-2000: Nokia to supply 3rd Generation mobile network to VIAG EuroPlattform AG.
29-Apr-2000: Germany launches mobile auction.
29-Apr-2000: Ericsson reorganizes to focus on Mobile Internet.
28-Apr-2000: Moblistics launches with one-of-a-kind WAP application.
28-Apr-2000: Europolitan complete the first GPRS-Call in Scandanavia.
28-Apr-2000: UWCC Global Summit - Day 2.
28-Apr-2000: U.S. FCC Seeks Delay in Spectrum Auction.
28-Apr-2000: Ericsson reports income up 366 percent.
28-Apr-2000: UK auction is now closed and nets $35bn.
28-Apr-2000: Google Goes Mobile.
27-Apr-2000: UWCC Global Summit opens in Cancun.
27-Apr-2000: Flat-Rate Wireless Net Access is popular in Japan.
27-Apr-2000: Hansol spearheading efforts to develop IMT-2000 service.
27-Apr-2000: eBay to go wireless in Europe.
27-Apr-2000: AT&T Wireless Group Raises US$10.62 Bln in Biggest U.S. IPO Ever.
26-Apr-2000: Ericsson Taps China's Mobile Internet Market.
26-Apr-2000: I-Link Expands Enhanced Services to WAP Devices.
26-Apr-2000: First Announces Secure Payment Processing For WAP.
26-Apr-2000: Kannel releases Open Source WAP and SMS Gateway version 0.8.
26-Apr-2000: Nokia to deliver first commercial WAP solution in mainlaind China.
26-Apr-2000: Mitsubishi Electric to License Encryption Technology for W-CDMA.
26-Apr-2000: Sony to use Symbian software.
26-Apr-2000: Geoworks Refutes's Lawsuit.
26-Apr-2000: German Conservatives Call for Postponement of UMTS Auctions.
25-Apr-2000: files lawsuit against Geoworks.
25-Apr-2000: RTS Wireless and ADC Announce Strategic Alliance Enabling Wireless Internet Service Offerings.
25-Apr-2000: Qualcomm Invests in NetZero Stake.
25-Apr-2000: has a new name:
24-Apr-2000: Palm arms handhelds for "wireless revolution".
24-Apr-2000: NTT DoCoMo's i-mode Encounters Frequent Glitches.
24-Apr-2000: New 'Mobile Internet' Market Being Created in Japan.
24-Apr-2000: Intel to Form Wireless Center in Beijing.
24-Apr-2000: Motorola Licenses Certicom's Encryption Technology to Enable Secure M-Commerce.
24-Apr-2000: WAP-Enabled Mobile Phones to Flood Market.
23-Apr-2000: France Telecom WAP mobile Web access plan challenged.
22-Apr-2000: AOL exec leaves for wireless start-up.
21-Apr-2000: Sony Unveils Half-Length Memory Stick for Mobile Phones.
20-Apr-2000: Wireless Wrap-up COMDEX 2000.
20-Apr-2000: WAP Forum Specifies RSA Encryption For Wireless Environments.
20-Apr-2000: Nokia delivers more than 30 GPRS core networks worldwide.
20-Apr-2000: Pilot Operation of Mobile Phone WAP Service Begins in China.
19-Apr-2000: COMDEX Keynote - Wednesday.
19-Apr-2000: Wireless Advertising Industry Association is founded.
19-Apr-2000: President Bill Clinton sees WAP demonstration at COMDEX.
19-Apr-2000: Taiwan Handset Production Volume Likely to Grow Five-Fold in 2000.
18-Apr-2000: President Clinton Addresses COMDEX Spring 2000 - From Digital Divide to Digital Opportunity.
18-Apr-2000: Mobile Internet Convergence in Korea.
18-Apr-2000: Debitel in strategic talks.
17-Apr-2000: President Clinton to Address I.T. Industry at COMDEX/Spring.
16-Apr-2000: Italy may raise UMTS sale price after UK auction.
15-Apr-2000: U.S. Firm Eyes Stake in Germany's Debitel.
15-Apr-2000: UK wireless success prompts French rethink.
14-Apr-2000: Wireless Health Monitoring to Be Offered.
14-Apr-2000: LGIC demonstrates IMT-2000 handset at Americas Telecom 2000.
14-Apr-2000: Terra-Brazil Introduces its WAP Portal.
13-Apr-2000: Why Nokia is winning the cell phone wars.
13-Apr-2000: Nokia Debuts First i-mode Cellular Phone.
13-Apr-2000: Worldcom exits UK's 3G auction.
13-Apr-2000: Ericsson and Telcel to lead mass market mobile Internet in Mexico.
12-Apr-2000: Inventor of personal cell phone promotes wireless Internet.
12-Apr-2000: IDC: Majority of Internet Access Will Be Through Wireless Devices.
12-Apr-2000: NTT DoCoMo Debuts PC Card Supporting Cellular/PHS Systems, Packet Communications.
12-Apr-2000: Research In Motion Introduces Palm-Sized Wireless Handheld.
11-Apr-2000: Ericsson, Motorola and Nokia team to develop common e-business framework.
11-Apr-2000: Delphi and Ericsson launch telematics partnership.
11-Apr-2000: VirtualTek Joins Alliance Program.
11-Apr-2000: Japan Boosted Internet, Mobile Phone Use in 1999.
11-Apr-2000: DDI-IDO's cdmaOne Roaming Service to start in Korea, Hong Kong.
11-Apr-2000: Most Web Surfers to Be Wireless by 2002.
10-Apr-2000: Global International Cellular Roaming Coming Soon.
10-Apr-2000: Ericsson, Delphi sign Internet auto partnership.
10-Apr-2000: I-mode Rapidly Emerging as Second Largest Market after the Web.
10-Apr-2000: Korean telecom consortiums to combine fixed, wireless operators.
10-Apr-2000: UK cuts 3G auction bids.
09-Apr-2000: Technology's future is wireless.
08-Apr-2000: Microsoft struggles for foothold in wireless market.
08-Apr-2000: Lukewarm welcome for wireless Net IPO.
07-Apr-2000: Japan passes mobile landmark.
07-Apr-2000: Infinite Technologies Wins 'BEST OF SHOW' at Spring Internet World.
07-Apr-2000: Hyundai ventures into satellite Internet service.
07-Apr-2000: Seven signs US mobile deal with Verizon.
06-Apr-2000: U.S. Pushes China on CDMA Mobile Technology.
06-Apr-2000: Andrew Seybold Urges Bidder Caution in the US 700-MHz Spectrum Auction.
06-Apr-2000: U.K. wireless spectrum bids top US$20B.
06-Apr-2000: Taking pen and paper into the digital age.
06-Apr-2000: Youthful Entrepreneur Pushes Wireless Search Engine.
06-Apr-2000: Case equates "AOL Anywhere" with Net's future.
05-Apr-2000: Deutsche Telekom Combines Mobile Multimedia Activities in T-Motion Plc.
05-Apr-2000: New World Mobility and Nokia plan 3rd trial in Hong Kong.
05-Apr-2000: WAPobjects Framework now available for WebObjects 4.5.
05-Apr-2000: NTT DoCoMo to Launch Next-Generation Mobile System in May 2001.
05-Apr-2000: Update: BellSouth/SBC confirm planned merger of wireless operations.
05-Apr-2000: Korea IMT-2000, venture firms join forces.
05-Apr-2000: Verizon Wireless Selects InfoSpace To Provide Platform For Wireless Internet Services.
05-Apr-2000: Wireless powerhouse plans public offering.
04-Apr-2000: Reservations Go Wireless As SAS Tests WAP-Based System.
04-Apr-2000: Infinite Technologies Declares WAP 'Very Much Alive'.
04-Apr-2000: Nokia and Cisco sign mobile IP networking agreement.
04-Apr-2000: General Colin L. Powell USA (Ret.) Keynotes Global Summit 2000.
04-Apr-2000: Location-Based Wireless Shopping Portal.
04-Apr-2000: Microsoft Guilty On Three Counts.
03-Apr-2000: AT&T Sees Q1 Wireless Subscribers Over 400,000.
03-Apr-2000: Waiting for WAP.
03-Apr-2000: SAP to offer new wireless business software.
03-Apr-2000: Ericsson Takes Lead In GPRS Race.
03-Apr-2000: Ericsson, China Motion Explore Wireless Internet.
03-Apr-2000: Nokia and VoiceStream sign USD 500 million GSM contract.
02-Apr-2000: Casio Watches Go Wireless.
02-Apr-2000: KTF and LGT go all out to acquire Hansol
01-Apr-2000: Intro to WMLScript.
01-Apr-2000: IBM software delivers content to Web devices.
31-Mar-2000: Ajaxo Extends Nokia's WAP Server to Achieve End-to-End Secured Transactions.
31-Mar-2000: Ericsson 4 to 1 stock split.
31-Mar-2000: Innovative GSM and GPRS Smart Phones announced.
31-Mar-2000: China Unicom May Exit Foreign Deals.
31-Mar-2000: FCC Approves Two Major Wireless Mergers.
31-Mar-2000: The Web Goes Mobile.
31-Mar-2000: Guangdong Seeks Greater Cooperation with Ericsson.
30-Mar-2000: Adds Voice Access to Wireless Web Portal.
30-Mar-2000: Wireless Internet Gaining Momentum in Korea.
30-Mar-2000: BellSouth, SBC Near Agreement on Venture.
30-Mar-2000: AT&T, BT, Microsoft To Collaborate On Wireless Applications.
30-Mar-2000: Sprint, Samsung, Qualcomm Team On 3G CDMA Telephony.
30-Mar-2000: ZDNet to Expand Global Reach Through Wireless Devices.
30-Mar-2000: Japan to Accept Applications for IMT-2000 Wireless Businesses.
30-Mar-2000: KPN Mobile to buy Ram Mobile Data.
29-Mar-2000: Ericsson wins largest GSM expansion contract to date in China.
29-Mar-2000: Ericsson and White Pine team to create video instant messaging.
29-Mar-2000: New MRG Report highlights growth opportunities for Wireless Data Services.
29-Mar-2000: China Unicom, China Telecom Spark WAP War.
29-Mar-2000: Palm Operating Net Tops Forecasts.
29-Mar-2000: Motorola/Qualcomm settle suit.
29-Mar-2000: AT&T Sets Wireless IPO Terms, Sees $10 Billion Net.
28-Mar-2000: Telia Mobile Launches Satellite Telephony With ISDN-Capacity.
28-Mar-2000: Kingston to launch mobiles with BT.
28-Mar-2000: Ericsson and Tele2 enter agreement on broadband wireless IP access.
28-Mar-2000: Samsung Electronics Hopes to Increase Influence in World Mobile Phone Market.
28-Mar-2000: 3com Plans New Palm-Like Internet Device.
28-Mar-2000: Ericsson to provide USD 500,000 worth of technology aid as part of ERICA 2000 launch.
28-Mar-2000: Wireless, Internet Veterans Launch MobileSpring, Inc..
28-Mar-2000: Frontec First With WAP R/3 Connector.
27-Mar-2000: Sony CMD-Z5 Launches With T9 Text Input.
27-Mar-2000: SK Telecom Develops Network Design System for IMT-2000.
27-Mar-2000: Ericsson, to Collaborate on Mobile Web Service in China.
27-Mar-2000: Virgin pulls back from mobile license auction.
26-Mar-2000: Samsung handsets take large chunk of overseas markets.
25-Mar-2000: Deutsche Telekom Seeks to Buy Unisys.
24-Mar-2000: Wireless Web Domain Registration Service Debuts.
24-Mar-2000: GlobalStore Announces Agreement with Prospectus Group Inc.- for Customized nTelligence Wireless Platform for e-Commerce.
24-Mar-2000: to Unveil Instant Wireless Web Site Builder.
24-Mar-2000: 24/7 claim first UK WAP ads.
24-Mar-2000: Nokia to supply GSM 1800 Network to Chongqing Mobile Telecommunications in China.
24-Mar-2000: X and Mail enables the deployment of wireless email.
24-Mar-2000: Beijing Launches First WAP Mobile Phone Web Site.
24-Mar-2000: Hong Kong Govt Aims To Offer 3G Mobile Licenses This Year.
24-Mar-2000: IBM, TDK to Develop Wireless Products for Laptops.
23-Mar-2000: Ericsson announces the R190 satellite/GSM dual mode phone.
23-Mar-2000: Ericsson to deliver GPRS system to Orange in UK.
23-Mar-2000: Nokia Annual General Meeting.
23-Mar-2000: Alps to Sell A9-size Printers in Mobile Phone Market.
22-Mar-2000: Microsoft, TI in Pact to Enhance Wireless Devices.
22-Mar-2000: ARC Group report is optimistic on Mobile Data.
22-Mar-2000: Large WAP Unit Created to Develop Leading-Edge Applications.
22-Mar-2000: Xybernaut(R) and Microvison(TM) Team to Offer Wearable Computing Systems with Advanced Displays.
22-Mar-2000: 3COM and Samsung team to deliver cdma2000 high-speed wireless networks.
22-Mar-2000: With Nokia "Rewrite the Rules".
22-Mar-2000: Confusion reigns as wireless Internet solutions proliferate.
22-Mar-2000: Mobile E-Commerce Pushed At Consumers - Ovum Report.
22-Mar-2000: WinWAP Browser Version 2.3 is released.
22-Mar-2000: Wireless Internet technology used to monitor and protect Canadian food supply.
22-Mar-2000: Internet portal to be launched soon in Korea.
21-Mar-2000: Motorola, Nokia to Push 1XTREME Into Open Wireless Standards.
21-Mar-2000: Ericsson signs WAP agreement with World Online.
21-Mar-2000: Mitsubishi, NTT Develop 128-Bit Symmetric-Key Encryption Algorithm.
21-Mar-2000: NTT DoCoMo's i-mode Subscribers Exceed 5 Million.
21-Mar-2000: Moscow Cellular Operator To Test GPRS System.
20-Mar-2000: New Zealand Stock Exchange Pioneers World-Leading Use of Wireless Technology.
20-Mar-2000: Mannesmann, Bosch Deals Boost Siemens Strategy.
20-Mar-2000: CNET to Provide Internet Services to Mobile Devices.
20-Mar-2000: France Telecom to Buy 20% of Mobilcom, Reports Say.
20-Mar-2000: Autonomy to List on Nasdaq.
20-Mar-2000: Yahoo! Expands Mobile Services.
20-Mar-2000: Ericsson expands GSM network coverage in Bangladesh..
20-Mar-2000: Nokia Announces World's First GPRS Roaming.
20-Mar-2000: Qwest Says U.S. West Merger Back on Course.
20-Mar-2000: Transmeta eyes the mobile-device communications market.
19-Mar-2000: New IT news service to be launched on Web.
18-Mar-2000: Inktomi joins wireless fray.
18-Mar-2000: KBC Bank Dials in Customers With Oracle(R) Portal-to-Go.
18-Mar-2000: Caught In Sprint's Wireless Web.
17-Mar-2000: WAP-enabled X-Nodes control smart devices.
17-Mar-2000: Selects Oracle Technology to Enable Wireless Internet Shopping.
17-Mar-2000: Qualcomm Settles Class-Action Suit.
17-Mar-2000: Psion Enters Partnership Agreement with Syscan.
17-Mar-2000: Hansol invests in CDMA manufacturer.
17-Mar-2000: China's Premier Reaffirms Stand on CDMA Telecom System.
16-Mar-2000: Comparison shopping gets WAPed.
16-Mar-2000: What to WAP? What will separate the winners and losers?.
15-Mar-2000: Job Searching reaches WAP speed.
15-Mar-2000: Cell Phones Take To Seven Seas.
15-Mar-2000: BellSouth adds new Web and e-mail services to wireless network.
15-Mar-2000: Siemens to buy Bosch phone unit.
15-Mar-2000: Broker data goes mobile in the UK.
15-Mar-2000: Korea Telecom establishes IMT-2000 system standard.
15-Mar-2000: AT&T Shareholders Vote for Wireless Tracking Stock.
15-Mar-2000: Writing on the Phone: The New Wireless Standard.
15-Mar-2000: Probe Starts into Japan's Mobile Phone Internet Access Services.
15-Mar-2000: Ford, Sprint PCS to Offer Wireless Phone, Data Service in Cars, People Say.
15-Mar-2000: South Korean Mobile Phone Usage Rises to 54% of the 47 Million Population.
14-Mar-2000: VIAG Interkom and Nokia agree upon deployment of GPRS core network.
14-Mar-2000: Inktomi and GWcom Team Up to Enable Wireless e-Commerce.
14-Mar-2000: WAP subscribers in Japan top 1 million.
13-Mar-2000: AT&T Launches Flat Rate Internet Wireless in 3000 US Cities.
13-Mar-2000: Spain announces 3G winners - Vivendi.
13-Mar-2000: IBM Opens the Wireless Web for Business With Major Technology Initiatives and Partnerships.
13-Mar-2000: WAP Standards to Support NTT DoCoMo's iMode Service.
12-Mar-2000: What's the Research Saying About Wireless?.
12-Mar-2000: European Stocks May Gain as Mobile Internet Growth Lifts Telephone Shares.
11-Mar-2000: Hype aside, WAP has worries.
11-Mar-2000: Alliance Systems Enters New Wireless Markets.
10-Mar-2000: Motorola says 2000 prospects are excellent.
10-Mar-2000: Spain delays UMTS decision.
10-Mar-2000: BT's WAP attack imminent.
10-Mar-2000: BT and Manx Telecom announce plans for world's first UMTS mobile service.
10-Mar-2000: NTT DoCoMo to Add 64kbps Packet Service to Satellite Portable Phone.
10-Mar-2000: Qwest Says Talks With Suitor Fall Apart.
09-Mar-2000: New Research: Wireless Gets High Marks for Value.
09-Mar-2000: British Telecom Shares Soar on Plan to Create Global Mobile Internet Unit.
09-Mar-2000: BellSouth May Help Unlock U.S. for DeutscheTelekom.
09-Mar-2000: Kelsey Group releases study on "voice portals".
09-Mar-2000: OTelNet deploys Convergent Services Platform.
09-Mar-2000: CNET Networks Plans Wireless Web Shopping.
09-Mar-2000: Ericsson to supply 3G infrastructure to Alands Mobiletelefon.
09-Mar-2000: UK Spectrum auction brings high bids from 3G contenders [round 16 update].
09-Mar-2000: Industry Leaders Offer Seminars Geared Towards Wireless Security.
09-Mar-2000: Nokia to supply Elca with a GSM network in Venezuela.
08-Mar-2000: Qualcomm Unsure When China Will End Delay.
07-Mar-2000: Mobile Phone to Open Up E-Commerce for Japanese Consumers.
06-Mar-2000: Sprint to offer LGI-3000W Internet-ready smart phone.
06-Mar-2000: Data Broadcasting Launches a WAP-Enabled, Financial Portal.
06-Mar-2000: D.Telekom Silent As Qwest Says in Talks.
06-Mar-2000: Lucent announces web access for mobile callers.
06-Mar-2000: Nokia clarifies its entry into iMode in Japan.
06-Mar-2000: Korean exports of cell phones on the rise.
05-Mar-2000: Over-The-Air WAP Provisioning.
04-Mar-2000: Nokia will provide the most advanced 3rd Generation Mobile Network Solutions to Japan Telecom.
03-Mar-2000: Ericsson Selected by Japan Telecom to Deliver 3G WCDMA Mobile Network.
03-Mar-2000: WAP Promises More Fun Fiddling With Your Mobile.
02-Mar-2000: Ericsson demonstrates Wide Area Network Synchronization and joins SyncML.
02-Mar-2000: New iMode phone has navigation interface.
01-Mar-2000: CTIA 2000 Keynote: Steve Case Says Strategy and Partnering Key to Success.
01-Mar-2000: CTIA: Ericsson adds advertising options to mobile networks.
01-Mar-2000: Microsoft Mobile Efforts Finally Gathering Steam.
01-Mar-2000: Shoutmail, Ipswitch To Offer Phone Access to 21 million Email users.
01-Mar-2000: CTIA: First "WAPPY awards" presented in New Orleans.
01-Mar-2000: CTIA: Industry Leaders Offer Vision and Forecasts in Tuesday's Keynote Presentations.
01-Mar-2000: CTIA: Diversinet Lands European Wireless Partner: AU-System.
29-Feb-2000: CTIA: Baltimore Technologies & Partners Make Secure Mobile Commerce a Reality.
29-Feb-2000: CTIA: 64 K Java powered WAP Browser introduced.
29-Feb-2000: Ericsson announces developer alliance program.
29-Feb-2000: DotWAP 1.0 - a new visual tool for WAP site construction.
29-Feb-2000: CTIA: Motorola and Psion Sign Cross-Licensing Agreement to Enable new Symbian-Based Mobile Internet Devices.
29-Feb-2000: Ericsson takes action against counterfeiters at CeBIT 2000.
29-Feb-2000: CTIA Keynotes Continue Theme of "Come Together".
28-Feb-2000: Ericsson recently demonstrated its latest third-generation in China.
28-Feb-2000: CTIA: Motorola Unveils Roadmap for the Connected Future.
28-Feb-2000: UWCC-- Launches TDMA-EDGE Brand At CTIA -- Wireless 2000.
28-Feb-2000: CTIA: Nokia Showcases Network Technology Advancements.
28-Feb-2000: CTIA: Ericsson previews CDMA handset at Wireless 2000.
28-Feb-2000: CTIA: joins SyncML initiative.
28-Feb-2000: Ericsson Introduces Comprehensive CDMA.
28-Feb-2000: World's First WAP Advertising Server Debuts.
27-Feb-2000: CTIA 2000 - The Engagement of Information and Wireless.
27-Feb-2000: CeBIT: Palmtop toys in race for business bounty.
26-Feb-2000: Motorola unveils phone in a watch WAP device.
25-Feb-2000: CeBIT: Nokia talks about the wireless automobile.
25-Feb-2000: CeBIT: Sony introduces its first WAP phone.
24-Feb-2000: Ericsson unveils four new wireless communication modules.
24-Feb-2000: Motorola shows six WAP phones at CeBIT.
24-Feb-2000: CeBIT: Watch phone to feature sms data.
24-Feb-2000: Samsung demonstrates 3G mobile phone with video conferencing.
24-Feb-2000: CeBIT: Ericsson presents its first communicator platform.
24-Feb-2000: Ericsson unveils colorful phone that offers more than meets the eye.
24-Feb-2000: CeBIT 2000 is Open.
23-Feb-2000: CeBIT: Tech conference highlights wireless mania.
23-Feb-2000: CeBIT: Infinite Technologies Adds Security to Corporate WAP Server.
23-Feb-2000: WebDynamite releases Telnet client for WAP phones.
23-Feb-2000: Nokia 8890 World Phone introduced.
23-Feb-2000: The Nokia 9110i Communicator offers WAP services.
23-Feb-2000: CeBit: Nokia introduces a WAP phone for mobile professionals.
23-Feb-2000: Cebit-Symbian Launches New Wireless Platform.
23-Feb-2000: NTT DoCoMo to Introduce Small Mobile Web/E-Mail Terminal.
23-Feb-2000: Logica Signals Record Deals, Shares Jump.
23-Feb-2000: Nokia and KPN demonstrate secure Mobile e-commerce with WAP.
23-Feb-2000: Ericsson launches new 3G packet switching platform handling both IP and ATM.
23-Feb-2000: Nokia Avenue launched at CeBit - next generation Internet access concentrator.
23-Feb-2000: WAPsight releases "WAPsight for Palm VII".
22-Feb-2000: At CeBIT, mobile has gone global.
22-Feb-2000: CeBit-AOL Europe Sees More Cellphone/Web Deals.
22-Feb-2000: Nokia to deliver broadband wireless Internet access at CeBIT.
22-Feb-2000: The SyncML Initiative Founded to Develop The World's First True Universal Standard for Data Synchronization.
22-Feb-2000: Nokia, New World Mobility Team to Expand Hong Kong Network.
22-Feb-2000: Toshiba Is First Licensee of Geoworks Patented WAP Technology.
22-Feb-2000: Korean firm develops chipset for GSM handset.
22-Feb-2000: New Destination to Link Wireless Internet Application Developers and I.T. Decision Makers.
22-Feb-2000: Psion, Palm, Nokia Link Up to Synchronize Data.
22-Feb-2000: Mobile Net players plug content at CeBIT.
21-Feb-2000: Ericsson Opens Malaysian Hub.
21-Feb-2000: Nokia Provides Secure Mobile Access to Corporate Data With New Nokia WAP Server Release.
21-Feb-2000: Wireless Net to take center stage at CeBit.
21-Feb-2000: Hyundai exports US$1.2 billion worth of mobile phones to U.S..
21-Feb-2000: Cebit Technology Fair 2000 Will Focus on Financing as Much as Technology.
21-Feb-2000: Xerox jumps into wireless market.
21-Feb-2000: It's CeBit week!.
21-Feb-2000: Ericsson Provides GPRS System to China Unicom.
20-Feb-2000: releases the Wireless Companion at CeBIT 2000.
20-Feb-2000: In Touch With a Wireless World.
19-Feb-2000: KT, Shinsegi, LG Telecom Jointly Push for WAP-Based Mobile Internet.
18-Feb-2000: Oracle, Telia team on mobile Net services.
18-Feb-2000: Companies fight over wireless users.
18-Feb-2000: 75 int'l patents pending from 1st phase of IMT-2000 R&D.
18-Feb-2000: Nokia committed to deliver early open 3rd Generation Interfaces.
18-Feb-2000: Sharp, Nippon Paint to Develop Color STN Panels for Mobile Phones.
18-Feb-2000: Web-Surfing Mobile Phones Need Speedier Networks: Cebit Focus.
18-Feb-2000: BrainDock to Launch Portal to Provide Information and Services for Wireless Devices and WAP Mobile Phones.
18-Feb-2000: Omnitel in Internet, WAP deal with Lycos.
17-Feb-2000: Ericsson captures first-ever commercial 3G system.
17-Feb-2000: China Unicom signs CDMA agreement with Qualcomm.
17-Feb-2000: Getting Crabby Over WAP.
16-Feb-2000: Symbian previews color PDA-phone.
16-Feb-2000: NTT DoCoMo's New E-Mail Terminal Enjoys Brisk Sales.
16-Feb-2000: Bid.Com, RIM Join to Develop Wireless Auctions.
16-Feb-2000: Hansol forms consortium of IMT-2000 technical partners.
16-Feb-2000: HypoVerein eyes wireless banking.
16-Feb-2000: FCC OKs VoiceStream, Omnipoint Deal.
16-Feb-2000: Qualcomm CDMA Technologies Announces Wireless Internet Launchpad Suite To Accelerate Growth of Wireless Applications.
16-Feb-2000: US Developers get glimpse of upcoming wireless tech.
16-Feb-2000: Three Mobile Service Providers Likely to Be IMT-2000 Operators in Japan.
16-Feb-2000: F-Secure and HP to Work on Security Application for Mobile E-Services.
15-Feb-2000: Mobile portal power seen outgunning PCs.
15-Feb-2000: New global alliance formed around Symbian to create innovative Smartphones and Communicators.
15-Feb-2000: IBM, Symbian in Wireless Net Deal.
15-Feb-2000: Wireless Internet Site Highlights New Wave Of Web-Enabled Smart Phones.
15-Feb-2000: It's a Cell Phone. It's a Digital Camera. It's Both.
15-Feb-2000: Motorola's Lexicus Announces Debut of Input Technologies Suite.
15-Feb-2000: CDMA Development Group Expects to See Big Demand in China.
14-Feb-2000: TrafficStation Continues Expansion of Real-Time Traffic Service to 26 US Cities.
14-Feb-2000: A Glimpse of Futuristic Web on Wireless Phones.
14-Feb-2000: Portal Solution Links Mobile Phone Users for E-Business.
14-Feb-2000: to aquire
14-Feb-2000: Ladbrokes lays down net betting strategy.
13-Feb-2000: Lagardere to provide Internet content.
13-Feb-2000: Excite@Home Works Towards Advancing Wireless Standards.
12-Feb-2000: More Than 7 Million U.S. Users Logged On with Wireless Devices in 1999.
12-Feb-2000: Nokia to bring Multimedia to phones next year.
11-Feb-2000: So Where is the Wireless Web?.
11-Feb-2000: WapIT receives funding from Durlacher.
11-Feb-2000: Japanese cdmaOne Subscribers Top 4 Million.
11-Feb-2000: T-Online and T-Mobil plan joint mobile Internet venture.
10-Feb-2000: Wireless-Phone Technology Will Allow Mobile Internet Access.
10-Feb-2000: Popular Newswomen Content for iMode Phone A Big Hit.
10-Feb-2000: WHSmith announces WAP Book Service.
10-Feb-2000: Wireless Internet Market Heats Up.
10-Feb-2000: Valentine's Day shoppers can order flowers using Internet-enabled Phones.
10-Feb-2000: Nokia and KPN co-operate to create home of the future.
09-Feb-2000: Interview with Nokia CEO.
09-Feb-2000: Ericsson to upgrade Mannesmann D2 infrastructure.
09-Feb-2000: launches worldwide team of 40 wireless professionals.
09-Feb-2000: WapWorld Launches as Joint Venture Between 11 Alps, Amicus Digital and Jingo Communications.
09-Feb-2000: Nokia develops new solution for easy mobile access.
09-Feb-2000: Ericsson and Celcom signs expansion agreement including transition to 3G.
09-Feb-2000: LGIC ships CDMA equipment to Japan.
09-Feb-2000: Nokia and Visa Sign Agreement to Introduce Solutions for Advanced Mobile e-Commerce.
09-Feb-2000: NTT DoCoMo's Cellular Phones Come with FM Synthesizer.
08-Feb-2000: Dataquest Says Mobile Phone Sales Increased 65 Percent in 1999.
08-Feb-2000: Data Broadcasting Delivers Wireless eSignal Market Data to Seven Million BT Cellnet Users.
08-Feb-2000: The Internet Goes Wireless, IDC Says.
08-Feb-2000: enables synchronization of personal information.
08-Feb-2000: Ericsson shows world's first titanium mobile telephone.
08-Feb-2000: Next-Generation Mobile Phone Network to Converge on IP, DDI Manager Says.
08-Feb-2000: Hitachi IT Shows Server Software for Cell Phone-to-RDB Access.
07-Feb-2000: and Tritel Bring the Internet to Cell Phones in the Southeast US.
07-Feb-2000: AOL Europe Plans WAP Internet Access Within Weeks.
07-Feb-2000: AOL Europe Has Wireless Web Plan.
07-Feb-2000: Independent Mobile Internet Access in UK.
07-Feb-2000: KT-Freetel offers virtual horseracing.
07-Feb-2000: Vodafone to Do Whatever It Takes to Satisfy EU.
07-Feb-2000: ANALYSIS-DoCoMo outright Orange purchase unlikely.
07-Feb-2000: NTTPC Displays VPN Network Using iMode Phone.
06-Feb-2000: Wireless Developer Conference announced.
05-Feb-2000: Banking by WAP started this week in the UK.
05-Feb-2000: The great CDMA no-show.
04-Feb-2000: Redmond plays underdog in wireless land.
04-Feb-2000: IP talking.
04-Feb-2000: Vodafone Seals Mannesmann Merger.
04-Feb-2000: NTT DoCoMo's New iMode Phone Supports WAP, Map Information.
03-Feb-2000: Vodafone to Buy Mannesmann in Stock in Biggest Takeover.
03-Feb-2000: Mobile Wireless Internet Forum (MWIF) formed in Cannes.
03-Feb-2000: offers free WAP pages.
03-Feb-2000: Nortel Networks, intend to integrate GPRS, WAP platforms.
03-Feb-2000: Mannesmann Ready for Friendly Vodafone Deal.
03-Feb-2000: NTT DoCoMo to Focus on 'Mobile Multimedia' Service, President Says.
03-Feb-2000: Samsung launches wide range of new phones.
03-Feb-2000: Ericsson shows first live GPRS phone in first end-to-end live GPRS network demo.
03-Feb-2000: Mannesmann, Vodafone in Last-Ditch Merger Talks.
02-Feb-2000: NTT DoCoMo says it will export iMODE to compete with WAP.
02-Feb-2000: AT&T Sets US$100 Mln Marker for Wireless Tracking Stock.
02-Feb-2000: Nokia launches the Nokia Artus MAX Server, bringing a customized WAP portal for mobile Internet services.
02-Feb-2000: Software Will Speed Time-To-Market, Ease Development.
02-Feb-2000: MS aims to straddle WAP, HTML with Mobile Explorer.
02-Feb-2000: Siemens Enhances New S35i and C35i Mobile Phones with T9 Text Input.
02-Feb-2000: Internal email discloses Microsoft's wireless plans.
02-Feb-2000: Ericsson and QUALCOMM develop Bluetooth CDMA solutions.
02-Feb-2000: Siemens to bring Yahoo! to phones.
02-Feb-2000: HP and Alcatel Launch Strategic Alliance for Internet Portals.
02-Feb-2000: Sun-Netscape Alliance Targets Wireless Internet.
02-Feb-2000: Vivendi, Vodafone Web Venture Wants to Buy Bertelsmann's 50% in AOL Europe.
02-Feb-2000: Qualcomm Signs Deal in China.
02-Feb-2000: Vodafone chooses CMG in WAP deal.
02-Feb-2000: Mannesmann May Bow to Vodafone if Orange Shares Added to Offer, People Say.
01-Feb-2000: Ericsson introduces world's first realtime router for wireless.
01-Feb-2000: Nokia to Acquire Network Alchemy.
01-Feb-2000: uReach offers WAP access to email, voicemail, and fax.
01-Feb-2000: Virgin Mobile enables phones via SIM Alliance Toolbox.
01-Feb-2000: Ericsson to Launch GPRS Cellphone at End of 2000.
01-Feb-2000: Ericsson demonstrates all-IP wireless network.
01-Feb-2000: Announces Version 4.1 of Its WAP Microbrowser for Wireless Phones With Full 128 Bit Encryption.
01-Feb-2000: GSM World Congress 2000 opens in Cannes.
31-Jan-2000: WAP Not Zapped, Forum CEO Says.
31-Jan-2000: Eight New Members Further Strengthen Radicchio Wireless e-Commerce Security Initiative.
31-Jan-2000: zap business communication systems Announces Linux Support.
31-Jan-2000: Infinite Interchange provides wireless E-Mail access for BT Cellnet's Genie Internet Service.
31-Jan-2000: Releases a Personal M-Commerce Service for Mobile Shopping.
31-Jan-2000: NTT DoCoMo to Establish Firm for Cellular Music Service.
31-Jan-2000: Qualcomm Close to Pact With China Unicom on CDMA Mobile Phone Network.
31-Jan-2000: Mannesmann Lowers Demands, Begins Talks With Vodafone AirTouch, People Say.
31-Jan-2000: Texas Instruments CEO Says PC Era Ending.
31-Jan-2000: Psion Unveils Wireless Deal With Motorola.
31-Jan-2000: Hong Kong's Mobile Operator Hutchison Telecom Selects Siemens And to Supply Commercial WAP Platform.
30-Jan-2000: Vivendi and Vodafone form joint venture to offer Multimedia-access portal.
30-Jan-2000: Vivendi, Vodafone to Announce Strategic Accord.
29-Jan-2000: Bertelsmann Sees Sense in Mannesmann Link.
28-Jan-2000: Telnet client for WAP mobiles.
28-Jan-2000: NTT DoCoMo to offer digital music via cellphone.
28-Jan-2000: Kannel releases version 0.5.
28-Jan-2000: Ericsson Secures Components for Cellphones in 2000.
28-Jan-2000: Vodafone UK brings the world of WAP to you - anytime, anywhere.
28-Jan-2000: Mitsui, Increment P to Offer iMode Map/Info Service.
28-Jan-2000: Affinity to Supply Wireless Internet Services to Vodafone.
27-Jan-2000: Wireless Web whirlwind.
27-Jan-2000: Financial WAP with Nokia and Brokat.
27-Jan-2000: Hansol and Namo Interactive Join Forces to Develop Mobile Web Editor.
27-Jan-2000: GTE Profit Rises 12 Percent, Meets Estimates.
27-Jan-2000: F-Secure and Hewlett Packard team up in WAP security.
27-Jan-2000: Toshiba Pilots 'MPEG4 over Bluetooth' System.
27-Jan-2000: NTT DoCoMo Unveils Palm-Size E-Mail Device with Digital Camera.
27-Jan-2000: Across and IDC research shows lack of suitable WAP services.
26-Jan-2000: Qualcomm Makes $1 Bln Acquisition.
26-Jan-2000: Schwab joins WAP trading roll-out race.
26-Jan-2000: Launches Wireless Hotel Directory for Mobile Telephones.
26-Jan-2000: Sprint Sells Global One.
26-Jan-2000: German Net, Mobile Use to Soar in 2000 - Regulator.
26-Jan-2000: Hansol PCS buys stake in Empas.
26-Jan-2000: NTT DoCoMo May Provide i-Mode Internet Service in Hong Kong and Elsewhere.
25-Jan-2000: Tektronix Test Systems Support Siemens' GPRS Data Services Test.
25-Jan-2000: FirstQuote and iobox Partnering in Europe to Provide Stock Quotes and News To SMS and WAP Users.
25-Jan-2000: to Demonstrate its Wireless Services at Showcase 2000.
25-Jan-2000: Vodafone Says Shadow Book Shows Has Majority.
25-Jan-2000: Orange WAP phones in short supply.
25-Jan-2000: Automakers, Tech Firms Ally To Put Motorists Online.
25-Jan-2000: European Share of World's Technology Mergers, Acquisitions Doubled in 1999.
25-Jan-2000: IDO Scores One Million cdmaOne Subscribers after Nine Months in Service.
25-Jan-2000: Ericsson to Set Up R&D Center in Taiwan.
24-Jan-2000: Korea Telecom aims to become global wireless Internet player.
24-Jan-2000: WAP Services Come to Life.
24-Jan-2000: Highly Mobile.
24-Jan-2000: BT Cellnet launches its mobile internet service today..
24-Jan-2000: e-SIM Announces Java Code Generation Capability for mobile data applications.
24-Jan-2000: Mannesmann Plans $20 Billion Energis Bid according to report.
24-Jan-2000: Open letter to Geoworks.
24-Jan-2000: MapInfo Invests in WAP Technology.
24-Jan-2000: France Telecom to Launch WAP Services Based On Nokia's WAP Solution.
24-Jan-2000: Europolitan and Entra To Develop Mobile E-commerce.
23-Jan-2000: Vodafone Gets Edge in Fight for Airtel.
22-Jan-2000: Geoworks Claims It owns WAP Technology.
21-Jan-2000: Geoworks patent claim lobs grenade into WAP Forum.
21-Jan-2000: The Open Source WAP Gateway Gets a Name: No Longer a Baby.
21-Jan-2000: BT Cellnet readies for Internet battle.
21-Jan-2000: Japan's Consumer E-Commerce Market Grows to US$3.2B in 1999 Backed by Mobile Use.
20-Jan-2000: The Net Will be the Driving Force.
20-Jan-2000: German SMS Developer Opens Hong Kong HQ.
20-Jan-2000: Diamond branching into Web tablets.
20-Jan-2000: Lotus expands software to mobile devices.
20-Jan-2000: Vodafone Raises Hopes of Mannesmann Deal.
20-Jan-2000: Transmeta Unveils Mobile Internet Computing Processor.
20-Jan-2000: offers email Services.
20-Jan-2000: Mobile Phones Give Rise to Japanese Style E-Revolution.
20-Jan-2000: Ericsson to Train High-Level Management for China Unicom.
20-Jan-2000: Radiolinja muscles up its WAP with Yahoo!.
19-Jan-2000: Geoworks Announces Intellectual Property Rights Position on WAP and Initiates Licensing Program.
18-Jan-2000: Wireless ISP GoAmerica Sets Out For Wall Street With $100M IPO.
18-Jan-2000: Swisscom starts mobile-Internet services on Feb 21.
18-Jan-2000: Microsemi Introduces Unique Broadband Semiconductors for Wireless Applications.
18-Jan-2000: Mannesmann Source Says Nothing Imminent With Vivendi.
18-Jan-2000: Siemens Begins Commercial Rollout of WAP Solutions at Ten Mobile Operators in Europe and Asia.
17-Jan-2000: US & Dutch Funds Invest $5M in Passcall Advanced Technologies.
17-Jan-2000: Mannesmann Defense Offends Vodafone.
17-Jan-2000: Geoworks Offers Ski Information to Cell Phones or Pagers.
17-Jan-2000: DDI Pocket to Launch Service Allowing PHS Users to Access Web Pages.
17-Jan-2000: Nokia to Provide Capacity Boost for M1 Network in Singapore.
16-Jan-2000: Scientist Tests Wearable Computer.
15-Jan-2000: Mannesmann considers IPO.
14-Jan-2000: Nokia in Chinese wireless Internet pact.
13-Jan-2000: France Telecom Bids On UMTS Third-Generation Cellular License in Spain Through Uni2 Subsidiary.
13-Jan-2000: Nokia says 2000 is WAP's year.
13-Jan-2000: Spain's Telefonica to Buy Out 4 Latin Units, Become No. 6 Wireless Company.
13-Jan-2000: Japan Telecom Invites Public to suggest 3G Applications.
12-Jan-2000: GM to Offer Internet Service in 1 Million Autos in 2000.
12-Jan-2000: Microsoft appoints new head of Mobile Device Development.
12-Jan-2000: WapWorld to be pre-installed on UK phones.
12-Jan-2000: BT, Vodafone Block Each Other in Fight to Run Spain's Airtel, Person Says.
12-Jan-2000: UMTS licenses are up for auction in UK today.
11-Jan-2000: PacketOne cdmaOne-Based Data Services Launched Nationwide in Japan.
11-Jan-2000: Sixteen New Members Join Radicchio to Promote Security in Wireless E-Commerce.
11-Jan-2000: SingTel Mobile and Motorola Offer Wireless Internet In Singapore.
11-Jan-2000: Vodafone Strategy: More details.
11-Jan-2000: Vodafone states intentions.
11-Jan-2000: UP.Browser Update in Japan.
10-Jan-2000: WAPfone launches first UK Wireless ISP.
09-Jan-2000: Bluetooth Chomps at CES.
08-Jan-2000: Product Review - Motorola Timeport (tm) P7389 Tri Band.
08-Jan-2000: Nokia to supply GPRS and GSM network expansion to Netherlands.
07-Jan-2000: CES2000 Technology Keynote featured WAP based email demo.
07-Jan-2000: WapIT Ltd announces the Open Source WAP and SMS Gateway.
07-Jan-2000: announces WAP Developers mailing list.
06-Jan-2000: Nokia Products Showcased at Consumer Electronics Show.
06-Jan-2000: CES2000 Opens in Las Vegas: "We are defining the Connected Lifestyle".
06-Jan-2000: Gates: Convergence means more -- of everything.
06-Jan-2000: CES: It's the revenge of the nerds.
05-Jan-2000: Webraska to show real-time traffic maps at CES2000.
05-Jan-2000: Vodafone 'may need E60bn cash'.
05-Jan-2000: SmartServ Online Selected by WAP Forum to Demonstrate Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)-Compliant Application at CES.
05-Jan-2000: Datalink to bring WAP to Retail Stores in the US.
05-Jan-2000: Microsoft to unveil Mobile Strategy at CES2000.
05-Jan-2000: Wireless Goes to Work.
05-Jan-2000: Bell Atlantic May Spin Off GTE Assets for US$2.5 Billion.
05-Jan-2000: Space2go starts "Personal-WAP-Service".
04-Jan-2000: Ericsson and AU-Systems adapt WAP Browser for Palm OS.
04-Jan-2000: Glenayre and HiddenMind Team Up.
04-Jan-2000: Partner Communications and Exalink to Apply WAP-based Services to Orange Customers.
04-Jan-2000: Get ready for a big week at CES2000.
03-Jan-2000: Audicode announces WAP Server/Gateway.
03-Jan-2000: The Net will be the driving force.
03-Jan-2000: Go2 Systems Offers 300 Web Sites To Web-Enabled Mobile Users.
03-Jan-2000: Nextel Launches the Ruggedized i700plus(TM) Internet-Ready Wireless Phone.
03-Jan-2000: Mannesmann Wins More Time to Issue Defense Against Vodafone's Hostile Bid.
02-Jan-2000: China to Allow Foreign Participation in Telecom Sector.
02-Jan-2000: World Production of Mobile Information Devices More Than Doubles in 1999.
02-Jan-2000: Wireless Stock Trading Soon For Palm Pilot VII Users.
01-Jan-2000: 1999 was a Record Year for Telecommunications Mergers.

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