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MobileTechNews archive for the year 2001:

31-Dec-2001: Japanese telecoms to limit mobile phone use for New Year.
31-Dec-2001: KTF enters India's CDMA market with Reliance Infocom.
31-Dec-2001: PDA, Mobile Phone and Semiconductor Stories Stand Out: Annual Ranking.
29-Dec-2001: 2001 saw rapid growth in Korean telecom sector.
28-Dec-2001: 2001 Year End review.
27-Dec-2001: KDDI releases Sony Ericsson cdmaOne handset.
27-Dec-2001: DoCoMo says KG Telecom withdraws Taiwan 3G bid.
26-Dec-2001: UWCC completes five year program.
26-Dec-2001: DoCoMo increases its AT&T Wireless investment.
25-Dec-2001: Focus-Get personal with tech gadgets in 2002.
25-Dec-2001: Subscriptions for i-mode Top 30 Million.
24-Dec-2001: Singapore singles dial a date.
23-Dec-2001: Yamaha Releases LSI That Generates 40 Chords of Sound for Mobile Phones.
22-Dec-2001: Hyundai Curitel to Supply CDMA Phones to India.
22-Dec-2001: Congress fails to approve $16bn NextWave licence deal.
22-Dec-2001: Nokia will supply Sonera of Finland with the Nokia Artuse(TM) Multimedia Messaging Service Center.
22-Dec-2001: Ericsson cooperates in world's first 3G international roaming test call.
21-Dec-2001: Major Carriers and Manufacturers form American 3G Alliance.
20-Dec-2001: Fujitsu Introduces Two-Stack MCP for Mobile Phones.
20-Dec-2001: Seven Groups Bid for Five 3G Licenses in Taiwan.
20-Dec-2001: Radiolinja completes successful E-OTD field trials of Nokia mPosition solution for location services in Finland.
20-Dec-2001: Ericsson wins GSM, GPRS orders valued at USD 50 million from Hutchison Group in India.
20-Dec-2001: Radiolinja Estonia A/S and Nokia successfully test WAP-over-GPRS.
19-Dec-2001: Live 3G global roaming between Madrid and Tokyo.
19-Dec-2001: Siemens Launches New M-Commerce Platform.
19-Dec-2001: Irish launch 3G auction.
19-Dec-2001: Leading IT infrastructure companies to support open mobile architecture initiative.
18-Dec-2001: KTF demonstrates cdma2000 1x EV-DO.
18-Dec-2001: Palm and Texas Instruments Engage in Far-reaching Collaboration.
18-Dec-2001: The MeT Initiative together with its 55 Associate Members to further establish a framework for secure mobile transactions.
17-Dec-2001: Domestic mobile carriers scrambling to stage 2002 World Cup marketing.
17-Dec-2001: Nokia upgrades its 3G WCDMA solution to the commercial standard level 3GPP.
17-Dec-2001: KPN Telecom launches i-mode services.
17-Dec-2001: LG Electronics introduces high-color mobile handset model.
17-Dec-2001: KPN Mobile group starts practical i-mode tests.
16-Dec-2001: Motorola to mend phone faults.
16-Dec-2001: Samsung aims to strengthen its global handset market share.
15-Dec-2001: Leading Mobile Phone Vendors Complete Second Round of Tests on New 3G Header Compression Standard.
14-Dec-2001: Sales of Motorola V60 Mobile Phones Suspended in Northwest Chinese City.
14-Dec-2001: Revolutionary Concept Leads to Highly Compact RF Power Amplifier for GSM/GPRS Handsets.
14-Dec-2001: Market study shows that 3G mobile users want to be entertained on the move.
14-Dec-2001: European mobile operators are not ready for GPRS.
13-Dec-2001: Interactive Intelligence Releases Wireless Application Gateway.
13-Dec-2001: GoAmerica Accelerates Java Development.
13-Dec-2001: Viag Interkom launches prepaid GPRS.
13-Dec-2001: Manufacturers turn to China's mobile market.
13-Dec-2001: Study: 110 Million European Mobile Web Users by '06.
12-Dec-2001: SpeechWorks Teams with TI to Enable Advanced Speech Applications on 2.5 and 3G Devices.
11-Dec-2001: China Unicom CDMA Network Enters Final Preparation Stage.
11-Dec-2001: Ericsson and Sichuan Mobile sign GSM/GPRS expansion contract in China.
10-Dec-2001: Swisscom Mobile tests UMTS technique in Bern.
10-Dec-2001: Worldwide Wireless Leaders Working with Realnetworks' Mobile Digital Media Technology.
09-Dec-2001: Smile warms to 3G ads.
08-Dec-2001: Two Czech mobile leaders secure 3G licences.
07-Dec-2001: Toshiba Establishes CDMA Mobile JV in Nanjing.
07-Dec-2001: Ericsson to deliver 3G core network to global mobile satellite operator Inmarsat.
07-Dec-2001: Motorola Accelerates UMTS Implementation After Successful Laboratory Tests.
06-Dec-2001: AT&T Wireless adds another $1 Billion to 3G Upgrade.
06-Dec-2001: J-Phone Unveils Development Tool for Mobile Phone Java Applications.
06-Dec-2001: Toshiba, Siemens Disconnect 3G Venture.
06-Dec-2001: NEC says on track for 3G Europe rollout.
05-Dec-2001: Sharp introduces SL-5500 Linux-Java PDA.
05-Dec-2001: Delay to mmO2 3G network.
05-Dec-2001: Philips Pushes MPEG-4 for Mobile Multimedia.
04-Dec-2001: LG Faces Bumpy Ride in Mobile Telephones.
04-Dec-2001: Prepaid GPRS launched in Germany.
04-Dec-2001: Software Radio Technology is demonstrated.
03-Dec-2001: China Mobile Awards Nortel Networks US$78 Million in GSM Contracts.
03-Dec-2001: NTT East, NTT West to Debut ISDN Video Phones Linking to FOMA Video Phones.
03-Dec-2001: Cingular Wireless Deal Worth Almost $4 Bln.
03-Dec-2001: KDDI Launches Next-Generation EZweb Services.
01-Dec-2001: NTT DoCoMo to Market Bluetooth-Compatible PHS Handsets.
01-Dec-2001: SUN Offers Enhanced J2ME Wireless Toolkit.
30-Nov-2001: Korean Handset makers beefing up exports of GPRS models.
29-Nov-2001: KTF launches icon-mode wireless Internet.
29-Nov-2001: Toshiba to build mobile factory in China.
29-Nov-2001: Vodafone To Launch GPRS Modem Service.
29-Nov-2001: Shanghai Bell, Samsung to Establish CDMA System JV in China.
29-Nov-2001: NEC, Matsushita Mull 3G Handset Venture in China.
29-Nov-2001: Fujitsu Limited selects Symbian OS for 3G phones.
28-Nov-2001: NTT DoCoMo Begins Position-Info Service for Companies, Providers.
28-Nov-2001: Ericsson empowers PrePaid mobile users for MMS from 'day one'.
27-Nov-2001: Nokia challenges developers of mobile applications.
27-Nov-2001: Beijing Shouxin, Agere Systems Develop Smallest GSM Mobile Phones.
27-Nov-2001: Telecoms licence harmony sought in Europe.
27-Nov-2001: Open Platform Paves Way for Location-Based Wireless Services.
26-Nov-2001: GSM Association applauds commitment to Open Mobile Architecture.
26-Nov-2001: NTT DoCoMo Issues Advisory for FOMA N2002.
26-Nov-2001: J-Phone to Launch Dual-Band Handsets for First IMT-2000 3G Service.
25-Nov-2001: NEC close to roll out of dual-mode 3G phones.
24-Nov-2001: Austrian portal makes mobile web's first profit.
23-Nov-2001: Generic Media, PacketVideo Develop Video Distribution Technology for FOMA Phones.
22-Nov-2001: Verizon Wireless Introduces the V200 Personal Communicator From Motorola.
22-Nov-2001: Java in phones picking up steam in Asia.
22-Nov-2001: Average Users Spend 2,600 yen Monthly for I-Mode.
22-Nov-2001: Ericsson demonstrates multimedia messaging to non - MMS phones.
21-Nov-2001: Siemens seeks handset partner after losing share.
20-Nov-2001: nGame launches External Developer Program.
20-Nov-2001: China Unicom to launch CDMA service in Jan.
20-Nov-2001: Qualcomm enters into CDMA Subscriber Unit License and Technology Transfer Agreement with TCL Holdings Co..
19-Nov-2001: Nokia announces 6 new products and strong support for MMS.
19-Nov-2001: Cisco Demonstrates Cdma2000 1x in China.
19-Nov-2001: Nokia's first imaging phone marks start of Multimedia Messaging era.
19-Nov-2001: Broadband, 3G, home video pushing Net usage sky high.
18-Nov-2001: Companies unite to develop 3G services.
18-Nov-2001: Finnish Minister of Communications makes UMTS call from Japan to Finland.
17-Nov-2001: FCC reaches settlement over NextWave wireless licences.
16-Nov-2001: New CEO Says WAP Will Overcome Teething Problems.
16-Nov-2001: VoiceStream Adds E-Mail to Phones.
15-Nov-2001: Nokia Says on Track to Launch 3G Phones in 2002.
14-Nov-2001: World's First Multi-Vendor 3GPP Test Voice Call.
14-Nov-2001: World Cup mobile phone replays on the way.
14-Nov-2001: NTT DoCoMo to Launch Video Clip Service over "FOMA" 3G Network.
14-Nov-2001: Seven Operators to Serve in China Unicom's CDMA Test Networks.
14-Nov-2001: Vodafone sees shortage of 3G mobile phones.
14-Nov-2001: J-Phone to Start Packet Communications in Spring 2002.
14-Nov-2001: Nokia and NTT DoCoMo to collaborate in promoting open mobile architecture.
13-Nov-2001: Telecommunications Industry ready for rebound.
13-Nov-2001: Swisscom 3G launch delayed to 2003.
13-Nov-2001: BT's Genie Plans Early 2002 Launch for Mobile IM.
13-Nov-2001: Nortel Networks Unveils New Solution for Faster UMTS Wireless Data Service.
13-Nov-2001: Comdex: Wireless devices fill the air.
13-Nov-2001: Industry leaders announce commitment to open mobile architecture.
12-Nov-2001: WinWAP for Pocket PC version 1.1 is now available for download.
12-Nov-2001: Comdex pulls in smaller crowds.
12-Nov-2001: Matsushita Communication to Offer Super-Thin Speaker for Mobile Phones.
11-Nov-2001: All Telia's mobile users offered free GPRS access.
10-Nov-2001: Openwave Announces Comprehensive Tool Set for Application Developers.
09-Nov-2001: Verizon Wireless revives public offering plan.
08-Nov-2001: GSM Association and WAP Forum formalize alliance.
08-Nov-2001: FCC expected to relax wireless spectrum caps.
08-Nov-2001: NTT DoCoMo to Transfer Technologies for i-mode-like Services in Europe.
08-Nov-2001: Motorola V66 GPRS Handset Introduced by FIDO.
07-Nov-2001: NotePager Sends Your Darn! Events Wherever You Go.
07-Nov-2001: Nokia 6360 Adds New Features.
07-Nov-2001: NTT DoCoMo, TBS Test Realtime Digital TV Broadcasting for Mobile Phones.
07-Nov-2001: Report: Data Services To Spark Wireless Growth in Europe.
07-Nov-2001: Wagging a wireless common tongue.
07-Nov-2001: Visa, MasterCard To Work Together on M-Commerce Standards.
06-Nov-2001: Samsung Electronics wins CDMA system order from China.
06-Nov-2001: Numbers set to make WAP access easier.
06-Nov-2001: Europolitan Vodafone's InfoManager Makes Working Via Mobile Phones More Efficient.
06-Nov-2001: Wireless LAN market heating up in Korea.
06-Nov-2001: NTT DoCoMo to Disclose International Guidelines to i-mode Specifications.
06-Nov-2001: MMS Market is Multi-year Trillion Dollar Opportunity.
05-Nov-2001: Nextel Expands Java-Enabled Offering With Two, New 4-in-1 Handsets.
05-Nov-2001: Jiangxi MCC of China and Nokia sign contracts for GSM network expansion.
04-Nov-2001: China, Germany Sign Agreement on Third Generation Mobile System.
03-Nov-2001: U.S. GPRS Surge Moves to Detroit.
03-Nov-2001: Samsung Exports First GPRS Phones to Europe.
02-Nov-2001: Future In-Car Systems Unveiled at Tokyo Motor Show.
02-Nov-2001: Nokia tops Palm in European handheld market-study.
02-Nov-2001: Ericsson and Verizon Wireless in Industry-first Multi-Access CDMA2000 Demonstration.
02-Nov-2001: Qualcomm Announces Signing of Commercial License for CDMA with Huawei Technologies.
02-Nov-2001: RIM and VoiceStream Sign Agreement For Wireless Email Solution.
01-Nov-2001: Bluetooth network launches in Manchester.
01-Nov-2001: Orange to launch GPRS on time.
01-Nov-2001: Hutchison wants another million of 3G phones from NEC.
01-Nov-2001: AU-System, Nokia and Sony Ericsson to invest in MMS interoperability.
01-Nov-2001: Nokia and AT&T Wireless Services complete first live 3G EDGE call.
01-Nov-2001: NTT Regional Carriers Set Mid-Nov. Launch for FOMA-Compatible ISDN Videophone.
01-Nov-2001: Sprint Introduces Feature-rich Kyocera 2255.
31-Oct-2001: Mobile Wireless Internet Forum announces strategy for 2002.
31-Oct-2001: Study predicts growth in mobile payment.
31-Oct-2001: NEC shows future handsets and terminals.
30-Oct-2001: Cingular moving to GSM/GPRS/EDGE systemwide.
30-Oct-2001: Nortel Networks Deploys IP Networking for Verizon Wireless.
30-Oct-2001: Japan's DoCoMo to unveil revamped Web site.
30-Oct-2001: Cisco and Airvana Demonstrate All-IP 3G Wireless Infrastructure.
30-Oct-2001: Czech mobile operators snub 3G bidding round.
29-Oct-2001: Japan's NTT DoCoMo fights back against junk e-mail.
28-Oct-2001: Wireless expo thrills, teases low-spending Chinese.
27-Oct-2001: FCC and wireless carriers settle over licences.
26-Oct-2001: Bridging Bluetooth and 802.11b.
26-Oct-2001: Motorola Sees No Mass Europe 3G Adoption Before '04.
25-Oct-2001: Cingular Wireless to expand GPRS Services in the US.
25-Oct-2001: Sony delays 3G phone launch.
25-Oct-2001: U.S. Firm to Distribute DoCoMo Software.
25-Oct-2001: Motorola, China Unicom make live CDMA 1X data call in China.
25-Oct-2001: Nokia chosen as main 3G supplier to 3G Infrastructure Services AB.
24-Oct-2001: DoCoMo to Take French 3G Licence?.
23-Oct-2001: Hutchison 3G HK Limited granted 3G license in Hong Kong.
23-Oct-2001: Dolphin's rescue could flip Europe's 3G plans.
23-Oct-2001: Samsung sees 2002 cellphone market of 410 mln units.
23-Oct-2001: Nokia launches NetAct (TM) Traffica for GPRS.
23-Oct-2001: Vodafone, NTT DoCoMo Compete Fiercely.
22-Oct-2001: Nortel Networks plans 2.4Mbps infrastructure.
22-Oct-2001: Philips, China Electronics sign handset deal.
22-Oct-2001: France Telecom R&D To Use Motorola's Dragonball Microprocessor To Prototype.
21-Oct-2001: Australian scientists switched on to mobile Web world.
20-Oct-2001: SMS used for German terror attack warnings.
20-Oct-2001: BT to run 3G tests on the Isle of Man in November.
20-Oct-2001: Hutchison 3G may offer online pornography.
19-Oct-2001: Taiwan's MOTC Announces Floor Bid Prices for 3G Telecom Licenses.
19-Oct-2001: Mobilcom says mobile banking is killer app for UMTS.
19-Oct-2001: Samsung Electronics to Manufacture Mobile Phones in China.
19-Oct-2001: Republic last in Europe to award 3G licences.
19-Oct-2001: WAP And i-mode Services In Western Europe.
18-Oct-2001: KG Telecom Orders 'Taiwanese Version of I-Mode' Core Platform System from NEC.
18-Oct-2001: Contracts signed for GSM/GPRS expansion in Guangdong, China.
18-Oct-2001: One 2 One and BT lose 3G case.
18-Oct-2001: Sony Ericsson unveils the HBH-20 wearable Bluetooth handsfree.
17-Oct-2001: France cuts upfront cost of 3G mobile licences.
17-Oct-2001: Etisalat to launch first Gulf GPRS next month.
17-Oct-2001: Ericsson and Vytel Asia to co-operate in build-out of primarily 3G networks.
17-Oct-2001: US wireless groups to share GSM networks.
17-Oct-2001: Sonera and Nokia conduct the first Wireless LAN roaming using GSM technology.
17-Oct-2001: HP in partnership talks with Samsung.
16-Oct-2001: Study Describes Always-On World Of uCommerce.
16-Oct-2001: Sprint PCS Hosts 2001 Developers Conference.
15-Oct-2001: Google to provide service to AT&T subscribers.
15-Oct-2001: Nokia introduces a new GPRS terminal and support tools for M2M Business.
15-Oct-2001: Wireless Roaming Technologies Start to Spread in Earnest with PDAs.
15-Oct-2001: China Mobile to Roll Out 3G Service in 2003-2004: Report.
15-Oct-2001: Elisa's Radiolinja Offers WAP For Free.
14-Oct-2001: Handspring Unites Phone, Messaging and PDA in New TREO Communicator.
13-Oct-2001: SK Telecom says DoCoMo talks go on.
13-Oct-2001: Australian group draws up plans for 3G network.
12-Oct-2001: Solving the great WLAN/3G dilemma.
12-Oct-2001: Qualcomm Announces Bluetooth-Qualified Commercial 3G Chipset.
11-Oct-2001: Nokia introduces a new entertainment category for mobile phones.
11-Oct-2001: Telefonica and Sonera plan early German launch.
11-Oct-2001: Nokia delivers nationwide GPRS network to China Mobile Communication Co..
11-Oct-2001: Siemens Launches New Communications Product in Ireland.
10-Oct-2001: TI Supports Linux on OMAP 3G Wireless Platform.
10-Oct-2001: Wide Telecom Exports CDMA Phones to Europe.
10-Oct-2001: Samsung to source mobile phones in India.
10-Oct-2001: Singapore's M1 sees 3G trial services at end 2002.
10-Oct-2001: Sneak preview: a Linux powered wireless phone.
09-Oct-2001: IBM Steps Up Wireless Security.
09-Oct-2001: Intel Claims New Packaging Will Bump Up Performance.
09-Oct-2001: Motorola Signs $30 Million Contract With Horizon PCS For 3G CDMA2000 1X Wireless Network.
08-Oct-2001: Borland and Nokia Demonstrate Integrated Wireless Java Technology.
08-Oct-2001: Mobile firm Hutchison to use National Grid pylons.
07-Oct-2001: Japanese men seek spiritual advice online.
06-Oct-2001: Govt. Plans to Find Airwaves for Wireless Firms.
06-Oct-2001: NextWave may get tax relief in licence dispute.
05-Oct-2001: Nextel and Motorola Announce iDEN Technology Upgrade.
05-Oct-2001: BT to Boost Mobile Web with Color PDA Phone.
05-Oct-2001: Audiovox Enters Pocket PC Arena.
05-Oct-2001: Jataayu announces the launch of WAP 2.0 software.
05-Oct-2001: Weak demand could delay Swedish 3G - Vattenfall.
05-Oct-2001: Demand for mobile phones shifting to 3G models.
05-Oct-2001: Ericsson wins GSM, GPRS orders exceeding USD 70 million from Bharti Enterprises, India.
05-Oct-2001: Motorola Moves to Accelerate Adoption of Next-Generation Wireless.
04-Oct-2001: Samsung SPH-I300 introduced by Sprint.
04-Oct-2001: Mobile Web phone to hit Europe in 2002.
04-Oct-2001: Mobile handset makers vie with new sound effects.
04-Oct-2001: 'Short Battery Life' is Top Complaint Among Business Mobile Device Users.
04-Oct-2001: Australian 2002 3G launch 'optimistic'.
04-Oct-2001: NTT DoCoMo to Launch 3G in Europe in 2002, U.S. in 2003.
03-Oct-2001: Motorola Wins China Mobile's GPRS Expansion Deal.
03-Oct-2001: Qualcomm Testing Additional Voice Capacity Doubling for CDMA2000.
02-Oct-2001: DoCoMo sees healthy appetite for 3G phones.
02-Oct-2001: The MeT Initiative welcomes NEC as a new Sponsor.
02-Oct-2001: Sprint and Samsung Telecommunications America Launch America's First GPS-enabled Wireless Phone.
01-Oct-2001: Nokia Begins Shipping 8310 in Europe.
01-Oct-2001: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications established today.
01-Oct-2001: Motorola and Siemens in mobile pact rumours.
30-Sep-2001: Optrex Launches High-Illumination STN-LCD Panel for Mobile Phones.
29-Sep-2001: D2 Communications Pres. Analyses Effectiveness of Mobile Ads.
29-Sep-2001: Global satellite broadband network on track for 2004.
29-Sep-2001: KTF offers roaming service for foreign visitors.
29-Sep-2001: China to Commercialize Its 3G Cellular Technology in 2004.
28-Sep-2001: France Telecom to Cross Pyrenees for 3G.
28-Sep-2001: Rogers AT&T Wireless To Deliver Goamerica's Wireless Data Solutions On Its New GPRS Network.
28-Sep-2001: FOMA 3G Service Adopted as Mobile Network in Field Trial.
28-Sep-2001: RIOT-E Clinches Record Breaking Deal with Guinness World Records.
28-Sep-2001: Korea gets in first with nascent 3G mobile service.
28-Sep-2001: VoiceStream to expand nationwide GSM network.
27-Sep-2001: Orange GPRS launch slips to fourth quarter.
27-Sep-2001: Vodafone and DoCoMo leaders offer views on 3G services.
27-Sep-2001: Toshiba Maintains 3G Focus in Japan.
27-Sep-2001: Korea Harex InfoTech Unveils Mobile Payment System by Infrared Data Transfer.
27-Sep-2001: Free wireless Net for the masses.
27-Sep-2001: Zio makes inroads into U.S. game market.
26-Sep-2001: VoiceStream awards US$300M contract to Nortel.
26-Sep-2001: NTT DoCoMo to Sell "FOMA" Terminals.
26-Sep-2001: Korea May Introduce TD-SCDMA for 3G Mobile Phone Standard.
26-Sep-2001: Industry's First All-CMOS Bluetooth Radio Device for CDMA and 3G Wireless Phones.
25-Sep-2001: NEC President Predicts Integration of Broadband, Mobile Networks.
25-Sep-2001: Ruling sets back 3G airwaves plan in US.
25-Sep-2001: Hong Kong CSL chooses Nokia as a supplier of its 3G network.
25-Sep-2001: Telecoms firms urged to delay 3G launch.
25-Sep-2001: 3G Key Players Look Into the Crystal Ball.
24-Sep-2001: Johnson Controls New BlueConnect Prototype.
24-Sep-2001: "3G Tax" Slashed in Spain.
24-Sep-2001: Pilot test announced for Electronic Mobile Payment Services based on dual chip technology.
24-Sep-2001: Ericsson reveals R600 - the new GPRS mobile phone.
24-Sep-2001: Nokia to pilot wallet application and WIM technology with IBM, Luottokunta and Radiolinja.
24-Sep-2001: Ericsson reveals the new mobile phone T66.
24-Sep-2001: Nokia to introduce a mobile wallet application with the Nokia 6310.
24-Sep-2001: Mixed Signals On 3G Phones.
24-Sep-2001: Mobile phones to show radiation emissions.
23-Sep-2001: Wireless phone payment service taking off in Europe.
22-Sep-2001: SK Telecom to merge with Shinsegi.
22-Sep-2001: NextWave close to resolving 3G licence dispute.
21-Sep-2001: BT's mmO2 and T-Mobile in 3G deal.
21-Sep-2001: First Streaming Video through 3G Bluetooth Wireless Connection Demonstrated.
21-Sep-2001: Ericsson introduces the new R380e.
21-Sep-2001: Wireless Village Initiative Demonstrates World's First interoperable Mobile Instant Messaging and Presence Services.
21-Sep-2001: Study: Bluetooth Interest Growing Fast.
21-Sep-2001: Qualcomm CDMA Technologies Rolls Out Entry-Level 3G CDMA2000 Solution.
21-Sep-2001: Spectrum off-limits after attack.
21-Sep-2001: Mobile banking on handhelds.
20-Sep-2001: Visa Announces Security Standard for M-Commerce Payments.
20-Sep-2001: Ericsson signs sole supplier agreement for 3G with SmarTone, Hong Kong.
20-Sep-2001: Denmark awards four 3G-licences.
20-Sep-2001: Hong Kong awards 3G licences to four bidders.
19-Sep-2001: World PC Expo Invites Visitors to Try Out Future Cell Phones.
19-Sep-2001: Brits send 1 billion text messages.
19-Sep-2001: KDDI to postpone launch of 3G service.
19-Sep-2001: Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit 3.0 Now Available.
18-Sep-2001: DoCoMo, IBM Japan Jointly Research Video Transmission Control Technology for Third- and Future-generation Mobile Services.
18-Sep-2001: Sun and Philips Strengthen Alliance to Develop MPEG-4 Solutions.
18-Sep-2001: Motorola Unveils the i.250 Platform.
18-Sep-2001: Access's New Browser for 3G Mobile Phones Will be Compatible with WAP 2.0.
17-Sep-2001: Intel and BT rock wireless world.
17-Sep-2001: DNP Develops New Data Distribution System for Cell Phones.
17-Sep-2001: Siemens launches first interactive entertainment zone for Mobile phone users.
17-Sep-2001: Au to Debut CdmaOne PC-Card Supporting 64k Packet Transfer.
17-Sep-2001: Wireless LANs could kill 3G dream.
17-Sep-2001: Vodafone Tries to Up Telecom Stake.
16-Sep-2001: Korea may pay $300 million a year in Qualcomm royalties.
16-Sep-2001: UK chip maker sees $5 Bluetooth chips by 2003.
15-Sep-2001: Unicom to launch trials of CDMA 2.5G in 11 cities.
15-Sep-2001: Starfish Software Announces Simplify GPRS.
15-Sep-2001: Sprint PCS brings Java to handsets.
14-Sep-2001: MobilCom says close to 3G network cooperation deal.
14-Sep-2001: Cdma 1x Shipments for Fiscal 2001 to Distance FOMA's, Says Yano Report.
14-Sep-2001: KPN seals Group 3G German network sharing deal.
13-Sep-2001: The Motorola Timeport 270c Reviewed.
13-Sep-2001: Kyocera Introduces 2200 Series of 3G Handsets.
13-Sep-2001: New Wireless Survey Released by META Group.
12-Sep-2001: Sprint reports network status.
12-Sep-2001: Cingular Wireless lost six transmitter sites in NY.
12-Sep-2001: Intel Introduces Advanced Technologies For Wireless Networks.
11-Sep-2001: Venue Change for World Trade Center Wireless Show.
11-Sep-2001: Vodafone, Texas Instruments and Nokia help to promote applications and services for Symbian OS phones.
11-Sep-2001: Motorola to take on BlackBerry.
11-Sep-2001: Bluetooth not at war with 802.11b, Ericsson says.
10-Sep-2001: NTT DoCoMo to Raise Transmission Speed of i-mode, DoPa Services.
10-Sep-2001: Work on 4th-generation mobile technology to start in Oct..
10-Sep-2001: I-Appli Boosts Users' Spending on Data Communication.
10-Sep-2001: Cellular Phone Users Say Hardware Most Important Choice.
09-Sep-2001: Vodafone issues 3G services statement.
08-Sep-2001: Hutchison fails to gets its hands on Norwegian 3G licence.
07-Sep-2001: Free 802.11b Wireless Internet Zone Launches in U.S..
07-Sep-2001: Study: Speech Recognition Elicits Big Yawn.
07-Sep-2001: Vodafone says its 3G services will fall short.
06-Sep-2001: NEC, Matsushita Tie-Up Seeks to Cut IMT-2000 Development Costs.
06-Sep-2001: Bush Adminitration Proposes Radio Delay.
06-Sep-2001: German 3G operators seek network partners.
06-Sep-2001: Korean Mobile carriers focus on wireless Net.
05-Sep-2001: Motorola Creates Revolutionary Semiconductor Materials.
05-Sep-2001: A billboard in the palm of your hand.
04-Sep-2001: Nokia confirms GPRS programs are on track, addresses technology outlook.
04-Sep-2001: Ericsson introduces T65 - new GPRS Chat Phone.
04-Sep-2001: Nokia Successfully Completes CDMA2000 Data Call using Nokia Chipset.
04-Sep-2001: UWCC Announces 73 Million TDMA Subscribers in the Americas TDMA.
04-Sep-2001: NTT DoCoMo to Launch World's First 3G Service "FOMA" on Fully Commercialized Basis.
03-Sep-2001: Samsung Electronics develops core chip for 3G handsets.
03-Sep-2001: Brit Telecom to Rename Mobile Unit.
03-Sep-2001: Learning from WAP.
02-Sep-2001: Japan's DoCoMo to start 3G celluar service in October - report.
01-Sep-2001: Shaky start for Tokyo Bluetooth trials.
01-Sep-2001: FCC objects to NextWave reorganization plan.
01-Sep-2001: Telecoms regulator needs to get 3G process right.
31-Aug-2001: Ericsson Aims to Promote Mobile Handset Production.
31-Aug-2001: Narrow GPRS usage seen hitting operator revenue.
31-Aug-2001: Wireless firms urge FCC to reject NextWave.
31-Aug-2001: 3GPP to Advance DS-CDMA Specs, Enabling 10Mbps with 5MHz.
30-Aug-2001: Korea's SKT develops video phone service.
30-Aug-2001: J-Phone Group Companies to Merge in Nov. to Rival NTT DoCoMo, KDDI.
30-Aug-2001: Europolitan Vodafone chooses Nokia as its systems supplier for 3G mobile networks.
30-Aug-2001: Samsung commercializes 1Gb flash memory.
30-Aug-2001: Bluetooth has lost, declares Intel executive.
29-Aug-2001: KDDI to Release Handset-Connectable Digital Camera.
29-Aug-2001: LG Electronics launches CDMA system in Uzbekistan.
29-Aug-2001: Tele2 postpones GPRS launch till Sept.
29-Aug-2001: Hyundai Curitel to set up CDMA handset plant in Brazil.
29-Aug-2001: Wind River of U.S. Dominates Market For Japan's FOMA Base Station OS Products.
29-Aug-2001: Nokia 3300 series debuts WAP-enabled phone for the entry-level GSM1900 market.
28-Aug-2001: NTT DoCoMo Develops One-To-Many Live Streaming via FOMA Network.
28-Aug-2001: Ericsson and Sony seal mobile phone venture.
28-Aug-2001: Cingular's advanced wireless service in US.
28-Aug-2001: Global Study Reveals Consumer Optimism for Advanced Mobile Services.
28-Aug-2001: MOTC Plans to Launch Five 3G Licenses Before Year End.
27-Aug-2001: Deutsche Telekom sees 50% UMTS coverage by 2004.
27-Aug-2001: KPN and NTT DoCoMo launch SnapCam in Europe.
27-Aug-2001: Program threatens wireless security.
27-Aug-2001: KTF says it may not adopt Qualcomm's wireless norm.
27-Aug-2001: Wireless firms hope video games drive phone use.
26-Aug-2001: Ericsson Sony handset deal nears completion.
26-Aug-2001: LG Telecom wins Korean final 3G license.
26-Aug-2001: Mobiltorial on International 3G Wireless.
25-Aug-2001: S.Korea's undervalued LG Telecom set to win 3G bid.
25-Aug-2001: 3G seen key challenge for mobile protocol designers.
24-Aug-2001: Japan's NTT DoCoMo to provide technology to three European carriers.
24-Aug-2001: Explore Berlin With Your Mobile Phone as a Personal Tour Guide.
24-Aug-2001: DoCoMo Debut's Handheld Capable of Packet Communications via FOMA.
24-Aug-2001: Lucent Technologies delivers commercial 3G CDMA2000 equipment and software.
23-Aug-2001: US Spectrum Plans Need More Money and Research.
23-Aug-2001: Japan's KDDI to launch mobile commerce.
23-Aug-2001: Xiring to Develop Ericsson's Wireless Wallet.
23-Aug-2001: KT, China Unicom in CDMA Alliance.
22-Aug-2001: Sharp to make 3G PDAs for NTT DoCoMo.
22-Aug-2001: Qualcomm, Nortel Networks Conduct Industry's First Mobile Internet Protocol Call.
22-Aug-2001: Venture startup develops 3G handset modem chip, software.
22-Aug-2001: Symbian and Intel in wireless technologies deal.
22-Aug-2001: 3G alliance talks between LGT, TIW collapse.
21-Aug-2001: UBS Warburg to provide $2.5 bln to NextWave Telecom.
21-Aug-2001: Palm puts faith in Bluetooth over rival wireless technology.
21-Aug-2001: Japan Wants Faster Mobile Phones.
21-Aug-2001: LG Releases Modem for 3G Wireless Devices.
20-Aug-2001: LG to Launch Synchronous IMT-2000 Services in 2004.
20-Aug-2001: UK Mobile Charges To Be Cut 20%?.
20-Aug-2001: Japanese handset makers aim to challenge Nokia.
19-Aug-2001: China's AsiaInfo wins key Unicom CDMA deal.
19-Aug-2001: TDC and CMG to launch m-commerce joint venture.
19-Aug-2001: BTexact Technologies Launches Next-Generation Network Testing Facility.
18-Aug-2001: Turkey to sell 3G mobile licences in late 2002.
17-Aug-2001: China Mobile Invests US$14m in GPRS.
17-Aug-2001: Mobifon is the first to bid for Romanian 3G UMTS licence.
17-Aug-2001: Qualcomm Makes Commitment For US$300 Million Strategic Investment in NextWave Telecom.
17-Aug-2001: Study: Charging for Content leads to Success in Wireless Internet.
16-Aug-2001: Japanese Movie Distributor to Offer Movie Contents for FOMA 3G Service.
16-Aug-2001: Korea's Samsung to supply mobile chips to Nokia.
15-Aug-2001: Sprint, AirPrime Launch Visor Phone.
15-Aug-2001: BlackBerry About to Sprout in the U.K..
14-Aug-2001: Chordiant inks deal with Hutchison 3G.
14-Aug-2001: Slovakia to sell combined GSM and UMTS licence.
14-Aug-2001: '4G' Wireless Voice-to-Text Technology Enters Test Phase.
14-Aug-2001: Govt mulls issuing new license for CDMA.
13-Aug-2001: Bluetooth 1.1 addresses earlier flaws.
12-Aug-2001: Korean Mobile Phone Industry to Introduce Inbound Roaming Services.
11-Aug-2001: Driving Away With Wireless Secrets.
10-Aug-2001: Japan's DoCoMo Looks To China.
10-Aug-2001: Taiwan's State-Owned Companies to Abandon 3G Cellular Phone Business.
10-Aug-2001: DoCoMo Listing Delay Not Seen as Problem.
10-Aug-2001: Report: Latin American Wireless Success Hinges on Data Services.
09-Aug-2001: Motorola to ship 5 million GPRS phones this year.
09-Aug-2001: Finland's Sonera Quits Joint Venture.
09-Aug-2001: NTT DoCoMo to Procure Experimental System for '4G' Mobile Communications.
09-Aug-2001: Hynix America introduces chip-scale-packaged DRAM.
09-Aug-2001: NEC, Fujitsu and Matsushita boost 3G base station output.
09-Aug-2001: FCC Explores Adding 3G Spectrum Below 3 GHz.
09-Aug-2001: Trials of new 'Cmode' service to begin in Tokyo September 3.
08-Aug-2001: Bell Mobility to Expand Network Under US$117 Million Deal With Nortel Networks.
08-Aug-2001: Motorola Unveils Full-Size Keyboard for Mobile Phones.
08-Aug-2001: Oracle Unveils Mobile-Enabled Oracle E-Business Suite.
08-Aug-2001: Orange UK awaits Nokia GPRS phones.
07-Aug-2001: Users measure up CDMA, GPRS.
07-Aug-2001: Deutsche Telekom and Bogen Communications Give SMS a Voice.
07-Aug-2001: Samsung begins mass production of 3G 256Mb Rambus DRAM.
07-Aug-2001: Czech RadioMobil bids for UMTS, Cesky Mobil waits.
07-Aug-2001: J-Phone users get access to DoCoMo's i-mode.
07-Aug-2001: Hand-Held Monitor Compiles Heart Data.
06-Aug-2001: Sprint, AirPrime, Handspring plan 3G service.
06-Aug-2001: NextWave to Unveil Billions in New Financing.
06-Aug-2001: Ericsson to supply Verizon Wireless with handsets.
06-Aug-2001: Nokia signs contract with J-Phone for 3G WCDMA network in Japan.
06-Aug-2001: DoCoMo Dreams of 3G Future.
05-Aug-2001: New App Delivers Photos to Cell Phones.
04-Aug-2001: Mobilkom Austria first to launch WAP 1.2.1.
04-Aug-2001: LG Telecom to Apply for Synchronized IMT-2000.
04-Aug-2001: 3G network sharing endangered by new regulations.
04-Aug-2001: Customer Evaluation Survey for Trial FOMA Service Announced.
03-Aug-2001: LG Electronics advances into European mobile handset market.
03-Aug-2001: Radiomobil remains at odds with govt on UMTS.
03-Aug-2001: NTT DoCoMo's WAP-NG Initiative Blossoms Into WAP2.0.
03-Aug-2001: Report: China Ripe for Mobile Data Explosion.
02-Aug-2001: Will Upgraded WAP Beat Bad Rap?.
02-Aug-2001: Swiss Government Mulls 3G Delay.
02-Aug-2001: NEC in 3G accord with Hutchison.
02-Aug-2001: UMTS commercialisation delayed.
02-Aug-2001: Five phones for GPRS network by year end in New Zealand.
02-Aug-2001: Verizon to launch 3G network by year's end.
02-Aug-2001: Wireless Advertising Association Formally Adopts Standards for WAP, SMS and PDA Advertising.
01-Aug-2001: Never Mind the View - Wireless Access is What They Want.
01-Aug-2001: Powercomm to join consortium for 3G license.
01-Aug-2001: Nokia and Orange UK sign contracts worth EUR 800 million.
01-Aug-2001: Ericsson, Nokia and Motorola welcome evolution of WAP standard.
31-Jul-2001: Red Hat and 3G Lab team up to make 'wireless Linux'.
31-Jul-2001: Optimus Selects Nortel Networks to Deliver UMTS Network in Portugal.
31-Jul-2001: Vodafone Targets FOMA.
31-Jul-2001: Hitachi mulls entry into China's handset market.
31-Jul-2001: T-Motion to charge mobile internet users.
31-Jul-2001: Nokia completes world's first GSM 850 call in a live network.
30-Jul-2001: SiRF Powers World's First Family of GPS-Enabled Dual-Band GSM Phones.
30-Jul-2001: Enable mobile roaming abroad.
30-Jul-2001: ARM And Intel Extend Licensing Agreement.
30-Jul-2001: 3G wireless needs outpace spectrum.
29-Jul-2001: Spain's Moviles says 3G group in German agreement.
28-Jul-2001: Killer mobile app over horizon.
28-Jul-2001: SFR (France) chooses Nokia as one of the main suppliers of its 3G network.
27-Jul-2001: 3G license based on cdma2000 to be awarded by end-August.
26-Jul-2001: DoCoMo studying 3D image mobile phone.
26-Jul-2001: Dialog launches GPRS in Romania.
26-Jul-2001: US wireless operators seek cash settlement for NextWave.
26-Jul-2001: Qualcomm Begins Sample Shipments of Chipsets for 1xEV-DO.
26-Jul-2001: Motorola and ALLTEL Deliver Powerful Business Communications Tool in New Timeport 270c.
25-Jul-2001: Wireless Carriers Make Connections With Prepaid Users.
25-Jul-2001: Ericsson strengthens its foothold in the Asian market.
25-Jul-2001: Panasonic to launch GPRS phone at the end of the year.
25-Jul-2001: Draft GAO report says more work needed on 3G spectrum.
24-Jul-2001: PDA Market to Expand Rapidly, NTT DoCoMo Chairman Says.
24-Jul-2001: Nokia Elbows into 3G Applications in China.
24-Jul-2001: 3G With Chinese Characteristics.
24-Jul-2001: Study: 3G Is "Only Way".
24-Jul-2001: DoCoMo targets businesses next.
24-Jul-2001: Palm Launches New Initiative to Silicon Solution Providers.
23-Jul-2001: Symbian Becomes First OS Vendor To License ARM Jazelle Technology Software.
23-Jul-2001: Telecel Vodafone Signs UMTS Network Agreement With Nortel Networks.
23-Jul-2001: BT Wireless, others reportedly in Dutch 3G network sharing talks.
23-Jul-2001: AOLi Service to Help NTT DoCoMo Expand into Overseas Markets.
22-Jul-2001: Motorola plans strategic shift in handset operations.
22-Jul-2001: Powercomm to Join LG-led 3G Consortium.
21-Jul-2001: Hutchison Says Sticking to Mid-2002 3G Launch.
20-Jul-2001: Vodafone warns on 3G delay.
20-Jul-2001: The Future of Mobile Digital Music.
20-Jul-2001: Wireless Firms Seek Probe of NextWave Eligibility.
19-Jul-2001: Isle of Man: The Future starts now.
19-Jul-2001: Vodafone to tempt texters with Millionaire game.
19-Jul-2001: Matsushita Develops Small Bi-Directional Antenna for IMT-2000 Base Station.
19-Jul-2001: U.S. Gives Nod to Mobile Satellite Service Systems.
19-Jul-2001: U.S. Gives Nod to Mobile Satellite Service Systems.
18-Jul-2001: Nokia to supply 3G system to Italian operator Omnitel Vodafone.
18-Jul-2001: Group 3G reaches UMTS interconnection agreement with Deutsche Telekom.
18-Jul-2001: Sharp to mass produce system LCDs-Nikkei.
17-Jul-2001: Hungarian government puts off 3G licence auction.
17-Jul-2001: AT&T Wireless on Target to Deliver 3G Services.
17-Jul-2001: Vodafone Selects Followap's iFollow to Deliver Advanced Instant Messaging.
16-Jul-2001: NTT DoCoMo to Distribute Upgraded Standard-Type FOMA Phone.
16-Jul-2001: Mobile phones to give radiation levels soon.
15-Jul-2001: KT ICOM Sets Eye on Next Generation Mobile Phone.
15-Jul-2001: Nokia to deliver a GSM 1800 and GPRS network for Cellcom in Israel.
14-Jul-2001: One 2 One says won't rush into GPRS.
13-Jul-2001: Intel considers boosting handheld memory.
13-Jul-2001: Sprint, Motorola Agree to Network Infrastructure Upgrade Deal.
13-Jul-2001: NTT DoCoMo to market new i-mode mobile phone.
13-Jul-2001: Korean Exports of CDMA Mobile Products Rise 37 Pct..
12-Jul-2001: Timex New Internet Messenger Watch - From Web to Wrist.
12-Jul-2001: LG, Hanaro Form IMT-2000 Consortium to Win 3G Telecom License.
12-Jul-2001: Seven UMTS/3G mobile radio networks tested successfully in Europe.
12-Jul-2001: Report: Asia-Pacific To Rule Mobile Market by 2005.
11-Jul-2001: Bush administration to delay airwave sale.
11-Jul-2001: Greece Sells Mobile Phone Licenses.
11-Jul-2001: Nokia to be sole supplier for VIAG Interkom's 3G network.
10-Jul-2001: Date of I-mode Launch in Europe Still Uncertain.
10-Jul-2001: Wireless Internet Forum Shoots for Single Standard.
10-Jul-2001: Hutchison Names Motorola as 3G Device Supplier.
10-Jul-2001: NTT DoCoMo to Issue Advisory for Digital Mova P503i HYPER Mobile Phone.
10-Jul-2001: Coming soon: mobile phone multi player gaming via GPRS.
10-Jul-2001: Siemens, NEC say 3G voice trials successful.
09-Jul-2001: Telecom Council Reports 'Beyond IMT-2000'.
08-Jul-2001: SK, NTT DoCoMo May Strike Deal in July.
07-Jul-2001: Location Services Get Legs in Europe.
06-Jul-2001: Billing model still up in the air for many 3G operators.
06-Jul-2001: Voice-Recognition Navigation System for Cell Phones to Debut.
06-Jul-2001: Changes loom as ring tone market gets serious.
06-Jul-2001: SK Telecom delays 3G phone service.
06-Jul-2001: Croatia telco launches GPRS for commercial use.
06-Jul-2001: Telefonica, KPN in talks.
05-Jul-2001: Japan's MCI may enter S.America in 2003/04.
05-Jul-2001: Third IMT-2000 Operator to Be Picked Before August.
05-Jul-2001: Japan's DoCoMo to shift U.S. HQ to New York.
05-Jul-2001: New Bluetooth Platform to Augment Other Mobile Phone Systems.
05-Jul-2001: Genie and Nokia to collaborate in delivering new mobile games to Genie customers.
04-Jul-2001: KDDI recalls 560,000 faulty Sony mobile phones.
03-Jul-2001: DoCoMo 3G Network Stabilizing, Will Launch in Oct..
03-Jul-2001: Nokia and Qualcomm Expand License Agreement.
03-Jul-2001: Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia and Siemens launch the Mobile Games Interoperability Forum.
02-Jul-2001: 3G Video calls made over Isle of Man.
02-Jul-2001: Pantech to Export Cell Phones to Motorola.
02-Jul-2001: Dispute rages over Qualcomm's 'BREW' technology adoption.
02-Jul-2001: Siemens increases focus on Asia Pacific mobile market.
02-Jul-2001: Ericsson signs USD 110 million contracts with Heilongjiang Mobile in China.
01-Jul-2001: T-Mobil Sees up to Two 3G Networks in Germany.
30-Jun-2001: NEC considers tie-up with European phone maker.
29-Jun-2001: FCC hit by second setback on mobile licences.
29-Jun-2001: RIM says set to expand beyond North America.
29-Jun-2001: Live UMTS tests get underway in Germany and Austria.
29-Jun-2001: NTT DoCoMo to Launch Location-Based Service for i-mode.
29-Jun-2001: Verizon Wants 3G Mobile Standards Clash Resolved.
29-Jun-2001: H3G Signs Agreements with UMTS Suppliers.
29-Jun-2001: Banks and phone makers set mobile commerce rules.
28-Jun-2001: Symbian and RealNetworks form mobile alliance.
28-Jun-2001: Nokia's 8390 GPRS Phone Coming to the Americas.
28-Jun-2001: WAA Releases Ad Standards for WAP, SMS and PDAs.
28-Jun-2001: FCC to miss deadline to allocate 3G airwaves.
27-Jun-2001: Sprint moves forward with 3G preparations.
27-Jun-2001: Beifang Bo'er Technology Develops Mobile Satellite Multimedia System.
26-Jun-2001: New 3G study highlights global issues.
26-Jun-2001: Singapore to Host Wireless E-Mail Taxi Experiment.
25-Jun-2001: AnyDevice and Hiddenmind merge.
25-Jun-2001: Don't Be Mistaken: WAP Is Back.
25-Jun-2001: Mobile Java, BREW Start to Become Popular.
25-Jun-2001: KDDI to launch Java handsets on July 4.
24-Jun-2001: Siemens introduces Java enabled GSM SL45i handset.
23-Jun-2001: ARM, Sun broaden Java-chip effort.
22-Jun-2001: Hutchison U.K. to lure 3G buyers from rivals.
22-Jun-2001: Wireless carriers lose airwave rights.
22-Jun-2001: Portugal commits to UMTS infrastructure.
22-Jun-2001: "FOMA" 3G Monitors To Begin Receiving "Visual" Handsets.
22-Jun-2001: Nokia and Sonera test GPRS roaming for 3G.
21-Jun-2001: Compaq's iPAQ Pocket PC to have GPRS capability.
21-Jun-2001: Finnish company speeds up GPRS and GSM.
21-Jun-2001: Fujitsu pulls out of 3G consumer market.
20-Jun-2001: Ericsson principal WCDMA supplier to Hutchison.
19-Jun-2001: Ericsson Unveils Bluetooth Digital Pen.
19-Jun-2001: Siemens ME45/3618 Debuts at CommunicAsia, Singapore.
19-Jun-2001: The Nokia 9210 Communicator is now shipping.
19-Jun-2001: Telecom Council Reveals Plan for 4th Generation Mobile Communications System.
19-Jun-2001: Siemens to offer Packetvideo's media technology to mobile operators.
18-Jun-2001: NTT DoCoMo to Increase Stake in KG Telecom.
18-Jun-2001: WinWAP browser introduced for Pocket PC.
18-Jun-2001: IMT-2000 Auction to Be Delayed.
18-Jun-2001: Japan Telecom's mobile unit to cut rates.
17-Jun-2001: China to Deploy Voice Services in 3G Phase One.
16-Jun-2001: DoCoMo's Gamble.
16-Jun-2001: PICCA deals blow to LG's bid for 3G mobile license.
15-Jun-2001: UWCC clarifies migration plans.
14-Jun-2001: Motorola and Nextel Announce Winner of Developer Challenge During JavaOneSM 2001.
14-Jun-2001: China Unicom in CDMA roaming pacts with 9 intl firms.
14-Jun-2001: Nokia to deliver Brazil's first GSM and GPRS network.
14-Jun-2001: Interview: China Develops 3G in Moderate Way.
14-Jun-2001: NTT DoCoMo, Mitsubishi Electric to Propose Bluetooth Spec for 3G Cell Telephony.
14-Jun-2001: NTT DoCoMo plans to list on New York Stock Exchange.
13-Jun-2001: GSM Association Acts to Support Mobile Internet Services.
13-Jun-2001: NTT DoCoMo to Advise Customers about Malicious E-mails.
13-Jun-2001: Verizon may switch wireless standards.
13-Jun-2001: RIM Eyes Handset Market for Its Wireless Devices.
12-Jun-2001: LG to export GSM phones to Russia.
12-Jun-2001: Telecom Companies Sign Mobile Deal.
12-Jun-2001: CDMA Subscribers Reach 90 Million Worldwide.
12-Jun-2001: Bitstream Develops Breakthrough Web Browser for Wireless Devices.
11-Jun-2001: Java moves to silicon for better phone.
10-Jun-2001: UMTS Opponents Seek to Block Network Sites.
10-Jun-2001: Japan Telecom vows to beat DoCoMo.
10-Jun-2001: Sweden's Tele2 announces summer GPRS launch.
10-Jun-2001: LG Telecom Extends Deadline for Forming IMT-2000 Consortium.
09-Jun-2001: Nokia Says Mobile Web to Take Off Next Year.
09-Jun-2001: J-Phone develops 3G handsets to see 3D images.
08-Jun-2001: Palm announces Bluetooth card for Palm Handhelds.
08-Jun-2001: Kuwait's MTC moves ahead with GPRS Trial and GSM Network Expansion.
07-Jun-2001: Nokia 9290 Communicator to debut in the Americas.
07-Jun-2001: Japan's Omron develops fast 3G chip to run Java.
07-Jun-2001: Japan 3G users report only minor glitches.
06-Jun-2001: Japan, China Firms to Share Tech.
05-Jun-2001: KDDI Cell Phone Service Pinpoints Users' Location.
04-Jun-2001: Red-M First to Enable Third Generation--3G--Mobile Services With Bluetooth.
04-Jun-2001: Elisa to launch GPRS mobile network in Sept.
04-Jun-2001: Nokia and Borland team up to enable development of wireless Java applications.
04-Jun-2001: Germany set to allow 3G co-operation.
03-Jun-2001: Vodafone launches consumer GPRS.
02-Jun-2001: BT Cellnet Extends Its Business GPRS Range With BlackBerry Wireless Email.
02-Jun-2001: 50 Billion Global Text Messages in Q1.
02-Jun-2001: DT Boosts Global Presence with Voicestream.
01-Jun-2001: LG's 3G Consortium Attracts 300 Companies.
31-May-2001: DoCoMo launches trial of high-speed service.
31-May-2001: Nokia to expand Beijing Mobile Communications' GSM network in China.
30-May-2001: Taiwan to auction 3G licences in July.
29-May-2001: Handset Makers Claim Defect in Qualcomm Chip.
29-May-2001: Telstra launches WAP over CDMA network.
29-May-2001: First transmission of UMTS/3G signal in Portugal.
29-May-2001: Mobilcom hires Ericsson and Nokia to construct 3G network.
29-May-2001: Alcatel-Lucent Pact May Come Wednesday.
28-May-2001: Technical quality of NTT DoCoMo's Net service in question.
28-May-2001: Siemens UMTS Alternative for China Stalls.
27-May-2001: Hutchison says 3G rollout is on schedule.
26-May-2001: NTT DoCoMo Delays Video Phones.
26-May-2001: US Celebrates National Wireless Safety Week.
25-May-2001: Sharp Linux PDA to debut at Java One.
24-May-2001: Wireless ads get standards.
24-May-2001: DoCoMo to spend extra E511m on 3G i-Mode.
23-May-2001: Nokia launches Multi-Operator Radio Access Network.
23-May-2001: Sprint Begins Voice-Activated E-mail.
23-May-2001: Shanghai Bell Seals Contract with China Unicom.
23-May-2001: Mass market ready and waiting for mobile commerce.
23-May-2001: PluggedIn: Wireless World Headed for Logjam.
23-May-2001: Cabinet seeks adviser on UMTS auction.
23-May-2001: DoCoMo predicts big 3G profits.
22-May-2001: Italy ramps up UMTS infrastructure buildout.
22-May-2001: New Wireless Technology Offers a Taste of 3G.
22-May-2001: New Mobile Phones Delayed in Japan.
22-May-2001: Chances of delay rising in IMT-2000 launch.
22-May-2001: Italy's TIM launches GPRS.
21-May-2001: Sprint, Google Deal Swells Wireless Web.
21-May-2001: NTT DoCoMo and DoCoMo AOL Announce Launch Of AOLi.
21-May-2001: Voice calls may be free on 3G mobiles.
21-May-2001: Debitel in 3G deal with DT.
21-May-2001: Same terms for all French UMTS licences-Fabius.
21-May-2001: LGT talking with 3 foreign firms to form IMT-2000 consortium.
20-May-2001: 3G Handsets Could Be Ericsson's Come-Back.
19-May-2001: Japan's NTT DoCoMo to tackle junk e-mail - Nikkei.
19-May-2001: BT pips rivals to UK market with speedy Web phones.
19-May-2001: 3G brouhaha: UMTS giants threaten conference walkout.
19-May-2001: Greece: 3G licences to be issued in July.
18-May-2001: DoCoMo's Trial Campaign for 3G Service Attracts Over 147,000 Applicants.
18-May-2001: BT to launch GPRS phones.
18-May-2001: RIM wins patent on technology, sues Glenayre.
18-May-2001: Plan eyes tying up 3 telecom firms.
17-May-2001: Intel Creates Technology To Enable 'Wireless-Internet-On-A-Chip'.
17-May-2001: Sega to Link Vertua Fighter Arcade Video Game with I-Mode Service.
17-May-2001: NTT Docomo to Introduce Dual-Band Handsets-Nikkei.
17-May-2001: Samsung introduces CDMA2000-1X handset.
16-May-2001: Nokia and Supedo to develop mobile gaming content for WAP enabled phones.
16-May-2001: Novatel Wireless Receives Certification for GPRS North American PC Card.
16-May-2001: Finnish Jippii to launch mobile phone games in Q2.
16-May-2001: NEC sees bugs haunting 3G after launch.
16-May-2001: Nokia to expand the GSM and GPRS networks of Hainan Mobile Communications in China.
15-May-2001: Services developed by i-WAP now being showcased in Kuala Lumpur.
15-May-2001: Ericsson and China Unicom sign CDMA contracts valued at over USD 200 Million.
15-May-2001: Is Blackberry in Danger?.
15-May-2001: Wanted: Killer Apps for Wireless Web.
15-May-2001: SWInGing to a Wireless Device Near You.
15-May-2001: Content Delivery Services for PDAs Poised to Take Off.
14-May-2001: Siemens signs UMTS framework contract with Telia Mobile.
14-May-2001: Acer Communications & Multimedia Cuts Estimate for Handset Shipments.
14-May-2001: BT delays launch of 3G services on Isle of Man.
13-May-2001: Government to foster CDMA as key export industry by 2005.
12-May-2001: Cell phones: gaming's next frontier.
12-May-2001: DoCoMo Halts Sales of Latest Sony Cell Phone.
12-May-2001: Palm slashes price on wireless handheld.
12-May-2001: Sprint CEO Sees Content Alliances.
11-May-2001: Micro Java fires up the cell phone.
11-May-2001: Denso, Kenwood to ally on 3G cell phones.
11-May-2001: Industry Luminaries Support BREW, Technical Details Emerge.
11-May-2001: GSM users now half a billion strong.
10-May-2001: Etisalat to launch third-generation mobile services.
10-May-2001: Nine companies up for KT's IMT-2000 bidding.
10-May-2001: Japan's 'K Lab' Unveils New Wireless Web Software.
10-May-2001: Motorola introduces cdma2000-1x handset.
10-May-2001: Qualcomm Hopeful US-China Row Won't Affect CDMA.
09-May-2001: NTT DoCoMo's net profit jumps 45%.
09-May-2001: Motorola and Cisco Open Invisix(TM) Centre of Excellence.
09-May-2001: World's Mobile Phone Production in 2001 Faces Significant Slowdown: Survey.
09-May-2001: NTT DoCoMo to Invite Monitors for "FOMA" Introductory Service.
08-May-2001: Study: Asian WAP Use Similar to U.S..
08-May-2001: NTT DoCoMo to cut cell phone rates-Nikkei.
08-May-2001: Siemens supplies GPRS technology for Airtel Spain.
08-May-2001: Successful completion of 3G All-IP multimedia rich call over BT wireless trial network in the UK.
07-May-2001: First Ericsson ENGINE Integral contract in Latin America with Brazilian CTBC.
07-May-2001: Nokia launches NetAct(TM) Planner for planning of 2G and 3G networks.
07-May-2001: Commercial Availability of Sierra Wireless Aircard 400 for Ricochet Announced.
07-May-2001: TI Unveils OMAP(tm)-based Multimedia Extensions for Symbian-based Wireless Devices.
06-May-2001: Hutchison and DoCoMo mull Hong Kong i-mode.
06-May-2001: Alcatel expects to sell 40,000 WAP phones in Malaysia.
05-May-2001: Phone games: next generation.
05-May-2001: Samsung to Sell 2.5G Mobile Phones in Europe.
05-May-2001: Bullish Nokia aims for bigger market share.
05-May-2001: Marketing seen key to wireless firms' success.
04-May-2001: Vodafone to Become Japan Telecom's Largest Stockholder.
04-May-2001: PAV offers 3G solution.
04-May-2001: UK govt boosts BT's 3G network sharing plan.
04-May-2001: Nokia Investor Road Show Friday Seen Short on News.
04-May-2001: New football information service for WAP users.
04-May-2001: RIM to give BlackBerry a voice.
03-May-2001: NTT exploits the 5.2GHz Band.
03-May-2001: Samsung Electronics Releases 2-In. TFT-LCD for Mobile Handsets.
03-May-2001: Ten O'Clock Tech: PDA Phones Multiply.
02-May-2001: Mobile operators start rolling out full-fledged cdma2000-1x services.
02-May-2001: VIA's PDA Unit Diversifies into Smart Phone Production.
02-May-2001: Nokia leads among Asian WAP handset buyers.
02-May-2001: Wireless Network In China Delayed.
02-May-2001: Researcher: Develop WAP, Watch I-Mode.
02-May-2001: DT-VoiceStream deal clears final regulatory hurdle.
02-May-2001: LGE exports one million CDMA handsets to U.S..
01-May-2001: Kabira Powers One of World's First Pre-paid GPRS Implementations.
01-May-2001: Cable & Wireless Launches Global GPRS Data Roaming Service.
01-May-2001: Phones on the Road.
30-Apr-2001: German regulator reviews phone group plans.
30-Apr-2001: Development of 4G services to start in June.
29-Apr-2001: KT ICOM head vows to launch Korean 3G service May 2002.
28-Apr-2001: Starbucks Says Wireless Rollout to Start With 3 Cities.
28-Apr-2001: S'pore Airline launches in-flight e-mail service.
27-Apr-2001: NTT DoCoMo Unveils PHS Phone Compatible with Music Service.
27-Apr-2001: UMTS Forum forecasts $1 trillion opportunity for 3G over next decade.
27-Apr-2001: NTT DoCoMo to Launch FOMA 3G "Introductory Service".
27-Apr-2001: Vodafone will not have video streaming.
27-Apr-2001: Ericsson chosen by KPN Mobile as primary UMTS supplier.
27-Apr-2001: Qualcomm Enters into a 3G CDMA Agreement with Mitsubishi.
26-Apr-2001: Ericsson Loses Third-Biggest Handset Maker Title.
26-Apr-2001: Industry leaders join forces to build the Wireless Village initiative.
26-Apr-2001: Samsung to supply gear to huge China CDMA network.
26-Apr-2001: FCC clears Deutsche Telekom-VoiceStream deal.
25-Apr-2001: Project JXTA, Mobile Peer-to-Peer.
25-Apr-2001: Nokia to deliver GSM 1800 network expansion to COSMOTE in Greece.
25-Apr-2001: GeoVector and Texas Instruments Transform Wireless Handsets.
25-Apr-2001: Cellphone leaders set to announce industry project.
25-Apr-2001: Ericsson chosen by Libertel-Vodafone to supply UMTS network.
24-Apr-2001: Telecom equipment makers waiting for Chinese CDMA bidding results.
24-Apr-2001: TU-KA Group to Deliver 64-Chord, 492-Tone MIDI Music Files for Mobile Handsets.
24-Apr-2001: Virage Demonstrates On-Demand Streaming Video Delivery to Wireless Devices.
24-Apr-2001: Nokia, Nortel in talks with Mercury for alliance in network gear market.
24-Apr-2001: Ericsson and Sony to create world leader in mobile phones.
24-Apr-2001: NTT DoCoMo delays 3G Launch.
23-Apr-2001: Tiny British isle races Japan to be first with 3G.
23-Apr-2001: Japan's IMT-2000 3G Mobile Phone Service to Launch Soon.
23-Apr-2001: 3G licence fee to be decided within weeks.
23-Apr-2001: Siemens starts UMTS network test for BT.
22-Apr-2001: Canadian government considers cell phone silencers.
22-Apr-2001: A tale of two cellphone companies' leaders.
21-Apr-2001: NEC Preparing Europe Handset Offensive.
21-Apr-2001: Nokia to supply advanced 3G network solution to Finnish operator Radiolinja.
20-Apr-2001: Korea, China to strengthen CDMA cooperation.
20-Apr-2001: Ericsson cuts jobs as Nokia takes market share.
20-Apr-2001: Three Wireless Cos. Report Strong Subscriber Growth.
20-Apr-2001: Smartphone Service Deal Expands Wireless Web Access.
20-Apr-2001: Swedish Nat'l Radio: Ericsson to Cut 10,000 Jobs.
20-Apr-2001: Sega, J-Phone to Jointly Develop Games for Java-Capable Cellular Phones.
19-Apr-2001: Sprint PCS and Join WirelessReadyTM Alliance.
19-Apr-2001: Two key mobile operators at odds over launch of IMT-2000 services.
19-Apr-2001: Sony and Ericsson may merge mobile units.
19-Apr-2001: BT launches "always-on" mobile Web phones.
19-Apr-2001: Solar charged cell phones on the horizon?.
19-Apr-2001: Google Joins Forces with Vodafone.
18-Apr-2001: Qualcomm brings out 3G modem chip.
18-Apr-2001: NTT DoCoMo may up launch of 4G service.
18-Apr-2001: J-Phone gets serious on mobile ads.
18-Apr-2001: Sprint net income falls but wireless unit shows growth.
17-Apr-2001: First public demonstration of TD-SCDMA by Siemens and CATT.
17-Apr-2001: Sewon to supply handsets to LGT.
17-Apr-2001: Vodafone makes first live 3G voice call in UK.
17-Apr-2001: AOL Enhances Wireless Portal.
17-Apr-2001: Korean telecom firms stepping up efforts to tap Chinese CDMA mart.
16-Apr-2001: Killer app for cell phones: Lottery tickets.
16-Apr-2001: Competition for Cellular Phone LCD Panels Heats Up.
15-Apr-2001: KTF, KT unveil wireless.
14-Apr-2001: First Supercomm Asia Set to Open April 25 in Shanghai.
14-Apr-2001: LPG Innovations demonstrates first WAP push connection in regular cellular network.
13-Apr-2001: KDDI Unveils Plans for Java-Compatible Mobile Phone Service.
13-Apr-2001: Live Free and Unwired.
13-Apr-2001: China defers 3G decision until 2002.
12-Apr-2001: Brazil to Tender 3G Licences.
12-Apr-2001: Mobile Commerce to Reduce Field Transaction Costs.
12-Apr-2001: LGE to supply multimedia messaging system to LGT.
12-Apr-2001: Nokia, KPN Mobile and Interpay test mobile commerce solution.
12-Apr-2001: Japanese Venture Firm Makes Software to Allow PDAs to Run I-Appli Java Applications.
12-Apr-2001: Rohm announces it will enter the market for OEL Displays.
11-Apr-2001: Ericsson recalls flawed GPRS phones.
11-Apr-2001: Fujitsu and Japan Radio Co. Establish New Company.
11-Apr-2001: Nokia rekindles 3G confidence.
11-Apr-2001: Super speeds to deliver streaming video and audio on mobile phone applications.
11-Apr-2001: Singapore cancels 3G auction.
10-Apr-2001: Nokia selected as sole 3G network supplier to Orange Switzerland.
10-Apr-2001: Top m-commerce use to be online settlements-DoCoMo.
10-Apr-2001: Qualcomm Plans 2002 Start To Australian 3G Services.
09-Apr-2001: Wireless Multimedia Messaging Tomorrow's Killer App.
09-Apr-2001: UK 3G on track says GSA.
09-Apr-2001: LGE unveils color cdma2000 handset.
09-Apr-2001: New U.S. cell phone building block for mobile Web.
08-Apr-2001: Java I-Mode Handsets Assessed.
08-Apr-2001: NTT DoComo To Launch Net Linking Phone In Europe-Report.
08-Apr-2001: Motorola Stops Symbian Initial Public Offering, Paper Says.
08-Apr-2001: Microcell Launches GPRS Service Across Canada.
07-Apr-2001: i-mode Pours Fuel on Japanese Wireless Fire.
07-Apr-2001: BT GPRS data services hit by glitches.
07-Apr-2001: Who let the dogs in--to your cell phone?.
06-Apr-2001: Blackberry cult heads to UK.
06-Apr-2001: 3GPP WCDMA Finalisation Standards Baseline Announced.
06-Apr-2001: SIM cards move out from GSM handsets.
06-Apr-2001: 3G wireless center set up in India.
06-Apr-2001: Sprint Sees Continued Strong Demand for Wireless Services.
06-Apr-2001: Political Cartoons Coming Soon to 3G Wireless Devices.
05-Apr-2001: First Label-Sanctioned Digital Music Sharing Service Announced.
05-Apr-2001: Japan to urge opening DoCoMo network early.
05-Apr-2001: Nokia and WIND sign agreement for the supply of Nokia's UMTS network equipment in Italy.
05-Apr-2001: Ericsson in cooperation with Eurocard AB in Sweden to test Bluetoothtm based wireless payment.
05-Apr-2001: Packet pricing for wirelesss Internet service to be adopted.
05-Apr-2001: WAP Future Remains Rosy Says E-Commerce Expo Panel.
05-Apr-2001: A Hit Wireless Road Show.
05-Apr-2001: US watchdog to clear DT takeover of VoiceStream.
04-Apr-2001: Ericsson Exec: 3G Deployment Coming Slowly In US.
03-Apr-2001: Vodafone GPRS service opens for business.
03-Apr-2001: EU still divided over 3G licences.
03-Apr-2001: Matsushita Pens 3G CDMA License with InterDigital.
03-Apr-2001: Germany may allow 3G operators to co-operate.
03-Apr-2001: Latest 2.5G cellular phones get smarter.
03-Apr-2001: Nokia closes EUR 1.5 billion 3G deal with Orange.
03-Apr-2001: Motorola Launches Two Digital Personal Companion Handsets.
03-Apr-2001: DoCoMo's Java Bridge to 3G.
03-Apr-2001: LGE to export tri-mode wireless handset to U.S..
02-Apr-2001: DoCoMo Introduces FOMA Web-site.
02-Apr-2001: Nokia to deliver 3G network infrastructure to Hutchison 3G in the UK.
02-Apr-2001: Sharp sets up UK mobile subsidiary, eyes Europe.
02-Apr-2001: Wireless Hears Call of Voice Recognition Software.
02-Apr-2001: China's CDMA project a boon for Korean firms.
01-Apr-2001: International Calls To Mobile Phones Get More Expensive.
31-Mar-2001: Solar Flares Could Hit Earth's Cell Phones, Pagers This Weekend.
31-Mar-2001: Bid Price for IMT-2000 Auction May Be Cut.
31-Mar-2001: Microsoft shuts Windows on Bluetooth support.
31-Mar-2001: Cloudy Outlook for Airwaves on 3G Services.
30-Mar-2001: Commerce Chief Meets to Reassure Wireless Firms in US.
30-Mar-2001: Bidding for CDMA network in China fierce.
29-Mar-2001: 3GPP adopts SyncML for 3G mobile synchronization services.
29-Mar-2001: Ericsson to supply UMTS to Mobilkom Austria.
29-Mar-2001: Philips may quit market for mobile phone handsets.
29-Mar-2001: Sanyo is First Mobile Phone in U.S. with Full-Color Screen.
29-Mar-2001: U.S. Wireless Wins Urban-Tracking Patent.
29-Mar-2001: NTT DoCoMo Hits a Wireless Milestone with "i-appli" Service.
29-Mar-2001: Mitsubishi to Introduce Four New Trium Phones to North America in 2001.
28-Mar-2001: The 3G window of opportunity.
28-Mar-2001: BT, Sharp deal shows Japan threat to phone makers.
27-Mar-2001: CeBITs and BYTEs.
27-Mar-2001: Ericsson Pushes WAP Certification.
27-Mar-2001: Verizon 3G plan upsets Vodafone as standards clash.
27-Mar-2001: Taking aim at wireless spam.
27-Mar-2001: Siemens would be happy as No 2 in handsets -CEO.
27-Mar-2001: Greece's Panafon launches GPRS.
27-Mar-2001: High-Speed Mobile Wireless Takes Three Big Steps Forward.
27-Mar-2001: Nokia enters the Korean market with two new CDMA phones.
27-Mar-2001: Motorola and Alltel Partner To Deliver Motorola's New V.series 60c Digital Wireless Phone.
27-Mar-2001: Qualcomm to Hold Inaugural "BREW 2001: Developer and 3G Technology Conference".
26-Mar-2001: The 3330--Nokia's new WAP-enabled Entertainment Handset.
26-Mar-2001: Ericsson and Canon demonstrate photography of tomorrow.
26-Mar-2001: Japan's Sharp to Employ Java on Its Mobile Devices (Wrap).
26-Mar-2001: Sprint chairman dismisses merger speculation.
25-Mar-2001: Motorola Accompli 008 Product Review.
24-Mar-2001: Australia 3G auction ends below estimates.
24-Mar-2001: Siemens Introduces the S47 GPRS-enabled handset for US Market.
24-Mar-2001: Tech Show Focuses Around Cellular.
23-Mar-2001: Ericsson demonstrates digital image transfer at CeBIT.
23-Mar-2001: Siemens presents GSM, GPRS and UMTS offering at CeBIT.
23-Mar-2001: Motorola shows five new GPRS handsets at CeBIT.
22-Mar-2001: CTIA Presents President's Awards.
22-Mar-2001: Symbian unveils platform for 2.5G Smartphones and Communicators at CeBIT 2001.
22-Mar-2001: First XHTML microbrowser on standard mobile phone demonstrated at CeBIT.
22-Mar-2001: Australian auction nets $577m.
22-Mar-2001: Wireless Giants to Develop Single Games Standard.
21-Mar-2001: CTIA Wireless 2001 Update.
21-Mar-2001: Ericsson's T68 color GPRS handset is tri-band.
21-Mar-2001: Nokia 8310 'fashion handset'.
21-Mar-2001: Nokia unveils 6310 GPRS handset.
21-Mar-2001: Siemens launches its first GPRS Phone, the S45.
21-Mar-2001: Lucent Technologies and RIM Announce Broad Agreement to Drive the Internet Closer to Mobile Users.
21-Mar-2001: FCC Official Optimistic for Finding 3G Airwaves.
21-Mar-2001: Ericsson unveils prototype for the playback of streamed Windows.
20-Mar-2001: Sprint announces 3G strategy.
20-Mar-2001: GTRAN Introduces CDMA 1X & GPRS Data Cards.
20-Mar-2001: Mobile remote control of the intelligent home.
20-Mar-2001: MPEG Solutions eyes next-generation multimedia compression technology.
20-Mar-2001: Nortel Networks, Novatel Wireless to Deliver Wireless Internet Services, Applications.
20-Mar-2001: Sendo Selects TI's OMAP(TM) Technology to Deliver Multimedia Rich Wireless Applications on Sendo's Z100 Smartphone.
20-Mar-2001: Samsung and LGE to Showcase Digital Products at CeBIT.
20-Mar-2001: US mobile groups edge towards 3G networks.
19-Mar-2001: Bluetooth Radio introduced for Mobile Handsets.
19-Mar-2001: Novatel Wireless Announces handheld Modems for CDPD and GSM/GPRS.
19-Mar-2001: CTIA - Nortel Networks, Samsung, MPEON to Jointly Market Wireless Internet Solutions.
19-Mar-2001: Spain carrier pushes ahead with UMTS.
19-Mar-2001: J-Phone Group to Start Delivery of 3D Images for Cellular Phones in June.
19-Mar-2001: New Sleek Palm m500 and m505 Handhelds Add Expansion, Mobile Connectivity and Vibrant Color.
19-Mar-2001: Verizon Wireless and Lucent Technologies plan to speed introduction of third-generation (3G) technologies to U.S..
18-Mar-2001: DoCoMo Aims to Start 4G Cellular Service in 2006, Yomiuri Says.
18-Mar-2001: CeBIT to Highlight WAP Technology.
17-Mar-2001: EC urges state policies for 3G license debt relief.
17-Mar-2001: Ten O'Clock Tech: Location, Communication In One.
16-Mar-2001: Ericsson unveils new wireless module.
16-Mar-2001: CeBIT-Cellphone industry pressed to deliver mobile Web.
16-Mar-2001: Get virtually board with snowboarding game and the Nokia 9210 Communicator.
16-Mar-2001: Ericsson launches Mobile Commerce Platform - enables charging for Mobile Internet services.
16-Mar-2001: Sprint to announce 3G rollout plans at Wireless 2001.
15-Mar-2001: Austrian Telco ONE launches GPRS services.
15-Mar-2001: Qualcomm CDMA Technologies Announces Second-Generation CMX Multimedia Software.
15-Mar-2001: Putting Palm and Phone in One Hand, or Pocket.
15-Mar-2001: Report: Phone Giants Discussing Mergers.
15-Mar-2001: DoCoMo Expects No `Killer Apps' for W-CDMA Phones Initially.
15-Mar-2001: Australian 3G auction draws A$804m on first day.
14-Mar-2001: NTT To Offer Wireless Web in U.S..
14-Mar-2001: Wireless handset and systems exports seen surging this year.
14-Mar-2001: Nokia delivers GPRS network to Dutchtone for fast mobile Internet services in the Netherlands.
14-Mar-2001: Sanyo, Infineon in Transistor Tie-Up.
13-Mar-2001: New study predicts high growth for US cellular market.
13-Mar-2001: Chipset and software for GSM/GPRS handsets introduced.
13-Mar-2001: DDI Pocket to Use XHTML Basic in Web Browser for PHS Phones.
13-Mar-2001: Motorola downsizes.
13-Mar-2001: Siemens selected by Telia as supplier for Nordic UMTS network.
13-Mar-2001: Manufacturers not ready for DoCoMo 3G launch.
13-Mar-2001: Wireless RF technology goes to direct conversion.
13-Mar-2001: Streaming content for wireless Web gets $90 mln for R&D.
12-Mar-2001: Single board WAP & SMS server for embedded systems.
12-Mar-2001: Single CDMA network to link Korea, Japan, China.
12-Mar-2001: Nokia Opens the First 3G Applications Centre in Hong Kong.
11-Mar-2001: Government plan irks India's wireless carriers.
11-Mar-2001: Yamaha to Start Karaoke Music Distribution Service for I-Appli.
11-Mar-2001: 3G faces threat from ultra-cheap technology.
10-Mar-2001: Singapore's 3G blues.
10-Mar-2001: Ubizen to Roll Out WAP Security Software.
09-Mar-2001: Hyundai Electroncs Develops 8Mb SRAM for 3G Handsets.
09-Mar-2001: Siemens selected by China Mobile to enable mobile Internet services in China.
09-Mar-2001: Comverse Gives Italian Customers Wireless Voice.
09-Mar-2001: Wireless Ad Business: Illusion or Bonanza?.
09-Mar-2001: Australia sets lower reserve in 3G phone auction.
09-Mar-2001: Yahoo! Shoots, Scores for Wireless Hoops Fans.
09-Mar-2001:, Sprint Partner On Distribution.
08-Mar-2001: Nokia chosen as total system supplier for Telia Mobile's 3G network in Finland.
08-Mar-2001: Now Alcatel warns of phone slowdown.
08-Mar-2001: Goldman to quit WAP Forum.
08-Mar-2001: Sony I-Mode Phone Goes on Sale.
08-Mar-2001: LGE joins three Chinese firms in making CDMA handset.
07-Mar-2001: TDMA Subscribers Increase By 74% Worldwide.
07-Mar-2001: Kannel certified as the first WAP 1.1 gateway.
07-Mar-2001: Estonia: EMT starts testing GPRS network, competitors line up.
07-Mar-2001: Vodafone says faster mobiles due by Q2.
07-Mar-2001: NTT DoCoMo to Start Information Distribution Service.
07-Mar-2001: Palm's New m105 Handheld Adds Memory, Email and Internet Connectivity.
06-Mar-2001: Siemens selected by Cegetel for UMTS network in France.
06-Mar-2001: PDA Makers and Online Content Providers...
06-Mar-2001: DoCoMo to Release i-Mode Site Certification Rules.
06-Mar-2001: Japan Telecom delays 3G launch.
06-Mar-2001: U.S. wireless Web surfers to number 96 million in 2005.
06-Mar-2001: Stock-market Transactions via WAP.
05-Mar-2001: Sharp to Challenge Palm, Pocket PC With Linux PDA.
05-Mar-2001: SK IMT formally inaugurated.
05-Mar-2001: DoCoMo Says I-Mode Cellular Users Top 20 Million Mark.
05-Mar-2001: WAP Database Needs Injection.
05-Mar-2001: Wireless Ads on Mobile Phones Garner High Response Rates in Japan.
05-Mar-2001: Atari Video Games Back in Fashion.
05-Mar-2001: Belgian mobile phone auction raises $422m.
04-Mar-2001: DoCoMo to raise discounts, reduce rates in price war.
04-Mar-2001: SK Tel agrees to offer CDMA tech to China Unicom.
03-Mar-2001: Ericsson Boosts China Investment to $5 Bln by 2006, Xinhua Says.
03-Mar-2001: Forget WAP For Now; Is SMS The Way To Wireless Nirvana?.
03-Mar-2001: Nokia Briefs on Benefits of 3G Network Sharing.
03-Mar-2001: Holders of 3G licences may share to cut costs.
03-Mar-2001: NTT DoCoMo to Debut NEC-Made I-Appli-Compatible Mobile Phone.
02-Mar-2001: Vodafone to launch GPRS in April - paper.
02-Mar-2001: SK telecoms carrier delays 3G.
02-Mar-2001: Nokia has been chosen by Telia as a supplier for a Nordic-wide 3G network.
02-Mar-2001: Ericsson chosen as UMTS supplier by ONE.
02-Mar-2001: Verizon Touting New Smartphone.
02-Mar-2001: Palm grows in Japan, ties up with DoCoMo.
01-Mar-2001: Sony Entertainment Unveils Network Business Strategy, Tie-Up with I-Mode.
01-Mar-2001: Ericsson brings Internet to the street.
01-Mar-2001: Psion shares fall 16 per cent as it shifts focus.
01-Mar-2001: Toshiba sees modest 3G handset growth in 2001-02.
01-Mar-2001: LGE claims largest share in Australian mobile phone market.
28-Feb-2001: TI, Beatnik team up on OMAP-based wireless audio solutions.
28-Feb-2001: Palm-Friendly Solar Charger, Movie Player on Display at Macworld/Tokyo.
28-Feb-2001: MeT Initiative releases first specifications for secure mobile transactions.
28-Feb-2001: Google Blasts into Japan with I-Mode Engine.
28-Feb-2001: AT&T Seals Two More Deals.
27-Feb-2001: Nortel Networks, BT Cellnet Announce Opening of Development, Testing Centres.
27-Feb-2001: NEC to Commercialize Reflection Color TFT-LCD Panels for Cell Phones.
27-Feb-2001: Vodafone launches voice and WAP email.
27-Feb-2001: Ericsson introduces T29 for the Asian markets.
27-Feb-2001: Smart phones seen leading handheld computer growth.
27-Feb-2001: Mobile groups in sharing talks.
27-Feb-2001: Supply Agreement Signed for Blackerry Wireless Email Solution in UK.
26-Feb-2001: Samsung to sell handsets for high-speed Web.
26-Feb-2001: Wireless Web wows at Internet World.
26-Feb-2001: UK's Vodafone poised to deepen foray into Japan.
25-Feb-2001: Consortium urges gov't to issue remaining 3G license in April.
25-Feb-2001: Monitoring GPRS performance.
25-Feb-2001: Qualcomm says not all 3G being delayed.
25-Feb-2001: Nokia defies pessimists and predicts 3G success.
24-Feb-2001: Telia Mobil announces GPRS service package.
24-Feb-2001: Palm Pilot helped to send secrets to Russians.
24-Feb-2001: Handspring Introduces Visorphone World Phone to European Markets.
24-Feb-2001: Gov't postpones plan to select cdma2000 operator indefinitely.
24-Feb-2001: SUN Microsystems and Openwave form Strategic Relationship.
24-Feb-2001: Nokia Bullish on Mobile Web Phones, Symbian.
24-Feb-2001: Sprint, WorldCom cling to their wireless spectrum.
23-Feb-2001: Global Survey Shows Appeal of Mobile Commerce Remains Strong.
23-Feb-2001: Intel Concerned for Telecom Industry.
23-Feb-2001: The Web, Without Wires, Wherever.
23-Feb-2001: China's CDMA Telecom Network to Begin Operations in October.
23-Feb-2001: TI Chairman Addresses 3GSM World Congress.
23-Feb-2001: Qualcomm warns of delay in 3G roll-out timetable.
22-Feb-2001: Nokia sees music,image messaging key for operators.
22-Feb-2001: Alcatel: No 3G Phones Until 2004.
22-Feb-2001: Ericsson introduces unique PC-based radio network planning tools.
22-Feb-2001: France's Orange sticks by sunny GPRS mobile outlook.
22-Feb-2001: Through the Keynotes at the 3GSM World Congress.
21-Feb-2001: Nortel Networks drives ahead with 3G initiatives.
21-Feb-2001: Microsoft's Smart Phone Unlocks Potential of 2.5G and 3G Wireless Networks.
21-Feb-2001: Sierra Wireless announces AirCard 700 Series.
20-Feb-2001: Openwave demonstrates WAP 2.0 browser.
20-Feb-2001: The UK's most popular cricket web site goes Mobile.
20-Feb-2001: M commerce is already a huge success.
20-Feb-2001: Melody launches new mobile group coordinator.
20-Feb-2001: Ericsson introduces GSM 800.
20-Feb-2001: Sega links with DoCoMo.
20-Feb-2001: Motorola Adds to Its Portfolio of GPRS Handsets.
20-Feb-2001: AT&T joint venture with BT in danger of collapse.
19-Feb-2001: Sharp to export mobile phone handsets in 2001/02.
19-Feb-2001: Nokia brings WAP games to its customers.
19-Feb-2001: Siemens adopts Symbian's platform.
19-Feb-2001: Nokia Signet Solution brings convenience and enhanced security to mobile e-commerce services.
18-Feb-2001: Seoul reaffirms selection of operator for cdma2000 3rd-generation service.
18-Feb-2001: First look: Linksys WAP11, Wireless Access Point.
18-Feb-2001: Firm Finds Movies and Beer Are Keys to Wireless Ads.
18-Feb-2001: The future is red for mobile phone giants.
17-Feb-2001: London Gets New WAP Travel Service.
17-Feb-2001: Nokia to delay GPRS handset shipments.
17-Feb-2001: Korea's 3G plan faces funding problem.
17-Feb-2001: Content provider Cybird upbeat on Japan 3G outlook.
16-Feb-2001: Nortel axes jobs and cuts revenue forecasts.
16-Feb-2001: Samsung selects components for CDMA Watch Phone.
16-Feb-2001: What do Valentine's Day and the Chinese New Year have in common?.
15-Feb-2001: Czech 3G auction target set.
15-Feb-2001: Need a Haircut in Singapore? Use a Mobile Phone.
15-Feb-2001: Ericsson and IBM Join Forces to Help Financial Service Companies.
15-Feb-2001: KT Freetel, plan mobile-phone voice service.
15-Feb-2001: Betting on a Jackpot from Virtual Gaming.
15-Feb-2001: Taiwan plans 3G auction.
14-Feb-2001: NTT DoCoMo to introduce FOMA on May 30.
14-Feb-2001: Europolitan Fails to Lure GPRS Customers, Cites Phone Shortage.
13-Feb-2001: Brazil, Italy Cos. Bid for Wireless.
13-Feb-2001: Siemens awarded UMTS order from OniWay in Portugal.
13-Feb-2001: Viewing, Editing MS Word/Excel Documents on Mobile Devices Possible: iDini.
13-Feb-2001: Flirtylizer - The First Mobile Dating Service With Positioning.
13-Feb-2001: Parley offers window on the world of WAP.
13-Feb-2001: France Telecom sees GPRS launch in H2 2001.
13-Feb-2001: Australia 3G licences move.
13-Feb-2001: Motorola and Codeonline team for Mobile Entertainment.
13-Feb-2001: NEC Says Considering Entering Handheld PC Market.
13-Feb-2001: Phone That Wants to Be More.
13-Feb-2001: Samsung Electronics develops new mobile memory chip.
13-Feb-2001: Italy's first wireless navigation services.
12-Feb-2001: Vodafone, Sony to Link Mobiles with PlayStation.
12-Feb-2001: Marconi backs mobile inventor's new venture.
12-Feb-2001: Review: Samsung SGH-N100.
11-Feb-2001: The Suicide of the Mobile Internet.
10-Feb-2001: If You Love Your Palm, Try the Slim New RIM With E-Mail Functions.
10-Feb-2001: Motient to Provide Palm Users with Wireless Connectivity.
10-Feb-2001: Faster way to wireless Web comes to area.
10-Feb-2001: Palm Seeks PDA Contract Manufacturers in Taiwan.
10-Feb-2001: Wireless LAN security holes exposed.
09-Feb-2001: MCI handsets in danger of missing 3G launch.
09-Feb-2001: Ericsson chosen as UMTS supplier by Optimus, Portugal.
09-Feb-2001: Rare metal key to smaller cell phones.
09-Feb-2001: Belgium short of 3G bidders.
09-Feb-2001: Intel snags $2 billion contract with Siemens.
09-Feb-2001: LG prepares to sell phone unit.
09-Feb-2001: Innovative silicon-chip design from Lucent's Bell Labs may speed rollout and lower costs of wireless networks.
09-Feb-2001: Siemens sets up incubator for new wireless technologies.
08-Feb-2001: U.S. military goes wireless with Canada's RIM.
08-Feb-2001: KG Telecom to Launch GPRS Service.
08-Feb-2001: Virgin Mobile Intros First Interactive WAP Shopping Services.
08-Feb-2001: Equant Offers Global Roaming For WAP.
08-Feb-2001: WAP -- The Technology Everyone Loves to Hate.
08-Feb-2001: Deutsche Telekom's acquisitions near approval.
08-Feb-2001: Is Wireless Gaming a Winner?.
08-Feb-2001: Java I-Mode Mobile Phones Quickly Become Top Selling Items: Survey.
08-Feb-2001: Clickmarks Announces Instant Wireless Publisher.
08-Feb-2001: Nokia to deliver the first GPRS core network to Bolivia.
08-Feb-2001: Alan Demos Delivery of E-Tickets with Bar Codes to Mobile Phones.
08-Feb-2001: Palm Looks Overtake Rivals by Going Wireless.
07-Feb-2001: Ericsson provides enterprises with mobile Internet solutions.
07-Feb-2001: Challenges ahead for Nordic telecoms giants.
07-Feb-2001: Matsushita Unveils Chip Optimized for 3G Wireless.
07-Feb-2001: Motorola Wins Multi-Million Dollar Malaysian Contract.
07-Feb-2001: Nokia launches WAP Toolkit 2.1 with new mobile phone emulators.
06-Feb-2001: Red-M Delivers the 'WAP Intranet'.
06-Feb-2001: Bluetooth Readies for Its Close-Up.
06-Feb-2001: Nokia Networks to launch Nokia mCreate(TM) solution.
06-Feb-2001: Handhelds That Do It All.
06-Feb-2001: Speedware Announces North American Launch of MobileDev 2.0.
05-Feb-2001: The World's First Multiplayer Game Via Both the Internet and WAP.
05-Feb-2001: NTT DoCoMo Recalls Four Defective Mobile Phone Models.
05-Feb-2001: Getting the most out of movies on your Palm device.
05-Feb-2001: Here Comes DoCoMo USA.
04-Feb-2001: IBM Japan Adds Mobile Phone Functions to E-Commerce Server Software.
04-Feb-2001: IBM to Offer BlackBerry Wireless Solution to Enterprise Customers.
03-Feb-2001: NTT Software, Fujitsu Develop System to Link Java Mobile Phones, Application Servers.
03-Feb-2001: Nokia to shift proportion of mobile phone manufacturing from U.S. to factories abroad.
03-Feb-2001: Palm Pilots catching on in schools.
03-Feb-2001: WAP phones set to reach 1.5 million in Thailand in 2001.
03-Feb-2001: Picofun advances mobile gaming with new golf title 'On the Green'.
03-Feb-2001: Brazil cancels 2.5G round.
03-Feb-2001: Wireless jungle still waiting for its king.
02-Feb-2001: Openwave embraces i-mode in new browser.
02-Feb-2001: Canada high-speed spectrum auction gets C$1.5 billion.
02-Feb-2001: High Performance Wireless Internet in China.
02-Feb-2001: Ericsson chosen as UMTS supplier by TMN in Portugal.
02-Feb-2001: Is there money for WAP tools?.
01-Feb-2001: Shinsegi Telecomm to launch 2.5G data service.
01-Feb-2001: Swedish startup challenges palmtop giants.
01-Feb-2001: Ericsson chosen as exclusive 3G supplier by Rogers AT&T Wireless.
01-Feb-2001: Nokia and PTK Centertel sign Euro 200 million GSM and GPRS expansion contract in Poland.
01-Feb-2001: Sega to Provide Games to Palm Handhelds.
01-Feb-2001: FCC delays US wireless auction by six months.
31-Jan-2001: French regulator calls for new 3G contest.
31-Jan-2001: Konami to Deliver Baseball Game Contents for Java I-Mode Cell Phones.
31-Jan-2001: QUALCOMM Introduces Open Software Platform BREW.
31-Jan-2001: GPRS technology platform announced.
31-Jan-2001: Ericsson opens centers for 3G interoperability testing.
30-Jan-2001: Ericsson affirms GPRS target after Nokia delays.
29-Jan-2001: Wireless Internet users reach 15 million last month.
29-Jan-2001: Text messages tapped for ads.
29-Jan-2001: 3G Profits to Come From Mobile Internet Access.
29-Jan-2001: NTT DoCoMo and Sony to Jointly Develop Service Combining Mobile Internet, PlayStation Technologies in Overseas Markets.
29-Jan-2001: Nokia launches world's first demonstration of Mobile IPv6-based multimedia network.
28-Jan-2001: A sneak peek at the next Palm.
27-Jan-2001: Telefonica, Sonera near 6.0 bln euro 3G deal.
27-Jan-2001: Ericsson Phone Move Highlights Trouble.
27-Jan-2001: Japan's Mobile Phone Operators to Adopt W3C's XHTML Basic.
27-Jan-2001: It's 11 o'clock. Does your cell phone know where you are?.
27-Jan-2001: Wireless Web Needs Wireless Bots.
26-Jan-2001: US FCC wireless auction ends, raising $16.86 bln.
26-Jan-2001: TU-KA Cellular to Debut E-Mail Device with Digital Camera.
26-Jan-2001: Packet charging system may lower wireless Internet fees.
26-Jan-2001: I-Mode teaches WAP a few fundamental lessons.
26-Jan-2001: TDMA Operators Finally Launch WAP Services in Brazil.
26-Jan-2001: Ericsson set to quit handset production as losses mount.
26-Jan-2001: French 3G Auction In Question.
26-Jan-2001: Sprint Drops Out of Canadian Wireless License Auction.
26-Jan-2001: U.S. Wireless Auction Almost Over.
25-Jan-2001: Airline, Telia to test in-flight wireless Internet access.
25-Jan-2001: The MeT initiative welcomes Sony as its new member.
25-Jan-2001: Java WAP Microbrowser Available.
24-Jan-2001: Taiwan Anticipates Large-Scale Cell Phone ODM Orders from Motorola.
24-Jan-2001: Suez and Telefonica drop out of French 3G contest.
24-Jan-2001: Ericsson launches new set-up for faster rollout of mobile Internet applications.
24-Jan-2001: CVS and Palm invest in health-care start-up.
23-Jan-2001: NTT DoCoMo to start international roaming service in Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania.
23-Jan-2001: Europolitan, HI3G combine 3G-forces.
23-Jan-2001: Nortel Networks Installs World's First Commercial 3GPP UMTS Equipment for Airtel.
23-Jan-2001: Verizon Leads Bidding as U.S. Airwaves Sale Nears End.
23-Jan-2001: Telcos doubt timetable set for mobile internet.
23-Jan-2001: Openwave and Siemens to Enable Wireless Internet Services in China.
22-Jan-2001: Nokia to deliver WAP solution to China Mobile.
22-Jan-2001: Expanded cell phone operating service granted by gov't.
22-Jan-2001: Combining PDA, wireless phone isn't an easy trick.
21-Jan-2001: Mobile Internet Industry Survey Report Released.
20-Jan-2001: DoCoMo to launch i-mode in Europe.
20-Jan-2001: World's First GPRS System for Clinicians Goes Live.
20-Jan-2001: Vietnam to get new CDMA network from Korea.
19-Jan-2001: NTT DoCoMo Unveils 'I-Appli' Service for Java I-Mode with SSL.
19-Jan-2001: U.S. FCC tries to accelerate end to wireless auction.
18-Jan-2001: America Online and Nokia Announce Microbrowser Licensing Agreement.
18-Jan-2001: Motorola and BMW Launch Phone System.
18-Jan-2001: Fast Mobile Internet Via GPRS Not So Fast Yet.
18-Jan-2001: European mobile internet venture agreed.
17-Jan-2001: Voice-Activated Mobile App Promises Precise Navigation.
17-Jan-2001: Deutsche Telekom's T-Mobil Doubles German Customers Last Year.
17-Jan-2001: Zentek to Distribute I-Mode-Supported Java Development Environment.
17-Jan-2001: The Isle of Man: A Working Lab for 3G Wireless.
16-Jan-2001: TSMC and ZEEVO Deliver Fully Integrated Single-Chip Bluetooth Devices.
15-Jan-2001: Canada kicks off high-speed wireless auction.
15-Jan-2001: NTT DoCoMo Unveils Java-Enabled I-Mode Phone.
14-Jan-2001: Info on the Go.
13-Jan-2001: DoCoMo wants to speed up arrival of 3G cellular telephones to Brazil.
12-Jan-2001: Seiko Instruments Unveils Bluetooth-Compatible Watch.
12-Jan-2001: MIC to give cdma2000 operator priority.
12-Jan-2001: The Wireless Industry Still Has Plenty of Room to Grow.
12-Jan-2001: Korea Telecom reviewing acquisition of LG Telecom.
12-Jan-2001: First Linux PDA gets speech interface.
12-Jan-2001: Doctors Turn to Handheld Computers.
12-Jan-2001: Ten O'Clock Tech: Move Over, Dick Tracy.
12-Jan-2001: GSM Global Roaming Forum to Include TDMA Technology.
12-Jan-2001: Ericsson and 3IC in strategic alliance for distribution of CDMA wireless data equipment.
12-Jan-2001: Is the wireless Web ready for handhelds?.
12-Jan-2001: KT, SKT seen luring huge foreign capital.
12-Jan-2001: Siemens stands by forecast.
12-Jan-2001: Motorola Sees 1st Half Slack Growth in Handheld Unit.
11-Jan-2001: ShareSpan, WindWire launch WAP portal.
11-Jan-2001: Bill aims to block wireless junk email.
11-Jan-2001: EZweb WAP Browser Phone Service Users Reach 5 Mln.
11-Jan-2001: Cell Phone Sales Forecasts Soften.
10-Jan-2001: Nortel Networks Unveils Wireless eBusiness Solution for Field Service.
10-Jan-2001: Konami Developing Java-Based Game on I-Mode.
10-Jan-2001: Bouygues seeks 3G delay.
10-Jan-2001: Siemens pushes into the US.
10-Jan-2001: Nokia sold more than 128 million phones in 2000 exceeding market growth.
10-Jan-2001: Motorola Chosen to Upgrade Sprint PCS Networks to 3G High-Speed Packet Data Capable.
10-Jan-2001: Sprint hits One Million Wireless Web Users.
09-Jan-2001: British Airlines offers advanced WAP based flight services.
09-Jan-2001: LG's Bluetooth handset passes the test.
09-Jan-2001: Juno Mobile to offer service over Sprint network.
08-Jan-2001: Kannel Open Source SMS and WAP gateway version 1.0 released.
08-Jan-2001: Telia softens 3G blow.
08-Jan-2001: TI to embed streaming audio into wireless chip sets.
08-Jan-2001: Sony demonstrates tiny Bluetooth module.
07-Jan-2001: LG Electronics unveils Wireless Webpad.
06-Jan-2001: U.S. Airwaves Bidding Tops $13 Bln; 38 Have Withdrawn.
06-Jan-2001: Motorola unveils wireless at CES.
06-Jan-2001: China's Military Hands Over CDMA Network to China Unicom.
05-Jan-2001: Remaining IMT-2000 Synchronous Mode ....
05-Jan-2001: Fears of saturation looming over Europe's mobile sector.
05-Jan-2001: FCC seeks airwaves for new wireless generations.
05-Jan-2001: Sprint, Palm Alliance to Unleash CDMA Wireless Internet Access on Handheld Computers.
04-Jan-2001: British Telecom in Talks to Sell $3 Bln of Properties.
04-Jan-2001: 3G: Hard News or Hype?.
04-Jan-2001: Samsung develops new duplexer for mobile phones.
04-Jan-2001: NTT DoCoMo Announces Java Specifications for I-Mode.
04-Jan-2001: Exclusive: SuSE Linux goes handheld.
04-Jan-2001: WAP Unique, Ready For Future.
04-Jan-2001: Sealing the Gap in WAP.
03-Jan-2001: Nokia's Jorma Ollila selected CEO of the Year.
03-Jan-2001: New KT head hints at possibility of delaying IMT-2000 service.
03-Jan-2001: Microsoft, Starbucks in Wireless Venture.
03-Jan-2001: Singapore Delays High-Speed Internet License Auction.
02-Jan-2001: WAP Forum Debunks Critical Study.
02-Jan-2001: KT to introduce Qualcomm's fast data transmission.
01-Jan-2001: WAPsight's 2001 Wireless Predictions.

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