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Revolutionary Concept Leads to Highly Compact RF Power Amplifier for GSM/GPRS Handsets
Posted: 14-Dec-2001 [Source: Motorola press release]

[Motorola to Introduce World's Smallest Size GSM/GPRS Power Amp with Quad-Band Performance ]

Toulouse, France -- Motorola's (NYSE:MOT) Semiconductor Products Sector has announced a revolutionary invention allowing the design of highly cost and size efficient RF Power Amplifier (PA) solutions. This invention, called the High Impedance Integrated Power Amplifier (HIIPA), changes the paradigm of traditional 50-ohm PA modules, where passive components are added as discrete devices onto a printed circuit board with a PA chip.

The HIIPA concept provides a 50-ohm solution without the need for additional passive components. Design of the 50-ohm impedance matching network at the output of the die is accomplished with capacitors and inductors, where capacitors are integrated onto the die, and inductors are implemented by wire bonds of variable lengths. The tolerance of the capacitor values, together with the precision of the wire bonding process, allow a matching impedance value with less design variance than can be a achieved by using passive components on a traditional radio board.

The first product using this concept is expected to be a Quad-Band GSM/GPRS Power Amplifier Module, model MMM5062. This PA module builds upon capabilities of a previously developed device (MRFIC1869) by using the same Enhancement-mode (E-mode) gallium arsenide (GaAs) technology. E-mode is a true single-supply technology, eliminating the need for a negative voltage generator. The result of applying the innovative HIIPA concept is a compact, low cost yet versatile PA module that can speed up design of economical GSM and GPRS handsets.

"We are delighted to demonstrate once again Motorola's leadership in Radio Frequency technologies and expertise with the HIIPA concept," said Behrooz Abdi, vice president and general manager of Motorola's Radio Products Division. "This concept creates a cost effective solution for radio designers by combining high performance E-mode GaAs technology with highly innovative circuit and package design techniques. We are also greatly pleased with the response of our customers, who are delighted to have a 50-ohm solution at a more competitive price than is possible with modules using traditional passive components for matching."

The wide band matching advantage brought by the HIIPA concept is used to provide a flexible PA solution that is able to adapt to GSM/GPRS application requirements. It is suitable for triple-band GSM/GPRS for European applications, dual or triple-band GSM/GPRS for U.S. solutions, and quad-band to cover both European and North American markets.

The MMM5062 PA Module is expected to be housed in a 7x7 mm package with a height of less than 1.11 mm. This package is expected to set a new standard in minimum volume (0.05 cc), and to allow a very small quad-band GSM/GPRS PA solution, which can use either open loop (drain control) or closed loop (gate control) options. Prototype samples and fully assembled demo boards are currently available, with volume production planned in the first half of 2002.


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