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MobileTechNews archive for the year 2002:

31-Dec-2002: Asian Handset Makers Poised for Success over European Vendors, Says Probe Research.
30-Dec-2002: Hutchison may hit 3G wall in Sweden.
29-Dec-2002: Korea's mobile handset manufacturers pull off higher sales, crank up exports.
29-Dec-2002: Components for color-screen mobile phones may face shortages.
28-Dec-2002: 'Fixed Rate Pricing Scheme May Not Work for 1xEV-DO,' Says KDDI President.
28-Dec-2002: Ericsson's MMS solution selected by Telcel in Mexico.
27-Dec-2002: Philips Launches fisio 825 and 625 models Powered by Cellon.
26-Dec-2002: Blind Date Picked by SMS.
26-Dec-2002: AT&T Wireless and NTT DoCoMo Outline Plans To Deploy W-CDMA Services.
26-Dec-2002: Compal Communications unveils AR11 smartphone.
26-Dec-2002: Nextel Sweetens Support for Spectrum-Swap Plan.
26-Dec-2002: NTT DoCoMo Introduces the F504iS.
25-Dec-2002: DoCoMo, Vodafone Fight to Retain Mobile-Phone Users in Japan.
25-Dec-2002: Access' Micro-browser to be Integrated in Toshiba Handsets.
25-Dec-2002: Toshiba likely to place more GSM/GPRS orders to Taiwan.
24-Dec-2002: Nokia and Cellular One Sign Agreement for GSM/EDGE Network Delivery.
23-Dec-2002: Microsoft Sued for Stealing Phone Secrets.
23-Dec-2002: KG Telecom unveils new Toshiba T535i i-mode handset.
23-Dec-2002: Orange rolls out of Swedish 3G race.
23-Dec-2002: German internet providers told to block access to foreign Nazi websites.
22-Dec-2002: Nokia seals deal with Taiwan Cellular Corp to deliver WCDMA 3G.
21-Dec-2002: DoCoMo Camera Phone Sales Exceed 4 Million.
20-Dec-2002: Intrinsyc's New Wireless PDA Reference Design purchased by Microsoft.
20-Dec-2002: Orange Denmark picks Nokia's MMS solution.
20-Dec-2002: Kyocera 7135 Smartphone Makes US Debut.
20-Dec-2002: Vodafone Takes First 3G Step with J-Phone Launch.
19-Dec-2002: Orange SA announces plans to withdraw from Swedish market.
19-Dec-2002: Italy's Wind introduces Nokia Downloading Solution.
19-Dec-2002: Intel Communications Fund Invests In Two Wi-Fi Companies.
19-Dec-2002: U.S. Cellular Selects Lucent to Deploy 3G Wireless Network Infrastructure.
19-Dec-2002: Nokia to supply GSM network expansion to Henan MCC in China.
19-Dec-2002: Marriott Launches Wireless Internet Access at 400 Hotels.
18-Dec-2002: DoCoMo abandons Microsoft video format in favour of open standard for 3G service.
18-Dec-2002: Swiss rail company SBB contracts Siemens to build GSM-Railway mobile network.
18-Dec-2002: QUALCOMM Announces UMTS/GSM RF Chip to Enable Worldwide Roaming.
18-Dec-2002: NTT DoCoMo to unveil faster FOMA 3G service in 2005.
18-Dec-2002: Cingular Expands GSM/GPRS Network.
17-Dec-2002: Nokia and IBM to provide end-to-end secured enterprise business.
17-Dec-2002: Teleca Launches AU Mobile Suite 2.0.
17-Dec-2002: Aplix Ships JBlend Platform Based on J2ME MIDP 2.0 Technology.
17-Dec-2002: Nextel Awarded Government-Wide Contract.
16-Dec-2002: Ericsson and Telenor Mobile sign a global MMS agreement.
16-Dec-2002: C&W Provides First 3G-compliant GRX Service in Japan to J-PHONE.
15-Dec-2002: Holiday Deadlines Loom for Deals on Cell Phones.
15-Dec-2002: Is the worst over for the telecommunications industry?.
14-Dec-2002: Verizon Offers JAMDAT Mobile's The Lord Of The Rings.
13-Dec-2002: CD-quality audio at low bitrates.
13-Dec-2002: STMicroelectronics and TI Team up to Establish and Open Standard for Wireless Applications.
13-Dec-2002: Mobile Phone Makers to Help Dispose of Old Handsets.
13-Dec-2002: Verizon/ Not yet time for fancy wireless.
13-Dec-2002: Megafon Rolls Out Media Messaging.
12-Dec-2002: Companies to Provide Embedded Linux Platform for TI OMAP Processors.
12-Dec-2002: Sony Ericsson Again Delays Launch of Camera Phone.
11-Dec-2002: Legend Cooperates with Palmsource.
11-Dec-2002: Lucent introduces new flagship CDMA base station.
11-Dec-2002: UMTS agreement for Siemens.
11-Dec-2002: Symbian enters 3G market with Fujitsu and NTT DoCoMo.
11-Dec-2002: DoCoMo Introduces 3 New FOMA Models.
10-Dec-2002: Hutchison 3G UK reveals upcoming 3 products and services.
10-Dec-2002: Bluetooth sets clock ticking.
10-Dec-2002: Itronix Introduces GoBook II Supporting Three Wireless Networks Concurrently.
09-Dec-2002: NEC Enables Video Phone Function Between 3G Mobile Phone, PC.
09-Dec-2002: SAI Positioning Technology Successfully Demonstrated.
07-Dec-2002: Vodafone users are playing spy games.
06-Dec-2002: Cometa Networks Formed To Provide National Wireless Internet Access.
06-Dec-2002: Nissan and NTT DoCoMo Group to Propose Wireless Services for Lease Cars.
05-Dec-2002: BlackBerry 6750 Wireless Handheld For CDMA2000 1X Networks.
05-Dec-2002: Advanced Architecture Combines RF and Baseband to Give Bluetooth(tm) Developers a Leading Edge.
05-Dec-2002: Ericsson, AT&T Wireless make first call.
05-Dec-2002: Telesp Celular to launch BREW handsets in 1Q03.
05-Dec-2002: Samsung Met 2002 Domestic Handset Sales Goal in Nov..
05-Dec-2002: A Successful EDGE for Wireless Operators in the Americas.
04-Dec-2002: RIM Introduces New BlackBerry Wireless Handheld For Nextel.
04-Dec-2002: J-Phone Launches 3G Service Based on International Standards.
04-Dec-2002: Samsung Offers a Peek at New Pocket PC Phone.
03-Dec-2002: Nortel Networks to Link Wi-Fi Networks with CDMA, GPRS, UMTS.
03-Dec-2002: New SoC Technology with Circuitry of 65nm Announced.
03-Dec-2002: Telstra launches Australia's first 3G wireless service.
03-Dec-2002: Symbian's Platinum Partner Program Announces New Collaborations.
02-Dec-2002: Nokia Fails to Meet 3G Network Deadline.
02-Dec-2002: Movie Sha-mail Can be Sent to Other Carriers.
02-Dec-2002: Ericsson and Hutchison sign major Managed Services agreement in Australia.
01-Dec-2002: J-Phone's Japan 3G Launch Tests Water for Vodafone.
01-Dec-2002: Mobeon delivers corporate e-mail on SonyEricsson's P800 model.
30-Nov-2002: Nokia and Vodafone Omnitel carry out 3G WCDMA call.
29-Nov-2002: Aliant Mobility launches CDMA2000 1X.
28-Nov-2002: Cingular Offers New Dual Band 3590 and 6590 GSM and 6340i GAIT Handsets from Nokia.
28-Nov-2002: Verizon FREEUP Product Line Offers Prepaid Games and Ringtones.
28-Nov-2002: Nokia supplies O2 Ireland with WLAN for broadband wireless service.
28-Nov-2002: Verizon Announces "Gets It Now" CDM-9500 Phone.
27-Nov-2002: Telia, BT sign WLAN roaming agreement in UK.
27-Nov-2002: First-ever UMTS phone call claimed by H3G.
27-Nov-2002: Lucent unveils compact CDMA2000 base station.
26-Nov-2002: DoCoMo Camera Phone Sales Exceed 3 Million.
26-Nov-2002: Vodafone signs agreements with leading computer suppliers.
26-Nov-2002: Wireless Internet not very popular in Taiwan.
26-Nov-2002: Europolitan Vodafone request for Swedish 3G delay denied by regulator.
26-Nov-2002: Sun Joins Hands with China Unicom for JAVA Wireless Services.
26-Nov-2002: Global Handset Sales Rose 7.8% in Third Quarter.
25-Nov-2002: MMS interconnection launched in Finland.
25-Nov-2002: TCL Offers First WISMO-Powered Mobile Phones, the 9388 and 9688.
24-Nov-2002: Matsushita to dial up camera phones in China.
24-Nov-2002: Comdex: The great wireless debate.
24-Nov-2002: Verizon Plans Eventual Nationwide Rollout of W-LAN Services.
23-Nov-2002: Siemens introduces new program for mobile phone developers.
23-Nov-2002: Motorola 2G/3G phone gets US approval.
22-Nov-2002: Sprint PCS to Sell Nokia Phone After 2-Year Hiatus.
22-Nov-2002: Logica first to enable MMS Intercarrier Messaging.
22-Nov-2002: China Mobile Announces GPRS Roaming Agreement with AT&T Wireless.
22-Nov-2002: Japanese Mobile Carriers to Study Effects of Radio Waves on Living Organisms.
22-Nov-2002: 3G Network Launched in Venezuela.
21-Nov-2002: JATE Approves Many New Mobile Phone Handset Models.
21-Nov-2002: Samsung Says New Phone to Use Qualcomm Chip.
21-Nov-2002: NTT DoCoMo Introduces N504iS Camera-equipped Handset.
20-Nov-2002: Sprint and Growell Telecom Announce Availability of PCS Connection Card Model CF2031.
20-Nov-2002: NEC Infrontia Unveils Pocket@i Business-Use PDA.
20-Nov-2002: Nokia provides Oi in Brazil with multimedia messaging solution.
20-Nov-2002: China's TCL Mobile Chooses Motorola Platforms.
20-Nov-2002: Wireless Internet access frustrating at Comdex.
20-Nov-2002: Vodafone Announces Launch of Remote Access.
20-Nov-2002: Polish Operator PTC Launches i-mode.
19-Nov-2002: Thin is in for screens of wireless gadgets.
19-Nov-2002: New Products Using IEEE 802.11g Offer a Peek Into the Wireless Future.
19-Nov-2002: EDGE Capable Nokia 6200 Tri-band Phone Announced.
19-Nov-2002: Dell Announces Axim X5 at Comdex 2002.
19-Nov-2002: Nokia announces the 3585i GPS-enabled CDMA2000 1X handset.
18-Nov-2002: Gates Unveils New Smart Microsoft Devices, Services.
18-Nov-2002: Open Source Underpins IBM Mobile Web Services Effort.
16-Nov-2002: FCC Adopts Order Granting Relief to Eligible Auction 35 Bidders.
15-Nov-2002: T-Mobile USA Posts Loss but Sales Jump.
15-Nov-2002: Vodafone tests handsets with Qualcomm technology.
14-Nov-2002: Motorola Begins Offering Online Training for Wireless Developers.
14-Nov-2002: IEEE 802.11A/B/G Solution From TI.
13-Nov-2002: Latest i-shot Model Offers World's First 3D Mobile Phone Screen.
13-Nov-2002: Multimedia Single-Chip Solution Enabling Multimode Handsets Supporting CDMA2000 1X, 1xEV-DO and GSM/GPRS.
13-Nov-2002: Sharp Introduces the Zaurus SL-5600.
13-Nov-2002: KPN Mobile launches Toshiba TS21i i-mode handset.
13-Nov-2002: Nokia 6800 Messaging Phone Announced.
12-Nov-2002: ViewSonic to Debut Microsoft's Smart Display.
12-Nov-2002: Sony content going T-Mobile.
12-Nov-2002: Microsoft and Samsung Announce Low-Cost Pocket PC Concept Design.
12-Nov-2002: Spain govt to cut UMTS guarantees.
12-Nov-2002: Qualcomm Licenses USB On-The-Go Technology from TransDimension for 3G Chipsets.
11-Nov-2002: NTT DoCoMo to Introduce New i-mode Handset Featuring Dual Cameras.
11-Nov-2002: Nokia calls on developers.
11-Nov-2002: National Semi, ARM to Extend Cell Phone Battery.
11-Nov-2002: Cable & Wireless Panama launches first GSM/GPRS 850 MHz network in the world.
11-Nov-2002: KPN's E-Plus to launch MMS.
09-Nov-2002: MIND Deploys Contivity IP Gateway from Nortel Networks.
08-Nov-2002: Cypress Samples WirelessUSB.
08-Nov-2002: BlackBerry Software Licensing Agreement Signed by Nokia and RIM.
07-Nov-2002: TI Produces Next-Generation FRAM Chip.
07-Nov-2002: Sendo chooses Nokia's Series 60 platform for its smart phones.
07-Nov-2002: Motorola C332 and V70 Handsets Offered to T-Mobile Customers.
07-Nov-2002: Nortel Networks Sign GSM/GPRS/EDGE Agreement.
07-Nov-2002: Partner brings 3G launch date forward to 2003.
07-Nov-2002: Motorola and Cingular Wireless Collaborate to Offer the A388 and the C331 Handsets.
06-Nov-2002: Nokia/ Open to everyone except Microsoft.
06-Nov-2002: IBM announces world's fastest silicon-based transistor.
06-Nov-2002: Industry Leaders Reach Agreement on Royalty Rates for W-CDMA.
06-Nov-2002: Nokia powers Telstra's MMS network in Australia.
06-Nov-2002: First e-mail Sent Directly from a Commercial Airliner via a High-speed Internet Connection.
06-Nov-2002: NTT DoCoMo to Introduce New i-mode SO212i.
06-Nov-2002: Frequency Allocation for TD-SCDMA Announced in China.
06-Nov-2002: Nokia and Sega to take gamers to a new level of mobile interactive gaming.
05-Nov-2002: RealNetworks and Envivio to Develop Multimedia Encoder for Mobile Markets.
05-Nov-2002: Metrowerks and Borland Announce Commitment to Nokia's Series 60 Smartphone Platform.
05-Nov-2002: Bouygues Telecom to Launch i-mode Service in France.
05-Nov-2002: KTF introduces new mobile Web browser.
05-Nov-2002: Sanyo Selects Qualcomm's Dual-Mode Chipset for its 3G Handsets.
05-Nov-2002: Legend Launches i188 Color Screen Mobile Handset.
05-Nov-2002: Vivato Invents World's First Wi-Fi Switch.
05-Nov-2002: Dell New PDA Due.
04-Nov-2002: Nokia launches 9 new products at Nokia Mobile Internet Conference in Munich.
04-Nov-2002: O2 delays multimedia messaging launch.
04-Nov-2002: Camera Phone Market Booms, but Nokia Lags - Survey.
04-Nov-2002: Siemens delivers Intelligent Networks technology to Satelindo.
03-Nov-2002: D-Link Introduces 22MBPS Wireless Router.
02-Nov-2002: Microsoft Seen Stronger Following Ruling - Experts.
02-Nov-2002: DoCoMo pushing to expand use of FOMA mobile service.
01-Nov-2002: Sony Develops Stamp-Sized Tuners for PDA's.
01-Nov-2002: Nokia to deliver multimedia messaging solution to Ukrainian Mobile.
01-Nov-2002: Qualcomm Announces Production Shipment of World's First radioOne 3G CDMA2000 1X Chipset.
31-Oct-2002: Wi-Fi Protective Access (WPA) announced by Wi-Fi Alliance.
31-Oct-2002: Ericsson to Provide Vesper with CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Overlay System.
31-Oct-2002: Windows units to heat up market.
31-Oct-2002: T-Mobile Partners with Airlines to Expand 'Wi-Fi' Internet Access.
30-Oct-2002: J-Phone Unveils Two New "Sha-mail" Handsets:.
30-Oct-2002: First Commercial CDMA2000 1XEV-DO Service Launched in US.
30-Oct-2002: Nokia to supply WCDMA 3G network to CHT Taiwan.
30-Oct-2002: New VAS Media Solution for all MMS Systems.
29-Oct-2002: Korea SK Telecom Confirms Talks With Vodafone, Telefonica.
29-Oct-2002: Verizon Wireless Offers New Bluetooth Headset.
29-Oct-2002: Palm Introduces New Tungsten W.
29-Oct-2002: Palm Unveils Palm Tungsten T.
28-Oct-2002: Chinese Phone Users Exchange Old Handsets for New.
28-Oct-2002: Japan's 3G race heats up.
27-Oct-2002: Recycling Phones to Charities, Not Landfills.
25-Oct-2002: Kenwood to Exit Japan Cellphone Business - Paper.
25-Oct-2002: Mobile Games Interoperability Forum Releases v1.0 Specs.
25-Oct-2002: Group Promotes 'ZigBee' Wireless Standard.
25-Oct-2002: Nokia M2M Platform chosen by Telenor Mobil in Norway.
24-Oct-2002: Launch of Vodafone Live! and Vodafone Mobile Office.
24-Oct-2002: Korea's export of CDMA products and equipment to China hits snag.
24-Oct-2002: LGE releases new GPRS cellular phone models.
24-Oct-2002: Over one third S.Korean mobile users access Internet via wireless service.
24-Oct-2002: Vodafone to launch Live! service.
24-Oct-2002: More 3G phones for Hutchison.
23-Oct-2002: Samsung licenses Symbian OS for smartphones.
23-Oct-2002: Nokia to participate in 3G expansion with J-PHONE in Japan.
23-Oct-2002: Siemens ships U10 tri-band UMTS handset.
22-Oct-2002: Machines talking with machines wirelessly.
22-Oct-2002: Intel adds fuel to the Wi-Fi fire.
22-Oct-2002: New CodeWarrior to support Palm OS Version 5 ARM.
22-Oct-2002: Nortel Networks Achieves IP-UTRAN Capability for UMTS.
22-Oct-2002: The S55 MMS Handset Launched by Siemens.
22-Oct-2002: Sony Ericsson unveils new CDMA2000 1x mobile phone, A1101S, for Japan.
22-Oct-2002: Orange and Microsoft Launch the World's First Windows Powered Smartphone - The SPV.
21-Oct-2002: Siemens Announces Five New Handsets for US GSM Market.
20-Oct-2002: GSM Holds its 48th Plenary Meeting in Istanbul.
20-Oct-2002: Audiovox Previews Four New Handsets.
20-Oct-2002: Nokia Begins Sale of 8280 CDMA2000 1X Handset in Brazil.
20-Oct-2002: Wireless Consumers Access 3G services with 200 Available CDMA2000 Devices.
19-Oct-2002: PalmSource and Sony Ericsson Team for Optimized Bluetooth Interoperability.
18-Oct-2002: Sprint offers Unlimited Data on their cdma 1x Network.
18-Oct-2002: NTT DoCoMo to Introduce New i-shot N251i Handset.
18-Oct-2002: Vodacom Selects Siemens' and Openwave'sT MMS Solution.
18-Oct-2002: TI Eyes Boost from Japan's New 3G Phones.
17-Oct-2002: Nokia 6650 WCDMA/GSM phone passes type approval tests.
17-Oct-2002: RIM introduces new BlackBerry Wireless Handhelds the 6710 and 6720.
17-Oct-2002: Lucent Technologies Designs "BLAST" Chips for 3G Handsets.
17-Oct-2002: HP Expands Mobile Print Offerings.
16-Oct-2002: Vodafone to Buy Stake in Cegetel.
16-Oct-2002: Opera Displays the Full Web on Small Screens.
16-Oct-2002: Intel Unveils Advances In Technology For Cell Phones.
16-Oct-2002: SMART chooses Nokia for MMS and mobile location-based service.
16-Oct-2002: BASE to Launch i-mode Service in Belgium.
16-Oct-2002: Sprint Introduces the Sanyo 5300 Built-in Camera Mobile Handset.
16-Oct-2002: Verizon Launches the LG VX10.
16-Oct-2002: Bluetooth Component and Equipment Markets.
15-Oct-2002: Wireless Industry Puts Weight Behind GSM/GPRS 850.
15-Oct-2002: Unicom buys 100,000 CDMA phones from ZTE.
15-Oct-2002: AT&T Wireless Launches Advanced Service in NYC.
14-Oct-2002: Ericsson signs second contract with Chinese TCL Mobile.
14-Oct-2002: Telenor's Hungarian Unit Pannon To Launch MMS Services.
14-Oct-2002: SK Telecom Unit to Provide Handsets to China United.
14-Oct-2002: Another Delay for Belgian 3G?.
13-Oct-2002: The Killer App - Not What but When.
13-Oct-2002: Alcatel Bridges Asia and Europe through Live 3G/UMTS.
13-Oct-2002: The 3G roll-out begins.
12-Oct-2002: T-Mobile and Borders to Offer 802.11b Wireless Broadband Internet Access.
12-Oct-2002: D-Link Launches DBT-120 Wireless USB Bluetooth Adapter.
11-Oct-2002: NEC to Supply Camera-Equipped Mobile Phones to China.
10-Oct-2002: Motorola Awarded More GSM/GPRS Business in China.
10-Oct-2002: First UMTS Calls Using 1900 MHz Radio Spectrum Completed.
10-Oct-2002: Siemens Announces the SX56 Pocket PC Phone.
09-Oct-2002: Samsung Selects Qualcomm Chipset.
09-Oct-2002: DoCoMo's 4G Transmission Experiment Successful.
09-Oct-2002: Hutchison Unveils Brand Identity for 3.
08-Oct-2002: T-Mobile and Sierra Wireless Introduce 'Global Ready' Wireless PC Card.
08-Oct-2002: Fujitsu to Unveil Cell-Phone Operated Robot.
08-Oct-2002: Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom Inter-Connect For MMS Services.
08-Oct-2002: Telkomsel Indonesia launches GPRS solution supplied by Nokia.
08-Oct-2002: Webraska signs contract with the Orange Group for delivery of LBS across Europe.
07-Oct-2002: MegaFon Brings MMS To Moscow Area.
07-Oct-2002: Three Telco Presidents Discuss Future of 3G Mobile Phone Services (Part 2): NTT DoCoMo.
07-Oct-2002: Chunghwa Telecom launches MMS.
07-Oct-2002: Palm Low-Cost Handheld Takes Aim at Scrap Paper.
06-Oct-2002: FCC Convenes En Banc Hearing on Telecommunications Industry October 7th.
05-Oct-2002: Ericsson launches commercialized 3G system.
05-Oct-2002: Microsoft Studying Japanese Mobile Opportunities.
05-Oct-2002: Vodafone integrates Vizzavi with full continuity of business activities.
05-Oct-2002: Forrester: 3G operators won't break even for 15 years.
05-Oct-2002: BPL Mobile Launches First MMS in India Using TeleDNA.
05-Oct-2002: KG signs up 22,000 i-mode subscribers.
04-Oct-2002: Vodafone set to launch Vodafone live! in UK.
04-Oct-2002: Orange 'hopeful' Swedish regulator will reconsider refusal on UMTS delay.
04-Oct-2002: Samsung to Launch Camera-Phone in Europe.
03-Oct-2002: AT&T Wireless Sees No Demand for WCDMA Service.
03-Oct-2002: Spain UMTS licence holder investment pledges seen eased.
03-Oct-2002: Nokia and Vodafone Omnitel demonstrate successful mobile voice-over-IP call.
03-Oct-2002: Improved Chip Technology Gives Consumers More Wireless Talk Time.
03-Oct-2002: Cisco Announces New 3200 Series Mobile Access Router.
03-Oct-2002: Sony Announces the Clie PEG-NX70V and the PEG-NX60 Handhelds.
02-Oct-2002: Hutchison 3G says on course with 3G roll out in UK, Italy.
02-Oct-2002: Qualcomm Announces World's First Bluetooth WCDMA (UMTS) and GSM Voice Calls.
02-Oct-2002: T-Mobile Sidekick Now Available Nationwide.
02-Oct-2002: mmO2 Set to Launch Most Comprehensive Multimedia Messaging Service.
02-Oct-2002: Leading Telecommunications Companies Sign Up for Open Base Station.
01-Oct-2002: Nokia delivers GPRS and MMS solutions to "MegaFon" in Russia.
01-Oct-2002: Hutchison 3G's U.K. Debut Poses Risk for Vodafone, Other Rivals.
01-Oct-2002: Telco Presidents Discuss Future of 3G Mobile Phone Services.
01-Oct-2002: Siemens, Motorola Silent on Telecoms Swap Report.
01-Oct-2002: Vodafone Sweden applies to regulator for 2-yr delay for UMTS roll out.
01-Oct-2002: Nazomi's JA108 Acceleration Chip Targeted for Mobile Wireless Applications.
30-Sep-2002: Nokia launches the Nokia Mediamaster 230 S.
28-Sep-2002: MobilCom to Cut Jobs and Feeze Network Plans.
27-Sep-2002: Vodafone Ireland picks Nokia as the sole supplier for its 3G network.
27-Sep-2002: Openwave Software Deployed by Sprint for PCS Vision Applications.
27-Sep-2002: Sprint Launches First Hitachi Wireless Phone in US.
26-Sep-2002: Nokia 6650 the world's first handset for WCDMA/UMTS/GSM networks.
26-Sep-2002: Wireless Phone Use Up 7.6 Percent - Study.
26-Sep-2002: Sonera launches 3G.
25-Sep-2002: Samsung and Cingular Wireless Announce New Business Relationship.
25-Sep-2002: Samsung Unveils Upcoming U.S. Product Strategy.
25-Sep-2002: Ericsson: mobilkom austria announces 3G service launch.
24-Sep-2002: Vodafone Plans Huge Push for Own Handsets-Magazine.
24-Sep-2002: New Service to Provide Simplified Mobile Access to Webpages.
24-Sep-2002: China Mobile Still Plans To Launch 3G Services In 2004.
24-Sep-2002: First handover between GSM and WCDMA with high data rate in live networks.
24-Sep-2002: Nokia Produces Look at the Future of the Mobile World.
24-Sep-2002: Sony Ericsson unveils the T100 mobile phone for modern youth.
24-Sep-2002: DoCoMo Announces New M-Stage Services.
24-Sep-2002: Visa To Introduce Wireless Smart Cards.
23-Sep-2002: Motorola T720 Launches With Verizon Wireless "Get It Now" Service.
23-Sep-2002: Wind in Italy chooses Nokia as supplier for its MMS Solution.
23-Sep-2002: Verizon Wireless Launches Marketing Campaign.
23-Sep-2002: NTT DoCoMo to Introduce FOMA T2101V 3G Videophone.
23-Sep-2002: Palm Launches Next-Generation Product Subbrands.
21-Sep-2002: Coming Soon: T-Mobile Sidekick.
21-Sep-2002: Danger: T-Mobile To Roll Out Data Competition.
20-Sep-2002: Vodafone, mmo2 stick to schedule for UMTS roll-out in Germany.
20-Sep-2002: Cell Phone Firms Upbeat Amid Tech Woes.
20-Sep-2002: Qualcomm Updates Outlook for Chip Demand.
19-Sep-2002: Small Finnish Firm Makes Brand Name Phones.
19-Sep-2002: Motorola 2003 Phone Plan Leaked on Internet.
19-Sep-2002: DoCoMo and HP Develop First Technologies for Advanced 3G Multimedia Content Delivery.
19-Sep-2002: Disney and ESPN Wireless Content Launches with PCS Vision.
19-Sep-2002: Motorola and Microsoft Drive Next-generation Handheld Applications.
19-Sep-2002: Lucent successfully demonstrates seamless roaming between WiFi and 3G UMTS wireless networks.
18-Sep-2002: Motorola and Phat Farm Introduce Designer Mobile Phone.
18-Sep-2002: Audiovox Launches New 1X Handset in Canda.
18-Sep-2002: Samsung SCH-a310 GPS Handset Hits Verizon Stores.
18-Sep-2002: Now do you see what I'm talking about?.
18-Sep-2002: First PalmSource ARM-Native Proxy-less Web Browser Ships to Licensees.
18-Sep-2002: Vodafone signs partner agreement with MTC.
17-Sep-2002: Sprint offers Full-loaded PCS Phone by LG Model 5350.
17-Sep-2002: Siemens Mobile Acceleration invests in French wireless start-up SPeeQ.
17-Sep-2002: J2ME Technology Leader, 4thpass, Acquired by Motorola.
17-Sep-2002: Consumers Abandon Landlines and Increase Mobile Call Volumes.
17-Sep-2002: Airborne Entertainment Next-Gen Games and Screen Savers Now Available on Vision-Enabled PCS Phones from Sprint.
16-Sep-2002: NEC, Toshiba to jointly develop next-generation memory chip.
16-Sep-2002: Taiwan's Compal and Korea's Giga Telecom Choose Motorola's i.250 Platform for Mobile Handsets.
16-Sep-2002: Nokia delivers competitive EDGE technology globally.
15-Sep-2002: Intel to Extend Moore's Law With Nanotechnology.
15-Sep-2002: NTT Com Offers W-CDMA Wireless Access Test.
14-Sep-2002: Samsung sells $400 million of handsets to China Unicom.
14-Sep-2002: Mobile phones: The next Game Boy?.
13-Sep-2002: SmartServ and Motorola Sign Software Distribution Agreement for North America.
12-Sep-2002: Mobile Phone Contents to Go Global, Says Kneosoft CEO.
12-Sep-2002: FCC Expected to Cancel $16 Billion Wireless Auction of NextWave Spectrum.
11-Sep-2002: GSM and TDMA Register Major Growth in Latin America for 2Q 2002.
11-Sep-2002: Verizon Wireless Offers Summus And Zio's Nineball Mobile Game.
10-Sep-2002: CodeWarrior Development Environment now supports Symbian v7.
10-Sep-2002: Motorola, TCL Gain China Share at Siemens' Expense.
10-Sep-2002: Intermec Demonstrates New Dual-Radio Wireless Access Points.
10-Sep-2002: Dobson Cellular looks to Ericsson for GSM/GPRS network overlay.
10-Sep-2002: Greek operator COSMOTE launches MMS.
10-Sep-2002: Verizon Offers Wi-Fi to Business Customers.
09-Sep-2002: First mobile top ups from cash points.
08-Sep-2002: Vodafone's J-Phone orders base stations from NEC, Nokia; affirms 3G rollout.
07-Sep-2002: Bsquare Offers Power Handheld Reference Design For Customization.
07-Sep-2002: Live ML Baseball on Wireless Phones.
07-Sep-2002: Sanyo Turns to Cell Phones for Driving U.S. Growth.
07-Sep-2002: Motorola in Talks to Supply Handsets to J-Phone.
07-Sep-2002: Handset vendors dial up profits on youth.
07-Sep-2002: Ericsson secures first MMS contract with Orange France.
06-Sep-2002: AT&T Wireless Launches Price Promotion.
06-Sep-2002: VoiceStream Deal Moves Closer.
06-Sep-2002: Nokia Launches the 3650 Imaging Handset.
06-Sep-2002: One Up for i-mode?.
06-Sep-2002: Nokia 3510i Announced Offering Color, MMS and Java.
06-Sep-2002: Korea's Sales of Color Wireless Handsets Surpass 1 Million Units a Month.
06-Sep-2002: TI Introduces Smallest Single-Chip Charge Management ICS.
06-Sep-2002: Philips and Sony Announce Strategic Cooperation To Define Next Generation Near Field Radio-Frequency Communications.
05-Sep-2002: Nokia to Launch Color-Screen Youth Phone.
05-Sep-2002: Samsung 400 Added to Sprint PCS Vision Line-up.
05-Sep-2002: Bouygues Telecom chooses NEC to develop the mobile multimedia i-mode platform..
05-Sep-2002: TI to Deliver a Single-Chip Cell Phone.
04-Sep-2002: "University Wireless Developer Contest" Announced.
04-Sep-2002: Sprint and LightSurf Enable Wireless Customers to Instantly Shoot, View and Share Clear Pictures Nationwide.
04-Sep-2002: GSM/UMTS gathers momentum in the Americas.
04-Sep-2002: Mobile Telecommunications Company Launches Kuwait's First GPRS Service Using Motorola Solution.
03-Sep-2002: Taiwan prepares for 3G with infrastructure backbone build.
03-Sep-2002: NTT DoCoMo to Introduce New Easy-to-Use mova F67liS Handset.
03-Sep-2002: Orange UK deployed Nokia's MMS for its commercial service.
03-Sep-2002: Telefonica hopes to sell non-Spanish European UMTS licences.
03-Sep-2002: Ericsson first to deploy a Wireless Village Instant Messaging and Presence Services solution.
03-Sep-2002: Philips, Intel Work Together to Create New Technology Platform for Multimedia Devices.
02-Sep-2002: Sonera To Launch 3G Services in Finland.
02-Sep-2002: Nokia to supply J-Phone with dual-mode handset.
02-Sep-2002: Ericsson Awarded MMS Contract by China Mobile.
01-Sep-2002: Openwave Announces SDK 6.1 Preview.
01-Sep-2002: First MMS User Data is in from Germany and Italy.
01-Sep-2002: Ten Million Wireless Internet Users in the US.
31-Aug-2002: Vodafone buys Vizzavi stake.
30-Aug-2002: Singapore launches wireless access to flight information.
30-Aug-2002: Ericsson to Exit Sony JV if Products Don't Sell.
30-Aug-2002: J-Phone Unveils Two New "Movie Sha-mail" Handsets.
30-Aug-2002: Samsung to license Nokia's software for mobile devices.
30-Aug-2002: Ericsson demonstrates Malaysia's first international 3G mobile-to-mobile call.
30-Aug-2002: mmO2 Launches 02 Games Arcade.
30-Aug-2002: Alltel Deploys Motorola's Short Messaging Service Center Platform and Gateway.
30-Aug-2002: Philips Announces Palm OS Version of Industry-Leading Remote-Control Software.
29-Aug-2002: Nokia Supplies MMS Solution to Chunghwa Telecom and Plus GSM.
29-Aug-2002: Toyota to Start CDMA2000 1x Information Service for Cars.
29-Aug-2002: MobilCom may surrender 3G licence.
29-Aug-2002: Nokia and Korean Game Industry to Cooperate.
28-Aug-2002: Commentary: There's Plenty of Life Left in 3G Wireless.
28-Aug-2002: WLNP Threatens to Significantly Impact Wireless Churn Rates.
27-Aug-2002: RoamAD Announces 802.11b Breakthrough.
27-Aug-2002: China Unicom Selects Qualcomm's BREW Solution.
27-Aug-2002: Video Gateway System for Mobile Handsets.
27-Aug-2002: Auction 35 Bidders Seeking Relief.
26-Aug-2002: EU to 'back 3G cost-sharing'.
26-Aug-2002: Japan's KDDI Goes to the Movies with New Phone.
26-Aug-2002: KDDI to Launch "Miss Kitty" GPS Mobile Phone.
25-Aug-2002: Crowded Global PDA Market.
24-Aug-2002: LightSurf Announces Immediate Availability of LightSurf IV.
24-Aug-2002: DoCoMo May Study Raising Stake in AT&T Wireless.
23-Aug-2002: Sanyo 4900 1XRTT Handset Introduced.
22-Aug-2002: Vodafone says impossible to launch UMTS in Portugal by beginning of next year.
22-Aug-2002: Wireless Public Safety Network to be Built by IBM.
22-Aug-2002: 96.7 Million Q2 Cellular Handset Shipments.
22-Aug-2002: Fun Messaging Apps from Scan Mobile Available on 3G.
22-Aug-2002: TAC in Thailand selects Nokia to supply its MMS solution.
22-Aug-2002: Handango Unveils Application Management & Provisioning Platform (AMPP).
21-Aug-2002: VoiceStream May Go as D.Telekom Seeks to Cut Debt.
21-Aug-2002: Nextel Unveils Wireless Business Solutions Initiative.
21-Aug-2002: Toshiba to Offer Location Information Service for KDDI.
21-Aug-2002: High-speed wireless Internet service available at Starbucks.
21-Aug-2002: Sprint PCS Offers Samsung A500 3G Handset.
21-Aug-2002: Jamdat to Bring Games to PCS Vision-Enabled Phones.
21-Aug-2002: 3G losses hurt KPN.
21-Aug-2002: Sony Ericsson reportedly fails to meet demand for handset cameras.
20-Aug-2002: VoiceStream Proposes Merger With Cingular.
20-Aug-2002: SMARTCOM PCS prepares for 3G expansion in Chile.
20-Aug-2002: Sony Ericsson Issues 'Application Proclamation' for the P800 Smartphone.
20-Aug-2002: Siemens Invests in Chinese Mobile Gaming Company.
20-Aug-2002: OnePoint Voice Mail service Announced by Verizon.
19-Aug-2002: InfoSpace J2ME Applications Available on PCS Vision.
19-Aug-2002: Sprint Announces 3G Toshiba 2032 Handset.
19-Aug-2002: Nortel to Supply GSM/GPRS Access Solutions to Centertel.
18-Aug-2002: A Weekend with the Handspring Treo 300.
18-Aug-2002: Camera Phones Gain Popularity.
18-Aug-2002: Wireless access to the Internet gains ground.
17-Aug-2002: Vuico And jPIX to Deliver Wireless Solutions in Asia Pacific.
16-Aug-2002: Boost Mobile to Launch Wireless Phone Service to Youth Market.
16-Aug-2002: Vodafone delays decison on Irish 3G licence.
16-Aug-2002: Bluetooth Showing Solid Growth in 2002.
15-Aug-2002: Sega's Monkey Ball Available via Sprint Vision.
15-Aug-2002: Pannon selects Nokia to supply its MMS Solution.
15-Aug-2002: 3GA Identifies Key Elements of Wireless Devices.
15-Aug-2002: CodeWarrior development environment adds Xscale processor support.
15-Aug-2002: Novatel and Lucent develop wireless modems supporting 3G UMTS networks.
14-Aug-2002: Alcatel Awarded Contracts for Chinese GSM Expansion.
14-Aug-2002: Novatel Offers PCS Wireless PC Card.
14-Aug-2002: Blackberry Has Attachment Viewing Features.
14-Aug-2002: Norway's Tele2 Won't Meet 3G Deadline.
14-Aug-2002: Survey Looks at Interest in SMS.
13-Aug-2002: Over Six Million J-Phone "Sha-mail" Handsets Now in Use.
13-Aug-2002: Orange Announces Advanced New Messaging Services.
13-Aug-2002: Sprint and Handspring Unveil Treo 300 Communicator.
13-Aug-2002: Wireless Development and Testing Lab Launched.
13-Aug-2002: Nokia to Buy Cell Phones From Taiwan Suppliers.
13-Aug-2002: Avesair Provides Mobile Marketing Technology for MSN Mobile Services.
12-Aug-2002: Aliant Telecom Mobility to launch 1X high speed Wireless network this Fall.
10-Aug-2002: 3G phones launch going to plan - Vodafone.
10-Aug-2002: FCC Eliminates Analog Service Requirement.
10-Aug-2002: Ethertronics Introduces Multi-Band Embedded Antennas.
09-Aug-2002: SKT May Launch Speed Camera Warning Service.
09-Aug-2002: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi To Revolutionize Automotive Landscape.
09-Aug-2002: Playboy Comes via Java to Mobile Phones and Handhelds.
08-Aug-2002: Sprint details its PCS Vision(sm) Service/Handset offerings.
08-Aug-2002: Sprint launches CDMA-1X nationwide.
08-Aug-2002: eXpressDSP-Compliant Algorithms from TI's Third-Party Network Speed Design.
08-Aug-2002: AMD Introduces the Lowest Power Flash Memory Device for High-End Cellular Phones.
08-Aug-2002: Vodafone to Delay German 3G.
08-Aug-2002: LG Electronics to Export GSM Handsets to South Africa.
08-Aug-2002: Nokia CEO: New Phones a Buffer Vs Economy.
08-Aug-2002: Blow for Europe 3G telecoms hopes.
07-Aug-2002: KDDI, Pioneer to Jointly Develop Car Navigation System.
07-Aug-2002: Photo messaging arrives in Australia.
07-Aug-2002: Sony Ericsson and Chapman Technologies sign agreement on vehicle telematics.
07-Aug-2002: Sprint PCS Set to Offer Mobile Internet.
06-Aug-2002: Europe's first commercial GSM Railway Network is deployed.
06-Aug-2002: TI Introduces New OMAP5910 Dual-Core Processor.
06-Aug-2002: Verizon Offers Fully-Integrated Billing.
06-Aug-2002: Roaming Between GPRS and WLAN.
05-Aug-2002: New Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit 3.1 Available.
05-Aug-2002: Wireless Information Revolution for Mass Transit.
05-Aug-2002: Adobe Delivers Acrobat Reader and Adobe PDF for Leading Mobile Phone Platform.
05-Aug-2002: Wireless Services Corporation to Support Inter-Carrier Text Messaging.
05-Aug-2002: Access Develops I-Appli-Based, E-Ticket System.
05-Aug-2002: DoCoMo Clings to Its American Dream.
05-Aug-2002: WorldCom Takes First Step to Recovery.
05-Aug-2002: Sharp Says in Talks with Vodafone on Camera.
04-Aug-2002: Talkline and T-Mobile Announce UMTS Contract.
03-Aug-2002: Qualcomm and AirWalk Sign CDMA License Agreement.
03-Aug-2002: Vodafone begins search for new chief executive.
03-Aug-2002: T-Mobile Launches Microsoft Windows Powered Pocket PC Phone Edition.
03-Aug-2002: WLAN Enterprise Penetration Doubles.
02-Aug-2002: Verizon Wireless Offers AOL Features and Services.
02-Aug-2002: New Palm Desktop Software 4.1 Now Available.
02-Aug-2002: Qualcomm Joins Open Mobile Alliance.
02-Aug-2002: Take My Picture, Please - and Buy My Phone.
02-Aug-2002: Verizon Wireless On Express NetworkSM For Less.
01-Aug-2002: Sierra Wireless Selected as Itronix's 3G Embedded Wireless Modem Provider.
01-Aug-2002: Taiwan's Telecom Industry Performs Well in First Half.
01-Aug-2002: Microsoft and AT&T Wireless to Unwire U.S. Corporations.
01-Aug-2002: Market Reevaluation Necessary for Wireless Infrastructure.
01-Aug-2002: China Mobile Selects Nortel Networks to expand GSM network.
31-Jul-2002: Sharp J-SH09 Video Phone unveiled.
31-Jul-2002: Nokia provides MMS network solution to Optus in Australia.
31-Jul-2002: Big Firms Get Bigger on Handset Market.
31-Jul-2002: IDC Finds Technology Mixed with Coffee Is the Recipe for Wireless Internet Access.
30-Jul-2002: Ericsson's WLAN solution selected for use by new Japanese service operator YOZAN.
30-Jul-2002: BBC Sport Academy launches SMS challenges with Flytxt.
30-Jul-2002: Hutchison European 3G faces technical hitch but on course for Oct launch - Fok.
30-Jul-2002: Hynix Enters Bluetooth Chip Market.
30-Jul-2002: Telecom Silver Lining.
30-Jul-2002: Verizon Wireless Reports Strong Customer Growth.
29-Jul-2002: NTT DoCoMo to Introduce Pocket PC 2002 PDA.
29-Jul-2002: Nokia to further expand ONE`s existing GSM 1800 Network in Austria.
29-Jul-2002: In-Flight Digital Cell Phone Connectivity Coming Soon.
29-Jul-2002: Italy's 3G telecom players stick to plans for yr-end launch - report.
28-Jul-2002: B.A.R. and DoCoMo Strike Deal.
28-Jul-2002: The Bluetooth Blues Play On.
27-Jul-2002: Legend Launches Wireless Application Solution Package.
27-Jul-2002: Motorola Auctions Chance to Design Unique Version of new V60i Mobile Phone.
27-Jul-2002: Razors, Cameras and Soon, Disposable Cellphones.
26-Jul-2002: Sonera and Telefonica Switch Off in Germany.
25-Jul-2002: I-mode technology moves to Spain.
25-Jul-2002: Motorola Says Working on Wireless Game Products.
25-Jul-2002: Palm and IBM Enter Reseller Agreement.
25-Jul-2002: Samsung Predicts Record Breaking Year.
25-Jul-2002: Sony Introduces Entry-level Clie PEG-SL10.
24-Jul-2002: NTT DoCoMo and AT&T Wireless to Showcase 3G Service in U.S..
24-Jul-2002: Wireless Firms Could Bid for New Airwaves in 2004.
24-Jul-2002: Dutch operator launches pioneering roaming service.
23-Jul-2002: GPS MAP, a Location Service For Mobile Phones.
23-Jul-2002: Econet Awards Motorola GSM Contract in Nigeria.
23-Jul-2002: Vodafone Looks for Enterprise Growth on BlackBerry Launch.
22-Jul-2002: WorldCom Seeks Court Approval of Pact.
21-Jul-2002: Qualcomm Demos BREW Applications.
20-Jul-2002: J-Phone President Aims for Global Roaming of Sha-Mail Service.
19-Jul-2002: Ericsson Publishes 2Q Results.
19-Jul-2002: Nokia Releases 2Q Report.
19-Jul-2002: T-Mobile brand makes debut in U.S. cell market.
19-Jul-2002: Quanta Announces E-OTD Location Enabled GSM Handsets.
18-Jul-2002: Sierra Wireless and Vodafone UK Launch GPRS Modem.
18-Jul-2002: 3G Americas Demystifies GSM Voice Capacity.
18-Jul-2002: Ericsson Supports Launch of MMS Services in Turkey and Spain.
18-Jul-2002: Mitsubishi's KASUMI Encryption Technology Adopted as GSM Standard.
18-Jul-2002: Apple, Cingular & Sony Ericsson Deliver First 'Mac to Mobile' Solution.
17-Jul-2002: Vodafone Brings "Sha-mail" to Europe.
17-Jul-2002: SmarTone's "picturemail" introduced in Hong Kong.
17-Jul-2002: AT&T Wireless Offers Digital Mobile Phone Camera.
17-Jul-2002: Sharp to sell cellphones with built in camera overseas - report.
16-Jul-2002: IBM, Intel consider U.S.-wide 802.11 network.
16-Jul-2002: Japanese Firms to Offer ATM Access Via Phones.
16-Jul-2002: Motorola Offering Cheap, Customized Mobile Phones.
16-Jul-2002: NTT DoCoMo to Establish i-mode Consulting Firm in the Netherlands.
16-Jul-2002: Ericsson and Wind to work on joint development of multimedia services.
16-Jul-2002: Motorola and Creditel Enable Mobile Merchants to Process Payments Via Wireless Phones.
16-Jul-2002: Nokia commends approval of CDMA2000 1xEV-DV as 3G standard by the ITU.
15-Jul-2002: Cell Phone Number-Portability Likely on Hold.
15-Jul-2002: No 3G spectrum trading before 2006 - government.
15-Jul-2002: Eurotel selects Nokia to supply its MMS.
15-Jul-2002: Pac-Man Games to be Available on Sprint's PCS Handsets.
15-Jul-2002: TI to Offer OMAP Platform with 3GPP-Compliant BitFlash Mobile SVG Player.
15-Jul-2002: Nokia to Deliver EDGE System to Thailand's DTAC.
14-Jul-2002: Regulation Pushes Telecom Funds Further Into Storm.
14-Jul-2002: Telecom ahead in race for 3G.
13-Jul-2002: J-Phone Launches New Handsets.
13-Jul-2002: Syracus University Reports Security Problems with Zaurus.
13-Jul-2002: Sierra Wireless to Supply AT&T Wireless with the AirCard 710.
13-Jul-2002: KTF Award Lucent 3G Contract.
12-Jul-2002: NTT DoCoMo to Introduce New "i-shot"- compatible Phones.
12-Jul-2002: Bluetooth: Off and running?.
12-Jul-2002: EU Clears Merger Between Sonera and Telia.
11-Jul-2002: Ericsson Denies Rumor of Microsoft Bid.
11-Jul-2002: KTF selects Lucent to supply 3G CDMA2000 technology.
11-Jul-2002: Motorola and The Music Solution Offer Downloadable Ring Tones for Mobile Phones.
11-Jul-2002: Verizon Selects Vindigo To Deliver Downloadable Location-Based Application.
10-Jul-2002: Cingular prepares for EDGE.
10-Jul-2002: VoiceStream and AT&T Wireless in Merger Talks-WSJ.
10-Jul-2002: Matsushita selects Nokia's software platform for future multimedia phones.
10-Jul-2002: Cable in hot pursuit of Wi-Fi mavericks.
09-Jul-2002: Nokia and IBM Collaborate on Digital Content Delivery for Mobile Devices.
09-Jul-2002: Companies Announce E-OTD Handset Integration for US Market.
09-Jul-2002: Ericsson's WLAN solution selected by leading Danish operator TDC Mobil.
09-Jul-2002: Microsoft claims Europe's largest WLAN.
09-Jul-2002: NTT-ME Develops Cordless Bluetooth Telephone.
08-Jul-2002: NTT DoCoMo to Introduce First PHS Phone Compatible with M-stage visual.
08-Jul-2002: Ericsson signs contract for mobile platforms with Chinese TCL Mobile.
08-Jul-2002: Nokia Unveils the 3610.
07-Jul-2002: Consumers Say "Yes!" To 3g.
07-Jul-2002: Wireless Workhorse.
06-Jul-2002: Kyocera Announces Keyboard for the 7135 Smartphone.
05-Jul-2002: GSM calls even more secure thanks to new A5/3 Algorithm.
05-Jul-2002: DoCoMo Regains Top Spot for Mobile User Growth.
04-Jul-2002: Hantro Demonstrates Video Messaging Using Nokia 7650.
04-Jul-2002: Americans Eager To Climb Out Of 'Time Holes'.
03-Jul-2002: As Postal Rates Soar, Text Message Interoperability Arrives In U.S..
03-Jul-2002: Rocket Mobile Launches Suite Of Mobile Applications With Verizon Wireless.
03-Jul-2002: WAP and i-mode - what difference?.
03-Jul-2002: Cisco to provide Swisscom with broadband wireless LAN internet access.
03-Jul-2002: IFS And IBM Collaborate on Next-Generation Mobile Business Applications.
03-Jul-2002: Hutchison Whampoa confirms brand name for 3G services.
03-Jul-2002: Sprint to Delay Fast Data Launch-Audiovox.
03-Jul-2002: M1 chooses Nokia to deliver its full MMS Solution.
03-Jul-2002: 3G Americas Announces 763 Million TDMA and GSM Subscribers Worldwide.
03-Jul-2002: Pinpoint Provides Enhanced Services to Verizon Wireless.
03-Jul-2002: Jordan's Fastlink Adds to Motorola's Leadership for End-to-End GPRS Network Solutions in Middle East.
02-Jul-2002: Chinese Vendors Tap Niche for Novel Cellphones.
02-Jul-2002: PWLAN Threat to 3G in Europe Overstated.
02-Jul-2002: Motorola Launches the i95cl Java Color Handset.
01-Jul-2002: VoIP Cell Phones Wait in the Wings.
01-Jul-2002: One Compass Brings LBS to Austria.
01-Jul-2002: Wireless Web Sites Getting Useful, Not There Yet.
01-Jul-2002: Gadget Designers Try to Pry PC Users Away From Desks.
29-Jun-2002: Mountaineer Saved by the Bell.
29-Jun-2002: RIM and SFR Bring BlackBerry to France.
29-Jun-2002: Wi-Fi: Spelling Europe with an "a".
28-Jun-2002: Wireless Tooth Phone.
28-Jun-2002: Alcatel Scores Again in 3G/UMTS.
28-Jun-2002: Legend Announces 6 Mobile Handsets.
28-Jun-2002: NTT DoCoMo's Camera/Cell Phone Ranks Second in Sales.
27-Jun-2002: Warchalking marks the Wi-Fi 'hot spots'.
27-Jun-2002: PalmSource to Extend Palm OS Reach With Unified Support for Java.
27-Jun-2002: Qualcomm and Lucent Technologies Successfully Demonstrate UMTS Packet Data.
27-Jun-2002: For IBM and Intel, wireless sizzles.
27-Jun-2002: Nokia 7650 Color Camera-Phone starts shipping.
26-Jun-2002: S.Korea, Japan Showcase 3G Video Phone Roaming.
26-Jun-2002: Nokia and MegaFon bring GSM service to the heart of Russia.
26-Jun-2002: NTT DoCoMo Introduces new Service Plan for International Roaming in US.
26-Jun-2002: PluggedIn: Fed Up with DSL? Go Wireless.
26-Jun-2002: Au Group's 3G Mobile Phones Top One Million Mark in Three Months.
26-Jun-2002: Sony Release the PEG-T665C Color CLIE Handheld.
25-Jun-2002: RIM Outlines BlackBerry Plans At PC Expo.
25-Jun-2002: Qualcomm's BREW Platform Reaches Milestone.
25-Jun-2002: Nokia expands Radiolinja's GSM and 3G networks in Finland.
25-Jun-2002: HP Delivers new iPAQ and Launches Worldwide Hotspot Initiative.
25-Jun-2002: XtremeSpectrum Delivers Industry's First UWB Solution.
24-Jun-2002: Kyocera Introduces 7135 Smartphone.
24-Jun-2002: Microsoft Brings Instant Messenger to Cellphones.
24-Jun-2002: Infineon plans 3G chip packages by 2005.
23-Jun-2002: Kyocera to be Exclusive Handset Provider for Virgin Mobile USA.
22-Jun-2002: Nokia May Produce CDMA Handsets in China.
21-Jun-2002: Alcatel and Polska Telefonia Conduct UMTS Field Trial.
20-Jun-2002: KG Telecom launches 'i-mode' service in Taiwan.
20-Jun-2002: NTT DoCoMo to Launch Wireless LAN Service.
19-Jun-2002: Ericsson wins contracts for GSM expansion in China.
19-Jun-2002: mm02 to Launch MMS.
18-Jun-2002: Siemens launches CL50 and A50 mobile handsets.
18-Jun-2002: NTT DoCoMo to Launch Dual Network Service for FOMA Users.
17-Jun-2002: Interactive Video Streaming at Nokia Connection 2002.
17-Jun-2002: Microsoft to launch hotmail services for Asian mobile phone users.
17-Jun-2002: Sony Ericcson Announces New Products.
17-Jun-2002: Nokia introduces new 6610 Handset.
17-Jun-2002: Siemens offers new end-to-end solutions for downloading Java applications to mobile phones.
17-Jun-2002: Verizon Wireless Unveils Downloadable Services Nationally.
17-Jun-2002: CDG Announces 10 Million Subscribers Worldwide.
16-Jun-2002: SingTel delays third generation phone network.
16-Jun-2002: "Team Factory" Service Launched.
15-Jun-2002: Sources: Congress Seeks Delay of Wireless Auction.
15-Jun-2002: Generic Media Expands Support to Video Streaming for FOMA.
15-Jun-2002: Finland Delays on 3G.
14-Jun-2002: National Scientific launches StarSeries Mobile Platforms.
14-Jun-2002: Sony Ericsson to Show New Handsets, No 3G Phone.
14-Jun-2002: Nokia and AT&T Sign EDGE Agreement.
13-Jun-2002: Open Mobile Alliance Set to Promote Interoperabiltiy.
12-Jun-2002: Ericsson unveils CDMA2000 macro radio base station 1130 at 3G World Congress.
11-Jun-2002: NTT DoCoMo and KPN Mobile to Promote 3G Service in Europe.
11-Jun-2002: Nokia begins shipments of its first CDMA2000 1X handsets.
11-Jun-2002: DoCoMo Comes Third, for the First Time.
11-Jun-2002: Nokia Venture Partners Opens Korean Office.
11-Jun-2002: S. Korea Proposes Joint Telecomm Development to N, Korea.
11-Jun-2002: BREW, 1xEV-DO Best Combo for Wireless Applications.
10-Jun-2002: Palm Says to Launch Chinese OS Within a Year.
09-Jun-2002: KRNIC Launches New Wireless Internet Access Platform.
09-Jun-2002: TI's BRF6100 Offers First Sub-$4 Total Bluetooth Solution.
08-Jun-2002: Ticket seekers crash DoCoMo network.
07-Jun-2002: Ericsson confirms Infineon discussions.
07-Jun-2002: MMS Arrives in Switzerland.
07-Jun-2002: First Car with Integrated UMTS Services.
06-Jun-2002: KDDI to Start BREW Downloading Service.
06-Jun-2002: UMTS Forum and 3G Americas Form Partnership.
06-Jun-2002: KG Telecom to Launch i-mode Service in Taiwan.
06-Jun-2002: Location Based Services Gaining Momentum.
06-Jun-2002: Verizon Launches BREW Applications and Handsets.
06-Jun-2002: Ericsson announces enhanced 3G-ready Mobile-Packet Backbone Network solution.
06-Jun-2002: Sony to Develop Wireless Games with Qualcomm Software.
05-Jun-2002: NTT DoCoMo to Introduce FOMA P2002 Phone.
05-Jun-2002: Qualcomm Anounces Release of BREW 2.0.
05-Jun-2002: Wireless UMTS/WCDMA Trial Set for Dallas.
05-Jun-2002: Gartner Predicts GPRS Will Not Live up to Expectations.
05-Jun-2002: Kids Swarm Mobile Phones to Vote on Muchmobile.
04-Jun-2002: Nokia makes MMS Announcements.
04-Jun-2002: SK Telecom exports CDMA technology to Taiwan.
04-Jun-2002: MMS to Overtake SMS Messaging by 2005 -Ericsson.
04-Jun-2002: Matsushita, NEC Plan China Venture.
04-Jun-2002: 'Mobile Video' Changing Industry Outlook.
03-Jun-2002: Nokia begins shipments of the 9290 Communicator.
03-Jun-2002: NTT DoCoMo to Introduce Fifth Phone in Advanced 504i Series.
03-Jun-2002: Singapore says to stick to 3G rollout plans.
03-Jun-2002: Possible delay for UK's 3G network launch.
03-Jun-2002: Telus Mobility launches Canada's first national 1X wireless network.
02-Jun-2002: 3G can work - if operators know how to use it.
02-Jun-2002: EU Seeks Talks With China On Mobile Emission Standards.
01-Jun-2002: Replacement Cell Phones Key to Future Success-Study.
01-Jun-2002: Sierra Wireless and Casio Provide Wireless Solutions.
31-May-2002: Agilent Technologies to Become First WiFi ICL in Japan.
31-May-2002: South Africa offers completely free GPRS service.
31-May-2002: Telestra Mobile to Deliver BlackBerry email Solution.
31-May-2002: WAP Use On The Increase.
31-May-2002: MMS Picture Messaging Solution for Handhelds Released.
30-May-2002: Lucent Passes Milestone.
30-May-2002: Future of UMTS in Poland unclear.
29-May-2002: Swisscom Mobile launches MMS.
29-May-2002: Seamless Cellular and Wi-Fi Network Roaming Solutions Starting In Bay Area.
29-May-2002: Samsung Electronics Launches Trial Service for 3G Mobile Phones.
29-May-2002: Siemens to Offer Virtual Keybord for Mobile Devices.
29-May-2002: Handspring Introduces Treo 90 and 270.
28-May-2002: New "i-shot" Service Announced by DoCoMo.
28-May-2002: Hutchison To Be First With 3G In Australia.
28-May-2002: Next-generation wireless LANs are go in Europe.
27-May-2002: NTT DoCoMo Introduces Third Phone in Advanced 504i Series.
26-May-2002: Au Exhibits GPS Camera-Equipped Handset That Mails Map Info.
26-May-2002: T-Mobile Is the First to Take nGame's Java QuickStart Program.
25-May-2002: Sewon Selects Motorola's Innovative Convergence Platform.
25-May-2002: HP and MIT Announce Joint Effort to Advance Wireless Networking.
25-May-2002: DoCoMo Tests New Mobile Videoconferencing Platform.
24-May-2002: Orange Confirms GPRS Switch-On.
24-May-2002: J-Phone Recruits Volunteers to Monitor 3G Test Services.
24-May-2002: Microsoft and Verizon Wireless Form Groundbreaking Alliance.
24-May-2002: Getting a grip on the competition.
24-May-2002: Thera from Audiovox Now Available.
23-May-2002: NTT DoCoMo to Develop WAP 2.0-Compatible Dual Browser for FOMA Phones.
23-May-2002: Nokia and Norea Pilot Wireless Delivery of Banking Services.
23-May-2002: Tele2 AB Awarded UMTS License in Luxembourg.
23-May-2002: Verizon Wireless Announces GPS Wireless Phone.
23-May-2002: Kyocera and Tao Set New Standards for PDAs.
22-May-2002: Verizon and SK Sign International Roaming Agreement.
22-May-2002: DoCoMo Introduces New Enhanced i-mode Handsets.
22-May-2002: nGame & Mforma Announce Mobile Agreement.
22-May-2002: 3G Americas Applauds Positive Statistics Cited in the ARC Group Report on EDGE.
21-May-2002: KDDI Signs 334,000 3G Subscribers in First Month.
21-May-2002: Sprint Showcases Next-Generation Game Console at E3 Expo.
21-May-2002: Verizon Offers Flat-Rate Data Pricing.
20-May-2002: LGE Introduces Handset with Embedded Camera for cdma2000 1x EV-DO Service.
19-May-2002: Asia/Pacific Data Telecom Services Showing Improved Profitability.
18-May-2002: Motorola Launches Classic Atari Games on Mobile Phones.
18-May-2002: Latin American Wireless Summit Announced.
17-May-2002: China's telecoms giant splits into two.
17-May-2002: KDDI sees tripled profits thanks to 3G boom.
17-May-2002: AT&T Offers New Multi-Band Combo Package.
16-May-2002: Bouygues' Bid Beats 3G Deadline.
16-May-2002: Projected keyboard developed for smartphones.
16-May-2002: Nokia and Siemens to Collaborate on Mobile Software.
16-May-2002: New Service from Cingular Links Laptops and PDAs to Web.
15-May-2002: Alcatel demonstrates UMTS at SVIAZ in Moscow.
15-May-2002: Nokia successfully completes Asia's first MMS roaming and interworking over GPRS with leading Chinese operators.
15-May-2002: Ericsson enables the World's First Inter-operator Live MMS Demonstration in China.
15-May-2002: Sprint PCS to Launch Advanced Network in August.
15-May-2002: NTT DoCoMo to Introduce Online Bar Code for Paying Phone Bills at Stores.
14-May-2002: Au to Test 1xEV-DO for 2GHz 3G Mobile Phone System.
14-May-2002: TIM and RIM Announce Availability of BlackBerry in Italy.
13-May-2002: Warning issued on 3G roll-out.
13-May-2002: Handspring Releases Treo Mail.
13-May-2002: Nokia and HP Announce Joint ISQA Solution.
13-May-2002: Samsung Introduces SCH-V300 EV-DO Handset.
12-May-2002: Firm Hoping To Help The US Navy Go Wireless.
12-May-2002: Japan to Limit Mobile Phone Services During World Cup.
11-May-2002: U.S. Launches Cell Phone Safety Web Site.
10-May-2002: Hope for Wireless Developers.
10-May-2002: So, You Want to Become a Euro Telco?.
10-May-2002: Taiwan Cellular Gears Up 3G Business Deployment.
10-May-2002: 3G launch helps Japan's KDDI regain second place.
09-May-2002: Good Technology Moves into Blackberry Territory.
09-May-2002: AT&T Wireless and Sprint Complete Spectrum Exchange.
09-May-2002: Ericsson compression technology boosts 3G network capacity.
08-May-2002: NTT DoCoMo's Net Profit Plunges.
08-May-2002: Nokia Promotes Cap on WCDMA Royalty Rates.
08-May-2002: Motorola Wants Partner for Unit.
08-May-2002: Palm readying GPRS handheld?.
08-May-2002: 3G Americas Explores New GSM Offerings with Latin American Operators.
08-May-2002: Sprint Gives Wireless Broadband Another Trial Run.
07-May-2002: Leading US wireless groups foresee mergers.
07-May-2002: First Offering of RIM's BlackBerry Wireless Email in Asia Announced.
07-May-2002: Openwave and IBM Announce Joint Alliance.
06-May-2002: Nokia Announces New W-LAN Access Point.
06-May-2002: Bouygues Telecom sets date for i-Mode.
05-May-2002: It's "Merge, Buy, or Die" in Telecom.
05-May-2002: Lucent Completes Call Using UMTS Infrastructure.
05-May-2002: Target note brings mmO2 up for air.
04-May-2002: Study: Cost of Wireless Service Remains Unchanged.
04-May-2002: Mobile operators: Survival of the fittest - Commentary.
04-May-2002: Wireless Carriers Score Win in Spectrum Auction Spat.
04-May-2002: Canon, HI Develop Flash Player for Mobile Phones.
03-May-2002: Cingular Gives Youth a "shoutout".
03-May-2002: Verizon Wireless Brings High Quality Moviso Mobile Media To BREW Customers.
03-May-2002: Ericsson takeover rumors swirl in Sweden.
03-May-2002: 3GPP Approves 3G Americas as Market Representation Partner.
03-May-2002: T-Mobile Selects Nortel to Deliver UMTS Networks Across Europe.
03-May-2002: Summus' exego to be available to Verizon BREW users.
03-May-2002: TriGem establishes R&D center in Taiwan.
02-May-2002: Panasonic's Toughbook's to have RIM's OEM Radio Modems.
02-May-2002: Motorola Introduces the i90c iDen Handset.
02-May-2002: Nokia wins GSM network expansion deal from AIS of Thailand.
01-May-2002: Ericsson and China Unicom Sign CDMA Expansion Contracts.
01-May-2002: Cell phones, handhelds call for WiFi.
01-May-2002: Verizon Receives Deposit Back from FCC.
01-May-2002: RIM Enhances Blackberry Server.
01-May-2002: BenQ Unveils CDMA Handsets.
30-Apr-2002: Sprint Releases Corporate Instant Messaging Platform.
30-Apr-2002: Denmark's RTX Telecom to Use Motorola 's i.250 Platform in New Handest Designs.
30-Apr-2002: Sharp Bets $750M on New Mobile Multimedia Tech.
29-Apr-2002: Hutchison 3G Austria selects Nokia as sole supplier of its 3G core network.
29-Apr-2002: Korean Telecom Firms to Expand Market Influence in China.
28-Apr-2002: LG, Samsung, Nokia, Ericsson racing to win 3G bidding.
27-Apr-2002: What Wireless Webmasters Need To Know.
27-Apr-2002: The Sky Is Calling.
27-Apr-2002: Cellular phone war heats up.
26-Apr-2002: Nokia announces agreements With Network Operators in China and the Netherlands.
26-Apr-2002: LGE Obtains European Certificate for Its GSM-GPRS Handset.
26-Apr-2002: SK may delay 3G till 2004.
26-Apr-2002: Mergers predicted in cellular industry.
26-Apr-2002: DoCoMo Introduces V-Live Streaming Video.
26-Apr-2002: Korean Mobile phone exports grow 33 percent in Q1.
26-Apr-2002: Verizon Wireless And LG Mobile Phones Introduce Ultra-Lightweight High-Speed Data Phone.
25-Apr-2002: Is a Picture Worth a Thousand Words?.
25-Apr-2002: Will Mobile Phones Make Wallets Obsolete?.
25-Apr-2002: NTT DoCoMo to License Essential Patents for W-CDMA 3G Wireless Technology.
25-Apr-2002: KDDI, Three Companies Offer Location Info Test Service Using Mobile Phones.
25-Apr-2002: Content Still King.
25-Apr-2002: Digital Bridges Launches Wireless Games With AT&T Wireless mModeSM.
24-Apr-2002: Entire Island of Maui to Get Wireless Internet.
24-Apr-2002: Samsung Launches SCH-X590 with Color Display and Embedded Camera.
24-Apr-2002: Nokia and TI Announce Development Kit for Smartphones.
24-Apr-2002: DragonBall MX1 to Port All Versions of Symbian OS.
24-Apr-2002: J-Phone to postpone 3G Launch - paper.
24-Apr-2002: Symbian Going Open Source.
24-Apr-2002: KDDI Starts Trial Payment System by Credit Card.
23-Apr-2002: Giants Control Handset Market, Says Lawsuit.
23-Apr-2002: Wireless Anywhere -- Even Miles from an Access Point?.
22-Apr-2002: Italy to Allow Trade in 3G Bandwidth.
22-Apr-2002: Vodafone begins to build 3G Dutch site.
22-Apr-2002: Nokia and IBM join forces to expedite public W- LAN roll outs.
22-Apr-2002: NEC, Others To Form Internet Access Consortium In May.
22-Apr-2002: KDDI's 3G Mobile Phone Puts Feasibility First.
21-Apr-2002: GSMA Promotes GPRS Data Services Emphasising MMS.
21-Apr-2002: Sendo Announces Applications for Z100 Smartphone.
21-Apr-2002: TI Introduces New Develpment kit for OMAP Wireless Processors.
21-Apr-2002: China May Issue More Than 5 New Mobile Licenses - Executive.
21-Apr-2002: Say goodbye to cell phone discounts.
21-Apr-2002: Multi-Media Messaging Gaining Momentum.
21-Apr-2002: T-Mobile Announces Name Changes.
19-Apr-2002: KDDI Expects To Sell 280,000 3G Handsets This Month.
19-Apr-2002: Digital Transmission of Handwritten Notes Comes of Age.
19-Apr-2002: Consumers slow to take up new GPRS technology.
18-Apr-2002: Sega forms mobile games division.
17-Apr-2002: Cisco Announces Aironet 1200 Series Wireless LAN Access Point.
17-Apr-2002: Hong Kong CSL launches Asia's first MMS.
17-Apr-2002: Brazil's Telefonica Celular launches CDMA 1X network.
17-Apr-2002: AT&T Wireless Launches mMode.
17-Apr-2002: DoCoMo to launch i-mode service in France-sources.
17-Apr-2002: DoCoMo Introduces the "F2611" Terminal.
17-Apr-2002: Start-up nears launch for Hiptop handheld.
16-Apr-2002: mm02 Selects Nortel and Nokia to Supply UMTS Network.
16-Apr-2002: Bell Labs Develops Cost Cutting 3G Chip.
16-Apr-2002: Fujitsu Develops Antenna Technology to Cut Cost of 3G Wireless System.
16-Apr-2002: RIM Brings Email Solution to Vodafone in UK.
16-Apr-2002: Survey Says 36 Pct. of Users Don't Use FOMA Features.
16-Apr-2002: Hitachi Releases SuperH Mobile Application Processor 'SH-Mobile'.
16-Apr-2002: Nokia names top Symbian applications globally.
16-Apr-2002: Ericsson supplier for Telefonia Moviles UMTS launch.
16-Apr-2002: Mergers make sense - but seem a long time coming.
16-Apr-2002: Home phones losing out to cell phones?.
15-Apr-2002: Siemens says it will use Motorola chips.
15-Apr-2002: Cmode Service Launched in Japan.
14-Apr-2002: Unprecedented Alliance Created For Breakthrough Semiconductor R&D.
13-Apr-2002: SK Telecom confronts glitches in roaming.
13-Apr-2002: WAP service for money transfers.
13-Apr-2002: Surf on the move.
13-Apr-2002: Open-source MP3 rival goes mobile.
12-Apr-2002: Motorola Conducts Live UMTS Demo in China.
12-Apr-2002: Sprint Launches LG 4NE1 Wearable Handset.
11-Apr-2002: XM Fears Interference By Wireless Gear.
11-Apr-2002: BT Cellnet signs ten-year software deal with IBM.
11-Apr-2002: European i-mode Gets Adult Content.
11-Apr-2002: BT steals a march with wireless Lan.
11-Apr-2002: DoCoMo to Boost Services, 3G as Growth Slows.
10-Apr-2002: Industry Members Collaborate on 3G Handset Functionality.
10-Apr-2002: Neomar Brings Enterprise Applications to RIM's BlackBerry 5810 Wireless Device.
10-Apr-2002: Smartphone Market Poised for Growth.
10-Apr-2002: Next-generation Web services need protection from Microsoft, rival says.
09-Apr-2002: Alcatel to launch 3G centre in KL by 2nd half.
09-Apr-2002: Comverse, BMG Ink Mobile Music Deal.
09-Apr-2002: Siemens offers m.traction Instant Messaging solution.
09-Apr-2002: 'Hotspots' Attracting Attention as Potential Savior of Mobile Broadband.
09-Apr-2002: Open Source WAP/SSL Palm Browser Beta Version Announced.
09-Apr-2002: 3G Americas Announces Growth of TDMA and GSM in the Americas.
08-Apr-2002: Java Cell Phones Undergo Improvements for Business Use.
08-Apr-2002: Sony Ericsson to set up Chinese mobile phone subsidiary.
08-Apr-2002: KPN to nearly double E-Plus market share.
08-Apr-2002: Hutchison Confirms Early Launch for Italy.
08-Apr-2002: Operators Will Save Up to $15 Billion With Header Compression.
07-Apr-2002: Motorola Seeks to Make Its Phones Easier to Use.
06-Apr-2002: The Telecom Twister Hits Europe.
06-Apr-2002: Camera phone helps J-Phone outpace rival.
06-Apr-2002: NTT Develops Chip Sets for IEEE802.11a.
05-Apr-2002: KPN scales back 3G ambitions.
05-Apr-2002: NEC To Reenter US Mobile Phone Market With 2.5G Handsets.
05-Apr-2002: Sputnik aims for free wireless Net access.
04-Apr-2002: Mobile Java in a chip along with DSP.
04-Apr-2002: NTT DoCoMo Rebuts US Claim Of Exorbitant Japan Access Fee.
03-Apr-2002: Matsushita Pins Hope on World's Thinnest Phone.
03-Apr-2002: KDDI Reveals Plans for CDMA2000 1x Cellular Phone Business.
03-Apr-2002: Telecom Sector Not Rebounding Along With Economy - Study.
03-Apr-2002: Nokia's 8390 to be offered by Fido.
03-Apr-2002: DoCoMo to Block Forged-domain Spam Mail.
03-Apr-2002: Wi-Fi: It's Fast, It's Here -- and It Works.
03-Apr-2002: Canada is first in North American with Intercarrier SMS Network.
02-Apr-2002: Cingular to Spend $945 Million to Expand.
02-Apr-2002: Verizon's Express Network Comes to 13 Additional US Markets.
02-Apr-2002: Palm Addresses Enterprise Market with new 'Smart Client'.
02-Apr-2002: Nextel Expands line Java-enabled Handsets.
01-Apr-2002: KDDI Launches CDMA2000 1x 3G Service.
01-Apr-2002: S Korea Mobile Phone Users Hit 30.3M; 64% Of Population.
30-Mar-2002: In Germany, a 3G preview.
28-Mar-2002: Sony 's New Handhelds are First With rotating Color Screens.
28-Mar-2002: Sprint Announces Second Annual PCS Developer's Conference.
28-Mar-2002: FCC to Return $2.8 Bln From Nextwave Sale.
28-Mar-2002: Sun Introduces Wireless Developer Portal.
27-Mar-2002: Brussels set to rein in charges to mobiles.
27-Mar-2002: Vodafone to revamp Vizzavi to counter i-mode threat.
27-Mar-2002: Sprint-specific Java Toolkit is Released.
26-Mar-2002: RIM announces Asian connection and its first J2ME Developer Environment.
26-Mar-2002: Vodafone does 12-country GPRS roaming.
26-Mar-2002: Motorola Introduces Java Enabled Phone with Color Display.
26-Mar-2002: Sun moves to join phones, Web service.
25-Mar-2002: Ultra Wideband: Revolutionary Wireless Technology is Born.
25-Mar-2002: Nokia Introduces Java (TM) Broker Service For Operators And Developers.
24-Mar-2002: Zaurus Linux PDA makes wireless debut at JavaOne.
24-Mar-2002: Largest Commercial Wi-Fi Network Deployed at CTIA.
23-Mar-2002: CTIA Wrap-up: New Handsets Offer Color, Speed, and Style.
22-Mar-2002: Sonera to launch UMTS services in Finland on September 26.
21-Mar-2002: Wireless Studio Provides Development Support for J2ME.
20-Mar-2002: Nortel Networks Offers First Live Demonstration of 1xEV-DO at CTIA.
20-Mar-2002: President Mikhail Gorbachev addresses CTIA.
20-Mar-2002: Audiovox Communications Enters the 1X Arena.
19-Mar-2002: Policy and Profitability themes at CTIA.
19-Mar-2002: NTT DoCoMo Constructing Pilot System for 4G Packet Wireless Communications.
19-Mar-2002: Motorola Expands TDMA Portfolio with New Motorola 120T.
18-Mar-2002: Samsung Showcases new J2ME Handsets at CTIA.
18-Mar-2002: CTIA Conference opens in Orlando.
18-Mar-2002: Nokia brings new mobile technologies to life at CTIA Wireless 2002.
17-Mar-2002: Nokia 7210 Tri-Band Java GPRS Color Handset.
16-Mar-2002: Motorola to Showcase new 2002 Handset and Accessory Portfolio at CTIA Wireless 2002.
16-Mar-2002: Alcatel Provides Live UMTS Coverage at CeBIT 2002.
16-Mar-2002: China's Mobile Data Market Expected to Boom.
15-Mar-2002: Germany's E-Plus to Add New Toshiba I-Mode Model.
14-Mar-2002: Vodafone and T-Mobile announce interoperable mobile payment platform initiative.
14-Mar-2002: Samsung close to deal with Psion's Symbian.
14-Mar-2002: Ericsson and Texas Instruments sign joint agreement on GPRS and 3G handset solutions.
14-Mar-2002: Sony Ericsson Announces Partnerships Bringing Downloadable Games to Their Handsets.
13-Mar-2002: New Mobile Video-Conferencing Platform Accepts Multiple Participants.
13-Mar-2002: Palm Unveils New Web Browser Optimized for Handhelds.
13-Mar-2002: Fujitsu Announces Global Launch of PDA - 'Pocket LOOX'.
13-Mar-2002: Samsung Shows Off Latest Handsets from CeBIT.
13-Mar-2002: Siemens M50 handset - Java over GPRS.
13-Mar-2002: 3G Americas to Represent Global Technologies in The Americas.
13-Mar-2002: Toshiba and Mitsubishi to link mobile operations.
13-Mar-2002: Deutsche Telekom Will Adopt Microsoft .NET Technologies.
13-Mar-2002: Nokia and RealNetworks Announce Comprehensive Alliance to Bring Audio and Video to Mobile Users Worldwide.
12-Mar-2002: Siemens introduces Wireless Modules.
12-Mar-2002: Ericsson demonstrates real-time charging of MMS at CeBIT.
12-Mar-2002: Nokia introduces tri-band handset with Java, color, gprs, mms, and MIDI sound.
11-Mar-2002: Japan's 3G race to heat up with KDDI launch.
11-Mar-2002: Metrowerks Ships the First Development Tools for Symbian v7.0.
10-Mar-2002: Next target for viruses: cell phones.
10-Mar-2002: Carriers eyeing wireless Internet boom.
09-Mar-2002: Sun Microsystems Sues Microsoft.
08-Mar-2002: Lucent Technologies introduces CDMA2000 base station systems.
07-Mar-2002: EU approves KPN taking control of E-Plus.
07-Mar-2002: Nokia gives awards for most innovative and useful Java(tm) applications.
07-Mar-2002: KDDI to Stop Accepting Subscribers for PDC System, Promote CdmaOne.
07-Mar-2002: KTF to launch mobile credit card service.
07-Mar-2002: Cingular Selects Nortel Networks for GSM/GPRS Upgrades.
06-Mar-2002: Nokia 8390 GPRS Handset -- Product Review.
06-Mar-2002: China Mobile to Open GPRS Network in May.
06-Mar-2002: KPN plans i-mode launch at CeBIT.
06-Mar-2002: Mobile Games Get Muscle.
05-Mar-2002: Java technology plays a big role in new Sony Ericsson handsets.
05-Mar-2002: Sprint trial may lead to double network capacity.
05-Mar-2002: Sony Ericsson unveils Six New Handsets.
05-Mar-2002: First 3G call made in southern hemisphere.
05-Mar-2002: RIM Introduces Java-Based BlackBerry Handheld.
05-Mar-2002: Supreme Court to Decide Nextwave Airwaves Dispute.
05-Mar-2002: New Palm m130 and m515 Handhelds Add Spring Color to 2002 Product Lineup.
04-Mar-2002: High demand predicted for next generation Handsets.
04-Mar-2002: UK's Hutchison 3G in content deal with Emap.
03-Mar-2002: AT&T to Offer DoCoMo's i-mode services in U.S. by Year's End.
01-Mar-2002: NTT DoCoMo lists in London and New York.
28-Feb-2002: KTF to launch mobile coupon service.
28-Feb-2002: NEC, Matsushita Comm set 3G software standards.
28-Feb-2002: IPv6 Wireless Network Experiment Begins in Kyoto.
27-Feb-2002: Adobe Offers Wireless Web Authoring.
27-Feb-2002: mmO2 brings 3G investment to a halt.
26-Feb-2002: Wireless Firms Gear Up for Mobile 'Net.
25-Feb-2002: NEC to Supply i-mode Mobile Handsets for KPN Mobile Group.
25-Feb-2002: iAnywhere Gives Linux PDAs an Enterprise Inroad.
25-Feb-2002: Sprint adds Lightsurf Instant Imaging Platform to its 3G network.
24-Feb-2002: Samsung develops color VOD GPRS handset.
24-Feb-2002: Korean Carriers Say IMT-2000 Plan on Schedule.
24-Feb-2002: Borland Unveils JBuilder MobileSet 2 for J2ME Wireless Application Development.
23-Feb-2002: Operators Cast Doubts On GPRS.
23-Feb-2002: DoCoMo Introduces 3G Videophone.
22-Feb-2002: Redmond's Mobile Push.
22-Feb-2002: NTT DoCoMo to Expand FOMA 3G Service Area Nationwide and Discount Monthly Basic Fee.
21-Feb-2002: Bluetooth(TM) Wireless Technology Enhances Applications for Mobile Telephony.
21-Feb-2002: Thomson and Alcatel demonstrate end to end multimedia delivery over mobile infrastructure.
21-Feb-2002: Fujian Mobile of China chooses Nokia's mPosition for its mobile location servic.
20-Feb-2002: New Uses Coming for Cell Phones.
20-Feb-2002: Nortel Networks to Demonstrate "Always On" Wireless Data at 3GSM.
20-Feb-2002: Fujitsu ties up with Sagem on 3G technology.
20-Feb-2002: AlphaOmega Soft Will Release Camera Server for FOMA.
20-Feb-2002: Nokia announces the 8910 with GPRS and Bluetooth Capabilities.
20-Feb-2002: Handspring and SFR to Launch TREO Communicator in France.
20-Feb-2002: Ericsson and Juniper Networks provide operators with 2.5 and 3G-ready Mobile Internet infrastructure.
19-Feb-2002: AT&T Wireless Completes UMTS Call.
19-Feb-2002: Orange rolls out high-speed mobile service.
19-Feb-2002: Symbian unveils the OS v7.0.
19-Feb-2002: Microsoft, Intel, TI in Mobile Tie-Ups.
19-Feb-2002: Siemens aims to be among the top three in Latin America.
19-Feb-2002: Philips Semiconductors produces world's first dual-mode 2.5G/3G RF reference design PCB.
19-Feb-2002: Nokia and TI to Offer Complete Open Reference Platforms for Next-generation Smart Phones.
19-Feb-2002: Motorola Makes Announcements from 3GSM World Congress.
19-Feb-2002: HP dials in Pocket PC for new handheld.
18-Feb-2002: FCC Removes Regulations on Ultra Wideband Wireless Communications Products.
18-Feb-2002: NTT DoCoMo and E-Plus Agree to Transfer of i-mode Service.
18-Feb-2002: Sierra Wireless Connects Mobile Users to Global Network.
18-Feb-2002: AOL and Motorola to Bring the AOL Instant Messenger Service to Next Generation Motorola Wireless Messaging Devices.
16-Feb-2002: Motorola Introduces its first 3G Handset -- the A820.
16-Feb-2002: GPRS to star at 3GSM Congress.
16-Feb-2002: Dentsu, NTT DoCoMo and ActiveSky to Test Image Streaming Service For Mobile Advertising.
15-Feb-2002: Motorola Unveils Global 2002 Handset and Accessory Portfolio.
14-Feb-2002: Leap of faith in an untested market.
14-Feb-2002: Intel's New Rival: Texas Instruments.
13-Feb-2002: Ericsson demonstrates Instant Messaging and Presence Server.
13-Feb-2002: Pocket PC dials up Phone Edition.
12-Feb-2002: Nokia 8270 CDMA handset for the Americas.
12-Feb-2002: Motorola introduces V70 handset.
12-Feb-2002: Bell Mobility launches next generation wireless network, devices and services.
12-Feb-2002: Belgium delays 3G services rollout.
12-Feb-2002: Siemens rules out near future mobile link-up.
12-Feb-2002: ArrayComm Launches First Mobile Broadband Wireless System at Demo 2002.
12-Feb-2002: Tantivy. and Atmel to Initiate Worldwide Proliferation of Portable Wireless Broadband.
11-Feb-2002: PrairieComm achieves world's first UMTS and GSM voice calls with single-chip baseband processor.
11-Feb-2002: Handspring Treo Communicator Available Nationwide to US Customers.
11-Feb-2002: Evolution Continues in LCDs, Speakers for Mobile Movies.
11-Feb-2002: FunMail to Unveil All New SMS and MMS Animated Messaging Systems.
09-Feb-2002: Mobile Phones Set to Top Fixed Lines at One Billion.
08-Feb-2002: NTT DoCoMo Debuts Mobile Phone from Sony Ericsson.
08-Feb-2002: NTT DoCoMo to Launch Portal Site for PDAs.
08-Feb-2002: Nokia makes world's first IP packet data call with its 3G WCDMA solution.
07-Feb-2002: DoCoMo in talks to launch i-mode in Germany.
07-Feb-2002: Deutsche Telekom begins roll-out of its UMTS network.
06-Feb-2002: NET&COM Show to Start, Featuring Mobile and Home Networking.
06-Feb-2002: Taiwan 3G auction ends, raising T$48.9bn.
06-Feb-2002: Microsoft Launches MSN Mobile Portals in Europe.
06-Feb-2002: Qualcomm Announces Advanced Position Location Capabilities for WCDMA/UMTS and GSM/GPRS Systems.
06-Feb-2002: Norway watchdog calls for Tele2 fines for UMTS delay.
06-Feb-2002: Qualcomm Announces radioOne CDMA2000 1X Multimode Chipset.
05-Feb-2002: AppForge enables Visual Basic developers to extend applications to Nokia Communicators.
05-Feb-2002: Mobile handset sales on the rise.
05-Feb-2002: Palm OS Subsidiary to Preview Palm OS 5 Beta.
05-Feb-2002: Metrowerks CodeWarrior Tools Help Developers Take Palm Applications to the Enterprise.
05-Feb-2002: Nokia in China: growing sales and investment.
04-Feb-2002: Fujitsu Siemens shoots for 'Mobility' leadership.
04-Feb-2002: Nokia 'imposing its standard on industry'.
04-Feb-2002: Samsung Unveils New Phones At 2002 Olympic Winter Game.
04-Feb-2002: Korea launches wireless LAN services.
03-Feb-2002: Deutsche Telekom's Sommer says co's UMTS services has upper hand on rivals.
03-Feb-2002: NTT DoCoMo looking for French partner.
03-Feb-2002: LG Exports the LG-510 GPRS Handset to China.
03-Feb-2002: ATT and Cingular go to EDGE together.
02-Feb-2002: Sonera introduces new GPRS service.
01-Feb-2002: Taiwan 3G bids hit US$1.3 billion.
01-Feb-2002: Yokogawa Electric Launches Software to Authorize Access from I-Mode Cell Phones.
01-Feb-2002: Is CDMA Winning The Race To 3G?.
01-Feb-2002: Motorola and Telkomsel Ink Agreement Worth $170 Million.
01-Feb-2002: MobilCom hints it may defer 3G launch to 2003.
31-Jan-2002: Geoworks throws in towel and puts GEOS up for sale.
31-Jan-2002: KTF to offer TV programs over mobile handsets.
31-Jan-2002: Microsoft Announces Mobility Partner Advisory Council.
31-Jan-2002: Telefonica puts Italian 3G group on life-support.
30-Jan-2002: New Nokia research shows consumers ready for m-marketing via mobile handsets.
30-Jan-2002: AT&T Wireless and Cingular Wireless Announce Joint Network Expansion.
30-Jan-2002: Metroworks Releases Toolset for Developing Symbian OS Mobile Handset Applications.
29-Jan-2002: Shanxi Mobile of China chooses Nokia's mPosition for its mobile location services.
29-Jan-2002: Nazomi Introduces First Universal Java Accelerator Chip for Mobile Wireless Applications.
29-Jan-2002: SK Telecom to Begin IMT-2000 Service.
29-Jan-2002: Palm i705 Handheld Debuts.
28-Jan-2002: More Users Experience Shopping Via Mobile Phones: Survey.
28-Jan-2002: Verizon Rolls Out 3G Data Network.
27-Jan-2002: Accenture, Glocom See Possibility of Success in Free Mobile Communications.
26-Jan-2002: Multi-Billion-Dollar Potential Savings in 3G Wireless Infrastructure Revealed.
25-Jan-2002: NTT DoCoMo to List on New York, London Stock Exchanges.
25-Jan-2002: Toshiba Develops Compact Fuel Cell for Mobile Devices.
25-Jan-2002: Verizon Wireless Could Launch 3G Next Week.
24-Jan-2002: Nokia 8265 introduced.
23-Jan-2002: Study Shows Mobile Phone Marketing Power.
22-Jan-2002: Kyocera to Provide High-Speed Technology to Hanaro.
22-Jan-2002: Samsung slow to push for GPRS export deal in China.
22-Jan-2002: Slovakia in 3G licence tender.
21-Jan-2002: Palm software CEO talks tough on Microsoft rivalry.
21-Jan-2002: Product Review - Samsung SPH-I300 Smart phone.
20-Jan-2002: New Modem for IMT-2000 Basestations.
19-Jan-2002: Paid Content More Successful on Mobile than on the PC.
18-Jan-2002: Elisa to deliver digital music to Nokia phones.
18-Jan-2002: DoCoMo to list shares in NY, London in March-paper.
18-Jan-2002: Motorola to re-enter Japanese handset market.
17-Jan-2002: Anti-Theft Car System That Notifies Owner Via E-Mail to Handset.
17-Jan-2002: Ericsson signs contract for 3G handset platforms with LG Electronics.
17-Jan-2002: Benq, Major Asian Handset Manufacturer, Selects Motorola's i.250 GSM/GPRS Platform.
16-Jan-2002: Alcatel back in the 3G race.
16-Jan-2002: Ericsson wins global Multimedia Messaging contract from Vodafone.
15-Jan-2002: Taiwan to launch 3G auction Wednesday without fanfare.
15-Jan-2002: Rogers Wireless launches advanced GSM/GPRS wireless services.
15-Jan-2002: Application Developers to Save 3G?.
15-Jan-2002: Hanaro Telecom to offer wireless LAN service next month.
15-Jan-2002: MMO2 set for hand-held link with Handspring.
15-Jan-2002: NTT DoCoMo to Provide Billing Information via Java-based i-mode Service.
14-Jan-2002: Mobile operators not sure how to charge for data services.
14-Jan-2002: Siemens IC Mobile presents the world's first Class 8 GPRS module.
13-Jan-2002: Plug-In to Boost Features of Mobile Terminals to be Ready in Mid-2002.
12-Jan-2002: Nokia getting into high-end phones.
11-Jan-2002: Ericsson and Samsung reach license agreement.
11-Jan-2002: MoPilot to provide 3G content for Isle of Man project.
10-Jan-2002: Samsung shows NEXiO S150 3G Tablet.
10-Jan-2002: Nokia to Launch Small Color Phone Soon - Reports.
10-Jan-2002: Qualcomm Offers Free Japanese BREW SDK for Cell Phones.
10-Jan-2002: Mobile advertising regulators join forces.
09-Jan-2002: Adobe GoLive 6.0 supports WAP, XHTML, and iMode Wireless Authoring.
09-Jan-2002: Nokia ships 3G infrastructure to U.S..
09-Jan-2002: Motorola and THQ Bring Gaming Excitement to Mobile Phones.
09-Jan-2002: J-Phone's Mobile Phones with Built-in Cameras Top 3 Million.
09-Jan-2002: Telia Mobile first to offer GPRS roaming throughout the Nordic region.
08-Jan-2002: Microsoft Smartphone 2002.
08-Jan-2002: Sprint showcases 3G at CES 2002.
08-Jan-2002: China Unicom offers CDMA services in soft launch.
08-Jan-2002: Sprint PCS to Offer Hitachi Handsets With Launch of 3G1X.
07-Jan-2002: Nokia 6340 handset to enable roaming across TDMA, GSM networks.
07-Jan-2002: Compaq, KDDI Jointly Develop System for Wireless Remote Operation.
05-Jan-2002: Picofun sees WAP gaming taking off.
05-Jan-2002: Latin America Cell Phones Grow.
04-Jan-2002: Mobile groups seek return of $3.1bn 3G payments.
04-Jan-2002: Malaysia to award 3G licenses to Telekom, DiGi, Maxis.
04-Jan-2002: Aycell selects Alcatel's GSM1800/GPRS solution in Turkey.
04-Jan-2002: Europe's first i-mode phone.
03-Jan-2002: 3G handsets shipping to North America.
02-Jan-2002: Sonera opens 3G network.
01-Jan-2002: DoCoMo looks at selling stock overseas.
01-Jan-2002: France tries again on mobile licences.

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