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MobileTechNews archive for the year 2004:

31-Dec-2004: Cities Should Control Their Wi-Fi Fates.
30-Dec-2004: Samsung won't show all its mobile models.
29-Dec-2004: Time Warner talking to Sprint about cell-phone deal.
29-Dec-2004: CSL selects Nokia to be 3G handset supplier.
28-Dec-2004: Sharp begins shipping the Vodafone 902SH UMTS handset.
28-Dec-2004: Vonage donates 2 million phone minutes to US troops.
28-Dec-2004: New iCODE wireless application finds niche in real estate.
28-Dec-2004: World's Tallest Skyscraper goes 3G.
27-Dec-2004: Sagem launches the myX-8.
27-Dec-2004: palmOne Markets Popular Weight-Management Software Titles.
27-Dec-2004: LG enters Korean number portability frenzy January 1.
27-Dec-2004: Pacemakers OK with wireless technology.
27-Dec-2004: Sharp's selects Ericsson's GSM/GPRS mobile platform.
26-Dec-2004: Israel to restrict porn on 3G handsets.
26-Dec-2004: Iridian's Iris-SDI mobile-iris recognition camera set to launch.
25-Dec-2004: iTunes Motorola handset on the horizon.
25-Dec-2004: Hop-on to intro GSM Model 1848 Tri-band phone.
24-Dec-2004: Siemens units need "fundamental changes"-CEO.
24-Dec-2004: Cell Phones Ring for Marketers.
23-Dec-2004: Ringtone record label announced.
23-Dec-2004: Eurotel launches PTT technology in Czech Republic.
23-Dec-2004: Opera for Windows Mobile now available in technical preview.
22-Dec-2004: Orban Releases the first aacPlus v2 Streaming Audio Encoder.
22-Dec-2004: NTT DoCoMo to acquire stake in MontaVista Linux software developer.
22-Dec-2004: SingTel Offers 3G UMTS PC Cards.
22-Dec-2004: T-Mobile International Extends BlackBerry Range.
22-Dec-2004: Barcelona to Host 3GSM World Congress From 2006.
22-Dec-2004: Cybertel Cphones let Marines call home for Christmas.
22-Dec-2004: iTunes Will Trump Carrier Music Services.
21-Dec-2004: New Siemens A62, A51, and A53.
20-Dec-2004: Sprint's PTT RL-A760 reviewed.
20-Dec-2004: Sprint launches Music Choice.
20-Dec-2004: U.S. Wireless Use Behind Rest of World.
20-Dec-2004: LG Electronics Chooses SH-Mobile for Mobile Phone Handsets.
19-Dec-2004: Bluetooth gets a triple boost.
18-Dec-2004: Opera arrives on KDDI's BREW Casio W213CA handset.
17-Dec-2004: Russia's MTS set to launch i-mode.
17-Dec-2004: NTT DoCoMo achieves 1Gbps packet transmission in 4G radio access.
17-Dec-2004: Verizon Wireless announces the XV6600.
17-Dec-2004: Next Generation PTT Platform for iDEN.
16-Dec-2004: First FOMA 3G Handset for International Roaming.
16-Dec-2004: T-Mobile Germany offers first 2-megapixel camera phone in Europe.
16-Dec-2004: Singapore's SingTel offers free video calls and video-streaming.
16-Dec-2004: T-Mobile USA launches the Samsung p735.
15-Dec-2004: FCC proposes relaxing ban on in-flight cell phones.
15-Dec-2004: India's Airtel reaches 1 million ringback tone service subscribers.
15-Dec-2004: Over 1 Million i-mode FeliCa Handsets Sold.
15-Dec-2004: Sprint and Nextel announce merger.
15-Dec-2004: HongKong's SmarTone partners with Vodafone.
15-Dec-2004: Nokia adds hologram ID to original batteries.
15-Dec-2004: Mobile Phone Market In Need of New Growth Catalyst says IDC.
15-Dec-2004: Verizon Wireless reminds consumers to recycle old mobile phones.
14-Dec-2004: Direct Talk off-network walkie-talkie service announced.
14-Dec-2004: Cingular Introduces Motorola MPx220.
14-Dec-2004: Verizon gets a go from Vodafone to bid for Sprint.
14-Dec-2004: DoCoMo adds Australia to FOMA videophone service.
14-Dec-2004: Cingular launches EDGE in the Carolinas.
14-Dec-2004: Bell Canada set to roll out EVDO network.
14-Dec-2004: First cruise ship offering bow to stern Wi-Fi debuts.
14-Dec-2004: Residential Wi-Fi poised for explosive growth says In-Stat.
14-Dec-2004: Wi-Fi arrives at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Stores.
13-Dec-2004: Samsung develops MMCmicro memory card for mobile phones.
13-Dec-2004: StarHub intros BlackBerry 7290.
13-Dec-2004: Motorola wins CDMA2000 1X China Unicom deal.
12-Dec-2004: Mobile operators vie for digital music.
12-Dec-2004: Microchip Unveils ZigBee Demonstration, Development Platform.
11-Dec-2004: Vonage and Viseon to develop videophone service.
10-Dec-2004: Picture Phone PM-A740 by Samsung.
10-Dec-2004: Ericsson Selected by MTN South Africa to Supply 3G/WCDMA Network.
10-Dec-2004: Sprint and Nextel talk merger.
10-Dec-2004: Verizon says no to wireless directory.
09-Dec-2004: Vodafone and Connexion trial in-flight laptop Wi-Fi connectivity.
09-Dec-2004: Nextel's wireless location applications extended to BlackBerry platform.
09-Dec-2004: Napster to enter ringtone market.
09-Dec-2004: Indian operator premiers full- length movie on mobile phones.
09-Dec-2004: Mozilla targets mobile devices with Minimo browser.
08-Dec-2004: Multiplayer Games coming to 3G.
08-Dec-2004: VoicePulse to offer video VoIP.
08-Dec-2004: T-Mobile launches CallerTunes ringback tone service.
08-Dec-2004: Boeing offers update on Connexion in-flight Wi-Fi service.
08-Dec-2004: Cingular offers mobile photo postcards.
08-Dec-2004: Palm OS on top of Linux moves closer to reality.
08-Dec-2004: Sprint contracts for buildout and deployment of EV-DO.
08-Dec-2004: Companies announce first TD-SCDMA video phone.
08-Dec-2004: Airbee Displays First Wireless ZigBeeThermostat.
08-Dec-2004: Pannon acquires 3G license in Hungary.
08-Dec-2004: Telcel Brings BlackBerry 7280 to Mexico.
08-Dec-2004: One gigabit per second over the air.
08-Dec-2004: Curitel Develops ZigBee Based Handset.
07-Dec-2004: LGE selects SavaJe OS for next-generation handsets.
07-Dec-2004: Orange launches 3G in France and UK.
06-Dec-2004: Trend Micro Mobile Security announced.
06-Dec-2004: Vodafone expands availability of Speaking Phone.
06-Dec-2004: NYC Jazz Center gets optical wireless solution.
06-Dec-2004: China to allocate 800-MHz band to TD-SCDMA.
06-Dec-2004: THQ to bring Star Wars to mobile phones.
06-Dec-2004: Japan's Softbank applies for mobile phone license.
05-Dec-2004: UMTS comes to the Isle of Man.
05-Dec-2004: Playboy content to be distributed wirelessly in US.
04-Dec-2004: The Voq arrives in Canada.
03-Dec-2004: 3G handset sales on the rise.
02-Dec-2004: RIM announces BlackBerry expansion in Belgium, Hong Kong, and Indonesia.
02-Dec-2004: LG PM-325 slider phone available from Sprint.
02-Dec-2004: 3G launches in Africa.
01-Dec-2004: TELUS launches Motorola V710 in Canada.
01-Dec-2004: Samsung overtakes Motorola.
01-Dec-2004: New wireless music comes to Europe.
01-Dec-2004: Telenor launches UMTS network offering Nokia 6630 smartphone.
01-Dec-2004: Nokia to manufacture mobile phones in India.
01-Dec-2004: 2.0-Megapixel CMOS camera chip launches.
01-Dec-2004: Cingular set to deploy UMTS.
01-Dec-2004: Mobile Multimedia Users Exceeds 100 Million in 2004.
01-Dec-2004: Cingular and Nokia Extend Strategic Relationship.
30-Nov-2004: Rogers Wireless announces TXT 2 Landline service.
30-Nov-2004: NEC reorganizes 3G phone strategy.
30-Nov-2004: mmO2 AND NTT DoCoMo announce agreement on i-mode.
30-Nov-2004: Hybrid Graphics Licenses 3D Technology to Nokia.
30-Nov-2004: World's first UMTS wireless network in a public metro system.
30-Nov-2004: Sharp and SE to co-develop 3G FOMA handsets.
29-Nov-2004: LG VX4500 upgraded to help visually impaired customers.
29-Nov-2004: DoCoMo set to go all 3G by 2012.
29-Nov-2004: Wi-Fi handsets expected to ship in larger numbers.
29-Nov-2004: Branson looking to bring Virgin Mobile to India.
29-Nov-2004: Korea allocates spectrum for WiBro.
28-Nov-2004: Alcatel takes it to the EDGE in Siberia.
27-Nov-2004: A look at the Motorola V265.
26-Nov-2004: Sprint launches the Samsung RL-A760.
26-Nov-2004: Cingular sells former AT&T assets to Alltel.
26-Nov-2004: Italy's TIM adds Nokia 6630 Smartphone to 3G portfolio.
26-Nov-2004: ETSI adopts DVB-H as European standard for mobile TV.
26-Nov-2004: Cingular Wireless Short Film Festival announced.
26-Nov-2004: New AXIA A108 PDA features small lightweight design.
25-Nov-2004: Swisscom launches UMTS supporting video telephony and mobile tv.
25-Nov-2004: Mmo2 mulls DoCoMo's i-mode for U.K..
25-Nov-2004: LG to release 6-megapixel camera phone.
25-Nov-2004: Survey finds 'explorative youth' market driving mobile phone use in Canada.
24-Nov-2004: T-Mobile launches the Motorola A630.
24-Nov-2004: LNP a year later shows 8.5 million people switched carriers.
24-Nov-2004: SBC Wi-Fi service now at Barnes & Noble and Avis.
24-Nov-2004: New Motorola V551 EDGE phone from Cingular.
23-Nov-2004: Mobile Gaming's a Rising Star in India's Wireless Business.
23-Nov-2004: T-Mobile offers "Push to Talk".
23-Nov-2004: Samsung to Enhance Camera Function of 5-Megapixel Phone.
23-Nov-2004: Will China abandon TD-SCDMA?.
23-Nov-2004: T9 text input software updated.
22-Nov-2004: New Motorola V260 Clamshell Now Available at RadioShack.
22-Nov-2004: PalmSource Welcomes the Xplore M28 Palm Powered Smartphone from GSPDA.
22-Nov-2004: InfoSonics to Distribute VK Mobile Phones.
22-Nov-2004: New Jamdat title promotes children's mobile phone gaming.
20-Nov-2004: Skulls program kills cell phone apps.
20-Nov-2004: Nortel's W-LAN solution chosen by Tapei for city-wide "M-City" project.
19-Nov-2004: Nintendo DS set to launch this week-end comes with Wi-Fi.
19-Nov-2004: Nokia to launch 10 high-speed 3G phones next year.
19-Nov-2004: NTT DoCoMo Develops Common Software Platform for 3G FOMA Handsets.
18-Nov-2004: GSM Leads Growth Among Wireless Technologies in the Americas.
18-Nov-2004: Mobile Entertainment is Catalyst for 3G Growth.
18-Nov-2004: "3" Hong Kong Launches seven 3G Handsets.
18-Nov-2004: Linux Based 3G Handsets from NEC and Panasonic.
18-Nov-2004: QUALCOMM and Opera Software Enable Contextual Shopping Capabilities Via BREW-based Web Browser.
18-Nov-2004: Virgin Mobile set to offer Nokia CDMA handset.
18-Nov-2004: NTT DoCoMo to Launch 901i Series of 3G FOMA Handsets.
17-Nov-2004: Sprint, Verizon in Talks to Buy Phone Handsets in China.
17-Nov-2004: Verizon Wireless offers real music ringback tones.
17-Nov-2004: Variety of TD-SCDMA chipset solutions announced.
16-Nov-2004: The RAZR arrives at Cingular.
16-Nov-2004: CDG celebrates 100 CDMA2000 operators worldwide.
16-Nov-2004: Hop-On to Intro Seven New Wireless Handset Models.
16-Nov-2004: Ringtone helps promo Eminem's new Encore CD.
16-Nov-2004: BlackBerry arrives on Sprint's PCS Network.
16-Nov-2004: TTPCom and ASUSTeK Showcase 3G Handset at 3G World Congress.
16-Nov-2004: Compact Nokia 6235 and Nokia 6235i camera phones.
16-Nov-2004: LG One-Ups Rivals with World's First Terrestrial DMB Handset.
16-Nov-2004: Verizon Wireless Eliminates Number Portability Charge.
16-Nov-2004: China's Huawei launches 3G handsets and data card.
15-Nov-2004: NTT DoCoMo to release N900iL, First FOMA Wireless LAN Dual-Network Handset.
15-Nov-2004: WiMAX to be launched in Spain.
15-Nov-2004: BT to Offer Blackberry In Europe.
14-Nov-2004: LG and Intel to cooperate on WiBro.
14-Nov-2004: Dual-band W-CDMA/cdma2000 handset due in Korea soon.
14-Nov-2004: Motorola's E680 and A780 Linux Handsets built on Trolltech Platform.
13-Nov-2004: V2IP moves beyond VoIP.
13-Nov-2004: Windows CE OS surpasses Palm OS PDA shipments in Q3.
12-Nov-2004: Skype Internet Telephony Goes Cordless.
12-Nov-2004: Samsung to intro EV-DO handset in US.
11-Nov-2004: CSR Puts Wi-Fi in the Pocket.
11-Nov-2004: Sprint and Sanyo intro the MM7400 multimedia phone.
11-Nov-2004: Verizon Wireless Adds Motorola V265 to Clamshell Line-up.
11-Nov-2004: Samsung announces 1-Gb oneNAND Flash Memory for 3G handsets.
11-Nov-2004: E-Plus announces BlackBerry's arrival.
10-Nov-2004: Launch of Kyocera SoHo Flip Phone.
10-Nov-2004: Vodafone kicks of f 'Vodafone live! with 3G' in 13 countries.
10-Nov-2004: TI intros 90nm single-chip Bluetooth networking solution.
10-Nov-2004: Datang Mobile Picks Qtopia for New Linux-Based Mobile Phone Platform.
10-Nov-2004: 'T3G' EV-DO network launched in New Zealand.
10-Nov-2004: Vonage is free to roam following FCC ruling.
10-Nov-2004: Rogers Wireless announces Video Messaging service.
09-Nov-2004: Nextreaming brings VOD to Curitel's PH-K1000V phone.
09-Nov-2004: Bluetooth SIG Lays Out Roadmap for Bluetooth Wireless Technology.
09-Nov-2004: New amplifier makes thinner 3G mobile phones with longer battery life possible.
09-Nov-2004: CDMA2000 Adds a Record 15 Million Users in The Third Quarter.
09-Nov-2004: Nortel unleashes global marketing initative.
08-Nov-2004: LGE launches their first 1.3 megapixel camera phone, the T5100.
08-Nov-2004: 3G Christmas not expected until 2005.
07-Nov-2004: New technologies to be introduced at Viet Nam Telecomp 2004.
06-Nov-2004: BT simplifies corporate Wi-Fi billing.
06-Nov-2004: NTT DoCoMo set to acquire inter-touch Limited.
05-Nov-2004: T-Mobile Austria launches MDA III.
05-Nov-2004: Opera and SlipStream partner to accelerate "The World's Fastest Browser".
05-Nov-2004: Verizon Wireless closes deal on NextWave's PCS spectrum licenses.
05-Nov-2004: Motorola supplies PoC service to Bouygues Telecom.
04-Nov-2004: Orange chooses Nokia as its 3G system supplier in Switzerland.
04-Nov-2004: 3 launches three Motorola video mobiles.
04-Nov-2004: Samsung to Release 'SGH-P710 Edge' Phone.
03-Nov-2004: First US pilot of DVB-H underway in Pittsburgh.
03-Nov-2004: Vodacom brings Vodafone's 3G services to South Africa.
03-Nov-2004: Telabria to build first WiMAX network in the UK.
03-Nov-2004: Linux makes its way into NEC's mobile phones.
03-Nov-2004: New widescreen Nokia 7710.
03-Nov-2004: Nokia 3230 megapixel camera phone.
03-Nov-2004: Qualcomm supporting "mediacast" network.
03-Nov-2004: Nokia 6020 camera phone.
02-Nov-2004: Joint project trials NFC train ticketing solution.
02-Nov-2004: Nokia unveils Near Field Communication shell.
02-Nov-2004: Samsung announces new products at the Cartes 2004 exhibit in Paris.
02-Nov-2004: UK mobile customers can TOMP in seven different languages.
01-Nov-2004: TELUS Mobility intros Kyocera K494 Energi.
01-Nov-2004: Verizon Wireless announces the LG VX6100 camera phone.
01-Nov-2004: Nokia chooses Smartner's Duality Alway-On Mail solution for Series 80 mobile devices.
01-Nov-2004: '3' to launch six new handsets in UK.
31-Oct-2004: Using the Yahoo! Mobile Search.
30-Oct-2004: Solar backpack charges cell phones.
30-Oct-2004: Cingular unleashes new ad campaign.
29-Oct-2004: Wireless Gaming Global Market Outlook.
28-Oct-2004: Kyocera Launches Precautionary Battery Recall.
28-Oct-2004: T-Mobile Germany to launch Nokia's PoC solution Q4.
27-Oct-2004: Companies intro "Trusted Mobile Platform".
27-Oct-2004: Motorola Announces Products to Its Bluetooth(R) Product Portfolio.
27-Oct-2004: Openwave Unveils Subscriber Research Results on Mobile Messaging.
27-Oct-2004: Panasonic announces the Z800 UMTS mobile phone.
27-Oct-2004: Verizon's America's Choice teams up with OnStar.
27-Oct-2004: Worldwide mobile device shipments in Q3 2004 up 83% on Q3 2003.
27-Oct-2004: Cingular offers Disney content and NCAA Hoops 2005 from Digital Chocolate.
27-Oct-2004: Kyocera Wireless Announces KPC-650 CDMA2000 1xEVDO PC Card.
27-Oct-2004: Ericsson First to Demonstrate Live Mobile Broadband With HSDPA Over Commercial System.
27-Oct-2004: Billboard Hot Ringtones chart announced.
27-Oct-2004: Tony Hawk's Underground 2 available through Verizon Wireless.
26-Oct-2004: Rogers Wireless announces the BlackBerry 7100r.
26-Oct-2004: European mobile device market fueled by Series 60-based smartphones.
26-Oct-2004: Cingular AT&T merger set to proceed on schedule.
26-Oct-2004: Sharp intros new display optimized for viewing video.
26-Oct-2004: ABI Research Sees Crucial Contactless Payment Pieces Falling into Place.
25-Oct-2004: AirCard'R' 775 Card for EDGE Networks launches.
25-Oct-2004: PacketVideo Announces Two-Way Videophone Software for Nokia Series 60 Smartphone Platform.
25-Oct-2004: Intel, Clearwire to Accelerate Deployment of WiMAX Networks Worldwide.
25-Oct-2004: New games and software gear.
25-Oct-2004: World's First, Smallest and Lightest, Global Locator Phone -- Wherifone G550.
25-Oct-2004: SanDisk Introduces MobileMate Readers and 256 MB TransFlash Module.
25-Oct-2004: New Treo 650 launches.
25-Oct-2004: Sony Ericsson announces J200 and T290 handsets and GC89 PC EDGE/WI-Fi PC Card.
25-Oct-2004: Netgear's 108 Mbps Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter.
25-Oct-2004: Nokia launches Preminent solution for wireless content distribution.
23-Oct-2004: World's First Reversible Light Module for Mobile Phone Displays.
22-Oct-2004: Cell phone users being left out of political telephone polling process.
22-Oct-2004: T-Mobile USA announces the Samsung E315.
22-Oct-2004: 3 introduces the Motorola A1000.
22-Oct-2004: Rogers Wireless intros the BlackBerry 7290.
21-Oct-2004: TI Brings Live Digital TV to Your Cell Phone.
21-Oct-2004: i-mode companies offered Macromedia Flash Lite.
20-Oct-2004: Wireless takes over Wireline in customer spending in US.
20-Oct-2004: Free 411 Services for Mobile Consumers.
20-Oct-2004: Siemens Selects Quacomm's Chipsets.
20-Oct-2004: Samsung SCH-S250 5-megapixel cameraphone announced.
19-Oct-2004: T-Mobile and Nokia to create applications for the Series 60 Platform.
19-Oct-2004: Airtell and RIM launch BlackBerry in India.
19-Oct-2004: Germany's T-Mobile set to launch PTT service.
19-Oct-2004: Review: The Samsung SP-i600 from Sprint PCS.
18-Oct-2004: Virgin Mobile makes gaming debut.
18-Oct-2004: Vonage goes Boingo.
18-Oct-2004: BlackBerry 7270 first to feature VoIP and WLAN support.
18-Oct-2004: Taiwan launches first PTT network.
17-Oct-2004: Japan, home of the cellphone's future.
16-Oct-2004: Danger Announces the SunCom hiptop2.
15-Oct-2004: NEC launches melody chip with MP3 and AAC playback.
15-Oct-2004: WanderPod brings Wi-Fi anywhere.
15-Oct-2004: Proximus delivers the BlackBerry 7230.
15-Oct-2004: Telus launches the Audiovox 8920 King Kam.
15-Oct-2004: Nextel Launches the Motorola i860 Camera Phone with Nationwide Direct Connect PTT service.
14-Oct-2004: Cingular to offer Samsung's new SGH-e317 and SGH-x427 mobile phones.
14-Oct-2004: New VoIP plan from AT&T Wireless.
13-Oct-2004: Opera as Default Full Web Browser on KDDI's New BREW-based Casio W21CXA Mobile Phone.
13-Oct-2004: Motorola makes splash with six new clamshell handsets.
13-Oct-2004: World's first EDGE-WCDMA 3G packet data handover in commercial network conducted.
13-Oct-2004: New Audiovox SMT5600 Windows-based Smartphone launches.
13-Oct-2004: New Bluetooth HS-03 Wireless Headset from USA Wireless.
12-Oct-2004: Catch snippets of NBC's fall line-up on your mobile handset.
12-Oct-2004: Nero Digital Schedules 3GPP Codec ASIC for Q1/2005.
12-Oct-2004: Qualcomm brings 'channel surfing' on mobile phones closer to reality.
12-Oct-2004: Cashless payment coming to a vending machine near you.
12-Oct-2004: Vodafone first to offer UMTS roaming in 10 countries.
12-Oct-2004: Match your favorite N-Gage game to your game deck.
12-Oct-2004: Superscape showcases new 3D gaming content.
12-Oct-2004: KPN launches UMTS with the SE Z1010.
12-Oct-2004: Motorola to Launch Trial of Handsets with MasterCard PayPass Technology.
12-Oct-2004: Study shows customer satiisfaction drops when US companies offshore call centers.
12-Oct-2004: Wi-Fi Alliance Will Not Certify Pre-Standard 802.11n Features.
12-Oct-2004: MFORMA Makes Strategic Investment in Magus-Soft, China's Leading Mobile Games Developer.
11-Oct-2004: Atheros AR5006X First Single-Chip 802.11a/b/g WLAN Solution.
11-Oct-2004: Samsung unveils the SGH-D500 slider phone.
11-Oct-2004: TeliaSonera acquires Orange Denmark.
10-Oct-2004: Ultrawideband Heralds Zippier Wireless Connections.
09-Oct-2004: Google trials SMS service.
09-Oct-2004: BenQ Launches S700 Mobile Phone.
08-Oct-2004: Companies to jointly promote WCDMA deployment.
08-Oct-2004: IEEE Starts Cellular Phone Battery Standard.
08-Oct-2004: Siemens to Integrate FLASH-OFDM into Its Mobile Broadband Solutions.
08-Oct-2004: New Motorola V505, V220 and V180 GSM quad-band phones.
07-Oct-2004: Qualcomm to use Radvision SIP Toolkit for Qvideophone development.
06-Oct-2004: Sprint and Fujfilm launch online print ordering service.
06-Oct-2004: Study shows startups have early advantage in "last mile VoIP" market.
06-Oct-2004: Lose Your Mobile Phone, but Rescue Your Numbers.
06-Oct-2004: Report says WLAN ICs to fare well.
06-Oct-2004: Connexion by Boeing and NTT DoCoMo to Launch In-flight Roaming.
06-Oct-2004: Openwave to support i-mode.
05-Oct-2004: First mobile digital music store debuts on AT&T Wireless.
05-Oct-2004: Plantronics CS50-USB VoIP Headset.
05-Oct-2004: Cricket Adds Kyocera Energi to Phone Lineup.
05-Oct-2004: Series 60 Platform 3G smartphones to use Intel technology.
05-Oct-2004: Nissan, NTT DoCoMo Offer Access to i-mode through CARWINGS.
05-Oct-2004: New P1 Slab-type mobile phone from Pantech&Curitel.
04-Oct-2004: KPN to introduce wireless digital TV.
04-Oct-2004: Netgear and Atheros expand Wi-Fi home networking.
04-Oct-2004: VoIP Brings Much More Than Toll-Free Long-Distance to Asia-Pacific Markets.
04-Oct-2004: N-Gage QD Game Deck Now Available Through AT&T Wireless.
04-Oct-2004: Toshiba announces SoftIPT SoftPhone.
04-Oct-2004: Tungsten T5 launches.
03-Oct-2004: Review: Samsung's SCH-a790 Global Phone from Verizon Wireless.
03-Oct-2004: New Siemens Communications Group ready for business.
02-Oct-2004: Treo 650 set for October release.
01-Oct-2004: New Linksys Wireless-G WVC54G Internet Video Camera.
01-Oct-2004: O2 Germany and Tchibo launch joint venture.
01-Oct-2004: Vonage drops rates as VoIP pricing war gains momentum.
30-Sep-2004: Audiovox CDM-9900 video phone available via Verizon Wireless.
30-Sep-2004: SAT prep goes mobile.
30-Sep-2004: Ringtone downloads via vending machine.
30-Sep-2004: NTT DoCoMo Develops Prototype Micro Fuel Cell for FOMA Handsets.
30-Sep-2004: O2 UK to offer 3G UMTS PC Cards for High-Speed Mobile Data.
30-Sep-2004: Unified Smart Card Authentication Announced.
30-Sep-2004: IC Medfia's 2 mega pixel CMOS image sensor now available.
29-Sep-2004: 2004 CDMA Americas Congress highlights advancements.
29-Sep-2004: Industry's First One-Handed Keyboard With Bluetooth.
28-Sep-2004: Motorola C650 and V180 Handsets Debut at T-Mobile USA.
28-Sep-2004: Mortal Kombat set to go mobile.
28-Sep-2004: PalmSource Introduces Palm OS Cobalt 6.1.
28-Sep-2004: BlackBerry 7290 to launch in Europe and US.
28-Sep-2004: AT&T Wireless Unleashes Ogo.
28-Sep-2004: PalmSource Announces Three ODM Partners.
28-Sep-2004: P2P MMS set to replace P2P SMS by 2008.
28-Sep-2004: Sanyo to deploy InnoPath's DeltaUpgrade Plus.
28-Sep-2004: Americans Needlessly 'Super-Sizing' Their Wireless Plans.
28-Sep-2004: ABI Sees Symbian Facing Handset OS Challenge from Microsoft.
27-Sep-2004: RIM and Palm combining technologies.
27-Sep-2004: Qtopia Development Environment for Linux Mobile Devices Available.
26-Sep-2004: O2 make moves in British 3G market.
26-Sep-2004: Iusacell Expand Its 3G CDMA2000 1X Network In Mexico.
25-Sep-2004: Wireless Service Providers Should Take Actions Before Deploying EV-DO.
25-Sep-2004: Orange and Lucasfilm celebrate the Star Wars saga.
25-Sep-2004: Intel shelves plans for Wi-Fi access point.
24-Sep-2004: Sprint announces the Samsung SP-i600 Smartphone.
24-Sep-2004: Qualcomm and Microsoft Announce Agreement to Enable Windows Media Streaming Capabilities for Wireless.
24-Sep-2004: 7-Eleven Focuses on Expanding Its 'Speak Out' Prepaid Wireless Offer.
24-Sep-2004: First Cellphone Online Game to Be Launched in China.
24-Sep-2004: Users of Non-Voice Applications are Wireless Industry's Best Customers.
23-Sep-2004: NVIDIA Launches the World's First 3D Wireless Media Processor--GoForce 3D 4500.
23-Sep-2004: Nokia 6670 is Launched.
23-Sep-2004: WiMax to be Deployed Nationwide in France.
23-Sep-2004: NTT DoCoMo, Cingular to link in 3G cellphone business.
23-Sep-2004: KPN Launches BlackBerry Enterprise Solution In The Netherlands.
23-Sep-2004: Nokia Remote Camera provides a megapixel peek into your surroundings.
23-Sep-2004: Verizon Wireless Expands BroadbandAccess 3G Network.
22-Sep-2004: OnAir in-flight connectivity.
22-Sep-2004: Sidekick II launches.
22-Sep-2004: Consect foresees $300 million US ringtone market this year.
22-Sep-2004: Snap to It! LG's L1400 Camera Phone for Cingular announced.
22-Sep-2004: Vodafone set to launch 10 new 3G handsets.
22-Sep-2004: SingTel launches 3G trial.
22-Sep-2004: Survey Reveals the Top Twelve 'Dream' Features of an All-In-One Handheld Device.
22-Sep-2004: Voq Professional Phone available in Europe and North America.
22-Sep-2004: Vindigo Restaurants launches on Verizon Wireless Mobile Web.
21-Sep-2004: Live Demo of in-flight mobile service at WAEA.
21-Sep-2004: Siemens' New High End S66 Camera Phone.
21-Sep-2004: Siemens Reaches Out to Youth with CT66.
21-Sep-2004: Nokia launches new solution bringing VoIP to broadband networks.
21-Sep-2004: Eurotel joins Starmap Mobile Alliance.
21-Sep-2004: Philips Nexperia System Solution for next-generation handsets.
21-Sep-2004: TI makes IP phones portable with new voice over WLAN platform.
21-Sep-2004: Lucent and Novatel supply 3G UMTS PC Card modems to Poland's PTC.
21-Sep-2004: Motorola Begins Deployment of VIVO CDMA2000 1X Network in Bahia.
20-Sep-2004: Virgin Mobile USA debuts its first camera phone - the Flasher V7.
20-Sep-2004: Rysavy Research Report Validates EDGE and UMTS Data Capabilities and Throughput Performance.
20-Sep-2004: IEK: Mobile phones with built-in MP3 players to become mainstream by 2008.
20-Sep-2004: LG Electronics Deploys Mindspeed Comcerto VoIP Processor in W-CDMA Media Gateway.
20-Sep-2004: Nokia Expands Functionality and Security of SSL VPN Offering.
20-Sep-2004: Next generation of Nokia mobile holders for cars.
20-Sep-2004: Vodafone Launches BlackBerry Internet Service In Australia.
20-Sep-2004: palmOne Unveils Cross-platform Wireless Keyboard.
20-Sep-2004: New 667MHz Processor for 3G Devices Introduced.
17-Sep-2004: Samsung develops advanced 2 megapixel CMOS image sensor.
17-Sep-2004: Philips 755 has touch screen for scribbling MMS messages.
17-Sep-2004: Cingular announces TALKS to assist vision-impaired customers.
16-Sep-2004: RIM intros new SureType keyboard.
16-Sep-2004: Vodafone launches new and exclusive BlackBerry 7100v phone.
16-Sep-2004: Airbus successfully completes first mobile-telephone flight trial.
16-Sep-2004: 3G prospects still out of focus in China.
16-Sep-2004: Siemens new SF65.
15-Sep-2004: T-Mobile Germany expands its portfolio of mobile devices.
15-Sep-2004: Nokia and NEC Successfully Test Interoperability of IP Multimedia Subsystem.
15-Sep-2004: First Ever Cellular Telephone for Pets!.
15-Sep-2004: Sony Launches OLED display with its CLIE PEG-VZ90 handheld.
15-Sep-2004: Lab and field test produces mobile network speeds of 360Mbps.
14-Sep-2004: International Passengers Want Mobile Phones in Flight.
14-Sep-2004: Bluetooth Helmet Launched at Europe's Largest Motorcycle Fair.
14-Sep-2004: Nokia adds SD Card technologies.
14-Sep-2004: AT&T Wireless sells interest in Rogers Wireless.
13-Sep-2004: Nikon Announces PTP/IP Wireless Camera Standard.
13-Sep-2004: LE launched LP3800 fingerprint recognition handset in Korea.
13-Sep-2004: 3G/UMTS video mailbox for mobile operator TMN in Portugal.
13-Sep-2004: UWB Forum Continues Rapid Growth.
13-Sep-2004: Skype for Pocket PC Version 1.0.
12-Sep-2004: Logitech MX900 Bluetooth Mouse - Product Review.
12-Sep-2004: 'Ubiquity' puts mark on Asian trade show.
12-Sep-2004: DropZone showcases its solar-powered IntelliEdge platform.
11-Sep-2004: Qualcomm to Acquire Display Technology Innovator Iridigm.
11-Sep-2004: Openwave launches 3G video voicemail and video portal.
11-Sep-2004: AT&T Wireless expands SMS to Mexico and offers new plan.
11-Sep-2004: Alcatel to deliver GSM/EDGE and 3G/UMTS mobile network in Libya.
11-Sep-2004: FCC designates spectrum for advanced wireless services.
11-Sep-2004: Microsoft Sees Music Opportunity in Cell Phones.
11-Sep-2004: Asian Mobile Phone Spending.
11-Sep-2004: 'WCDMA to dominate world's 3G telephony'.
11-Sep-2004: UMTS prospects looking up.
10-Sep-2004: Mobile Broadcast Services group Formed.
10-Sep-2004: Hutchison to buy up to 12 mln 3G phones -paper.
10-Sep-2004: GSM group to test airplane mobile phone service.
10-Sep-2004: Nokia Launches New Fashion Handset Collection.
09-Sep-2004: Cingular taps Comverse for next-generation mobile IM solution.
09-Sep-2004: Gear Sector Eyes China For 3G Nod.
09-Sep-2004: Voq Professional Phone now available in North America.
09-Sep-2004: Carl Zeiss Lens in Camera Phones Enables Highest Quality in the Smallest Possible Space.
09-Sep-2004: Nokia and Metrowerks Agree on Transfer of Application Development Technology.
09-Sep-2004: New BlackBerry 7100t from T-Mobile USA.
09-Sep-2004: Logitech intros Bluetooth Mobile Freedom Headset.
09-Sep-2004: First Multi-Band OFDM-Based UWB Technology Interoperability over Wireless USB Demonstrated.
08-Sep-2004: T-Mobile trials Flarion's Flash-OFDM in The Hague.
08-Sep-2004: Nokia introduces the Nokia 9300 "smartest" smartphone.
08-Sep-2004: Lucent awarded $98.5M CDMA expansion contract in China.
08-Sep-2004: Intel Discloses Key Emerging WiMAX Silicon Plans.
07-Sep-2004: LG Electronics teams up with Orange to launch the LG U8150.
07-Sep-2004: Asia emerges as world's largest telecom market.
07-Sep-2004: Nokia to enable BlackBerry Connect Solution on Series 80 mobile devices.
07-Sep-2004: Samsung launches the SPH-V5400 1.5GB hard drive mobile phone.
06-Sep-2004: Cell-phone buyers divided by price.
06-Sep-2004: Intelligent Conversation - with Your Car.
05-Sep-2004: Pelephone rolls out 3G network.
05-Sep-2004: Flybook mini-notebook with GPRS announced.
05-Sep-2004: Research group forecasts mobile telecom growth in Middle East, Gulf and North Africa.
04-Sep-2004: Sony's New VAIO VGN-S150 and S170 Wi-Fi Notebooks Reviewed.
04-Sep-2004: Sensor allows mobile phones to automatically switch between earpiece and "speaker phone" modes.
04-Sep-2004: AT&T looks to sell its stake in Rogers Wireless.
02-Sep-2004: CDMA 1xEV-DO network launches in Santiago, Chile area.
02-Sep-2004: Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales Grew 35 Percent in the Second Quarter of 2004.
02-Sep-2004: Dora the Explorer and Blue's Clues go mobile.
02-Sep-2004: Orange Launches Talk Now(tm) service.
02-Sep-2004: DoCoMo markets first "Raku Raku Phone" for FOMA.
02-Sep-2004: Wi-Fi Alliance Introduces Next Generation of Wi-Fi Security.
01-Sep-2004: AT&T Wireless Extends 3G UMTS Service to Dallas and San Diego.
01-Sep-2004: Verizon Announces Samsung SCH-a790 Global Phone.
01-Sep-2004: Cell Phones: Don't Count Linux Out.
31-Aug-2004: Opera Browser for Windows Mobile announced.
31-Aug-2004: Phone booths with Wi-Fi in Turkey.
31-Aug-2004: Samsung handsets to incorporate NFC technology.
30-Aug-2004: Consumer Local VoIP Industry to Grow More Than 100 Times Its 2003 Size.
30-Aug-2004: Cingular's Election Moblog Goes Live Again.
30-Aug-2004: Verizon Wireless takes up shop at Circuit City.
30-Aug-2004: Sprint Launches New Live Webcam Application for Mobile Handsets.
30-Aug-2004: VIVO and Motorola Launch 3G Trial Service in Brazil.
30-Aug-2004: For now, unwired means unlisted. That may change.
30-Aug-2004: Nokia wins TCC 3G WCDMA deal in Taiwan.
30-Aug-2004: Berkana gets back to the basics.
29-Aug-2004: Dual-Band Antenna for Cell Phones.
29-Aug-2004: Ericsson pulls plug on Bluetooth team.
29-Aug-2004: Survey shows mobile gaming doubling in US households.
28-Aug-2004: Vibo bets big on 3G technology.
28-Aug-2004: Sprint and SBC Communications Announce Wi-Fi Roaming Pact.
27-Aug-2004: Intel intros new Centrino tri-mode Wi-Fi module.
27-Aug-2004: T-Mobile Germany introduces the Motorola E398.
26-Aug-2004: Defective setting in Siemens 65 product series.
26-Aug-2004: Nokia and Vodafone to Lead Roadmap for Mobile Java Standards.
26-Aug-2004: Siemens to Build Viacom's 3G/W-CDMA Network in South Africa.
26-Aug-2004: Bush vs. Kerry Boxing by Sorrent.
26-Aug-2004: Smartphones to Experience Breakout Period in 12 to 18 Months.
26-Aug-2004: China readies its first 3G chip.
25-Aug-2004: ARINC Announces Satellite Broadband for Airlines.
25-Aug-2004: Opera Offers Japan's KDDI Full Internet Browser for BREW.
25-Aug-2004: NEC intros N10X handset series.
25-Aug-2004: Vonage intros new VoIP gear and services.
25-Aug-2004: NTT DoCoMo and Motorola to Develop 3G FOMA Handset.
25-Aug-2004: Siemens to Expand GSM Network for Russian Operator MegaFon.
25-Aug-2004: World's First Natural Language Voice Recognition Solution.
25-Aug-2004: Cingular and AT&T customers now have intercarrier multimedia messaging.
24-Aug-2004: New security initiative for Nokia Series 60 and 80 devices announced.
24-Aug-2004: T-Mobile HotSpot service checks into Red Roof Inns.
24-Aug-2004: Madonna Launches Mobile Storefront.
24-Aug-2004: Virgin Mobile USA introduces the Kyocera K9.
24-Aug-2004: QuickLink Mobile Wi-Fi Seeker.
24-Aug-2004: Hong Kong getting EDGE and PoC.
24-Aug-2004: AT&T, AT&T Wireless, and Cingular Strike Branding Accord.
24-Aug-2004: Embedded Wi-Fi Market Undergoing Major Shift.
23-Aug-2004: DoCoMo eyes Motorola 3G phone sales in 2005-source.
22-Aug-2004: iPass Wi-Fi Network Gets Its Wings with Connexion by Boeing.
22-Aug-2004: 4G Forum 2004 Opens.
21-Aug-2004: Cellular data services outperforming expectations - research.
20-Aug-2004: SanDisk Supplies Reduced Size MultiMediaCards for Siemens S65.
19-Aug-2004: Motorola Launches Pininfarina i833 Limited Edition Phone.
18-Aug-2004: Siemens CX70 PTT handset announced.
18-Aug-2004: First Onboard Cell Phone Service for North American Cruises.
18-Aug-2004: Digital Chocolate debuts mobile gaming content.
17-Aug-2004: LG and AT&T release the compact G4020.
17-Aug-2004: Japanese Take Handsets Far Beyond Cell Phones.
16-Aug-2004: BlackBerry set to arrive on the Sprint PCS Network.
16-Aug-2004: Nuggets answers any question automatically via SMS.
15-Aug-2004: WWiSE Consortium to propose faster Wi-Fi standard.
14-Aug-2004: New Motorola V710 Megapixel Camera Phone.
14-Aug-2004: New Rock the Vote Mobile Application.
14-Aug-2004: Nokia Passes Motorola in Chinese Mobile Market - Report.
13-Aug-2004: Sprint Launches Streaming Video and Audio with Samsung MM-A700.
12-Aug-2004: GSM - Fastest Growing Wireless Technology in Western Hemisphere.
12-Aug-2004: NOR vs. NAND FLASH memory.
12-Aug-2004: China to announce 3G mobile phone field trial results in Nov - report.
12-Aug-2004: Symbian responds to Mosquitos Trojan.
12-Aug-2004: AT&T Wireless Lowers Roaming Prices for Europe's Hottest Summer Destinations.
12-Aug-2004: 3 launches new pay-as-you-go video mobile - NEC e228.
12-Aug-2004: Ericsson selected by TeliaSonera to provide and host the mobile music service M-USE.
12-Aug-2004: RfStream to Introduce Digital TV Tuner for Cell Phones in 2005.
11-Aug-2004: Palm.Net to cease operations.
10-Aug-2004: Ringtone Market to double to US$4 Billion by 2008.
10-Aug-2004: Nokia brings the EDGE 6620 smart phone to AT&T Wireless.
10-Aug-2004: SK Teletech Launches IM 7300 CDMA Handset With SkyCross Embedded Antenna.
10-Aug-2004: Samsung SGH-e316 finds it way to the Olympics.
10-Aug-2004: Loudeye to develop wireless digital music platform for Nokia.
10-Aug-2004: Sagem launches SG3211 using Openwave V7 Browser.
09-Aug-2004: First FCC Certification for Ultra-Wideband Technology.
08-Aug-2004: Boingo and OTEnet bring Wi-Fi to Greece in time for Olympic Games.
07-Aug-2004: For Every Gizmo, A TI Chip.
06-Aug-2004: First 3G Smart-Card Handset F900iC.
06-Aug-2004: MSN Mobile now available on select Verizon Wireless handsets.
05-Aug-2004: Samsung launches slider SGH-d415 camera phone.
05-Aug-2004: FCC Blocks Spam on Wireless Devices.
05-Aug-2004: 78 Percent of Wireless Minutes Paid For Go Unused.
04-Aug-2004: Ticket Purchases via Mobile Phones to Boost M-Commerce Market.
04-Aug-2004: T-Mobile brings on the Sidekick II.
04-Aug-2004: Get 'em while they're hot - GW Bush or John Kerry ringtones.
04-Aug-2004: Woo Youth but don't forget the Enterprise says ABI.
04-Aug-2004: Siemens to abandon its 'Siemens mobile' telephone brand.
04-Aug-2004: EAA vendors promote in-flight Wireless Weather from WxWorx.
04-Aug-2004: LG Electronics Unveils the Digital Qiblah Phone.
04-Aug-2004: Worldwide Mobile Infrastructure Market to Surge 10 Percent in 2004.
04-Aug-2004: VoIP Enters the Next Generation.
04-Aug-2004: Cingular Wireless Can Now Help You 'Escape-A-Date'.
04-Aug-2004: Global mobile device market shows tremendous growth.
03-Aug-2004: NEC chooses Ecrio's PTT solution for its mobile phones.
03-Aug-2004: Intel preps chip to link 3G Wi-Fi networks.
03-Aug-2004: Print Wirelessly from Mobile Phone Cameras.
03-Aug-2004: Wireless LAN Attacks are Moving from Discovery Mode to Manipulation.
03-Aug-2004: Sprint and USA Companies to expand VoIP service.
03-Aug-2004: Drivers Steer More Accurately When Using a Headset With Their Mobile Phones.
03-Aug-2004: Cingular Wireless launches new wireless e-mail solutions for PDAs and smartphones.
02-Aug-2004: CDMA2000 surpasses 100 million subscribers.
02-Aug-2004: Siemens SK65 brings the office to your fingertips.
01-Aug-2004: Pantech GI100 is first fingerprint recognition handset.
31-Jul-2004: Telstra to Offer CDMA2000 Coverage Across Australia.
30-Jul-2004: Mobile phone market continues to exhibit strong growth.
30-Jul-2004: NTT DoCoMo offers financing for FeliCa service at GEO.
29-Jul-2004: Sprint and Novatel Introduce Nationwide LAN/WAN and NDIS always-on connectivity.
29-Jul-2004: First US City-Wide WiFi Network Completed.
28-Jul-2004: NTT DoCoMo to Unveil First "FOMA Raku Raku PHONE" Handset.
28-Jul-2004: Seamless Mobility from Motorola's CN620.
27-Jul-2004: New Motorola A780 PDA Linux Handset.
27-Jul-2004: Introducing the Motorola RAZR V3.
27-Jul-2004: The new Motorola MPx220.
27-Jul-2004: Motorola Announces new EDGE V551.
27-Jul-2004: Motorola V975 and C975 Handsets Deliver Affordable 3G Devices.
27-Jul-2004: Harmony software from RealNetworks secures music downloads.
26-Jul-2004: Sony to sell Airboard W-LAN TV module.
26-Jul-2004: T-Mobile USA and HP launch wireless iPAQ.
25-Jul-2004: Bluetooth chip transmits CD-quality sound.
25-Jul-2004: Cingular sponsors student journalist DNC weblog.
25-Jul-2004: Sharp to manufacture hiptop devices for Danger.
24-Jul-2004: Omnifi set to launch the Wi-Fi enabled DMP2.
24-Jul-2004: Middle East gets first live tv to mobile services.
23-Jul-2004: Vodafone KK releases V402SH with tv viewing.
23-Jul-2004: Verizon launches VoiceWing VoIP Service.
23-Jul-2004: SO506iC i-mode Smart-Card Handset.
23-Jul-2004: Nortel to upgrade Telstra's network to 3G.
22-Jul-2004: Rogers to bundle Wi-Fi hotspot access with cell plans.
22-Jul-2004: MDDI Display Interface Solution for 3G CDMA Clamshell Phones.
21-Jul-2004: China picks Linux for 3G mobile phones.
21-Jul-2004: Samsung looking to sell CDMA handsets using its own chipset to Indian carrier.
21-Jul-2004: Curitel launches video, TV toting PH-S5000V and PH-K1000V.
21-Jul-2004: Rogers Wireless Brings First 3G Wireless Devices to Canadians From Coast-to-Coast.
21-Jul-2004: Verizon Wireless to debut the Motorola V710.
21-Jul-2004: Nokia delivers 3G/UMTS 6651 handset to AT&T Wireless.
21-Jul-2004: AT&T launches the Motorola A845 UMTS handset.
21-Jul-2004: Motorola V810 to Debut With U.S. Cellular This Fall.
20-Jul-2004: AT&T Wireless Delivers 3G UMTS Service in the United States.
20-Jul-2004: Nortel Networks Supplies UMTS 3G Infrastructure.
20-Jul-2004: QUICPay service for i-mode FeliCa e-wallet solution announced.
20-Jul-2004: T-Mobile UK launches data card combining 3G, GPRS and Wi-Fi access.
20-Jul-2004: Wireless Module Disables Mobile Phone When Separated from User.
20-Jul-2004: Increased demand in mobile data services predicted.
20-Jul-2004: Verizon Wireless Offers the Treo 600 with Always-on Wireless Sync.
20-Jul-2004: New high-power WCDMA base station introduced in US.
19-Jul-2004: Datang Mobile chooses Opera for TD-SCDMA 3G Devices.
19-Jul-2004: Wi-Fi Alliance adds Certification Labs and Extensions Policy.
18-Jul-2004: Philips introduces the 650 aimed at the business user.
18-Jul-2004: American Airlines and Qualcomm test in-flight mobile phone use.
18-Jul-2004: FOMA to be temporarily available in Athens.
17-Jul-2004: More than 100 Operators Worldwide Ready for EDGE.
17-Jul-2004: Motorola may cancel MPx100 Smartphone production.
16-Jul-2004: AT&T Wireless expected to launch 3G in four major US markets next week.
15-Jul-2004: Sony Ericsson launches Consumer Game Challenge 2004.
15-Jul-2004: Siemens launches the A65 mobile phone.
15-Jul-2004: Telefonica Moviles Peru brings nationwide 3G online.
15-Jul-2004: New P910 Smartphone announced from Sony Ericsson.
15-Jul-2004: Sony Ericsson extends EDGE-offering with the S710a and Z500i camera phones.
15-Jul-2004: Sony Ericcson intros the K500 designed for gaming and entertainment.
15-Jul-2004: KDDI to Debut Three EV-DO Handsets with Megapixel Camera, USB1.1.
15-Jul-2004: Curitel to supply Sprint PCS with 1.3 MP phone.
15-Jul-2004: Korean 3G mobile-phone users reach 30 million.
14-Jul-2004: Chic New Cellphone Design.
14-Jul-2004: Pantech announces new 3-megapixel camera-phone module.
14-Jul-2004: Toshiba to launch MyConnect(tm) Wi-Fi service nationwide.
14-Jul-2004: Comedy Central makes appearance on Virgin Mobile handsets.
13-Jul-2004: AT&T Wireless offers new LG L1150 and G4015 Handsets.
13-Jul-2004: Verizon Wireless awards $5 billion next-generation expansion contract to Lucent.
13-Jul-2004: First Dual Network FOMA Handset N900iL.
13-Jul-2004: Joint 3G chip development announced by TI and DoCoMo.
13-Jul-2004: Samsung Introduces the SPH-2300.
13-Jul-2004: AT&T Wireless offers SE GC-83 PC modem card.
13-Jul-2004: Qualcomm packs the speed and power onto single chipset.
13-Jul-2004: KDDI to develop mobile phones run by miniaturized fuel cell.
12-Jul-2004: FOMA single-chip LSI being developed.
12-Jul-2004: MTN reviews Sprint's VM4050 Video Phone from Toshiba.
11-Jul-2004: Sanswire to demo Stratellites.
11-Jul-2004: China's phone exports skyrocket.
11-Jul-2004: Paramount promos upcoming movie using wireless gaming.
10-Jul-2004: Bell Mobility announces the Nokia 6585 for its CDMA 1X network.
10-Jul-2004: i-mode users outside Japan exceed 3 million.
09-Jul-2004: Vodafone Sweden launches 3G.
09-Jul-2004: T-Mobile Ranks Highest in Customer Care Performance.
09-Jul-2004: Ringtones made available using CD packaging 'short codes'.
08-Jul-2004: Wi-Fi Router interfaces via 3G.
08-Jul-2004: Sprint introduces the PM-8920 1.3-megapixel camera phone.
08-Jul-2004: Linksys launches new line of high-gain antennas.
08-Jul-2004: Samsung and LG lead in handset feature satisfaction in US.
07-Jul-2004: NTT DoCoMo introduces e-wallet service and P506iC i-mode handset.
07-Jul-2004: Sierra Wireless announces Voq available through KPN.
06-Jul-2004: EDGE Claims World Record in Hungary.
05-Jul-2004: New 3D Game Phone from Samsung, the SCH-V450.
05-Jul-2004: Motorola Deploys its Commercial Push-to-Talk over Cellular System for Israel's Pelephone.
05-Jul-2004: CEA studying use of wireless devices on commercial aircraft.
04-Jul-2004: Ringtones, The Bumper Sticker of the New Age.
04-Jul-2004: TV tunes top mobile ringtone poll.
04-Jul-2004: Divine Calling CCM ringtones introduced.
03-Jul-2004: Cell Phone Users: Time for a Self-Assessment?.
02-Jul-2004: Intel to include WiMAX in notebooks beginning in 2006.
02-Jul-2004: Boost Mobile brings on the Motorola i285.
02-Jul-2004: Survey shows women are majority of mobile gamers.
02-Jul-2004: New LG VX7000 video handset.
02-Jul-2004: Verizon Wireless launches Mobile Web 2.0.
01-Jul-2004: Motorola launches new A630.
01-Jul-2004: Orange launches largest integrated 3G network in UK.
30-Jun-2004: Sharp V602SH with world's first mobile camera with optical zoom.
30-Jun-2004: TI collaborates with ARM on mobile phone security.
30-Jun-2004: T-Mobile launches Ear Phones along with music player Motorola E398 handset.
30-Jun-2004: Orange Plans France's Largest WiFi Deployment.
30-Jun-2004: WiMax in the wings.
30-Jun-2004: UMTS Mobilizing the Data World.
30-Jun-2004: Nokia and Sun Extend Collaboration To Drive Multiplayer Mobile Java Gaming.
29-Jun-2004: JavaOne opens in San Francisco.
28-Jun-2004: Sun to Define Vodafone's Mobile Java Platform for 3G Handsets.
28-Jun-2004: Vodafone offers Sony Ericsson Z1010 UMTS Handset.
27-Jun-2004: Lufthansa takes WiFi Tokyo bound.
26-Jun-2004: LG mobile phone batteries recalled.
26-Jun-2004: 3G Americas Applauds Commerce Department's Spectrum Initiatives.
25-Jun-2004: Alcatel and SMG integrate TV and video with 3G and DSL.
25-Jun-2004: NTT DoCoMo to Release Smallest i-mode Handset: "premini".
25-Jun-2004: Sony Ericsson and Vodafone Announce Launch of F500i.
25-Jun-2004: Motorola Canada Announces North American Launch of V220 and C650 Camera Phones.
24-Jun-2004: World's First Wireless IP Handset Enabling Seamless Switching Between Wireless Networks.
24-Jun-2004: New A57 mobile phone from Siemens.
23-Jun-2004: China Telecom to buy a million 3G Handsets.
23-Jun-2004: Cingular Details 3G Plans.
23-Jun-2004: Sprint to deploy EV-DO across its PCS network.
23-Jun-2004: TNZ Selects Lucent to deploy 3G network based on CDMA2000 1xEV-DO.
22-Jun-2004: CVS and Nokia Launch Camera Phone Marketing Alliance.
22-Jun-2004: Sprint PCS Sanyo VM 4500 Video Phone Review.
21-Jun-2004: Mobile Phone Service for Airline Passengers.
20-Jun-2004: Alltell adds the Kyocera Slider SE44 for Touch2Talk service.
19-Jun-2004: Nokia cash boosts Mozilla.
19-Jun-2004: SANYO and Sprint Introduce The Power Bar RL-4920.
18-Jun-2004: New Siemens SL65 slider phone.
18-Jun-2004: Siemens introduces the CFX65.
17-Jun-2004: NTT DoCoMo To Market Highly Advanced FOMA 900i Series Models.
17-Jun-2004: Panasonic Brings the X700 to CommunicAsia 2004 in Singapore.
17-Jun-2004: Panasonic X500 features slider cover.
17-Jun-2004: Panasonic X400 ESlim Design.
17-Jun-2004: NTT DoCoMo to Launch Revolutionary Mobile Wallet Service.
16-Jun-2004: Amtrak and AT&T Wireless Keep Customers Logged on From Boston to Baltimore.
16-Jun-2004: Global Mobile User Base to Exceed 1.78 Billion by End Of 2007, Says Yankee Group.
16-Jun-2004: LG's L1200 world phone and C1300 debut with Cingular.
16-Jun-2004: Sony selects End2End to power its mobile music streaming service.
16-Jun-2004: Cabir Worm slips through Symbian Vulnerability.
15-Jun-2004: Verizon Wireless' International TXT Messaging Service Expands Reach Across More Than 28 Countries.
15-Jun-2004: In-Stat/MDR Forecasts 118 Million 3G Wireless Subscribers in China by 2008.
15-Jun-2004: Siemens Puts First EDGE Module on the Market.
15-Jun-2004: 3G Rollout: This Time It's For Real.
15-Jun-2004: 3 Mega-Pixel Camera Phones to Hit Market This Year.
15-Jun-2004: TransChip announces TC6030 1.3 megapixel camera module for mobile phones.
14-Jun-2004: Nokia 6630 3G Megapixel.
14-Jun-2004: Nokia 6260 clamshell-design smartphone announced.
14-Jun-2004: New Nokia 6170 PTT stainless steel camera phone.
14-Jun-2004: Nokia Wireless Keyboard.
14-Jun-2004: Nokia launches the 2650 and the 2600 entry-level handsets.
14-Jun-2004: Nokia unveils next-generation Series 60 platform features.
13-Jun-2004: 4G to combine WiMax and 3G, says Forrester.
12-Jun-2004: Five Short-Range Wireless Standards Seen Combining.
12-Jun-2004: An Intelligent Wi-Fi Bus in Paris!.
11-Jun-2004: Verizon Wireless Pay As You Go Prepay Service.
11-Jun-2004: NTT DoCoMo and Telstra Commence Strategic Partnership for i-mode in Australia.
11-Jun-2004: 2004 BREW Developer Awards Announced.
11-Jun-2004: Novatel gets FCC approval for Merlin U530 UMTS Wireless PC Card.
11-Jun-2004: Motorola E310 Mobile Now Available at Cricket Communications.
10-Jun-2004: Unlimited SMS from Telenor's djuice service.
10-Jun-2004: Security issues prompt Sprint PCS to launch cameraless Treo 600.
10-Jun-2004: UMTS Forum and 3G Association Russia join hands at Moscow Workshop.
10-Jun-2004: LGE to supply 3 million W-CDMAS handsets to Hutchison.
10-Jun-2004: 3G set to launch in Africa.
09-Jun-2004: Intel advancing wireless technology in China.
09-Jun-2004: Germany's Bundeskartellamt approves Nokia's purchase of Psion's shares in Symbian.
09-Jun-2004: Motorola 's new V260 and V265 BREW-enabled CDMA handsets.
09-Jun-2004: Consumer group blasts cell phone lockdown.
09-Jun-2004: Global Mobile Phone Sales Rise 34 Percent Q1.
08-Jun-2004: Nextel intros the Motorola i830.
08-Jun-2004: Kyocera to deliver Superscape 3D gaming solution using BREW.
08-Jun-2004: AT&T Wireless Launches Spanish-Language Content on mMode.
08-Jun-2004: Apple introduces AirPort Express.
08-Jun-2004: Orange launches world's smallest smartphone - SPV C500.
08-Jun-2004: Survey finds respondents want to bring Internet along on vacation.
08-Jun-2004: Comverse to Market i-mode Mobile Gateway Worldwide.
07-Jun-2004: Verizon Wireless Hits 40 Million Customers.
07-Jun-2004: Orange subsidiary Mobistar brings Blackberry to Belgium.
07-Jun-2004: SBC to deploy FreedomLink Wi-Fi service at McDonald's.
06-Jun-2004: Half of All US Mobile Users Want Cordless Headsets and PTT Capabilities.
06-Jun-2004: When, where, and WiMax.
05-Jun-2004: StanaPhone announces free VoIP telephone service.
05-Jun-2004: ACS introduces the LG VX6000 camera phone to Alaska.
05-Jun-2004: Rapid Mobile Launches Wireless Betting Platform.
05-Jun-2004: New wireless systems push 3G onto the defensive.
04-Jun-2004: AT&T Wireless eyes high-speed Internet in summer.
04-Jun-2004: COSMOTE to launch i-mode in Greece.
03-Jun-2004: Industry's First Standard CDMA2000 1xEv-DV Chipset Now Sampling.
03-Jun-2004: Worldwide mobile devices Q1 2004 - report.
03-Jun-2004: Korea Envisions 50Mbps Wireless Broadband as Bridge to 4G.
03-Jun-2004: Telson hooks up with Kyocera.
03-Jun-2004: Sony to drop Clie outside Japan.
03-Jun-2004: Clearwire broadband wireless venture to launch in key cities.
03-Jun-2004: NTT DoCoMo's 4G Test Results in 300Mbps Data Rate in Moving Car.
02-Jun-2004: Germany's O2 offers new music releases via Sony and the Siemens SX1 Music handset.
02-Jun-2004: 3 launches video game service.
02-Jun-2004: Nokia begins shipping 7610 megapixel camera phone.
01-Jun-2004: NTT DoCoMo FOMA F900iT, N900iS, and P900iV.
01-Jun-2004: Tele2Comviq Launches 3G Services.
01-Jun-2004: Rogers Wireless Introduces BlackBerry 7780.
31-May-2004: Nokia 3220 camera phone focuses on fun and personalization.
31-May-2004: Abidia Wireless 2.2 brings eBay to wireless.
30-May-2004: The Wireless World.
29-May-2004: Vodafone Spain introduces 3G services and handsets.
29-May-2004: Motorola Launches 3G Application Center of Excellence in Beijing.
28-May-2004: Verizon Wireless announces the Samsung SCH-a650.
28-May-2004: Nokia and China's Guangdon MCC trial PTT services over GSM/GPRS.
28-May-2004: Kyocera Wireless provides Tata Teleservices with India's first PTT handset, the KX440.
28-May-2004: NTT DoCoMo to sell its stake in Hutchison 3G UK.
28-May-2004: Route 66 Mobile 2005 now for Windows smartphones.
28-May-2004: BT launches Wireless Home Monitoring.
28-May-2004: Motorola Launches 3G Application Center in Beijing.
27-May-2004: palmOne and TomTom Guide Tungsten T3 and Zire 72 Handheld Users with GPS Navigator.
26-May-2004: Joint UMTS trial set for Atlanta.
26-May-2004: N-Gage QD game deck starts shipping.
25-May-2004: NTT DoCoMo Smart Card Enables GSM Roaming Overseas.
25-May-2004: SanDisk announces 256MB and Wi-Fi SD combo card.
25-May-2004: Wayport extends Wi-Fi availability.
24-May-2004: Audiovox and AT&T Wireless announce the PPC 4100.
24-May-2004: Sprint lowers price of PTT service.
24-May-2004: Franklin Wireless expands handset offerings with new 9250 GSM/GPRS quad-band.
24-May-2004: Survey indicates consumers more likely to purchase Samsung phones.
23-May-2004: Camera Phones Banned in Iraq.
23-May-2004: PalmSource and RIM Introduce BlackBerry Connect for Palm OS.
23-May-2004: Scientists aim to develop 3G intelligent robotic wheelchair.
22-May-2004: Upswing in Cellular Markets.
21-May-2004: Nortel and Orange Debut 3G at Cannes.
21-May-2004: Siemens brings the C65, CX65, M65 and S65 handsets to Indonesia.
21-May-2004: Ericsson CEO Targets 2006 for 3G Bandwidth Boost.
21-May-2004: KDDI Develops Cellular Phone that Receives Digital Terrestrial TV Broadcasting.
20-May-2004: Sound Prospects for Cell-Phone Makers.
20-May-2004: Sprint announces the LG VI-5225.
20-May-2004: AT&T Wireless Approves Cingular Buyout.
20-May-2004: Cometa Closes Doors After Disappointing Wi-Fi Rollout.
19-May-2004: AT&T to offer wireless service as MVNO using Sprint network.
18-May-2004: Motorola CEO focuses on wireless mobility - Interview.
18-May-2004: Lucent wins $120 million China Unicom CDMA expansion contract.
18-May-2004: Samsung exports world phones.
18-May-2004: NTT DoCoMo to Launch Two New Models in mova 506i Series.
17-May-2004: Maxis and Motorola Begin PTT Over Cellular (PoC) Trial.
17-May-2004: Vodafone Sweden launches Blackberry solution.
17-May-2004: Calypso granted patent on ASNAP(tm) technology.
16-May-2004: Yahoo! becomes BREW publisher.
16-May-2004: Mobile operators could seize 50% of total voice traffic by 2009 - report.
16-May-2004: Singapore's SingTel revamps prepaid service.
15-May-2004: On Campus With T-Mobile Hotspot.
15-May-2004: 3 UK launches LG U8110 video phone.
15-May-2004: FCC opens unused tv spectrum to wireless.
14-May-2004: Critrical 802.11b flaw found.
14-May-2004: Qualcomm's convergence chipset.
14-May-2004: Opera Brings Content Magic and "Tags" to mobile surfing.
13-May-2004: Canada's Rogers Wireless introduces the Motorola 600.
13-May-2004: SAMSUNG Enables 3D Gaming on Cellular Handsets.
13-May-2004: T-Mobile Austria launches commercial UMTS with Multimedia Net Card.
13-May-2004: Companies test mobile video-clip streaming.
12-May-2004: Look Out! Vodafone KK announces five new handsets set for summer launch.
12-May-2004: CDMA2000 Continues to Drive Growth of CDMA Worldwide.
11-May-2004: Motorola Successfully Completes EDGE Trials With Hutchison in India.
11-May-2004: Sprint Announces More Than 3.5 Million Game Purchases in 2004.
11-May-2004: Toshiba Introduces New 1.8V Multi-Chip Package Memory Solutions With Burst Mode Capabilities.
11-May-2004: Siemens Licenses Openwave Mobile Browser Version 7.
11-May-2004: Sony Ericsson Features Popular Sorrent Games on New Handsets.
11-May-2004: Verizon Wireless offers North America's Choice calling plan.
11-May-2004: Microsoft says bye-bye to Wi-Fi.
10-May-2004: Vodafone chooses Nokia to supply 3G network in Australia and New Zealand.
10-May-2004: Wi-Fi Phones May Be Next Trend in Thrift.
10-May-2004: A Look at Samsung's VM-A680 Video Enabled Phone.
09-May-2004: Japan Sees Future in Phones That Give Directions.
09-May-2004: Samsung Sets Up Global Alliance with Nokia, Motorola.
09-May-2004: Conflict over MP3 handsets deepens.
09-May-2004: Gamica launches international Doja gaming portal on i-mode.
08-May-2004: Hutchison seen ditching 3G by end-2006 -analyst.
08-May-2004: LG Electronics to export 3G handsets to Hutchinson.
07-May-2004: DoCoMo considering options for 3 UK investment.
07-May-2004: Contactless Smart Card Mobile Handset.
07-May-2004: Nokia to Showcase 11 N-Gage Games at E3 2004.
07-May-2004: GSM and CDMA MMS interoperability report announced.
06-May-2004: NTT DoCoMo, Boeing to Offer Hot Spot Internet Service on International Flights.
06-May-2004: Siemens Chosen by NetCom as Sole Supplier for GSM and 3G/UMTS Network Technology in Norway.
06-May-2004: The WLAN hotspot report.
05-May-2004: Sprint Simplifies Wi-Fi Connectivity Cost .
04-May-2004: AT&T Wireless Announces Yahoo! Mobile Photos.
04-May-2004: Vodafone introduces Vodafone live!(tm) enhanced 3G in Europe.
04-May-2004: Siemens and China's Bird to jointly develop and market mobile handsets.
04-May-2004: RIM's Blackberry arrives in Australia via Vodafone.
03-May-2004: Sprint reduces price of minutes used above and beyond calling plan.
03-May-2004: MobiFon and Calypso to trial real time 2-way video conferencing.
03-May-2004: Siemens introduces the Gigaset SL740/SLX740 isdn.
01-May-2004: First Public UMTS Call in Lithuania.
01-May-2004: eZiText(r) License Agreements go to Five Asian Handset Manufacturers.
01-May-2004: UTStarcom Pushing Audiovox Handset Bid.
01-May-2004: Microsoft closing gap in PDA OS Market.
30-Apr-2004: Yahoo! Messenger Launches on Verizon Wireless' Mobile IM Service.
30-Apr-2004: CeBIT Asia: China participants showcase own-brand handsets.
29-Apr-2004: Study shows "out and about" consumers will pay more for mobile content.
29-Apr-2004: Over 900,000 SKT subscribers switch services.
29-Apr-2004: Ericsson awarded two network expansion deals in China.
28-Apr-2004: palmOne Introduces Zire 72 and Zire 31.
28-Apr-2004: Nokia 3125 Introduced.
28-Apr-2004: Nokia 2112 for Asia-Pacific region announced.
27-Apr-2004: Sprint PCS Introduces Samsung VM-A680 Video Phone.
27-Apr-2004: World's Largest Wi-Fi Location Network at LEGOLAND(R) Denmark.
26-Apr-2004: Symbian Likely To Lead Smartphone OS Market Through End of Decade.
26-Apr-2004: Alcatel moves to exit the handset business.
26-Apr-2004: Siemens installs world's second largest WAP gateway in China.
24-Apr-2004: 3G/UMTS is the way forward for India, says UMTS Forum.
23-Apr-2004: S.Korea says agrees with U.S. on mobile standard.
23-Apr-2004: Kyocera AH-K3001V becomes first Opera-phone in Japan.
23-Apr-2004: Dual Mode Cellular/Voice over Wi-Fi Handsets.
22-Apr-2004: Intel welcomes China's halt to new wi-fi standard.
22-Apr-2004: Motorola Ships Picsel Powered Smart Phones.
22-Apr-2004: IDT to Deploy America's First Commercial WiFi Phone Service.
22-Apr-2004: Hutch bring fastchat to India.
21-Apr-2004: RIM closes licensing deal with Motorola.
21-Apr-2004: Sanyo A5505SA 3G handset features Spatializer ((environ)).
21-Apr-2004: Toshiba turns over hotspot network to Cometa.
20-Apr-2004: SKT considers jump in wireless LAN business.
19-Apr-2004: Nokia Announces the 6610i.
19-Apr-2004: Verizon Wireless tops VocaLabs customer service quality ratings.
19-Apr-2004: Sprint and AT&T Wireless offer joint airport Wi-Fi roaming.
19-Apr-2004: 3 starts selling Nokia's 7600 3G handset in the UK.
19-Apr-2004: HK loses 3G show to Singapore.
18-Apr-2004: Edge is Competitive Tool - Study.
17-Apr-2004: Wi-Fi users to surpass 2.5/3G users by 2007.
16-Apr-2004: America University becomes first T-Mobile hotspot campus.
16-Apr-2004: Sprint and Sanyo Introduce the PM-8200.
16-Apr-2004: AT&T Wireless Launches Industry's First Music Recognition Service in the US.
14-Apr-2004: "Visual Radio".
14-Apr-2004: New N-Gage QD Mobile Game Deck Announced.
14-Apr-2004: McDonald's selects Wayport as Wi-Fi service provider.
13-Apr-2004: DoCoMo to name VP Tsuda as president-Nikkei.
12-Apr-2004: Intel to Deliver Next Generation Cell Phone Processors.
12-Apr-2004: Cingular Wireless and NextWave Telecom Close Transaction.
11-Apr-2004: Wildseed Announces French Kitty version of SmartSkins.
11-Apr-2004: Cell Phones: Color Them Booming.
10-Apr-2004: Belgium's Proximus Launches 3G Services.
09-Apr-2004: Verizon Wireless prepared to bid on 10 MHz spectrum.
09-Apr-2004: Treo 600 production may be slowed by parts shortage.
09-Apr-2004: 4G Reduces Switching Time.
08-Apr-2004: Vodafone K.K. Unveils Toshiba V401T with High-quality TV Screen.
07-Apr-2004: SK Telecom to provide real-time mobile home security services.
06-Apr-2004: Real Time Credentials Enable Validation of Wireless S/MIME Email.
06-Apr-2004: Vodafone and Warner Bros. Online Sign Global Wireless Distribution Deal.
05-Apr-2004: Mobile Audio Accessory Market Has a Nice Ring to It.
05-Apr-2004: Nokia Selects Westchester County as Site for New York Metropolitan Area Office.
05-Apr-2004: Image Microsystems Partners With Austin Wireless City Project.
05-Apr-2004: Nascar Coming to Mobile Phones.
05-Apr-2004: AT&T plans return to wireless business.
04-Apr-2004: RIM and Siemens integrate BlackBerry connectivity solution in Siemens mobile phones.
03-Apr-2004: Vodafone UK declares 3G open for business.
02-Apr-2004: NTT DoCoMo to Establish "Mobile Society Research Institute".
02-Apr-2004: Sony to Expand VAIO Line Beyond Computers.
01-Apr-2004: NTT DoCoMo Develops FOMA-Compatible Controller for Appliances.
01-Apr-2004: Wi-Fi signals turn up in some unexpected places.
31-Mar-2004: palmOne Delivers Java to Treo 600 and Tungsten.
30-Mar-2004: Record TV from your mobile.
30-Mar-2004: Megapixel Display Devices Surge in 2004.
29-Mar-2004: Samsung Launches Dual Voltage Memory Card for Mobile Appliances.
29-Mar-2004: Alliance Targets Advanced 3D Gaming on Mobile Phones.
29-Mar-2004: Four wireless technologies move toward starting gate.
28-Mar-2004: Alcatel and Intel announce a strategic alliance for WiMAX.
27-Mar-2004: New mobile online multiplayer gaming solution announced.
26-Mar-2004: AT&T Offering Nokia 6820 Messaging Phone.
25-Mar-2004: Siemens planning on development WiMAX solution.
25-Mar-2004: US fixed-line use minutes decline as wireless use accelerates.
24-Mar-2004: CTIA 2004.
24-Mar-2004: Samsung's Cutting Edge at CTIA.
24-Mar-2004: New version of Opera Embeds ViaVoice from IBM.
24-Mar-2004: Russell Simmons Brings Hip-Hop to CTIA.
23-Mar-2004: One Billion GSM Customers Worldwide and Growing.
23-Mar-2004: Spokane to create largest municipal Wi-Fi network in US.
23-Mar-2004: Sony brings Spider-Man 2 3D games to Sprint PCS.
23-Mar-2004: Motorola to bring NVIDIA's 4000 Processor to 3G handsets.
23-Mar-2004: Nokia introduces new 6255 at CTIA.
23-Mar-2004: Sprint introduces the Nokia 6225 Camera Phone.
23-Mar-2004: Qualcomm and ATI Create Wireless 3D Gaming Platform.
22-Mar-2004: Motorola's V710 integrates Bluetooth and a megapixel camera.
22-Mar-2004: New Motorola A840.
22-Mar-2004: NEC Solutions America Introduces the MobilePro 900c.
22-Mar-2004: Kyocera Introduces First Megapixel camera phone named Koi(tm) plus the KX1 and PTT KX440 handsets.
22-Mar-2004: Siemens Introduces CX66 Mobile Phone with Built-in Video Camera.
22-Mar-2004: Siemens introduces CF62.
22-Mar-2004: Ericsson to raise Symbian stake to stop Nokia.
22-Mar-2004: Virgin Mobile Launches New Vox 8610.
22-Mar-2004: Walt Disney Internet Group Unveils First 3D Game Tron 2.0 3D.
22-Mar-2004: TI unveils 802.11 solution designed specifically for mobile devices.
22-Mar-2004: CDG reports nearly 500 3G CDMA 2000 devices on the market today.
22-Mar-2004: AT&T Wireless Forges Ahead With UMTS Network.
22-Mar-2004: Verizon to offer new RIM Blackberry 7750.
22-Mar-2004: Samsung and UTStarcom Demonstrate World's First 1xEV-DV System.
22-Mar-2004: Sierra Wireless Introduces PC Card and GPS Modem for EDGE Network.
22-Mar-2004: Ericsson Demonstrates Revision D CDMA2000 1xEv-DV at CTIA.
21-Mar-2004: Motorola provides Italy's TIM with Wi-Fi solution.
20-Mar-2004: Samsung's new SGH-Z105 Featuring Real-Time Video Telephony and Video Streaming.
20-Mar-2004: SGH-E800 and SGH-E810 Slide-up Camera Phones from Samsung Announced.
20-Mar-2004: Samsung CDMA 2 megapixel phone, the SPH-V4400, showcased at CeBIT.
20-Mar-2004: Samsung's SGH-730 Megapixel Camera Phone for European Market Unveiled.
20-Mar-2004: Wi-Fi Alliance Launches Wi-Fi ZONE Finder(tm) Portal Program.
20-Mar-2004: CEBIT-Move over 3G, here comes WiMAX.
19-Mar-2004: T-Mobile to Launch 3G in May.
19-Mar-2004: KPN, E-Plus UMTS services start June 2004.
18-Mar-2004: NTT DoCoMo to Release SH900i 2.02 mega-pixel camera phone.
18-Mar-2004: Panasonic Launches the X300 Motion Video Handset.
18-Mar-2004: Nokia, Philips and Sony establish the Near Field Communication (NFC) Forum.
17-Mar-2004: NEC announces the n400i European i-mode Handset.
17-Mar-2004: Nokia 7610 Introduced.
17-Mar-2004: New Siemens S65 1.3 MegaPix video camera handset announced.
17-Mar-2004: Siemens introduces the rugged M65 motion video camera.
17-Mar-2004: New C65 MMS Handset from Siemens.
17-Mar-2004: Linksys Announces SpeedBooster 802.11G Products.
16-Mar-2004: Nokia takes initiative in Push to talk over Cellular terminal interoperability.
16-Mar-2004: Wireless Industry Leaders Conduct First Joint Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) Interoperability Tests.
16-Mar-2004: Japan, Korea Launch Mobile TV Satellite.
15-Mar-2004: Nortel Networks Unveils CDMA 450 Portfolio.
14-Mar-2004: Mobile Tech News Reviews Samsung's SCH-a610.
14-Mar-2004: What's in store at CeBIT.
13-Mar-2004: Next Generation 3D Content Service Platform.
12-Mar-2004: Microsoft, TWIi and Vidiator Team Up to Launch Mobile Video Solution.
12-Mar-2004: Regulating Spam on Mobile Phones.
12-Mar-2004: SK Telecom delays broadcasting satellite launch.
11-Mar-2004: Motorola E680 Linux Smartphone.
11-Mar-2004: LG to unveil LP-3000 amid piracy dispute.
11-Mar-2004: Mobile Industry Leaders Apply for Top Level Domain.
11-Mar-2004: Agere and Unicom Collaborate on Multimode WI-Fi Reference Design.
11-Mar-2004: Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales Increased 21 Percent in 2003.
10-Mar-2004: Sweden's TeliaSonera Opens 3G Network Today.
09-Mar-2004: Sony Ericsson unveils the S700 megapixel camera phone.
09-Mar-2004: Sony Ericsson unveils K700 cameraphone.
09-Mar-2004: Sony Ericsson unveils the Z500 EDGE enabled camera phone with PTT-capability.
09-Mar-2004: Sony Ericsson announces the T637 camera phone.
09-Mar-2004: Sony Ericsson unveils the T237.
09-Mar-2004: AT&T Wireless delays new Motorola camera phone.
08-Mar-2004: Telefonica to Acquire BellSouth's Latin American Cellular Operations.
08-Mar-2004: Fiberlink Announces 3G Wi-Fi Integrated Connectivity.
08-Mar-2004: DoCoMo and SingTel to Test International Wi-Fi Roaming.
08-Mar-2004: Motorola gets MTV with E398, C650, V220 and E680 Handsets.
06-Mar-2004: Korea to show off new technology at CeBIT.
06-Mar-2004: 'Shoot'em-up' with Asia's first location-based multiplayer mobile game.
06-Mar-2004: BellSouth to Pilot Wi-Fi in Charlotte.
06-Mar-2004: 3 Launches UK's First Live Video Mobile Channel.
06-Mar-2004: Nokia Holds Off BlackBerry Connectivity in US Market.
05-Mar-2004: Lucent and Anatel conduct CDMA450 trial in Brazil.
05-Mar-2004: German Mobile Market Most Expensive In Europe- Report.
05-Mar-2004: Psion Issues Statement Regarding Disposal of Symbian Investment.
05-Mar-2004: Nokia to deliver GSM/GPRS/EDGE networks to TeliaSonera.
04-Mar-2004: Philips' Fluid Lenses Bring Things into Focus.
04-Mar-2004: China Ministry of Railways Selects Nortel Wireless Communications Trial.
04-Mar-2004: SK Telecom gains foothold in digital multimedia services.
04-Mar-2004: Vodafone Handset Sony Ericsson Z600 Tops Sales List.
04-Mar-2004: Ban on Cameraphones Shortsighted says Gartner.
03-Mar-2004: Calypso Claims Patent Rights to Seamless Wi-Fi and Wide Area Network Access Points.
03-Mar-2004: KPN Brings the Voq Smartphone to the Netherlands.
03-Mar-2004: A look inside DoCoMo's 4G world.
03-Mar-2004: Verizon Airfone for 10 cents-a-minute.
03-Mar-2004: Sprint Releases the RL7300 by Sanyo.
01-Mar-2004: Canadian Wireless Industry Announces Wi-Fi Roaming Agreement.
01-Mar-2004: 3 UK Expands 3G Handset Portfolio.
29-Feb-2004: Infineon Brings Camera Functionality to Mid-Range Mobile Phones.
28-Feb-2004: Alcatel Shows Off Five New Handsets at Cannes.
27-Feb-2004: Philips Introduces the 355.
27-Feb-2004: US Number Portability Update.
27-Feb-2004: NTT DoCoMo to Release P900i.
27-Feb-2004: Vodafone KK Launches 3G Datacard for Japan.
26-Feb-2004: Siemens Introduces the Gigaset SL740/SLX740isdn.
26-Feb-2004: Sagem Launches the myX-7 Videophone.
26-Feb-2004: Japan to allow users to keep mobile numbers.
26-Feb-2004: Texas Instruments Expects China TD-SCDMA Phones In '05.
26-Feb-2004: Intel's 3G Silicon Vision.
25-Feb-2004: New BlackBerry Handhelds for Cingular's Nationwide Network.
25-Feb-2004: T-Mobile Extends International Wi-Fi Roaming.
25-Feb-2004: i-mode contract subscribers outside Japan exceed 2 million.
25-Feb-2004: Sony Ericsson T610 camera phone awarded "Best Phone" by the GSM Association.
25-Feb-2004: Sendo launches S600 and M570 MMS Handsets.
25-Feb-2004: Verizon Wireless to Offer CDMA/GSM Handset.
24-Feb-2004: Panasonic Launches the X700.
24-Feb-2004: New Motorola A1000 and E1000 3G Handsets.
24-Feb-2004: Siemens Announces Next Generation Telecom Architecture.
24-Feb-2004: Motorola MPx Announced.
24-Feb-2004: LG Electronics licenses Symbian OS for smartphones.
24-Feb-2004: Nortel Networks and Orange Deploy UMTS in Cannes.
24-Feb-2004: PalmSource GSPDA G88 Smartphone.
24-Feb-2004: Motorola Introduces MPx100.
24-Feb-2004: Multivendor MMS Interoperability Demonstrated at 3GSM.
24-Feb-2004: Opera enhanced for P900.
24-Feb-2004: World's Smallest Quad-Band, EDGE-Capable Power Amplifier Module.
23-Feb-2004: Nokia launches new enterprise-class 9500 Communicator.
23-Feb-2004: One Billion GSM Customers Worldwide.
23-Feb-2004: OmniVision Launches Industry's First 2-Megapixel Camera Chip for Mobile Phones.
21-Feb-2004: DoCoMo and Nokia Talking 3G Phone Deal.
20-Feb-2004: Pantech & Curitel Eyes Audiovox Communications.
20-Feb-2004: World's Largest Rural Wi-Fi Broadband Network Deployed.
19-Feb-2004: Sierra Wireless Introduces Sprint Compatible Mobile Modem.
19-Feb-2004: Wireless USB Promoter Group Formed.
19-Feb-2004: Sharp Mega-pixel GX30 launched by Vodafone.
19-Feb-2004: NTT DoCoMo FOMA N900i Handset.
19-Feb-2004: VimpelCom Prepares for National GSM/GPRS Infrastructure Rollout in Russia.
19-Feb-2004: Nokia Completes User Authentication Pilots.
19-Feb-2004: Motorola Introduces IMS.
18-Feb-2004: EDGE services piloted in Jakarta.
18-Feb-2004: Mio 8390 Smartphone debuts.
18-Feb-2004: Spinnerchip 1.1 Integrates Multi-protocol functions.
18-Feb-2004: Sony Ericsson Licenses RealNetworks Real Player.
18-Feb-2004: France Telecom celebrates its 1,000th Orange WiFi hotspot.
18-Feb-2004: Samsung, LG to launch MP3 phones in S Korea.
17-Feb-2004: Cingular to Acquire AT&T Wireless.
17-Feb-2004: GSM Network in Central Iraq Launched.
17-Feb-2004: Austria's ONE Streaming audio and video.
16-Feb-2004: Telkomsel Selects LogicaCMG for MMS Delivery in Indonesia.
16-Feb-2004: Agere Announces New Technology for Smartphones.
16-Feb-2004: Texas Instruments Sees Phone-On-Chip by Year's End.
16-Feb-2004: T-Mobile UK To Launch 3G Phones, Services In Coming Months.
14-Feb-2004: Cingular to Bid $31.9B for AT&T Wireless.
14-Feb-2004: Siemens und Huawei start joint development of 3G/TD-SCDMA mobile technology.
13-Feb-2004: Telenor Launches Music Download to Mobile Phones.
13-Feb-2004: Almost Half of Cell Phone Users Demand Location Services.
13-Feb-2004: Cingular Scrambling to Craft Superior AT&T Wireless Bid.
13-Feb-2004: Verizon Wireless and Kodak Forge Strategic Relationship.
12-Feb-2004: Vodafone starts 3G services in Europe.
12-Feb-2004: Nokia to supply network upgrades for T-Mobile USA.
12-Feb-2004: Treo 600 now Available for T-Mobile Customers.
12-Feb-2004: Cingular Nation GSM Plan Announced.
12-Feb-2004: New Siemens CX65 Videophone.
12-Feb-2004: PalmSource Introduces Palm OS Cobalt.
12-Feb-2004: Siemens launches the CF62 clamshell phone.
11-Feb-2004: New V400p, T300p and V65p PTT Handsets from Motorola.
11-Feb-2004: CSL Brings Blackberry to Hong Kong.
11-Feb-2004: New Samsung SCH-a610 Introduced by Verizon.
11-Feb-2004: Philips introduces complete integrated display module for the camera phone market.
11-Feb-2004: Nextel Launches First Official NASCAR Wireless Handsets.
11-Feb-2004: Novatel to Supply Verizon with EV-DO PC Cards.
10-Feb-2004: PalmSource Develops New Handheld Strategy.
10-Feb-2004: Mobistar launches the Microsoft Windows-Powered SPV E200.
10-Feb-2004: India's IDEA Cellular selects Nokia to pilot launch EDGE services.
09-Feb-2004: Nokia to Buy Psion's Shares in Symbian.
09-Feb-2004: SK Teletec mobile handset sparks user complaint.
09-Feb-2004: SMAC Invests in Oplayo.
09-Feb-2004: Two new SEGA Titles for N-Gage(tm).
08-Feb-2004: Amtrak and AT&T Announce Wi-Fi Deal.
08-Feb-2004: TI Ships 14 Million 802.11 Ports in 2003.
08-Feb-2004: Opera and Motorola's GSG Sign Joint Product Offering Agreement.
07-Feb-2004: SK Telecom Gets OK For Wireless JV With China Unicom.
07-Feb-2004: Nextel Testing Wireless Broadband using OFDM Technology.
06-Feb-2004: Motorola Debuts the V80, V220 and V180 Handsets for the Polish Market.
06-Feb-2004: Siemens to Present New PenPhone at CeBit.
06-Feb-2004: AT&T Offers Free EDGE PC Card Modem.
06-Feb-2004: T-Mobile USA and AT&T Wireless sign airport Wi-Fi roaming agreement.
05-Feb-2004: Siemens Mobile Builds 3G/UMTS Mobile Network for LuXcommunications.
05-Feb-2004: Over-the-Air Repair of Cell Phone Software.
05-Feb-2004: Mobile Broadcasting, SK Telecom to Start Service in Japan, Korea.
04-Feb-2004: Sprint PCS Vision Video Phone VM4050 by Toshiba Announced.
04-Feb-2004: Samsung Develops Satellite DMB Chip for Mobile Phones.
04-Feb-2004: BlackBerry Surpasses One Millionth Subscriber Milestone.
03-Feb-2004: NTT DoCoMo to Market F900i.
03-Feb-2004: NEC Launches World's Smallest Camera Phone.
03-Feb-2004: Mobile Phone Shipments up 23.3% for the Year.
03-Feb-2004: STET Hellas Re-Brands from TELESTET to TIM.
03-Feb-2004: Vodafone Sweden lowers its SMS price for prepay customers.
02-Feb-2004: Agere Announces Deal with Samsung.
02-Feb-2004: T-Mobile's HotSpot Wi-Fi Service Available to Comcast's Internet Customers.
02-Feb-2004: Boingo Expands Wi-Fi Roaming Agreement.
02-Feb-2004: CMLA Announced.
02-Feb-2004: Nokia 5140 mobile phone adds mobility to Outdoor Adventure.
02-Feb-2004: S Korea Number Portability Generating New Energy into Mobile Market.
02-Feb-2004: Youth Market Generated $21 Billion in Carrier Revenue in 2003.
02-Feb-2004: Nokia and Polar Bring Mobility to Athletes.
01-Feb-2004: Worldwide PDA Industry Suffers 5 Percent Shipment Decline in 2003.
31-Jan-2004: AT&T to offer mobile to mobile calls at no extra cost.
31-Jan-2004: U.S. Wireless Market to Reach $190.8 Billion by 2007.
30-Jan-2004: Japan, China to Launch Joint Research on 4G.
30-Jan-2004: U.S. chip makers raising stakes in Wi-Fi China row.
30-Jan-2004: Samsung to Offer Blackberry Connectivity on Wireless Handhelds.
29-Jan-2004: DoCoMo Adds "3" Hong Kong to FOMA "World Call" Videophone Calls.
29-Jan-2004: Year Long Study Finds UMTS Significantly Boosts Employee Efficiency.
29-Jan-2004: LG VX4500 Available via Verizon.
28-Jan-2004: SanDisk Ships World's First Production 1GB SD Card.
28-Jan-2004: San Diego Union-Tribune Sets up Camera Phone Moblog.
28-Jan-2004: AT&T Wireless sets mid-February deadline for bids.
28-Jan-2004: GSM on target to connect billionth customer in Q1.
27-Jan-2004: "3" Launches in Hong Kong.
27-Jan-2004: Nokia introduces EDGE-capable smartphone for the Americas, the 6620.
27-Jan-2004: National Introduces Tri Band GSM VCO Chip.
27-Jan-2004: Handset makers rush to diversify models.
27-Jan-2004: Telia Sonera Selects RealNetworks' Helix Mobile Solutions.
27-Jan-2004: T-Mobile Czech Republic and Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa (PTC) choose Siemens for 3G technology.
27-Jan-2004: Sony Ericsson Simplifies Development of Wireless M2M Applications.
27-Jan-2004: Ericsson to migrate three US TDMA networks to GSM.
26-Jan-2004: Next Generation of Pylon From iAnywhere Makes Mobile Email More Convenient and Secure.
26-Jan-2004: Mobile 3D Graphics Development Platform Enhanced.
26-Jan-2004: Smart Expands GSM/EDGE Network in Philippines.
24-Jan-2004: Fujikura Creates Flexible Wireless-LAN Antenna for Notebooks.
23-Jan-2004: Index to Launch Mobile Label.
23-Jan-2004: QoSM6251 Quality of Service Manager for Mobile Phones.
23-Jan-2004: Spending on In-Building Wireless Networks to Rise, Says ABI.
22-Jan-2004: STET Hellas Commercially Launches UMTS.
22-Jan-2004: Kyocera introduces the 3250 with push-to-talk functionality.
21-Jan-2004: Intel Outlines Broadband Wireless Vision.
21-Jan-2004: Cingular, DoCoMo Begin Quest for AT&T Wireless.
21-Jan-2004: Motorola Wins Optimus Contract To Build Live 3G UMTS Network In Portugal.
21-Jan-2004: Alltel offers Touch2Talk service.
20-Jan-2004: Qualcomm and IBM Form Wireless Pact.
20-Jan-2004: Bell Labs Technology Improves Location Information Security.
20-Jan-2004: TI Ships Industry's FIrst DSP at 1 GHz.
19-Jan-2004: Czech Republic: Internet access no longer limited.
19-Jan-2004: Siemens to deliver 3G/W-CDMA technology to T-Mobile in the Czech Republic.
19-Jan-2004: Sprint Delivers Nation's First On-Demand, Wireless Multimedia National Election Coverage.
19-Jan-2004: Nokia supplies GSM/GPRS/EDGE network and MMS to CTi Movil.
18-Jan-2004: Smartphones lose steam.
18-Jan-2004: Cell Phone Cameras Share Blotchy Moments.
18-Jan-2004: Cameras, Not Phones, Seen as Photography Mainstay.
17-Jan-2004: Motorola V400 Camera Phone Available via Cingular.
17-Jan-2004: Legend Debuts the ET560.
17-Jan-2004: Navman GPS 4460 leads the way for Palm OS 5 users.
16-Jan-2004: W3C Releases CC/PP Device Standard.
16-Jan-2004: Japan Cos To Keep Advantage In Global Mobile Telecom Mkts.
16-Jan-2004: Nokia signs IT Helpdesk and Desktop support deal with IBM.
16-Jan-2004: SIngle Platform Supports Combination of Wireless Protocols.
16-Jan-2004: Intel to Showcase the PRO/Wireless 2200BG enabling 802.11g technology at Sundance Film Festival.
15-Jan-2004: AT&T Wireless cuts rates on calls to 30 countries.
15-Jan-2004: LGC Wireless Provides Wireless Solution for Largest Shopping Mall in Asia.
15-Jan-2004: Finnet selects Nokia for EDGE in Finland.
15-Jan-2004: Siemens Invests in Multimedia Processor Developer, Atsana.
15-Jan-2004: Hutchison Whampoa To Launch 3G In HK Within One Week.
15-Jan-2004: CarPhone to Sell Nokia 7600 for 3 UK.
14-Jan-2004: Report: Mobile Phones Pose No Health Risks.
14-Jan-2004: Cingular, AT&T Wireless in Merger Talks.
14-Jan-2004: Foreign handset makers face uphill battle in S Korea.
14-Jan-2004: China Unicom Signs Largest Mobile Network Contract With Motorola.
13-Jan-2004: Orange Launches PTT Type service, Talk Now(tm).
13-Jan-2004: First True Single-Chip Quad-Band GSM/GPRS Transceiver Announced.
13-Jan-2004: KTF ups ante with unlimited minutes.
12-Jan-2004: Revenues from Mobile Ringtones to Decline by 28% next 3 years.
12-Jan-2004: The Sims Bustin' Out for the N-Gage Platform Announced.
12-Jan-2004: Samsung races to beat Motorola in phone sales.
12-Jan-2004: Wireless Handset Software Takes Center Stage.
10-Jan-2004: Atmel Introduces New Power Management Device for 3G Wireless Platforms.
10-Jan-2004: SE and T-Mobile in exclusive partnership for the T630 camera phone.
10-Jan-2004: Siemens mobile introduces the ST60 with video messaging technology.
10-Jan-2004: Maverick Wireless Launches City-Wide Wi-Fi.
10-Jan-2004: TI and Vonage to Collaborate on VoIP.
10-Jan-2004: FCC chief: regulating Internet phones may backfire.
10-Jan-2004: 2004 International CES Opens to Create a True Digital World of Consumer Technology.
10-Jan-2004: San Disk Unveils 2 Gigabyte Memory Stick PRO(tm) Storage Card.
09-Jan-2004: RealNetworks Brings Digital Music to palmOne Customers.
09-Jan-2004: wOz and Motorola Broadband Plan to Develop Wireless Personal Location-based Products.
09-Jan-2004: Verizon Wireless Announces National 3G Network Rollout.
08-Jan-2004: Samsung announces phone PDA, media center.
08-Jan-2004: ATI Delivers First 3D Gaming Chip, the Imageon 2300, for Mobile Phones.
08-Jan-2004: BT trials wholesale SMS to Voice Service.
08-Jan-2004: D-Link Announces First Extended Range 802.11G Wireless Networking Solution.
08-Jan-2004: VIVO Expands 3G Network in Brazil.
08-Jan-2004: Audiovox Announces the CDM-8425 PTT and CDM-8475 PTT Handsets.
07-Jan-2004: Motorola V600 Debuts in US with AT&T Wireless.
07-Jan-2004: FrogPad Releases Bluetooth Enabled One-Handed Keyboard.
07-Jan-2004: RAYTEL LLC Voice Command Bluetooth(R) Hands-Free Communication Technology Helps Drivers In North America to Safely Stay in Touch While Driving.
07-Jan-2004: Bluetooth USB Printer Adapter from Belkin.
07-Jan-2004: iBIZ's Virtual Laser Keyboard Nominated for TechTV 'Best of Show' at CES.
07-Jan-2004: Leaktek and 8x8 Showcase new Desktop Videophoe DV326 at CES.
07-Jan-2004: Nextel offers Blackberry 7510.
06-Jan-2004: D-Link Shows off New Wireless Security Camera.
06-Jan-2004: TI Introduces the wONE.
05-Jan-2004: BT Offers Pay-As-You-Go Wireless Internet Access Service.
05-Jan-2004: Superscape's Swerve 3D features at 3G Mobile World Forum.
04-Jan-2004: S Korean Number portability gets off to shaky start.
03-Jan-2004: Portugal's Telecom Carriers Process Record Number SMS Messages on New Year's.
03-Jan-2004: DSP to Show New Chip-Sets for Home Wireless at CES.
03-Jan-2004: Why the FAA worries about your cellphone.
02-Jan-2004: 10 most popular Asian phones.
02-Jan-2004: Gadgets galore for 2004.
01-Jan-2004: Jamdat Releases Suite of 'The Return of the King(tm)' Applications.

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