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Verizon Wireless Announces National 3G Network Rollout
Posted: 09-Jan-2004 [Source: Verizon]

[Verizon execs announce EV-DO 3G network expansion plans.]

Bedminster, NJ and Las Vegas, NV -- Verizon Wireless, the nation's largest and most reliable wireless voice network and the leader in next generation technology deployment, will begin immediately to expand its BroadbandAccess service nationally.

Powered by Evolution-Data Optimized (EV-DO) third generation (3G) wide-area network, BroadbandAccess commercial service, with average user speeds of 300-500 kilobits per second (kbps), is expected to be available in many major U.S. cities this summer.

Denny Strigl, president and CEO of Verizon Wireless, said, "Verizon Wireless has earned the reputation as the nation's most reliable wireless service provider because of our focus on our network. Building on that success, we are offering BroadbandAccess to our business and individual customers who are ready to move to the next level of mobile communications: tremendous speed, rich graphic content, video, music and more. In announcing the national expansion of this exciting new service, we pledge to remain relentless in our pursuit of providing the highest quality voice and data services."

Verizon Wireless 3G Network Benefits

BroadbandAccess, the fastest commercial wide-area wireless data technology available today, is based on CDMA technology, a digital wireless technology commercially developed by QUALCOMM. Since October 2003, BroadbandAccess has been successfully deployed in Washington D.C. with Lucent Technologies, and in San Diego with Nortel Networks. This high-speed data network will be available to business and individual customers beginning in the summer of 2004 throughout significant portions of the Verizon Wireless national footprint, with additional markets phased in through 2005. Because it is backward compatible -- a distinct advantage to using CDMA technology -- customers who travel outside a BroadbandAccess area with an EV-DO device will seamlessly switch to Verizon Wireless' existing NationalAccess network, based on 1xRTT technology.

In addition to its ongoing annual capital investment program to build network capacity and coverage, the company expects to invest $1 billion over the next two years to deploy its EV-DO technology nationally.

Verizon Chairman and CEO Ivan Seidenberg today unveiled the company's plans for leadership in the emerging broadband industry. He outlined two major new network expansions that are key to bringing the benefits of this new era to homes and businesses across America and said Verizon was committed to investing a total of $3 billion in its networks over the next two years to bring broadband to the mass market.

To illustrate Verizon's unique ability to lead in the broadband revolution, Seidenberg also announced a new service, iobism, and new product, Verizon One, that will help families and businesses create a personal network to manage their communications devices and activities. The network expansion initiatives involve both Verizon's wireless and wireline networks. Verizon Wireless will expand its third-generation (3G) mobile data BroadbandAccess network nationwide. In addition to its ongoing annual capital investment program to build network capacity and coverage, the company will invest $1 billion over the next two years to further deploy its broadband technology, known as EV-DO (Evolution-Data Optimized).

Verizon also will dramatically accelerate the evolution of its nationwide wireline network to packet-switching technology and, as announced yesterday, has selected Nortel Networks as its voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) equipment provider.

Verizon's iobi(sm)Service and Verizon One Device

To more immediately deliver additional benefits of broadband-based technology convergence to the marketplace, Verizon plans to launch new products and services in 2004 that give customers simple, seamless ways to integrate all their communications. These will include:

Verizon's iobism: The iobi (eye-OH-bee) service uses the power and intelligence of all the Verizon networks - wireline, wireless, data or IP - to link a customer's various communication devices into one seamless, customized, personal communications network. It lets customers manage phone calls, voice mails, calendars, address books, e-mails and more, using wireline and wireless phones, computers, laptops and PDAs.

By using iobi, businesses and consumers will take total control of their communications. For example, what someone sends as a voice message from a landline or cell phone can be received as an e-mail or text message on a PDA or laptop, or redirected to a different phone line. As a smart network-based system, iobi knows where customers are and how they prefer to communicate at any given time and takes advantage of the information to make communicating easier.

Verizon will begin introducing iobi in 2004, adding new capabilities with each release. The planned capabilities include:

Real-time call management - customers decide how, where and if they want to receive calls and messages

Call notifications on PCs and the screens of other devices

Programmable call-forwarding so calls can follow customers wherever they go

Interactive call and e-mail logs

Automated "on demand" or scheduled conference calling

Electronic contact information-sharing that updates automatically

Click-to-dial contact of people at the touch of a mouse

Multi-modal communications -- no matter how a message comes to a customer, the customer can decide how to receive it, including by e-mail, voice mail, text messaging and more Verizon One: Verizon One combines a DSL modem and wireless router with a touch-screen computer and a contemporary, cordless telephone. Verizon One clears away the clutter of multiple devices, and is configured for iobi service to put the power of Verizon's networks at users' fingertips anywhere in their homes.

Customers can use Verizon One to:

Call with one click from their address book or online directory assistance

View information such as weather, movie show times or news

Scroll through Verizon to look up and call phone numbers

View maps and driving instructions

Use a memo pad to leave notes for the family

Manage calls as they are received

Use voice mail more efficiently

Forward calls in real time, or on a pre-set schedule

Manage contact lists and calendars

Verizon plans to introduce an initial version of Verizon One later in 2004.


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