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MobileTechNews archive for the year 2006:

29-Dec-2006: Sprint looks to WiMAX to cut costs.
28-Dec-2006: Cingular Customers Talk 500,000,000,000 Minutes in One Year.
28-Dec-2006: Wi-Fi TV Will Finance Anyone to Buy a Wi-Fi TV Channel.
28-Dec-2006: Spain's Sogecable, Vodafone to offer phone TV.
28-Dec-2006: Tropos Networks to showcase its MetroMesh Solution at CES.
27-Dec-2006: Industry's First Gigabit-density Mobile DRAM.
27-Dec-2006: LG Mobile claims number two spot in US sales.
26-Dec-2006: Verizon to Allow Ads on Its Mobile Phones.
26-Dec-2006: In-flight mobile phone use begins in January.
24-Dec-2006: Global SMS numbers set for all-time high New Year's Eve.
23-Dec-2006: MOTORAZR with iMode a hit in Japan.
22-Dec-2006: Opera Mobile gets delivered on new Samsung handsets.
22-Dec-2006: mywaves launches 10,000 channel mobile video service.
22-Dec-2006: Ericsson and 3 Italia in world-first: Enhanced Uplink in commercial network.
22-Dec-2006: Cingular offers Jawbone Bluetooth headset with Noise Shield technology.
21-Dec-2006: Samsung's 1/4" 3-megapixel CMOS Image Sensor for Ultra-Slim Camera Phones.
21-Dec-2006: Sprint offers year-end update.
21-Dec-2006: 7.9 % of U.S. Households Now Use a VoIP Telephone Service.
21-Dec-2006: CeBIT fair plans revamp to stop exhibitors leaving.
21-Dec-2006: Cingular brings 3G to more than 160 markets.
21-Dec-2006: Motorola predicts WiMAX will enter the mainstream in 2007.
20-Dec-2006: Oki ships world's smallest audio LSI with stereo-playback capable DAC.
20-Dec-2006: ModeLabs offers eco-friendly battery charging options.
20-Dec-2006: Cingular offers SNL mobile content.
20-Dec-2006: Reuters Launches Mobile Video.
20-Dec-2006: New Qualcomm MSM chipsets to support Samsung OneNAND Flash.
19-Dec-2006: Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems in mobile phones.
19-Dec-2006: CES 2007 looms on the horizon.
19-Dec-2006: New Samsung SCH-V960 features an 'Optical Joystick'.
19-Dec-2006: Lenmar Launches Portable ''Bat Paks''.
18-Dec-2006: Linksys unveils new iPhone VoIP devices.
18-Dec-2006: MySpace partners with Cingular Wireless.
18-Dec-2006: Agere announces the BlueOnyx Mobile Content Server.
18-Dec-2006: Verizon Wireless and Sierra Wireless offer the AirCard 595 PC card.
15-Dec-2006: NextWave group winner in German spectrum auction.
15-Dec-2006: XE Mobile adds the Nokia 6061 to its lineup.
15-Dec-2006: Cingular begins mobile payment trial in NYC.
15-Dec-2006: Nokia Siemens Networks startup date extended.
14-Dec-2006: JumpTap on- and ff-portal mobile search arrives on Virgin Mobile USA handsets.
14-Dec-2006: Novatel Wireless Announces Approvals of the Industry's First Wireless HSDPA ExpressCard.
14-Dec-2006: Teens Take User-Generated Content and Social Networking to Go.
14-Dec-2006: FCC approves - without waiver - Focus Enhancements DS-OFDM modulation scheme.
14-Dec-2006: Neo to launch first handset - the 808i.
14-Dec-2006: mFormation Announces Strategic Mobile Payments Alliance with Visa.
13-Dec-2006: Sharpcast helps Alltel put a user's entire photo collection on a mobile phone.
13-Dec-2006: Europeans adopting smartphones faster than U.S. counterparts.
13-Dec-2006: Pantech announces the IM-U160 Terrestrial DMB Phone.
13-Dec-2006: ACCESS Linux Platform for Smartphones expected early 2007.
12-Dec-2006: Microsoft Unveils VoIP Solution as Part of Desktop Communications.
12-Dec-2006: picoChip and Kineto Team in UMA-Enabled Femtocell Market.
12-Dec-2006: It's all in a name - BlackBerry vs. BlackJack.
12-Dec-2006: Napster Mobile to debut on O2 in Ireland.
12-Dec-2006: Japan mobile phone shipments up 13.5 pct/yr/yr.
12-Dec-2006: XE Mobile offers discount club card.
12-Dec-2006: Bluetooth Hug Shirt wins Time Best Inventions 2006 award.
12-Dec-2006: DiBcom, develops new mobile TV hybrid solution.
11-Dec-2006: Rebtel launches Call Home for the Holidays Free program.
11-Dec-2006: Fujitsu raises the bar with the world's first 300GB 2.5" hard disk drive.
11-Dec-2006: HP and Cingular introduce PC featuring built-in global mobile broadband capabilities.
11-Dec-2006: Siemens announces OpenStage SIP phones.
11-Dec-2006: Palm kicks of worlwide Treo marketing campaign.
10-Dec-2006: Hottest Cellphones 2006.
10-Dec-2006: A look at Taipei's Wi-FI network a year after launch.
08-Dec-2006: Pan Asian Mobile TV Consortium Formed.
08-Dec-2006: NTT DoCoMo suspends sale of some Mitsubishi handsets due to possibility of battery rupture.
08-Dec-2006: MetaFacts looks at how mobile PC use varies from home to workplace..
07-Dec-2006: Alltel launches TeleNav GPS Navigator along with the BlackBerry 8703e.
07-Dec-2006: IDC Finds Mobile Brand Preferences Vary by Country.
07-Dec-2006: Analysys reports cellular systems to upstage WiMAX in developing countries.
07-Dec-2006: Huawei successfully completes 3.6 Mbps video service trials on UMTS 900 MHz network.
06-Dec-2006: Intel demos first Mobile WiMAX Baseband Chip.
06-Dec-2006: ACCESS Licenses Palm OS Garnet Source Code to Palm, Inc..
05-Dec-2006: Cingular launches the CU400 from LG 3G handset featuring PTT.
05-Dec-2006: New Sony Ericsson Z310.
05-Dec-2006: LG's favorite flavor - the Chocolate phone - launches in a slim folding style.
05-Dec-2006: Motorola's green-powered remote GSM Base Stations.
04-Dec-2006: New "talk and text" phones from Nokia.
04-Dec-2006: Samsung's Ultra Messaging i600.
04-Dec-2006: New mega mobile partner for MySpace - everyone's guessing Cingular.
04-Dec-2006: Motorola launches the MOTOROKR E6 at ITU.
04-Dec-2006: Handsfree capabilities meets high-tech psychoacoustics.
04-Dec-2006: In-flight broadband availabile to expanded range of business jets.
03-Dec-2006: Qualcomm Announces Availability of World's First 802.11n Draft 2.0 Chipset.
01-Dec-2006: T-Mobile USA secures auctioned spectrum rights from FCC.
01-Dec-2006: Alcatel-Lucent Announces New Visual Identity.
01-Dec-2006: Best Buy Mobile opens nine stores in Manhattan.
30-Nov-2006: BlackBerry Pearl arrives at Cingular stores.
30-Nov-2006: Sprint launches combo mobile email client.
30-Nov-2006: User Generated Video Content on V CAST.
30-Nov-2006: Cingular offers the Pantech C3.
30-Nov-2006: Nokia and Yahoo! Extend Internet Experience.
29-Nov-2006: Qtopia GreensuiteI #1 for high-end Linux-based mobile phones announced.
29-Nov-2006: Nokia CEO predicts Internet key driver in mobility industry's future.
29-Nov-2006: Joint venture plans TV shows for mobiles.
28-Nov-2006: MOTOFONE Makes Its Global Debut.
28-Nov-2006: Four new mobile phones from Nokia.
28-Nov-2006: Bluetooth innovative headset for the hearing impaired.
28-Nov-2006: YouTube goes Mobile with Verizon Wireless.
28-Nov-2006: Air Tube Headsets protect users from cell phone radiation.
27-Nov-2006: New Sprint M610 by Samsung offers live TV viewing.
27-Nov-2006: enV smartphone by LG.
27-Nov-2006: T-Mobile USA announces WCDMA 3G equipment agreements.
27-Nov-2006: Study reveals changing gaming habits.
27-Nov-2006: OKO introduces Iris Recognition Technology for Mobiles.
26-Nov-2006: MOTORAZR V3m in silver and red now at Alltel.
25-Nov-2006: Worldwide mobile phone sales up 21.5 percent third quarter.
24-Nov-2006: Free Services to Inspire Your Cellphone.
23-Nov-2006: Kyocera K323 arrives at Verizon Wireless in time for the Holidays.
22-Nov-2006: New Chocolate flavors.
22-Nov-2006: Palm Treo 680 now available at Cingular Wireless.
21-Nov-2006: Cingular Tone Cards.
21-Nov-2006: Alternative mobile broadband technologies to take off after 2010.
21-Nov-2006: New messaging app runs on low-end handsets.
21-Nov-2006: World's Slimmest Mobile LCD Screen.
20-Nov-2006: Smartphone sales on the rise.
20-Nov-2006: Cingular offers 3D "fuzzysearch" on enhanced TeleNav GPS Navigation.
20-Nov-2006: Dell offers built-in Sprint Mobile Broadband access on new noteboks.
20-Nov-2006: To text or not to text in the middle of holiday gatherings.
20-Nov-2006: Groove Mobile and 3UK Join Forces to Power Mobile Music Service.
20-Nov-2006: M:Metrics finds operator store customers spend more on mobile services.
17-Nov-2006: PDA Shipments grow 32 percent Q306.
17-Nov-2006: Sony Ericsson looking to unveil a RAZR rival.
17-Nov-2006: Microsoft's move into Wi-Fi.
16-Nov-2006: New i835 and i880 Motorola Handsets feature AgION.
16-Nov-2006: Sprint PCS Vision Phone LX 150 by LG.
16-Nov-2006: 3 announces global launch of X-Series.
16-Nov-2006: Nokia announces worldwide musical New Year's Eve bash.
16-Nov-2006: Symbian ships 100 million smartphones.
15-Nov-2006: The New LG VX8600 available at Verizon Wireless.
15-Nov-2006: WiMAX Poised For Rapid Growth.
15-Nov-2006: Canadian government expected to block Internet phone regulation.
15-Nov-2006: Contactless payments in Philly taxis.
15-Nov-2006: Visa launches pilot mobile payment program.
15-Nov-2006: Mobile video offering over 2,000 titles.
15-Nov-2006: Ericsson introduces Home 3G/HSPA Access Point.
15-Nov-2006: UMTS is leading global 3G technology reports 3G Americas.
14-Nov-2006: Vodafone and Yahoo! join forces in advertising on mobile devices.
14-Nov-2006: Industry's First Single-Chip UMTS and HSDPA Solutions.
14-Nov-2006: European Commission approves the formation of Nokia Siemens Networks.
14-Nov-2006: Cingular launches the new Samsung BlackJack.
14-Nov-2006: Sprint launches the Motorola iDEN i880 handset.
13-Nov-2006: World's first commercial WCDMA900 data call.
13-Nov-2006: Qualcomm and Motorola to Collaborate on UMTS Handsets.
11-Nov-2006: Hyatt offering BlackBerry Thumb Balm massage at North American spas.
11-Nov-2006: Alltel debuts the LG AX245.
10-Nov-2006: Nokia commissioned report on mobile TV released.
10-Nov-2006: Samsung Drift handset debuts at Helio.
09-Nov-2006: Archos 604-WiFi Video Player.
09-Nov-2006: OpenMoko Linux mobile platform and Neo1973 smartphone announced.
09-Nov-2006: Sundance Institute to debut mobile shorts at 3GSM.
09-Nov-2006: Cingular updates website.
08-Nov-2006: Samsung's new convergence device - the SPH-P9000.
08-Nov-2006: SkyCross launches new WiMAX antenna products.
07-Nov-2006: Yahoo! mobile advertising goes graphical.
06-Nov-2006: Cingular 8525 Rides Wireless Speedway.
06-Nov-2006: Samsung Launches the 'Mini MP3 phone'.
06-Nov-2006: LG's new U830 supports msystems' MegaSIM card.
06-Nov-2006: Vodafone announces new terminal platform agreement with Microsoft.
06-Nov-2006: Softbank Corp. joins with MySpace.
06-Nov-2006: NTTDoCoMo 3G FOMA Subscribers top 30 million.
06-Nov-2006: Atheros XSPAN 802.11n technology in new Lenova ThinkPad notebooks.
03-Nov-2006: Rogers debuts HSDPA.
02-Nov-2006: Google's Gmail for mobile launches.
02-Nov-2006: Cingular Music service launches.
02-Nov-2006: YouTube to call on your cell phone.
01-Nov-2006: NTTDoCoMo takes handset customization to next level.
01-Nov-2006: New Kyocera 'Cyclops' Handset.
01-Nov-2006: Virgin Mobile launches national mobile ticketing promotion.
31-Oct-2006: Leading Japanese Mobile Games to be distributed in U.S..
31-Oct-2006: Sierra Wireless enters Japanese market.
30-Oct-2006: Boost Mobile offers Motorola i835 handset.
30-Oct-2006: Jumbuck's Power Chat service offered by Virgin Wireless USA.
30-Oct-2006: New Nokia 330 Auto Navigation device.
30-Oct-2006: BreezeMAX now enables primary voice services over WiMAX.
30-Oct-2006: KDDI adds 80,600 net new customers on rule change.
27-Oct-2006: djuice to give away 650,000 songs in November.
26-Oct-2006: AT&T unveils video home monitoring service.
26-Oct-2006: HP iPAQ hw6920 lands at Cingular.
25-Oct-2006: Japan and SKorea lead in adopting next-generation handsets.
25-Oct-2006: Adobe Flash Lite available via Verizon Wireless.
24-Oct-2006: Sprint Launches Nation's First EV-DO Revision A Mobile Broadband Network.
24-Oct-2006: BlackBerry Smart Card Reader Enables Controlled Access to PCs.
24-Oct-2006: Boost Mobile and Madsteez Offer New Art Medium for Youth.
23-Oct-2006: Nokia 6133 now available from T-Mobile USA.
23-Oct-2006: Virgin Mobile launches the SLICE handset.
23-Oct-2006: Chameleon CTM 152 Data Modem for EV-DO Networks Launches.
23-Oct-2006: GUPP chooses a la Mobile's Linux platform for dual-mode smartphone.
21-Oct-2006: John Landis directs comedy videos availalbe on Verizon Wireless' V CAST.
20-Oct-2006: 5th Annual CDMA Operators' Summit Concludes.
19-Oct-2006: Verizon Wireless G'zOne Type-v phone launches.
19-Oct-2006: Worldwide Mobile Phone Market achieves 21.0% Growth.
19-Oct-2006: DVB-H moves closer to becoming a formal standard for US market.
19-Oct-2006: V CAST for a day.
19-Oct-2006: New Pantech PX-500 EV-DO Rev. A Connection Card.
18-Oct-2006: LG launches new Shine handset.
18-Oct-2006: MOTORAZR Miami Ink Collection announced.
18-Oct-2006: Obopay goes 'live' on Amp'd Mobile Phones.
18-Oct-2006: 'Poledancers' original made-for-mobile video series debuts.
17-Oct-2006: Mobile Networks to Cover 90% of World's Population by 2010.
17-Oct-2006: Sprint Nextel teams with Qualcomm and Lucent to extend PTT services.
17-Oct-2006: S60 on Symbian OS strengthened with new features.
16-Oct-2006: Cingular Wireless and Symbian team up.
16-Oct-2006: S60 3rd Edition Challenge Winners announced.
16-Oct-2006: Asia/Pacific Mobile Music Market Soaring.
16-Oct-2006: Vodafone unveils Holiday Handset line-up.
14-Oct-2006: Treo used to break N.Y. plane crash news.
13-Oct-2006: Palm unveils the sleek Treo 680 Smartphone.
13-Oct-2006: Ultra Low Cost Handset Shipments to Surge in 2007.
13-Oct-2006: Bluetooth SIG intros TransSend.
13-Oct-2006: Customers Help Fight HIV/AIDS in Africa by Reserving RED MOTORAZR.
13-Oct-2006: Google news goes mobile in Japan.
13-Oct-2006: T-Mobile HotSpot service free to Sony mylo users.
12-Oct-2006: Popularity of mobile video showing upward trend.
12-Oct-2006: Sony Ericsson's limited edition K800i and K790 Cyber-shot now available.
12-Oct-2006: NTT DoCoMo unveils 14 new 3G FOMA handsets.
11-Oct-2006: T-Mobile Dash smartphone unveiled.
11-Oct-2006: Thin is not enough.
11-Oct-2006: Intel dual-mode WiMAX chip now available.
11-Oct-2006: New 3G "Killer App" revealed.
11-Oct-2006: LG launches pink Chocolate.
11-Oct-2006: SAMSUNG Launches the World's First 10 Megapixel Camera Phone.
11-Oct-2006: 3UK, Orange, Telefonica, and Vodafone Trial Mobile TV Powered by TDtv Technology.
11-Oct-2006: Group to use biofuels to expand mobile coverage.
11-Oct-2006: Nokia Flexi WiMAX Base Station.
11-Oct-2006: Orb MyCasting premiers on Nokia N80 Internet Edition.
11-Oct-2006: Telsima Drives TRUFLE in the Race for 4G Mobility.
10-Oct-2006: Siemens and Wavesat Collaborate On WiMAX Forum Certified Solutions.
10-Oct-2006: Sequans 802.16e mobile WiMAX chips now available.
09-Oct-2006: iRadio offers NPR.
09-Oct-2006: ADC intros Digivance WMX WiMAX solution.
09-Oct-2006: Aperto Unveils Mobile WiMAX Strategy.
09-Oct-2006: Phone shipments to fall short of one billion figure.
07-Oct-2006: First Integrated Video Telephony Handset Test Platform Validated by GCF.
07-Oct-2006: Three-Quarters of U.S. Adults Currently Subscribe to Wireless Telephone Service.
07-Oct-2006: T-Mobile Plays 3G Catch-Up.
06-Oct-2006: Ringtone Society rebelling against corny ringtones.
06-Oct-2006: Telstra launches HSDPA network.
06-Oct-2006: Alltel Wireless to offer slender Nokia 2865i handset.
05-Oct-2006: T-Mobile unleaches three new Samsung handsets.
05-Oct-2006: Nokia 5500 Sport Music Edition.
05-Oct-2006: MasterCard SMS Service Simplifies the Search for ATMs.
05-Oct-2006: Research finds good response to mobile ads.
04-Oct-2006: D-Link V-Click GSM/WiFi Linux-based Handset.
04-Oct-2006: Sprint announces EV-DO MOTO treo availability.
04-Oct-2006: Nortel's GSM-R Solution Chosen for High-Speed Railway Line in Spain.
04-Oct-2006: Helio combines 3G and Wi-Fi in a single package.
04-Oct-2006: Digital music to fuel growth of 3G.
03-Oct-2006: Nokia intros Wibree open industry initiative.
03-Oct-2006: Cingular announces completion of GSM network integration.
03-Oct-2006: 54 million private branded handsets shipped in 2006.
03-Oct-2006: Project-a-Phone launches the ICD-5000 display.
03-Oct-2006: CEATEC JAPAN 2006 opens today.
03-Oct-2006: Lemonade M-Box set to challenge BlackBerry dominance.
02-Oct-2006: Sony Ericsson celebrates fifth anniversary, opens store in London.
02-Oct-2006: J/Arista signs deal to leak albums via iRadio.
02-Oct-2006: Telenor and Norwegian banking industry launch BankID for mobiles.
02-Oct-2006: Novatel ships new EV-DO Rev A products.
02-Oct-2006: T-Mobile enters new era with myFaves.
02-Oct-2006: CDMA continues expansion in Latin America and Caribbean.
02-Oct-2006: Alltel is second US carrier to launch the KRZR Klm.
02-Oct-2006: First Mini Card Combining Bluetooth and USB.
02-Oct-2006: Siemens being blamed for BenQ Mobile insolvency.
02-Oct-2006: Takamatsu Shopping Mall Trials Nortel Wireless Technology for Smart Card Use.
29-Sep-2006: FreeBe TV offers free mobile music video promotion.
29-Sep-2006: NTT DoCoMo Co-Develops Portable 3D Display System.
29-Sep-2006: BenQ Mobile to file for insolvency in Munich court.
28-Sep-2006: Verizon Wireless Introduces Slim, Sleek MOTOKRZR Klm.
28-Sep-2006: Mobile ESPN to cease operations.
28-Sep-2006: Companies integrate watches and mobile phones via Bluetooth.
28-Sep-2006: Parrot MINIKIT Mobile Speakerphone.
28-Sep-2006: New LCD Panel for Super-Slim Mobile Phones.
28-Sep-2006: Vodafone 710 own-branded 3G handset unveiled.
28-Sep-2006: Mobifest screens over 50 made-for-mobile movies.
28-Sep-2006: Intel and Nokia collaborate on HSDPA embedded notebook connectivity.
28-Sep-2006: Motorola and Red Pocket Mobile intro Chinese-language mobiles certified for use on a U.S. network.
27-Sep-2006: Nokia 5300 XpressMusic slide design handset announced.
27-Sep-2006: Copper Valley Wireless selects ZTE for CDMA2000 Digital Wireless Solution.
27-Sep-2006: Alvarion's 4Motion WiMAX solution demos at WiMAX Forum PlugFest.
27-Sep-2006: Vodafone to announce it will sell own-brand 3G handsets.
27-Sep-2006: Mobile Security products set to go mainstream.
27-Sep-2006: Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy announce new initiatives.
26-Sep-2006: New Nokia N95 all-in-one multimedia computer.
26-Sep-2006: Nokia intros its smallest Nokia Nseries - the Nokia N75.
26-Sep-2006: Special editions of Nokia N70, Nokia N73 and Nokia 91 unveiled.
26-Sep-2006: Motorola Releases First FOMA PC Card for HSDPA.
26-Sep-2006: New release of Mobilinux announced.
25-Sep-2006: Nokia's new accessory lineup.
25-Sep-2006: GrandCentral launches beta program.
25-Sep-2006: New Reply-All Text Messaging Service.
25-Sep-2006: Sony Ericsson releases Mobile JUnit application testing framework for Java ME.
25-Sep-2006: Amp'd Mobile and Circuit City Announce National Distribution Partnership.
22-Sep-2006: Mobile Companies go Green.
21-Sep-2006: Samsung Trace ultra-slim bar phone launches.
21-Sep-2006: Amazon goes wireless.
21-Sep-2006: Holland America to offer onboard cell phone coverage.
21-Sep-2006: Mobile Phones Can Now Navigate The New Fall Line-Up.
21-Sep-2006: Nokia embeds Live Search via Microsoft on S60 devices.
20-Sep-2006: Sprint intros RIM's BlackBerry 8703e.
20-Sep-2006: Nokia 6288: Captivating 3G slide phone.
19-Sep-2006: ADC Wireless Solutions Showcased At PCIA Wireless Infrastructure Show.
19-Sep-2006: NTT DoCoMo to Market BlackBerry 8707h Handheld.
19-Sep-2006: M-BUZZ promotional mobile music venue announced.
19-Sep-2006: Mobile Metrics releases commercial WiMAX test system.
19-Sep-2006: Sierra Wireless reaches two EV-DO Revision A product milestones.
19-Sep-2006: FCC AWS spectrum auction concludes.
18-Sep-2006: Cellular VoIP in USA and Western Europe set for major uptake.
18-Sep-2006: BenQ Mobile withdraws from CeBIT.
16-Sep-2006: Linux the new OS celebrity.
15-Sep-2006: Sprint IP Wireless Relay Launches.
14-Sep-2006: GSM/UMTS success to marginalize other wide-area wireless technologies.
14-Sep-2006: Industry-First TFT-LCD Panel for Next-Generation Mobiles.
14-Sep-2006: Mobile operators announce The Next Generation Mobile Networks initiative.
14-Sep-2006: MobileBridge Router to Support 4G Mobile WiMAX.
14-Sep-2006: New Cingular 3125 Smartphone announced.
14-Sep-2006: Nokia 6085 brings balance to a busy life.
13-Sep-2006: LG offers folding Chocolate.
13-Sep-2006: Palm intros the Treo 750v smartphone.
13-Sep-2006: 3G inflight service to arrive on business jets.
13-Sep-2006: NYC announces broadband mobile wireless contract.
12-Sep-2006: MobiTV demos live high-def TV over WiMAX.
12-Sep-2006: Cingular intros the Motorazr v3i.
12-Sep-2006: Sanyo Announces the Sprint Power Vision SCP-8400.
12-Sep-2006: SanDisk intros 4GB miniSDHC flash card for mobiles.
12-Sep-2006: Verizon Wireless launches new BlackBerry 8703e.
12-Sep-2006: Cingular, Nokia Introduce Nokia E62.
12-Sep-2006: Kyocera announces the K122 and K132 entry-tier CDMA handsets.
12-Sep-2006: LimeLife launches site offering mobile content desgined for women.
12-Sep-2006: Fujitsu launches world's smallest CDMA transmitter module.
12-Sep-2006: Mobile TV audience continues rapid growth.
12-Sep-2006: Barcode on your mobile phone.
12-Sep-2006: Nationwide Launch of MX Mobile.
11-Sep-2006: Motorola and Nokia to cooperate on mobile TV interoperability.
11-Sep-2006: Gracenote and Samsung Partner to Get Music From the PC to the Mobile Phone.
10-Sep-2006: QUALCOMM Signs FLO Chip Agreement With Newport Media.
08-Sep-2006: Live PayTV Broadcast Over WiMAX to be demo'd at IBC 2006.
08-Sep-2006: New IC supports multi-standard digital mobile TV.
08-Sep-2006: Live DVB-H mobile TV service launch set for Asia Pacific.
07-Sep-2006: RIM's BlackBerry Pearl Smartphone announced.
07-Sep-2006: World's first 3.6Mbps HSDPA full-coverage network goes live today.
06-Sep-2006: Alltel introduces the Samsung SCH-u420 slider.
06-Sep-2006: World's smallest PDA with Smartcard Reader capability.
06-Sep-2006: Rok Viper offers 'no strings attached' free mobile VoIP.
06-Sep-2006: Sprint Movies 'pay-per-view' movie service launches.
06-Sep-2006: Samsung announces intelligent mobile display driver IC.
06-Sep-2006: 'Mobile Earth' Mapping Service Launches in Germany.
05-Sep-2006: Sprint brings the Treo 700wx onboard its lineup.
05-Sep-2006: Samsung Shipping Samples of New High-Capacity NAND Solution.
04-Sep-2006: The Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition.
04-Sep-2006: Nokia unveils three new L'Amour Collection handsets.
04-Sep-2006: Qualcomm Announces the uiOne-enabled O2 Ice handset.
04-Sep-2006: SanDisk Launches V-Mate.
02-Sep-2006: Sony Ericsson joins Eclipse.
01-Sep-2006: Nortel to sell UMTS business to Alcatel.
01-Sep-2006: Samsung demos 4G.
01-Sep-2006: First Cordless Phones for Skype that Do Not Require a Computer.
31-Aug-2006: Nokia acquires gate5.
31-Aug-2006: Mobile ESPN offers live college football.
31-Aug-2006: Mobile Security Specification set for unveiling at CTIA.
31-Aug-2006: The Nokia N80 Internet Edition.
31-Aug-2006: BINJ Labs Cell Phone Signal Detection Solution For Airlines.
31-Aug-2006: Samsung intros 'The Ultra Editions' 3G Handsets.
31-Aug-2006: GSM Market Share Exceeds 50% in Americas.
31-Aug-2006: T-Mobile and Sony VAIO jointly offer HSDPA connectivity in Europe.
30-Aug-2006: Yahoo! Go for Mobile Now Available for Windows Mobile Devices.
30-Aug-2006: Used PDAs and smartphones on eBay often come loaded with sensitive data.
30-Aug-2006: BackBerry connect for Palm Treo 650 now available to Cingular customers.
30-Aug-2006: Companies offer lower-cost solution for international cell calls.
30-Aug-2006: Motorola announces WiMAX chipset initiative.
30-Aug-2006: Musiwave fuels new one-click artist content service.
30-Aug-2006: CDMA2000 Reaches More than 275 Million 3G Users Across the Globe.
30-Aug-2006: Samsung SGH-zx20 supports HSDPA.
30-Aug-2006: Ryanair announces in-flight mobile access.
30-Aug-2006: Toyota and KDDI team up on "TiMO".
30-Aug-2006: Sierra Wireless introduces AirCard wireless modems for USB ports.
29-Aug-2006: China expects to offer DMB-TV in time for 2008 Olympics.
29-Aug-2006: Sierra Wireless EV-DO Revision A ExpressCard.
29-Aug-2006: Mobile video gaining momentum.
29-Aug-2006: HSDPA Network Launches Surge Past 50.
28-Aug-2006: Nokia pulls out of next year's CeBIT.
28-Aug-2006: Parents reject school cell phone bans in U.S..
28-Aug-2006: AirG mobile social network hits 10 million users.
28-Aug-2006: New Qualcomm single-chip solution lowers price on entry-level handsets.
26-Aug-2006: RIM's Pearl device set to launch with T-Mobile.
25-Aug-2006: Alltel football season offerings.
25-Aug-2006: GoTV offers primetime Emmy coverage.
25-Aug-2006: Verizon Wireless offers the Samsung SCH-a870.
24-Aug-2006: CBS streaming Bluetooth ads via Billboards.
24-Aug-2006: NTT DoCoMo to Start HSDPA with N902iX HIGH-SPEED.
24-Aug-2006: TV Guide arrives on cell phones.
24-Aug-2006: T-Mobile launches the BlackBerry 7130g in the UK.
24-Aug-2006: Oki Electric Provides FaceSensingEngine to Pantech's Mobile Phones.
23-Aug-2006: Samsung Launches 8GB Music Phone SCH-B570.
23-Aug-2006: Streaming Music Continues Reign as Mobile Multimedia Favorite.
23-Aug-2006: UTStarcom Launches the CDM7025 for Cricket.
23-Aug-2006: EQO Extends Online Social Networks to Mobile Devices.
23-Aug-2006: Samsung's SGH-P200 UMA/ WLAN Handset.
23-Aug-2006: Lenova ThinkPad T60 offers built-in Cingular 3G connectivity.
22-Aug-2006: Sony Ericsson's 3G Z610.
21-Aug-2006: Bouygues brings HSDPA to France.
21-Aug-2006: The 411 on 411.
21-Aug-2006: EDGE to make up 14% of the total mobile phone market in 2006.
20-Aug-2006: Palm Treo 750 gets ready for launch.
18-Aug-2006: Survey of Smart Mobile Device Users in the U.S., Europe and Russia.
18-Aug-2006: Connexion by Boeing Service shutdown.
18-Aug-2006: Industry Leaders to Gather at 3GSM World Congress Asia 2006.
18-Aug-2006: JAVOBooster offers 60 minutes of mobile power.
17-Aug-2006: LGE Selects TI's OMAP-Vox Platform for new EDGE handsets.
17-Aug-2006: Motorola dialing up mainstream Linux phones.
17-Aug-2006: G-Tech Launches the Most Portable Fabric Keyboard for the Mobile Workforce.
16-Aug-2006: Palm GPS Navigator Smartphone Edition.
16-Aug-2006: LG Chocolate has style appeal.
16-Aug-2006: Huawei Announces a 3G Agreement With Leap Wireless.
16-Aug-2006: Virgin Mobile to offer ActiveMedia mobile ticketing scanner technology.
15-Aug-2006: Trolltech's Linux OS Mobile Greenphone.
14-Aug-2006: Mobile Internet population jumps to 34.6 million.
14-Aug-2006: New Logitech EasyCall Desktop for Skype users.
14-Aug-2006: Nokia Nseries Studio short film premieres.
14-Aug-2006: Disney scraps plans for UK mobile phone service.
12-Aug-2006: PluggedIn: Blackberry fever brings headaches to China.
12-Aug-2006: Linux-Based Development Platform in the works.
11-Aug-2006: Consolidation in U.S. Mobile TV Market Predicted.
11-Aug-2006: SunCom offers music downloads from Napster Mobile.
10-Aug-2006: Alltel Wireless launches XM Satellite Radio.
10-Aug-2006: Majority of U.S. MVNOs failing to make market impact.
10-Aug-2006: Print From Mobile Devices Using Bluetooth.
09-Aug-2006: Rogers Wireless offers the Sony Ericsson W810i.
09-Aug-2006: Cell Phones: Use New or Existing Brands?.
09-Aug-2006: Texas Hold'em poker goes mobile.
09-Aug-2006: Wirefly's top music phones countdown.
09-Aug-2006: Virgin Mobile launches Ghost Town made-for-mobiles short story.
09-Aug-2006: McDonald's launches mobile couponing.
08-Aug-2006: Sprint Nextel Announces 4G Wireless Broadband Initiative with Intel, Motorola and Samsung.
08-Aug-2006: Sony Ericsson announces the K618.
08-Aug-2006: Sony intros the "mylo".
08-Aug-2006: Nokia to buy digital media company Loudeye.
08-Aug-2006: Cingular Intros new 3G Panasonic Toughbook CF-29 Notebook.
08-Aug-2006: Moneymaking Realtones.
08-Aug-2006: Cingular expands Sonus-based VoIP network.
08-Aug-2006: ROK Enters U.S. Mobile TV service market.
07-Aug-2006: Ericsson first to complete WCDMA calls on all 3GPP-defined frequency bands.
07-Aug-2006: KDDI says Casio, Hitachi cell phones have glitches.
07-Aug-2006: M:Metrics: Captured by Cameraphones.
06-Aug-2006: Mobile Gaming Expo coming your way.
05-Aug-2006: Amp'd Mobile launches in Canada using Telus' EV-DO network.
05-Aug-2006: First mobile broadband EV-DO USB device.
04-Aug-2006: Verizon Wireless and Noval announce the WWAN V640 ExpressCard.
03-Aug-2006: Sprint 's EV-DO Revision A roll out ahead of schedule.
02-Aug-2006: Mobile Music Market set to Shift.
02-Aug-2006: SAMSUNG Launches Slim HSDPA Phone SGH-Z560.
02-Aug-2006: RIM intros two new BlackBerry handsets in Australia.
02-Aug-2006: Vodafone not selling stake to Verizon.
01-Aug-2006: LG's next Black Label phone to debut early 2007.
01-Aug-2006: Cingular imposes surcharge on older phones.
01-Aug-2006: Virgin Mobile USA "Stash" debit card earns free airtime.
01-Aug-2006: The Next Evolution of V CAST.
31-Jul-2006: LG's Chocolate phone makes American debut.
31-Jul-2006: Alltel Wireless Debuts Exclusive Fastap Technology on New LG AX490 Phone.
31-Jul-2006: Sprint users can now charge their mobiles on the go.
31-Jul-2006:'s ad-supported mobile news service set for November launch.
31-Jul-2006: CDG releases new data.
31-Jul-2006: Sierra Wireless intros 3G voice-enabled PCI Express Mini Card modules.
31-Jul-2006: Mobile WiMAX to Overtake Fixed WiMAX.
31-Jul-2006: Wind River's latest Linux release targets mobile handhelds.
28-Jul-2006: Companies jointly working on enhancements to IMS.
28-Jul-2006: Motorola, Shanda offer gaming-on-the-go in China.
27-Jul-2006: Companies form Adcore-Tech to promote communications platform for 3.5G and beyond.
27-Jul-2006: Plantronics launches the Pulsar 590E headset.
27-Jul-2006: Nokia's first public UMA pilot over WLAN announced.
27-Jul-2006: Japan Becomes The Next Target For The Ojo Video Phone.
27-Jul-2006: Motofone - Motorola's thinnest phone yet.
26-Jul-2006: Virgin Mobile USA debuts Kyocera Oystr handset.
26-Jul-2006: Rave Wireless to Launch Mobile Phones on Campuses Nationwide.
26-Jul-2006: Google Maps for Mobile.
26-Jul-2006: Leap's Cricket service launches the Kyocera KX9e.
26-Jul-2006: Freescale's i.MX27 chip moves mobile video apps towards true HD-quality.
25-Jul-2006: New HSDPA and EV-DO Motorola handsets include the MOTORAZRxx, MOTORAZRmaxx, and MOTOSLVR L7c.
25-Jul-2006: New MOTOKRZR and MOTORIZR handsets.
24-Jul-2006: ARINC eFlyBook offers e-paper for General Aviation.
24-Jul-2006: Freescale Teams with Wavesat on WiMAX Reference Platform.
24-Jul-2006: Nokia shipping the N73 and N93.
23-Jul-2006: Toshiba to mass produce microSD cards.
23-Jul-2006: Cingular may be losing its home and its identity.
22-Jul-2006: The 4th Screen Festival submission deadline extended to July 25th.
21-Jul-2006: picoChip and KT to develop WiBro/WiMAX access points.
21-Jul-2006: World's first WiMAX oil rig deployment.
20-Jul-2006: Motorola to pre-load Yahoo! Go for Mobile on handsets.
20-Jul-2006: IDC reports mobile phone shipments continue robust growth.
20-Jul-2006: What Women want in their mobile phone.
20-Jul-2006: Garmin's GPSMAP 496 introduced.
20-Jul-2006: Survey reports T-Mobile USA tops in customer service.
20-Jul-2006: World's first WiFi phones for Skype.
20-Jul-2006: BlackBerry Credit Card Payment Processing Solution.
19-Jul-2006: Nortel to supply Revision A upgrade to Verizon Wireless.
19-Jul-2006: QUALCOMM Brings Mobile Broadband Closer to Market with HSUPA.
19-Jul-2006: Infineon enters UWB market with first dual-band RF-CMOS transceiver core.
19-Jul-2006: Samsung produces 60-Nanometer 8-Gigabit NAND flash memory.
18-Jul-2006: Cingular offers the new LE CU500.
18-Jul-2006: Linux Poised to Expand Role as Mobile OS.
18-Jul-2006: 3G Americas Provides Technical Recommendations for Mass Market UMTS 3G Handsets for the Americas.
18-Jul-2006: T-Mobile streams Robbie Williams concerts live in select markets.
17-Jul-2006: New Memory Spot chip from HP.
17-Jul-2006: Taipei is world's first large-scale wireless city.
15-Jul-2006: NY's school cellphone ban prompts parent rebellion.
14-Jul-2006: Yahoo! 2006 reports traffic results.
14-Jul-2006: Micro Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell for FOMA Handsets announced.
14-Jul-2006: Mobile Phones to Make Sweet Music.
13-Jul-2006: Sprint and Sanyo Introduce Katana.
13-Jul-2006: Palm, Vodafone and Microsoft Collaborate on Next-Generation Treo Smartphone for Europe.
13-Jul-2006: TI Exec in India extends support for GSM and DVB-H.
13-Jul-2006: TI, Telecom Italia join Linux phone group.
13-Jul-2006: Symbian OS v9.3 now available.
12-Jul-2006: NTT DoCoMo to offer HTC Windows Mobile handset.
12-Jul-2006: Puzzle/Strategy games most popular among U.K. 3G subscribers.
12-Jul-2006: Mobile data gets poor marks from World Cup users.
11-Jul-2006: Nokia 3250 music phones goes "triple platinum".
11-Jul-2006: Alltel Enables Mobile Sales Professionals to Take Credit Card Payments.
11-Jul-2006: U.S. business has strong interest in 3G.
11-Jul-2006: Wavesat and TI Team to Launch 5.8 GHz WiMAX Mini-PCI Reference Design.
11-Jul-2006: "V CAST Performances" premiers with over 50 live concerts.
10-Jul-2006: Garmin Mobile Expands Content.
10-Jul-2006: M:Metrics releases new smartphone data.
10-Jul-2006: US and Japan to Lead Mobile TV Market.
07-Jul-2006: NTT DoCoMo going Super 3G.
07-Jul-2006: Alltel Offers Stylish IM-Ready Kyocera Strobe Handset.
07-Jul-2006: New York's Free Wi-Fi in the Parks.
07-Jul-2006: Sprint Nextel offers the new i580 from Motorola.
07-Jul-2006: WiMAX gets high dollar infusion from Intel.
06-Jul-2006: Verizon Wireless announces its first 3.2 megapixel camera phone - the Samsung SCH-a990.
06-Jul-2006: LG extends chocolate family of handsets.
06-Jul-2006: Citywide Wi-Fi planned for Paris.
06-Jul-2006: Proximus launches HSDPA in Belgium.
06-Jul-2006: Six New 3G FOMA "7 Series" Models from NTT DoCoMo.
05-Jul-2006: New Samsung SGH-i320 Smartphone.
05-Jul-2006: Wilcom chooses Opera Mobile over Windows Mobile for new device.
05-Jul-2006: NTL Completes Acquisition of Virgin Mobile.
03-Jul-2006: Siemens to build W-CDMA network for Tele2 in Lithuania.
03-Jul-2006: Women continue to dominate mobile phone gaming.
30-Jun-2006: Ericsson acknowledges GSM's 15th anniversary.
30-Jun-2006: Verizon Wireless to pro-rate early termination fees.
28-Jun-2006: Mobile ESPN debuts the Samsung ACE.
28-Jun-2006: Cingular planning video/chat.
28-Jun-2006: Nokia trials mobile TV in Sweden.
28-Jun-2006: Radio Disney streams to mobile phones on mSpot Radio.
28-Jun-2006: Verizon Wireless selects Lucent to supply 1xEV-DO Revision A technology.
28-Jun-2006: Tamagotchi virtual pet now available for mobile phones.
27-Jun-2006: Superman Returns - this time with his own mobile web site.
27-Jun-2006: World Cup SMS Competition Heating Up.
27-Jun-2006: Cellufun releases Multiplayer Mobile Chess.
27-Jun-2006: Wi-Fi/Cellular handsets expected to take market by storm.
27-Jun-2006: Boeing reevaluating Connexion's future.
26-Jun-2006: CDMA2000 entry-level phones leading the way in India.
26-Jun-2006: Hot New FUSIC Mobile Phone.
26-Jun-2006: SEVEN Signs HP to Push Email Across Europe.
26-Jun-2006: Study shows cell phone signals excite the brain.
26-Jun-2006: Nokia's 8800 wins prestigious design award.
24-Jun-2006: Qualcomm says Nokia pullout will not hurt CDMA.
24-Jun-2006: First-ever Music Series for Mobiles.
23-Jun-2006: Next Generation ROKR E2 Debuts in China.
23-Jun-2006: Nokia Flaship Store opens in Chicago.
22-Jun-2006: Novatel Introduces HSDPA ExpressCard/34.
22-Jun-2006: Motorola leads Bluetooth global headset market.
22-Jun-2006: BlackBerry makes Taiwan summer debut.
22-Jun-2006: Samsung promises WiMax/GSM phone.
22-Jun-2006: Nokia cancels Sanyo partnership.
21-Jun-2006: Samsung intros 'Ultra Edition' line-up of slim mobiles.
21-Jun-2006: T-Mobile to launch HSDPA August 1 in UK.
21-Jun-2006: Vodafone first to offer HSDPA in the UK.
21-Jun-2006: FCC imposes fee on Web Phone Providers.
20-Jun-2006: LG VX8300 now available from Verizon Wireless.
20-Jun-2006: Mobile Gaming Comes of Age.
20-Jun-2006: T-Mobile Sidekick 3 debuts.
20-Jun-2006: Motorola's brings on the color at CommunicAsia 2006.
19-Jun-2006: Sony Ericsson's new 3G K610im handset supports i-mode.
19-Jun-2006: Nokia, Siemens announce $31.5 billion phone equipment deal.
19-Jun-2006: Nokia announces five new handsets at Nokia Connection 2006.
16-Jun-2006: RIAA launches Master Ringtone Sales Award.
15-Jun-2006: HTC launches 3G HTC TyTN and HTC MTeoR.
15-Jun-2006: Mosquito Ringtone only kids and teens can hear.
15-Jun-2006: Mobile Film Contest Announced.
15-Jun-2006: Mobile industry unites to establish global Linux-based platform.
14-Jun-2006: Surveys find wireless consumers hungry for information.
13-Jun-2006: Cingular Offers Microsoft Direct Push Technology.
13-Jun-2006: Disney Mobile Available Now.
13-Jun-2006: Embarq announces suite of wireless services.
13-Jun-2006: 'Free' and 'fashion' - key words for summer mobile phone buyers.
13-Jun-2006: Hold the Phone -- T-Mobile Introduces kidConnect.
12-Jun-2006: Chaperone LBS service launches.
12-Jun-2006: 2006 European Mobile Multimedia Survey results announced.
12-Jun-2006: LGC Wireless Delivers Cell Coverage on Cruise Ships.
12-Jun-2006: Qualcomm Files Complaint Against Nokia with ITC.
12-Jun-2006: Nokia responds to Qualcomm.
12-Jun-2006: NFC pilot project announced in The Netherlands.
12-Jun-2006: German mobile networks trial live DVB-H mobile tv broadcasts.
11-Jun-2006: User View: Samsung's D407 PTT from Cingular.
11-Jun-2006: Product Review - Sprint's Power Vision MM-A920 by Samsung.
09-Jun-2006: Global 3G Subscribers to Pass 100 Million Mark in June.
09-Jun-2006: New technology offers parents greater control over mobile services for kids.
09-Jun-2006: IEEE begins work on P1902.1 standard.
08-Jun-2006: Motorola Continues MOTOwi4 Momentum.
08-Jun-2006: BlackBerry 7130c and Personal Plan from Cingular announced.
08-Jun-2006: NTT DoCoMo and RIM Agree to Sell BlackBerry in Japan.
08-Jun-2006: Nokia to buy Pantech mobile phones.
08-Jun-2006: eBay goes mobile with Opera Mini.
07-Jun-2006: Reneas' SH-Mobile incorporated into LG-U900 UMTS DVB-H handset.
07-Jun-2006: AirLink Launches Canada's First EVDO-Capable Modems operating on Telus' network.
06-Jun-2006: Diverse Groups Urge the FCC to Oppose the AT&T/BellSouth Merger.
06-Jun-2006: Applications for mobile and home network convergence.
06-Jun-2006: Umundo's new video distribution service for mobiles.
06-Jun-2006: Verizon Wireless launches the SCH-a930 from Samsung.
06-Jun-2006: Droplet's All-Software VGA Camcorder Phone Solution.
06-Jun-2006: Motorola RAZR V3m available.
02-Jun-2006: JetBlue wins air-to-ground wireless license.
01-Jun-2006: Browse, Select And Manage Tones Right From The Phone.
01-Jun-2006: BREW 2006 Developer Award winners announced.
01-Jun-2006: Sierra Wireless expands HSDPA AirCard lineup.
01-Jun-2006: Microsoft's 'Live Anywhere' vision gets support from BREW gaming platform.
01-Jun-2006: Motorola and Dolce & Gabbana Unveil Luxurious New Gold & Silver MOTORAZR V3i.
01-Jun-2006: Nokia N72 starts shipping.
01-Jun-2006: European carriers reduce roaming charges.
01-Jun-2006: QUALCOMM Announces BREW Signature Solution for Gaming.
01-Jun-2006: Dell pre-loads Skype on the XPS 2010.
01-Jun-2006: Amp'd Mobile's 3G pre-paid option.
31-May-2006: Obopay Developing BREW(R) Extension to Enable Payment Options in Mobile Applications.
31-May-2006: Sprint offers the BlackBerry 7130e.
31-May-2006: Cingular offers GoPhone world's smallest camera flip phone.
30-May-2006: Philips Enables Haier to Capture Ultra Low-Cost Handset Market in China.
30-May-2006: BlackBerry goes UMTS with the 8707v.
29-May-2006: World's First Handset-Based HSDPA Network Launches.
27-May-2006: Earthlink to build Wi-Fi network in New Orleans.
26-May-2006: Qualcomm Introduces World's First Universal Mobile TV Chip.
26-May-2006: Verizon Wireless meets 95% GPS location-based handset goal.
25-May-2006: Users Worldwide Pick GSM Ten to One.
24-May-2006: 'Dot-mobi' hits the Web.
24-May-2006: Original short films premier on V CAST.
24-May-2006: Strategy Analytics says Nokia 9300 best new converged device in USA.
24-May-2006: Web Browser for S60' Engine Code released to Open Source Community.
24-May-2006: FCC won't probe NSA-phone link.
23-May-2006: One Hundred Million Mobile VOIP Users in 2011.
23-May-2006: Susteen's "DataPilot" bypasses carrier fees.
23-May-2006: Wavesat Previews WiMAX Nomadic Chipset.
22-May-2006: Making the Web fit for mobile.
22-May-2006: Moto Q launch date announced.
22-May-2006: GoodLink push email available on the Moto Q.
22-May-2006: AT&T Expands Wi-Fi Footprint in Europe.
22-May-2006: Motorola unveils second 802.16e WiMAX Solution.
19-May-2006: World's Smallest 8-Megapixel Image Sensor.
19-May-2006: Cellular Music Services Overpriced says Strategy Analytics.
19-May-2006: Bluetooth for Women, Size and Color Matters.
19-May-2006: Nokia's E50 debuts.
19-May-2006: World's first Wibro Card launches in Korea.
18-May-2006: Verizon Wireless to offer the Motorola Q.
18-May-2006: New Slider W850 Walkman is UMTS enabled.
18-May-2006: W710 Walkman(r) phone from Sony Ericsson.
18-May-2006: Z550 clamshell from Sony Ericsson.
18-May-2006: Vodafone K.K. announces new handsets and new name.
18-May-2006: Sony Ericsson introduces the Z710.
17-May-2006: Boingo Embedded Wi-Fi Toolkit.
17-May-2006: Handset Market Grows 22% in 2006.
17-May-2006: D-LInk's 3G Mobile Router.
17-May-2006: CSR demos seamless Bluetooth/WiFI.
16-May-2006: Sony delivers the VAIO UX Micro PC.
16-May-2006: The Nokia 770 Internet Tablet adds Google Talk.
16-May-2006: Sprint first to offer Treo 700p.
16-May-2006: Steady growth forecast for WiMAX.
16-May-2006: Air-ground auction resumes Tuesday.
16-May-2006: Motorola pushes for open source Java.
15-May-2006: Palm Reveals Treo 700p Smartphone.
15-May-2006: Phonified Mail app availble for Symbian OS devices.
14-May-2006: TELUS introduces rugged, Bluetooth-enabled Mike phone.
13-May-2006: Verizon Sued for Giving NSA Phone Records.
12-May-2006: RIM to launch BlackBerry service in China.
12-May-2006: 3G Americas Updates Java Technical Recommendations for Handsets.
12-May-2006: ''Quadruple Play'' Services in a New Residential Development.
12-May-2006: Treo 700p Palm OS EV-DO version waiting in the wings.
11-May-2006: New FOMA series includes Japan's first HSDPA handset.
11-May-2006: Windows on 3G FOMA handsets.
11-May-2006: GSA survey shows GSM/3G devices launching at record levels.
11-May-2006: Opera on Nintendo's new Wii console.
10-May-2006: Nokia 5500 Sport Smartphone.
10-May-2006: Mobile Game Market growing rapidly.
10-May-2006: Qualcomm and BSkyB to trial MediaFLO in UK.
10-May-2006: 'Hide and Seek Live' For Mobile Phones.
10-May-2006: HSDPA Air-card enabled HP Compaq 6400 Noteooks.
10-May-2006: Nokia's next generation of mobile games.
09-May-2006: Mobile Payments on the Rise.
09-May-2006: Alltel extends roaming agreements.
09-May-2006: CDMA2000 1xEV-DO continues growth.
09-May-2006: Hop-on introduces the HOP1884.
08-May-2006: Vodafone reduces cost of European roaming.
08-May-2006: Euopeans eager to upgrade mobile phones.
08-May-2006: 3D Mobile Solution Now Available.
08-May-2006: NewspaperDirect Brings PressReader to Ultra-Mobile PCs.
07-May-2006: Samsung's slim-slider D520 handset.
06-May-2006: Alltel to Offer Motorola E815.
05-May-2006: Intel unveils the Eduwise PC.
05-May-2006: EA unleashes new game titles at E3.
04-May-2006: Windows Mobile OS to be ported to Qualcomm MSM chipsets.
04-May-2006: Companies join forces to ensure security in NFC applications.
03-May-2006: Q1 from Samsung Launches.
03-May-2006: Opera Mini 2.0 for your mobile phone.
03-May-2006: T-Mobile announce the ultra-thin Samsung t509.
03-May-2006: ABI warns caution buying 802.11n products.
02-May-2006: HELIO Launches Nationwide.
02-May-2006: ROK to market 2.5G mobile TV in China.
02-May-2006: GeoVector Announces New Patent for Innovative Local Search.
01-May-2006: New Test System to Help Speed WiMAX Rollouts.
01-May-2006: mSpot and CBS Radio stream sports to mobiles.
01-May-2006: New PORON fabric lightens handhelds.
30-Apr-2006: Rhode Island going WiFi statewide.
30-Apr-2006: PERM WiFi share application developed.
29-Apr-2006: LG-U900 launches the first commercial UMTS DVB-H handset.
29-Apr-2006: Linux Jumps into Mobiles.
28-Apr-2006: Beta Pirates of the Caribbean Multiplayer Mobile Game launches.
28-Apr-2006: iMagic Mobile mass multiplayer gaming launches.
28-Apr-2006: Skype Achieves 100 Million Users.
27-Apr-2006: EV-DO launches coast to coast in Canada.
27-Apr-2006: Completion of sale of Vodafone Japan.
26-Apr-2006: Motorola announces Developer Contest.
26-Apr-2006: Sprint's new Text to Landline messaging service.
25-Apr-2006: Kodak V610 Digital Camera is Bluetooth Enabled.
25-Apr-2006: Next generation video recording - the N93 from Nokia.
25-Apr-2006: New Nokia 73 features enhanced photo capabilities.
25-Apr-2006: Nokia unveils the N72.
25-Apr-2006: Linksys announces Wireless-N products.
25-Apr-2006: Motorola Launches StudioMOTO.
25-Apr-2006: Sprint PCS Vision Phone A580 by Samsung.
25-Apr-2006: Las Vegas blanketed with FLO technology during NAB2006.
24-Apr-2006: Hiwire to test 700MHZ spectrum mobile DVB-H TV in Las Vegas.
24-Apr-2006: GSA offers HSDPA global networks update.
24-Apr-2006: Roamware launches voice SMS service.
24-Apr-2006: Crossbow - Microsoft's next mobile OS.
22-Apr-2006: New multimedia phones from Nokia.
21-Apr-2006: Nokia and MIT collaborate in research center.
21-Apr-2006: LG-U890 Stereo Music Phone Debuts.
21-Apr-2006: CPS announces MS-based E-GPS technology.
21-Apr-2006: Korea's KTF set to leap frog SK Telecom with HSDPA network launch.
20-Apr-2006: Global Mobile Phone Shipments to Reach 1 Billion Units in 2006.
20-Apr-2006: Group announces 3G research competition.
20-Apr-2006: Three new premium channels arrive on Sprint TV.
19-Apr-2006: Fujitsu-Siemens launches Q 2010 with built-in WI-FI and UMTS connectivity.
19-Apr-2006: T-Mobile USA intros RIM's new BlackBerry 8700g.
19-Apr-2006: First 2GByte Memory Card for Mobile Phones.
19-Apr-2006: Guardian Angel mobile tracking application launches.
18-Apr-2006: Nokia's "L'Amour Collection".
18-Apr-2006: Mobile phone to play role in new entertainment venture.
18-Apr-2006: Kentucky Derby gets increased cell coverage.
18-Apr-2006: Digi Launches Industry's First Upgradeable, Commercial-Grade 3G Wireless Router.
17-Apr-2006: Chonook Wireless switches to GSM.
16-Apr-2006: Motorola has its eye on Siemens telecom.
15-Apr-2006: Sale Of Wireless Phone Records Outlawed.
15-Apr-2006: RIM to launch BlackBerry in China by midyear.
15-Apr-2006: Public Wi-Fi Adoption Increased 40 Percent in the Past Year.
14-Apr-2006: Sprint Family Locator.
13-Apr-2006: Helio and Yahoo! Partner to Offer Mobile Internet Access.
13-Apr-2006: Samsung Develops 3D Memory Package.
13-Apr-2006: CyberLink demos DVB-H mobile TV solution.
13-Apr-2006: Samsung Fresh Films empower mobile film making by teens.
13-Apr-2006: Citywide WiFi comes to Portland.
12-Apr-2006: Ericsson launches smallest HSDPA/EDGE mobile platforms.
12-Apr-2006: SingTel first to offer BlackBerry Connect for Palm Treo 650.
11-Apr-2006: Virgin Mobile offers Kyocera Switch_Back Handset.
11-Apr-2006: Court TV Live arrives on mobiles.
11-Apr-2006: Novatel Wireless Delivers Samples of World's First EV-DO and HSDPA ExpressCards.
10-Apr-2006: Nokia and Linksys to Drive Mobile Technologies.
10-Apr-2006: In-Stat finds consumers lack enthusiasim about multimedia handsets.
10-Apr-2006: Comlent announces successful TD-SCDMA network call.
09-Apr-2006: US mobile firms see data services driving revenue.
09-Apr-2006: eMbience delivers eMp2 platform to Kyocera prototype handsets.
08-Apr-2006: Qualcomm expects EV-DO Rev. B in 2007.
08-Apr-2006: First Commercial North American WiMAX Deployment set for early 2007.
08-Apr-2006: Route 66 for Mobiles Launches in U.S..
08-Apr-2006: Fashion In Motion Scholarship Award Winner at CTIA.
07-Apr-2006: CTIA's Emerging Technology Award Winners.
07-Apr-2006: McDonald's Goes Mobile.
06-Apr-2006: Cingular Mobile Music hooks up with
06-Apr-2006: Motorola converges DVR's and mobiles.
06-Apr-2006: Fandango's Mobile Movie Ticketing Service.
06-Apr-2006: PayPal Launches Mobile Payments.
06-Apr-2006: Advertising-supported content model goes wireless with
06-Apr-2006: NFC Study shows consumers like contactless payment technology.
06-Apr-2006: Verizon Wireless to deliver flash-based content.
06-Apr-2006: Verizon/LG Style-i Remote Unit.
06-Apr-2006: Samsung showcases T509 Slim Bar Phone.
05-Apr-2006: Nokia's trio of CDMA phones.
05-Apr-2006: Thin is in - the new Nokia 6126.
05-Apr-2006: Kyocera intros new handset line-up at CTIA.
05-Apr-2006: D-Link launches 802.11n products.
05-Apr-2006: World's First Free Push-Email Service for Any Device.
05-Apr-2006: Disney set to announce MVNO.
05-Apr-2006: Motorola announces new handsets.
05-Apr-2006: CTIA announces Wearable Wireless Gear fashion.
05-Apr-2006: New cell booster from Digital Antenna.
05-Apr-2006: Prototype CDMA/Wi-Fi handset from Kyocera at CTIA.
05-Apr-2006: Philips next generation TV-on-mobile chip arrives in U.S..
05-Apr-2006: New Energy Efficient Chip Design.
04-Apr-2006: Sprint brings mobile ticketing to Las Vegas Monorail.
04-Apr-2006: Motorola Expands CDMA Portfolio with RAZR V3m and W315 Handsets.
04-Apr-2006: MobiTV goes with Windows Mobile.
04-Apr-2006: WiMAX launches in key areas across Canada.
04-Apr-2006: Video Eyewear brings big screen experience to mobiles.
04-Apr-2006: New W700 Walkman phone.
04-Apr-2006: Sony Ericsson announces the Z525.
04-Apr-2006: Commercial free Axcess Radio service new from Alltel.
03-Apr-2006: Nokia showcases the 6136 UMA Phone at CTIA.
03-Apr-2006: Motorola's first Spint PCS Vision phone, the C290.
03-Apr-2006: Nortel's new EV-DO Rev A Products.
03-Apr-2006: MapQuest announces new mobile offerings.
03-Apr-2006: TI's triple play WiLink 5.0 Platform.
03-Apr-2006: T-Mobile expands European WLAN Connectivity.
03-Apr-2006: Frucall launches beta mobile price-comparison service.
03-Apr-2006: Alcatel and Lucent Merger Official.
02-Apr-2006: Next-gen Mobile Navigation Technology.
02-Apr-2006: Japan launches free mobile digital TV service.
01-Apr-2006: 2G users get a taste of 3G with Versera Active Messaging.
01-Apr-2006: Study: Long-term mobile phone use raises brain tumor risk.
01-Apr-2006: It's confirmed: Palm is building their own OS.
01-Apr-2006: Google employees' wireless patents published.
31-Mar-2006: Industry's Fastest HSDPA Data Call.
31-Mar-2006: 81% of Mobile Wireless Customers Use GSM.
31-Mar-2006: Sprint expands Power Vision network.
30-Mar-2006: Nokia's newest range of iconic affordable phones.
30-Mar-2006: Multimedia Mobiles Taking Larger Market Share in Asia.
30-Mar-2006: Cingular Built Into New Dell Latitude Notebooks.
30-Mar-2006: Metalink streams HDTV using WLAN.
29-Mar-2006: Top Selling Phones in Europe Q106.
29-Mar-2006: Convergence leads to reduced telecom spending.
29-Mar-2006: Blueooth SIG selects WiMedia Alliance UWB.
29-Mar-2006: New Motorola E1070 handset.
28-Mar-2006: BlueSonic Bluetooth Portable Speakers.
28-Mar-2006: NTTDoCoMo to test WiMAX.
28-Mar-2006: Telecoms industry bridles at EU roaming decision.
27-Mar-2006: NPR Podcasts available on mobiles.
27-Mar-2006: Toughbooks PCs achieve Alltel EV-DO network certificiation.
27-Mar-2006: First 'Single Price' Mobile Music Download Services.
27-Mar-2006: Palm celebrates Pilot's 10th anniversary.
25-Mar-2006: Google seeks patent for ad-subsidized WiFi access.
25-Mar-2006: Wi-Fi Fight Brews in Big Easy.
25-Mar-2006: NGC approves gaming on mobiles.
25-Mar-2006: Industry's First EV-DO Revision A Mobile Calls.
25-Mar-2006: Alltel Adds Kyocera KX12 to Walkie-Talkie Phone Line-Up.
24-Mar-2006: PayPal goes mobile.
24-Mar-2006: 2006//CODE:MOTO gaming competition winners announced.
24-Mar-2006: Alcatel and Lucent talking merger.
23-Mar-2006: New phones from Vodafone K.K..
23-Mar-2006: Wi-Fi Needs User-Friendly Security.
22-Mar-2006: Qualcomm and TechFaith launch new company.
22-Mar-2006: Video Gamers Battle in the Sky.
21-Mar-2006: LG debuts chocolate phone in Europe.
21-Mar-2006: KDDI trials Mobile WiMAX.
21-Mar-2006: Samsung's 4GB moviNAND for Mobile Applications.
21-Mar-2006: Sierra Wireless' new EV-DO Revision A product line.
21-Mar-2006: Intros Prepaid Phone Service.
20-Mar-2006: MSN Messenger and Hotmail now available to 3 Group users.
20-Mar-2006: Companies bring WiMAX Mini-PCI Module to market.
20-Mar-2006: Dobson now offering the BlackBerry 8700g.
19-Mar-2006: A tip from MTN: Unlocking your GSM-enabled phone.
19-Mar-2006: Siemens' SURPASS Smart Home addition.
19-Mar-2006: Clearwire's WiMAX network plans.
18-Mar-2006: Metro WiFi networks continue worldwide expansion.
18-Mar-2006: Bluetooth headsets may prevent neck strain.
17-Mar-2006: Vodafone Japan sold to Softbank.
17-Mar-2006: Baidu and Nokia Spearhead Chinese Language Mobile Search.
17-Mar-2006: Blair to chat with public via IM.
17-Mar-2006: Discovery and Nokia collaborate.
16-Mar-2006: PEBL now in color.
16-Mar-2006: Wireless Call Quality Problems Decline for Second Straight Year.
16-Mar-2006: Motorola Steps Up Investment in China in 2006.
16-Mar-2006: 10 million Vodafone live! With 3G customers.
16-Mar-2006: Vodafone K.K. unveils Vodafone 905SH.
15-Mar-2006: Logitech Headset offered by Verizon Wireless.
15-Mar-2006: Eurotech's Wrist-Worn PC.
14-Mar-2006: 3 and Skype in co-marketing agreement.
14-Mar-2006: Orange France Launches HSDPA Trials Based on Nortel Technology.
14-Mar-2006: European Commission backs easier wireless development platform.
14-Mar-2006: Cell Phone Etiquette Guidelines.
14-Mar-2006: TELUS Mobile Music launches with the LG 8100.
13-Mar-2006: DT announces T-One Dual-Mode Telephony.
13-Mar-2006: Industry's first HSDPA Wireless Broadband Router.
13-Mar-2006: eMobile selects Ericsson as prime HSDPA vendor.
12-Mar-2006: Verizon seeking Vodafone stake.
11-Mar-2006: Mobile operators halt sale of Razr phones.
11-Mar-2006: INpulse Service available at Wal-Mart.
11-Mar-2006: Samsung' s CeBIT handset lineup.
10-Mar-2006: BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.1 now available.
10-Mar-2006: UK HSDPA trial to begin early April.
09-Mar-2006: ImCoSys Linux-Smartphone debuts with Skinplex NFC.
09-Mar-2006: Vodafone K.K. releases Vodafone 904T 3G flagship model.
09-Mar-2006: New UMTS Samsung zx10.
09-Mar-2006: BenQ-Siemens P51 Announced.
09-Mar-2006: New Bluetooth-enabled Garmin nuvi.
09-Mar-2006: Garmin announces new GPS StreetPilot c500 series.
08-Mar-2006: Unlimited mobile calls to and from a home or business.
08-Mar-2006: TiVo Mobile to debut on Verizon Wireless.
08-Mar-2006: Cingular Video Now Available.
08-Mar-2006: Intel Discloses Technologies including a mobile WiMAX PCMCIA card.
08-Mar-2006: Nokia Wireless Audio Gateway AD-42W.
07-Mar-2006: HSDPA to launch throughout T-Mobile's UMTS network.
07-Mar-2006: T-Mobile USA offers free weekend WiFi.
07-Mar-2006: NTTDoCoMo iD brand card business gains momentum.
07-Mar-2006: KDDI Mobile WiMAX Trial Proves Successful.
07-Mar-2006: Samsung's SGH-i310 8GB Smartphone.
06-Mar-2006: AT&T, BellSouth to Merge.
06-Mar-2006: Fandango Movie Ticketing Service Launches With Sprint.
06-Mar-2006: Elan Enables Sierra Wireless AirCards via USB.
06-Mar-2006: Mobile TV in China Ready to Take Off.
06-Mar-2006: Softbank may not retain Vodofone K.K. customers.
05-Mar-2006: RIM announces final settlement with NTP.
03-Mar-2006: Vodafone K.K. up for sale.
03-Mar-2006: Gartner Releases New Worldwide Mobile Phone Stats.
03-Mar-2006: China's First TD-SCDMA Video Phone.
03-Mar-2006: TI's New FlatLink3G Family.
02-Mar-2006: Trimble's new Copernicus GPS receiver.
01-Mar-2006: SunCom launches Mobile-to-Anyone feature.
01-Mar-2006: New K800 and K790 Cyber-shot phones.
28-Feb-2006: AXIA A308 PDA Phone Unveiled.
28-Feb-2006: Three new "sharp shot" phones from Sony Ericsson.
28-Feb-2006: HSDPA Device Launches Doubled in 6 months.
28-Feb-2006: Vodafone K.K. launches new services and the 904SH handset.
28-Feb-2006: New Mobile TV programming announced.
28-Feb-2006: Mobizzo launches.
27-Feb-2006: SanDisk's 2GB Ultra II SD Plus card debuts.
27-Feb-2006: Sony's new "Share Everywhere" program.
24-Feb-2006: California may outlaw toxins in cell phones.
24-Feb-2006: Dual-mode phone from ImCoSys runs Linux.
24-Feb-2006: Telenor shares Olympic Record.
23-Feb-2006: Novatel updates EVDO and HSDPA embedded modules.
23-Feb-2006: NAND Flash and LPTSDRAM in one package.
23-Feb-2006: NTTDoCoMo achieves 4G milestone.
23-Feb-2006: S.F. releases six WiFi proposals.
22-Feb-2006: Challenging times for TD-SCDMA in China.
22-Feb-2006: The offroader of Bluetooth headsets.
22-Feb-2006: Panasonic Begins Delivery of FOMA P901iTV Handset.
22-Feb-2006: The City of London goes WiFi.
22-Feb-2006: Vodafone partners with Mobiltel.
22-Feb-2006: Astounding Growth for Bluetooth.
22-Feb-2006: Movies 'ROK' full-screen on Microsoft handsets.
21-Feb-2006: Stik&Stor Cell Phone Memory Upgrades.
21-Feb-2006: AT&T Yahoo! Go Mobile Launches.
21-Feb-2006: Companies shifting to mobile marketing.
20-Feb-2006: AT&T 's Expansion Plans.
20-Feb-2006: Cutting Edge Pay Phones.
20-Feb-2006: Open mobileGT Development Platform for PowerPC.
20-Feb-2006: Samsung's HSDPA SGH-Z560 Handset.
20-Feb-2006: New EF51 music device plus phone from BenQ.
20-Feb-2006: The BenQ-Siemens EF91.
20-Feb-2006: New slim UMTS S81 from BenQ.
18-Feb-2006: Chicago looks to launch city-wide WiFi.
18-Feb-2006: NTTDoCoMo and RealNetworks to develop enhanced V-Live video streaming.
17-Feb-2006: MySpace joins Helio MVNO.
16-Feb-2006: Nokia's first FOMA terminal ships to Japan.
15-Feb-2006: GSMA Announces Video Share Interoperability Trials.
15-Feb-2006: Opera browser ready for Japan's Nintendo DS users.
15-Feb-2006: One gigabye SIM cards on the way.
14-Feb-2006: ACCESS and PalmSource Announce the ACCESS Linux Platform.
14-Feb-2006: Nortel Drives Beyond 3G with HSOPA in 3GPP Standard.
14-Feb-2006: Drop-in CameraChip Solution from OmniVision.
14-Feb-2006: Sanyo and Nokia to form new CDMA mobile phone business.
14-Feb-2006: GSMA and Intel drive 3G connectivity in laptops.
14-Feb-2006: Vodafone to offer Google mobile search services.
14-Feb-2006: W950 ultra-stylish UMTS Walkman Phone.
14-Feb-2006: Future Motorola handsets to support Windows Media Player.
14-Feb-2006: Motorola intros value-priced handsets.
14-Feb-2006: Philips intros newest TV-on-mobile solution.
14-Feb-2006: First multi-national IM interoperability agreement announced.
14-Feb-2006: Alcatal claims WiMAX lead.
14-Feb-2006: T-Mobile USA Introduces Two New Smartphones.
14-Feb-2006: Seagate's 12GB 1-inch hard drive.
14-Feb-2006: New HP iPAQ hw6900 Mobile Messenger.
14-Feb-2006: NVIDIA unleashes the GoForce 5500.
14-Feb-2006: World's First Plug-In Cellular Phone Module.
13-Feb-2006: Nokia Unveils New Devices, New Solutions, and New Deals at 3GSM.
13-Feb-2006: Cingular's 3G Global Mobile Plan.
13-Feb-2006: Leading telecoms join up to develop W-CDMA handset platform.
13-Feb-2006: Sony Ericsson's new K610 UMTS Handset.
13-Feb-2006: Vodafone launches Windows Mobile Direct Push email solution.
13-Feb-2006: Sony Ericsson J10 entry-level handset.
13-Feb-2006: Openwave Announces Support for Mobile TV.
12-Feb-2006: E28 and BridgePort demo FMC using IMS at 3GSM.
12-Feb-2006: Companies to demo NFC at 3GSM.
11-Feb-2006: Asia Pacific to hold 44% of WiMAX market by 2009.
11-Feb-2006: New Orchid Pink RAZR Vc from Verizon Wireless.
10-Feb-2006: Mobilcast offers Torino podcasts for mobiles.
10-Feb-2006: Kodak brings the latest in mobile phone imaging to 3GSM.
10-Feb-2006: Nokia introduces the GSP Module LD-3W.
10-Feb-2006: Siemens brings its vision of the wireless future to 3GSM.
10-Feb-2006: Cingular 8100 Series Pocket PCs.
09-Feb-2006: 50 Million UMTS Customers Worldwide.
09-Feb-2006: RIM Announces BlackBerry Workaround.
09-Feb-2006: Philips UMA-enabled phones.
09-Feb-2006: Forum Nokia and Adobe support Flash for mobile developers.
09-Feb-2006: FSS Introduces HipMedia.
08-Feb-2006: Nortel Improves GSM/UMTS Coverage.
08-Feb-2006: Motorola to bring M-Wallet service to U.S..
08-Feb-2006: First commercial compressed speech call over an all-IP network announced.
08-Feb-2006: New Architecture to Significantly Shrink GPS for Mobile Phones.
08-Feb-2006: New Reference Phone Designed to Fuel Explosive 3G Growth.
08-Feb-2006: NEC moves UWB closer to mainstream use.
08-Feb-2006: Windows & Linux to Displace Symbian.
07-Feb-2006: Year of the 3G Phone.
07-Feb-2006: IBM chipset reduces 'download divide'.
07-Feb-2006: Flander accelerates development of mobile Linux smartphones.
07-Feb-2006: Industry's first simultaneous HSUPA and HSDPA calls.
07-Feb-2006: NEC to showcase new high-end mobiles at 3GSM.
07-Feb-2006: European 3G Users Embracing New Multimedia Mobile Culture.
07-Feb-2006: Hantro to demo latest in video technologies at 3GSM.
07-Feb-2006: RabbPoint tackles high roaming charges.
07-Feb-2006: Nokia to supply WCDMA network to TIM.
06-Feb-2006: RIM's BlackBerry Connect extended to New Sony Ericsson P990 and M600.
06-Feb-2006: In-Stat survey says....
06-Feb-2006: Linux-based Motorola cell phones frustrate third-party developers.
06-Feb-2006: CDG promoting WorldMode.
06-Feb-2006: Compal to manufacture new Fujitsu-Siemens phones.
06-Feb-2006: Sony Ericsson's new M600 UMTS messaging phone.
06-Feb-2006: Samsung to export TDMB phones to Germany.
05-Feb-2006: FON WiFi startup gets big backers.
04-Feb-2006: Mobile ESPN now available.
03-Feb-2006: Motorola sets sights on Japan.
03-Feb-2006: Nokia pushes dual-mode phones.
02-Feb-2006: Metro-scale mesh networks to cover select European city centers.
01-Feb-2006: North America's First Mobile Podcast Service.
01-Feb-2006: Philips Nexperia Cellular System Solution.
01-Feb-2006: NTTDoCoMo develops Prototype HSDPA Handsets.
01-Feb-2006: SmartphoneWoize Launches.
01-Feb-2006: Motorola SLVR L7 Debuts at Cingular Wireless.
31-Jan-2006: Nokia to Release Python for S60 Source Code.
31-Jan-2006: RIM and T-Mobile Germany Introduce BlackBerry 8700g.
31-Jan-2006: Freescale bringing its 3G technology to 3GSM.
31-Jan-2006: 3.6Mbps Data Call on Tri-Band HSDPA PC Card Modem Completed.
31-Jan-2006: Motorola V325 now available through Verizon Wireless.
31-Jan-2006: Verizon Wireless Introduces VZ Navigator,.
31-Jan-2006: Surveys shows majority of users willing to go MVNO.
31-Jan-2006: CDMA2000 Expands to New Markets in 2005.
31-Jan-2006: Alltel Introduces New Prepaid Wireless Service.
30-Jan-2006: Companies to deliver Next Generation Wi-Fi Infrastructure Equipment.
30-Jan-2006: Sprint ready for Super Bowl XL.
30-Jan-2006: Cricket Enters the Paso Del Norte Region.
29-Jan-2006: Novatel to provide 3G modems to Dell.
29-Jan-2006: Golf bag equipped with solar-powered charger for mobiles.
29-Jan-2006: Alvarion's WiMAX System to be deployed in Africa.
28-Jan-2006: Showdown: Sprint Power Vision vs. Verizon Wireless V Cast.
27-Jan-2006: Streaming music wirelessly to home stereo from computer.
27-Jan-2006: Current handset trends: Japan vs. Korea.
27-Jan-2006: Silicon Valley considering wireless Internet canopy.
27-Jan-2006: Survey highlights "essentials" to minimizing churn rate.
26-Jan-2006: Porn on the go.
26-Jan-2006: Samsung Develops 1.72'' Super-reflective LCD Screen.
26-Jan-2006: UTStarcom Targets EMEA Market With Debut at 3GSM World Congress.
26-Jan-2006: Nokia says 3G phone market to at least double in 06.
26-Jan-2006: Qualcomm and SIM sign WCDMA license agreement.
26-Jan-2006: Wiremedia Bluetooth Advertising Site to Launch.
26-Jan-2006: Verizon Wireless Prepares for Super Bowl XL.
26-Jan-2006: Motorola AXPT HIgh Speed Access Point.
26-Jan-2006: Verizon Wireless CDM8945 Music Phone.
25-Jan-2006: 3 launches 'WePay' Service.
24-Jan-2006: Worldwide Release of Opera Mini.
24-Jan-2006: Sprint Launches New Mobile Chat Services.
24-Jan-2006: Cingular's Q405 Results.
24-Jan-2006: Industry's First W-CDMA 900 MHz Calls Completed.
24-Jan-2006: How to Build WIMAX Networks.
24-Jan-2006: WiMAX Getting Real, but ABI Research Asks, What About 802.20?.
24-Jan-2006: Smartphone Market Growing.
24-Jan-2006: Verizon sets industry growth record.
24-Jan-2006: RIM Provides Update on NTP Litigation.
24-Jan-2006: RemoMail brings email to everyday mobile phones.
24-Jan-2006: Mobile Ticketing and Retail to Generate $63bn by 2010.
24-Jan-2006: DiBcom Announces First Significant DVB-H Chip Order.
24-Jan-2006: Dilbert to Become Mobile Game Star.
24-Jan-2006: CDMA2000 Industry Delivers Devices.
23-Jan-2006: NTT DoCoMo to Sell 3G FOMA Windows OS Handsets Made by HTC.
23-Jan-2006: Mobile DTV Alliance Announced.
23-Jan-2006: Mobilkom Austria Rolls Out HSDPA Network With Option Data Cards.
23-Jan-2006: Verizon Business Officially Opens for Business.
23-Jan-2006: Pan-European mobile music agreement.
21-Jan-2006: UWB Standardization Collapses.
21-Jan-2006: China chooses TD-SCDMA as national 3G standard.
21-Jan-2006: Dual-mode GSM/TD-SCDMA Chipset Announced.
20-Jan-2006: LDMOS transistors meet WiMAX challenge.
20-Jan-2006: IEEE Confirms 802.11n Wi-Fi Draft Specification.
20-Jan-2006: Study: No raised cancer risk from cell phones.
19-Jan-2006: UWB Forum and WiMedia Alliance Committed to Commercializing UWB.
19-Jan-2006: Cingular 2125 Smartphone Debuts.
19-Jan-2006: Handset Trends 2006.
18-Jan-2006: Results from 2005 Sprint U.S. Consumer Wireless Usage Study.
18-Jan-2006: Opera Mobile Web Browser Now Available in Beta for Windows Mobile Pocket PC.
18-Jan-2006: BenQ-Siemens: New global mobile handset brand unveiled.
18-Jan-2006: Telefonica Moviles and RIM Intro BlackBerry 8700g in Spain.
18-Jan-2006: Vodafone K.K. Announces Spring Line-up.
18-Jan-2006: Leap's Cricket Launches the Kyocera Xcursion KX160.
17-Jan-2006: O2 Study Shows Strong Demand for Mobile TV.
17-Jan-2006: U.S. court backs Sprint on new wireless towers.
17-Jan-2006: Mood-sensing Cell Phone Concept.
17-Jan-2006: NTT DoCoMo Unveils 3G FOMA 702i Series.
16-Jan-2006: New compact Nokia 6125.
16-Jan-2006: Motorola's MOTOwi4 Canopy Wireless Broadband Platform.
16-Jan-2006: Longer Talk-Times for Advanced Mobile Phones.
16-Jan-2006: LBS Offer High Revenue Potential.
15-Jan-2006: Cingular Wireless Fights Back Against Cell Phone Record Websites,.
14-Jan-2006: GlobalEmail from Verizon Wireless.
13-Jan-2006: Googleize your mobile homepage.
13-Jan-2006: FCC sets airwaves sale for Net on planes.
13-Jan-2006: Fujitsu-Siemens set to offer the Pocket Loox T830 and T810.
13-Jan-2006: Apple files 'Mobile Me' as US trademark.
13-Jan-2006: NEXAGE Launches Mobile TV Solution PhoneCast.
12-Jan-2006: Boeing to build next-generation telecom satellites for MSV.
12-Jan-2006: CBS to Make "mobisoap".
12-Jan-2006: BlackBerry Users to Gain Mobile Access to Google Talk and Google Local.
12-Jan-2006: Nokia to supply Push to Talk to Fujian MCC in China.
11-Jan-2006: Verizon Wireless defends music service's lack of MP3 support.
10-Jan-2006: Nokia and Kyocera resolve patent dispute.
10-Jan-2006: World Series of Poker goes Mobile.
10-Jan-2006: Virgin Mobile USA and MTV Networks Renew Partnership.
10-Jan-2006: Zingy Delivers Advanced LBS to Sprint Customers.
10-Jan-2006: Wavesat and SK Telecom Sign Agreement to Develop WiBro/OFDMA Solutions.
10-Jan-2006: Bluetooth SIG Announces Best of CES Contest Winners.
09-Jan-2006: "Vodafone Radio DJ" introduced.
09-Jan-2006: Korea's SKT considering 3.5G network upgrade.
07-Jan-2006: Yahoo! Go TV launches.
07-Jan-2006: LG Handsets at CES 2006.
07-Jan-2006: Amp'd Mobile to offer Motorola's E816 Hollywood handset.
07-Jan-2006: SanDisk offers Larger Capacity miniSD and microSD Cards.
07-Jan-2006: New Remote Control Toy Car Operated By Mobile Phones.
06-Jan-2006: Samsung SCH-a950 V CAST Music phone.
06-Jan-2006: Google Search goes mobile with Motorola.
06-Jan-2006: EV-DO link in new HP notebook.
06-Jan-2006: Kyocera "Strobe" Messaging Phone.
06-Jan-2006: Exclusive for Cingular Wireless, the Samsung zx10 UMTS phone.
06-Jan-2006: Verizon Wireless Introduces V CAST Music.
05-Jan-2006: Bluetooth Over WiMedia Ultrawideband Demos.
05-Jan-2006: Cingular completes HSDPA data call.
05-Jan-2006: Sony Ericsson Launches W810 Walkman Phone.
05-Jan-2006: Treo 700w Smartphone premiers on Verizon Wireless' EV-DO Network.
04-Jan-2006: Samsung's SCH-i830 makes debut with Verizon Wireless.
04-Jan-2006: Verizon Wireless and UTStarcom Offer Pocket PC XV6700.
04-Jan-2006: Samsung Unveils World's First Mobile WiMAX Handset.
04-Jan-2006: Lenovo Plans to Embed Cingular WWAN in Upcoming ThinkPads.
04-Jan-2006: Samsung Demonstrates World's First 3.6 Mbps HSDPA Phone at CES.
04-Jan-2006: Miniblue inner-ear Bluetooth headset.
04-Jan-2006: Data Services Grow While Smartphone Prices Fall.
04-Jan-2006: Crown Castle becomes Modeo.
04-Jan-2006: Motorola's Next ROKR.
04-Jan-2006: Garmin's iQue 3000.
04-Jan-2006: Toshiba Launches gigabeat(R) S Series PMPs.
03-Jan-2006: Motorola unveils iRadio.
03-Jan-2006: World's first DVB-H, Media FLO phones.
03-Jan-2006: Palm-sized MoGo Mouse BT.
02-Jan-2006: RadioShack Rings in the New Year With Cingular Wireless.
02-Jan-2006: Cornice Introduces Ultra-Thin 8GB and 10GB Micro Hard Drive.
01-Jan-2006: Record-high SMS and MMS traffic on New Year's Eve.

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