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Slingshot offers prepaid wireless boradband access
Posted: 03-Apr-2008 [Source: Slingshot]

[Slingshot offers prepaid, contract-free wireless broadband access solution.]

Las Vegas -- Slingshot Communications Inc. has announced the availability of the first prepaid wireless broadband access product in the United States. With this service, companies and individuals who want to access the Internet through a wireless connection no longer need to be locked into an extended contract for services that often go unused. Slingshot provides wireless broadband access on a prepaid or pay-as-you-go basis, meaning users only pay for the Internet access they use.

"Rather than paying upwards of $75 a month for 'unlimited' wireless Internet access, Slingshot enables you to cut your costs and doesn't require a long-term contract," said David Vindici, chairman and CEO, Slingshot. "You're free to access the Internet wirelessly and on your terms."

Slingshot provides consumers and enterprise users with flexibility, reliability and the security of knowing they can connect to broadband Internet through a trusted source at a low cost. As consumers and business users alike increasingly require secure wireless Internet access, Slingshot is positioned to fill a void in the growing market. According to CTIA, the wireless data market is growing rapidly with revenues that topped $23.2 billion in 2007. In addition, the wireless data market is growing faster than both the DSL and cable modem markets combined.

"There is clearly demand for wireless Internet connectivity, but until Slingshot there wasn't a solution that truly worked for consumers and businesses," added Vindici. "Slingshot brings everything needed to accelerate the consumer adoption model of wireless broadband access."

With a growing number of Internet access options on the market, wireless broadband users need to understand the key differentiators between the products available in order to purchase the services that best meet their needs. Slingshot's prepaid wireless broadband service offers customers several benefits, including:

* No Contract Required -- Most competitors have a standard two-year contract. If an individual finds a better option elsewhere, these companies charge an early termination fee for breaking this contract. With Slingshot, customers are under no contract and have no cancellation fees.

* No Credit Check -- When signing up with another service, the wireless provider pings an individual's credit. Frequent credit checks can result in a lower credit score. Slingshot provides its services to individuals without these checks.

* Never Overcharged -- With a typical wireless contract, users are required to pay per month. This fee is the same whether or not they ever use the service. With Slingshot's pay-as-you-go plan, customers only pay for what they use.

* No More Unsecure Wi-Fi Hot Spots -- Wi-Fi hot spots are extremely common, but they are also easily spoofed and unsecure. Malicious attackers can set up their own wireless access point that looks legitimate, but ultimately provide attackers with the means to find and steal personal and proprietary information from those who access the Wi-Fi hot spot. Users cannot know for certain whether a Wi-Fi hot spot is secure. Wireless broadband access through Slingshot's wireless cards free individuals from these risks and allow them to safely access the Internet anywhere.

"Hot spots have popped up all over, from the airport to your local coffee shop," said Scott Smith, COO, Slingshot. "The problem is, you never know if the network you're connecting to is legitimate or set up by someone waiting to steal your information. You may think you're secure, but unless you use Slingshot it is difficult to be 100 percent sure."

In addition, users need the freedom and convenience of anytime anywhere Internet access. When a location does not offer wired or wireless connectivity, users still need to access the Internet. Rather than travel to a location that provides limited or unsecured wireless Internet access, Slingshot users can simply log on using their wireless modem giving them true anytime anywhere access, as long as they have their Slingshot wireless modem available.


The new Slingshot product will be available beginning June 1, 2008 at the various retail locations nationwide or online at Slingshot's wireless broadband service is offered on either a prepaid or pay-as-you-go basis.


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