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MobileTechNews archive for the year 2009:

30-Dec-2009: Guide to breaking cell phone security revealed.
29-Dec-2009: Nokia requests ITC investigation into Apple patent infringement.
29-Dec-2009: An AT&T Mystery: Abrupt New York iPhone Shutdown.
28-Dec-2009: Six Best Smartphones of 2009.
28-Dec-2009: Cell phone mania forces scramble for more airwaves.
28-Dec-2009: Qualcomm Announces Leadership Changes.
26-Dec-2009: ISDB-Tmm Adopted for Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting in Japan.
26-Dec-2009: China Becomes New Battle Field for Mobile Internet Technology.
24-Dec-2009: Bell first in Canada to launch Visual Voicemail service on BlackBerry smartphones.
24-Dec-2009: Nielsen survey identifies top handhelds for 2009.
23-Dec-2009: Nortel to Sell Carrier VoIP and Application Solutions Business.
23-Dec-2009: Blackberry users struggle with e-mail outage.
22-Dec-2009: LTE Drives the News but WCDMA Drives Base Station Deployments.
22-Dec-2009: Verizon Wireless Updates Specifications For 4G LTE 700 MHz Devices.
22-Dec-2009: Mobile Device Shipments Will Nearly Double Before 2015.
21-Dec-2009: New Broadcom(R) Crystal HD Solution Brings High Definition Video to Netbooks.
21-Dec-2009: O2 to buy Israel's Jajah for $200 mln -report.
19-Dec-2009: Nokia and ST-Ericsson Partnering in TD-SCDMA.
18-Dec-2009: Android: Crashing the Smartphone Party.
18-Dec-2009: RIM Announces Third Quarter Results.
18-Dec-2009: Obama moves to boost U.S. broadband access.
18-Dec-2009: Mobile Phones Become Essential Tool for Holiday Shopping.
18-Dec-2009: Mobile Application Downloads to Hit Five Billion in 2014.
18-Dec-2009: Nokia and ST-Ericsson Partnering in TD-SCDMA.
18-Dec-2009: Raytheon Unveils Applications for the Apple iPhone.
18-Dec-2009: WiMAX Deployments Go Global with 519 in 146 Countries.
18-Dec-2009: Verizon, AT&T deals rumored for Palm.
17-Dec-2009: FTC Takes on Intel, Nvidia Breaks out Champagne.
17-Dec-2009: DOCOMO Introducing Remote Radio Equipment for LTE Base Stations.
17-Dec-2009: Breaking 3G speed record again.
16-Dec-2009: FCC seeking to close programming access loophole.
16-Dec-2009: McDonald's to offer free Wi-Fi.
16-Dec-2009: Kroger Shoppers Earn Free Wireless Just for Shopping.
16-Dec-2009: Verizon Wi-Fi Introduced.
16-Dec-2009: Consumers win in the EU case against Microsoft.
15-Dec-2009: ST-Ericsson and Ericsson first to achieve LTE and HSPA mobility with a multimode device.
15-Dec-2009: “Make a Better PHONE”.
14-Dec-2009: Google Phone to be sold through T-Mobile.
14-Dec-2009: World's first 4G/LTE network goes live today in Stockholm.
14-Dec-2009: With a New Phone, Google May Challenge Apple.
11-Dec-2009: Nokia Siemens Networks rings up another first in LTE with 3GPP standardized voice calls.
10-Dec-2009: Nokia to close U.S. flagship stores.
10-Dec-2009: AT&T wants smartphone users to curb data usage.
10-Dec-2009: Mobile Devices receives Innovation Award.
09-Dec-2009: Nokia and New Alliance join forces to offer mobile service in China.
09-Dec-2009: US Consumer Survey Suggests 50% of Mobile Subscribers Interested in Femtocells.
09-Dec-2009: Survey slams German mediocrity in computing.
09-Dec-2009: FCC plans to formalize Internet rules on net neutrality draw fire.
09-Dec-2009: Google announces Google Goggles.
08-Dec-2009: "Show Us the Money" Say US Consumers Regarding Recycling Handsets.
08-Dec-2009: Interphone F4 Communication System for Motorcycle Riders.
07-Dec-2009: RIM announces Blackberry China distribution deal.
06-Dec-2009: Europeans shy Google Android phones -IDC.
04-Dec-2009: Samsung Mondi Now Available in Dallas/Fort Worth Market to Support Rollout of Mobile WiMAX Service.
04-Dec-2009: Two Million Mobile WiMAX Subscribers Expected by End of 2009.
04-Dec-2009: Wireless Power Consortium adds new members.
04-Dec-2009: AT&T Offers Half-Price BlackBerry Smartphones.
04-Dec-2009: Bing Maps Rolls Out Enhanced Aerial and Street-Level Views.
03-Dec-2009: FCC ocess Establishes Technical Advisory Process for Open Internet Proceeding.
02-Dec-2009: New Cell Phone Models Adapting to Reflect Users' Lifestyles.
02-Dec-2009: Greenpacket Unveils Next Generation WiMAX Modems.
01-Dec-2009: Nokia Releases Qt 4.6.
01-Dec-2009: WiMAX Service Lacking in Affordable Devices, Report Concludes.
30-Nov-2009: Nokia plans one Linux phone for 2010 according to source.
30-Nov-2009: First 1 GHz Smartphone in the United States, the LG eXpo.
30-Nov-2009: Bell Introduces Intelligent Mobile Hotspot.
29-Nov-2009: GPS cell phone apps challenge standalone devices.
27-Nov-2009: Lenovo to Acquire Mobile Handset Business.
26-Nov-2009: Infineon and Nokia Announce LTE Collaboration.
25-Nov-2009: Best Buy offers deals on Android Smartphones.
25-Nov-2009: Nortel Selects Ericsson and Kapsch as Successful Bidders for GSM/GSM-R Business.
25-Nov-2009: Sprint Nextel Completes Acquisition of Virgin Mobile USA.
25-Nov-2009: New Nokia 6700 slide and Nokia 7230 unveiled.
24-Nov-2009: TI announces eZ430-Chronos.
23-Nov-2009: LG Launches LG X120 Netbook in the US.
23-Nov-2009: Verizon Wireless Announces the Availability of the Samsung Omnia II.
23-Nov-2009: Barnes & Noble’s Nook Sold Out for the Holidays.
20-Nov-2009: Deutsche Telekom seeks partner in U.S.-report.
20-Nov-2009: Nokia Continues to Streamline its R&D Operations.
20-Nov-2009: 300 HSPA Mobile Broadband Networks Worldwide.
20-Nov-2009: Air Canada begins customer trials for inflight internet.
20-Nov-2009: Verizon Wireless Goes Rugged With The Casio G’zOne Rock.
20-Nov-2009: Nortel Provides Update on Auction Date for the Sale of its GSM/GSM-R Business.
19-Nov-2009: American Airlines Launches Widget to Find WiFi Equipped Flights.
19-Nov-2009: Rumor mill: Apple tablet PC coming with OLED display.
19-Nov-2009: Nokia N900 is shipping in the US.
19-Nov-2009: Free mobile app puts an end to texting while driving.
19-Nov-2009: SK Telecom and Samsung announce SCH-M510 LiMo Compliant Handset.
19-Nov-2009: Judge rejects AT&T's bid to pull Verizon ads.
19-Nov-2009: Garnter Identifies Top 10 Mobile Apps for 2012.
18-Nov-2009: ZTE to launch Android-based smartphone in 2010.
18-Nov-2009: Sony Ericsson showcases the beta version of WebSDK.
18-Nov-2009: Opera Mobile 10 now available for Windows Mobile phones.
18-Nov-2009: GSMA Completes First Phase of Smart SIM Initiative.
18-Nov-2009: S.Korea gives nod for Apple's iPhone.
18-Nov-2009: Cellphone Touchscreen Keyboards Appeal to Buyers.
17-Nov-2009: AT&T Unwraps New Suite Of 3G Mobile Broadband Netbooks.
17-Nov-2009: GSMA Shines Spotlight on Asian Mobile Industry at 2009 Mobile Asia Congress.
17-Nov-2009: Saygus VPhone offers two-way video calling using Android.
17-Nov-2009: Samsung 3G Ubicell Personal CDMA Base Station Announced.
17-Nov-2009: Qualcomm Takes Lead as 4G Patent Holder.
16-Nov-2009: Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition launched.
16-Nov-2009: Samsung Unveils Galaxy Spica (I5700), Its Newest Android-powered Smartphone.
16-Nov-2009: LG Shine II.
15-Nov-2009: Mojo SDK 1.3.1 Now Available, featuring Palm Pre and Pixi emulator support.
15-Nov-2009: Nortel Completes Sale of CDMA Business and LTE Access Assets to Ericsson.
15-Nov-2009: Virgin Mobile USA's Broadband2Go Goes Broader.
13-Nov-2009: T-Mobile USA Launches the Samsung Behold II on November 18.
13-Nov-2009: Dell to introduce Android smartphone by year's end.
13-Nov-2009: Lenovo Smartbook Unveiled.
12-Nov-2009: Qualcomm Bringing Flagship Gigahertz Processing to Mainstream Smartphone Tier of Chipsets.
12-Nov-2009: Industry's First Dual-carrier HSPA+ and Multi-Mode 3G/LTE Chipsets for Global Markets Now Sampling.
12-Nov-2009: Verizon Business Identifies Top Technology Trends.
12-Nov-2009: Boost Mobile announces the Motorola Debut i856w.
12-Nov-2009: Wal-Mart offers $100 gift card to BlackBerry buyers.
11-Nov-2009: Nokia launches three CDMA handsets.
11-Nov-2009: Wi-Fi Hotspot Market Stages Revival.
11-Nov-2009: Qualcomm To Announce First Smartbook.
11-Nov-2009: Apple Becomes World's Most Profitable Handset Vendor in Q3 2009.
10-Nov-2009: Nokia ships N900.
10-Nov-2009: RIM Announces BlackBerry Application Platform Enhancements.
10-Nov-2009: Samsung bada - Open Mobile Platform Launches.
10-Nov-2009: AT&T Announces New 3G LaptopConnect Device.
10-Nov-2009: Google to Acquire AdMob.
10-Nov-2009: Motorola Milestone Android device to launch in Canada.
10-Nov-2009: Helix Wind to Power Cell Towers in Southern California.
09-Nov-2009: RadioShack Will Introduce iPhone 3G and 3GS.
09-Nov-2009: Apple to launch Verizon iPhone.
09-Nov-2009: Sprint, Partners to Pump $1.5 Billion Into Clearwire.
09-Nov-2009: Nokia Initiates Charger Exchange Program.
09-Nov-2009: Atheros Extends Its 11n Expertise to Mobile WLAN.
06-Nov-2009: AT&T rivals still seeking reply to iPhone.
05-Nov-2009: DROID ERIS By HTC Available Exclusively From Verizon Wireless.
05-Nov-2009: BlackBerry Curve 8530 coming to Sprint.
05-Nov-2009: LG Chocolate Touch now availabe.
05-Nov-2009: Samsung announces Mythic and Flight.
05-Nov-2009: Wireless 4G plans take wing at Dallas conference.
05-Nov-2009: Neusoft and Nokia Siemens Networks create local powerhouse for China’s mobile application market.
05-Nov-2009: Verizon Wireless CEO provides opening day keynote at LTE Americas 2009 Conference.
05-Nov-2009: EU reaches agreement over telecoms reforms package.
04-Nov-2009: Nokia launches five phones and Life Tools in Indonesia.
04-Nov-2009: Vodafone 360 Samsung M1 Expands Market Reach of LiMo Handset Portfolio.
03-Nov-2009: Sony Ericsson introduces the XPERIA X10.
03-Nov-2009: TwitterPeek is Unveiled.
03-Nov-2009: GSMA Launches European Mobile Manifesto.
03-Nov-2009: Opera Mobile 10 Beta Unveiled.
02-Nov-2009: T-Mobile USA Launches Motorola CLIQ with MOTOBLUR in Stores Beginning Today.
02-Nov-2009: Bell Canada to launch HSPA network.
02-Nov-2009: Sprint unveils the Dell Inspiron Mini 10 netbook.
02-Nov-2009: Nokia Losing Share in Wi-Fi Handset Market.
02-Nov-2009: Motorola Ships 10,000th WiMAX Access Point Base Site.
02-Nov-2009: O2 Germany leaks GSM Moto Droid.
01-Nov-2009: Why Google Doesn’t Like Its Phone Bill.
30-Oct-2009: Mobile Phone Market Turns Corner in Third Quarter.
30-Oct-2009: Nokia Siemens Networks conducts LTE interoperability testing with four leading device vendors.
29-Oct-2009: Exclusive: Google to Crash Android Party.
28-Oct-2009: Verizon Unveils Motorola DROID.
28-Oct-2009: Announcing Google Maps Navigation for Android 2.0.
28-Oct-2009: New Qualcomm Subsidiary to Focus on Mobile Open Source Development.
28-Oct-2009: Sprint Outlines "Open" Approach at Ninth Annual Developer Conference.
28-Oct-2009: Top 10 Mobile Companies Choose Open Source Software to Power Latest Devices, Social Networking and 4G Services.
28-Oct-2009: GSMA Announces Keynote Speakers for 2010 Mobile World Congress.
28-Oct-2009: Cricket Debuts First LG AWS Capable Phone - The LG HELiX.
27-Oct-2009: Palm Pixi Available Nov. 15.
27-Oct-2009: Sony Ericsson releases Equinox Phone through T-Mobile USA.
27-Oct-2009: Nokia launches its first TD-SCDMA device - the Nokia 6788.
27-Oct-2009: Nokia Siemens conducts successful LTE handover test.
27-Oct-2009: 385 Million Ultra Mobile Devices to Ship in 2014.
27-Oct-2009: Use Google Voice with your existing number.
26-Oct-2009: BlackBerry Storm 2 available through Verizon Wireless.
26-Oct-2009: Operators Demonstrate First Ever International WiMAX Roaming.
26-Oct-2009: Big Cellphone Makers Shifting to Android System.
24-Oct-2009: Ericsson and Samsung cooperate for world's first LTE interoperability.
23-Oct-2009: Motorola Leaks Verizon Droid Specs.
23-Oct-2009: FCC releases Net Neutrality NPRM.
23-Oct-2009: Volkswagen Becomes First Auto Manufacturer To Launch a Car Exclusively on a Mobile Device.
23-Oct-2009: Google and Verizon take a common stand on net neutrality.
22-Oct-2009: Nokia sues Apple.
22-Oct-2009: AT&T reports record wireless gains.
22-Oct-2009: Symbian continues move towards open source.
22-Oct-2009: Acer Liquid smartphone announced.
22-Oct-2009: Acer launches dual-boot Android/Windows netbook.
21-Oct-2009: LG Electronics Posts Highest Third Quarter Earnings in Its History.
21-Oct-2009: RIM Introduces the New BlackBerry Bold 9700 Smartphone.
21-Oct-2009: Barnes & Noble introduces 'nook' ebook reader.
21-Oct-2009: Adobe and Barnes & Noble Join Forces to Standardize eBook Technology.
21-Oct-2009: Over Half a Billion People to Use Mobile Money Transfer Services by 2014.
20-Oct-2009: A New Approach to Bluetooth Headsets - The Jabra Stone.
20-Oct-2009: Handicapping Dell's Smartphone Bid.
20-Oct-2009: Apple Reports Most Profitable Quarter Ever.
20-Oct-2009: Raytheon Sends Android To Battlefield.
19-Oct-2009: Verizon initiates big ad push for "Droid".
19-Oct-2009: Consumer Cellular Expands Product Line-up with Senior-Friendly Cell Phone.
19-Oct-2009: Hurdles remain as FCC ponders Internet data rules.
19-Oct-2009: Nokia Tries to Undo Blunders in U.S..
17-Oct-2009: LiMo Fights Back.
17-Oct-2009: Nokia's management team shifting roles.
17-Oct-2009: Sprint's Now network available at Washington Metro stations.
16-Oct-2009: Nearly Half of US Consumers Would Choose a “Green” Handset At the Right Price.
16-Oct-2009: Time Warner Cable sets launch date for 4G.
16-Oct-2009: Accenture's Acquisition of Nokia's Symbian Professional Services Completed.
15-Oct-2009: Nokia's Q3 Results.
15-Oct-2009: Microsoft Confirms Data Recovery for Sidekick Users.
15-Oct-2009: Vodafone and RIM Introduce the BlackBerry Storm2.
15-Oct-2009: Samsung Launches “Blue Earth”- the First Full-Touch Eco-Friendly Mobile Phone.
15-Oct-2009: Skype founders seek to block Index, Volpi from deal.
14-Oct-2009: Walmart to Launch Straight Talk Exclusively, Nationwide.
14-Oct-2009: Airvana finds "load multiplier effect" caused by smartphone data traffic.
14-Oct-2009: Nokia Booklet 3G for AT&T.
14-Oct-2009: DOJ Clears AT&T 's Acquisition of Centennial.
14-Oct-2009: Motorola OPhones to be sold by China Mobile.
14-Oct-2009: Smartphone Owners Use Less than Six Applications Regularly.
13-Oct-2009: Sony Ericsson Launches the Satio.
12-Oct-2009: T-Mobile-Sidekick US users face personal data loss.
12-Oct-2009: Motorola Debut i856 available from Sprint Nextel.
12-Oct-2009: LG announces the LG DG510 "Pop".
12-Oct-2009: New Giorgio Armana-Samsung Smartphone.
12-Oct-2009: TomTom Car Kit for iPhone Now Available in Europe.
12-Oct-2009: FCC To Probe Google Voice.
10-Oct-2009: New GoPhone Unlimited Talk and Text Feature Package.
09-Oct-2009: IMT-Advanced or “4G” Technologies Under ITU Consideration.
09-Oct-2009: Nokia announces official Qt port to Maemo 5.
09-Oct-2009: Motorola AP 7181 802.11n access point announced.
08-Oct-2009: FCC chairman warns of 'looming spectrum crisis'.
08-Oct-2009: Samsung Moment coming to Sprint.
08-Oct-2009: Dell reportedly set to launch mobile phones with AT&T.
08-Oct-2009: Recession Not in Attendance at International CTIA WIRELESS IT & Entertainment 2009®.
07-Oct-2009: Samsung Showcases Mobile Phones Featuring Ultra-Brillian AMOLED Screen Technology.
07-Oct-2009: Average Phone Thickness Drops below 14mm.
07-Oct-2009: Introducing Search Options for mobile.
07-Oct-2009: T-Mobile Unveils Holiday Handsets.
07-Oct-2009: AT&T Extends VOIP to 3G Network for iPhone.
07-Oct-2009: FLO TV Personal Television Unveiled.
07-Oct-2009: Japan's Mobile Phones Get Cooler.
06-Oct-2009: Verizon Wireless and Google enter groundbreaking agreement.
06-Oct-2009: Windows phone brand launches.
06-Oct-2009: Sprint to launch Samsung Intrepid.
06-Oct-2009: Adobe Unveils LifeCycle Enterprise Suite 2.
06-Oct-2009: Amazon Mobile Payments Service Announced.
06-Oct-2009: Verizon Wireless Announces 4G Venture Forum.
06-Oct-2009: Clearwire picks Alvarion, ZTE for WiMax in Spain.
05-Oct-2009: HTC Tilt 2 and HTC Pure announced.
05-Oct-2009: The Verizon Wireless LTE Innovation Center Lab Opens.
05-Oct-2009: AT&T Unveils Lineup of Full Web Browsing Phones.
05-Oct-2009: Samsung Mobile and T-Mobile USA Introduce Samsung Behold® II.
05-Oct-2009: Vonage Mobile for smartphones launches.
05-Oct-2009: The Most Powerful Smart Phones.
05-Oct-2009: ZTE to Provide Handsets to '3'.
03-Oct-2009: Orange still keen to buy out T-Mobile UK.
03-Oct-2009: Apple tries to patent method to lock down your mobile device.
03-Oct-2009: Texting While Driving Banned for Federal Staff.
02-Oct-2009: Rogers Wireless launches Nuance's TALKS Software to aid visually impaired.
02-Oct-2009: Will Net Neutrality Go Wireless?.
01-Oct-2009: Samsung Announces AMOLED 12M Camera Phone.
01-Oct-2009: LG GD510 unveiled.
01-Oct-2009: Gateway LT2016u netbook offers embedded Verizon Wireless' Mobile Broadband service.
01-Oct-2009: HTC Imagio Exclusively From Verizon Wireless.
01-Oct-2009: Nokia 2705 Shade.
01-Oct-2009: Comcast denies it has deal to buy NBC Universal.
01-Oct-2009: Symbian Handset Shipments to Reach 180m by 2014.
01-Oct-2009: AT&T to sell TerreStar GENUS satellite smartphone.
01-Oct-2009: Nortel Announces Plans to Sell its GSM/GSM-R Business.
01-Oct-2009: Qualcomm Confirms Japan Fair Trade Commission Order.
01-Oct-2009: Best Buy Partners With Google On Mobile.
01-Oct-2009: Verizon Hub discontinued.
01-Oct-2009: AT&T acquires Plusmo.
30-Sep-2009: MetroPCS Expands Unlimited NationwideSM Service.
30-Sep-2009: T-Mobile Announces Upcoming Availability of Motorola CLIQ with MOTOBLUR.
30-Sep-2009: RIM Launches BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac Users.
30-Sep-2009: Garmin nuvifone G60 available October 4 through AT&T.
29-Sep-2009: Vodafone to Sell iPhone in UK and Ireland.
29-Sep-2009: Sierra Wireless adds to AirCard(R) product portfolio.
29-Sep-2009: AT&T Launches Campaign to Educate Wireless Customers on Risks of Texting While Driving.
29-Sep-2009: Data both blessing and curse for mobile telecoms.
28-Sep-2009: Apple's App Store Downloads Top Two Billion.
28-Sep-2009: TomTom XL340S LIVE announced.
28-Sep-2009: LSTI drives industrialization of LTE.
28-Sep-2009: Orange UK to sell Apple's iPhone later this year.
28-Sep-2009: China Unicom to sell Apple iPhone beginning in October.
25-Sep-2009: Vodafone 360 launches.
25-Sep-2009: Android Key to Defining Mobile Experience from Operators.
24-Sep-2009: Samsung Instinct HD from Sprint.
24-Sep-2009: Samsung launches Corby family of handsets.
24-Sep-2009: Operators set to bring LiMo Platform R2 and R3 handsets to market.
24-Sep-2009: Carmakers favor US ban on texting while driving.
24-Sep-2009: Unitech Wireless on Track to Launch Mobile Phone Services.
23-Sep-2009: IREX intros new e-reader.
23-Sep-2009: World's Smallest Wireless N USB Adapter Now Available From TRENDnet.
23-Sep-2009: Yankee Group Predicts $4.2 Billion Mobile App Gold Rush by 2013.
23-Sep-2009: Sprint Launches Support for Android on Sprint Developer Web Site.
23-Sep-2009: Helix Wind to Begin Testing Process for Solution to Power Cell Phone Towers.
23-Sep-2009: Intel Atom Processor Developer Program for Mobile Devices to Spur New Wave of Applications.
23-Sep-2009: Motorola Entice W766 available through Verizon Wireless.
23-Sep-2009: Ericsson's new module connects consumer electronics.
23-Sep-2009: Verizon Wireless offers 4G LTE roadmap details.
22-Sep-2009: Samsung holds annual Mobile Solutions Forum.
22-Sep-2009: Charlotte becomes first AT&T femtocell market.
22-Sep-2009: AT&T launches new bundle of services.
22-Sep-2009: FCC Chair Outlines Actions to Preserve the Free and Open Internet.
21-Sep-2009: LTE indoor coverage demonstration is industry’s first.
21-Sep-2009: GSMA Announces Release 2 Service Specification for Rich Communication Suite.
21-Sep-2009: Mobile Operators Miss Out on Summer Holiday Revenue.
21-Sep-2009: Huawei to Commercially Launch 56Mb/s HSPA+ Solution in 2010.
18-Sep-2009: Alltell updates MyCircle calling plans.
18-Sep-2009: Sprint's Hessee mum on consolidation rumors.
18-Sep-2009: Two US FCC members back exclusive cellphone deals.
18-Sep-2009: Alltel Wireless launches the LG AX310 handset.
18-Sep-2009: World’s first LTE call on commercial software.
18-Sep-2009: Samsung Strengthens Omnia Smartphones Series.
17-Sep-2009: Garmin nuvi(R) 1690 and nuLink!(SM) to Connect Drivers to Real Time Data Through AT&T Wireless Network.
17-Sep-2009: Ultra Mobile Devices & The Chips That Make Them Are Booming.
17-Sep-2009: Cricket UM185C Modem.
17-Sep-2009: Denver Area Drivers Can Expect a Mountain of New Traffic Information.
17-Sep-2009: Paul Allen to sell wireless licenses to AT&T.
17-Sep-2009: Avaya gets court approval to acquire Nortel assets.
16-Sep-2009: Clearwire Launches CLEAR 4G WiMAX Innovation Network in Silicon Valley.
16-Sep-2009: T-Mobile offers the Nokia 5130 Xpress Music handset.
16-Sep-2009: Leap to Introduce New Nationwide Cricket Monthly Voice and Broadband Products.
16-Sep-2009: Opera Mini 5 beta out now.
16-Sep-2009: T-Mobile drops paper billing fee plans.
16-Sep-2009: Mobile Growth Hit by European Weakness.
15-Sep-2009: Motorola introduces the MC9500 handheld computer.
15-Sep-2009: Mobile VoIP Could Transform Mobile Landscape.
15-Sep-2009: First Android Device Signals LG's Two-tier Smartphone Strategy.
15-Sep-2009: Motorola Selected by Craig Wireless Systems for WiMAX Network Deployment in Vancouver, B.C..
15-Sep-2009: Atheros announces 802.11n and Bluetooth combo solution for Netbooks.
15-Sep-2009: MetroPCS Announces Vendors for 2010 4G LTE Launch.
14-Sep-2009: New Sprint Business Advantage Plans.
14-Sep-2009: Clearwire Begins Global Roaming Collaboration with WiMAX Operators.
14-Sep-2009: IEEE Ratifies 802.11n.
14-Sep-2009: Nokia Siemens conducts successful trial of DLDC.
13-Sep-2009: Deutsche Telekom considers Sprint Nextel takeover bid.
11-Sep-2009: T-Mobile USA Unveils the Motorola CLIQ With MOTOBLUR.
11-Sep-2009: Sprint to launch Qualcomm's Brew Mobile Platform.
11-Sep-2009: Smartphone Owners Prefer Personal and Social Apps, Are Open to Targeted Ads.
11-Sep-2009: Nokia 7705 Twist(TM) Puts a New Twist on Messaging.
11-Sep-2009: Samsung Mobile Introduces Samsung Freeform with Alltel Wireless.
11-Sep-2009: Panasonic Introduces Industry's First Bluetooth Enabled Telephone Featuring "Cellular Phonebook Transfer".
10-Sep-2009: Sprint announces Any Mobile, Anytime plan.
10-Sep-2009: Verizon Wireless Introduces the HTC Touch Pro2.
09-Sep-2009: Motorola introduces new WiMAX devices.
09-Sep-2009: Verizon Wireless Network Extender Enhances Indoor Coverage.
09-Sep-2009: Palm Pixi debuts.
09-Sep-2009: AT&T to Make Faster 3G Technology Available in Six Major Cities This Year.
09-Sep-2009: GSMA Endorses Integrated Mobile Broadcast.
09-Sep-2009: According to In-Stat, E-Book Consumers want Longer Battery Life, Internet Connectivity and Email.
09-Sep-2009: Verizon Wireless announces new phones and new data pricing options.
09-Sep-2009: RadioShack offers AT&T ConnecTech Support Services.
09-Sep-2009: Verizon releases Managed Mobility Solutions.
08-Sep-2009: T-Mobile UK and Orange UK to merge.
08-Sep-2009: Asus Peers Into E-Reader Market.
04-Sep-2009: LG Bliss available from U.S. Cellular.
04-Sep-2009: AT&T says iPhone to get picture messaging Sept. 25.
04-Sep-2009: Verizon Developer Community Welcomes More Than 1,000 Mobile Application Developers In First 30 Days.
03-Sep-2009: LG Gearing Up For Assault On Smartphone Market.
03-Sep-2009: Sprint, HTC to release Android phone in October.
03-Sep-2009: T-Mobile Pulse Android phone offers pre-paid option.
03-Sep-2009: Nokia expands ecosystem opportunities and showcases work with partners, publishers and developers.
03-Sep-2009: The Kalmia - First Commercial LTE Modem for Mobile Phones Announced.
03-Sep-2009: Nokia's Ovi Store arrives in Latin America.
03-Sep-2009: Japan's fastest mobile broadband HSPA launched by Ericsson and EMOBILE.
03-Sep-2009: Samsung Corby smartphone designed for youth market launches.
03-Sep-2009: Sony Ericsson puts developers at the centre of user experience with XPERIA™ X2.
03-Sep-2009: ST-Ericsson announces first 45-nm single-chip solution for Bluetooth, FM, and GPS.
03-Sep-2009: US Bluetooth Headset Usage Plummets.
02-Sep-2009: Nokia announces new handsets.
02-Sep-2009: Social Networking Sites Account for More than 20 Percent of All U.S. Online Display Ad Impressions.
01-Sep-2009: New Verizon Wireless UMW190 USB Modem.
01-Sep-2009: Nokia Forum 2009 Calling All Innovators Winners Announced.
01-Sep-2009: Clearwire Introduces CLEAR(TM) 4G WiMAX Internet Service in 10 New Markets.
01-Sep-2009: China Mobile Ophone hopes.
01-Sep-2009: Verizon Wireless drops price of BlackBerry Storm.
01-Sep-2009: Nokia Delays U.S. Music Launch.
01-Sep-2009: Wi-Fi Connectivity Becoming Pervasive on Devices.
01-Sep-2009: HTC Touch Pro2 from Sprint.
01-Sep-2009: Cell Phones and Health: Is There a Brain Cancer Connection?.
01-Sep-2009: LG and Virgin Mobile launch the LG Rumor2.
31-Aug-2009: Mobile Processors Target Next Generation Mobile Consumer Devices.
31-Aug-2009: Skype Wiretapping Trojan Publicly Released.
28-Aug-2009: China Unicom in 3-yr deal for Apple's iPhone.
28-Aug-2009: FCC inquiries could spawn new wireless regulations.
28-Aug-2009: Next Generation Mobile TV Comes to Android Phones.
28-Aug-2009: Palm Pre now available from Bell Mobility.
28-Aug-2009: World's First 3GPP Compliant Active Handover Between CDMA and LTE Networks Completed.
28-Aug-2009: Has AT&T Bailed on Motorola's Android Phones?.
27-Aug-2009: The new Nokia N900.
27-Aug-2009: Garmin picks exclusive wireless carrier to sell nuvifone.
27-Aug-2009: Cell phone users rack up accidental data charges.
27-Aug-2009: i-wireless Launches ZTE's C77 Handset.
27-Aug-2009: Wi-Fi-Enabled Phone Shipments Continue to Double Every Two Years.
26-Aug-2009: Nokia Money financial service announced.
26-Aug-2009: Sony announces third member of Reader family - the Reader Daily Edition.
26-Aug-2009: Nokia bets on Linux in iPhone battle.
26-Aug-2009: Cellphones Cause Brain Tumors, Says New Report by International EMF Collaborative.
26-Aug-2009: AT&T Expands Global Wi-Fi Presence to 125,000 Hotspots.
26-Aug-2009: Solar, Wind Power Enable ‘Green’ Cell Base Station Market.
26-Aug-2009: Cricket Adds 3G Textastic Samsung Messager II® to Device Lineup.
25-Aug-2009: Nokia 5230 ties it all together.
25-Aug-2009: Juniper Research projects sharp increase in Mobile Internet Adspend.
25-Aug-2009: Alcatel-Lucent gets FCC nod for LTE 700 MHz base stations.
24-Aug-2009: Nokia Booklet 3G announced.
24-Aug-2009: Apple says Google Voice app alters iPhone.
24-Aug-2009: Q&A with Clearwire CEO Bill Morrow.
21-Aug-2009: Verizon Wireless Updates Specifications for 4G LTE 700 MHz Devices.
21-Aug-2009: Yulong Launches Coolpad N900 in China to Combat iPhone.
21-Aug-2009: EOCC files age-discrimination suite against AT&T.
21-Aug-2009: New Verizon Wireless Escapade.
21-Aug-2009: GSM Technologies to Reach 4 Billion Mobile Connections Worldwide.
20-Aug-2009: KDDI Selects Motorola as Key Development Vendor for Nationwide LTE Network.
20-Aug-2009: 'Vonage World' service announced.
19-Aug-2009: Nokia Announces Finalists in 2009 "Calling All Innovators" Global Developer Competition.
19-Aug-2009: RadioShack Stores Nationwide Now Offering T-Mobile's myTouch 3G.
19-Aug-2009: Feature Phones Comprise Overwhelming Majority of Mobile Phone Sales in Q2 2009.
19-Aug-2009: Garmin-Asus M20 Available in Taiwan.
18-Aug-2009: Palm to Open E-commerce Beta Program for Palm App Catalog.
18-Aug-2009: Qwest Issues 60-Day Notice to Qwest Wireless Customers.
18-Aug-2009: Dell developing mobile devices for China Mobile.
18-Aug-2009: Sprint 4G powered by WiMAX is expanding across the country.
17-Aug-2009: CDMA Development Group Announces the Completion of CDMA2000 1X Advanced Specifications.
17-Aug-2009: Sony Ericsson taps Nordberg as new head.
17-Aug-2009: Google WiFi network celebrates third anniversary.
17-Aug-2009: TomTom for Apple iPhone released in U.S. App Store.
15-Aug-2009: Verizon Wireless completes successful 4G LTE data calls.
14-Aug-2009: Verizon Wireless launches Apply Your Ideas contest.
13-Aug-2009: Verizon Wireless and ZTE USA Introduce AD3700.
13-Aug-2009: Report: Garmin smartphone launch will include AT&T.
13-Aug-2009: Sony Ericsson announces the Jalou fashion mobile phone.
12-Aug-2009: Microsoft and Nokia form global alliance.
12-Aug-2009: Gartner Says Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales Declined.
12-Aug-2009: Sprint Announces Additional U.S. Markets for Sprint 4G.
12-Aug-2009: Smartphone downloads from all app stores will reach 6.67 billion in 2014.
12-Aug-2009: Clearwire Reports Second Quarter 2009 Results.
12-Aug-2009: TELUS offers the LG Keybo2.
11-Aug-2009: New round of Linux supported LiMo-compliant handsets announced.
11-Aug-2009: Nokia to deploy Maemo OS in future smartphones.
11-Aug-2009: Clearwire Adds Huawei as WiMAX Supplier.
11-Aug-2009: Ovi Mail by Nokia hits 1 million mark.
11-Aug-2009: Consumer handset demand polarizing.
10-Aug-2009: Gigabyte T1028X Netbook.
10-Aug-2009: Virgin Mobile USA announces upbeat second quarter results.
10-Aug-2009: Nortel CEO steps down.
10-Aug-2009: T-Mobile to offer faster mobile broadband in Czech Republic.
07-Aug-2009: Apple’s $1.2 billion tablet computer.
07-Aug-2009: Sprint says few contract customers going prepaid.
07-Aug-2009: MetroPCS Discovers the Perils of Prepaid.
07-Aug-2009: StarHub Deploys Singapore’s First Solar-Powered Mobile Base Station.
06-Aug-2009: Sprint Adds 4G to Mobile Broadband Router Portfolio.
06-Aug-2009: T-Mobile USA Reports Second Quarter 2009 Results.
06-Aug-2009: Sprint introduces the eco-friendly Samsung Reclaim.
06-Aug-2009: Wireless Home Healthcare to be $4 Billion Industry by 2013.
05-Aug-2009: T-Mobile myTouch 3G Available in Stores Nationwide Beginning Today.
05-Aug-2009: ShareSpace Mobile Announces the Launch of Ruxter.
05-Aug-2009: Mobile Internet Hot Spots: Hot or Not?.
04-Aug-2009: INQ Launches Two Affordable 3G Social Mobiles with Twitter and iTunes media sync.
04-Aug-2009: AT&T Leads Global HSPA Market.
04-Aug-2009: CLEAR 4G WiMAX service set to launch in 10 additional markets.
04-Aug-2009: Bell to launch Palm Pre in Canada.
04-Aug-2009: Mobile Application Store Best Practices Defined.
04-Aug-2009: Apple vs. Google: Tech's Newest Rivalry?.
04-Aug-2009: In 2014 Monthly Mobile Data Traffic Will Exceed 2008 Total.
03-Aug-2009: HTC to launch Android handsets in China.
03-Aug-2009: The FCC is asking Apple and AT&T all the right questions.
31-Jul-2009: Google Summons Android for Smart-Phone Attack.
30-Jul-2009: Worldwide Mobile Phone Market Still Expected To Shrink in 2009.
30-Jul-2009: MetroPCS pushes the prepaid envelope with expanded offerings.
30-Jul-2009: Cellular South Debuts Netbook With Built-In 3G.
30-Jul-2009: CTIA-The Wireless Association Statement on Texting While Driving.
30-Jul-2009: Analyst: Sprint Looking to Sell iDen Unit.
29-Jul-2009: T-Mobile USA Debuts HTC Touch Pro2.
29-Jul-2009: Worldwide GPS Smartphone Shipments to Reach 77 Million Units in 2009.
29-Jul-2009: Verizon Developer Community is Open for Business.
29-Jul-2009: Barnes & Noble to offer free AT&T Wi-Fi in stores.
29-Jul-2009: Sprint Nextel Reports Second Quarter 2009 Results.
28-Jul-2009: Sprint Nextel buys Virgin Mobile USA.
28-Jul-2009: Verizon Wireless and Qualcomm Announce Joint Venture.
28-Jul-2009: Comcast Launches 4G Wireless Data Service in Atlanta.
28-Jul-2009: AT&T sees significant growth in Wi-Fi hotspot connections.
28-Jul-2009: BOLT Mobile Browser Renders Its 100 Millionth Page.
28-Jul-2009: Verizon Wireless says its reliability ads are true.
28-Jul-2009: WiMAX Broadband Subscribers to Approach 50 million by 2014.
28-Jul-2009: Siemens Gigaset Debuts Leading Convergence Technology to U.S. Market.
27-Jul-2009: Verizon reports Q2 results.
27-Jul-2009: Huawei Opens LTE Laboratory in North America.
27-Jul-2009: T-Mobile USA and RIM Introduce the New BlackBerry Curve 8520.
27-Jul-2009: iPhone to be available through Korean operator KT.
27-Jul-2009: RadioShack and T-Mobile USA Announce Retail Agreement.
26-Jul-2009: Nortel Selects Ericsson as Successful Bidder for CDMA Business and LTE Access Assets.
26-Jul-2009: Ericsson to acquire majority of Nortel's North American wireless business.
24-Jul-2009: Motorola Opens Doors for Accelerated Development on Android.
24-Jul-2009: Operators and Distributors Go Shopping for 269 Million Handsets.
24-Jul-2009: Nortel starts asset sales.
23-Jul-2009: AT&T Releases Second Quarter Results.
23-Jul-2009: Carphone says consumer markets have steadied.
23-Jul-2009: Alvarion® and Nokia Siemens Networks Expand Cooperation on WiMAX.
23-Jul-2009: Google's Android To Invade Homes.
23-Jul-2009: China Mobile says 3G rollout as bad as expected.
23-Jul-2009: Nortel Statement on Wireless Asset Auction.
23-Jul-2009: Sprint takes Ford 150 equipped with Ford Work Solutions apps on the road.
22-Jul-2009: Samsung Mobile and T-Mobile USA Announce New Lineup of Texting Phones.
22-Jul-2009: Plastic Logic e-book reader to be supported by AT&T.
22-Jul-2009: Ruckus Wireless introduces new Wi-Fi outdoor dual-band access points.
22-Jul-2009: CLEAR WiMAX Service rolls out in Las Vegas.
21-Jul-2009: Samsung Mondi Mobile WiMAX device announced.
21-Jul-2009: Verizon Calls on Developers to Create more Innovative Applications.
21-Jul-2009: U.S. Withheld Data on Risks of Distracted Driving.
21-Jul-2009: ROK TV Streams on BlackBerry Smartphones.
21-Jul-2009: Cricket TXTM8 Offers High-End Features at Value Price.
20-Jul-2009: New FCC Chairman's Agenda Includes Broader Internet Access.
20-Jul-2009: Why Japan’s Cellphones Haven’t Gone Global.
20-Jul-2009: Alvarrion and Linkem build WiMAX Network for 2009 World Swimming Champtionship in Rome.
19-Jul-2009: Drivers and Legislators Dismiss Cellphone Risks.
18-Jul-2009: Kajeet lets parents control when and where kids call.
18-Jul-2009: Verizon Wireless Introduces Novatel Wireless PC770.
17-Jul-2009: Accenture to Acquire Symbian Professional Services Operations from Nokia.
17-Jul-2009: Symbian Foundation announces application publishing program.
17-Jul-2009: Entry-level Mobile Phone Markets to Enjoy 24% Annual Growth through 2014.
17-Jul-2009: Palm: Who Needs iTunes? How About PalmTunes!.
16-Jul-2009: Nokia cuts profit, market share outlook; shares drop.
16-Jul-2009: Recovery expected in 2010 for telecom/datacom equipment market.
16-Jul-2009: AT&T Launches new Sony Ericsson handsets.
15-Jul-2009: NTT DoCoMo announces the Solar Hybrid handset.
15-Jul-2009: MontaVista Launches Android Commercialization Services Offering.
15-Jul-2009: Google Voice Goes Mobile.
15-Jul-2009: Palm Pre Developers Unite.
15-Jul-2009: Shipments of 802.11n will Surge Ahead of 802.11g in the Wi-Fi Chipset Market in 2010.
14-Jul-2009: Boost Mobile Drops Price of 'UNLTD By Boost'.
14-Jul-2009: Apple’s App Store Downloads Top 1.5 Billion in First Year.
14-Jul-2009: AirSage Teams Up With Verizon Wireless To Provide Real-Time Traffic Data Across The U.S..
14-Jul-2009: China Unicom to sell iPhone this year.
14-Jul-2009: NTT DoCoMo prepared to press on with 4G.
14-Jul-2009: Alltel offers back to school promotion.
14-Jul-2009: AT&T offers the Nokia Surge Symbian S60 Handset.
14-Jul-2009: Ericsson invests in R&D center in South Korea.
13-Jul-2009: WiMAX trial at France's Cote D'Azur.
13-Jul-2009: The $79 (refurbished) iPhone.
13-Jul-2009: Do you really, really need that smartphone?.
13-Jul-2009: Korean President and Ericsson CEO meet and agree to cooperate for 4G-based green eco-system.
10-Jul-2009: Sprint signs "Network Advantage" deal with Ericsson.
10-Jul-2009: BlackBerry Tour now available from Verizon Wireless.
10-Jul-2009: Amazon announces the beta launch of AmazonWireless.
10-Jul-2009: Chocolate Makes A Sweet Return.
09-Jul-2009: Nokia 3720 classic introduced.
09-Jul-2009: NokiaSiemens introduces SiteStar.
09-Jul-2009: Ericsson and Telecom Italia trial innovative solar site solution.
09-Jul-2009: $3.3 Billion to Be Spent on LTE Base Stations in 2011.
09-Jul-2009: Cherry, The Mobile Operator that doesn't care whether you're on Wi-Fi or GSM.
08-Jul-2009: Google launches the Chrome OS.
08-Jul-2009: T-Mobile myTouch 3G with Google Now Available for Pre-Sale.
08-Jul-2009: Sony to launch first netbook PC.
08-Jul-2009: CLEAR 4G WiMAX Service set to launch in Las Vegas.
08-Jul-2009: Apple iPhone "Wake Up Call" for Cell Phone Manufacturers.
08-Jul-2009: Ready Mobile PCS offers new unlimited prepaid plans.
07-Jul-2009: Palm Pre to Launch in Europe with O2 and Movistar.
07-Jul-2009: Over 100 million LTE Mobile Broadband Subscribers by 2014.
07-Jul-2009: AT&T Expands TeleNav Track(TM) GPS Services.
07-Jul-2009: Justice Dept Said to Be Looking at Telecom Giants.
07-Jul-2009: Trimble Outdoors Launches GPS Navigation Tool on the T-Mobile G1.
07-Jul-2009: iPhone apps: For fun and profit?.
07-Jul-2009: How Google's Android Can Thrive.
06-Jul-2009: ZTE and Qualcomm Collaborate to Boost UMTS System Performance.
06-Jul-2009: DOCOMO and PacketVideo Form Strategic Alliance.
06-Jul-2009: Sony Ericsson first Android handset codenamed "Rachael".
06-Jul-2009: SIRIUS XM Application Surpasses 1 Million Downloads on Apple App Store.
06-Jul-2009: Nokia denies plans phone running Google's Android.
04-Jul-2009: Sprint offers the LG LX370.
03-Jul-2009: Opera Raising U.S. Profile.
02-Jul-2009: DOCOMO to Launch Mobile Remittance Service.
02-Jul-2009: Telefonica enters T-Mobile UK bidding - FT.
02-Jul-2009: Comcast's WiMax Bundle Puts Pressure on AT&T and Verizon.
01-Jul-2009: 223 Million Smartphones to be Shipped with Open Source Operating Systems by 2014.
01-Jul-2009: AT&T Unveils Embedded Netbook and Laptop Offers Targeted at Small Businesses.
01-Jul-2009: Multi-country Study Examines Mobile Phone Use.
01-Jul-2009: Best Buy® Mobile Survey Reveals America's Appetite for Smartphones.
01-Jul-2009: Motorola's New Smartphones: Sales, Not 'Dazzle'.
30-Jun-2009: A Day in the Life of 3G.
30-Jun-2009: BlackBerry Tour hits Verizon Wireless stores July 12.
30-Jun-2009: Comcast to offer wireless Internet service.
30-Jun-2009: Analyst says Palm Pre sales topped 300,000 in June.
29-Jun-2009: Telecom firms back standard phone charger in Europe.
29-Jun-2009: Fans Grab 35,000 Virgin Mobile "FreeFest" Tickets in Just Minutes.
28-Jun-2009: AT&T and Amtrak sign five-year wireless network deal.
28-Jun-2009: For Wireless Services Providers, Huge Growth Might Be At End.
26-Jun-2009: Palm reports Q4 and FY 2009 Results.
26-Jun-2009: Meredith Baker in line for U.S. FCC position.
26-Jun-2009: 48% of Americans Would Drop Mobile Data Service Completely.
26-Jun-2009: FCC Approves CenturyTel and EMBARQ Merger.
25-Jun-2009: Motorola gives $5 Million to Engage Budding Innovators.
25-Jun-2009: Verizon Wireless introduces the HTC Ozone.
25-Jun-2009: Sprint not to face class-action lawsuit.
25-Jun-2009: Comcast Launches 'Carefree Minutes' Worldwide Calling Plan.
24-Jun-2009: Ericsson's Dynamic Discount solution dramatically reduces mobile call rates.
24-Jun-2009: BOLT mobile web browser hits one million installs.
24-Jun-2009: Samsung Smartphones Take On iPhones, BlackBerrys.
24-Jun-2009: Survey shows mobile device users concerned about security.
24-Jun-2009: MetroPCS Offers Unlimited International Calling for $5 per Month.
24-Jun-2009: Vodafone introduces femtocell Access Gateway.
23-Jun-2009: Intel and Nokia announce strategic relationship to shape next era of Mobile Computing innovation.
23-Jun-2009: Boingo Wireless Awarded First Patent.
23-Jun-2009: Intel to supply Nokia with mobile chips.
23-Jun-2009: Apple Sells Over One Million iPhone 3GS Models.
22-Jun-2009: T-Mobile USA unveils second Android Phone - myTouch 3G.
22-Jun-2009: Apple estimated to have sold 750,000 iPhones over the weekend.
22-Jun-2009: $200m Into New WiMAX Operator in Russia.
21-Jun-2009: Nokia Siemens to purchase Nortel's LTE and CDMA assets.
19-Jun-2009: Senate panel approves FCC nominee.
18-Jun-2009: iPhone 3G S Available at AT&T Tomorrow.
18-Jun-2009: SIRIUS XM Radio Now Available on Apple App Store.
18-Jun-2009: T-Mobile USA announces the HTC Dash.
17-Jun-2009: LG launches the LG-GM730 Windows smartphone.
17-Jun-2009: iPhone 3GS Could Be a Blockbuster.
17-Jun-2009: FCC Chair nominee to focus on consumer issues.
17-Jun-2009: 3G Home Femtocells to Generate in Excess of $9bn in Service Revenues by 2014.
16-Jun-2009: Clearwire Introduces CLEAR™ 4G Mobile Internet Service to Atlanta.
16-Jun-2009: A Dozen Operators Launching LTE Services in 2010.
16-Jun-2009: Samsung showcases Omnia series of handsets at CommunicAsia 2009.
16-Jun-2009: RIM Introduces the BlackBerry Tour Smartphone.
16-Jun-2009: New Samsung Jet.
16-Jun-2009: Cricket Introduces Samsung MyShot II.
16-Jun-2009: Nokia E72.
16-Jun-2009: Nokia 5530 XpressMusic.
16-Jun-2009: The Nokia 3710 fold.
16-Jun-2009: LG Neon available exclusively in US from AT&T.
15-Jun-2009: FLO TV Goes National.
12-Jun-2009: Virgin Mobile offers Samsung Mantra.
12-Jun-2009: AT&T Under Pressure to Cut iPhone Data Plan Fees.
12-Jun-2009: Sprint's Now Network Powers Palm Pre Success.
12-Jun-2009: Worldwide Mobile Phone Market Declined 11.9% in the First Quarter of 2009.
11-Jun-2009: Sprint Offers Femtocell for Wholesale Partners.
11-Jun-2009: Mobile Revenue Growth Slows to 3 Percent in Q1 2009.
11-Jun-2009: Cessna Selects Aircell High Speed Internet for Citation Business Jets.
11-Jun-2009: 3G Gaining Ground.
10-Jun-2009: Virgin Mobile USA to Introduce Broadband2Go.
10-Jun-2009: Recycle While You Ride With LG Mobile Phones and BART.
10-Jun-2009: Verizon Wireless reminds parents about Usage Controls.
10-Jun-2009: iPhone 3GS Features Improved User Experience, But Same Old Hardware.
09-Jun-2009: Virgin Mobile USA Introduces New Contract Rates.
09-Jun-2009: Apple announces the new iPhone 3G S.
09-Jun-2009: AT&T to offer new iPhone 3G S.
08-Jun-2009: Qwest Completes Strategic Review of Long Distance Network Asset.
08-Jun-2009: Boost Mobile Introduces Motorola Stature i9 Phone in Red.
07-Jun-2009: Palm Debuts Pre.
06-Jun-2009: New Sanyo SCP-2700 from Sprint.
05-Jun-2009: Palm Pre review: To Pre or not to Pre?.
05-Jun-2009: Nokia N97 to arrive in Russia.
05-Jun-2009: Intel to Acquire Wind River Systems.
04-Jun-2009: Smart Phones Adopting App Store Capability.
04-Jun-2009: Verizon Wireless offers the BlackBerry Flip.
04-Jun-2009: Alltel Introduces One-Year Contracts.
04-Jun-2009: Ericsson launches mobile broadband module for netbooks.
04-Jun-2009: Palm software beats the iPhone - Review.
04-Jun-2009: GreenHeart product line announced by Sony Ericsson.
04-Jun-2009: Sony Ericsson to extend mobile Java™ Platform into entry level 3G phones portfolio.
03-Jun-2009: AT&T launches "All for Less" package for small businesses.
03-Jun-2009: Android news from Computex.
03-Jun-2009: T-Mobile eyes next Android device for early summer.
03-Jun-2009: NVIDIA's Tegra processor available in new high-def MIDs.
03-Jun-2009: Mobile Industry Collaborates to Advance Java Platform Micro Edition.
03-Jun-2009: Opera 10 beta announced.
02-Jun-2009: Prepaid and Gross Subscribers in the United States Keep the Wireless Market Growing.
02-Jun-2009: Motorola Opens Wireless Broadband Ecosystem to More Mobile Internet Devices.
02-Jun-2009: LiMo Foundation Completes LiMo Platform R2 Specifications.
02-Jun-2009: Adobe and Broadcom Bring HD Flash Video to Intel(R) Atom(TM) Processor Based Netbook Platforms.
02-Jun-2009: Nokia N97 Mobile Computer to Begin Selling Worldwide in June.
01-Jun-2009: Samsung Pixon12 announced.
01-Jun-2009: Sprint announces new programs for developers.
01-Jun-2009: Boost Mobile announces the Motorola Clutch i465.
01-Jun-2009: Alvarion Extends Leadership in WiMAX Network Deployments.
01-Jun-2009: Sprint's Palm Pre 'War Room'.
01-Jun-2009: Swapping SIMs.
29-May-2009: Sony Ericsson Satio provides access to all your media.
29-May-2009: Sony Ericsson Aino offers remote PlayStation 3 action.
29-May-2009: AT&T Canada Plan announced.
29-May-2009: New Yari from Sony Ericsson offers gesture gaming.
29-May-2009: Mobile Distillery Launches Celsius Android.
29-May-2009: CDMA Used by More Than 100 Million People in India.
29-May-2009: Three New Phones From Verizon Wireless and LG Mobile Phones.
29-May-2009: PlayNow arena with movies launches.
28-May-2009: AT&T to upgrade to HSPA speeds.
27-May-2009: China Telecom kicks starts 3G mobile video streaming.
27-May-2009: U.S. Cellular Introduces the Samsung Gloss.
27-May-2009: AT&T To Launch Android Phone In August.
26-May-2009: Ovi Store opens for business.
26-May-2009: RIM Announces Enhanced BlackBerry Technical Support Services.
26-May-2009: World's first commercial 4G/LTE site unveiled.
26-May-2009: Taiwan Firm to Offer Google Phone in China.
22-May-2009: Palm faces 'make-or-break' event with launch of the Pre.
22-May-2009: U.S. Cellular launches free battery swap program.
22-May-2009: Huawei takes No 3 spot in mobile telco gear market.
21-May-2009: 3G Rollouts in China Drive Big Growth in WCDMA and CDMA Base Station Deployments.
21-May-2009: Nokia Shapes the Future of Social Location.
21-May-2009: GSM-HSPA captures 72% of cellular market in Western Hemisphere.
20-May-2009: NTT DOCOMO Unveils 18 New Handsets.
20-May-2009: AT&T to Expand Its Mini Laptop Lineup and Offer Nationwide Availability.
20-May-2009: Open Kernel Labs Joins Symbian Foundation.
20-May-2009: LTE to Reach 100 Million Subscriptions.
20-May-2009: TCM Mobile Unveils First Ever VOIP-Based Cellular System.
20-May-2009: T-Mobile offers 'Mobile Makeovers'.
19-May-2009: Sprint to Offer Palm Pre Nationwide on June 6.
19-May-2009: Motorola Deploys Location Based Services for NTT DOCOMO.
19-May-2009: Zain successfully trials HSPA+ in a live 3G network.
19-May-2009: The Race to Provide Wi-Fi at 30,000 Feet.
19-May-2009: Sprint Launches Eco-Friendly Phone Accessories.
19-May-2009: Cheaper iPhone Plans from AT&T?.
19-May-2009: CE Products and Handsets Drive Wi-Fi Chipset Growth.
18-May-2009: Nokia launches three new handsets for emerging markets.
18-May-2009: Motorola launches LTE Advanced Self-Organizing Network (SON) solution.
15-May-2009: Google Android releases Cupcake.
15-May-2009: Ericsson to build and manage advanced fiber city network for Swedish municipality.
15-May-2009: LG Xenon available from AT&T.
15-May-2009: U.S. Mobile Phone Increase Access of Mobile Content.
15-May-2009: Samsung Jack Smartphone to launch May 19.
15-May-2009: Mobile Advertising Growth Fueled by New Ad Formats on Smartphones.
14-May-2009: HP Netbooks to be available at Verizon Wireless stores May 17.
14-May-2009: Motorola Signs Frame Agreement With China Mobile.
14-May-2009: MasterCard Mobile MoneySend Platform Set To Go Live.
14-May-2009: Samsung to Promote New Product With Provision Interactive's 3D Air Touch Technology.
14-May-2009: Clearwire and Cisco Form Alliance to Deliver 4G Mobile Internet Services for Consumers and Businesses.
14-May-2009: Frontier Communications to Acquire Verizon Assets.
14-May-2009: Verizon WIreless announces Nationwide Small Business SharePlan.
13-May-2009: Verizon Wireless Selects G&D as Supplier of Smart Cards for LTE Network Launch.
13-May-2009: Verizon Wireless Selects Gemalto to Provide LTE OTA Platform.
13-May-2009: Rock Your Phone Reaches 500,000 Downloads in First 40 Days.
12-May-2009: Android Developers to gather at Google I/O.
11-May-2009: Motorola Announces MOTO W7 Active Edition.
11-May-2009: Virgin Mobile Q1 profit tops analysts' view.
11-May-2009: Acer Joins Open Patent Alliance to Advance Mobile 4G WiMAX Innovation.
11-May-2009: Android Smartphone Shipments to Grow 900 Percent in 2009.
11-May-2009: AT&T pays Verizon Wireless $2.35 billion in cash for rural area 3G wireless assets.
11-May-2009: Telestial offers dual-number SIM card.
11-May-2009: AT&T to Introduce GoPhone Three-Dollar per Day Unlimited Calling Option.
11-May-2009: A (virtual) smart home controlled by your thoughts.
08-May-2009: Verizon Wireless to introduce the MiFi 2200 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot.
08-May-2009: Canadians to Get Android-Powered Smartphones.
07-May-2009: Bell Mobility acquires full ownership of Virgin Mobile Canada.
07-May-2009: T-Mobile USA reports first quarter results.
07-May-2009: eBAY says $2 bln price too low for Skype.
07-May-2009: Amazon introduces the Kindle DX.
06-May-2009: AT&T Adds 'Send to Mobile' Feature to
06-May-2009: Vlingo 3.0 delivers 'hands-free' use of BlackBerry Smartphones.
06-May-2009: Google, Yahoo Find Mobile Ad Business A Whole New World.
06-May-2009: BlackBerry Curve outsells iPhone in first quarter.
06-May-2009: Three quarters of handset sales expected to be replacement models.
05-May-2009: Apple Builds Its Own Team to Design Chips.
05-May-2009: Disney becomes an equity owner of Hulu.
05-May-2009: Sprint Nextel Reports First Quarter 2009 Results.
05-May-2009: Q1 Mobile Handset Shipments in China Up 9.2%.
04-May-2009: RIM Further Extends Push Technology to BlackBerry Developers.
04-May-2009: RIM Launches BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0.
04-May-2009: Nokia E71x With AT&T in Stores Across the U.S. Today.
04-May-2009: Sprint in talks to outsource management of its cell network to Ericsson.
01-May-2009: Texting delays mar popularity of $50 Boost plan.
01-May-2009: Worldwide Mobile Phone Shipments Decline 15.8% in First Quarter.
01-May-2009: Motorola Reports First-Quarter Financial Results.
30-Apr-2009: Android is in Motorola's Smartphone Future.
30-Apr-2009: Tier 2 Mobile Handset Vendors Must Compete on Two Fronts, Says ABI Research.
29-Apr-2009: LIN TV Signs News Over Wireless.
29-Apr-2009: Apple to distribute two new iPhone-like devices.
28-Apr-2009: Microsoft and Verizon in talks about iPhone rival.
28-Apr-2009: Nokia focuses Services strategy to align more closely with third parties.
28-Apr-2009: Mobile Application Revenues to reach $25bn by 2014.
28-Apr-2009: Samsung launches its first Android-powered handset.
28-Apr-2009: Verizon and Apple in iPhone talks.
27-Apr-2009: Verizon reports 1Q 2009 Results.
27-Apr-2009: LG Electronics Selected by DoCoMo as LTE Device Provider.
26-Apr-2009: Software update for the T-Mobile G1.
26-Apr-2009: Symbian And LiMo Take On Android.
26-Apr-2009: App Store downloads one billion apps in nine months..
24-Apr-2009: AT&T Sees Surge in Wi-Fi Connections.
24-Apr-2009: 3 extends free Skype calls offer.
23-Apr-2009: NFC Technology Takes its Next Step With the Nokia 6216 Classic.
23-Apr-2009: Plug pulled on CallVantage phone service.
23-Apr-2009: T-Mobile Announces 'Embedded SIM" for M2M Solutions.
23-Apr-2009: AT&T Releases First-Quarter Results.
23-Apr-2009: Samsung Goes Full Throttle.
22-Apr-2009: Bluetooth Technology gets faster with Bluetooth 3.0.
22-Apr-2009: Person-to-person (P2P) mobile messaging to reach $106bn by 2014.
22-Apr-2009: ZTE launches comprehensive array of devices.
22-Apr-2009: Healthy Growth for Wireless Patient Monitoring.
21-Apr-2009: Samsung announces 500 GB 2.5" hard drive for mobile computing.
21-Apr-2009: First Digital Mobile TV Tests set for Seattle, Atlanta and Washington, D.C..
21-Apr-2009: First quarter 2009 handset sales.
20-Apr-2009: Adobe in Push to Spread Web Video to TV Sets.
20-Apr-2009: MobiTV intros mixTV.
20-Apr-2009: Samsung display unit sees robust smartphone growth.
19-Apr-2009: In-Stat: 66.3 Million US TV Viewers are Simultaneously Using a PC While Watching TV.
19-Apr-2009: Sprint Receives Grant to Expand Hydrogen Fuel Cell Deployment.
17-Apr-2009: Sony Ericsson says Android phone to take time.
17-Apr-2009: Verizon Wireless Drives 4G LTE Innovation With Open Device Development Specifications.
17-Apr-2009: T-Mobile USA Announces New 3G-Enabled Sidekick LX.
16-Apr-2009: AT&T's FamilyMap Location Tracking.
15-Apr-2009: Google releases Android 1.5 "Early Look" SDK.
15-Apr-2009: EBay planning spin-off of Skype through IPO.
14-Apr-2009: Samsung Propel Pro available.
14-Apr-2009: Cellular South Says New Law That Bans Texting for Some Teenagers a 'Good First Step'.
14-Apr-2009: Obama to let US telecoms bid for Cuba licenses-official.
14-Apr-2009: T-Mobile supports second GAMMY Celebration Concert Tour.
14-Apr-2009: Motorola introduces new iDEN handsets.
13-Apr-2009: Dell and China Mobile talking smartphones.
11-Apr-2009: Apple begins countdown to one billionth iPhone and iPod Touch download.
11-Apr-2009: Visa NFC mobile payments available for first time.
10-Apr-2009: Boost Mobile challenges Virgin Mobile's new unlimited plans.
10-Apr-2009: HTC Touch Diamond arrives at Verizon Wireless.
09-Apr-2009: Virgin Mobile USA intros new Unlimited Prepaid Plan.
09-Apr-2009: Taiwan's Elan sues Apple over touchscreen patents.
09-Apr-2009: US consumers snub mobile banking on security fears.
09-Apr-2009: Apple building 5-6 million new iPhones - Analyst.
09-Apr-2009: Smartphone Study Finds Alarming Disconnect Between Enterprise Smartphone Adoption and Ability to Manage Mobile Devices.
09-Apr-2009: Cox readies wireless network.
09-Apr-2009: Acer Phones Coming Soon.
08-Apr-2009: World's first femtocell standard published by 3GPP.
08-Apr-2009: Nokia launches WCDMA handsets in Korea.
08-Apr-2009: Sprint and GE land healthcare wireless infrastructure contract.
08-Apr-2009: Cellphone Energy Gap is Widening.
08-Apr-2009: OpenMoko: Plan B Instead of New Smartphone.
07-Apr-2009: Sony Ericsson W205.
07-Apr-2009: Skype's iPhone App Sparks Wireless Net Neutrality Debate.
07-Apr-2009: Sony Ericsson S312.
07-Apr-2009: Gore says wireless great success story.
07-Apr-2009: T-Mobile to Use Google Software for Home.
07-Apr-2009: Recession to cut growth.
06-Apr-2009: Nokia E75 Beging Shipping.
03-Apr-2009: Clearwire to Launch WiMAX Innovation Network to Silicon Valley Developers.
03-Apr-2009: On new cell phones, QWERTY eases out 1-2-3.
03-Apr-2009: RIM Gets Ready to Rumble, Readies Blockbuster Blackberry.
03-Apr-2009: 'Net neutrality' seen on the back burner.
03-Apr-2009: Samsung Android phones.
02-Apr-2009: Verizon Wireless sees Kindle-type e-readers coming.
02-Apr-2009: HTC Snap launches.
02-Apr-2009: Verizon Wireless LTE Innovation Center To Drive 4G Next Generation Wireless Product Development.
02-Apr-2009: Day One: CTIA Wireless 2009.
01-Apr-2009: MetroPCS Introduces its First Touch Screen Handset - the Samsung Finesse.
01-Apr-2009: AT&T promotion offers ultra-portable mini laptops with built-in 3G for $49.99.
01-Apr-2009: Mobile Devices as Voting Machines.
01-Apr-2009: CLEAR Spot Personal Hotspot Accessory.
01-Apr-2009: Gameloft to Support BlackBerry App World Launch.
01-Apr-2009: LG Unveils Stylish, Feature-Rich Products at CTIA Wireless 2009.
01-Apr-2009: Kyocera Unveils Third-Generation QWERTY Texting Phone and Stylish New Slider.
01-Apr-2009: RIM Launches BlackBerry App World.
01-Apr-2009: Samsung Mobile Launches First WiMAX-Enabled Mobile Internet Device.
01-Apr-2009: Boost Mobile Adds Worldwide Texting Option to Monthly Unlimited Plan.
01-Apr-2009: Handset Manufacturers Aiming to Design Their Way out of Recession.
01-Apr-2009: Opera introduces Face Gestures.
01-Apr-2009: Verizon Wireless announces Business Ringback Tones.
31-Mar-2009: Skype Available on Apple App Store.
31-Mar-2009: Motorola intoduces the Evoke QA4.
31-Mar-2009: Ericsson pushes HSPA world record to 56Mbps.
31-Mar-2009: American to add Wi-Fi service to domestic flights.
31-Mar-2009: Alcatel-Lucent innovations help providers integrate CDMA and LTE services on the same network.
31-Mar-2009: LTE Mobile Broadband to Generate $70bn in Revenues Within 5 Years.
30-Mar-2009: AT&T Unveils New Integrated Devices for Texting, Email and More.
30-Mar-2009: CTIA Preview: Budget-Friendly Phones.
30-Mar-2009: Nokia Releases a New Software Update for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic.
30-Mar-2009: Sierra Wireless and Wavecom demonstrate ON-AIR, live at CTIA.
30-Mar-2009: Skype to announce launch for iPhone and BlackBerry.
28-Mar-2009: T-Mobile may have second Android phone on the way.
28-Mar-2009: RIM expected to announce new video download service.
28-Mar-2009: Verizon plans to sell netbook computers.
27-Mar-2009: For Wireless Handsets, 2010 Will Be the Year the Bleeding Stops.
27-Mar-2009: Samsung Selects Spreadtrum as New Chipset Supplier.
27-Mar-2009: AT&T to start sending copyright warnings.
27-Mar-2009: Carriers Will Need Mobile Broadband Services to Compete in Emerging Markets.
26-Mar-2009: Sprint announces 2009 4G rollout plans.
25-Mar-2009: T-Mobile USA unveils high-speed plans.
25-Mar-2009: T-Mobile USA Launches 3G webConnect USB Laptop Stick.
25-Mar-2009: Android reaches 5 percent of US Mobile Web Traffic.
25-Mar-2009: Peek Pronto is Launched.
25-Mar-2009: Mobile Application Store Users to Quadruple in Five Years.
25-Mar-2009: CTIA Wireless 2009 front and center April 1-3.
24-Mar-2009: Sprint looks beyond cellphones.
24-Mar-2009: ST-Ericsson announce the 4910 and 4908 EDGE platforms.
24-Mar-2009: Telecom giants Telefonica and Vodafone team up.
24-Mar-2009: Verizon Wireless offers the Nokia 7205 Intrigue.
24-Mar-2009: Ericsson and mobilkom austria commercially launch HSPA Evolution.
23-Mar-2009: Nortel execs share in bonuses.
23-Mar-2009: Prepaid Wireless Takes Off.
23-Mar-2009: China Development Bank Provides ZTE US$15 Billion Credit Line.
23-Mar-2009: Airvana's HubBub Femtocell demonstrates dramatic data speed increase.
21-Mar-2009: Google releases YouTube Mobile App.
21-Mar-2009: IEEE Begins Work on Two New Standards for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks.
20-Mar-2009: Sony Ericsson sees continued weak sales.
20-Mar-2009: AT&T to sell iPhone without contract for $599.
20-Mar-2009: Samsung launches movies to mobiles service.
20-Mar-2009: Cricket Introduces Nokia 3606.
20-Mar-2009: China Mobile's Golden Age Is Gone.
20-Mar-2009: China Unicom selects Ericsson to supply WCDMA networks for 15 Chinese provinces.
20-Mar-2009: Recession Slows Femtocell Deployments, But Only Temporarily.
20-Mar-2009: US companies want no set Internet speeds in stimulus.
19-Mar-2009: Comcast WiMax Coming to Portland Midyear.
19-Mar-2009: Sony Ericsson plans to launch 8 MP camera phone in U.S..
19-Mar-2009: 3G-4G to Account for 30% of Global Wireless Subscriptions by 2013.
19-Mar-2009: HTC plans three Android handsets this year.
19-Mar-2009: Smart Phones to Be Used in Large Multinational Clinical Trial.
18-Mar-2009: Apple unveils iPhone OS 3.0 software.
18-Mar-2009: New HTC Touch Cruise with HTC Footprints.
18-Mar-2009: Wireless Infrastructure Vendors Hunkering Down for a Tough 2009.
18-Mar-2009: Nokia Developer Summit.
17-Mar-2009: Palm launches the Treo Pro.
17-Mar-2009: Nokia Streamlines Operations in Several Units and Functions.
16-Mar-2009: Virgin Mobile USA announces X-tc from Kyocera Wireless.
16-Mar-2009: Computer Makers Prepare to Stake Bigger Claim in Phones.
15-Mar-2009: Zer01 offers unlimited 3G data, VoIP.
13-Mar-2009: Sprint announces LG Rumor2 and Everything Messaging Plan.
13-Mar-2009: Berg Insight predicts 913 million mobile banking users by 2014.
13-Mar-2009: No decision on Nortel breakup.
12-Mar-2009: The war for mobile developers.
12-Mar-2009: Google Voice announced.
12-Mar-2009: IDC Predicts Worldwide Mobile Phone Shipments To Fall 8.3% in 2009.
12-Mar-2009: MIcrosoft unveils mobile phone development strategy.
12-Mar-2009: Vodafone to offer DRM free music.
11-Mar-2009: Nokia expands lineup of music devices.
11-Mar-2009: Samsung launches new "Gesture Lock" touchscreen handsets.
11-Mar-2009: Ericsson to build 3G network for Turkcell.
11-Mar-2009: Apple orders 10-inch touchscreens.
11-Mar-2009: Korea Fair Trade Commission Issues Case Examiner's Report to Qualcomm.
11-Mar-2009: AT&T to invest more than $17 Billion in 2009.
11-Mar-2009: Ban on Cellphone use While Driving Gets Mixed Reviews in U.S..
11-Mar-2009: Metro PCS launches BlackBerry Curve 8330 with Industry First Rate Plans.
11-Mar-2009: Motion Sensing enabled in Openmoko Neo Freerunner Handset.
10-Mar-2009: T-Mobile USA obtains junction against prepaid phone traffickers.
10-Mar-2009: Clearwire names new CEO.
10-Mar-2009: Sony Ericsson debuts in Korea.
10-Mar-2009: Business Leaders Demand Video on the Move.
10-Mar-2009: Nokia takes on Apple in online software "arms race".
10-Mar-2009: Javaground Introduces Xpressed.
09-Mar-2009: Smartphones to Account for 23% of All New Mobile Phones by 2013.
09-Mar-2009: Motorola announces new MC55 EDA.
09-Mar-2009: Global seminar to encourage mobile branchless banking in third world countries.
09-Mar-2009: U.S. firms chosen to provide number portability in India.
08-Mar-2009: Have Smartphone, Can Travel.
06-Mar-2009: Vodafone talking to Yahoo!.
06-Mar-2009: Clearwire announces 2009 WiMAX expansion cities.
05-Mar-2009: EDGE dominates new base station deployments.
05-Mar-2009: Utility info to be transmitted via 3G.
05-Mar-2009: Sprint announces Palm Treo Pro availability.
05-Mar-2009: The Battle for Mobile Search Dominance.
04-Mar-2009: Obama nominates Genachowski to head FCC.
04-Mar-2009: China Unicom in talks to sell Apple iPhone.
03-Mar-2009: Mobile Entertainment Growth Not Recession Proof.
02-Mar-2009: Nokia 5800 has problems connecting to 3G networks.
02-Mar-2009: CDMA2000 Moves to Its Next Growth Phase.
02-Mar-2009: Smartphones to double market share by 2013.
02-Mar-2009: CeBIT promoting green tech.
28-Feb-2009: Sprint losing post-paid subscribers.
27-Feb-2009: DoCoMo halts BlackBerry Bold sales due to overheating.
26-Feb-2009: LG Versa available through Verizon Wireless.
26-Feb-2009: RuMBA USA launches.
26-Feb-2009: Japan's Softbank offers free iPhone.
26-Feb-2009: 3G Americas urges transition to IPv6.
25-Feb-2009: Pantech Breeze Debuts in Black.
25-Feb-2009: EMBARQ offering bundled Wi-Fi.
25-Feb-2009: AT&T to invest $1 billion in global network buildout.
25-Feb-2009: Nokia Siemens Networks wins big in China.
25-Feb-2009: Cell Phones in the Classroom.
25-Feb-2009: ZumoDrive now publicly available.
25-Feb-2009: The Outlook Gets Murkier for Clearwire.
24-Feb-2009: ZTE Announces First EV-DO Revision B on CDMA2000 System.
24-Feb-2009: Motorola announces progress on TD-LTE commercialization.
24-Feb-2009: Impact of the Economic Downturn on Mobility.
24-Feb-2009: Carbon Manna rolls-out cell-phone based Carbon Micro Credit system in Kenya.
24-Feb-2009: Boost Mobile makes a move in the unlimited plan price wars.
24-Feb-2009: Verizon Wireless CDM8975 PTT Handset.
24-Feb-2009: Buying Mobile Applications.
23-Feb-2009: Mobile Music Revenues to Reach $14.6bn by 2013.
23-Feb-2009: CooTek wins GSMA 2009 Mobile Innovation Global Award.
20-Feb-2009: GSMA offers Mobile World Congress 2009 wrap up.
19-Feb-2009: Sprint Posts Q4 and Full-Year Results.
19-Feb-2009: T-Mobile USA testing $50 unlimited plan.
18-Feb-2009: The Nokia N86 8MP.
18-Feb-2009: AT&T introduces the Pantech Matrix Pro.
18-Feb-2009: Verizon Wireless fosters global LTE ecosystem.
18-Feb-2009: Alltel launches Alltel Mobile Advisor.
18-Feb-2009: i-mobile Increases Handset Models With Telegent's Mobile TV Feature.
18-Feb-2009: AnyDATA Announces Global 3G Smartphone Devices.
17-Feb-2009: Vodafone and HTC unveil Android-powered HTC Magic.
17-Feb-2009: Nokia and Qualcomm Plan to develop UMTS Devices.
17-Feb-2009: Skype to be integrated into Nokia devices.
17-Feb-2009: Mobile industry unites behind universal charger standard.
17-Feb-2009: Introducing Yahoo! Mobile.
17-Feb-2009: MontaVista Introduces Montabello Linux-Based MID Platform.
17-Feb-2009: Nortel readying new business plan.
16-Feb-2009: Nokia unveils two new Eseries handsets.
16-Feb-2009: Sprint launches Simply Everything Plan + Mobile Broadband.
16-Feb-2009: Microsoft and partners unveil new Windows Mobile 6.5 phones.
16-Feb-2009: HTC unveils the HTC Touch Diamond2 and HTC Touch Pro2.
16-Feb-2009: Qualcomm Adds Femtocell Chipsets to Technology Portfolio.
16-Feb-2009: TI Introduces New DLP(R) Pico(TM) Projector Technology Chip.
16-Feb-2009: Companies demonstrate LTE at Mobile World Congress 2009.
16-Feb-2009: LiMo members showcase next-generation handsets.
16-Feb-2009: LG and Intel collaborate on MIDs.
16-Feb-2009: Android-based handsets heading to Chinese market.
16-Feb-2009: Samsung Memoir debuts at Mobile World Congress 2009.
16-Feb-2009: Ericsson Launches Pixl8r and Social Media Portal.
16-Feb-2009: HP products join Orange mobile broadband portfolio.
13-Feb-2009: Samsung Introduces "Blue Earth" - the First Solar Powered Full-Touch Phone.
13-Feb-2009: Visa to Showcase Mobile Payments, Money Transfer and Payment-Related Services at GSMA Mobile World Congress 2009.
13-Feb-2009: Qualcomm Expands HSPA+ Product Portfolio.
13-Feb-2009: Nortel Completes World's First LTE TDD 4G Wireless Demonstration in China.
13-Feb-2009: Nokia announces Comes With Music devices for Singapore launch.
13-Feb-2009: Verizon Wireless announces Friends & Family.
12-Feb-2009: Garmin-Asus Introduces nüvifone M20.
12-Feb-2009: Verizon Wireless offers new prepaid calling plans.
12-Feb-2009: Opera goes turbo-charged.
12-Feb-2009: Nokia Siemens Networks gives voice to LTE.
12-Feb-2009: Ericsson launches Connected Home Gateway software.
12-Feb-2009: WiMAX Forum® Projects Over 800 Million People to Have Access to Next-Generation WiMAX Networks by 2010.
11-Feb-2009: Ericsson launches industry's most sophisticated core network for LTE.
11-Feb-2009: Nokia tightens its belt.
11-Feb-2009: Mobile World Celebrates Four Billion Connections.
11-Feb-2009: Qualcomm adds NFC support to chipsets.
11-Feb-2009: The Nokia E63 now available in the US.
11-Feb-2009: Boost Mobile Expands into 2,400 Additional RadioShack Stores.
10-Feb-2009: Sony Ericsson's new C903 Cyber-shot handset.
10-Feb-2009: Comsys Mobile to Demonstrate Full HD Video Streaming Over LTE.
10-Feb-2009: ZTE to Unveil Complete Range of Smartphones at Mobile World Congress 2009.
10-Feb-2009: WiMax's last best hope.
10-Feb-2009: Cisco powers 4G network in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
10-Feb-2009: New W395 Walkman announced.
10-Feb-2009: Amazon introduces Kindle 2.
09-Feb-2009: LG announces the Arena with 3D user interface.
09-Feb-2009: LiMo Foundation Announces Key Updates to LiMo Platform.
09-Feb-2009: ZTE Launches Industry's Smallest WiMAX 16e RRU Device.
09-Feb-2009: Microsoft plans new programs and services for mobile phones.
09-Feb-2009: LG Elec to cut $2.2 bln costs as recession bites.
08-Feb-2009: CWA Members Vote to Strike AT&T Mobility.
06-Feb-2009: The move towards three-screen video services.
06-Feb-2009: Smarter Than A Smart Phone.
05-Feb-2009: Samsung Memoir 8 MP camera phone announced.
05-Feb-2009: MediaFLO mobile TV to be available during Mobile World Congress 2009.
05-Feb-2009: Azingo Selected by Vodafone to Develop Mobile Applications for Linux Platform.
05-Feb-2009: JAJAH Turns iPod Touch Into an iPhone.
05-Feb-2009: One in Three iPhone Owners Used a Location Based Service in Q4 2008.
05-Feb-2009: T-Mobile USA gets top ranking for overall customer care.
05-Feb-2009: Nokia Siemens launches new Flexi Multiradio Base Station.
04-Feb-2009: Garmin-Asus Line of Co-branded LBS-centric Mobile Phones announced.
04-Feb-2009: Google Latitude mobile tracking feature available.
04-Feb-2009: MOTO W233 Renew Now Available from T-Mobile USA.
04-Feb-2009: Obama's Stimulus Package Promises 'New Deal' for Broadband says Strategy Analytics.
04-Feb-2009: Skype 4.0 announced.
04-Feb-2009: Axesstel introduces HUSPA Wi-Fi Gateway.
04-Feb-2009: France's Orange fails in bid to restore Apple iPhone deal.
03-Feb-2009: Motorola Announces Fourth-Quarter and Full-Year Financial Results.
03-Feb-2009: Vodafone raises forecasts on favorable currency.
03-Feb-2009: Beceem's Chip Included in the First 4G Service to Launch in Japan.
03-Feb-2009: Mobile Banking Finds New Users.
03-Feb-2009: New Sprint Premier program targets loyal customers.
03-Feb-2009: Virgin Mobile USA announces Helio Ocean 2.
03-Feb-2009: When it comes cell phones - names matter.
02-Feb-2009: AT&T and DIRECTV launch co-branded satellite service.
02-Feb-2009: OpenPeak platform chosen for Verizon Wireless HUB.
02-Feb-2009: HD Communications Corp. Introduces an In-Wall Wi-Fi, Data, and VoIP Device.
02-Feb-2009: In-Stat tells UMD manufacturers add 3G, WiMAX or punt.
30-Jan-2009: Nortel gives up on WiMAX business.
30-Jan-2009: AT&T CEO to give up 2008 bonus.
30-Jan-2009: Enter the Year of the Smartphone.
29-Jan-2009: Nokia releases three new handsets.
29-Jan-2009: T-Mobile USA Reports 32.8 Million Customers at the End of 2008.
29-Jan-2009: Devicescape releases report on consumer Wi-Fi attitudes.
29-Jan-2009: Orange launches first UK pay-as-you-go Blackberry.
28-Jan-2009: AT&T Reports Robust Wireless Data Growth.
28-Jan-2009: T-Mobile Shadow launches.
28-Jan-2009: Aricent Delivers Sprint's Exclusive One Click User Interface.
28-Jan-2009: Nokia to Acquire bit-side GmbH.
28-Jan-2009: Bell Mobility assists LG Electronics in LG 150 mobile phone recall.
27-Jan-2009: Verizon WIreless continues double-digit revenue growth.
27-Jan-2009: Verizon And AT&T: Standing Firm.
27-Jan-2009: Virgin Mobile USA launches pink edition LG Flare Handset.
27-Jan-2009: Teletouch Announces Retail Expansion with T-Mobile USA.
27-Jan-2009: 35 Million Netbook Shipments Expected in 2009.
27-Jan-2009: MetroPCS launches myMetro.
27-Jan-2009: The Business Phone Breaks New Ground In East Africa.
26-Jan-2009: Verizon Wireless Network Extender available.
26-Jan-2009: VERTU Club services to launch in Japan.
26-Jan-2009: Sprint Nextel to Reduce Labor Costs by $1.2 Billion.
24-Jan-2009: Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Shipments reach 1 Million.
24-Jan-2009: New Verizon Hub to launch Feb. 1.
24-Jan-2009: Sprint looking to sell Palm Pre at Best Buy.
23-Jan-2009: Consumers Hang Up On Nokia.
23-Jan-2009: Fourth-quarter 2008 handset sales by vendor.
23-Jan-2009: Boost Mobile Launches 'Monthly Unlimited' Plan.
23-Jan-2009: Sprint Launches new business-oriented Nextel Direct Connect Custom Plans.
23-Jan-2009: WiMAX Forum launches Global Roaming Program.
22-Jan-2009: New GlobeSurfer III3G Wireless Router from Option.
22-Jan-2009: Sony, LG warn on profits as consumer demand crumbles.
22-Jan-2009: Fujitsu Siemens goes green at CeBIT.
22-Jan-2009: US Wireless Growth Won't Be Stopped by Weak Economy.
22-Jan-2009: FemtoZone launches at Mobile World Congress 2009.
22-Jan-2009: Innovative Business Model is the Key to Telecommunication Survival.
21-Jan-2009: Ericsson reports strong fourth quarter.
21-Jan-2009: Ascom Wireless launches new IP-DIECT handsets.
21-Jan-2009: SRS Labs latest audio and voice technologies licensed by Samsung.
21-Jan-2009: Rogers Wireless adds Samsung Rugby A836 and ZTE Rock F165 to portfolio.
21-Jan-2009: GSMA Announces Finalists for the 14th Global Mobile Awards.
21-Jan-2009: A Look at Inauguration Day cell phone coverage.
20-Jan-2009: Gameloft Best Mobile Games Developer 2008.
19-Jan-2009: 95% of Mobile Users Would Use More Data Services If Setup Were Easier.
19-Jan-2009: T-Mobile USA's Neville Ray Elected as 3G Americas' Chairperson.
19-Jan-2009: World's first fingerprint-sensor waterproof cell phone available.
16-Jan-2009: Cold care for your mobile phone.
15-Jan-2009: Ericsson to build commercial 4G network for TeliaSonera.
15-Jan-2009: Discover Card Goes Mobile.
15-Jan-2009: The Outlook Gets Murkier for Clearwire.
15-Jan-2009: Comstar Soft Launches WiMAX Network in Moscow.
14-Jan-2009: Nokia N79 Active Gets Your Heart Racing.
14-Jan-2009: Fujitsu Adds LTE Wireless Research and Testing Capabilities to Texas Facility.
14-Jan-2009: Ericsson first to implement mobile broadband into cable-TV network.
14-Jan-2009: Nortel files Chapter 11.
14-Jan-2009: Nokia adds LGPL open source licensing option for Qt.
14-Jan-2009: Sprint launches NextMail Locator.
14-Jan-2009: Mobile Banking Users to Exceed 150m Globally by 2011.
14-Jan-2009: Obama's FCC choice praised.
13-Jan-2009: Verizon and CBS reach retransmission and programming agreements.
13-Jan-2009: Apple predicted to be number one in global smartphone market by 2013.
13-Jan-2009: Cisco's Latest 802.11n Access Point.
13-Jan-2009: Spies in Your Mobile Phone.
12-Jan-2009: The National Safey Council calls for cellphone driving ban.
10-Jan-2009: Samsung MBP200 Pico Projector.
09-Jan-2009: Palm webOS and Palm Pre unveiled.
09-Jan-2009: Qualcomm demos Android on Snapdragon Platform at CES.
09-Jan-2009: LG feautures its top 10 at CES.
09-Jan-2009: Skype Launches on Android Platform.
09-Jan-2009: China Mobile to launch 3G "OPhone".
08-Jan-2009: Nokia 7510 to Launch With T-Mobile USA.
08-Jan-2009: The Nokia E63 heads to the United States.
08-Jan-2009: Obama's Broadband Plan.
08-Jan-2009: Sony Ericsson unveils the C510 Cyber-shot.
08-Jan-2009: New Sony Ericsson W508 Walkman.
08-Jan-2009: Verizon Wireless Selects Microsoft For Mobile Search And Advertising.
08-Jan-2009: 3G handset growth expected to continue in 2009.
08-Jan-2009: Nokia ends production of N810 WiMax Edition tablet.
07-Jan-2009: CompuLab pushes openness to new levels with the exeda.
07-Jan-2009: T-Mobile USA offers the BlackBerry Curve 8900.
07-Jan-2009: Motorola Provides WiMAX Devices for Clear service.
07-Jan-2009: Sony's Answer to the Netbook.
06-Jan-2009: WiMAX launches in Portland.
06-Jan-2009: Motorola recycles plastic water bottles into Mobile Phones.
06-Jan-2009: Best Buy offers lower-priced used iPhones.
06-Jan-2009: D-Link unveils dual-duty router.
06-Jan-2009: Novatel Wireless Launches Expedite E760 Embedded Module.
05-Jan-2009: LCD Still Rules Handset Displays.
05-Jan-2009: Group Unlocks Apple's New iPhone.
02-Jan-2009: Nokia to focus on profits not sales.
01-Jan-2009: A Year Ticks Over, and Zunes Get Hiccups.
01-Jan-2009: What's in store at CES 2009.
01-Jan-2009: 3G Router Enables Video Surveillance.

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