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MobileTechNews archive for the year 2010:

31-Dec-2010: Skype could be designated illegal in China.
31-Dec-2010: Craig McCaw to quit as Clearwire chairman.
31-Dec-2010: Sony sues to ban LG from U.S..
31-Dec-2010: Wireless Charging: Standardization Is Key.
30-Dec-2010: New Version of Skype for iPhone Announced.
29-Dec-2010: Skype CIO explains 24 hour outage.
29-Dec-2010: San Francisco Bay Area is Wired with Sprint 4G.
27-Dec-2010: PalmPad Set to Debut at CES.
24-Dec-2010: Skype CEO says System Stabilized.
24-Dec-2010: DoCoMo Takes the Next Big Step with LTE.
24-Dec-2010: Opera releases WAC-ready widget runtime for Android.
24-Dec-2010: HTC: We Will Customize Windows Phone 7 Over Time.
23-Dec-2010: Outage takes out Skype, recovery taking hours.
22-Dec-2010: Verizon Wireless to Release Motorola Smartphone for 4G Network Next Year.
22-Dec-2010: Sprint Extends iDEN® Network Infrastructure Supply Agreement with Motorola Solutions for Three Additional Years.
22-Dec-2010: Microsoft sells 1.5 million Windows Phone 7 first six weeks.
21-Dec-2010: F.C.C. Approves Net Rules and Braces for Fight.
21-Dec-2010: F.C.C. Is Set to Regulate Net Access.
21-Dec-2010: Inexpensive Smartphones Will Become the Smartest Choice in 2011.
21-Dec-2010: PlayStation phone to hit shops in April.
21-Dec-2010: Jibbigo Voice Translators Now Available for Android Devices.
20-Dec-2010: AT&T Agrees to Acquire Wireless Spectrum from Qualcomm.
20-Dec-2010: Cricket Introduces First Wireless Rate Plan with Unlimited Music Included.
20-Dec-2010: Samsung Mobile Announces Samsung Suede™ For New Cricket Unlimited Muve Music™ Service.
20-Dec-2010: Your Apps Are Watching You.
20-Dec-2010: Sprint Turns On 4G Service in Denver and Bridgeport, Conn..
20-Dec-2010: China mobile subscriber total rises to 833.1 million in Nov.
17-Dec-2010: Research In Motion Reports Third Quarter Results.
17-Dec-2010: Sprint Tackles Subscriber Losses.
17-Dec-2010: Review: Gingerbread makes Nexus S a smart cookie.
16-Dec-2010: Sprint Announces Winners of The Sprint 4G App Challenge.
16-Dec-2010: Touchscreen Smartphone Sales to Reach 355 Million by 2015.
16-Dec-2010: eBay acquires mobile application developer.
16-Dec-2010: T-Mobile USA, Nokia Siemens Networks drive evolution of HSPA.
16-Dec-2010: Nokia files patent infringement complaints against Apple in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands.
15-Dec-2010: Nokia Siemens buy of Motorola network ops wins EU nod.
15-Dec-2010: MetroPCS Launches 4G LTE Services in the Boston, New York City and Sacramento Metropolitan Areas.
15-Dec-2010: US & Japan Lead Race for High Speed Mobile Broadband.
15-Dec-2010: Hotels May Lose Repeat Business With Poor Wi-Fi Service.
15-Dec-2010: U.K. Mobile Phone Operator to Offer Unlimited Internet Access.
14-Dec-2010: Nokia delays flagship E7 phone to early 2011.
14-Dec-2010: Analysts: Apple iPhone on Verizon LTE network doubtful.
14-Dec-2010: Sprint Statement on Closing of Clearwire Debt Offering.
14-Dec-2010: Growing Mobile Marketing and Advertising Revenue Will Approach $1.5 Billion in 2016.
14-Dec-2010: eBay® Shoppers Flock to Phones.
13-Dec-2010: MetroPCS Adds to Its Handset Lineup With Affordable Android Phone.
10-Dec-2010: Sprint to introduce 4G Tablet in 2011.
10-Dec-2010: Cell Phone Carriers Pitch Texting to Seniors.
09-Dec-2010: Google hopeful that Android will run Nokia smartphones.
09-Dec-2010: Hacker Threatens More Attacks on Those Seen as WikiLeaks Foes.
09-Dec-2010: Verizon Business Sees Mobile Commerce Demand, Cloud Adoption Sweeping the Retail Industry.
09-Dec-2010: NFC Forum Publishes Four Technical Specifications.
09-Dec-2010: How the Telecom Lobby Put a Cellphone in Charles Manson's Hands.
09-Dec-2010: LTE Soon to Flood ABI Research’s 4G Coverage Map.
08-Dec-2010: Apple, Google Asked to Pay Up for Network Upgrades as Data Clog Bandwidth.
08-Dec-2010: Sprint Inks International 4G Roaming Agreements.
08-Dec-2010: SpouseSpy Cell Phone Software.
08-Dec-2010: Google Opens the Chrome Web Store.
07-Dec-2010: ZTE Delivers Icera-Powered T-Mobile webConnect(R) Rocket(TM) 2.0 Laptop Stick for 4G Wireless Web Surfing.
07-Dec-2010: Visa Mobile Contactless Payments Solution Certified for Commercial Use.
07-Dec-2010: Study links cellphones to child misbehavior.
07-Dec-2010: AT&T gets hit with trifecta of bad news.
07-Dec-2010: Apple’s 3D Patent May Be the Push 3D Needs for Mainstream Status, Says In-Stat.
07-Dec-2010: Google Introduces Nexus S with Gingerbread.
06-Dec-2010: Clearwire eyes selling up to $2 billion spectrum.
06-Dec-2010: Report: Apple has cut a sweet deal with Verizon for the iPhone.
06-Dec-2010: Sprint Announces Network Vision – A Cutting-Edge Network Evolution Plan.
06-Dec-2010: Google eBookstore now Available.
06-Dec-2010: In Online Privacy Plan, the Opt-Out Question Looms.
06-Dec-2010: Which 4G Is Right for You?.
03-Dec-2010: Clearwire Communications LLC Announces Pricing of Secured and Exchangeable Notes.
03-Dec-2010: Europe to Examine Cap on Roaming Charges for Mobile Internet.
03-Dec-2010: Digi and Sprint Partner to Provide Industry’s First Commercial-Grade Integrated 4G Routers to Power M2M Solutions.
02-Dec-2010: Clearwire Communications LLC Announces Plans to Raise Over $1.1 Billion.
02-Dec-2010: Top Ten Wireless Predictions for 2011.
02-Dec-2010: LTE Subscriber Growth Will See a Bumpy Road on Its Path to Nearly 115 Million Subscribers by 2014.
02-Dec-2010: FCC Chief Backs Usage-Based Broadband Pricing.
02-Dec-2010: Verizon Wireless Launches the World's Largest 4G LTE Wireless Network on Dec. 5.
02-Dec-2010: Motorola to Complete Separation on January 4.
02-Dec-2010: Verizon Wireless and LG Mobile Phones Announce the LG VL600 4G USB Modem.
01-Dec-2010: MetroPCS Launches 4G LTE Network in San Francisco Metropolitan Area.
01-Dec-2010: BlackBerry Overtakes Apple in Mobile Wars.
01-Dec-2010: FCC preparing to vote on network neutrality rules.
30-Nov-2010: 3M Introduces New Natural View Screen Protector for Cell Phones and Apple iPad.
30-Nov-2010: RIM shares jump on positive view of new operating system.
30-Nov-2010: Qualcomm and Ericsson Demonstrate LTE TDD Mobility at 2.3 GHz in India.
30-Nov-2010: Two Billion Covered by 3G and 4G Data Services.
29-Nov-2010: World's First 9-inch Touch-Screen Ebook Reader - the Asus Eee Reader DR900.
29-Nov-2010: Sprint 4G Rolls Out in Los Angeles, Miami, Washington, D.C., Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio.
29-Nov-2010: Few smartphone owners are loyal to their brand: survey.
26-Nov-2010: Sony to return to Japan e-reader market in December.
25-Nov-2010: TiVo turns the iPhone into a DVR remote control.
24-Nov-2010: Generation Y chooses the mobile Web.
24-Nov-2010: LTE-Advanced Receives Final ITU Ratification as IMT-Advanced.
24-Nov-2010: Opera Mobile 10.1 for Nokia smartphones goes final.
23-Nov-2010: Apple's iOS 4.2 a 'milestone' update for iPad, iPhone.
23-Nov-2010: Orange, T-Mobile to subsidize Apple iPad in Europe.
22-Nov-2010: GSMA Launches the 'Mobile World Capital'.
21-Nov-2010: White House to push for tech policy action in 2011.
21-Nov-2010: Amazon sells Droid phones for a penny.
21-Nov-2010: 3G/4G Router That Supports Tethered iPhone.
21-Nov-2010: Apple May Introduce Thinner iPad in Early 2011, Analysts Predict.
20-Nov-2010: Cox Communications Launches Bundled 3G Services.
19-Nov-2010: Nokia says some N8 phones have power problems.
19-Nov-2010: Qualcomm, AT&T Are Said to Hold Talks for Mobile-Television Spectrum Sale.
19-Nov-2010: New Compact Flash 6.0 Specification Announced.
19-Nov-2010: GSMA Launches Embedded SIM Initiative to Support the Connected Future.
19-Nov-2010: Bluetooth Technology to Be Standard in More Than 90 Percent of Automobiles by 2016.
19-Nov-2010: Verizon Wireless says phone data cap was an error.
18-Nov-2010: Samsung Mobile and Cellular South Collaborate to Deploy LTE Infrastructure.
18-Nov-2010: AT&T Announces Company's First MiFi Intelligent Mobile Hotspot.
18-Nov-2010: Sprint Launches New Parental Controls.
17-Nov-2010: DoCoMo to Launch E-Reader, Tablet.
17-Nov-2010: China Unicom and ZTE Jointly Launch WoStore in Hong Kong.
17-Nov-2010: Google Voice for iPhone app Available.
17-Nov-2010: Cricket Adds Kyocera RIO Touchscreen Handset to Dynamic Lineup.
17-Nov-2010: Mobile Phone Data Traffic to Increase Tenfold.
17-Nov-2010: Mobile Companies Fail to Meet Customer Service Needs Online.
16-Nov-2010: AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless Announce Joint Venture to Build National Mobile Commerce Network.
16-Nov-2010: Google's new phone software supports mobile payment.
16-Nov-2010: AT&T Offers Samsung Galaxy Tab with Pay-As-You-Go Monthly Data Plans.
16-Nov-2010: Verizon Wireless and LG Mobile Phones Offer LG Cosmos Touch.
15-Nov-2010: CLEAR 4G Launches in Sacramento.
15-Nov-2010: AMD Joins MeeGo Linux Open Source Project.
12-Nov-2010: RadioShack Introduces Windows Phone 7 With Three New Devices.
12-Nov-2010: Africa crosses 500 million mobile subscriptions mark.
11-Nov-2010: Korean Giants Struggle to Crack Smartphone Market.
11-Nov-2010: ZTE Deploys the First 4G/WiMAX Network for ZAPP.PT in Portugal.
11-Nov-2010: Consumer Reports: Android pulls the smartphone Grand Slam.
11-Nov-2010: Gartner Says Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales Grew 35 Percent in Third Quarter 2010.
11-Nov-2010: Mobile Operators Planning to Write Billion Dollar Checks for LTE Equipment in 2011.
11-Nov-2010: More Than Half of U.S. Consumers Plan to Use Their Mobile Phone for Holiday Shopping.
11-Nov-2010: Messaging to Play a Dominant Role in the Future of Mobile Marketing.
10-Nov-2010: AT&T Cuts Price of RIM's BlackBerry Torch Smartphone in Half.
10-Nov-2010: The Samsung Zeal™ From Verizon Wireless.
10-Nov-2010: ST-Ericsson and Nokia Join Forces to Drive TD-LTE in China.
10-Nov-2010: RIM takes on iPad.
09-Nov-2010: World’s First Dedicated Mobile Phone Ticker Display On The Samsung Continuum™, A Galaxy S™ Smartphone.
09-Nov-2010: Standalone Mobile Hotspot Device Revenue Already Approaching $500 Million in 2010.
08-Nov-2010: Google Chrome Takes to the Clouds with Free Wi-Fi on AirTran, Delta and Virgin America Flights.
08-Nov-2010: Nokia reaffirms commitment to Symbian platform.
08-Nov-2010: Symbian Foundation to Transition to a Licensing Operation.
08-Nov-2010: DROID PRO by Motorola Now Available from Verizon Wireless.
08-Nov-2010: DOCOMO to Launch “Xi,” Japan’s First LTE Service.
08-Nov-2010: NTT DOCOMO Unveils 28 New Models— Largest-ever lineup of handsets, smartphones, LTE data terminals and more.
08-Nov-2010: Phone Apps Aim to Fight Harassment.
08-Nov-2010: Free 4G (and a Freed-Up Parking Spot) in NYC.
05-Nov-2010: Dell switching off BlackBerry, onto own smartphone.
04-Nov-2010: Clearwire Reports Record Subscriber and Revenue Growth in Third Quarter 2010.
04-Nov-2010: Samsung Focus Available to AT&T Customers on November 8.
04-Nov-2010: T-Mobile USA Reports Third Quarter 2010 Results.
04-Nov-2010: Metro USA Nationwide Service Launches Today.
04-Nov-2010: AT&T’s Bet on Health Technology.
04-Nov-2010: AT&T ForHealth Specialized Wireless and Cloud-based Healthcare Delivery Solutions Announced.
04-Nov-2010: ITC staff backs Nokia in Apple case.
03-Nov-2010: Sprint Expected to Ship Almost Three Million 4G Phones in 2010.
03-Nov-2010: Facebook revs up mobile device plans.
03-Nov-2010: T-Mobile 4G Service Now Available in More Markets and on New Devices.
03-Nov-2010: Open Kernel Labs OKL4 Now Deployed in More Than One Billion Devices.
03-Nov-2010: US tops $5 Billion Mobile Advertising Spend in 2015.
03-Nov-2010: Garmin Q3 profit misses Street, cuts FY outlook.
03-Nov-2010: New Samsung Galaxy Tab Packs SRS 5.1 Mobile for Larger Than Life Sound.
02-Nov-2010: Apple Increases Tablet Share to 95 Percent as Android Slips.
02-Nov-2010: ZTE Deploys 3G Stations at the World’s Highest Point.
02-Nov-2010: Mobile Nanny for Android smartphones announced.
02-Nov-2010: Vonage Releases Improved Vonage Mobile Application for Facebook.
01-Nov-2010: CEAR 4G Arrives in the Big Apple.
01-Nov-2010: Upcoming Availability of the Samsung Evergreen on AT&T's Network.
01-Nov-2010: Demand for 802.11n Spurs Wi-Fi Equipment Market to 18 Million Units in 2Q 2010.
01-Nov-2010: T-Mobile Announces New Products and Service Plans.
01-Nov-2010: Nokia Siemens Networks first to make GSM networks ‘smarter’.
01-Nov-2010: ZTE Realizes the World’s First CDMA2000 1x Advanced Call Featuring a Four-Fold Increase in Voice Capacity.
01-Nov-2010: Apple sues Motorola, further escalating cellphone wars.
29-Oct-2010: Apple Joins Top Five Mobile Phone Vendors.
29-Oct-2010: Smartphone maker HTC sees record Q4 revenue.
29-Oct-2010: The Paliwoda Group Launches Fund Initiative for NYC-Based Mobile Internet Startups.
29-Oct-2010: Samsung Mobile Hanset Sales up 12 Percent.
29-Oct-2010: Verizon Wireless Settles Data Charge Issue in Agreement With FCC.
29-Oct-2010: Global Tablet Device Shipments to Exceed 80 million annually by 2015.
29-Oct-2010: Opera Mini 5.1 beta for Nokia Smartphones Released.
28-Oct-2010: Agri-Valley Communications first to roll out LTE in rural Michigan.
28-Oct-2010: Motorola's Third Quarter Profits Soar.
28-Oct-2010: LG Electronics faces more pain after record Q3 loss.
28-Oct-2010: HTC Brings the Compact and Powerful HTC Wildfire to the U.S..
28-Oct-2010: Verizon Wireless and LG Offer Text Messaging Enthusiasts the LG Octane.
28-Oct-2010: Verizon Wireless and Pantech Introduce the Pantech Crux.
28-Oct-2010: Sprint Announces New Sprint ID Partners, Sprint Mobile Wallet, Communication Enablement at 10th Annual Developer Conference.
28-Oct-2010: Apple iPad Available Beginning Today from Verizon Wireless.
28-Oct-2010: RIM Introduces the New BlackBerry Bold 9780 Smartphone.
28-Oct-2010: T-Mobile to Launch Samsung Galaxy Tab™ Nov. 10.
28-Oct-2010: Apple to bypass carriers with iPhone SIM?.
28-Oct-2010: Apple delays white iPhone until next spring.
27-Oct-2010: Sprint Nextel Reports Third Quarter 2010 Results.
27-Oct-2010: U.S. Army sees video to troop cellphones in 2 years.
27-Oct-2010: Apple Launches Online Store in China.
27-Oct-2010: Sprint Enhances Its Application Developer Website.
27-Oct-2010: 19% of All Mobile Phones Shipped in 2Q Were Smartphones.
26-Oct-2010: Samsung Galaxy Tab Available from Sprint Beginning Nov. 14.
26-Oct-2010: China Telecom Giant Makes Push for U.S. Market.
26-Oct-2010: Boost Mobile Introduces the Candy Apple Red Samsung Seek.
26-Oct-2010: Qwest Introduces New Solution to Alleviate Wireless Network Congestion.
26-Oct-2010: Garmin and ASUS Announce New Mobile Handset Strategies.
26-Oct-2010: Barnes & Noble Introduces NOOKcolor.
25-Oct-2010: Gemalto Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit In US On Android.
25-Oct-2010: Nokia Siemens Networks to Focus on Smart Networks at Broadband World Forum.
25-Oct-2010: Groundbreaking Wi-Fi Direct Launches Today.
25-Oct-2010: Fly Away Simulation Releases Free Flight Simulator App for iPhone and iPod Touch.
25-Oct-2010: Asustek and Garmin to break up in early 2011.
24-Oct-2010: Verizon Announces 3Q Results.
24-Oct-2010: Worldwide Mobile Subscriptions Number More than Five Billion.
24-Oct-2010: AT&T Adds Nearly 1.6 Million Emerging Device Connections In 3Q.
23-Oct-2010: Strong Revenue and Earnings Growth Highlight AT&T’s Third-Quarter Results.
22-Oct-2010: Gartner Says Mobility will be a Trillion Dollar Business by 2014.
22-Oct-2010: Samsung Apps Rides New Wave Family Smartphone Launch With Complimentary Downloads.
22-Oct-2010: Global Smartphone Shipments Surge to 77 Million Units in Q3 2010.
22-Oct-2010: Deutsche Telekom first to deploy LTE in digital dividend spectrum.
21-Oct-2010: Nokia takes steps to accelerate company transformation and increase effectiveness.
21-Oct-2010: Virgin Mobile announces payLo plan.
21-Oct-2010: IEEE 802.16m Approved as IMT-Advanced Technology.
21-Oct-2010: Samsung Galaxy Tab in Verizon Wireless Stores in November.
20-Oct-2010: MetroPCS Brings First Commercial 4G LTE Services to Detroit Metropolitan Area.
20-Oct-2010: Motorola Introduces First Commercial 4G LTE Device.
20-Oct-2010: TomTom and HTC Unite.
20-Oct-2010: MontaVista Lunux Carrier Grade Edition 6.0 Released.
20-Oct-2010: Symbian CEO Exits.
19-Oct-2010: HP Introduces webOS 2.0.
19-Oct-2010: Verizon Wireless to offer $15 data promotion.
19-Oct-2010: T-Mobile USA Completes President and CEO Transition to Philipp Humm.
19-Oct-2010: Franklin Wireless Introduces the U310 WiMAX USB Modem.
19-Oct-2010: Verizon Wireless 3G Network Extender Now Available.
19-Oct-2010: Consumers See Mobile Payments as Reason to Stay with or Change Banks.
19-Oct-2010: Cricket Announces Launch of Nationwide 3G Data Roaming.
19-Oct-2010: Nokia Siemens Networks unveils world’s lowest power-consuming server for mobile operators.
19-Oct-2010: Sprint offers 3G/4G Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Netbook and Dell Inspiron 11z Notebook.
19-Oct-2010: Nokia Siemens Networks collaborates with Qualcomm to optimize smartphone performance.
19-Oct-2010: AT&T Expands U-verse Mobile to Android Devices.
19-Oct-2010: BlackBerry Style 9670 Available Nationwide Exclusively from Sprint.
19-Oct-2010: Ruckus Wireless Delivers First End-to-End 802.11n Wi-Fi System for Wirelss Carrier Infrastructures.
18-Oct-2010: Motorola and Nokia Announce 4G Licensing Agreement.
18-Oct-2010: Sierra Wireless introduces new LTE wireless modules.
18-Oct-2010: RIM starts new Mideast services after escaping UAE ban.
18-Oct-2010: LiMo Foundation Joins the Wholesale Applications Community.
18-Oct-2010: Clearwire, Comcast and Sprint to Launch 4G in San Francisco.
18-Oct-2010: Free Wi-Fi Hotspots Influence Venue Choice for 95% of Users, Says In-Stat.
18-Oct-2010: KDDI and Skype Partner to Bring a New Communications Experience to Japanese Consumers.
18-Oct-2010: Zoom(R) Ships 3G+ Freedom Modem.
15-Oct-2010: Apple's iPad Coming to AT&T Stores on October 28.
15-Oct-2010: Boost Mobile Launches Monthly Unlimited with Shrinkage.
15-Oct-2010: Verizon Wireless Offers iPad At Stores Nationwide On October 28.
15-Oct-2010: iPhone 5 to be LTE phone: analysts.
15-Oct-2010: JAJAH Powers Calls for New Yahoo! Messenger iPhone App.
14-Oct-2010: Total Unit Shipments of Portable Entertainment Devices with Embedded 3G/4G Radios Will Eclipse 100 Million in the Next Year.
14-Oct-2010: Cricket Introduces the CROSSWAVE Mobile Hot Spot Device.
14-Oct-2010: Video Chat and Subscription Services to Drive Mobile Adult Revenues to $2.8bn by 2015.
14-Oct-2010: It’s an Exclusive Holiday at Best Buy Mobile® With Launch of Four New Smart Phones.
13-Oct-2010: AT&T, Verizon May Have to Warn Mobile-Phone Users Nearing Monthly Limits.
13-Oct-2010: Temporary Number Service (TNS) Allows Customers to Have Two Numbers on One SIM.
13-Oct-2010: Clearwire Is Said to Seek Up to $5 Billion in Wireless-Spectrum Auction.
13-Oct-2010: What to Do About Phantom Charges on Your Phone Bill.
13-Oct-2010: Winners In The New 4G Wireless Economy.
13-Oct-2010: Verizon Customers Now Can Use Mobile 'My Verizon' Tool.
12-Oct-2010: HID Global and Sony to Form Alliance to Create Contactless Smart Card Readers for the Global PC Market.
12-Oct-2010: Smartphone Video Call Users to Reach 29 Million by 2015 Globally.
12-Oct-2010: Sprint Launches Certified Pre-Owned Device Program.
12-Oct-2010: T-Mobile Intros the HTC HD7 and new offerings including T-Mobile TV and T-Mobile Family Room.
12-Oct-2010: HTC Launches FIve new Windows Phone 7 Smartphones.
11-Oct-2010: Microsoft Unveils Windows Phone 7 Global Portfolio.
11-Oct-2010: Nokia's second Symbian 3 smartphone to hit the market.
11-Oct-2010: “Annoyed” Consumers Want Wireless Charging of Their Mobile Devices, Says In-Stat.
11-Oct-2010: Global Handset Shipments to Rise by 20% to 1.43 Billion in 2011.
10-Oct-2010: HP Pavilion dm1-2010nr Entertainment PC Available at Verizon Wireless.
10-Oct-2010: Samsung Announces the Wave II.
08-Oct-2010: UAE says BlackBerry dispute resolved before deadline.
08-Oct-2010: Amazon to open online Android apps store.
08-Oct-2010: GSMA Launches mWomen Programme.
08-Oct-2010: Qualcomm Announces Availability of Augmented Reality Development Kit for Android.
07-Oct-2010: WSJ Verizon iPhone rumor -- Round 2.
07-Oct-2010: AT&T Introduces Thinnest Full Sliding Keyboard Phone from Pantech.
07-Oct-2010: Opera launches Open Mobile Ad Exchange.
07-Oct-2010: Verizon Launches 4G LTE In 38 Major Metropolitan Areas By The End Of The Year.
06-Oct-2010: T-Mobile Extends Wi-Fi Calling to Android Smartphones.
06-Oct-2010: Novatel Wireless Demonstrates MiFi® Intelligent Mobile Hotspot Solution for the Mobile Professionals.
06-Oct-2010: Cricket Shows Respect with First Ever Low-cost Android Device.
06-Oct-2010: HP to launch new webOS phones in early 2011.
06-Oct-2010: ST-Ericsson achieves HSPA+ breakthrough.
06-Oct-2010: DROID PRO By Motorola.
06-Oct-2010: Verizon Wireless and Motorola Unveil Motorola CITRUS.
06-Oct-2010: AT&T Expands Android Portfolio With Three New Motorola Smartphones.
05-Oct-2010: Verizon Wireless And CASIO G’zOne Introduce The Ravine.
05-Oct-2010: Samsung Mobile Promoting Enhanced Support, Innovation and Services to Include Android Devices for Enterprise Market.
05-Oct-2010: Skype for Android™ Now Available.
05-Oct-2010: Verizon Wireless Fivespot, the First Global Ready Mobile HotSpot.
05-Oct-2010: Virgin Mobile USA enters the Android™ smartphone market.
05-Oct-2010: T-Mobile USA to offer new Microsoft phones.
04-Oct-2010: New T-Mobile myTouch.
04-Oct-2010: LG Elec says Android 2.2-based tablet plan dropped.
04-Oct-2010: TAT Chosen by Fujitsu for Pioneering Dual Screen Phone.
04-Oct-2010: MobiTV Enters Living Room After Decade Providing Mobile Video.
04-Oct-2010: Verizon Wireless Addresses Billing Error.
04-Oct-2010: Target begins selling Apple's iPad in stores.
04-Oct-2010: AT&T, T-Mobile to Offer Service in NY Subway Stations.
01-Oct-2010: India rejects RIM corporate email solution-report.
01-Oct-2010: Microsoft, AT&T to Unveil New Smartphones.
01-Oct-2010: Nokia Calls Developer Economics ‘Next Battleground’ In App Store Wars.
01-Oct-2010: T-Mobile Says 4G Can Wait, Clearwire WiMax Is ‘Niche’.
01-Oct-2010: Study Shows Texting Bans Alone Not Enough to Reduce Crashes.
01-Oct-2010: Wi-Fi Alliance® Releases New Wi-Fi CERTIFIED n Product Data.
01-Oct-2010: AT&T to Introduce New GoPhone Plans Beginning October 3.
01-Oct-2010: Galaxy Selects AMIMON for World's First Wireless Graphics Card Enabling PC-to-TV Connectivity.
01-Oct-2010: Clearwire Announces Changes to Board of Directors.
01-Oct-2010: Nokia's Ovi Services Gain Momentum.
01-Oct-2010: Fujitsu and Toshiba Complete Merger of Mobile Phone Businesses.
30-Sep-2010: U.S. Cellular Launches The Belief Project.
30-Sep-2010: Nokia N8 Shipments Have Started.
30-Sep-2010: MetroPCS Launches Commercial 4G LTE Services in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.
30-Sep-2010: Facebook and Skype exploring partnership: report.
30-Sep-2010: First Motorola Mobile Enterprise Handheld Device to be Branded, Stocked and Sold Through a Wireless Carrier, Motorola ES400S by Sprint, Available by End of October.
30-Sep-2010: Wireless USB 1.1 Specification Now Available.
29-Sep-2010: AT&T Announces Industry-First Financing Initiative to Help Small Businesses Secure 'Game-Changing' Wireless Solutions.
29-Sep-2010: Sprint Lures AT&T's IPad Users With Portable Wi-Fi Hotspots.
29-Sep-2010: New satellites seen invigorating satnav industry.
29-Sep-2010: North American Content & Apps Revenues to Approach $10 Billion by 2015.
29-Sep-2010: Amazon to Launch Android App Store -- and Tablet, Too?.
29-Sep-2010: Best Buy Mobile® Launches Free Phone Fridays for the Month of October.
29-Sep-2010: 3G Americas is now 4G Americas.
29-Sep-2010: Sony Ericsson LiveView(TM) micro display.
28-Sep-2010: RIM Unveils The BlackBerry PlayBook.
28-Sep-2010: RIM Launches Next Generation BlackBerry Web Application Platform, Releases Code to Open Source Community.
28-Sep-2010: AT&T Offers SanDisk Media Manager PC Software on High-Capacity SanDisk Memory Cards for Mobile Phones.
28-Sep-2010: Limited Edition DROID R2-D2 by Motorola Lands on Verizon Wireless' Network.
28-Sep-2010: Wi-Fi Hotspots Still Evolving and Growing Despite Lack of a Solid Business Model.
28-Sep-2010: Sprint Launches "Behind the Scenes" Web Series for Upcoming Major 4G Launches.
27-Sep-2010: Sharp to start first E-bookstore Service from December with “GALAPAGOS” E-Book Reader.
27-Sep-2010: Nokia’s New Chief Faces Culture of Complacency.
27-Sep-2010: iPhone 4 orders exceed 200,000 in China.
27-Sep-2010: Clearwire Discusses Funding Options, Talking With T-Mobile USA.
27-Sep-2010: Ericsson Acquires Nortel's Multi Service Switch Business.
24-Sep-2010: Talking to death: texts, phones kill 16,000: study.
23-Sep-2010: Facebook said to be creating 2 phones.
23-Sep-2010: Nokia and AT&T Give Developers 10 Million Reasons to Create Apps.
23-Sep-2010: Sanyo Vero by Kyocera Available at Sprint.
23-Sep-2010: EU's Kroes calls for lower roaming fees.
23-Sep-2010: RIM Readies Its Answer to iPad.
23-Sep-2010: CDMA iPhone Production Expected To Start Next Qtr.
22-Sep-2010: MetroPCS Launches First 4G LTE Service in the U.S..
22-Sep-2010: Verizon Developer Community Conference Kicks Off.
22-Sep-2010: Clearwire Launches International Roaming Day Pass.
22-Sep-2010: 'Samsung Apps' Reaches 10 Million Downloads in Europe.
22-Sep-2010: Sony Ericsson Initiates Android App of the Week on Facebook.
21-Sep-2010: AT&T to sell satellite-enabled smart phone.
21-Sep-2010: 4G LTE Netbooks and Tablets to Represent 20% of LTE Subscribers by 2015.
21-Sep-2010: Wi-Fi Chipsets Shipped Will Pass One Billion Units per Year by 2012.
21-Sep-2010: Verizon Clarifies Succession Plans; Names Lowell Mcadam As COO.
21-Sep-2010: AT&T Expands Netbook and Notebook Lineup Equipped with Pay-as-You Go Data Service.
21-Sep-2010: For deaf, wireless devices a new portal to world.
21-Sep-2010: Nokia delays flagship N8 smartphone model again.
20-Sep-2010: iPhone 4 Available in China September 25.
20-Sep-2010: Sprint Launches 4G Service in Orlando.
20-Sep-2010: Facebook denies plans to build its own phone.
17-Sep-2010: Verizon won't be Windows Phone 7 official carrier this year.
17-Sep-2010: RIM beats targets; shares up on forecast.
17-Sep-2010: LG Elec names new CEO as mobile business struggles.
17-Sep-2010: The Samsung Galaxy Tab Set to Launch with Multiple U.S. Carriers.
16-Sep-2010: Verizon Wireless to Launch 4G LTE Service in 30 U.S. Cities.
16-Sep-2010: Samsung Launches Galaxy Tab.
16-Sep-2010: Sprint Challenges Developers to Create Innovative 4G Apps.
16-Sep-2010: Apple's iPad Will Disrupt the PC Market by Creating a New Usage Model.
16-Sep-2010: Sprint CFO: Clearwire buyout too expensive for now.
16-Sep-2010: iOS 4.2 Software Update Coming soon to iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.
15-Sep-2010: HTC Unveils new Phones at London Event.
15-Sep-2010: Sprint and Calgary Scientific Introduce First of Its Kind Mobile Medical Imaging Solution to Healthcare Providers.
15-Sep-2010: Smartphone users demand best voice and data quality – and are at the highest risk for churn.
14-Sep-2010: Nokia Announces Powerful Family of Smartphones and Ovi Services at Nokia World Showcase.
14-Sep-2010: Cell Phone Owners Willing to Pay Extra for Radio-Capable Device.
14-Sep-2010: E-Reader Unit Shipments to Reach 35 Million by 2014, Says In-Stat.
14-Sep-2010: Walmart Family Mobile Powered by T-Mobile Introduced.
14-Sep-2010: Verizon Wireless and RIM Launch a New Model of the Popular BlackBerry Curve 3G Smartphone.
13-Sep-2010: Sprint introduces Wholesale Mobile Integration.
13-Sep-2010: Another Nokia Exec is Out.
13-Sep-2010: F.C.C. Likely to Open Airwaves to Wireless.
10-Sep-2010: Nokia Appoints new CEO.
10-Sep-2010: Superphones to Reach 100 Million Units by 2015.
10-Sep-2010: Statement by Apple on App Store Review Guidelines.
10-Sep-2010: What Apple's Guideline Changes Mean for Developers.
10-Sep-2010: Nearly 59 Million Mobile WiMAX Subscribers in 2015.
09-Sep-2010: Introducing the T-Mobile G2 with Google.
09-Sep-2010: “Ubiquity Multiscreen TV” combines Internet with TV on any device.
09-Sep-2010: ARM Unveils Cortex-A15 MPCore Processor.
09-Sep-2010: LTE to Drive Healthy Growth for Antenna Suppliers Over the Next Five Years.
09-Sep-2010: MasterCard Launches MoneySend for BlackBerry Smartphones.
08-Sep-2010: Vodafone Sells $6.5 bln Stake in China Mobile.
08-Sep-2010: T-Mobile's Kids Are Free Promotion.
08-Sep-2010: 3D functionality and dual core processors to drive smartphone shipments to reach $94bn by 2015.
08-Sep-2010: Notebook Shipments Surpass 291 Million Units in 2014.
07-Sep-2010: LG to Integrate Tegra 2 Into Its Smartphones.
07-Sep-2010: Samsung Fascinate Galaxy S Smartphone Available Tomorrow on the Verizon Wireless Network.
07-Sep-2010: GSMA Reveals New Developments for Mobile World Congress 2011.
06-Sep-2010: Nokia to Unveil New Smartphones.
05-Sep-2010: Taiwan's HTC: iPhone's `quiet' challenger.
03-Sep-2010: Toshiba Joins IFA Tablet Race With Folio 100.
03-Sep-2010: U.S. and Israel spying behind BlackBerry woe: Dubai police.
02-Sep-2010: Verizon Wireless Offers New Prepaid 3G Data Package.
02-Sep-2010: Samsung GALAXY Tab is World's First DivX Certified® Tablet.
02-Sep-2010: Mobile Gambling Wagers to Surpass $48bn by 2015.
02-Sep-2010: FCC seeks input on rules for online services.
02-Sep-2010: ZTE Handset Shipment Increases by 40% to 28 Million in 1H 2010.
01-Sep-2010: Comcast Launches 4G Version of High-Speed 2go Wireless Data Service in Boston Area.
01-Sep-2010: Sprint debates rival Clearwire investor: report.
01-Sep-2010: Mobile Survey Finds One in Two Consumers Don't Know When Their Mobile Phone Contract Expires.
01-Sep-2010: Why all smartphones are $199.
31-Aug-2010: BlackBerry Gets 2-Month Reprieve on Threat of Ban in India.
31-Aug-2010: MetroPCS Unveils 'Mas Mexico' Service.
31-Aug-2010: Cisco making a play for Skype?.
31-Aug-2010: Bing for Mobile comes to Verizon Androids.
31-Aug-2010: Intel buys wireless chip tech in mobile-phone push.
30-Aug-2010: Clearwire Introduces Rover.
30-Aug-2010: Motorola Launches Additional MING Android Smartphones in China.
30-Aug-2010: Google plans pay-per-view films.
30-Aug-2010: Nokia, Siemens confirm NSN investment talks: report.
30-Aug-2010: Interval Licensing Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Web Search Companies.
29-Aug-2010: MetroPCS Set to Launch LTE Service Next Month.
27-Aug-2010: India's BlackBerry deadline may get 2-month extension.
27-Aug-2010: The Launch of Facebook Places Creates the Opportunity for Location Based Games.
26-Aug-2010: Cricket Announces Availability of Its First Android Phone.
26-Aug-2010: Cell Towers For the Home Work Best in Worst Sites.
26-Aug-2010: Google to allow phone calls from Gmail.
26-Aug-2010: Smartphone Application Market has Reached More Than 2.2 Billion Dollars in the First Half of 2010.
26-Aug-2010: Garmin® Announces Limited Recall of Certain nüvi® Personal Navigation Devices.
26-Aug-2010: Netflix App Now Available for iPhone and iPod Touch.
25-Aug-2010: Apple to Introduce 99-cent TV Show Rentals and iPod Touch: Rumor.
24-Aug-2010: Virgin Mobile USA Moves to $40 Unlimited Offer for Prepaid Mobile Broadband2Go.
24-Aug-2010: Surging Mobile Data Traffic Drives New 4G LTE Operator Investment Plans.
24-Aug-2010: Intel and Nokia Create First Joint Laboratory.
24-Aug-2010: Verizon executive defends Web traffic plan with Google.
24-Aug-2010: Sprint quietly sells 3G femtocell, Verizon set to follow.
23-Aug-2010: Scrutiny for Chinese Telecom Bid.
23-Aug-2010: LG Readies Tablet, Optimus Smartphones.
23-Aug-2010: CTIA spent $2.03M lobbying in second quarter.
20-Aug-2010: Verizon Wireless Salutes ZTE’s First Handset On The Nation’s Most Reliable Network.
20-Aug-2010: D-Link® 3G Mobile Wireless Router.
19-Aug-2010: T-Mobile Plays Hide-and-Seek With G2 Smartphone.
19-Aug-2010: Apple iPhone 4 may go on sale in China by Sept.
18-Aug-2010: Announcing SugarSync for Symbian.
18-Aug-2010: Sprint CEO Dan Hesse to Deliver Keynote at 10th Annual Developer Conference.
18-Aug-2010: Verizon Wireless adds more handsets to Skype-enabled lineup.
17-Aug-2010: Fifteen Percent of Consumers Use Mobile Devices to Make Purchases.
17-Aug-2010: India gives mobile operator deadline on BlackBerry.
17-Aug-2010: Nokia Debuts 'Touch and Type' Design With the Latest Nokia X3.
17-Aug-2010: Torch Price Cut In Half.
17-Aug-2010: Microsoft Premiers First Wave of Xbox LIVE Games Launching on Windows Phone 7.
17-Aug-2010: Best Buy to launch location-based retail experiment.
17-Aug-2010: T-Mobile USA May Delay LTE Launch for Two Years.
16-Aug-2010: Mobile Data Offloading Demands to Increase.
13-Aug-2010: Oracle sues Google for patent infringement.
13-Aug-2010: Why Sprint/Samsung’s Epic 4G Phone Costs $50 More Than The IPhone Or EVO.
13-Aug-2010: BlackBerry assures India on access to services: source.
13-Aug-2010: Global mobile data traffic nearly triples in 1 year.
12-Aug-2010: Worldwide Mobile Device Sales Grew 13.8 Percent in Second Quarter of 2010.
12-Aug-2010: Sprint set to launch the Samsung Epic 4G on Aug. 31.
12-Aug-2010: AT&T, Facebook takes side on net neturality proposal.
11-Aug-2010: DROID 2 By Motorola Pre-Sale Starts August 11.
11-Aug-2010: Dell Streak Five-Inch Android-based Tablet Announced.
10-Aug-2010: Audiovox Launches First Portable DVD Player with Built-in FLO TV.
10-Aug-2010: U-verse Mobile App Now Available on the App Store.
10-Aug-2010: Verizon and Google Release Internet Joint Policy Proposal.
09-Aug-2010: AT&T and Sony Ericsson Announce the Xperia X10.
09-Aug-2010: Skype Files to offer IPO.
09-Aug-2010: Samsung Eternity II and Samsung Flight II Coming to AT&T.
09-Aug-2010: RIM Introduces the New BlackBerry Curve 3G Smartphone.
09-Aug-2010: Will LTE Save Clearwire?.
07-Aug-2010: Saudi telecoms test fix to avert BlackBerry ban.
06-Aug-2010: Taiwan's HTC says July sales more than double y/y.
06-Aug-2010: Google, Verizon Deny Net Neutrality Accord.
06-Aug-2010: FCC abandons efforts at net neutrality compromise.
06-Aug-2010: Unicom to Sell iPhone With Wi-Fi in China.
05-Aug-2010: T-Mobile USA Reports Second Quarter 2010 Results.
05-Aug-2010: Clearwire Introduces iSpot.
05-Aug-2010: Motorola, HTC Drive Android to Smartphone OS Lead in the U.S..
05-Aug-2010: Source: Google, Verizon near net neutrality plan.
05-Aug-2010: LG Cookie Series Launches.
04-Aug-2010: Cricket Enters into National 3G Data Roaming Agreement.
04-Aug-2010: Motorola and Verizon team up for TV tablet.
03-Aug-2010: New BlackBerry Torch from AT&T.
03-Aug-2010: RIM Unleashes the New BlackBerry 6 OS.
02-Aug-2010: Sprint Expands 4G Coverage.
02-Aug-2010: AT&T and Verizon Wireless plan mobile payment system: report.
02-Aug-2010: UAE to ban BlackBerry services, Saudi follows suit.
02-Aug-2010: Mobile Data Usage Grows Exponentially but Data Revenue Lags.
02-Aug-2010: Sprint to offer Android 2.2.
31-Jul-2010: Top 25 Android apps: The best of the best.
30-Jul-2010: Samsung Elec to introduce Android-based tablet in Q3.
30-Jul-2010: Global Handset Shipments Reach 308 Million Units in Q2 2010.
30-Jul-2010: Verizon Wireless Launches Samsung Intensity II.
30-Jul-2010: Best Buy and Clearwire Unveil 4G Mobile Broadband Service Plans.
30-Jul-2010: Radio Shack plans Target store kiosks.
29-Jul-2010: Amazon announces the third-generation Kindle.
29-Jul-2010: NTT DOCOMO Announces “Xi” LTE Service Brand.
29-Jul-2010: Motorola Announces Second-Quarter 2010 Financial Results.
28-Jul-2010: Sprint Nextel Reports Second Quarter 2010 Results.
28-Jul-2010: Wal-Mart wireless service to include AT&T phones.
27-Jul-2010: AT&T Begins Fix for Glitch That Slowed Some IPhones.
27-Jul-2010: HTC Launches Its Brand in China.
27-Jul-2010: IEEE Publishes the 802.11p Amendment to Extend the Base IEEE 802.11 WLAN Specification for Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments.
27-Jul-2010: iPhone 4 Arrives in 17 More Countries This Friday.
26-Jul-2010: HTC to switch to Super LCDs on some smartphones.
26-Jul-2010: LiMO and GNOME Announce Partnership.
23-Jul-2010: Verizon Reports Strong Wireless, FiOS Customer Growth.
23-Jul-2010: Global Smartphone Shipments Jump 43 Percent to 60 Million Units in Q2 2010.
23-Jul-2010: AT&T Reports Record Quarter for iPhone Activations.
22-Jul-2010: Apple Reports Third Quarter Results.
21-Jul-2010: T-Mobile® HSPA+ Network Now Delivers Broadest Reach of 4G Speeds in U.S..
21-Jul-2010: Handy LIght iPhone App Yanked from App Store.
21-Jul-2010: 802.11n Device Unit Shipments Grow by 85% Year over Year.
20-Jul-2010: Nokia searching for new CEO.
20-Jul-2010: Nokia Siemens Selected to Manage Light Squared Network Deployment.
20-Jul-2010: Japan's Sharp says to enter e-reader market.
20-Jul-2010: Cricket Announces Availability of Kyocera Domino.
19-Jul-2010: Nokia Siemens to Acquire Motorola's Networks Infrastructure Busines.
19-Jul-2010: Samsung says no significant smartphone signal complaints.
17-Jul-2010: Apple Goes on the Offensive.
17-Jul-2010: Local Government And The Wireless Revolution.
15-Jul-2010: Opera releases Mini 5.1 for Android.
15-Jul-2010: Apple to hold iPhone press conference Friday.
15-Jul-2010: Growth of Linux-based Mobile Device Shipments Will Outstrip Growth of the Entire Mobile Device Market from 2010 to 20.
15-Jul-2010: Even Without iPhone, Verizon Is Gaining on AT&T.
14-Jul-2010: DROID X Arrives at Verizon Wireless Tomorrow.
14-Jul-2010: Nokia Siemens in talks for Motorola equipment arm.
14-Jul-2010: 500,000 new 4G Subscrriptions in 2010.
14-Jul-2010: Ericsson: New business models possible for mobile broadband.
13-Jul-2010: Consumer Reports Slams New iPhone.
13-Jul-2010: Sprint’s 4G move opens way to merger.
13-Jul-2010: Alvarion Expands its 4G Offering to Include TD-LTE.
13-Jul-2010: Lawsuit against Apple, AT&T remains class action.
13-Jul-2010: Social Networking Takes Flight.
13-Jul-2010: The iPhone 4 Antenna Unravelled.
12-Jul-2010: Sprint Launches More 4G Markets.
12-Jul-2010: Chumby To Power Tablets, TVs.
12-Jul-2010: Shortages of Phone Hindering Sprint 4G.
09-Jul-2010: Mobile subscriptions hit 5 billion mark.
09-Jul-2010: US to probe patent complaint vs Nokia, RIM, others.
09-Jul-2010: More Cell Phone Owners Use an App for That.
09-Jul-2010: Opera updates Opera Mini.
08-Jul-2010: Samsung N150 Netbook Debuts.
08-Jul-2010: Motorola Announces the CHARM.
08-Jul-2010: Sprint introduces the Samsung Intercept.
08-Jul-2010: US Spending on Mobile Display Ads Will Nearly Quadruple over the Next Five Year.
08-Jul-2010: AT&T and AprivaPay(TM) Create 'Virtual Storefronts' in the Field.
08-Jul-2010: Try on Jeans and get a Free Smartphone.
07-Jul-2010: Renesas Electronics to Acquire Nokia's Wireless Modem Business.
07-Jul-2010: Best Buy® Confirms Launch of Company-Branded Mobile Broadband Service July 11.
07-Jul-2010: LTE Trials Pick up Speed as the World Prepares to Go 4G.
06-Jul-2010: HSPA/LTE Accounts for 17.3 percent of PC Broadband Connections in Europe.
06-Jul-2010: LG Opens New Applications Store.
05-Jul-2010: SK Telecom in Talks to Offer iPhone, iPad in Korea.
03-Jul-2010: Apple 'stunned' to find iPhones show too many bars.
02-Jul-2010: Nokia Siemens Networks and Nokia conduct first LTE call at 800 MHz.
02-Jul-2010: Annual Mobile VoIP Minutes to Double Each Year.
02-Jul-2010: Main One Cable Goes Live!.
01-Jul-2010: Qualcomm Introduces Mobile Augmented Reality Platform and Software Development Kit.
01-Jul-2010: Microsoft pulls plug on Kin phones.
30-Jun-2010: Google issues Android 2.2 to Nexus One phones.
30-Jun-2010: Foursquare Raises $20 Million in Venture Capital.
29-Jun-2010: Virgin Mobile launches MiFi Prepaid Mobile Hotspot.
28-Jun-2010: Sprint to Launch Samsung Epic 4G.
28-Jun-2010: Clearwire Anounces Further 4G Network Expansion.
28-Jun-2010: Samsung Vibrant from T-Mobile USA.
28-Jun-2010: Broadband Availability to Expand.
25-Jun-2010: Mystery of Dropped Calls on new iPhone.
24-Jun-2010: New iPhone selling briskly.
24-Jun-2010: Nokia to use Linux for flagship N-series phones.
24-Jun-2010: Verizon Wireless and Motorola unveil the DROID X.
23-Jun-2010: T-Mobile USA Introduces New Lineup of Samsung Messaging-Friendly Phones.
23-Jun-2010: Mobile Broadband the Clear Winner at 2010 FIFA World Cup.
22-Jun-2010: Adobe Announces Flash Player 10.1 for Mobile.
22-Jun-2010: Sprint 3G/4G USB Modem 250U from Sierra Wireless.
22-Jun-2010: Survey Finds Femtocells Appeal to 56% of US Consumers.
21-Jun-2010: Barnes & Noble Introduces NOOK™ Wi-Fi.
21-Jun-2010: The Other Side Of The Smartphone War.
21-Jun-2010: Phone Software Takes the Taps Out of Typing.
21-Jun-2010: Verizon hints at dividend pay-out to Vodafone.
20-Jun-2010: Palm exec promises 'future devices,' 'new version' of WebOS.
18-Jun-2010: Motorola to buy back debt, pump cash into spinoff - WSJ.
18-Jun-2010: AT&T and Samsung Mobile Announce Upcoming Availability of the Samsung Captivate.
18-Jun-2010: CDMA iPhone On Its Way.
18-Jun-2010: FCC Votes 3-2 To Re-Regulate Internet Access.
17-Jun-2010: Sony Ericsson Introduces new Handsets.
17-Jun-2010: Virgin Atlantic's New Fleet of Airbus Aircraft to Offer Mobile Phone Connectivity.
17-Jun-2010: New Ways to Connect to CLEAR 4G Service.
17-Jun-2010: FCC set to reconsider broadband regulations.
17-Jun-2010: Sprint Earns High Marks in 2010 American Customer Satisfaction Index.
16-Jun-2010: Nokia lowers Devices & Services second quarter 2010 outlook.
16-Jun-2010: IPhone 4 Orders Swamp AT&T and Apple Sites.
16-Jun-2010: Sprint To Host 10th Annual Open Developer Conference.
16-Jun-2010: Nintendo unveils 3D game gadget.
15-Jun-2010: D-Link Unleashes Its Fastest 802.11n Wi-Fi Router.
15-Jun-2010: T-Mobile's One-Day Free Phone Event.
15-Jun-2010: AT&T Launches the HTC Aria Android Smartphone.
15-Jun-2010: Starbucks Announces Free Wi-FI.
15-Jun-2010: Sprint Could Suspend Accounts For Excessive Mobile Data Use.
14-Jun-2010: AT&T Apologizes for iPad E-mail Breach.
11-Jun-2010: Skype mobile from Verizon Wireless.
11-Jun-2010: Best Business Apps For Android.
10-Jun-2010: AT&T security hole exposes iPad users' e-mails.
09-Jun-2010: World Cup coverage expands on the Web, cell phones.
08-Jun-2010: DOCOMO to Begin Pre-launch Operation of LTE Network.
08-Jun-2010: Motorola MILESTONE™ XT720: New Standard for Android Smartphones.
08-Jun-2010: Apple Presents iPhone 4.
08-Jun-2010: iAd Mobile Advertising Network to Debut July 1.
07-Jun-2010: HTC EVOTM 4G Breaks Sales Records for Sprint on Launch Day.
07-Jun-2010: Hesse Plots a Big Win with Sprint's 4G Debut.
04-Jun-2010: Could Apple still have iPhone surprise up sleeve?.
04-Jun-2010: EVO Has Battery Life Issues HTC CEO Concedes.
04-Jun-2010: The Fastest Mobile Networks 2010.
04-Jun-2010: Boost Mobile Brings Android to Prepaid with Launch of Motorola i1.
04-Jun-2010: Verizon Wireless unveils LG Fathom.
04-Jun-2010: HTC EVO 4G Smartphone Launches Today.
03-Jun-2010: Nokia E73 Mode smartphone from T-Mobile USA.
03-Jun-2010: Free Wi-Fi Now Standard on Acela Express.
03-Jun-2010: Four new Nokia Cseries mobile phones and bicycle charger.
03-Jun-2010: AT&T's End of Unlimited Data Pricing (Even on the iPad) Could Boost Sprint.
02-Jun-2010: Skype’s new iPhone application introduces 3G calling functionality.
02-Jun-2010: AT&T Announces New Lower-Priced Wireless Data Plans.
02-Jun-2010: Trio of New LG Mobile Phones Coming to T-Mobile USA.
01-Jun-2010: Sprint Announces Availability of 4G in Hometown of Kansas City.
01-Jun-2010: LG Mobile Phones Announces Winners of 3rd Annual Design the Future Competition.
01-Jun-2010: First LTE Protocol Stack on Android Platform.
29-May-2010: iPad fans mob Apple stores for international launch.
28-May-2010: Verizon Wireless to launch LG Fathon.
28-May-2010: Acer Stream.
27-May-2010: Sony to Launch e-reader in Japan.
27-May-2010: Dell streak tablet set for release.
27-May-2010: AT&T and Samsung Mobile Announce Upcoming Availability of the Samsung Rugby(R) II.
27-May-2010: T-Mobile USA chief to resign next year.
27-May-2010: iPhone 3GS price slashed at Wal-Mart.
27-May-2010: Pilot Wi-Fi Project in Times Square Launches.
27-May-2010: 27% of US Mobile Web Users Have Clicked Mobile Ads.
25-May-2010: 4G Speeds From T-Mobile Now Broadly Available in the Northeastern U.S. and Other Major Cities.
25-May-2010: The Cell Phone: Marty Cooper's Big Idea.
25-May-2010: European Mobile Operators Risk Losing Billions of Euros to Triple and Quad Play.
25-May-2010: AT&T Notifies Customers of Changes in Termination Fees.
24-May-2010: Nokia and Yahoo! to bring integrated web services to consumers.
24-May-2010: AT&T and LG Introduce the LG Vu Plus.
21-May-2010: Google TV Open Platform to Bring Web to TV.
20-May-2010: FCC Adopts 14th Annual Reports on Mobile Wireless Competition.
20-May-2010: Google Announces Android 2.2.
20-May-2010: Verizon Wireless Expands Netbook Lineup With HP Mini 210-1076NR.
20-May-2010: India's 3G auction raises $15b.
20-May-2010: HTC EVO 4G Pre-Orders up 2000% Compared to Other SmartPhones.
19-May-2010: Gartner Says Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales Grew 17 Per Cent in First Quarter 2010.
18-May-2010: NTT DOCOMO Unveils 20 New Handsets.
18-May-2010: Introducing Kindle for Android.
17-May-2010: 2009 Netbook Shipments Pass Expectations.
17-May-2010: CTIA Releases Statement on Interphone Study.
17-May-2010: GSMA Welcomes Publication of INTERPHONE Results.
17-May-2010: Nexus One Availability Changes Announced.
14-May-2010: Sprint Announces 4G Small Business Plans.
14-May-2010: 2012 Will Be a "Bellwether" Year for 4G, Says ABI Research.
14-May-2010: Diva Brings Video-on-Demand to Mobile Phone.
14-May-2010: Android 2.2 Froyo Expected to be Announced Next Week.
14-May-2010: FCC Bureau Launches Initiative to Help Consumers Avoid "Bill Shock".
14-May-2010: Kyocera Completes Indoor WiMAX Interoperability Testing.
13-May-2010: America's First 4G Phone, HTC EVO 4G, Debuts on June 4.
13-May-2010: LG Ally Android Device to Debut at Verizon Wireless.
13-May-2010: Sharp's New Camera Module for Mobile Phones Captures High-Def 3D Video Images.
12-May-2010: T-Mobile Reports First Quarter Results.
12-May-2010: Verizon, Google Developing iPad Rival.
12-May-2010: American Teens Say Texting is Favorite Way to Communicate.
12-May-2010: China Mobile interested in bringing Apple iPad to China.
11-May-2010: Nokia Revamps Management Team Once Again.
11-May-2010: Mobile Helath Monitoring Expected to Save Billions.
11-May-2010: Nexus One Won't be Coming to Sprint.
10-May-2010: Sprint launches Samsung Seek.
10-May-2010: Android Shakes Up U.S. Smartphone Market.
10-May-2010: Wireless Groups Cooperate to Promote 60 GHz Products.
07-May-2010: Nokia sues Apple in Wisconsin for infringement of Nokia patents.
07-May-2010: Worldwide Smartphone Market Grows 56.7% Year Over Year in First Quarter of 2010.
07-May-2010: MetroPCS trumps Leap in low-cost carrier battle.
06-May-2010: Sprint's Prepaid Multi-Brand Strategy.
06-May-2010: FCC to move to preserve Net neutrality.
06-May-2010: Brazil to funnel $6.1 bln into broadband plan.
05-May-2010: New Intel® Atom™ Processor-Based Platform.
05-May-2010: Clearwire Announces Summer 4G Plans.
05-May-2010: Opera acquires
05-May-2010: KIN Now Available on Verizon Wireless Networks.
05-May-2010: Microsoft Communicator Mobile for Nokia Debuts.
05-May-2010: T-Mobile Considering 4G Network Partnership.
04-May-2010: Boost Mobile Expands Monthly Unlimited Plan Options.
04-May-2010: AT&T Corless Phones Converge Home and Cellular Feature Set.
04-May-2010: Pantech breEZe II arrives at AT&T.
04-May-2010: Comcast Rolls Out 4G Data Service in Boston.
04-May-2010: New T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide.
04-May-2010: Sprint Extends 4G Leadership.
03-May-2010: New iPad 3G Sells Briskly in Debut.
30-Apr-2010: Steve Jobs Issues Thoughts on Flash.
30-Apr-2010: Global Smartphone Shipments Jump 50 Percent to 54 Million in Q1 2010.
30-Apr-2010: Mobile Phone Recovery Continues with Nearly 22% Growth in First Quarter, According to IDC.
30-Apr-2010: DROID Incredible by HTC.
29-Apr-2010: Microsoft Says Google’s Android May Infringe Patents.
29-Apr-2010: HP to Acquire Palm for $1.2 Billion.
29-Apr-2010: Time Warner Cable Business Class Launches 4G Wireless Data Service.
29-Apr-2010: New iPhone expected to be unveiled at Apple conference in June.
28-Apr-2010: Sprint Nextel Reports First Quarter 2010 Results.
28-Apr-2010: Study Shows Texting While Driving on the Rise.
28-Apr-2010: Garmin-Asus A10 Announced.
28-Apr-2010: Taiwan's HTC sees Windows 7 phone end of this year.
28-Apr-2010: Samsung Ships Industry's First Multi-chip Package with a PRAM Chip for Handsets.
28-Apr-2010: Sanyo Juno by Kyocera Available at Boost Mobile.
28-Apr-2010: Samsung Reality Available from Verizon Wireless.
27-Apr-2010: Nokia's Comeback - The Nokia N8 Smartphone.
27-Apr-2010: RIM Announces BlackBerry Mobile Voice System 5 with Voice over Wi-Fi Calling.
27-Apr-2010: T-Mobile Solution Provider Program introduced.
27-Apr-2010: Google Nexus One Launches on Vodafone UK.
27-Apr-2010: RIM Introduces the New BlackBerry Pearl 3G Smartphone.
27-Apr-2010: RIM showcase version 6 of its operating system at WES.
26-Apr-2010: New BlackBerry Bold 9650 Smartphone Introduced.
26-Apr-2010: DOCOMO, Renesas Electronics, Fujitsu, NEC, Panasonic Mobile Communications and Sharp to Develop Mobile Application Platform.
26-Apr-2010: Yahoo! and Samsung Extend Strategic Global Partnership for Mobile.
26-Apr-2010: LTE Momentum Increases, to Eclipse WiMAX Equipment Spending by 2011.
26-Apr-2010: Ruckus Wirelss "Smart Wi-Fi" Systems Experiencing Robust Growth in Hospitality Sector.
26-Apr-2010: LG Fashion Touch campaign announced.
23-Apr-2010: Nokia extends its offering in the TD-SCDMA market.
23-Apr-2010: The Latest Trends in Mobile Handset Design Tracked by ABI Research.
23-Apr-2010: Big expectations for RIM at BlackBerry trade show.
23-Apr-2010: Prepaid Is the New Wireless Battleground.
23-Apr-2010: Nokia Cuts Cellphones Prices.
23-Apr-2010: Verizon Releases Q1 Results.
22-Apr-2010: U.S. FCC takes first steps toward broadband plan.
22-Apr-2010: CenturyLink and Qwest Agree to Merge.
21-Apr-2010: T-Mobile USA Announces Upcoming Availability of Garminfone.
21-Apr-2010: AT&T Releases First-Quarter Results.
21-Apr-2010: Nearly Half of Mobile Phone Users Worldwide to Make Mobile Payments by 2014.
20-Apr-2010: For Apple, Lost iPhone Is a Big Deal.
20-Apr-2010: Global 3G Handset Shipments to Grow 40 Percent in 2010.
20-Apr-2010: Nokia exec: phones to make system cameras obsolete.
19-Apr-2010: Best Buy to expand Mobile stores in U.S.: report.
16-Apr-2010: Sony Ericsson returns to profit in Q1.
16-Apr-2010: Opera Mini becomes number one iPhone app.
16-Apr-2010: T-Mobile and 3 UK build Europe’s largest shared 3G network.
16-Apr-2010: Sprint Makes Mobile TV Easy.
15-Apr-2010: Smartphone Adoption Shifting Dynamics of U.S. Mobile Gaming Market.
15-Apr-2010: LG Joins Linux Foundation.
15-Apr-2010: Apple delays iPad's international launch.
14-Apr-2010: Twelve Major Broadcast Groups to Form Joint Venture to Develop National Mobile Content Service.
14-Apr-2010: List of possible Palm suitors grows, led by Asians.
14-Apr-2010: Qualcomm updates FLO TV.
13-Apr-2010: Microsoft Ushers in the Next Generation of the Social Phone With KIN, a New Windows Phone.
13-Apr-2010: Social networking and messaging brought to life with the Nokia C3, Nokia C6 and Nokia E5.
13-Apr-2010: New Microsoft Phones Aim at a Younger Crowd.
13-Apr-2010: Verizon Wireless and Sprint carries more data traffic in 2009 than AT&T.
12-Apr-2010: Pictures of new Dell 3G phone put on China regulator site.
12-Apr-2010: China 3G TD-SCDMA Handset Shipments to Grow 600 Percent in 2010.
12-Apr-2010: Palm Looking for Buyer.
09-Apr-2010: Apple Unveils Ad Platform and Phone Software.
09-Apr-2010: Apple Readies iPhone 0S 4.0 Release for Summer 2010.
08-Apr-2010: India’s Much-delayed 3G Auction Happening Friday.
08-Apr-2010: More than 1 in 10 mobile subscribers to use mobile ticketing in 2014 globally.
08-Apr-2010: LTE network deployment commitments up more than 100% says GSA report.
08-Apr-2010: Unlimited music download service redefines China's mobile digital music landscape.
08-Apr-2010: FCC's Court Loss Won't Deter Broadband Regulation.
08-Apr-2010: FCC Statement On Comcast V. FCC Decision.
06-Apr-2010: Microsoft's new handset to launch next week.
06-Apr-2010: AT&T Plans $1 Billion Investment in 2010.
06-Apr-2010: Boingo Offers Unlimited UK Wi-Fi Plan.
05-Apr-2010: Verizon Wireless Reports 59 Percent Spike in Cell Phone Data Usage During Basketball Semifinals.
05-Apr-2010: Application Downloads Pick Up Pace after Smartphone Sales Soar.
05-Apr-2010: European Phone Operators Keep to the Side as Bidding for Licenses Begins.
05-Apr-2010: Apple fans eagerly touch and swipe first iPads.
05-Apr-2010: Truphone Gives Apple iPad Owners A Voice.
03-Apr-2010: Looking at the iPad From Two Angles.
02-Apr-2010: Verizon cuts prices, boosts perks for Palm smartphones.
02-Apr-2010: AT&T May Find Apple iPad Strains Network More Than Expected.
02-Apr-2010: Sierra Wireless 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot now at Sprint.
01-Apr-2010: Cisco Introduces Valet Home Wireless Products.
01-Apr-2010: Nortel Completes Sales of GSM/GSM-R Business.
31-Mar-2010: Sprint Offers "Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money-Back".
31-Mar-2010: WiMAX on 95-Mile New Mexico RailRunner Train System.
30-Mar-2010: WSJ Reports CDMA iPhone on its way.
30-Mar-2010: Google's receives 1,100 community responses to its broadband initiative RFI.
29-Mar-2010: Verizon Wireless announces PTT availability for BlackBerry Tour 9630.
26-Mar-2010: Nokia Acquires Novarra.
26-Mar-2010: Craig Wireless Systems Ltd. Announces Sale of Canadian Spectrum for $80 Million.
26-Mar-2010: Top Five Hot Topics at CTIA Wireless 2010.
26-Mar-2010: Sprint's Hesse: Forget Minutes, Think Megabytes.
25-Mar-2010: AT&T Launches New Music Experience.
25-Mar-2010: Verizon Wireless Selects Alcatel-Lucent's Mobile Backhaul Solution for Nation's First 4G LTE Network.
25-Mar-2010: Lenovo and Sprint Add 3G and 4G Mobile Broadband Connectivity to ThinkPad Laptops.
25-Mar-2010: Demand for Google's Nexus One Smartphone Jumps on the Global Parallel Market.
25-Mar-2010: HTC Launches Online Store for HTC Devices and Accessories.
24-Mar-2010: Skype Mobile for Verizon Wireless Available Thursday.
24-Mar-2010: World's First 3G/4G Android Phone Coming this Summer from Sprint.
24-Mar-2010: T-Mobile to Rollout the Nation's Fastest 3G Wireless Network with HSPA+.
24-Mar-2010: Samsung Introduces the Galaxy S Android.
23-Mar-2010: Clearwire Extends 4G Leadership in the United States.
23-Mar-2010: Sprint 4G Expansion Plans to Stretch Coast-to-Coast from Los Angeles to Miami.
23-Mar-2010: Samsung Next-Generation 4G Base Stations to Be Deployed by Clearwire in 2010.
23-Mar-2010: Verizon Wireless to offer the LG Cosmos.
23-Mar-2010: Alcatel-Lucent Unveils Groundbreaking Multimedia Solutions.
23-Mar-2010: SanDisk Begins Shipping 32 GB microSDHC Card.
23-Mar-2010: The Motorola i1 from Sprint announced.
23-Mar-2010: Cricket Launches New Nationwide Coverage in All 50 States.
23-Mar-2010: Nokia Siemens Networks promises TV on any screen, on demand.
22-Mar-2010: Franklin Wireless Announces Upcoming Release of U150 USB Modem.
22-Mar-2010: LG Remarq Continues Sprint's Wireless Industry Green Leadership.
22-Mar-2010: Dell smart phone for AT&T to be called 'Aero'.
22-Mar-2010: Motorola Rugged Mobile Computers Are Verizon Wireless Network Ready.
22-Mar-2010: Palm webOS Smartphones to be Available for AT&T Customers.
22-Mar-2010: Deutsche Telekom to launch iTunes rival-paper.
22-Mar-2010: Company Sees Leap for Cellphone Cameras.
21-Mar-2010: The rise of the app entrepreneur.
19-Mar-2010: T-Moblie USA eyes JV options.
19-Mar-2010: Google and Partners Seek TV Foothold.
19-Mar-2010: MobiTV Announces Multi-Screen, Cross-Platform DRM Solution.
18-Mar-2010: Nexus One from Google Coming to Sprint.
18-Mar-2010: Sprint expected to unveil HTC WiMax phone at CTIA.
18-Mar-2010: 'Nexus One' mobile phone trademark denied.
17-Mar-2010: First Automatic Zero Draw Charger.
16-Mar-2010: AT&T Rolls Out New Flagship Services and Devices.
16-Mar-2010: VoIP Penetration Strongest in the Government Sector.
16-Mar-2010: FCC Brings America's 2020 Broadband Vision to Congress.
15-Mar-2010: Smartphone Market "Reborn" in 4Q 2009.
15-Mar-2010: Motorola i890 PTT phone available from Sprint Nextel.
14-Mar-2010: Estimates show 120,000 iPads ordered first day of sales.
13-Mar-2010: F.C.C. Plan to Widen Internet Access in U.S. Sets Up Battle.
12-Mar-2010: T-Mobile's First HSPA+ Modem Goes on Sale Sunday.
12-Mar-2010: Nokia updates mobile device market estimates for 2010.
11-Mar-2010: Verizon Ups Launch Date of LTE Handset.
11-Mar-2010: Target Launches First-Ever Scannable Mobile Coupon Program.
11-Mar-2010: Motorola to put Bing on Android handsets.
10-Mar-2010: NFL Mobile Kicks Off With Verizon Wireless in April.
09-Mar-2010: AT&T Completes 100-Gigabit Ethernet Field Trial.
08-Mar-2010: Verizon Wireless' 4G LTE Network Testing Promises Significantly Faster Speeds Than Current 3G Networks.
08-Mar-2010: ASIQ Offers Bluetooth Option for In-Flight Mobile Phone Services.
08-Mar-2010: Microsoft "PInk" phones headed for Verizon Wireless.
07-Mar-2010: Lip reading mobile promises end to noisy phone calls.
07-Mar-2010: iPad to debut April 3.
07-Mar-2010: Qualcomm offers dual mode femtocell chipsets.
05-Mar-2010: Adobe Mobile Editor Now Available to Android Developers.
05-Mar-2010: Mobile Gaming Lags Among Consumers on Android Platform.
05-Mar-2010: AT&T Announces Availability of New 3G LaptopConnect Devices.
05-Mar-2010: TELUS to offer the Android-powered MOTOROLA BACKFLIP with MOTOBLUR.
04-Mar-2010: Sprint to Jettison Helio Soon.
03-Mar-2010: Intel, Orange Collaborate on MeeGo Platform.
03-Mar-2010: Skype Now Available for Nokia Smartphones in Ovi Store.
03-Mar-2010: Nokia 5230 Nuron Delivers Apps, Maps and Free Navigation to T-Mobile USA Customers.
03-Mar-2010: Apple sues rival HTC as phone competition rises.
03-Mar-2010: Broadband Plan Calls for Up to $25 Billion in New Spending.
03-Mar-2010: ARCHOS launches two large screen Android Tablets.
02-Mar-2010: Intel Previews New Intel-powered convertible classmate PC.
02-Mar-2010: Introducing the Nokia C5.
02-Mar-2010: For Google, provoking ISPs is the only way to build the Internet.
01-Mar-2010: Nokia C Series Launching at CeBIT?.
01-Mar-2010: Child labor used in iPhone plants.
26-Feb-2010: Carrier VoIP Continues to Transform Mobile/Fixed Networks.
26-Feb-2010: Apple's Jobs says cash hoard allows for bold moves.
26-Feb-2010: Palm reports disappointing webOS product news.
25-Feb-2010: T-Mobile USA Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2009 Results.
25-Feb-2010: AdMob January 2010 Metrics Report Examines Consumer Usage of Android, iPhone and webOS Applications.
25-Feb-2010: T.Italia to delay results as probe shock spreads.
25-Feb-2010: Motorola Deploys World's First TD-LTE Showcase Network at Shanghai Expo.
25-Feb-2010: LG Text Ed for Parents Introduced.
24-Feb-2010: Clearwire Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2009 Results.
24-Feb-2010: PC World Completes 13-City Test of 3G Wireless Performance.
24-Feb-2010: Palm downgraded over worries about Verizon sales.
24-Feb-2010: Sprint Expands Its "Buyback" Program.
23-Feb-2010: Worldwide Mobile Phones Sales Flat in 2009.
23-Feb-2010: US to unveil broadband plan Mar 17, sees barriers.
22-Feb-2010: CTIA calls for "Texting While Driving" ban.
22-Feb-2010: Orange and T-Mobile merger finds favour in Brussels.
20-Feb-2010: The Revolution Has Gone Mobile.
19-Feb-2010: Sprint to launch 4G handset.
19-Feb-2010: LG Arena comes to AT&T.
19-Feb-2010: More Than One Billion Mobile Workers Worldwide by Year's End.
18-Feb-2010: Kindle for BlackBerry Now Available for Free Directly from Amazon.
18-Feb-2010: AT&T Announces Availability of First Device on Android Platform With Motorola.
18-Feb-2010: Tech Industry Catches Its Breath.
17-Feb-2010: Verizon Wireless and Skype Join Forces.
17-Feb-2010: Beceem and Motorola pairing WiMAX and LTE on one chip.
17-Feb-2010: Top Five Hot Topics at Mobile World Congress 2010.
16-Feb-2010: HTC intoduces HTC Sense experience on two new smartphones.
16-Feb-2010: Motorola introduces QUENCH with MOTOBLUR.
16-Feb-2010: Leading Operators Unite to Unleash Global Apps Potential.
16-Feb-2010: Microsoft Unveils Windows Phone 7 Series.
16-Feb-2010: Intel and Nokia merge software platforms.
15-Feb-2010: STMicroelectronics' 3-Axis Digital Gyroscope Breaks New Ground.
15-Feb-2010: ZTE Introduces the 3G Bingo.
15-Feb-2010: Texas Instruments Announces New DLP(R) Pico(TM) Chipset.
15-Feb-2010: Motorola MILESTONE with Android 2.1.
15-Feb-2010: Qualcomm Announces FLO-EV Next Generation Mobile Broadcast Technology.
15-Feb-2010: WiMAX On Track to Cover More 1 Billion People Worldwide by 2011.
15-Feb-2010: New LiMo Foundation Handsets.
15-Feb-2010: Though Absent, Apple Permeates Barcelona Fair.
15-Feb-2010: Orange Rolls Out Interactive Mobile Advertising Services in a European First.
14-Feb-2010: Samsung, Sony Ericsson roll out new smartphones.
14-Feb-2010: Sprint Selects Juniper Networks to Secure Its Mobile Data Network Infrastructure.
13-Feb-2010: Verizon Said to Be Planning to Put Skype on Its Mobile Phones.
13-Feb-2010: What's Wrong With Android.
13-Feb-2010: Nokia Siemens Networks works to improve device battery life.
12-Feb-2010: Mobile Fair-PREVIEW-Google, Apple pile pressure on phone world.
12-Feb-2010: GSMA: Google Keynote at This Year's Mobile World Congress.
12-Feb-2010: Qualcomm Demonstrates the Evolution of Wireless, Mobile Computing, Applications and Services at GSMA Mobile World Congress 2010.
12-Feb-2010: Nokia expected to "no show" at GSMA.
12-Feb-2010: Solaris Mobile Announces Pocket Gateway Device.
11-Feb-2010: Garmin-Asus M10 announced.
11-Feb-2010: FCC May Pay Broadcasters for Airwaves.
11-Feb-2010: Clear makes showing at 2010 Chicago Auto Show.
11-Feb-2010: Motorola looking to spin off businesses.
10-Feb-2010: Google to launch experimental fiber network.
10-Feb-2010: CSR creates the industry's first audio processor with Bluetooth connectivity for handsets.
10-Feb-2010: Ericsson wins LTE Contract with AT&T.
10-Feb-2010: Opera Mini for iPhone sneak peek.
10-Feb-2010: ZTE Joins World's Top Three GSM Vendors.
10-Feb-2010: Pharos Announces First Ruggedized PDA with Windows Mobile 6.5.
09-Feb-2010: Google Buzz for mobiles.
09-Feb-2010: Verizon Wireless Location-Enabled Mobile Broadband Devices Broaden GPS Capabilities for the Enterprise.
09-Feb-2010: Multimedia Windows Smartphones Unveiled by AnyDATA.
09-Feb-2010: Broadcom Bluetooth Enables Mobile Phones to Keep Track of User's Health.
09-Feb-2010: Cisco Unveils the Cisco ASR 5000.
09-Feb-2010: Google cuts fee to break Nexus One contract.
09-Feb-2010: Nooks Will Be Available at Barnes & Noble Stores Beginning Wednesday.
08-Feb-2010: Acer’s Google Android Phone Sales Beat Expectations.
08-Feb-2010: KYOCERA to Unveil World's Lightest, Smallest and Most Efficient LTE Base Station at Mobile World Congress 2010.
08-Feb-2010: Broadcom Introduces 65nm 3G HSPA Chipset Solution to Enable High-Speed, Low Cost Smartphone Devices.
08-Feb-2010: Operators Could Slash Mobile Data Costs by 60 Per Cent per Year, says Bridgewater Systems Report.
08-Feb-2010: Nokia Salo plant to focus on smartphone production.
05-Feb-2010: Ericsson: World's first with 84Mbps HSPA.
05-Feb-2010: Deutsche Telekom prepares IPO for T-Mobile USA: report.
04-Feb-2010: Symbian Completes Biggest Open Source Migration Project Ever.
04-Feb-2010: SIRIUS XM Radio Now Available on BlackBerry.
04-Feb-2010: Motorola DEVOUR to arrive at Verizon Wireless in March.
03-Feb-2010: Apple iPad: Analyst Tones Down Excitement over Device.
03-Feb-2010: New Ovi Maps with free navigation races past 1 million downloads in a week.
02-Feb-2010: 15bn tickets to be delivered via Mobile Phone by 2014.
02-Feb-2010: Leap Wireless looking for buyers.
02-Feb-2010: What The Heck Happened To Apple's iPad Deal With Verizon?.
02-Feb-2010: Novatel Wireless Selects ANADIGICS Power Amplifiers for HSPA+ Mobile Broadband USB Modems.
01-Feb-2010: Obama plan sees budget boost from spectrum.
01-Feb-2010: Verizon Wireless Launches VZ Navigator 5.0.
29-Jan-2010: Mobile Phone Shipments Rebound To Double-Digit Growth in Fourth Quarter.
29-Jan-2010: AT&T Reports 2.7 Million net Gain in Wireless Subscribers Q4.
28-Jan-2010: Apple Launches iPad.
28-Jan-2010: Motorola Announces Fourth-Quarter and 2009 Year-End Results.
28-Jan-2010: iCall uses VoIP to make calls on the iPhone.
28-Jan-2010: Google Voice for iPhone and Palm WebOS.
27-Jan-2010: WiMAX Modems and Gateways to be 50% of the WiMAX Chipset Market.
27-Jan-2010: Nokia Siemens Networks and LG Electronics achieve record LTE data speeds.
27-Jan-2010: Cox announces successful 4G trials.
26-Jan-2010: First Call Made Using Inmarsat's New Global Handheld.
26-Jan-2010: U.S. bans 'texting' by truckers, bus drivers.
26-Jan-2010: Mobile Cloud Application Revenues To Hit $9.5 billion by 2014.
26-Jan-2010: Nokia Ovi Store Tops Apple's App Store Amongst Wireless Developers in Emerging Markets.
26-Jan-2010: HughesNet Satellite Internet Service Surpasses 500,000 Subscribers.
25-Jan-2010: Motorola Files Complaint With ITC Against RIM.
22-Jan-2010: Nokia Makes Walk and Drive Navigation Free on its Smartphones.
22-Jan-2010: 4G Wireless Gets Serious With LTE.
22-Jan-2010: Pre Plus and Pixi Plus Available Monday from Verizon Wireless.
22-Jan-2010: DOCOMO to Launch Xperia Handset in Japan.
22-Jan-2010: Alltel Wireless Launches the BlackBerry Curve 8530 Smartphone.
21-Jan-2010: Majority of Digicel Cell Sites Up Across Haiti.
20-Jan-2010: Sprint Plans Add Up To $240 Savings vs. Verizon's New Plans.
20-Jan-2010: Apple tablet may not ship until June.
20-Jan-2010: Cisco's Space Router Successfully Operates in Orbit.
19-Jan-2010: Consumers to Spend $6.2 Billion in Mobile App Stores in 2010.
19-Jan-2010: AT&T Announces New Unlimited Plans.
18-Jan-2010: Motorola Introduces MOTOROI(TM), Korea's First Smart Phone Powered by Android 2.0.
17-Jan-2010: FACTBOX-Nokia vs Apple legal battle.
15-Jan-2010: Verizon Wireless announces new plans.
15-Jan-2010: Response to Haiti Earthquake Relief Via Mobile Giving at All-Time High Reaching $7 Million in Donations.
15-Jan-2010: New T-Mobile® myTouch 3G Fender Limited Edition.
15-Jan-2010: Little future for Google in China without search.
14-Jan-2010: Clearwire to launch 4G smartphone.
14-Jan-2010: Google Nexus One early sales starting slow.
14-Jan-2010: Nexus One good, but no 'super' phone.
13-Jan-2010: Google's new Approach to China.
12-Jan-2010: Metro PCS launches Wireless for All.
11-Jan-2010: D-Link Announces the World's Smallest 11n Wi-Fi Adapter.
11-Jan-2010: Huawei Doubles Down In Bangalore.
11-Jan-2010: France Telecom sold 200,000 iPhones in December.
09-Jan-2010: DOCOMO Develops 8-Band Power Amplifier for Mobile Phones.
08-Jan-2010: NVIDIA and Verizon Wireless demo full 1080p HD Internet on touchscreen tablets.
08-Jan-2010: Boost's $50 Monthly Unlimited plan available on Sprint's nationwide network.
08-Jan-2010: Alcatel-Lucent and LG Electronics Complete a Live Handoff of an End-to-End Data Call Between LTE and CDMA networks.
08-Jan-2010: Clearwire to deploy its first 4G network outside the US.
08-Jan-2010: LG Lotus Elite and LG Rumor Touch.
07-Jan-2010: Palm Pre Plus arrives on Verizon.
07-Jan-2010: Overdrive 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot by Sierra Wireless Can Bring Sprint's 4G Speeds to More Than 400 Million Wi-Fi-Enabled Devices.
07-Jan-2010: T-Mobile USA to Exclusively Offer HTC HD2.
07-Jan-2010: Motorola BACKFLIP with MOTOBLUR Introduced.
07-Jan-2010: AT&T goes Android.
07-Jan-2010: Dell Mini 3 Android phone to be available through AT&T.
07-Jan-2010: Qualcomm's Brew MP OS gets boost from AT&T.
07-Jan-2010: Microsoft shows off Windows tablets at gadget show.
06-Jan-2010: Samsung Moment, Exclusively from Sprint.
06-Jan-2010: AT&T Upgrades 3G Technology at Cell Sites Across Nation.
06-Jan-2010: Kids' Cell Phone Ownership Has Dramatically Increased in Past Five Years.
06-Jan-2010: CDMA2000 Mobile Broadband Growth Highlights 2009 as Defining Year for 3G.
06-Jan-2010: Apple's App Store Downloads Top Three Billion.
05-Jan-2010: Google Lauches Nexus One.
05-Jan-2010: Mobile Digital TV.
05-Jan-2010: Skype Ushers in New Era in Face-to-Face Online Video Communication.
05-Jan-2010: Google poised to take wraps off new mobile phone.
05-Jan-2010: Audience Announces Next Generation Voice Processor for Mobile Phones.
05-Jan-2010: Smart phones making Wi-Fi spots hot again.
04-Jan-2010: Ralink shows single chip 450Mbps 802.11n solution.
04-Jan-2010: Mobile Consumer Electronics Device Shipments to Grow 55-Fold in Six Years.
04-Jan-2010: Skiff and Sprint to Preview First Skiff Reader.
04-Jan-2010: Freescale Shows New Tablet Design.
04-Jan-2010: U.S. Justice Department urges FCC to free spectrum.
03-Jan-2010: Mobile devices, connectivity to get main focus at CES.
01-Jan-2010: AT&T fails to deploy iPhone Tethering and 3G MicroCell in 2009.
01-Jan-2010: Apple May Ship 10 Million Tablet PCs a Year.

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